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Automobilists Claim That Present-Day Gasolene Is Deficient in "Kick." We Have Heard No One Complain That It Is Lacking In Odor
km lira
Has Consented to Resignation of
Foreign Secretary;
U Cait Aside Because of Statement
to Reichstag That Military Alone
Could Not Wim
Copenhagen,' July 9. Emperor Wil
Ham has consented to the resignation (
of Dr. Richard von, KuyUilmann, the
German foreign secretary,, according
to the Wolff news bureau or Merlin.
Dr. Richard von Kuehlmann he
came foreign minister on Anoint 0.
1817, succeeding Dr. Alfred I'. M
Ziinmermann, whose retirement close
ly followed the exposure- of his plot
to Involve the United States In war
with Mexico and Japan In the even:
that this country showed any Inclina j
tlon to Join tho entente allies, ur
von Kuehlmann's conduct of tho for
elgn office appeared to be more than
usually Biiccessful until June 25 last
when he appeared before the Reich
stag to discuss the political aspects of
the situation facing Germany.
During his address he said: "In
dew of the magnitude of this wai
a:id the number of powers, including
those from overseas, that are engaged
Its end can hardly ,bo expected
through purely military decisions
alone and without recourse to diplo
matic and negotiations."
'fhls statement, which flatly con
tradlcted speeches by the German em
peror, who but a short time befon
had referred to peace being v by
"the strong German sword" wai re
cejved with consternation In the
Jtelchstag and with sharp criticism
hy the country. It was later reported
that Dr. von Kuehlmann's words had
been approved, by Gen. Ludendorff
the German commander on the wes
tern front. This brought to notice
rumors or rriction between Ludendorff
ami the German crown prince and UW
roterie, who comprise tho radlca'
pan-Germanic elements in official
Soon after the nijdrfss in he
Ite!chitng,vin-became ' common knowl
edge that Dr. von Kuehlmann's re
tlremeht from office would be forth
coming. Some reports were to the
effect that his address was intended
to inform the German peo.y that
their armies could not win tne war
and was deliverod with tho cogniz
ance of the emperor, who. when hr
saw what a storm had been stirred
P resolved to make von Kuehlmann
the scapegoat.
Arlington Contribution! Received
May 20 to 27, 1918.
Arlington Refrigerator Co. $135.00
George C. Andrew 5.00
Jl. H. Andrew 5.00
F. J. Andrew ' 10.00
O. K. Adams 5.UU
Win. Andrew 1.0c
.' . C. Anderson 0.00
J?. K. Arnold 10.00
M. Adam l.no
A. K. 'Buck , 20.OU
L. A. Duck 4 00
M. DIair l.ot
.1. K. Batchelder 20.00
Elmer Brownaon 5.00
Mrs. Sarah Iludro 1.00
Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Bont'ey n.OO
Carl Uuck 5.01
Maurice Ruck 5.00
Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Brown 5.00
Robert Bonn l.Ui
A. F. Bump l.Ui
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Dcntley Liu
H. C. Brownson i.nr
Mrs. Eugene Bryan l ib
Mildred Brown UK)
Emily B. Buck J.00
dlurdett, John L. 2.00
W. E. Bulley and family 5.00
II. G. Buck and family 0.00
Merle Bentley 1.00
Mr. and Mrs. Goo. Bentley 2.00
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Babcoek 2.30
Battenkill Club fi.on
Harriet E. Billings' 5.00
Mrs' E. 13. Ba'dwin 1.00
Merrlt llentley 5.00
R B. Baldwin 5.00
New York Democratic Leaders Make
Careful Poll.
Syracuse. July 9. A careful poll of
the up-stato Democratic leaders had
shown that there Is no sentiment for
Will In m Randolph Hearst for gover
nor. This was the message conveyed
to the committee of forty-two at the
executive session hero today by tin
steering committee of seven.
and cream
V j
Better Than Any Time Since
1 Wat Declared.
j Washington. July 9. Definite as- i
i surr-nce that there Is no danger of a;
sugar famine was given by the Food i
Admiuistiniion today. The food situ-;
iation generally was declared to be ;
better than at any tune since America j
undertook the feeding of the Allied I
world, . !
Dr. E. E. Potior. .
ICY I" wic 1 i
Editor of the Banner: VliVc.you
permit me the use of your columns to
announce that 1 will be a candidate
for town representative at the Sep
tember primaries on the republican
If the voters should see fit to make
m- their choice for this office 1 will
endeavor to give the town the best
representation in my power.
