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Iv! DR YST A IJrt. 1
O O o O O O . O O O
and so do the great majority ot Bennington merchants in every
line of business. Your coupons are exchangeable (at the Ex
hibit Store soon to be opened in Opera House building) for
valuable awards when you have collected sufficient to amount
to Fifty Dollars, face value. In the meantime, till company's
store is opened,
considering them as good as gold. When you have fifty dol
lars' worth of coupons (no matter of vvhom you may have got
them) bring them to Drysdale and take in exchange Two Dol
lars' and Fifty Cents worth of any merchandise you may select.
Ask for "HOME" Coupons
whenever you make a cash purchase no matter where. The
" Home '' company plays no favorites EVERY Bennington
merchant should have "Home" coupons; every Bennington
merchant having been invited to affiliate with the Bennington
"Home" company in preference to foreign intruders.
in'ffliHirrinirftM i iiiiw iinmmui Miiwiti.un hih
''' Give Us
OR "Give Us
We dladly Klve stamps. If nocesiary, tp ple.no our patroni. Hut never
wlll wo submlt to tyrnny. iiillmliUUon or any Kyjtera of "eraf t" by a for
elEii corporatlon; not even to pleaie our Irleuih. WenlvollOMK TraUlng
i2..u nrf ti.na niiu4H in ' ir.-n.-r.il iiuhllc Dreservo our llbcrty. and re-
taln tlie respoct anl eonft tence of our people.
1. S.-Stampi are not the Mnln Show at our 8hop. Wo have on eihlbl
tton the largeHt stock ofUHKlSTMAS NOVEI.MIES for Men. Women,
" Lovers, IJoys.GlrH mrt llalHesthatwelHveevershownUurlnKournventy
elght yeara of buslncsi tu L'enuinKton.
O o
o e
Liberty ,:
o - o o o o o
o O O O o
Correctcd to Ootober II, 1003. Tralns lcave
Bennington dally, except Sunday, unless
othcrwlse nntcd.
ltao u ra-Express dally for Troy, Albany
and New York.
7.H5 1'av.enner for Troy, Albany and
New York.
I'JiUO p m-Mall for Troy, Albany, New York
Flycr for Troy, Albany and Now
Krpress forTroy and Albany.
lassenger dally for Troy nid Al-
.. ooino N'OltlH.
Uil a m-Kxprw dally for Hutland, Hurllng-
tdn, Montrcal. Oudensburir and
West. Pullman Rleeplnif cors to
- . Montreal ond Ottawa.
7:55 l'asscni?er dally for Rutland and
a.:io p m-Flyer forltutland.IJurllnRtdn.Mon.
treat and Oifdensburtt. I'ullman
., parlorcar to Montreal.
ou.T p m Loenl I'a'Aenser for Iti;'nd, Ilur-
llngton and Intermcdlate stations.
Tralns fpnm Hiitlfinfl nl..n n ,
2 X) a; m.. lJ:,3T40 and sVlo'p. m iTn froin
andn?:"' 8:25 a"J 0:30 a' '3M'
Hiio a m-PasMiger for Chatham and New
sirto p m-i'aisengcr for Chatham.
Tralns arrlve Irom Chatham at ll.iw a. m. anJ
o:lf p, m.
C, A. Nimmo, Gen. Passcngcr Agt.
n,iE8;T-J ARV1S. Xlce rresldent and
Rutland, Vt. Oeneral Manager.
.'ack Manroe nnd Tom sharlcer Wllt
FlBkt Ahont Haroh li
NEW YOHK, Dec. 22,-Jack Munroc
wd Tom Sbarkoy wlll bo tho prlncl
pals ln the noxt blg hoavywelght bat
tle. Thoy have bcn matched to flght
on or bcforc Mnrch 1, 1004. The tvln
ncr' of the mntch bns bccn promlscd
b bnttlo wlth Jlm Jcffrics for tho
world's heavywelght chnmpionahlp.
