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ve Green Traamjffitamps
tys the snbjecfc o deep
pn to the givor. Why
ve the problem by giv-
Iomethiug uaeful, sucli ns
t o Clothes; an Overcoat;
Lfer; a Pair of Pants; a
or Cap; an Urabrlln; a
Iwarm auit of Undenvenr;
jk Hufller; a Pair Gloves;
L-cktie or a great mauy
handaome and nseful
Is tliat we have in our
fio Hlock - Bennington.
II Of Them Good
iiable Vermont Mut-
t Horae insurance
wd Protection Absolate
llio stockliolders of
nf lleim iiton. Vt..
BrMtitonn ou Tuesilay.
n(Mf ra fr the mr-
Rl 01 uireciors lor me
f need your paper and Advertisements thereln.
jiemonts concerning
Imo on our boach.
Imattor of STATIONERY and BOOKS.
It for locnl socurlties.
Publisbed overy day except Sundays
and, Holidays.
One Year $3.00
OnoMonth 25c
SlngleCopy lc
Invarlably in advance.
FRANK E. IIOWE, Editor and Publisher
Merabors of the Publiahors Press.
TeleRraphlo news rocelved up to
tho hour of going to press.
Fresh ogjjs are not to bo had at any
price. Allthehens aro on a striko for
50 cents a dozen or no lay. Tho worst
of It is too we cant arbitrate or call
out tho militia to awo them into snb
misslon. Vo appreclate the cordial recoption
given the Evoning Banner last night
by the Bennington peoplo and tho
many pleasant words that havo been
spokon concerning it. If woll wishos
insured succoss the Evenlng Bannor
would be tho most successful in the
Btato, we feol suro.
A paper in Kansas is rosponslblc
for tho fnllowing: An Indlan owed
one of the morchants and callcd to
pay and wanted a receipt. Tlie mer-
chant told him a receipt was unnecess
ary. "Me must havo to show mo owe
white man nothing,' said the Indian.
"Me go to hoavon, tho Lord ask Injun
to pay debts, Ihjun say yes. Lord a9k
Injun whore is receipt. "What Injun
do? Can't go all over holl to look for
you." Of course bo got tho receipt.
Tho Unlversity of Vermont, which
will colebrate noxt snmmer the centen
nlal of Us llrst grauuating eias, was
chartored in 1791. In 1804 itgraduated
its lirst class of -4. Its members in
creased and in the first ten years ".'!
students were graduated. Then, dur
ing the war of 1812, in the year 1814
181!), thecollege buildlngs were used
as burracks and all eollego excroises
wero necessarily suspended. After
tho war sosslons were resumed and
slowly but surely the institution hn
grown untll it is ono of the best and
raost successful of northern New Eng
Afttr Which the Robbcrj Appeartd To Enjoy
Olovelaud, Dec. 8: Armed rob-
bers got about two thousancl dollars
from the safe ef the Garlock k Prazer
laundry eompany oarly today. They
fellod the nigbt antchmiin, bound nnd
gagged him, and blow tho safo oppn
with nitro'-glycerino. The burglars,
wbo were woll dressed, loft the laun-
dry, drove to tho "Hotol Euclid,"
drank ssveral times and then walked
out and drovo away in a carriago.
Three prisoocra uroko out of tno
Washington county jail in Montpelier
i Sutiirday Eiu'it. They made thoir cs
I uape by cutting tbrougb a stcol win-
i dow bar in tbe woroan's ward at tho
renr oud of thn jail. Ono of tho mon
hns been located but tbe other two aro
still at largu.
i tho need of a Daily Paper and Advcrtiscmonts there-
lope your paper will be read. So do wc, ospeciully our
1)0 our ads will pay us. You also hopo they will bo
You aro undoubtedly tho best editor in town, belng
I tho only pooplo in town when it comcs to dispenslng
IG, MUSIOAL or AltT GOODS, and lead the orches-
It National Bank BuUding, Bennington. Vt,
frS.OOO SURPLUS S5000.00
It of the Genoral Assembly of Vermont this
f.s empowered to actas executor, administra
an, recelvor, ausignoo or trustee.
