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p j f i - -
11. 101?.
M i, -"". 1 n 1
j - AT
d . .
; . . i. i
X v
Will Rive you
isfaction for the
other pants you
that money.
, Come in and
to you.
Ititchic Block
ran.' o ''.".-' f
lonnno iar
v '"jZ Z .,'
GC0r6 Ea DOnnSllV
Tel. 462-W
We've scoured the market for
every new and correct style in
men's wear ' '
Our store is lull Of new, fresh
suits, furct9bings -and hats for Sum
merTand we are ready and anxiou9
to show you these new things.
Suits of serge, .worsted, cassi
mere, cheviot and tweed in smart
patterns and ityles at prices that
are low6r than the quality.
As an example of real value take
a look ot our suits at $12 to $25.
Shirts that are exceptionally good
from $1 to $5. . - -
Mulligan & Roche
ir HffMv )-LM tfmfMhm I
M 1st, v'-Bi: j'7 v . sr ffoj i 11 .( -i
Ii &$&mkmmi Wl
Jfou woulj as soon dispense with your heating apparatus
1 83 to endure a sweltering summer without Emerson Fans,
once tlicy have made your nights comfortable and your
days fit to Work in, " ' " '
,,The added efficiency that results from being comfortable
V 24 hours a day pays big dividends on the small amount
' invested, and you will hardly notice the increase in your
bilk! Buy from ,
MAURICE E. RUDD Valentine street.
(With 5 Year Faclory-to-User Guarantee
1 V
f 1
more pants sat
money than any
can buy today at
let us show them
Bennington, Vt
Cubic Feet in Ton of Coal.
Tlere Is n little Information which
- will help you to wlvp the vexing yiroh.
; lem that Is apt to be n liardy iinnnnl,
j (. e., how much coal to order In order
! to 1111 the bunkers, but without bavin)?
i .. i i, ,.i i .1, ...
U, lUIL it, 4111 ..... I'duvi in'.
, i. :
1 House, nays tne i iTjuiiiir is itnvf ininii-(
i iy. a ton of egg coal contains from
i82 to 88 cubic feet, avoiaKlr.R nhout ;
'lr' yinensntinstlio cubical conlents ,
, f vinir hln vnn will be nble to t?stliilflta !
. . - - - ,
now much to oraer to nil tnein. nils
may be done by multiplying together
the length, breadth, and depth of jour
: bin.
As It Was on Earth.
Kot long ago an old lady friend tiled.
a, . it i
u y , m u,r
Miim.nfr.-naa wr-nomn mmn neen
chased from the steps by the old lady,
and so she got the impression that the
obi lady was always chasing little ehll-
dren. So one day after the woman died
Mary asked another woman la the
building if she thought tht the old
ln.lv was n nneelnow. ln sr.
wns the reply. Then little Mary said,
"Well, I bet she is chasing; nil the little,
angels mound up there."
. :. ( '' - , '
'. ' to the liquor business, from every j old prohibitory days. We do not1
TLI U IHRITAVir PUlin other large community In Vermont. I know how the custom of celling llqaor
inlii I'tflllRHL uillLU j, js ,im.Uirtr t0 itself, as the adver- j jn clubs became so general In lien-
Calncd Flesh, Strength and Good tisements used to say abont the pa-' ninton. but It Is our rucss that its
Naturo by Taking Vinol. 'tent medicines. : leading club, including in its member-
mi in ..,. ! ....i ci.,,,1 The town Is located almost in the I fehlp mnfiy business men, countenan.
Middle on, Conn - 1 tited inol c(m of nm olos ! mi"tc k,3 in vmnH.tim with the
lor m little Kill o ears o i lor a wthj;i v rc;u.h )oU) Jn New Ynrk ' tuanagemrnt of its gi ill room. Other
run down, nervous con.l.t.on. lnpnml Massachusetts, particularly New clt.bs knew of this pr.'.cUco and (he
was thin. irriiaDle a 1 the tune and: Yor). L,.K.k in tll( olll prohibitory ! lom was extended to several or
had no appetite. Ih week I o-j ,iay.Si 1)lc,Vons to l'jon; liquor was sold ganlzatlons. The wholesale ' raid
ilml an improvement and now she , mf)e l)prnv in i:e:miaijtoii than in will stop the liquor selling In all these :
tar. a good appeuie, nas f.ampu m 'anv other town In the state. Officials I dubs.' The change will be an irnpor
tlesh and strength and is much plasjwno 1ro(,etl,ted sellers found that! taut one in' fiennim;ion and will help
anter to live with." Mrs. V. 11. W I -'dieir action was not popular. Just as , some of its residents to get m'cuv.om
kinson. I'hiladelphia has been corrupt und t rd to conditions which they are b:mnd
Thero is no secret about Vinol. Knntontotl ; in municipal affairs lien- j lo face in the not f.istHiit future whim
It owfts its success i:i such cases tofnmKton toll into a way of more than prohibition will become national. The
beef and cod liver peptones, Iron and ' tolerating the sale of 'liquor. Hen- handwriting on the wall stands oi.t
manganese peptonates and glycero-s-jilngton has been n licensed town so conspiciously (hat ho who runs
phosphates, the oldest and most fa-'every year but one under toc.M option, may read. Hooze sellng Is doomed In
mous notty-buiitling tonics Known.:
V. L. Ciokay, and Druggists Every
--iinar"fj n
FRANK E. HOWE,' Editor and Pub.