Sharkcy and Mtinroe wlll flght beforo
the clnb offerlng the best lnduceinents,
tho blds for tho contcst to be opened
i on Jan. 18. There are, however, seV'
crnl restrlctlons to these blds. Sharkey
refuscd to flght ln San Frnnclsco,
( clalmlug that he had becn glven the
j worst of It in Frlsco and that they
would not let hlm flght there when he
I was matehed to meet JcffrleB. Mun
roe, on the otlier lmnd, would not llsten
to Sharkey's proposal for a slx round
contest ln elther Chlcago or Phllndel
phla. San Franclsco, Chlcago and
Phlhulelphla are therefore barred frora
blddlng' for tho contest.
The wlnner of the match ls to take
the entlre gate recelpts.
The queatlon of n slde bet was ad
vnnced, but was objectcd to, as Mun
roo's backcr, Issy Putter, refused to
niuke u wager at even nioney, statlng
that tho Hnllor would bc n wnrm fn
vorlto at tho rlngslde, and he would
therefore get the worst of the odds.
Vnnrirrbllt na nn Auto UrlTer.
NEW YORK, Dec. 22,-Thc entries
for the sccoud aunual interuatlonal nu
tninohlle meet undrr the ausplces of
the Klorlda East Coast Automoblle as
soclatlon proinls'e to ecllpse ln number
any prevlous meet cntry. Mucb lnter
est U ccntered ln wbat speed W. IC.
Vanderbllt, Jr., wlll do the mllc. It ls
freely prcdlcted that hls prevlous
world's record of forty-elght oeconds,
mcde ln France, wlll suffer by at lenst
flve seconds, whlch wlll mako Mr. Van
derbllt beat the prcsent world'a record
by thrco seconds, as lt now standi at
forty-slr seconds; Speaklng of Mr.
Vanderbllfs drivlng, W. X. Morgan,
who attended the lnternatlonal race !n
lreland last summer, risked inany of
the Krench nutomoblllsts who they con
sldered the fnstest AmerlcAn drlvor,
nnd they nll nccordod that honor to W,
K. Vanderbllt, Jr.. nnil malntnlned thnt
he should have bi'cn one of tho drlvers
reprentlng the Anierlcnns In the in
teruatloual ratv.
ItnoliiH l'rl-.
SAX FRANCISCO, Dee. '-'2. - l.ong
prlce horses were to the fore nt Ingle
slde. Arthur Rny took tlit tlint rme at
odds of 15 to 1; Soufriere. n 11! to 1
eholoe, won the thlrd race. nnd Hiirry
Thntcher, playcd froni l.r to 10 to 1,
leil the field ln the last rui-e. Souie of
thenpeetators objectcd when thejmlges
placed Sllurlan llrst In the tlfth. Co
ronal canic with a rush ln the llfth, but
flulshcd secoud.
I.niKllii Tlirrir I'liunl.
NEW YORK, Dec. 1SJ. HJiiliuer
Lundln got the deilslon over August
Eaust In n wrestling nintch ln Bi-ook-lyn
last night. After Lundln throw
Faust ouce the lntter antiounced that a
Rore anu prevented hlm froin coutlnu
Ing. Sporl nn vr Orlrnua Trni'U.
NEW ORLEANS, Dec. '.- Kulcr
ninn und The Regeilt were the only
wlnning favorites here. nnd Thc Ite-
gent shared bottlng lioiioix with Satln.
Most of the wltuiPtx were well Imeked.
W'uoil .Viil tu C'iiiiiiinnl Arin'.
Warren of WyouiJng. a ukmiiIkt of the
scmite cointnlttee on uillltat-y tiffalrs.
has statod thnt Presldent Itoo.-cvclt
sald that even If Cieneral Wood's noinl
natlon as mnjor general were coiillrin
ed he would not agaln proinote hlm
whllo he was president nnd tht'ri'forc
(Jeneral Wood would not coinuinuil tho
tirniy durlng tho tline Mr. RiHxevolt
was In olllce. Thls Is a very Iiupnrtttiit
otHteiueiit, as it nieans thnt- l-'i-i'dci-lck
). Grant and not Wood wlll piolialilv
I'omniaud tlu'nrm.v lu liHi'.i.
Wiix Sdirwil nl I'npc Snliliic.
