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M. Lurie & Co.
The Wartime Thrift Store
Two Coupon Specials for
Daily Coupon Special
For Thursday, July 11th
1.50 Bungalow Apron and
Home Dr$e$ .. ......
With Thi Ccupon
Daily Coupon Special
For Thursday, July Uih
50c Daggett & RamtdeWs
Cold Creum
With 7 hit Coupon
Store Closed Thursday A Iter neon
Wednesday, July 10, 1918. J
Bolivia has built n road for auto-
mobiles that crosses the Andes moon-
tains 17,000 feet above sea level. i
Since the war the number of Jews J
in Palestine has been rednced two-!
thirds by hunger, sickness and d!a:
tress, i
The richest woman in Japan is said j
to be Mine, none Suzuki,' solo head j
of. a shipping company that has made
more than $100,000,000 since the war.'
Experiments with powdered ieat
for fuel have been so successful In j
Sweden that a plant for Its produc
tion on a large scale has been estab-!
Experts In the employ of the govern-,
input of Brazil believe that country can j
Utilize Its own coal hy using gns pro- i
ducers In connection with stationary!
engines and brlquettlng It for locomo
tives. . !
Between 1900 and 1910 the member
ship of city branches of the Young
Women's Christian -association In
creased from 103,353 to 292,101; col
lege branches, from 41,(588 to 01.BG9;
county branches, from none to 7,215;
total, from 145,011, to; 300.805.
'.. HiCKing. experience.
First Chorus Glrl"amlier an old
boy who took you out to supper lust
night. 1 didn't know you cared for
this dotage business." Second Oho
riid Oiri 'The old grandpa yoa r.
fer to may be Id bis dotage, but be
lieve me, Mainie, he does understand
table d:note-age."--JDdie.
We've had blizzards to burn, but DO
fire to burn 'em.
It ain't lonesome In the wilderness
when you start a sawmill to keep you
The profiteer hies high, because the
devil is a friend that won't set fire to
his wings.
As cold as they say this old world
Is we don't find 'em willing to swnp It
for the fireworks.
Some of the all-knowing ones have
actually quit running the war and
have gone to work to make a living till
the war ends.
But line of work in this section. Cal
and see Finishing done tor amateurs, j
W.T. White - Main St.
It's a sure sign that you're In love li
you shave twice.
Mouey Is Just worth the amount of
happiness It bring.
Ah, time Is excessively cruel to wom
en. There Is only one thing worse than
two chins, and that Is three.
Women have no self-control. The mo
ment their passions are engaged they
become perfectly unscrupulous.
"Uw at tha Town nd Villa Telel
Brief i fer busy ruaaara
Miss Clara Darber was In North
Adams Tuesday-on business.
Miss Ella Cummlngs and Mrs. Anna
Riley are visiting at Locust Hill
farm at West Bennington.
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hurkn h.ir
; returned from an automobile trip to
j Jamestown and Watch Hill. R. I. 7
j Miss Elinor Ritchie of Pittsfield is
the guest of Misses Rosalind and
1 Clarice White of North Jtennlngton.
1 George McXamar, who has been
! visiting his sister, Mrs. Calvin En
j dress, has returned to Hartford, Conn.
Henry Walbridae of the National
I army came home this morning from
I Camp Devens, Ayer, Mass., for a brief
j leave of absence.
j Coming to Harte Theatre tomorrow
I afternoon and evening. Mary Garden
In "The Splendid Sinner" and one of
! the Keystone comedies. ' Adv.
Recent letters received here from
Ansel Buss who arrived In France
May 30 state that his regiment went
into active service on June 19.
Frank Russell, who was formerly In
the employ of J. Ed. Wilbrldge, but
who Is now in the furniture business
in Bridgeport, Conn., is in the village
on a brief visit. - !- '
Letters received from Dan Shaw,
who enlisted with the band attached
; state that he Is comfortably situated
' In France and has been promoted to
sergeant. r .. t
,Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tiffany of De
troit, Mich., are visiting at the home
of Eli Tiffany and will be in the vil
lage for a few days. Thev made the
larger portion of the Journey to Hen
; nington by automobile.
The funeral of Mrs. M. A. Ripley,
1 aged 19, was held at her home at
; North Bennington at 2 o'clock this af
ternoon. Rev. James S. Clark, former
pastor of the North Bennington Con
gregational church, officiated.
