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VOL. II NO 212
Occasionally a Man Appear to Have a Faculty of.Getting Money by Marrying lt . But Women Are the Star Performers along This Line of Action
TJpwards of 50 sorts to choose frora eveiy one of
them is a crisply new production. PRICE-RANGE, $5.50.
TO $1089.
The Burt fine Fall Shoes for women are ready. The
Queen Quality fine Fall Shoes for women are ready. The,
Williams & Hoyt "True Forra " Fall Shoes for little
men and little women are ready. The Paokard Fall
Shoes for men are ready. In fact every department of the
Shoe Store is
jz? R E A D :Y jz?
Glieap Advertising
Advertismg undor thls bead 25 ceuis
for tbo first titne and ton cents each
time after. Advertisements not to ex
ceed four lines.
WAIVTKD. Two unfurnlshed room for Hnht
housekeeplng. Lock Ilox 940, Uennlng.
ton. "
ANTEI). A woraan witli a chlld elcht
..1.1 ....,.1f 111. a n l,n,ltlnn I., lirtliaik
T f JCiirS UiU 1UU1U HiW l Wihuii w. ...ju-ju
Keeper in a smau iumuy, biyc mcucnunci
erence. Inqulre at 102 County St. 2HU
rAXTKl A posttton as nurse; gooffref
-. I nnn X' . 1 1. J flnnml
XX, ANTED. Competent pirl for treneral
W housework. Apply to Mrs E. J. Tlffany'
409 Gase St Wt0
Also party to take Joli of cuttlngand haul
Iiir (rom ftoo to too thousand feet of logs. lioyce
& Clark. North lienninKton. 202H2
WAATKD.-Ironennt the Wrlght Laun
dry. 1821t
Al'O.SITlOA- Wanted by a respectable'
woman as niire or the care of an tnvalid.
CanRive sood reference. Inqulre at 119 Pleav
antStreet. bennington, Vt. !9-5
rno 1MSNT. -ll SoutliSt.,rooms,furnlshtd
X or unfurnisneu. aii moaern conveniences.
Tlie best locatlon ln town.
J. T. Hemlneton.
TOlJlENT.-7.room cottage on TJnlon St,
AU modern Iniprovemcnts. S. H. llock
wood, 230 Unlon St. tt
iO RENT Two mall tenementa. Inqulre
of Btnory S. ilairls.
TO IjET. Tenement, 7 rooms, modern 1m
provements. Apply to Charles Brldge,
144 Beech St.
JO REIVT. Deslrable tenements, offlces and
storea. Possesslon glven lmmedlately. W.
Hawks.205 North St.
' tioh',
rno.ItENT, Large pleasant housc wlth all
moaern conveniences. r.iuepuuuui iuc
Chaa. II. Dewey. - I80tf
o RENT. An upstalrs tenetaent on North
. St. to rent. Apply to J. Bernsteln. IMtf
T7on SAW3 cnEAV.-Clder mlll plant.
JD complete wlth' 12 II. i englne anduoller
to wirk same. W. L. MeAuley. Arlington, Vt.
Ion AIiE.-'A nlne room house wlth all
; modern Improvemeius, large lawn wlth
frulttrees.'on Washington avcnue, betweenEUn
and Weeks street-t. Inqulre at 138 Unlon,
street. 20"t2
FOK BALE. Edlso'n Standard Phondgraph.
large horn, 2 dozeu reeords. All aa good
as new. A great bargaln. Enqulre of C. D.
Greenslet, 1U Jefferson ATe. 197tf
FOll" SAEEv-40 wagdns of all deacrlptlons.
30 sels'o! harness, 9lngle and doutle. 20
Uorses, good drlvers and work horaes. Inqulre
at W. J I'halon's Llvery. U
TP. QU1NN Vetetlnary Surgeonand Dent
, 1st. Offlco, W. J. Phalen's Ktable, Tele
hone No. 10-6.
Goldsmltli & Wood, Mauogers.
e:;gaoement of
As Callierine The Great of Russia
In Edword C. Whlte's Stupcndous Production
The Triumph
Ot An Empress
By Thcodore Kremer. Anthor of "The Powcr
Uehind Ihe Tlironu."
25c - 50c - 75c - - $1:00
Sati on Sale Frlday, 5tpt. 16, at Nnon.
I have opened a shop up
stairsat 118 North St. over Miss
O'Donnell's, and am ready for
any kind of work. . Fall Jack
ets1, Snits, etc. JRepairing,
pressing, cleaning, etc., at
reasonable prices.