INDIANAI'OI.IS. Iml., Div. 22. Ser-
gennt .lulltis Ii. Fretierlek. a notcd par-
tielpant In the III fatcd Grccly cxpiMlI-
tlon whlch trietl to rcach thc north polc
ln 1SS1. Is not oxpcctcd to llvc niore
thnn a fcw days. Dlsense oml rrn ttil
dnritig thc loug nionths of sulTt'i'lng aml
Mnrvatton on thc hlcaL miow nlaliis of
t'ape Salilnc Iiiih flnally inastcred Fied
ctifk's powcrful pli.vsli.ui-. Hls dni'tnrs
dcclarc thcrc Is no liopc.
RIVEItHEAD. N. Y.. Icc. 22.-Aus-
tln .Corbln's cstatc has shrunk from
nearly $.".000,000 to soiin'thiiig lcss thnn
$;100,(K)0 since KS!)(!, aml tlic dccrcaso ls
attrlbutcd to thc hnvsuits brought by
hls daughter, 'Mrs. Ainia Corbin Ilor-
rowe, who has bccn tlvMing thc other
ineinbers of the fninily lu thc sottlc
nipnt of the cstatc ever since the pro
Iiatc of thc wlll.
(.'nriHMiliT MmiiH Cri'nl riT,
GENEVA. X. Y.. Dec. 22.-Gcorgo
Ilurr, i curpeiitor. fcll In front' of a
traln on the I'enn-'.vlvanln dlvision ot
the New Y'ork Ccnlral nnd had an arm
coniplctely severcd. 11c rosc uiuisslst-
ed, plckcd up theliuib and walked back
to the station. Latcr he was removrd
to the hospltal.
Weat VlrBlnla'n "lllnatrloua Sona,"
WASHINGTON, Dec. 22. A marblo
Rtntue of the Inte war govcrnor, Frnn
cls II. Plerpont of West Vlrglnln, was
placed in Statunry hall nt the capltol
andcr the invitntlon of congress to
each of the states to placo In the capl
tol statuea of two of thelr "lllustrlous
I'nrla Gema Oarred at Fronller,
BERLIN, Dec 22. German pollco
hare sant bac,k to tho frontler n well
known Pnrls Jeweler's representatlra
with hls stock of gems. '
Nloholau ExproBsea Friond-
ehif) For United Statea
Ilnler of the Moaeovlte ftmplre Oaye
Kvldcnce of Dep Intereat In
nnd Acqnnlntnnce VItb
Our AOTalm.',
ST. EETERSnURO, Dec. 22.-Wii
Hnm Jennlngs Bryon was recclved in
ludienco by Cznr Nicholus at noon at
tlio Wlnter palace.
Tho audlence, whlch lasted for flf teen
tnlnutcs, was arranged almost on thc
spur of the momcnt by Ambassndoi
McCormlck, who was uncertaln us to
the time of Mr. Hrynn's arrivul at St
Durlng tho convcrsation with Mr.
Bryan hls majesty expressed in tho
most emphatle manncr the fecllng of
friendshlp entertalned by hlm and by
thc Russlan natlon for the Unltcd
States and the hopo that the good rela
tions whlch have always exlstcd be
twccn the two countrles would never be
dlsturbcd. Ile gave cvldencc of tho
deepest interest in and acqualntance
with alTalre ln the United States.
In rcsponse to Mr. Bryan'a lnQtilry
concerning thc progress of publlc in
8tructIon In nussla hls majesty gave
n mlnute descrlptlon of the systera of
educatlon In thc Russlan cmplre, show
ing an intlmnte knowledgc of cduca
tlonn'l mvthods and the stutlstlca rc
lntlng thercto.
Mr. Bryan was entertalned at dlnner
by Araba8sador McCormlck beforo
leuvlng for Berlin.
CareUaa I'orclnn IVorker Carrled a
Nnkrd Ump,
WILICESBARRE, Pa., Dec. 22. -Great
extltement prevalled ln Plymouth
when word was sent to the surfnce
from the Nottlngham colllery thnt a se
rlous exploslon had occurred In No. 3
plope of that mlne, operated by the Le
hlgh and Wilkesbarre Conl compnny.
Ambulances siuil physlclans were hur
rll to the top of the sloie, and hnlf
an hour later elght men wero brought
from the mlne biirntd bj the gas.
The Injuiles of CommlHky, Bouner
and Regcskey are scrlous. The concus
alon whlch followcd the neeldent hurl
ed wmie of thc tlmlier nnd brnclng
work In nll dlm-tlons. though no neri-
ous dniiiMKc 'n, donc to thc worklngs.