The Saturday. Evening Post mys
tery tale by Diggers has been plo
turlzed, starring Edward Earl and
beautiful fietty Howe. It will be
shown at the Harte Theatre under
the title of "The Blind Adventure."
A. J. Cooper, Miss Mabel Cooper
and N. W. Cottrell have returned to
Bennington from Watch HM1, R. I.,
and will make a short stay in town
hoping for a change in weather. They
will return to Watch Hill in a few
Mrs. Juiia Klwell, wife of Albert
Peake, died this morning at her home
on the Pownal road. The funeral will
be held from her late home Friday
afternoon at 2 o'clock and the burial
will be in the nennington village
cemetery.,: ,
Oscar Elwell of Los Angeles, Cal.,
is making one of his periodical sum
mer visits to Bennington. He will be
in town for a short period calling up
on relatives and friends. It Is his in
tention to make-the return jonrney
to the Pacific coast by automobile.
The funeral of Miss Georgiana Col
, lamer, who died at the homo of her
mother July 9, aged 26 years, will be
held from St. Francis de Sales church
Friday morning at 7 o'clock. The re
mains will be taken for burial to
Bristol where the family formerly re-Hided.
V ' -. W 1 M mm; 111' a k --a-.'1- - w '11
Suitable Rations Described for Young
Fowls From Ten Days Up, Wheat
Eating Age. ,
tTrepared bv the t'nlled States Drpart
ment of Agriculture.) , v
'After the chicks are ten days old,
b good growing mash, composed of two
pnrts by weight of bran, two parts mid
dlings, one part cornmeal, one part
low-grade wheat flour or red-dog mid
dlings, and 10 per cent sifted beef
acrap, may be placed in hopper Hnd
left before them all the time. Tha
mash umy be fed either wet or dry;
If wet, only enough moisture (either
milk or water) should be added to
mnke the feed eruiuVly, but ' in no
sense sloppy. When this jsrowlng mash
or mixture Is not used, a hopper con
taining bran should be accessible to
the chickens at all times.
After the 'chickens are two months
Old they may be fed four times dally,
with good results. After they are three
months old, three feedings a day are
When one has only a 'few chickens,
It Is less trouble to purchase the pre
pared chick feeds, but where a consid
erable number are reared It Is some
times cheaper to buy the finely cracked
grains and mix them together. Some
chick feeds contain a large quantity
of grit aud may contain groins of poor
quality, so that they should be care
fully examined and guaranty us to
quality socured before purchase. .
As soon as the chickens will eat
the whole wheat (usually in about
eight weeks), cracked corn, and other
grains, the small-sized chick feed cun
T)e eliminated. In addition to the above
feeds the chicken's growth can be hast
ened If they are given sour milk, skim
milk, or buttermilk to drink. Growing
chickens kept on a good range may be
given all their feed in a hopper, mix-
Last two years we have made special sales
for these half holidays and we will do the
same thing this year although we could get
more by holding on to the goods.
Make these Sales help you SA VE g5Q
f ' 4 " 11" ft win (f""1"" 1
m r - a.
GjBne Across or
TkeXmm Will
i 7E MUST back up our military forces now or suffer
VV much of what Europe has suffered. We don't want
the Kaiser and his Potsdam gang over here.
The Government needs money to cary on the war.
J jjg By purchasing War Savings Stamps you are lending, not
v pving, your monev. You are lending your money where it
I S wiU hit "Kultur" Ihe hardest
See your postmaster or banker and sign a W. S. S.
Pledge Card. Don't wait until
' -v ...... .
June 28th
liauunui war oavmgs xay
Invest now. Sign a card-a War Savings Pledee Card-
to save some money every month and invest in War Savings
National War Savings Committee
Flock Scratching for Feed.
Ing two parts by weight of cracked
corn with one part of wheat, or eqtiij
I:TI9 of ernkel corn, vhea, and onts
In one hopper and the dry mash for
chickens In another. The beef scrap
may be left out of the dry mash and
fed In a separate hopper, so that the
chickens can eat all of this feed they
desire. If the beef scrap Is to be fed
separately it Is advisable to wait until
the chicks are ten days old, although
some poultrytnen put the beef scrap
before the young chickens at the start
without bad results.