For PUes, Burns. Sopi
Exttnding EUclrlc Road From North Adami In
This Direction.
Tho contract for the extension of the
HoosIck Valloy Street Ralhvay cora
pany's Hncs frora Williamstown sta
tlon to the farm of D. P. Thompsonon
the Simonds road about three- fourths
of a mlle south of tho Vermont state
Hne has been let to Gardner Brothers
of Chicopee.
The work wlll bo started at once as
undor tho.torms of tho contract it must
bo comiiloted by Novetnber I with a
penalty of $2o a day for every day do
lay after that date. The part of tho
oxtonsion whlch this contract covers is
1.8S mile in lonRth.
The franchise which was granted ihe
cotnpany calls for tho coraplction of
this section of tho road during the sea-
son of 1001 and for tho romainder of
tho lino to tho Pownal stato lino dur
in tho season of 1005, thus not com
pellin,' the company to bulld the last
stretch Mntil it isexpectod tho Benning
ton line will havo been coraploted
Thls part of tho line which is to bo
built this fall will pass Sand Spnngs
which will accomuiodate many people
Accident to Mrs. Chisholm and
5Irs A. S. JI.. Chisholm, with her
son, Pred Wilder, a tfraduate of tho
Massachusotts Instituteof Technology,
met wlth quito an accident Friday af'
tornoou. They were drivlatr down Im
perial avoniie when tho horse began to
klck and run. Tho younR man held
on to it and when part way down suc
coeded in reininp it into a door yard.
In so dolnjc the carriaKe was over-
turnedandthe occupants thrown out.
Mrs Chisholm landednearly undertho
horse, which fall. She had one anklo
stralned, was injured in the back and
on one ann and sustained other slight
brulses. Nono are considered serious
The young man was only sotnewhat
Franklin J. rrench of Wllmlnslon llai Wrlttcn
a Book.
Vermont can now boast of an author
whoso namo is unknown to famo. Ho
llves in tho villaKO of WllmlnRton,
Windham county, and his name is
Franklin J. Prcnch, harness oiler,
auth9r, linventor, orginator of new
ldeas, a great frlend to humanity,
whose life study has been human na
tures. MrFronch's book is named "Busi-
ness Mens Guido" and tho author says
itcontuins moro sound common sonse
than any book hitherto printed in tho
Knglish languago "
Spccial Program at St'cond Conreatlonal
Church Tomorrow.
Tomorrow is Rally day tvt the Sec-
ond Congregational Sunday school
and the sorvices will bo held in the
Chorister J. D.Stehman haspreparcd
a special musical program which con
sists of a solo by Miss Bessio Bennett,
and sovoral selections by Lawrenco
Gokay, cornetlst and MacGregor Rit-
chie, violinist. A large attcndance is
Neira of the Town and VllInRe Ilrlefly
Toia for Bur Iteadara.
Fred Rickert has been homo from
New Brunswick, N. thls week.
E. S. Chandler with a party of
frlends from Albany is fishing in the
northern part of the state.
The Boston and Malne R. R. will
run an excursion to Boston Oct. 7th.
The fare round trip frora Petersburg
Junction 1s $4.50 Returinfr the tickets
are good until the 12th.
Dr W. W. Seymour recently per.
formed a dollcato oporation on Mrs
Elmer Tinkham bf North Bennington
Tho patlent is attended by two trained
nurses from the Samarltan hospltal of
Troy, and is doing well.
Dr L. H. Ross, E. C. Bennetf and
Charlcs Bttrnes are the dolegates from
Monument lodgo K of P to the meeting
of the grand lodga at Burlington next
week. District Deputy J. T. Remlng-
ton and Lodgo. Deputy J. H. Habberly
will also nttend.
Oyama aain Advancin' on
Kuropatkin's Army.
-General Belicf, Howcver, that Jap
anese Arc Not Yet in Condition
for Another Battlc.
ST. PETEIt.SHUHG, Sept. 17.-T1K
war olllce hus henrd the report of un
appurent Jnpunusc concoiitratlon
UKulnst the llunks of General Kuroput
kln'a nrmy preparntory to nn itilvanct
toward Mukdun. Whlle lt i not iu a
posltlou to ubsolutely contlrin or deny
the report, It -wonld surprlso, the wu
oflicu Phonld Kiuld Murohul Oynmu
have been nble iu mieh n short tlmo tc
orpmize lils forcen for a erious ad
vuuce north wnrd.