Ipany also aota as agent In the purchase and
aidcnt. rt. C. Gravos; v ice-Prcsidcnt, C. M. GraT . O. M
r. li. juagen. 9 V V . u. borbei.ireasurer
'WallSt., - W.'U. Uacon, Rcprcntrttivo
Marines Establisli a Oamp
Near Panamay
Tho Acliinl l'nrmnr Ilcllpveil to Be
to Wati'li Anr DUIoynl Act on the
1'nrt f l.ornl I'otcpk or Iloatlle
Deiuoimtrutlou From IluKOtn.
COLOK, Dec. 0. Two coinpunies of
luiirlncH from ftbe Unlted States aux
illary crulscr Dlxlo under conunuud of
Cnptnin "NVirt McCreniy were landed
bcre and bavc gone by traln to Em
plre, a town on the rallroad ncnr I'ana
nin, wbere a camp has been establislied
in the eanal company's bulltllngs. The
oainp is now thoroughly fortilled, mid
all necessary precautlons from u sanl
tary Btandpolnt to insure the henlth
of tho mnrlncB have been taken. The
camp will bo supplled wlth water from
tbe Dixle pendlng tbe analyslx of the
drlnklng wutcr avullubld tbere. If this
water nlioukl be found to be good tbe
remnlndcr of the 450 marines on board
the Dlsle will be trunsfcrred to the
camp in batcbes of flfty.
The ntated otlieial pnrpose of this
movemeut Is to nlve tbe marines prac
tiee in the bulldlng of eamps nnd to
relleve them froin'tbeir long vouUiip
ment on the vessel. Tlie uctuul pur
pose of the Pnited Stntes government
in lnndliiK the marines is, liowever, be
llevcd to be conneeted wlth tbe procau-
tlonnry mcasures now belng carrled
out on both sldrs of tbe tsthmus and
perbnps also for t.it inoral effeet which
the lnmlinK "f tbe mnrlucs may havo
on tbe natlve garrison at I'anamn, tlie
loyalty of whieb. though hlthcrto abso
lulely unswervlng, has benu questlon-
ed In soinp quarters, especlally slneo
tbe dlseovery of tbe plot agalust tbe
llfc of Oeneral Huertns, conimander In
eblcf of the forws of tbe rcpublie of
1'iiUMina, and tbe allosed offort on tbe
part of a few army olliii'rs to per
siiadc tlie parrlsou to revolt.
It Is i-oilsldered tilpnltlennt that the
polnt solectpd for tlie oneampment of
tlie Dixie'H mnrines, wblle It Is tho
lilKhut and most sanltary on tbe Uno
nf tlie I'anama mllroud, ls also on tho
trnll nioit treiiuently used In the past
for tbe nioveiiient of troops overland
from the C'auca dlstrict into tbe Chirl
qui dtstriet.
(ienernl lluertas Is about to establlsli
a small parrlson of the troops of the
new ropubllc at Ynvlza, a town at the
liead of San Mlguel bay,. on tbe I'aclllc
slde of tbe Isthmus.
Dr. Jlunuel Amador nnd Krwlerlco
Boyd, tbe speclal conuulssloners from
tbe republlc of I'anama wbo recently
vlslted Washington, have landel liere
from the stenmer Segurnnea. Tlie eom
missloners took a speclal traln for l'an
A report from Hogota snys that th
national clectoral commlttee bus an
nouneed that It will not accept the res
lgnntlon of tbe presldency sent by Gen
cral Iteyes from Ilarraniiuilla. The
commlttee hns proclnlmdd Gcneral
Reyes as the uunnlmous cbolee for the
presldency of Colombia nnd General
Gonzales Valencla as tbe cboice for tlie
vlce presldeney. I'resident Mnrrocpiln
bas cabled General Itafael Ueyea nt
Washington thnt any uVgotintlou ro
posed nt Washington not based on the
return of Pnnama will be useless and
unncceptnbln to Colombia. A natlnnnl
Integrity society on n large seale has
been organlzed at ISoKOtn, wlth UOO.OOO
actlve niomberti, wlth the objcct of re-
covcriiiL'tlie lsthinus.
PITTSHritG, Dec. O.-The two mon.