Respectfully yours,
K. E. I'otter.
Pownal. Vt., July 8, 1918.
35 Unidentified Negroes Among
tims of Railroad Accident.
Nashville, July 10. Revision or the
dead and injured in yesterdays col
lision shows one hundred seven dead
and eighty-six in hospitals. Among
tho dead are thirty five unidentified
All German Equity in Property Will
Be Seized According to
Nj '.Yoik, July 10. With Dr. Ed
wan T Rumely, publisher of the
Nuw York Evenlhg Mail, under arrest
liars'Hl with having financed the
lewspnper with German money, the
luestion a;i to tho future ownership
md management of the newspaper,
vas in abejance yesterday. It will
ie decided in Washington at a cbn
ren"e today or tomorrow among
leniy L. Stoddard, chief bondholder
f the property; I'aul Block, who Is
aid to own $30,000 worth of the
tock. and A. Mitchell Palmer, alien
troperty custodian.
Francis l Garvan, investigator for
ho nlien property custodian, an
lounced that Messrs. Stoddard and
'Dock would go to Washington to con
Vr with Mr. Palmer and that (or the
line being these two would conduct
lie paiier. Alt Ocnuaji -equity in the
iropertv would be seized according
'0 law, ho taid, and meantime there
ass no reason why advertisers and
subscribers should not continue to do
amines with the paper.
Dr. Rumely was arraigned yester
'ay on a complaint charging perjury,
iiid was released on furnishing $35.
R'O bail.
Perry Gardner or Bennington was
n town recently.
John L. Burdette or New York
pent Sunday In town.
Rev. S. II. Watklns of New York
'ias been in town Tor a few days.
Miss Mabel Chase and friend of
Sew York are at the Burdettc house.
Mrs. Harrington of North Ben
ilngton In with Mrs. Condorsla Mat
tison. Bishop Bliss will administer con
firmation at St. James church this
'rleiuh Carlcton Bollis, who spent a
diort furlough in town, returned to
Camp Devens.
Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Jones and son.
Lesley and .NHhs Ella Andrew were in
'(inland Monday.
Miss Lena Andrew, Mr. Mnnahan.
Mkert Luck and Mr. and Mrs. Wil
lam Culllnan were in Walloomsack
Lesley Jones, who has been spend-
ng a furlough of a week, returned
o his duties at East Philadelphia on
Charles O. Adams, who has been
visitiiiK his aunt. Mrs. II. D. Lallatt
returned to his home In Castleton
Wednesday morning.
Mis.i Margaret Kllllon, who teaches
.hoo! in Now York Is spending the
-dimmer vacation with her parents
Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Kllllon.
Mr. 11 nil Mrs. McCree of Brooklyn.
.Htm., n.ivu oifiiiii meir summer
'mine lien
Mr. McCree. has returned
home but Mrs. McCree Is entertaining
Miss Maltie Itlxby, who attends the
rt school in New York received one
ho!ar:hlp for ilesignlng and an
il her scholaivliip for a speciality In
Power coloring. She Is at present
with her grandparents, Mr. and Mm.
"arren i.ixny anil expocu to enter i
the school again this fall.
M:m. ( irlolon Bellls. and Miss!
Hael Bel Is with Mr. Rollis accittn-1
nanli'd Cnrletoit Belli ) buck us far nsiln,'nl14 R" l0 so to R. A. Sliullleton
.Minn Adams Sunday. Mr. Bellls pin
ceding en to Camp Devens and the
'";t of the party were met In Ben
nington by Mrs. Margaret Barrett
and Mrs. Bellls with a car bringing
tlirin brick home.
At the Neighborhood club meeting
nst week cry Interesting letters
er read by Rev. S. II. Watklns
'roni !ils daughter, Miry, who Is In
'he teirltoiy of Season us an anibul
ince driver nlso letters were read
from Mrs. Dorothv Can field Fisher
The Idiom wcie nil enjoyed by the
arge number of people present. Both
Mi.... .. lit......... .... 1
1 i 1 1 n 1 1 1 m linn .urs. i inner are
Arlington girls and their letters nre
most Interesting and also give their
old frlem's an opportunity to learn
of their field of work.
I German Counterattack in This
I Reeion Repulsed;
Unusually Quiet on American Sector
German Artillery Active in Re
gion of Amiens.
