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: . iTrT. i -- . .;.iimii;;t)ir,fHH(l"i.i!;i xr-. -". - - .. ,m (ititvmiiC'iiiiii) ;ni. t (!.-. rire ...... .-. . , .............. ........... . .
i -tT -ttt- rjlrilE EVENING BANNER fygrv 7FA "
I ro users
Most fhen uree, that in point of style, wearing quality
and general popularity ho brands of trousers surpass the
famous Dutchess trousers.
Ye'caij sell you a pair of Dutchess trousers admirably
suite J to wear with one of your old coats, you will be sur
prised at the pleasincr dress-UD atmosDhpro which rMi n
W '
R combination affords.
Arid best of all you will
most practical way.
-r-o.-, t".
Ritchie Block
, U A-...
1 4 I i
George E. Donnelly
i lei. 41-Y
ii tari!
- - - ;s
' 1 1 - r -
K , We've scouiei the market for
every new and correct style in
men's wear.
, Our sto-e is full cf new, fresh
suits, furnishings and hats for Sum
mr, and we are ready and anxicm
to show you these new things.
Suits of serge, worsted, cassi
mere, cheviot and tweed in smart
patterns and styles at prices that
are lower than the quality.
As an example of.real value taltejis
a look at our suits at $12 to $25.
' V
Shirts that are exceptionally good
from $1 to $5, .l?
Mulligan & Roche
W. A. Parker, M.D.
Glnaare property atld. Kfe i rar
ararroD tu the city hoipltaL
Kurmrrly rrr aa4 ear aorgroo
to hr llonap of , Prorldrnre
lloapltnl, and rl(r hoapKal of Hnljokr,
Maaa. Now la charge f Dr. Wricht'e
ofUce, UoTflU 51lork. Nor( Adama.
Household furnisninga of all
mds bought ana sola. Stock al
ways on hand.
i Second Hand Store
. . . Mako our slor your headquarters when buying your
phoes. We carry a full assortment and can supply you
with a shoe at almost any price you care to pay.
. -
To know n pood shoo you
.in. nv,u.:..,,.. : .. .,
v ui vAru,nn- in lrpiurmtf snoes. gave us this knowledge,
'bo we only buy such slioes that are made riglit and give
Putisfactory service.
Buy your next pair of shoes at NOON'S and you will
Eever regret it.
i H-J ...en
" v uVH C
have practical economy in a
-., ..-.to
r . !J?W!ngtqn Vt.
The first self-moving gun enr
i Iiiro vvns Invented in France in
I'M. . . ..
An alarm clock .which awak
ens deaf sleepers by jarring their
beds has been invented lu Gcr-
!nuny .1..; . ... ... jf
There hj only ono chnncQ In
17,0)O,0yi),WQ ior a mistake In
finger prints, according to a
Freuch KdentLst.
For hurrying a slow flro with,
out danger to the user a paitte
made of kerosene and wood
ashes has been found effective.
Many of the toyronkers of tho
Sonneberg district In , Germany
have now turned their attention
to manufacturing munitions of
war. ' : .
About Dvea.
In 1SG.T, an KugHfibman bv tho nnm
of LlgJitfoot produced aniline Mack; ;
and In 1S73, tho first sulphur dye was
fliscoverrrt by Croissant und l'.ritton
piero of France. In connection with
the devolonmetifc of drp!tiifT It clmiii.i
i l)t rppnrdprt f f e- (
the modern method of the pre-
iwiiiiuou in (nn eiccneni nrignt yollow
dye for nnlnuij libers. Anolher qual
ity which this dye possesses, Is (hot It
maybe used for the detection of hemp,
llax and cotton in woolen goods, inns
much us It does not color vegetable
Never Give Up. I
Jvo matter how old you are yon
should never give up trying to better j
your host. The spirit to glvo up Is by !
far n greater foe than years, hva j
you think right nnd nim to materlalizo I
your thoughts it's wonderful what you '
can do. So root out the craven Ideas
of life nnd keep your eyes turned '
westward. Forget your years and !
tackle the young man's task. What j
jou lack In freshness you will make up I
in good Judgment. What you need U '
the attempt. Only when you make
tlie ctTort will you really learn what's
lu you. I'ennsylvanla flrlt.'' '
Children Cry
must see what it is made of 1
J5eiiniiiglon,Vt. .