Entered at tho Pottofflco, Bennington,
Vermont, Deo. 11, 1903,
Second Class Matter.
ubcrtpt1n ftatee, ,
Per Month y .', , t 40c
.'Per Year, (In advance) 1 $4.00
Per Year (not In advance) $5.00 j
. ' l - ; . ' I
The Aaemt.d ptb u otduslvely
entitled to. the us fur republication ,
tf all news deapatchea credited to II;
jr not otherwise credited la thie paper
and also Uie iocai newe publiauvd
therein. . - ,v .
Thursday, July 11, 1918. i
Iicnningtun must have had an aw-!
fill thirst, and what will happen now;
that the visible supply of the whore-;
with tn tiiK'nch it has disappeared?,
MontlHdior Argus
We don't just know, this being our
fust experience with "surprise par
i ties.'' What do you usually do In
Monlpelier after one of these vlsiU-i
lions'.'.. '
We are told that there tire over one .
! million American r.oldiers In France ;
at the present time. Hut do we net :
:a very comprehensive idea of . how ,
large a body of men that in? Try!
thinking of thai number passing us in ;
a paiade. If they marched ten
abreast down Main street, ut the rule
:of three miles -au hour ,eadi rank be-,
i ing six feet behind the preceding
! one, It would , take thirty-eight hours :
lucking a few minutes, for them all j
! to pass a given point. Hut while !
I marching in such procession the rear
i rank would be more than one lain-!
ureu uuneuii nines u.niv m iuv mu.il
nink If I he Holiliors were all drawn I
- j
up in line lacing in and touching el- j
bows, Ihey would form a line about J
t,rcc hundred eighty miles in length, j
i .... it i
tH n ls 4 ll I its ail ttliujr uuvuu;, nnu il:
is Browing fast.
i The Bennington Raid.
The claim that has been made for j
years that in licensed communities the '
licensees are a great factor in seeing '
that the illicit sale of liquor is sup-;
pressed Is hardly substantiated now
that the curtain has been raised and
mm ii
i,he real condlti011a ln Hennington are
)rovealed. With several clubs selling
'liquor, probably not only to members
'but to their guests, it would seem that
'the business of the saloons would
'have been cut to' such an ettent that
the mcn w,l Pia lar& s"1118' for th,!
iwivilfge Of Belling liquor openly and
legally would have complained about I
ilhe clubs business. j
All kinds of explanations and ;u'-g-1
uiileuts may be made, but here is the
'situation In a nutshell: "
Bennington Is different, In respect
the town being carried nv the noli-
L,..ui,. ..... A n 1.., r ...J.4....I,.. ...
' ' l.ril.-,,- iint-in u.v n llliijuiiij in i u ill : vu. .,1 uiuimi i, iriui.i'n,
one March meeting. We persume the 1 ' "' ' ' - - -ix-ople
of ltenington will explain the Literally,
situation, by saying that the condi- """When you .jwsed to th wenlthy
. painter's daughter how tlld you come
1 . j tut?" "With living colors. Ye; her
SHARP, SUBBING PAINS " i rpW n pniet... m of rnm.s Rt
' ,, , . ' . mo m I beat It from the house."
Often Tell of Weak Kidneys... A Den- Kn0ivnit kv,lllim.,.
ninyton Resident Shows You
what to do. . TEN USES FOR SALT
The sharp twinge of pain In the ... -
small of the back that i.lrlkes you
after nily sudden twist or awkward
( motion, may tell of weak kldneja.