I'aris, July 9. Attacking early
this morning west of Antheull, be
tween Montdldier and the River Oise,
French troops carried a twoand-one-half-mile
front, piercing it to a depth
of more than a mile at some points.
Five hundred and thirty prisoners
were taken.
A German counterattack upon the
French line at the Loges Farm, in
the area of this advance, was re
pulsed, the French entirely maintain
ing their gains.
In the longpont region, south of
the Aisne, tho French increased their
gains of yesterday 'and took additional
With Americans in France, July 10.
American fronts west and east of
Chateau-Thierry have been unusually
quiet, but it h believed that heavy
fighting may break loose any moment.
Last night the enemy artillery fire
was far below normal.
Paris. July 10. Artillery duels
north of Montdldier ami south of
Alsue where French troops have re
cently made Inroads upon German
lines, were anounced by war office.
London. July 10. Considerable
activity developed early this morn
ing by Gorman artillery and machine
guns east of Amiens from Vlllers
Bretonneaux to Ancre, the war office
announce-?. German attacks in VII-lers-Rretonneaux
area were repulsed.
Paris. July O.-r-Frencu. troops to
day attacked tho German lines on a
front of about two auj one half
miles, on the front between Mont
dider and the Ooise River, penetrat
'ng the Gorman positions and realir.
lng ail' advance of a nillo at certain
points, the war office announced.
German counter attacks were re
pulsed the French entirely maintain
their gains. Four hundred prisoners
wero taken, including fourteen Ger
man officers.
Ha Gone Horns From Front Because
of Attack of Malady.
Rome, July 10 Emperor William
has fallen victim to influenza that has
been so prevalent in the Germany
irniy, tays the Swiss advices. They
declare that the emperor ha 4 gone
homo from the French front because
of an attack of "Spanish Grip", as ii
Is called, and that several member': of
his family are also suffering from the
same malady.
Carl Ruck was In Rutland, Tuesday.
Roger O'Brien was in Troy on
business Tuesday.
Miss Rose I lav den of Bennington Is
spending a few days in town.
John Doyle of Schenectady passed
Sunday in town visiting friends.
Mies Trcssa Maun, who has been 111
with tonsllitls, is better at this time.
V. L. Smith, who has been visiting
his parents at South llorlcan, re
turned Tuo'ulay.
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Dean of Wall
ingford passed the Fouith In town
visiting relatives.
Carlton BelMs and Edward Currln
were in town Sunday on a short leave
from Cump Devens.
Mrs. James Price was In Troy
Monday to visit her husband nt the
Samaritan hospital.
Air. and Mrs. 0. I). Andrew of
Springfield. Mass., passed the week
end lu town visiting relatives.
J. R. Judson and !ii. fr.n, I'. (). Jud
son left Monday fur Princn Edwards
,s,l,ml 011 ,ll,,,r fi-thlng ex red I-
Cyrus Socoy and Frauds Lftltatt
leave here Sunday for Burlington to
attend the army training school at
Phillip Billings, who accompanied
Leon Cole on his auto trip to Bos
ton and visited a few dayH lu town,
returned to Poultney Saturday.
Cntil further notice those desir
ing to pay their Bed Cross enslall-
who will give them a receipt , for
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Sliuffletoii, their
daughter Mildred, Miss Marjorie
Sawln of Gardner. Mass., and Paul
SluitTk'.tou of Worcester, Mass., vis
iled relatives in town Sunday.
Mr. and Mm. E. I, Buck and Mrs.
Bucks mother. Mrs. Sculley of Cobb'e
skill were In town over Sunday. Mrs.
Sculley Is to remain a few days with
her daughter. Mrs. William Morris
LouU ( fivln of Dorset, who worked
at Hale Co., plant and enlisted from
here In the navy, has been spending a
few days In town, lie belongs to a
gun crew on the Couth Curollna and
has made seven trips over and back
us convoy
Incident Showing Supreme Devotion
to Great Cause
Following is an extract from a let
ter from France, written by Captain
Percy Hall Jennings, dated June 11th.
"Saturday night 1 had dinner with
eight other officers and a little inci
dent happened that you would be in
terested in. It was at a restaurant.
and we were at a large table, in the
center of the room. Over in one
corner we had noticed a French poilu.
He was decorated with the Mldallle
Militalre, Legion of Honor, Croix de
Querre, with about ten palms and a
star or two on It, and the medal they
give them for wounds.