Morris Opnr and Abrnm Dahliv, nrrest
ed here wlth a lnrgc quantity of dla'
monds and other jewclry In tbelr pos
sesslon are. necordlng to tbe pollce ile
partment, a much wanted nair. Tlie
pollce otllclnls Sny thnt an ollicer Is on
hls way here from New Yorl; to ldent!
fv tbe men for robberies tbere nnd that
they are wnnted In Orange. N, .7.; Hos
ton nnd Mlnnenpolls for supposed con
nection witli jewelry robberie.i In tbosc
Six'loly I.inl- Nhot Driul.
ltlSING Sl'X. Ind.. Itee. 1). MIss
Kllznbetli (JIIIesDle. nronilneiit in Iocnl
society, . was iissnsslnnteil here wblle
slttim: In the front room of ber rcsl
denco, Tho murderer shot ber thi'oUKh
n wlndow, tlie entlrc chnrKe of shot
tnklnsr ed'eet ln the slde of ber hend
No reason ean be nsslcned for the
shooting, and tbere Is no elew tn tbe
SontPMPi ii lliinitroil Yrnrn Hrnro.
SACHAMHSiTrt, C'nl.. i)ec. 0. .lobn
II. Wood. a lender of tbe eonvlcls who
escnped from tbe Folsom penltrntlary
lnst suiiitner, wlien a giinnl was stnb
bed to deatb, wns convlcted of niurder
ln tbe second degree here. As Wood
Is nlready servint; n llfe sentenre.Judgo
Hnrt orderod him to nppear ln court
for sentence 100 years from date.
Tlie Kever Onthrrnk. nt llutler.
HPTLEIt, Pn., Dec. 0. At tbe execu
.tlve eommlttee's meetlng thlrteen new
case of typhold fever were reported.
Tliere Is evldently n reductlon In the
number of rnses developlng. but the slt
uatlon is bnd enough yet. The dentlis
slnce tbe lnst report number four.
Vonndrr of Steel Compnnr Hend.
JOHNSTOWN. Pn.. Dec. O.-Georgc
S. Klng, founder of the Cambrla Iron
works, now the great Cntnbrln Steel
compnny, Is dend nt tbe home of hls
daughter, Mrs. J. P. Linton, having
Biiceumbed to the Inflrmlties of nge ln
hls nlnety-flfth year.
Greensboro fletn t'nrnecle I.lhrnry.
CHAItLOTTE, N. C, Dec. O.Tha
board of nldermen of Greensboro lias
voted to necept Apdrew Cnrnegle's of
fer of ?30,000 for a llbrary on the usu
ol terms.
Bhip Trust Hearing BringB
Out Oonneotion of Morgan.
Mo.can'i I'nrlner nrnd Cnliletrrnm
to 1'nrU llnune Xajlna ScImvuU
ttiul rrleiuU Are Intereated lu
New ShlpliuilillnHT Coiuunny.
NEW YOItK, Dec. 0. At tbe bearhig
in the Unlted Statcs Shlpbulldlng rc-
cclversbip proeeedlngs Lewis Nixon,
nresldcnt of the eompany, coneluded '
hls testlmonj and wns followrd by I
(Seorge W. l'erkiiis, partner ln the J. l i
Moignn & Cp. tlrm, who gave thetory ,
f tlie cdiineetion of Morgan & C'o. witn ,
tl;e shlpbulldlng flotation., Hls testl
mony on direct cxnmlnntlon went to
show that Morgan & Co.'s connectlon
with tbe shlpbulldlng eompany couslst
1 ln Hiipplylng trust companies with
nioney to loan the shlpbulldlng-com-pany
and lu tbe snlc to it of tho Bctb-
lebem plaut.
The defense mnde strong efforts to
keen eertaln cablcKrams and letters
bearing on the French unUerwrltlng resolutlon went over witbout actlon.
flrm from belng publisbed, nnd at tbe ( Mr. Tcller made a speech In opposJ
close of tbe hearing Mr, Guthrle pock- tion to the C'uban bill, He severely
cted tbe copy of one lctter, tbe news- crlticlsed General Wood nnd declared
paper men belng unabie. to obtaln lt. I be bill Vas lu tbe Interest of tbe trust.
