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VOL. II NO 213
Bennington Hasn't a Base Ball Team Any More. North Bennington, Assisted by a Few Cannibals from Outside,. Ate It Up Last Saturday Afternoon
Upwards of 50 sorts to clioose from eveiy one of
thera is a erisply new production. PRICE-RANGE, $5150
TO $1089.
The Burt fine Fall Slioes lor women are ready. The
Queen Qiiality fine Fall Shoes for women are ready. The
Williams & Hoyt "True Form " Fall Shoes for little
men and little women are ready. The Packard Fall
Shoes for men are ready. I n fact every department of the
Shoe Store is
jS7 READY j&
Clieap Advertising
AdvurtiaiDg under this bead 25 cetns
for tbe first titue and too cents each
time aftar. Advertisoraerits not to ex
cced four lines.
AIVTEn. A posltlon as nnrte; good ref-
erence. inifj'.rc 2U3 rtoiiu tn. zuynu
. Also party td takcjou of cuttingand haul.
tn- from MjO to HX) t!iouaml leet ol logs. Itoyce
Clark, North Bennington. 2C2Ui
-Ironers at the Wrlght Lauu-
AI'OSITIOST AVnnted by a respectable
wnmnn nu nnnn nr the care of an tnvallu.
Canglve good referonce. Inqulre nt 119 Pleas-
aut street, uennington, vi.
mo nrat, 118 SouthSt.,rooms,funilshtd
X or unfurnHneu. All mouern convcmrntcs,
Tbe best locatlon lti town.
J. T.Remlncton.
QIO ltKNT. 7-ro6m cottage on Unlon St.
All inodern lniprovements. S. II. Itock
wood. 230 Unlon St. tl
o ItENT Two sniall teneinenta. Inqulre
of Emory a. llntrls.
TO I.ET. Tenement, 7 rooms, modern Im
provements. Apply to Charles Brldge,
1441)ecch St.
mo IUJMT. Deslrnblatenements, ofllcesand
L stores. Fossesslon glven Immedlately. Y.
7 Hawks.205 North St.
O ItENT. Large pleasant house wlth all
modern conveniences. cxcepuonai loca
Chas. II. Dewey. 180tf
TO ItKNT. An upstalrs tenement on Nofth
St. to rent. Apply to J. Bernsteln. 166tf
on 8AI.E CIlKAVClder mlll plant.
jn complcte wiin vt m r. engiue anu uuner
to wirk &ame; W. L. StcAulcy, Arlington, Vt.
FOtt SAIiE. A nlne room house wlth all
modern lmprovements, large lawn wlth
fruittrees, on Washington avcnue, between Elm
ana Week8 streetit. Inqulre at 128 Unlon
street. '"'-
FOU BA1YE. Edlson Standard Phonograph,
large horn, 2 dozen records. All as good
asnew. A great bargaln. Knqulre of C. D.
qreenslet. 111 Jefferaon Ave. 197H
FOK SAIiE-40 wagons of all descrlptlons.
30setsof barness, slngle and douMe. 20
llorses, eood drlvera and work horaes. Inqulre
at W. J T'halen's Llrenr. tf
FOIt SAI.E. Meat buslness establlshed 12
yeari for sale; 350 cash. I M. Hlocum.
liennfngton, Vt. 21at0
EOIl SALE.-2S5 cash,
years, welght 200. L.
nlngton, Vt.
good team, 10-14
5t. Slocum, Bea
213tC OK SAIjEOne nlce bay mare, aafe lor
i-t. .i.h u-Blcht 1000. L. M. SlO
cum, Bennfngton, Vt
TP. QUINN-Veterlnary Surgeon and Dent
. 1st. omce,W. J. nalen's Stable.Tele
boneNo. 10-6. ,
PromptltandisatUfactorially. J)rop a
card to Oeorgeuavis, lieiinlnRton, Vt. 213t8
LOST A pair of gold.moiinted eye-Klasses
betwcen.L'Orncr uf Clairn and Srlmal nrl
Mlll Sts. Flnder will be rcwarded If left ut
me iiamier umcc. it
Goldsmlth i Wood, Majngers.
e:;gauehent of
As Callierine The Great of Russia
In Edward C. Wlilte's Stupendous Ioductlon
The Triumph
Of An Empress
By Theodore Kremer, Antlior of ''The Power
lielilnd the Throne."