Chickens confined to small yards
should always be supplied with green
feed, such ns lettuce, sprouted outs, al
falfa, or clover, but the host place to
raise chickens successfully Is on a good
range where no extra preen feed Is re
quired. Where the chickens ore kept
In small bare yards, flm charcoal grit,
aud oyster shell should ho kept before
the chickens all the time, and cracked
or ground hone may be fed. The bono
Is not necessary for chickens that hava
a good range. .
A ..... .
- t
Trouble knocked nt the door, X
but hearing a lauh within bur- j
rlcd away. X
Don't cry over spilt milk. Very
probably It was full of genus.
.Of the five senses, common
sense and a sense of humor are
tho rarest.
Any fool can spend money.
Somo fools can mnkc It; but the
fool who can make nnd keep It
cheats folly nnd becomes wise.
The pump for happiness Is of
the old-fashioned kind, you must
pour something hi to start It. . J
Troubles are like babies. The
more you nurse them the larger
they grow. The Cannery Js'otes. T
Children dry
c:a SXO.R I A
SILK HOSE at 49c, regular GOc value.
Fancy colors, also pink, blue and copen.
SUMMER VESTS at 15( worth 20c
All sizes 3G-38 40 42 44-
Bargain Table ol 10 cent Articles
You will find jewelry, combs, belts, white ivory, bags, brushes.
$5.98 FANCY SILK SKIRTS at $3.98
$12.50 TAFFETA DRESSES at $8.98
No alteration at these prices.
453 Alain Street
Bennington, Vermont
Mrs. Oscar Elwell entertained rela
tives from out of town this week.
Mrs. Sheldon Harrington and daugh
ter viKited relatives In Bennington
last week.
Mrs. Florence Jockett and daugh
ter of Hurlington are visiting Mrs.
Jesse Strong.
About fifty girls from tho city ar
rived recently at Camp Avalon to
spend the summer.
Miss Julia Lamarre of Bennington
visited one day recently at the home
of Mrs. W. II. Randall.
Mr. and Mrs. I'ierce and daughter!
bury, Vt.
Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt of Albany
were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Botsford.
Miss Annie Battis and Miss Ruth
Harris are spending a few days in
Northfleld, Mass.
Walter Bamford is spending a fcwi
days with his parents, Hev. and Mrs.'
W. H. Bamford. J
Carson Mechln, w ho has been visit-:
Inx friends in Philadelphia, Pa., has
returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fisher and Mr.
and Mrs. Earle Fisher spent the
Fourth in Brattleboro, Vt.
The Service Club will meet Friday
.mi. mm .nrs. i-ierce ana aauciiier i : ..... . ,
of South Khiifmhurv viuifH s.mH:.v 1 morning with Mrs. C. O. Brewster. A
. , v, 1 ,.. i covered dish dinner ha ccruml I
Mr. Palmer of Wells. Vt., who has j
been in town several days bailing hay i
has finished and returned home Mon-1
The funeral of James Sherwln, who
at the home of Mr .and Mrs. George
Miss Gertrude Bates, who has been J
Rpendine several weeks in Connect!-;
nit Tlslting her sister, Mrs. Hawks, i
has returned home.
L. J Carpenter will be in town July
1st Leave crders at Hu son's
Pianos for Sale and to Rent
U. S.
Chelsea Harrington and son of!ul011 at hls ll0Ine 1,1 "'" part j
Bennington visited Sunday at the!of ,he town Fri(la' ws held Sunday
-.ii. .. .vn, illlll li:ilL Hdl 111 in i
home of his parents, Mr. nnd Mrs.
Sheldon Harrington.
Mrs. II. V. Allen and children of
New York arrived in town Monday to
spend the summer with Mr. and Mrs.
I). Y. Harrington.
W. F. McDevitt was In Rutland
Monday on business.
Miss Jennie McBrlde of Benning
ton called on friends here Sunday.
W. K. Tully. Miss Jane E. Tuliy and
Mrs. Mary Malone were in Arlington
Several from here attended the
Fourth of July dance, in Manchester
Ian Thursday.
Miss Margaret Stuart was a week
end guest of her sister, Mrs. K. K.
I-arkin of Manchester.
Francis Tully of Washington. D. C,
is the guest of his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. V. K. Tully for a few days.