Mr. I'erklns read a cnl)legraui wlileli. ,
be snld. bad been sent by hls house to ,
Morgan tc Co., .Mr. Morgnn's I'nris con
"Mr. Ghnrles M. Schwab and hls
frlend nn- lnterested invtbe now shlp
builditiK eompany, and we would be
clnd to bnve you take as cordinl a view
of lt mi is eoiislstent."
Mr. l'erklns'lnslsted upon reading the
cablegram desplte tbe Strenuous objec
tlons cf Wllliain D. Guthrie of eounsel
for Mr. Schwab. ,
Tbe wltness declared thnt so much
had been said about this cablegram
that it would be a real pleasure for him
to read lt.
Tbe cables precedlnc this, In which
Mr. Aiexander of tlie flrm of Alexnn
der & Green had cabled to Colouel Mc
Cook urRing him to get the lntluence of
Morgan & Co. to stlmulate tbe F;enCh
uudonvrltinBS and the rcply that Mor
gan & Co. had cabled to tbelr Tarls
houne commendlng the scheme, approv-
lng the pcrsonnel of tho promotens and
snylng the properties. to be acqulred !
were valuablc, were all suppressed. waii ana rorto ltico, dui simpiy re
The Hethlehem plant was ncanired I strlcts tho transportatlon of frelght and
from Mr. Sehwab bv J. V. Morcail lc. I
Co. as syndlcatc raanagers for tbe Unlt
ed States Steel corporation in the fall
of 1001, the arrangement belng, wltness
said, "that if we disposed of the prop
crty be (Schwab) should havo a sbare
of the proflts." Sehwab had no other
interest In the eompany nfter lts sale.
Mr. Perklns then gave an account of
tho tonnoctlon of the llrm wlth tbe
shlpbulldlng eompany. In August. 1002.
bo snld, he was approached by Mr.
Pnm, Mr. Nlxon and Mr, Drcsser, who
wlshed to obtaln from Morgan & Co. a
loan for the shlpbulldlng eompany, Mr.
DresRcr represontlng to him on Aug. 11
that a large amount of tho shlpbulldlng
securlties had been underwrltten ln
Franre, that the nioney would arrlve In
a week or ton days, but thnt funds
were needed for the eompany at once.
Mr. Ferklns snld he decllned to mnke
the loan for the week or ten days, sny
iiiR that ns n Urin MorRiin t Co. could
bnve no connectlon wlth the shlpbulld
iDK lndustry.
The next day, nfter nnotber conner
satl'on wlth Mr. Dresser. Mr. I'erklns,
in bebalf of hls llrin, nKieed to deposlt
$750,000 In each of tbreo trust compa
nies tbe Trust Compnny of the Ite-
publlc, the Knickerbocker nnd Mnnbnt
an trust companies-for ten days, Mr. bl "t( I've.it t he snle of ln
no.. ,i ii,., ,i,cn ! toxlcatlng llquors ln bnlldlnga nnd up-
trust companies were wllling to take
nu Interest lu tbe shlpbulldlng compn
ny If they had the necessary funds to
loan. Tbe money wns depostted, but
tbe Manbnttan Trust eompany sent
back the loan llndliiK that Iorgan &
Co. were not lnterested In the eompa
ny, and Mr. Dresser made an arrange
ment wlth the New York Seeurlty and
Trust eompany to obtaln that portlon
of the mouey, Mr. Perklns Introduclng
Mr. Dresser at the trust eompany, of
which he was a dlrector. Mr. Perklns
Inslsted thnt the trnnsactlnn tbrougb
out was "morely an ordlnnry transac
tion In forelRn exchiinge" on tbe pnrt
of the Morgan compnny, tbe nioney be
lng deposltod tenipornrlly wlth the
trust companies in ordcr that they
might hnvc funds to mnke loans
ngainst expected nioney from ubrond.
Tbe Parls braneh of Morgan Co., be
said, hnd no connectlon wlth the Frencb
Mr. Unterniyer pressed him wlth
questlons about tbe knowledge Morgau
& Co. bad of tbe Fricb underwritlng
nnd o the seeurlty upon which Mr
Dresser obtnlned tlie nioney from tbe
trust eompnnles, but Mr. Perklns In
slsted thnt these were detallsjn wlileli
hls conipauy wns not concerned.