And there are often disturbances of
the urine too frequent urination,
i sfalilInK br burning "pain during' pas
sage, discolored urine and sediment.
1 Drtan's Kldnev PIIIh nre iriit:iril
' especially for weakened kidneys, hid-1 uhhed with Halt. , . . . ..:
ney backai he and urinary disorders j' " f
i have proven their inerlt in thousands! -It dissolved In a llttlo ammonia
; of cases. Doan's aio endorsed j will remove grease spots, . m
throimhoul. the civilized world ant , ' '
recommended by llcnniiislon resi j .-To hrlphten carpets, wring a cloth
M!I1,:V j out of salt water and rub the rnri,"ta
: Isadore Weaver, III llnolford I'l.'wrlt. ,
j liennlnslon, says: " hive 'used' .. '. .
Doan's Kidney Tills off' and xiti for; . , . ,, , ,
I several years.' My hacfc has Rlvon nie 'rt?r ih. J T I'Tt
- a lot of trouble tmn Ihne to tlmn l.vl c1N,r.by ,n,0AlnK a hnn',fu, of
I sharp pains shooting through It and I i ,vcr '
1 could hardly straighten Vrfi. 'The'Md-' " '
j ney secrelions have been highly t', Ink atnlns that nre freshly mnd' can
.colored iiml have contained sediment, i removed from carpets by aucceslve
Doan's Kidney I'llls. procured from ! (ippllcatimm W dry unit.
j Ward's Drug Store, have, never failed1'- ;... .'
! to lietp me when I have suffered ' In
lhat wa."
Price Cilc at all dealers. Don't
j simply, ask for a kidney reinedy--get
I Doan's Kidney I'tPs the same that
i-Mx. ...Wcavoj-. hud. ...Fosiur-Mllbnrn
. Co., Mfgrs., Muffalo. N. Y.
State of Ohln, City of Toledo, , .
IUiag County, u. ,
Frank J.. Chny makta osth 'thit b
w-nior. paruifr ot the Hrm of V. J.
Cheney & co, doing busmen lo the city I prevents the mint from uoing brown
of Toloilo, County . and filate atornaiJ. I -nd crentlv Imnrnv... lb- tltvor
and that mm firm will n.n' th m ,nna gn nuy improves tr navor. ,
ONK HUNDRED DOI.l.AUk) for aarh
und evrry earn) of Catarrh Ihm eonnnt be I
Si'I.V1, v? ! U0 ot HAl,U'a CAT AH lilt
Sworn to before me ahd nbwrtbed In I
my presence,-this 6th ilav of - LWemlier. !
A D. Y4. A. W .C.I.KAHON,
' ' Notary Puiiiio.-
, "Vl 1 Catarrh MMIrlne la taken In
im;! nn,l ncl through tha Ulnoil on 1
the Mnrnu 5m-faia of til Hyateui. nd I
foti i.ttniolilnU. fire. ,.
u V.l'.,:Nl:v 00 Toledo. 1).
H0I1I hy all ilrnpi!i. Too.
Haifa Family piiia for constipation. I
Save Fuel Wisely
Saving fuel is working hand In hand with the Government these
days. And one way to save wisely and well is to use SO-CO-NY
lthe Equality gasoline. It means minirnum ; consumption and ;
maximum power: ' - -Inferior,
low-grade mixtures mean waste in the form of increased
cbnsumption, lost,power and excessive carbon deposits.
There's power in : every drop. of So-CO-NY; It's clean, quick
starting; reliable; obtainable everywhere.
Look for (he Red, White and Blue SO CO-NY Sigii . It's the wise way to save fuel
fuel-saving Here
i i . .......... . m m. '.mm m w mm
' 'Wf If Ur ' mm l ; :
y V 4H- -w- HfHA fcviiifm. .
tions there were an inheritance of the
the United Mates itennuigion imlud-
, ...1 l,.n.,l..l....... f
Lemon Juice and salt will clean cop
per and bra..
Fait ln water will take Insects from
vegetables. .
Tiles will look bright and clean if
nhYnrb" every kind of basket work,
mailings or china can be cleaned by
wasldng with ?Hlt and water.
Tlnndfulft of fait will clean M.i-'r.
pans nnd take nwny the unpleasant
smell of onions If they have been
cooked In them.
Refore adding vlnecnr lo mint for
auralwnys ndd a pinch of salt. This
I ,
'Hay Health
r ' 2. w mm .urn Mmvmm mmm
t vr mtnawwM
- . A Twy wtiit afrtlna forrv
eterint i,fil rlr o f-nr l'M h'r. rrnw?.