"When we were about half through,
he got up to go out, being helped by
the lady with him. He had only one
inn and only one leg. As he went
by our table, we all stood up and
Baluted. After he had gone the
waitresse d'Hotel came rushing over,
exclaiming 'Bon pour les Aniericlans
bon!' She leaned over me and asked
if I understood French. I told her 'a
little,' and she said: 'He has been In
the war since the beginning. He has
lost his arm and his leg, and his three
brothers, and his father. He. has
nothing left nothing at all.' There
you have a complete dlscrlptlou of
war, right in that little story."
This may interest your readers asj
an illustration of the many little acts
of appreciation and respect shown by
our officers to the common French
soldiers those splendid men, who
have fought with such superb devo
tion for France and the whole 'civi
lized world for nearly four years.
Such incidents help to cement the
nations together in this great crisis
of tho world's history.
'll.eina', Bebee of Wllllanistown.
Mass., has been visiting- friends in
Miss FIva Hollands of Watervliet
passed the week end with the faniilv
)f E. H. West.
Silas Lanfear spent the Fourth v illi
friends in Granville where ' ho wit
nessed horse races.
Mr. and Mrs. F. V. Gilbert spent Sat
urday in West Rupert where they
visited Mrs. Jennie Klnne.
Mr. and Mrs. Percy Mears attend
ed the funeral of Mr. Mears ulster in
North Bennington Tuesday.
Henry Harden and party from Ru
pert motored through - town the
Fourth and "called'' on friends.
Mrs. E. H. West wltfl l'er daiuht
"M'and MisK Hollandsu"ei-e guents
Friday of Mrs. Brent' i Kent in Rut
land F. F. Gilbert, Jr.. conducted a party
to tho dance at Idlewlld last Friday
evening. His guests were from Fort
Slomus, Northampton and Pawlet.
Miner Gilbert returned to Fort Sto
nun on Sunday after spending a few
days furlough with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. F, F. Gilbert. Private Gil
bert expects to be with troops soon
outgoing to Texas.
News was recently received of the
death In Rutland of the widow of
Duano L. Kent. Mr. Kent was broth
nr of the late Judge Chas. B. Kent
ana 'was onco prominently known
u'ere in the marble business.
A reception was given Wednesday
evening by the Grange to Bro. Lewis
Gatchelder and bride of Hartford.
Conn. A large number of friends
wero out to offer congratulations and
good wishes to this worthy couple.
Ray O'Connor arrived Thursday evp
nlng from Fort Sill. Oklahoma. He
was given a months furlough follow
ing his severe Illness and took the
shortest route to V.-rmont and noma
Ho travelled 1930 miles to reach here.
Members of tho F. F. Gilbert family
with guests formed a party on the
Fourth anil visited the "Battery."
The weather was very warm whllo as
cending the mountain, but upon en
tering the (ave, ice and snow was
encountered and so cold a reception
was met that the fi lends beat a re
treat and enjoyed a lunch on a sunny
An interesting Grange meeting was
held las; week at which A. W. Phelon
and otners gave instructive talks on
war tthne topics. At the close of the
meeting an Invitation was given by
the members of the Dorset Band to
join in u serenade to Mr. and Mrs.
Ram-tey. who had arrived at the Chap
iu home from Brooklyn where they
were married on Tuesday. "The
Band" was kindly received by Mrs
Chapln, altho it was a decidedly novel
expelcnce, and Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey
were shortly dispensing confection 1
and lxars In riuht good humo 10
their unexpected guests, who had r.o
loudly "horned" them a lu Dorset.
Entertainment to Bs Given from Put
nam House Verandah.
Program ! bt rendered Troiii Put
nam house verandah :
The Star Spangled Fanner
MarchThe B. C. B. Theberge
Ardent Air La Ciii'iuanlalne
. , Marie
'lection Uenilai:;ecnct:a of Scotland
Popular Airs--"llulda from Holland"
"Trento e Trieste"
Do Matteo
"Daddy Mine" Dubin
Overture-Morning. Noon and Night
Caprice Basking In Hie Sunshine I
(. aineron
March et Cortege Lu Heine do Sabu
Marcla Spagnola Vlebre Toreador
1 Trnypnrnriipr
r 11 n r rr ;r
I I 1 1 IWf 1 1 III I I Hill I
I blllllU VI I I UUb
Some !
Editor Submits
Would Have Some Countries Restor-
td to Per-War Status Russia's
Future Not Mentioned.