Amcrlrnn CoiiniiI IiiMiilted. '
I I'nited States Uag over the eonsulnte nt
Alexnndrettn, Aslntlc Turkey, hns been
I huuled dowu nnd Consul Davls hns pft
hls post for Pelrut In consequenee of
nn nttnck on tbe consul, durliiK which
' f rtnfld mi.,a lnal,ll,Ml itw1 nOLi-iilltrwl
j '"Cal pollce. The nffnlrgiew
out of the nrrest of nu Anneniiin,
' Ohnnnes Attnrlnn, n nntiirullzed Ainer
' lcnn cltlzen, wllom the consul wns ns-
M'nll Street ClKr nt t Kni'li.
NKW YOItK, Dec. 0.- Huko. bbuk cl
gars of speclal binnd nnd manufneture,
costing $4 eaeb, will be sent out ns
Christmas boxcs to customors of a Wall
' strest Stock Exchnngc flrm. It Is said
I that the maker of the brand has given
I a guarantee that tho custpmer will be-
, come bearish after snioklqg the dgar,
Oanal.Agreemont Sent to For
eign Eclations Co'mmittee.
j:uban bill severely haxdled.
Wlthont ConiniLMit the Xomlnutloii ut
(ienernl I.t'i)iiLrl Wood Mnjur
Ueui'ral AViih Sent to (lic' C'oiu
nlttee on Mllltury Aftnlrn.
WASHINGTON, Dec. O.-The rccent
iuvcstlgatlon into fratuls in the post-
olllce departnient was the basls of a
sharp debate in the senate by Mr. Gor
maii and Mr. Lodge. The discusslou
arose over a motion by Mr. Lodge to
refer to tbe commlttee on postotllccs
me resoumou inirouuccu uy .vir. i-cn-
rosc iooklng to n senate Invcstigatlon
Into the condltlons in the departnient.
Mr. Gorman lntlmated that the lnvcs
tlgatluu by the dcpartment had been
partlsau ln cbaracter and said 'that
counter charges had been made ngalnst
the men who had made It Mr. Lodgo
defended the departmcnt's work and
declared lt was far more thorough than
a congrpsslonal Inqulry would be. The
.Mr. uiapp spoue oneny, noiuim; iuiu
tlie senate liuil aDsolute powcr tu mah.-
Ing treatlcs.
i The senate In executlve sesslon re
ferrcd the treaty between the Unlted
Stntes nnd rnnnnin for tbe construc
tlon of a caual across the isthmus to
tbe commlttee on forelsn relatlons.
Tbe senate witbout commenl also re
ferred tbe nomlnatlon of Genernl I.eon
ard Wood to be niajor general to the
commlttee on mllltary uffalrs.
Henator Frye Introduced a bill to reg
ulate commeree betweeft the Unlted
Stntes and tbe rhillpplne .archlpelngo,
provldlng that on and after Jnly 1,
1004, under pennlty of forfelture, no,
mercliandlse shall be transported by'
sea or any passengers be carrled be
tween ports of tbe Unlted States and
ports or places In tho Pblllpplne arcbl
pelago In any other than vessel3 sall
liiK under the llag of the Unlted Statcs.
The bill does not apply to coasting laws
ln tbelr cntirety to trnde between the
Phllipplnes and the Unlted Statcs, ns
was done in the cases of Alnska, Ha-
Ps-"Kt:i3 iu aui.iiu h.v.d.
Foatntnater tienernl neqnented to
Send In I'ohIuI Srnnilnl I'nner.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 0. The houso
has authorlzed the commlttee on post
otllccs and postVbads to request the
posttnastcr general to supply the com
mlttee wlth papers ln connectlon with
tbe recent investlgntlon of the post
ofllce departnient. It was cxplalned
by Mr. Ovcrstrect, chalrninn of the
commlttee, that the purpose of the res
olutlon wns to supply the commlttee
wlth Informatlon esscntlal to the prop
er conslderatlon of approprlatlon blils.
The house also lnstructed the Ju
dlciary commlttee to make inqulry nnd
report whcther the Is4e of I'ines ean
be ceded to Cuba witbout the concur
ront actlon of tbe house and seuntc.
Itepresentntlve Hepburn relntroduoeil
tho pure food bill, embodylng tbe rec
'oinmeiidatlons of the nntlnnnl pure
food conpress.