25c - 50c - 75c - $1.00
SaU on 5ale Frlday,' 5pt. i6, atNnon.
I liave opened a shop up
stairsat 118 North St. over Miss.
O'Donnell's, nnd am ready for
any kind of work. Fall Jack
ets, Suits, efc. Hepairing,
pressing, cleaning, etc, at
reasonable prices.
Aged Veteran and Reiident Died Sunday Even
Tho doath of E. D. Harlow occured
Sunday evenlni'. Ho was 78 'yoars old
and was born in Irasburg but bad
nveu in tnis vniage lor tno past mno
Tho decfiasml luuliin pvnnllnntrpcnnl
as a soidior havinfr cniisted tn tho iu
1802. Ho was woll known in town and
had many frlends. Ilis loss will bo
keenly felt by liis old conirades. He
is survived by a wife.
ino lunerai services will be heiu at
tho Congrc;ational churchWednesday
afternon at 3 o'cloek and
will bo taken to St Johnsbury.
On All Ownert of Slot Machincs In Bellows
Fallj Saturday.
Bellows Falls, Sopt. 18. Thepolice
serv6d notice on tho owners of all Slot
machincs Saturday oveninf to wind
up all busincss undship thoirmachlnes
out of town or prosocutions would be
Notico was served on elj,'ht. E. C
Sheldon, running Central house; Mrs.
Veyo, runnlnp Koyal cafe; Joseph
Veyo, running Elk poolroom and
Durnett house, Exner & Holmcs, 1
Qaldasoro, B. M. Waito and Andrew
Meaney, all runnins restaurants.
Tho machlnes proceeded niralnst are
the kind whero money is placed and
player recoives from nothinj,' to $2.00
Ji V. D. S. Merrill Hai Rtnted Rooms in
Injs Bank Bullding.
John V. D. S. Merrill has rented
one of tho rooms in tho Havinfjs Bank
buildin formerly occupied by A. P,
Childs and will open a law oflice there.
Mr Merrill is also an expert account
ant and will bo propared to tako busi
ness in that llno as well us law.
Iho other room thoro has been rent
cd by tho Columbian Llfo Insuranco
company wiiicli is to open a branch
ofllco hero.
Mrs Clara Moon and Robert Baktr Broueht
From Shaftsbury.
Mrs Clara Moon and Robert Baker
woro landed in jail at 10 o'cloek Mon
day morning by Deputy Sheriff Corey
of Shaftsbury. Tho charjje ai;ainst
thcin is adultery. The wotnan had un
infant wlth her who was in a pitlful
condltlon belni; nearly starved and
not havin,' enough clothinj,'.
Summtr Parllti Say L'Oafmort the Plcasant
est In New England.
Camp L'Oafmoro, formerly known as
tho Casino, has been a popular placo
forcampcrs this summcr and parties
stlll go up there to spend adayor two.
Mr and Mrs Krank Lasher, Mrs Myr-
tle Hobinson, Mr and Mrs L. C. Royco
and two daughters, Zenobla and Phil
omena, and Mr and Mrs Fred Stickles
of Bennington and Harry Cloarwater
of Troy, spent Sunday thero. They
ay that it is the raost boautiful valley
in Now England.
Stlling Prices Today On'New York Exchanije
At Noon.
'Todav's auotations on tho New
York stock oxchange as reportod at
noon by J. R. Williston & Co., of 7
Nassau street, New York clty to tho
Bennington Securlty company are as
Atchison 8H
Amalgamated Coppor C9
Brooklyn Rapld Translt 65
Baltimore & Ohio , 88i
Chespeake & Ohio 42J
Delawaro & Hudson 166!