Copenhagen. July 9 While claim-:
lng no official sanction, and even ad--mining
that their realization would!
encounter strong opposition from the
German government and people,)
George Bernhard, political editor of i
the Vosslsche Zeitung or Berlin, sub
mits the following peace conditions: j
France and Italy to discuss with
Germany and Austria their future
frontiers, w ithout the Intervention of j
mini panics.
All the German colonies to be re
Belgium to be restored completely
as an Independent state.
All merchants of the central pow-
ers who have been deprived of their
property overseas to be restored to
their former rights of possession. 1
Great Britain to evacuate uncondi l
tionally all parts of the Turkish em
pire and Persia.
The situation before the war to be
restored In Egypt.
The Dardanelles, on the basis of a '
treaty applying to the states border
lng the Black sea, to be free for the
passage of RusFian ships.
Fred Stickle spent Sunday at .his
homo here.
Ernest Hamilton amL daughter.
Marjorie spent Sunday in town.
Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Mears, Mrs.
lames Jackson and Evelyn Stickle
spent Saturday In Bennington.
Mrs. Minnie lltiniig is spending
sometime with her daughter, Mrs.
Harvle Hayes in Manchester.
Mr. and Mrs. .Fred. Mason and son
Donald of Niagara Falls. N. Y., spent
several days last week at their farm
.ws iJeatrico Harris of South i
Miartslmry was the week end guest of
the Misses Bessie and Evehn
There will be a Red Cross dance
at Hlird Hall Flldav evening I t J I V
12th. Everybody como and help the!'" lhis ",0C,lnS
goou cause along.
Four Hearings Before Commissioner I
Simonds Today,
Industrial Commissioner R. W.
Simonds held hearings in four cases
here today. The session took place
at the Putnam house. No awards
were made. The cases were as fol
lows: Nicholas Petras, employed by the
Holden, Leonard company, injury to
hand on January 23.
Maude Hughes, employed by the
Bennington Sanitary Laundry, 'injury
to hand in April.
William 11. Saldwell. employed by
Plunkott-Wcbster Lumber rompanv,
iujury to b'K December 22. 1917.
A. W. Moore, employed by Ben
nington Wax Paper company' Injury
to hand.
Black Cat Team Will Play North
Adams at Morgan Park.
The Black Cat baseball team has
arranged a game with the North
Adams team to be played at Morgan
park Saturday afternoon. The game
will be called at 3. HO o'clock and a
good contest is promised.
The Black Cat players have been
rounding Into shape during their re
cent games. The athletic organiza
tion among the employes Is lending
Its influence to the project for Satur
day afternoon spurts and Is meeting
with good support.
tl. S. I'oihI AilmluUlrntlon.
Arler do, wls i owl spit on do
belt hrt nay. six co "t kwIiio trr
MU'i.O J'iMI nil Wid II mess er I'ihIii H
1 V.iiiho you nils inns' h.ivo do nrnst
en 1111 piiiiiiiu riiio iiisini en les pit
out dat l' Riltlio m en liuike It
work, too," hit en. Pen be koteli
n htg IIhIi find siiv, sett cc, '.nit .
'.1 . 1. . 1 .... 1. ....
i-iHKn iMiii-Mi-iiHii, m js eo. v en
be pay dat he menus dat when yon
Slls make Hat hiHcufls jn don't niuhu
em iim, corn meal ter nave wheut
flour fer Ue sojers.
: National Secretary to Speak on
frape Saturday Afternoon. , j
I The recently elected recording sec- j
j retary of the National American Wo-
loan Suffrage association, Mrs. Hal-,
! sey W. Wilson, will speak in Ben
j nlng In the Young Woman's Club I
Saturday afternoon July ltn at 41
o clock, her subject being "Suffrage;
as an Immediate ; war Measure.'
' j Mrs. Wilson made a national renuta
tlon as a leader of suffrage schools
,n 1917, when she was one of a flying
squad of suffrage leaders to give
courses of training in the principles
; cr surrrago in many states.
! Combining in an attractive decree
the patience and power of the teacher!
with the warmth of the enthusiast,
Mrs. Wilson is one of the most popu-
'ar Instructors that the Nationaltickets, Drinks,
American Woman Suffrage AsHncin.
J Hon has sent forth to teach suffrage
i students throughout the country. She1
I is able not only to impart facts accur--lately,
but to infuse a life into themi
that makes their acquistlons a pleas
ure to the pupil.