Kepresentatlve Glllett IMn. Intro
duced a bill "to protect nntlgninbllni;
laws from nullltlentloii tbroush Inter-
state gnmbling by telegrapb."
Itepresentntlve Tlrrell (Mu.s.) Intro
on premises ownel or rontrolled by the
Unlted Stntes irovernment."
llcnlli SeHjtem-e l'or Crlmlnnl Awnnnlt
WASHINGTON. Dec. O.-A Jury in
tho crliulnnl court here broijght in n
verdlet of gullty ln the case of .lobn W.
Hurley, n negro chnrped wlth crlmlnnl
nssnult, nnd proserlfied death ns tbr
ponalty. Tbe vietlm wns Adellne Tur
ner, u Uve-yenr-old colored girl. This Is
tbe ilrst lnstnnco of the death pennlty
belng llxed for sucli crimes in tbe Dls
trict of Colunibla.
I Anlt .t AVIIiorK Hcnr Krnnd.
C1NOINNAT1. O., Dec. O.-Ault &
Wlborg have publisbed a reply to tbr
, report of Fourth Asslstnnt Postmnster
Genernl Hrlstow, ibarglng "ex parte
stntcniPiits, mnliclous lnslnuntlons,"
etc, clnlmliiB that so fnr ns thoir con
trnct wlth the postotllee department for
lnk Is concerned lt Is nbsolutely fnlse
nnd llbelous.
Suld He "Alone Wim IlciiiKllile.'
1THACA, N. Y., Dec. !). .lobn Me
Keon of Dryden. scventy-flve yenp of
ugc, commltted sulelde here by slioot
Ing. He left'n note nildre.ssed to tbe
toroner which read "This cnse neeils
no Investlgntlon. ns I nlone nm respon
j sible."
Slsty-nfven ChnrKod Wlth Conteniit.
HICHMOND, Vn., Dec. 0. The Judge
of the county court of Spottsylvnnla
has.Issued subpienas agnlnst slxty-sev-en
persons for nlleged contempt ln slgn
Ing n petltlon asklng that he do not try
n certnln ense.
, stone Klected nt S,rl..KneI,I
SPHINGFIELD. Mass., Dec. !).-Ev-
erett E. Stone bas been elected mnyor
over John A. Lorhif? (Dem.) by n voto
of 3,003 to 1,098. The city went for 11
conso by n vote of 15,014 to 2.178.
Thlrd Vlctlm of Ottnwn Flrr.
OTTAWA, Ont., DecO.-Fnther Ful
limn. who wns Inlurcd nt the Ottnwa
,lnVoltv ilre on Wednesday last, hns
de(j nt tne yntcr strect hospltal.
wmthcr rrounbiutle.
t ian or snoTr; frcsh northeast winds.
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quallty and for prices to como within tho limits of a meager purse, go to
Tho one opinion is, our furs ecllpso anything ln tdwn, or out, as to
thoir real value. Somo choice or.es hft for you. Elegant dress pattcrns wlth -trimm!ngs
to match, and sllk drop skirts.
A completo assortment of muslin underwear just opened. We can fur ' .
nish overything in our lino tho best, and guaranteo tto lowest prices. Holl
day goods arrlving ln large quar.tities.
TwoStores t 453 and 457 flain St
e 9
New HawKs Block, Main St.
Opposite Methodist Church
Two Dwellings
Putnam St. Extension.
SeveraI Dwellings
South Braneh St. .
X Two Dwellings
JL a -i 1 Di
Scbool St.
. Rooms II,
Opera House lock
RbAL hS A t
DECEMBER 9,' 1003.
No More Burned Hands
Ask to b'ea Our 20th Century
KitchenSets and Eeg Turners
Wiitslow & Remington
Two fox-hounds one a female, black
and tan, four white feet, answering to
namoof'Tan." The other a raale,
yellow ears, white stripe in face, color
whito and brown, answers to name of
"Line." Finder will be rewaaded by '
returning or giving informatlon to
Peter McLaughlin
Woodford, VI.
Dwellings and
Building Lots
Washington St.
Desirable Property g
in all p irts o tli9 village
m1 iniji.'w.t
12, 13, 14,
- - BenningtauVt,

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