Supplemeiitnr.v iletalls of tho hnttle
of I.iaoyang how that the Plrst and
Thlrd Slberian corps , after bravclj
withstandlng the onslaucht of slx dlvl
slons of the Jupaneso army undor Gt'ii
erals Oku and Nodzu whlle holillng a
posltlon south of Llaoyung- recclved or
dcrs to cross the river on Scpt. 1 uiul
Jolu tho Tonth corps in ndvancim;
apalnt Genenil Kurokl, who was
threttteniiiK tho Itusslan posltion.s,
Mpnnwhllo the dofpnsp of the Uus'ilaii
posltiDit iu tho siiiithcni hiink of the
rivi-r was intnnto'l to tlu f-'iK-oiid aud
Kourtli corp, which wcrc lvon t-)sl
Uoik urotmd tho clty. Thn ci'iiter ol
jrrnvlty liad iiniv been trimsfi'iriHl to
the ttsht banlc of tho rlvcr. 'I'hc .S'ev
oiitccnlli i-orptt. whk-li hnd hi-en Mta
tlonod tliere. wo subjwteil on Aug.
oi in. a lumvy iioiiuiuniiiii'iit uy .ntpu'
nosc artillwy sltuatod north of Hy
kwautuu. Tlie taetleal key of this po
ftltlon was a h'olttary hlll from Avhence
tho Japaiiese couhl lie seon crosIns
ho rlver at Wankwantun. Nlne com-
panU'M of the Tonth Europonn regliiient
held thls hlll, supportiM on thelr rljjht
by the Bolkhofl reKhncnt. wIth the Ne
zhlimk reslment ln reserve. Here oc
currwl the most hrllllant eucounter and
the niost den)prate flghtlnr of the
whole battle. On Sept. 1 the Jnpanese
couccntrated thelr artillery flro upon
thls hlll and by evenlng occupled lt,
The Nezhiislc reglment wns ordered
tho riext day to retnke the hlll, aud
after artillery preparatlon, headcd by
Its colonel on hornehack, the reglinent
trled to rusli tho helghts. Tlie Japa
neso flre was terrltlc and mowed down
whole couipanles, but the Nezhlnsks
went on, gnluing ground inch by Inch
tlll tlunlly they roached tho top. There
there was a frlghtful haiul to hand
struggle. The Japaneso were obllged
to fall back, and the Nezhltisk regl-
nient occupletl the hlll, which they
managed to hold untll evcniug. Theu,
unable longer to wlthstand tho couccn
trated nrtlllcry flre of the Jnpanese,'
the Nezhlnsks had to cllmb down. Its
terrlble llght cost the regl;nont more
than half Its men and three-fourths of
Its olllcers. The helght wlll henceforth
be known among the Sevcntecnth corps
as "eziunsK Hlll."
It wns decided on the nlght of Sept.
3 to abandon Llaoyang. Tho followlng
dny all tho stores were romoved from
the, forts nround tho clty, from the
Kusslan settloinent and from Llao
yang, and the dead were buried and
sentries gradually wlthdrawn. A ter
rlflc hall of projectiles was falling ln
the. clty, espechtlly ln tho church
square. nndr nround the house whcre
General Kuropatkln'had been resldlng.
The evacuation of the, rallway sta-
tlon was carrletl out under n heavy
flre. The rallroad meu Bhowed the
most - admlrable- coolness . und dlcl-
pllne. There were not enbugh tralns to
carry all the artillery. At the lant mo-
nient tho Klrst Slherlan JlylnK hrtlllery
procurwl an empty ,truch,, upon which
the 8oIdIera loadcd thelr slx Inch mor-
tars by hand and , then . pushed the
truck across the rlver under n dlrcct
flre of sholls Just before the hrldgc
was destroycd. Heconnolssanco 'Opera-
tlons were greatly . lmpeded by thn
standlng crops of Culnene corn, whlch
Is fourteen feet In helght.
There were many uarrow, escnpe?
owlng to the.simllartty of thei Itusslan
unlforma with those of the Jnpanese.
Serious rcsults were prevcnted, how-
ever, by the Itusslun offlcerB dlrectlng
thfit the men must not shoot except on
speclflc onlers. The 'Jnpanese, qu the
other hand, destroyed the whole of
thelr own Forty-ilrst reglment by lir-
Ing upon them in mlstako for n Itus-,
elnn foj-pp ,
Fof Pllflgj Burnsi 8pP88a
"Triumph of An Empras" In Whlch Mildrcd
Holland Appcan.