"I believe in the philosophy of
service," she pays in her lectures.
"Woman suffrage is but a part of the
oig movement toward democracy. It
IS tie 1)11 S1 II lK4 of urimnn tn ..-.,..
, . , " i" "'""
oc al consclousnr ,s and further the;
DMllltf. fir M..lltf.'r'jnv 1. a... 1...- ....
n u.t aasuiumg 'U-;
lit i al responsibilities.
' . , c , . tu"(:atcu, ,n Mn -
. . . ...
, ... T ,1 ' s"w:
n rJ v. r n ve"' ,VM,
liroe jears principal or a High .school
. - .-
u. guinea K.iis aim tor seven years! lng to horsepower from IS to $50 in-
U hl 0,Vhe l C, l?yi0W., D,Best-icrHed tax on alcoholic beverages.
When she moved to White Plains. N. j distilled and fermented spirits, wine,
., she became interested In the wo-i t0,lilcco wA r,MreltSi ciub member
man suffrage cause and has served it 8hii), ilousehoM servant wages and
raiM.fally and efficiently. . , theatre admissions.
Every one, whether interested in Washington. July lO.-Prejra rations
Miffrasc or not, Is cordially invited i f,r frn,,,in. n, w.. km
Mr. and Mrs. w. F Honvii-r ,u.,.t
Thursday at Wllllanistown.
Miss Viola Dupcrault is spending
a vacation at Springfield. Mass.
Mrs. Cibers and Miss Anna Paskus
returned to their home in Troy after
spending a few days with Mrs. Cibers'
sister, Mrs. F. W. Sinzlg.
Elbrid Shattack of Worcester, Mrs
I. L. Cain of Jacksonville and Miss
Grace Cain of Skowhegan, Maine, vis -
ited Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cain Sun -
Miss Mable Brown is spending a va
cation at Worcester, Mass.
Carlo Francischettl returned to
Camp Devens Saturday after a five
lays furlough.
Mrs. Davy and daughter, Miss Lil
lian visited friends in town Thursday.
Crosby Perry of North Adams is
spending a vacation at his home hero.
John Harris and Clyde Gould of
Greenfield, visited friends In town
Mr. and Mrs. Henry B'nnchnrd mo -
to'ed to W'illlanistown Thursday.
Miss Nellie Ross spent the week
end with her sister. Mrs. Clyde Reed.
The Rcadsboro baseball team
Played the "Night Hawks" of North
Adams on July 4th. Two games were
played tho first whs in favor of the
Rcadsboro team the score being 10
to f. The "Night Hawks" took tho
second, the score being 7 to 8.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Filer returned
to their home In Springlleld Saturday
after spending some time with rela
tives in town.
Mr. Miihuiey and daughter. Miss
Doris of Springlield. Mass.. spent the ; maintaining the food supplies of the
week end with friends In town. j Kro,,ean Allies, Sir William Goodo
Mr. and Mrs. Merrit Boss of Worth ! of the Food Ministry announced be
Adams spent Sunday lu town. day. He gave striking figures show-
Mrs. Bert Chase of School slreel I l"g the extent of Amcricnii self Barrl-
spent Sunday at A.'.hlleld, Mass. ' '--' '''.'
Harold Chase Is home from Brattle- w r A t m"Fr fo"r ft a it
boro where he has been attending, WtATHER FORECAST
High school. l'(,r eastern New York and western
a i 1:1.1, iii ni'iii.. i,., 'Vermont, partly cloudy tonight.. au4
.Mam street Thursday, July 1. Mr.i
I lib hop sulfered from a shock on
I April 19, but had recovered very
well. He bad been able to be around
Mini bis death was not expected. Mr.
Bishop was born in Keadsboro July
19, 1SI7. lie was the son of Chancy
and Sauiantha Bishop, lie had been
twice married, first to Annette Hicks.
Ilia second marriage watt () Corlsan
1. Cook. They had four children, two!
of which ure now llvlnit. Mr. Blshoii!
Iitul run ti iiiliiir.-il utnrn lint fnr tint
past 2,"i yean he has conducted a
drug store, lie Is survived hv his
Claiance Carter and one granddaugh
daiurhter, Mrs. Clarence Carter and
onn granddaughter, Marlon Louise
Would Levy $15 to $50 On AU
Hotel , Bills, Club
Duet, Clothing, Household Furn
lehinge Are Included.