Erie R. R. 3H
M. K. & T 24
do. preforrcd 47
Lcather 0i
Mnnhattan 153
Norfolk it.Wcstern 68
Ontarlo & Westcrn . 331
Reading 60
St. Paul 157
N. Y. Central 1201
Pcnnsylvania 1311
Southorn Paclfic 57i
Southern Railway -. 32
Tenn. Coal & Iron..-. 471
Unlon Pacific 97f
U. S. Steol 17f
U. S. Steel Preferred 68
Wabash Preferred 41
Japancse 'aaiti AttacKinc
Shcrman's Dcfinition of Armcd
Conflict Rc-affirmed ir thc
Far EasT.
CIIEFU, Sept. 10. Local Htudcnts
of the iuilltary sltuatlon at Port Ar
thur, biising thelr dcdiictlons upon re
ccnt developinciits thert', are of the
oplnlon that niiothor j;niml assault Is
elthcr occtirring at the presunt time
or is linmiiii'ut. This oplnlon is based
on the vcrj heavy boinljardment of the
KiiNsIan stronghold that owurml ou
fcept. 10, for mioli a boiiibardinent
fonns the uruhI prelude to (tn assault;
on the arrval hero of ltnportant mes
sensers from I'ort Artliur nt u time
when the nintilii? of the blockude is
pxtremely perllous, on a rm'tit antlior-
itatlvo statoment that the .lapantso
slcjfo works are cotnpletwl and on
reports from Jnpaiieso sourccs that ut
I'ort Dalny un asxault wiis expected to
tnke plnce In n few ilays. Tlit'so re
ports wcro receivwl last wook.
In aildltlon to tho foreRoIm;. there
Is llie c'Miiruoii kiirtu-lelt'ni' Umt t'le
.l.ipm cxi' riMl'r.t- that tliclr -):iti ;ied
liuu-tlvit.v lin rci-ics the rcslsMtia pnv-
! oi tiie iju.xian BurrikDii nu.l thclr
coiMijneiit d(slrt' to make stn-li pM'lod
of Iiin-t; vlty n. brlcf as posslble.
Afx'ordlnur to I.Uut'imnt I'rinci' Ifad-
zlvll uf tho itusslfm .nrmy, who has
reaehed hore .froih Port Artliur bear
lnjt ilNpatclios rt'oni Lleutcniint C!en
cral Stoessel, tho cotinnaiHler In chlef
of tho forces of the ltusslan Htroii!-
holil, to Oonoral Kuropatklii, the tein-
per of the l)i'Il!,'erents at I'ort Artliur
has rcaehed an nbsolutely nicrclless
I'rlnee Itndzlvll servod wlth the Hrlt-
ish In the lloer wtir, and hp says that
unttl he becaiue aware of the state of
affairs at I'ort Artliur he had no Idea
that war could ho co horrible.
It was set forth in these dlspatches
eome wceks uco that scrlous susnl-
cloiw were entertalned by both bclllKer-
cnts that the other was mlsuslng the
Red Cross llap. The susplclons have
been incrcased by the commlsslon of
various aets by the soldlers of both
armles, uiitll now even IIaks of tnice
or surrender are not respected by ei
ther slde.
I'rlnee Ilndr.ivil declarcs that tho ,
men of both armles are nlxolutcly ven-
omous lu thclr nntanonlsm. I.lptiten-1
ant General Stoossel has addressed .
lils pirrison, saylng that the present i
mood of the .Tnpancse Indlcates elearly
tho necesslty of reslstlng them to tho i
last drop of ltusslan blood, becanse if
tho Japanese soldlors cntered the for-,
tress It undotibti'dly would bo linpos
filhlo for their oillcers to control thcm
and prcvent a massacre. For this rea- .
Bon Meutenant General Stoessel in I
mnklng no objcetlon to civlllans leav- :
iiiK Port Artliur.
hen the 300 women who are In
I'ort Artliur engaged in hospltal work
wero auviBcd to Ieave, they replled
tiiat they would rather faee tlre dos
Blhlllty of massacre than desert thelr
In conscquenco of the fact Uiat flacs
or truce are ignoml numbers of .Tapa
jmac ueuu aviio nave Decn lying on
the slopes of the hllls of the northeast
uuienses ror weens past are stlll un-
burled, and the steneh In Port Artliur
from decouiposlng bodles when the
wlnd is ln the rlght dlrectlon Is al-
most unhearable. The ltusslan sol
dlers, who are in somc cases postcd
only llfty paces from heaps of decay.
ing dead, liave consUmtly to wear over
thelr noRes handkerchlefs soaked In
camphor, as otherwlse they would he
unable to remaln at thelr posts.