Mildred Holland will appear at tho
opera house on Tuesdny evenln;; next
as Catherino the Great of Russia in
Edward 6. White's splendid produc
tion of Theodoro Kremer's drama:
"The Triumph of An Emptcss. "
It would not seem to make much
dillerence were Miss Holland to return
in an old or new drama, for sho ap-
Xetra of thr Town aml VIIIbro Rrlcfly
Tohl For llnay Ilradera.i
Col Olin Scott is ia Greenwich for
the dny.
N. Burton Percey is in Cambridge
for tho day.
Miss Anna Nichols of Albany is vis-
itlng at C. C. Kimball's.
George Klock returned Thursday
from a vacatiou in New York.
Mrs Fannio Wilcox of Somervlllo is
a guest of Dr S. R. Wilcox.
William L. Gokay will vlsit tho St
Louls fair about the flrst of October.
The Methodlst Sunday school enjoy-
ed a picnic to Battlefleld Park today.
Mr and Mrs Frank B. Parsons of
'omona, Fla., are hero for a few days.
Mr and Mrs Arthur J. Elolden are
receiving congratulations over the"
birth of a daughter Fridav.
Mrs Otlo Mink and son Edward who
havo been visiting Mrs James Martin,
returned Saturday to Troy.
Arrangemcnts have been mado for a
football game between the Freshmen
and Sophomores noxt Baturday.
John S. Holden and family havo re
turned from Cottage City and- reopen
ed their house on West ilaln street.
Mrs James Cone and son are spend-
ing a woek with her parents, Mr and
Mrs Joseph Levins of' North. Benning
Mrs George Franklin-Graves has is-
suod invitations for an "at hotne"
Wednesday afternoon, Septembor 21
from 3 to 80'clbck.
The Stark.Paper company ,is putting
in a new dam for their plant, at North
Bennington and.erectlng quito an ad
dison to their mlll.
Mr and Mrs Georgp Worthington
and Mr and Mrs Howard, Hart Shlelds
havo returned from Hyde Manor in
Sudbury, where they spent tho most of
The crown iewels which are a ronro-
duction of the orlginal worn by Cath-
erlnethe Great will bo displayed in
the-wiDdow of A. Cook's jewelry store
next Tuesday.
Mr and Mrs JI, L, Palmer and
daughter of St Augustine, Fla., aro in
Bennington to .spend two or three
months. They aro stopplng at, Mrs
Barbara .Moore's.
pears to havo a pecullar public of her
own, who are interested in the- person
ality of tho actress ' rather than the
drama shemay bo irivihg,, that what
ever sho plays or whatover sho acts
they crowd tho house. However, tho
occasion of her present appearanco
will bo doubly interesting, for sho not
only presentsherself, but a new drama'
of raore than usnal interest.
The play is a realistic story of Rus.
sian life founded on incidents in tho
hlstory of Cothorine the Great, and of
the prlncipal men and women who
were consplcuous during her reign.
Aisrt Mnn AVnnlx irim o Ftnnnce
IMnn For Cuutrolllne Tldea.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 17. The
White House lras no longer a znonop
oly as u Mecca for crauks. A gray
halred man ronmed into the treaaury,
looklng for Secretary Shaw, saylng he
had nn InvenUon too blg for one man
to handje, und wantcd the treusury to
finnncc It.
Qucstlonlng developed the Inventlon
was n machlne to control the tldes and
ipproprlate thelr powers, The old man
Was much disappoiuted at Mr. Shaw's
absence, and told hls prlvate secretary
If he eoukl learn hls nddrcss he would
go ln quest of hlm. He sald hls'nnme
was Enrlo and that he was from New
Chlef Wllkle Is keeplug watch on hls
, Itrauiniillnn of Smoot Inqnlrr.
NEW 1'OItK, Sept. 17.-Senator Bnr
rows of Mlchigan, chalrman of the sen
ate committee on prlvlleges and elec
tlons, was In New York on hls way
home from New Kngland. Sonator Bur
rows aald that he was golug to notlfy
the attorneys lp tho case of Senator
Keed Smoot of Utah, whose rlght to a
seat In tlie Unlted States senato Is be
ing Investlgated, that the comnilttee
wlll resume the Inqulry as soon nu lta
members are rclleved of work In the
campatgn. He wlll advlse tho attor-,
neys- that ho wants the nnmes of all
witnesses that arc to be cxamlned.
Moore fo.Cotniunnd nt, Snn Frnnctco.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 17.-By direc
tion of the presldent, IJrlgadler Gen
eral Francls Mtore has been relleved
from, .flufy. as. commandant of tlie
school'oC'.npplicatlop, fqr .ctivalry ond
flold artillery at Fort Ulloy, Kau., and
ordered to Sanl Franclseo to ussumo
commaud q. the .department of Call
fornla, rellevlng .Jiajor General Arthur
MapArthur,, who, wlll, i;etaJu conjm,apd,
however, of the Paelflc dlvlslon. io
one has yct been sclccted to commaud
tho school of nppllcatlo.n at Fqr,t lUley.