A i -'n t immtk
BENNIKOTbN'VENlkG BANNER,"' T&ttStiffiftiY Oio'l.' V ' -
. -. -; -vVfs ' ' ' :.r i'ri I
FRANK E. HOWE, Editor and Pub
Entered at tha Poitpfflce, Bennington,
Vermont, Dec. It, 1903, aa .
Second Claie Matter.
: Subscription , Rate. .
Per Month ..,., , . 40o.
Per Year, (in advance) - M.00
Per Year (not In advance) .W.00,
The AaMoeiaUd Prene la ecluatvfil
jntlilert t the uae for republication
r,U new deHpntchoa credited to tt
r not otherwise cred.i(Ad la thin paper
nU alto the local newa publUhod
therein. ,
Wednesday, July 10, 1918.
New York up state leaders of, the j
ui-uiuirauc party, auer a caret ui
pol!, have reported that there 1 no
sentiment for William Randolph
Hearst for governor. It is not sur
prising Grand Islu county Is awarded the
palm for service in the War S.ivinga
stamp drive. , Every town in that
county oversubscribed Its quota, it
is (mite generally kwnown that Grand
Isle tan always be depended upon fori
loyalty of service.
Kven prisoners in state institutions
have caught the "strike" fever. In
the Connecticut state prison yester
day, the one hundred two inmates,
who refused to go to work, had as
their grivance dissatisfaction, with
their food. Soon they will strike for
less hours of work anil then for
hiRher wages. Then somebody back
on a farm will arise and want to
know whose prison that is anyway.
That there is no danger of a .sut;ar
famine, is good news. It Is (mite prob
able that inany of us have acquired
the habit of over indulging in .sugar
in various forms, and cutting down to
i considerable extent our consump
tion 'f il has not been detrimental to
our health. Hut sugar is an essential
food; and reducing tho supply below
certain limits would be unfortunate.
If the danger of a sugar famluo Is
averted, let's cheer up. .
j The assassination in Moscow of
i Count von Miroaeh, tho German iin ,
bassador, has added to tho complica
tions in which unfortunate Russia
finds herself. The .quick despatch to
Berlin by Lenine. the Holshevikl
Premier, expressing his indignation at
the murder and declaring it "a uo)IU.
cul maneuver to " provoke ' trouble."
will hardly avert fierce retaliation by
! the Kaiser
This is Jusst the rlcbt
sort of nn Incident to serve as an ex
cuse for I'rusHian oiprcssion
tragedy. Russia needs aid as
never did before.
Xi'M Sunday, July 14, is the French
national holiday which correspond
arely to our own Fourth of Jirlv.
is railed Hie li.utilh: Day. Wheu we
remember tho needed beln our foi
faJu rs received from Fiance when
th"y were eima;:e(l in the Revolution
ary wir. ami when we bear in mind
the close friendship that country has
always displayed towards the United
States, and the part her people toyk
in asdstlna our soldiers in celebrat
ing our 'ndependence Day this year;
then we -hall all want to join in pay
liif, a tribute to our groat and good
friend next Sunday.
Hew Floating Dust Causes Fire. ..
Sni)Uneous combustion s caused.
80 the chemists tell. iu, by iloatlnj
pnrticles (.f coal dust or other lullam
mable material Josilinic and clashing
annlnst one another until the friction
they set up raises their temperature
to the Ignition point. If this explana
tion Is correct, it would appear as if
siirli Hies could be pre ruled by per
fect ventilation. Swh. however is
not the case, for ventilation may actu
ally help to uring about lire by apon-j
tauoous combustion. Air facilitates
oxidation, really . Xanulng the warm
dust Into a blase. Keep air damp and
quiet to avoid fire, 1'opulnr Science
. Unexplored Canadian Land. ,
It is believed that nearly 30 per
cent of Canada Is still undiscovered,
and If Indian reports arc to he Je
iieved, there Is in the basin of thu
Mackenzie river one of the lnrgent
areas of possible oll-heaiine couu-
try on the faro of th earth. The
Indians report the existence of lakes
a humlml miles and over that long in
Yukon (tint no white man has ever
een, while even the Indians, appar
ently know nothing of the us yet un
trodden Mackenzie niouutolus.
Btnte nf nhln. City of Toledo. : ' '
Lui'a County, ta.
Frank J, Chenvy makoe Oalh that bt
la aenlor rrtner of the firm of F, J.