In the course of the assaults whleh
took place ln the four last duys of
August two rompanles of Japanese
soldlers, nccordlng to I'rlnee ItadzivII,
found thenisclves nt the mercy of the
Ilusnlnti8 and hblRted n white llag. To
this, howevcr, the Itussinns pald no
attentlon and contlnued to volley nin-
idly lnto the helpless ranks of the" ene
my. In the meantlino Japanese troops
ln the rear of the companles that had
ralsed the white tlag saw what their
comrudes had done and expressed thelr
dlsapproval of tlie surrender by tlrlng
into their rear. As n result of this tlre
from frlend uid foe C00 men were an-
nlhllated. The dead fcll among the
deconiposlng bodlptt of jireylous as-
Workmen at Rutland
up the StruIc.
Ha'vc Been Idlc Since July ll and
the Strikc Pay Has
Been Small
Rutland, Sept 10. At a meeting of
tho striking marble workers hold in
this clty yestorday it was voted to re
turn to worn tnis morning. Tho inen
will return under exactly the samecon-
ditions that provailed when the strike
was started July 11 last.
Presldent Fitzgerald of tho marble
workers Union stated last night that
if the eraployers undertook to viow
tho strikers "retreat" in tho litrht of
victory and trampled on them they
would bo treatcd to another doso of
The companles etlected by tho strlko
were tho vermont Alarblo company
plants at Procter, Center and West
Rutland, tho Rutland Florence Mdrble
Company at Fowler, the Columbian
Marble Quarrying company, 'lomplo
Brothers and W. R. Kinsman of this
city. inesmaiier iants wero uauly
crippled at first but durlng tho last
few weeks have been rupldly gaining
grouni'. Discontent-among the strik
ers has been increasing rapldly and it
hnsbecn evident for somo tlmethat the
ond must como soon.
The inturnational organlzation has
beon very slack about forwardlng
money for the support of the strikers
Nono of them have recelved morothan
610 sIdco thu strike began and many
of thcm only $5.
Ihedemands which were made by
tho unions about the iniddle of last
Juno include a nine hour a dav with
double pay for over tlmo, weekly pay
ment, a union wago scale and tho
abolishment of pleco work. Somo of
the smaller companles have offered
since tne striKe oegan to grant some
of these demands.
saults. ror aays arterwarrt tlie wound
eti men ln this areu ralsed llutterlnir
naniiKtficiiiers m tiielr lmiids in pleas
lor neip, out the Hussians were afraid
io rcnture out to glve stiecor. "Withln
n week tho nrmy had made Its last un
reganled jirayer for help, and the
sliamhles was a qiiiet but ghastly llcld
of horror. Atuong the heaps of dead
tho prlnce saw two soldlers, ono n Uus-
nlun and the other a Japanese, lying
lockwi ln n death emhrace. The teeth
of the Japanese were sunk In.the Htis-
Klans tliroat, whlle the llusslan had
forced two of his HngerK Into the eye
bockuw or nm antagonist.
Am- lu'iuve ciieu inis us lnereiy an
liicKient (lenotlng tlie feiwity of the
conllltt at Port Artliur. Tlie prlnco
will leave today to rejoiu tleiieral Ku
I'rluco Kadzlrill says further:
"Indlvldual ncts of herolsm during
me iignting liave been uumerous, and
the traglc death of Meuteiiant Petrolt
was for long an nbsorbing toplc of
couversatlon. Pctroft became surrotind-
ed by some Jr.panese soldlers, whom
ne rouifiit successfull.v tlll his swonl
broke. Ho tnen used his lists upon tho
Jnpaneso, but thelr bayonets (pilckly
put an end to nls reslstnnce. PoforB
his nword broko retroff succeeded ln
incapaclUtlnff cight of his antngonlsta,
but he was woundcd all over his bod.