The mlne, as n rnle, Ih not a kukcous
ohc. and had it not beeu for thc care
Icssncss of a foivigui'i' ln earryltig a
uakcd liimp thc exploslon would not
have omirrcd. At thc tlmc thc ncci-
dcnt happcncil thc men liml been work
Ing 1 ii the red ush vcln, kuown ns tho
elevcnth gnngwny. It was mlracnlotm
that' any of the nicn escaped allve.
Itngpra Trlnl Unda Jury Out.
BENNINGTON, Vt., Dec. 22,-Thc
case of Mary II. Rogers, chnrged with
the niurder of her hiisbaud, Marcjis M.
Rogers. by the use of chloroform on
the nlght of Aug. 12, 1U02. was glven
(o the Jury last nlght. The Judge'a
chnrge occu)lod one hour. More thnn
a thoueand people crowded Into the
narrow contlius of the courtroom. Mrs.
Rogers bore hersolf well durlng thc
llnal arguuients of 0. M. Bnrber for
the state. Hls speech to tho Jury wns
n niPiclless nn-nlgnmcnt of the prlson
er. whoin he ehar.ictcrlzel ns n woninn
ilcvold of nll fecllng except whero her
persoiml lustlnrts wero to be gratllled.
He snld thnt tho defendnnt had for
llvo dnys durlng tho presentntion of
most damaglng evldence ngninst her
wit onlinly before thc bnr of Justico
and exhlblted a hrazen elTrontcry and
enlIouness that was nstonlshlug.
A Tnrkey Trnlni nlnp. S 100,(100,
ST- I.OI.MS, I)e 22.-Turkys alf not
scarit' lnMI "ou.-i. (ine tiini 1ms sliip
ped IS'J.iMU) or them u New York In a
singl I'uid. lt is -ild to be thc tlrst
"tur! . )Hi lul" ever rnn out of St.
I.ouls. The ttnlu cnnsisteil of nlneteon
cars, ciiiT.vlng :!2,o;hi turkeys, weiglilng
in nll nbout oOO.OiK) pouuds, nnd rcpre
sentwl a value of from ?00,000 to $100,
Oiki. thc New York prlce of turkeys be
Ing from IS to 20 cents a prtund.
lirlxlmaN nt Wnlilorf I'or lliuinn.
NEW YORK. I)ee. 22,-Senator Mar
eus A. Ilanna may bc forccd to cat his
Christmas dlnner In thls city. He bns
been nttnckcd by rhcutnntisiu, from
whleh he hns sutfcwl severely at tlmcs,
and Is now couliiu'd to bis rooms In the
Wahlorf-Astorla, vvhcre he ls under the
eure of n physician. Whllo It Is sald
at thc hotcl that thcrc is nothing alarm
Ing in hls enudition, lie Is forccd to de
ny himself to vHltoi-s.
Mnrdor nnd I'orKrry ClinrKcit.
BIIFFAI.O, Dee. 22.-The grand jurj
has reported four iudlctments against
Chnrles Honler, Two nliege murder In
the tlrst riegrcc and the other two nl
iege forgery. The murder chnrges arc
based on the kllling of Franz Frehr
nnd hls wlfe, Jonuna Frehr. The for
gery lndlctments are bhscd on the slgn
liig of tho dead niHn's naine to a deel.
Bonler haR eonfesscd the forgery.
Two CiiiimiiIn of I'liiiiuini.
WASHINGTON, Dee. 22.-The stnte
departnicnt has rccognlzed Nathanlel
Brandon ns vlce eonsul of I'nnama nt
New York and .luan Franciseo Arlas
as eonsul of I'anama nt Mohlle, Ala.
Fcvcr AlintfN nt llntlrr.
BUTLER, Pa.. Dcc. 22.-Thcre lmve
bccn no deaths durlng the last twenty
four hours from typhold fcvcr nnd but
one new case reported.
On the Eve of War.
BERLIN, Dec. 22.-On tho cvo of
war Is the oplnlon of n Inrge part of the
Gonnan pross In regard to the crlsis ln
thc far east.
w of the Town and TUUg Told
""r r or iJuijr Beadara
Mlss Ella Purcoll is homa from Co
hoes for a couplo of weoks.