Patrick McCormick of West Rut
laud was a week end guest of his par
ents. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas .McCor
mick. Louis Colvln, who has just returned
from ills seventh trip across the At
lantic spent a few days furlough at
his homo here.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin I.eFovro gave
a very pleasant party Fourth of July
night to their friends and neighbors
of Dorset and South Dorset. Refresh
ments were served and an enjoyable
evening was spent by all.
Mrs. Sandi Reed Is seriously ill. .
Ernest Fisher has a new automo
bile. Regular mealing of Skinner W. R.
V. Friday at 2.30 p. m.
Mrs. I.ydla Babbitt is spending a
few day In Brattleboro, Vt.
Nornnn Marsden Is homo from tho
training camp at Plattslmrgh.
John Balch, who has been visiting
friends In Bennington has returned.
Mrs. Edward llartnetto of Water
ford, N. Y., Is a guest of friends In
Regular service at tho Baptist
church next Sunday morning nnd eve
nin' Mi:, George Chapln of Ctnremont
N'. II., Ih visiting friends and relatives
In town.
E. J. Cnmmlngs has been visiting
Irienda In West llavua and $hcws-
family lot in the Center cemetory.
Rev. W. A. Bamford officiated.
Laoqusrlnf DrSM.
It Is possible to protect polished
metal surfaces by applying several
coats of cold lseqner or celluloid var
alsli. The lacquer shonld be applied
with a brtss camel's-halr brush, after
the mital has been polished highly.
There must be ao grease on the brass
or ether metal when It Is lacquered.
TTd do not give much thought to our
hprvou9 system when it is working all
right but when it goes wrong natura
has a way of calling it forcibly to our
attention by sometlung thatwecannob
overlook pain.
Try to reach a diseased nerve with
medicine of any sort and you are con
fronted with a fact that every doctor
knows, that the only way to reach the
nerves with medicine is through tho
Miss Stella CofficlJ, whoso address
Is R. F. 1). 2, Centcrburg, Ohio, says:
"I was sick for six months and in bed
for ten weeks. I doctored faithfully
for two months and kept getting worso
and finally had a stroke of paralysis
which affected my right leg and arm
nnd speech. I could not talk for two
weeks and I had no use whatever of
my leg and arm. I was very nervous.
Mv Pconlo thought' I would nevnp hn
anything but a helpless cripple.
"It was tlirourh my father that I
commenced taking l)r. Williams Pink
Pills. Ho was discouraged and w hen
he read about tho pills ho decided to
have me try them. 1 could soon see
a cbaneo and pave the remedy a
thorough triul. ihe numbness in my
leg disappeared und after a time I
could walk. I grew stronger and.
really think that if it hnd not been
for Dr. Williams' Pink Pills I would
, i i i. , . i ..
miii ue a ncipicss cnppio." i
i The treatment in cases like this Lj
Onn of nutrition of tbn nnrvn illa
' requiring a non-alcoholic tonic such as
I Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Your own
' druggist sells tho pills. Price TO cents
a box; six lioxes for $2.50. Writo to
I mo it. milium niuuiuiiio v.o., ocnen
J rctady, N. Y., for free book on humo
I trcatuicut of ucrvoust dlsurdxni , ,
The Banner has received an
other small lot of those beauti
ful American Flags which we
will sell as long as they last at
prices much lower than is us
ually charged for such fine fags.
Size 5x8 $1.55
Size 4x6 $1.25
These flags are hand sewed
with metal grommets and will
outwear any other low price flag
on the market and will hold
their color longer and better
than flags that cost three times
as much.
Just note the size of these
flags and the price and you will
want one for patriotic display
this spring and summer.
Size 5x8 $1.55
Sie4x6 $1.25
If ordered sent by mail add id
cents for postage and packing.
The Banner
Bennington, Vt.
Section 23, Act No. 15S. Laws of
1510, reads as follows: "In tha year
nineteen hundred aud thirteen, and
every fifth year thereafter, at such
time In tho year as the hank commis
sioner shall designate, the trustees of
banks shall call in tho deposit books
for examination and verification, and
cauio tli same to do examined and
vorlfied by some person, other than
tho treasurer or his clerks, employed
for that purpose and approved by
said commissioner."
In accordance with tho above law,
you are hereby notified to present
vour dcDOuIt hooka during? th month
of July next for examination and verification.
C. II. Dawer. Treasurer.
June 16, 1913.

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