"One company of Uunsiau troops
was occupylug a perllous outpost, and
when they found thclr positiou to be
untenable they sent the followlng me
sago to Lleutenant General Stoesscl:
'We are unable to hold this posltlon,'
" 'But you can dle,' ho sald in reply,
and so they dld.
"The fact that the Japanese have on
sevcral occaslons used exploslve bul-
let8 has been verlfled by Lleutenaut
General Stocssel. Ile gives an instance
which occurretl nt Tnkiishan wheu
two inen of tln Klxinth rnfrlmnnt
wero kllled by such bullets, thelr bod
les belng blown to pleees."
Foley's Honey and Tar is peouliarly
anapted for cnronic tbroat troob es
ana will posltlvely cure bnnchitis.
boarseness and all bronchial diseases
Riiuse substitutes. Sold bv Tt. A.
Vhlle Alightinj From Traln Lale Frlday Eve
Georgo Barrows of Vergennes was
thrown under tho wheols whilo alight
ing from Vhe southbound traln at 10,50
Frlday ovenlng and suiTered lnjuries
which compelled tho amputation of his
loft arm at tho olbow.
Tho traln was 50 minutes "lato and
mado an unusually short stop at tho
local station.
In alight'ngMr Barrows fellbetwecn
the platform and tho train, tho wheels
of which nasscd ovor his left arm, Tho
lle'sh of tho forearm was crushed to a
jolly and tho hand was mangled.
It was found ltnposslblo to savd" tho
arm and it was amputatedat tho olbow
at noon Saturday.
Mr Barrows is about30years of age
Had Administered Last Sacrament
to .DyintJ Vidims.
The small pox epidemic at North
Adams yot continues, new cases are
continually doveloping. Friday eve-
ning Rev Fr. Goboilono of the assist
ants at Notre Damo church became ill
wtyh small pox, havlng been taken to
the contaglon hospltal Friday night.
Ho has only a slight attack of tho dis
oase, having been successfully vacci
natcd but a short timo ago.
Fr. Goboil was called to administer
the last sacraments of tho church to
M r Datiuette, who tlied at tho hospital
some days ago, and it is, of course
nntural to expcctho contracted tho
dise ase at that time.
A baby named St Peters, ago ono
year, was taken to tho iiospltai tne
same night. Tho baby hafl been ill
with tho dlscase at least 10 or 12 days,
but tho parents dld not 'call a physic
ian and tho prescnce of tho diseaso in
tho famlly was dlscoveredonly by ac
cldent. Tho child was well brokcn out
but is not very sick.
SUES FOR $10,000.
Former FreltW Conduclor on The Rutland
Rutland) Sept. 10. Eugene Kiley, a
freight conductor on the Rutland rall
road, began a suitfor damages for
$10,000 in Rutland county court Satur
day morning. Whilo on duty soveral
raonths ago on his train he climbed
the end of a car and the iron rung of
a ladder gavo way. Ho fell between
the cars and lost ono ieg, whlle the
other is said to be practically useless
i red Irish, aged Jo years, an em-
ployee of the Woodbury Grunite Co.
of Hardwick worklng with a stone
saw, was caught in the shaftingSatur.
day afternoon and recelved very seri
ous iniuries. Ho was putting a belt
on a pulley and threw his leg over the
main shalt. Ono of tho set screws on
a coliar caught his clothes nnd throw
him over the shaft, toro most of his
clothes from his body, and threw him
to tho lloor. He waa bruiscd from
hoad to foot and recelved a cut in his
abddmon that was closed with 21
Tho harvest sunisr glven by the la-
dies of tlio Baptlhurch last Tues J
day evcning, bopterater 1.1, was a
grand success. Tbe hall was very
prettily trimmed with autumn leaves,
wheat, corn, vegetablos, jack-o-lan-
terns, and, in fact, every thlng in kecp
ing with the harvest timo. Everyono
so libcrally contrlbuted of the good
thlngs to eat that tho tables wero boun
tifully loaded. Music and a fewreci
tations added to tho pleasuro of tho
evening and merrlment and a soclal
tlmo generally reigned throtighout tho
hall. A nico cake. tastefully lottered,
"Harvest Supper, Sept. 13, '04," tho
work of MrsNatban Ross'hands, was
presentcd to our pastor ana his wife.