, i Arclibtihon at Dar Ilarbor.
J3AH JIAtBOlt, Mq., Sept. 17.-rTlie
nrchblshop of tiatiterbury nnd party
bave'arrfved here from Nprtlieast Har
bor, where they linvebee.n the guests
of ltlshop Doane of Albany. They -wlll
rcmaln 'here for a week as tho .gucsts
of lilshop liwrence of Massachusotts.
Thr?, Sliiatrit Scliooncr Ailiore.
CITY ISLAND, N. Sept. 17.-rCap-tnln
Kenney of tho Brltlsh steamer
I'rlnee Arthur, from Halifax, reporte
that a three mustcd scluKmer ls asboro
on tho easteni end of Horton's nolut.
I.ong Island so"-'!.
Be l-Surcon . General
under. iGov. Bell.
Fr.ederjck SBiHipfjs of .Woodstock
Will.Ec Namcd Chief
of Staff.
Dr W. E. P.utnam of this villago fs
to be surgeon general on Governor
Bells staff and went yesterday to
Montpelier to meet tho governor plecU
St Johnsbury,!-Sept 10. Gov-elect
C. Bell bas designnted the follo-'v
ing men as members of hls milltury
staff and they wlll be duly appolatedl
after his inauguration :F. S BilUngs
of Woodstock, M. D. Wells of Cabot
C. W. Scarff of Burlington, N. A.
Dole of Danville, N. B. Koberts of
Rupert and Dr W. E. Putnam of Ben
nington. Mr Billings will be ap
pointcd as chief of staff. Mr Rpberks,
inspector of rfle practice, and Doctop
Putnam, surgeon general.
These colonels-to-be meet Governor
elect Bell and Adjutant-General Gll
moro at Montpelier this afternoon and
Brothers and Slsttrt Mttt After a Scparaltoit
of 37 Yeari.
One of tho pleasant events of the
past week was the reunioti of the Farn- .
ham family at the horaes of II. M. and
Ij. J. Farnham in West Arlington.
This is the first time the brothers and
sisters havo all been together sinco the
death of thelr mother, 37 year? ago.
In the family of eiglit children tbere
has been but dne death, that of Anron
Farnham who was killed by the burst
ing of a stone in a grist mill in Arling
ton, November, 1SG7.
Following are the names of those;
from a distance: D H Farnham, Tux--edo,
Md., and daughter, Mrs John
Wilfbng of Washington, D. C, Mr andi
Mrs E. D. Farnham and daughter Ln
lu and sonHenry of Washington; Mr
and MrsE. B. Simonds, Herndon, Va
Mr and Mrs F. M. Farnham and chil
dren of Danby; Mr and Mrs P. R
Clark of Athens, Vt., and Mrs Aman
daRand of Saxton's River.
Frank Buckley ofOrango ha been
in town.
Adelbort Buckley and family have
romoved to Orange, .Mass.
Mrs J. F. Smith and her sister, Mra
A. E. Donlo are visiting in Cambridge:
Arthur Knapp and wife of South
Shaftsbury have called on frlends' in
Warren Wood and wife of Heartwell
ville have vislted relatlves in Wood
ford and Bennington.
Ohas F. Wood had the misfortune
to cut off the end of one thumb while
working ln the saw mill.
.Nod Donnelly of New York and hia
brpther, , George of Boston. are at
Ned's cottuge for a few days.
Jev. Wm. H. Scott has placod a
Qne lattico railing andbrackets around
the plazza of'bls Falrview cottase.
Fair tonight and Sunday ,
Avoid serious results of kidce y and
bladder disorder by taking Foley'a
Kidney Ouio. Bold by B. A. Quin
No need to fenr suddon attacks oC
cbolera infantum, dysertery, diarr
hoen, suoimsr complaintof any soxt if
you have Dr Fowler's Extract of Wilcl
Htrnwborry in the medictne onest.
ASnw Jerty Edltor'a Tcitlmoalal
M. T. Lynch, editor of the Pbilips-
burg, N. J., Daily Post writes, "I
have usedmany kiods of medicines for
coughs and colds in my family but
nover aoytnmg bo gooa asroiey's Hon
cv: aud Tar. 1 cannot say too much in
prnise pf it.. Sold by B. A. Quinlanw

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