Cheney & Co., doing bualnant In tho City
of TlcUo, Cwunty amt Btate afurwalrt,'
nnd that aalt firm will pnv llio rum; ol
UMi lIUMUtKt) bot.UAKS for each
arid every eaao ol Cutrih that cannot t
cured hy III uko of ltAIX'3 CATARRH
t'T.-orn tn before ma and aubwribeil In
my pt earner, tlila ith lv f l)vrtnbKr,
A. I). Itsy. A. W. 13M.-.A.SUN.
'r?' . . . I'olilic.
Hi.! a Catarrh Mf'illrlne la taken In
'tieilly hnl acts tliroiiiTh tha blood on
the Milt on Hurra.-" of tli Bjntem. Send
for t"KtlniolllnH. frp.
l; J. C1IKNEY ft CO., Toledo. O.
Pold hy nil druKumta. 7f)C
. Uall'i Family Vint for conitlpatloa.
if x v ' a I T r. A? r Jr Jr m a - ' : : -
f shak Iff 'THEY
iff "AR-
. W m ,.
j... i , r i 1 . . .1 . . . ..' ". 1 ii. .. . 1 '.'.J !""
I ' ' ''
I . "
"Well, how about It?
"Her father and mother both object
to me."
"Hard lucK."
"Hard luck for fair. It's tho flr.-t
thlnj they've agreed on In years."
Rare EVd.
An aeroplane koi-h wliljilni; punt.
And inluliiy beniliH rrem It mo cst.
A alraiiKvt lilrd Ima ne'ir iltuwn iiIkJv
It lu.'a Its r! wlillo on tlio 1y.
One Exception.
"There's a lot of pisslp In tb's
hoiiK. Kveu tho walls have ears."
"Well, hardly tho part around tb
dumb walUr."
M ; .; .-.-- :x
The Fruit-Cuckoo.
The Indian frult-cuekoo, which, lllce
nil members of the cvtckoo family, lay
IN rtfes In tbo nest of other birds and
thiii avoids the troiiblo of hntchlinj
them. Is said to exhibit n creat (leal of
strategy In dewlinir with crows, Its
nr.tural cuemlea. Whereas the hen,
an IneoiiNph'uoiis speckled pray bird,
conceals herself In the foline, tbo
cock, remarkable for bis brilliant black
plumage and crimson eyes, places him
self on a perch near a crow's nest and
mMs up H great racket. Tbo crows Im
mediately rush out to attack him, and
be takes to tll;:ht with them In pur
stilt. The hen meanwhile flips Into tho
n.st and deposits nu ccir. Sometimes
Vlie crows return before the rf; Is laid,
Miid then the intruder p-ts n troiiue
Made C'.rong and v;; y Vinol Why
It Is Ccs'. tor. Children.
Williamson.' W. V v. little' boy
v.,i i weak puny ; ;..l Hied all the
ll'iie, did not .u;t to (l.i i nythliii;.
Vim. I reconim' v it lias
built 'up his !.tmr;;:i a.nl made him
b-althy." Harlcy I'lav, Williamson.
W. Va
The rca.'on Vlnol was rn Miieces
fill In Ihi.; tar.". W because II cell
taint; beef and rod licr peptones,
'vo'i and in insane..!" peptoit,;tes ami
)'lvcoro.hospli:ites. Hie veiv elements
Heeded tn build up a weakened, run
down system make rich, ted blood
and create streimth. 'W'." I.'.' " (ioltay
If you have anything to Bell try a
, 25c. ad m The Evening Banner.
Have you enough life insurance?
Tliii f Dimnoou c-litti1l lit mi i : if 1 1'
tho increasing costs of living detiuind-.
they carry more protection than
formerly though sullicleiit. National ,
Life Ins. Co. of Vt. (Mlltllil l l:arl":
jjjrs j
liuthtiug, Juttland, t. I
Ul O V J illll'll'll K IIH or
Boih walking and riding.
:- rTT
iiarvesting' Machines
Walter A. Wood and McCormick Mowing M3chlr.cs-j-Ihy
Ihkcs Hiy LoadcfsHay Tedders. ' l
Cement -Nails Wire Fencing:-Sewer Pipe anil
Hay Fork Equipment. .
Coal, ' Wood, Kindlinjs;
0. IV. MYERS & SON, 'inc ' ,
OlUce and Yard I cot ol Scl.col SI. - Tboncs 3S0 acd 499
J' practice limited to .
18 Ashland AND THROAT
Kireth. ,..i,m Tivr.i7ufrr-ii-.il i.ii-i
NORTH ADAMS . . r. . . Mass.
,. ' , , ' ,
and lirnxsl ds-Kt rvwhe-n.1.

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