Mlss Maude Boldon is homo. from a
sevorai we.eks visit in Brooklyn
Harry Jubb is homo from tbo Uni-
verslty of Vermont for the holidays.
Mlss Cocll Powers will behome to
morrow to spend thoholiday vacation.
Mlss Linda Bahan has been spend
ing soveral days In Troy with friends.
Mlss Amy Cutler is expocted homo
toraorrow to spend tho two weeks vaca
tion, Mlsses Hopo and Ruth Graves aro
homo from Philadolphin to spond
Christmas and Now Years.
Ono man and his wlfo who resido in
tho vlllago havo not missed a session
of court since Mrs Rogers' trial was
begun. Thoy havo put in a prompt
appearanco every timo and secured
good soats.
"Neglooted cold mnlin of r,.r,
yards. ' Dr Wood's Norwav Pino Rv.
rup holps men and women to a happy.
vigorohs old ago.
Womon lova n r.
t?iD' , rro uIod mokes it. Burdock
Blood Bittors makes puro b lood.
A Coatly Ml.take.
Blundors arosomntl
sie. Ocoasionally Ilfo Itself is tho
prico of a miBtake, hut you'Il never be
wrong if you tako Dr Klng's New Llfo
l illsfordyBpepsia, dlzzineis, headacho
llver and bowel troubles. Th
gentlo jet thorough. 25c, at Glbson'a
drug store.
Don't be imnosed unnn livtoM
stltutes offered for Foley's Hooej and
Tar For aalo br B. A. O lllnlnn.
is for tliose who are thinkinir
10 nuiKe someone giad
Every kind, prettyand coin
fortjible. Gaiters, Leggins,
of eveiy descriptiou. Shoes
aiul serviceable footwear of all
kiiuls, all desirable and accept
on view at the
llarts Blotk, Main Sl. Opp.M.E.CImrch
Just Call
And Look Over Our
mas Stock .
It costs nothing to look.
will try and supply
508 Mnln Stroot
We Ulve ilrtctt
IWNIMUa, baVaaWaaa
l'lpes, I'ouoliet, Clgnr Cnes, etu.
A filU line ot TiiImoco und riir ip jnr i,i..,
aio the ino-tconih!le nnU orli.-lii.ilii' lilnh-cmss
3moke.H'.irtli'Iea oa tlir lnnnict. Tlio Imdlf!
ilrc ul iiorcelala tU irluunlnes lliililiL'd In .
...v..,v, ii,.), .,1m iiiiiiifH i
mctal. Thc (IcsIkd? or dop'ira lou arn hnnrt
palnteil. Tbe colors nre vltrin.ible, not afrected
sulUible pruscnt for a centleman. KiioA w
contalns a sponRe to kecp eltlicr oliars or to-
Qur calendar
a reprodiictfon in
color of the fam-
ous f ifteen thous
and dollar head.
HOME Tradinir
Stamps. They're
f ree too.
Watches for the
boys. TheyVe free
You are likewise
free to exam i ne the
finest stock of
Xmas goods ever
before shown in a
Bennington store.
Remember the
Fresh ground for table
use at the
Wholesale and Retail
Mifl, Bennington, Vt.
Loweat prices for be.st Meats,
Beeff iMtitton, Pork, Lard,
v Sausage, etc.
Oreon Stamps
Cash Customers
lienniuitlnn C unty Havlngs Bank.
Tlie nnnuul m'ii(na of Oio errirators of
tlic HeuiiliiKlna l'.iuh.v ..tm,'j llanlt wlll be
liuM m tl e uali,- ii' mii t llank ln Its bank
liul'rtlnit ln n n ii .-to . on tlie flKt Wed
tiexlnv, iMlnlay) of .linu.iry, A. I. 19M, at
nvutr.jiooli , i' i . h - nurpoie of electlnfr
ubo.ir.lu iru ec- io ilie yenr c ulnc and
tho trnriM.ui'iti'iif fiiiv nthor hiiiiii44 fannri
. : . "
ncn mf, esppumuv t- 11,1 rucan-
u ?' .lns uuniuer ur irura o.u ana to
u"cr unu revlse l"ui;'TWv .
Hatca at Bennington Vt., Nov, 23. iml 4lw

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