Washington, July 9. Taxation . on
so-called luxuries all articles of wear
selling beyond a nominal price, JeweU
ry, automobiles and whisky based
upon the French and English luxury
taxation systems, is suggested In -4
memorandum submitted by the Tread
ury Department to the Ways and
Means Committee today. The sugges
tions contained were read to the
committee by Representative Claude.
Kitchin, the chairman, and were gen
erally disapproved because of . their
radical nature and their approach to
I a consumption tax. '
! Chairman Kitchin said that the lux
ury taxes were working well in
Fiance and England and it might, be
necessary for the committee, in writ-,
lng the bill, to adopt some of the
ideas advanced by tho Treasury De
partment in the memorandum submit
ted today.
It Is believed that there will be a
luxury tax, perhapa as high and radi
cal as recommended, in the vvent that
It is not possible to get 16,000,000,000
j in excess profit and .income taxes. .
I The suggested tax on retail sales
the fifty per cent, on the retail price
I of jewelry, Including watches and
i clocks, except those sold to army of-!firr.-.
! Twenty per cent on automobiles,
! trailers, and truck units, motor cycles
bicycles, automobile, motor cycle and
bicycle tires, and musical instrument.-..
A tax on all clothing above speci
fied prices, house furnishings, hand-
, .... ...
nags, tonet articles. Ten per cent, on
all hotel bills of over $2.50 per person
. " '
t)Cr (lay ' r
Also ten cents per gallon on all
Baro:ine to bep paid by the wholesale
'dealer. Also a tax on wire ase.
sf? -drinks., motion pi6ure shows and
flIm automobiles -graduated accord-
wire ase, .
- iiuiiiiii niu uc" nut iviuimrj Ulll
I has progressed in the House, says tho
'Ways and Means committee, with at-
j tentien centering upon the list of sug
I ecstions for new and higher taxes oo-
luxuries anu necessities.
Providence Young Man Takee
nlngton Girl for Bride. f " '
A very pretty wedding was solem
nised at the St. Francla de Sales
church Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock
when Alice Stoppiello, daughter of
I- r.-nk Stonulello of Denot nfreet ana
, ur.;ed in marriage to Joseph Christy
1 if Providence R. I.. Rev. T. R. Carty
: officiating. Miss Helen Hurley pre-
j si(l 'd ft the organ.
" he bride was very prettily attired
' " wu,t0 satl" wftn "ver trlmmingi.
"riar" ve" w,,n wreah of orange
biossoms and carried white roses.
i ney were attended by Philoinema
Stoppiello, sister of the bride, and
James Christy, brother of the brldo
groom. The bridesmaid was very
pr"tty in pale bluo taffetta with gold
trimmlnga and can led -pink carnation:-
I A number or rriends were enter-
1 ,al,,,;(l at th bride's homo after the
ceremony. After a wedding trip in
cluding Utica. Rochester and Boston
the couide will reside In Providence.
There were many beautiful wedding
gifts Including $.100 in money a gift
of the brides father.
The out of town guests were Mr.
and Mrs. Lewis of Troy, N. Y.. and
Mrs. Christy, mother of tho bride
groom and two brothers of
deuce, R. I.
i London. July 10. P)plj of the
! I'nited States by self -imposed '-fond
! restrictions, havo aided creatlv in
Little change in leinpeia-
I Li
Ki'lt SAt.i; 2 nrres of land. t!
rni.iu hniise, liiivii, lieiilimiHiv linahnUK",
: id unniKe. 1 1 011 no may lie nrcuild
hy two (hiiiIIicm. )ie Hew mlleh
ow, two other riiui. n t J'tnir old cel,
mil ji I wo-himiIimI wnKnii: Apply In
l-:il Arclii'i'. I'ark Mireet eteiml"tv
WWTl'll W.1.M..11 full I In, 11 Maltll-v-
l$'l hi'IIIiik uuarniileeii tioslory (
weiiriT. .mi' nn liiuir spnri iinio. inn
sprlnn IihhIiii'SS Kxpii'lein'i' llnlieei'H
Hitiy. Cu.it 1 anli'i'it Mill h. Morrlnli," 11.
In. . 4JH
FOIt KAI.i: -t'sod Cars nml . trucke.
we also pity chhIi for used cars In good
Conditio!) North Ailiimx Auln Fx
I'hiii.Ki' ottli'i', 2.1 Mn in Ktroi'l Krnnlek
mid llorovlm. Tel. 779. W, 31t:i

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