It belng Mr and Mrs Gardncr's last
soclal evoning. with us, a large number
of pcoplo wero ln attcndanco and tho
sum of $15.00 was reallzod as a result
of the faithiul elTorts of all, botb lad-
,oa nnA ol,nt)nmlin
Fair coolerjtonight Tuesdny
North Bennington:
Scorc Four to Two.
Visitors Had Five Extra Men to
AaKc Certain Their
The' Bennington team with Essonter
of Fair Haven in the box, Lewis of
Berlin behind the bat und Austin of
Hoosick Falls covering thlrd, went
down in defeat Saturday afternoon to
th tuno of 4 to 2. The victors wero
the Olympics of the north villago rein
forced by a battery from Fair Haven,
a short stop from tho same place, a,
second baseman and a left flelder from
Hoosick Falls.
The gamo between this combination
of teanis was witnessed by a largo
crowd and the contest was filled with
intoresting plays.
Both of the batteries gave an exhib-
ltlon such as is seldom seen. Only
four hlts wero mado in tho entlre gamo
and all of these oll of Essenter. But
this twirler got the better of E. Shultz
who pitched for North .Bennington in
tho numb'er of strlkeouts and free pas
ses. Tho visitors made thoir runs in the
flrst andUhird innings, two in cach
helped by Bennington's errors.
For the locals Keeler in the seventh
mada tho first run by drawing a pass
and soon trotting in on a wild throw
of Fair Haven to Hoosick Falls, (cat-
cher to second baseman. ) In the noxt
inning Hlggins after recoiving a frco
walk, ruakes another tally.
It was Burns who made the spectac-
ular catch of the game. He retired
tho last visitorby a runningcatch and
somersault In right field.
Tho score was as follows:
Worthingtonc f 4 0 1 o 0 0
Shanahan 3b4 21 201
Cummlngs ss4 22 341
Downio2b i 0 1 0 5 1
II Shultz p ' 4 0 0 2 0 0
Fox r f 4 0 0 5 0 0
Higgins 1 f 4 0 0 1 0 0
Harris lb 4 00 13 00
A. Shultz c 3 0 0 4 0 1
35 4 5 27 15 4
McGuiro 1 f 4 0 0 0 0 0
Keoler 2b 4 10 301
Austin 3 b 4 0 0 1 1 1
Lovo ss 4 00 302
Meader lb 3 00 510
Lewis c r 3 . 0 0 10 2 0
Higgins cf 3 10 10 0
Burns r f 3 0 0 2 0 0
Essenter p 3 0 0 2 2 0
31 2 0 27 6 4
Olympics 20200000 04
Bennington 00000011 02 i
Struck out by Essenter, 9; by Shultz,
4. Baso on balls 01T Essenter. 2; ntr
Shultz, 3. Base hlts off Schultz, 0; off
Essenter, 5. .
Had Been III a Lont Time Wlth Rhtumallira
and Dropsy.
Arlington, Sept 19. Mrs Mary B.
Stagg, wife of William N. Hard dled
Sunday at 10:30 after a long lllness
from rheumatisra and dropsy.
She was 44 years of age and leaves a
husband but no children. She also
loaves ono brother, J. C. Stagg of
Hackensack, N. J., and two sisters,
Mrs J. H. Layton of Frankford, Dol.,
and Mre M. H. Dunton of Arlington.
Mrs Hard was much esteemed Christ-
lan woman and will be mourned by a,
largo circle of friends. The funeral
will bo hold Wednesday morning at
10 from tho house and at 10:30 from
StJamos church. Tho burial will bo
ln Evergreen cemetery.
Tho band will hold its annual fair
tho woek of August 24th. There will
bo a chango of progratn each evening.
.MissEdithEdwardsqf Williamstown
is visitlng Mrs Walter Rlco.

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