Inf datniff an.J a aur iirnt l aoi a dve.
(M.rai BtnJ tol- at M dWr. MHf to uh
krajrv.-iit I'lllLt) U.VV CO. twnrL, N. I
Means Life-saving There , . .,.
The village concert vr.t in progress
and. iiIiIioiikIi all the local taleut was
mustered, little Johnny, the squire's
son and heir, was bored, badly bored.
His inoilter grew tpiite auxiuus about
him, but when a small srlrl started pip
lug "Tin? Minstrel l'.oy" and reached
the line: "Ills father's sword he has
girded on," Johnny Talrly pricked up
his ears In eicxitement.
"Yon like this, Johnny?" said his
fond mother. "It is"
"lie quiet, mother, do," said Johnny
impatiently. "I want to hear whet hap
peus when bis father gets to know I"
An Editor's Error.
Jane Willis So Madge broke off her
engagement to that magazine editor.
What was the trouble?
Marie Cills She sent him some love
letters and he returned (hem with n re-
Jectlon slip slating that while he was
always glad to wee Mich thing and
they undoubtedly possessed merit, be
was greatly overstocked
with other
contributions of 11
similar nature.
Town Topics.
Home Still Safe.
"Drink and tobacco have wrecked
"They haven't wrecked mine," pro
tested Mr. .Mecklon, Indignantly.
"Are you nddlcted to drink and to-
".No, I'm not. Rut toy wife In very
fond of ten and cigarettes."
1 , a
n nian .T) to college After
"Well, ho might pars fiie'-r at ten
nlH. but 11 man can't expect 10 do much
In baoebuli cr football at that age."
Caution. '
"How Is I'lnbihib cellltu: ubuig with
: KU flrvt nil? Can he drive down-,
town,'" "lie inn In one illrecUoii, bill'
1 the initlb! boiliir hi in. lie has to run
out Into the country liefon; be chh1
I Venture lo turn around."
' l msmw y) y
. t&a & 'ft
Another to Be found.
A tracer sent lo locale the old-fashioned
man who wore n peachstone
watch charm, reports from Clearfield,
Til.; "-Located my man. He also car
ries a combination pen, pencil, tooth
pick, and rubber stamp. Any Instruc
tions? Certainly; draw for expense
money and hunt for the old-fashioned
woman who used to prease the pan
cake grlddlo with a pork rind. Duf
fnlo News. - .
Some people are yttong at GO red
checked, ruddy and vigorous. Others
are o'd at 4 0 joints beginning to
s: t if fen up a bit; step beginning to lag
and lose its springiness; occasional
touches of pain in the back, feel tired
without cause, and possibly a twinge
of rheumatic pain.
In most caseii these are the danger
j sihgjuls to warn you lhat the U.Vicys
j are not promptly doing their work of
j throwing off the poisons that are al
l'ays forming in me mmy. 10 nomect
inero-.tiamrai warnings is a crime
against yourseu. 11 you nave inesn
I symptoms ou can lin.l prompt relic:
in COLD Medal Haarlem Oil Cap- every modern uiruinuiu q
stiles. I'o:- more than 2ui years thi'.VJ ..-o, -B VTilt-
has been the recognized remedy f.)rf PRoMPT RL. --R V. UK fl
kidney and bladder ailments. ft) 1 tZ4t I r... . I,- M
COM) rKDM. Haarlem Oil Cap UCWIU K. -4
Rules are Imported direct from ihei, O. ., Oph B. fX
lal.or.ilorie.i at Haarlem Holland, (let
them at your druggists. Do not lal.
a substitute, ln boxes three sizes.
A pair of suspenders.
a good name for two men with tie-1
1 pendents who keep putting off an lm-'
! poriant matter.,!, e., buying siifliclent j
: iae insurance 10 secure mcir laiiniy s
j t'uuire. National I.He Ins. Co.. of Vt.
I (Mutual.) Karle S.. Kinsley. Cencr-
r.l Agent. Mead llullding, Kutlaitd,-VI.
Both walking and riding.
'Harvesting Machines
Walter A. Wood and McCormlck Mowing Machlr.cs
Hay Rakes Hay LoadersHay Tedders.
Ccmcnt-Nails - Wire Fencing-Sewer Tipc and
Hay Fork Equipment., . .
Goal. Wood, Kindling
OIHce siifJ Yard Foot of School
t, . a " m s a m a
Dcst line oi worK In this section. Call
and see. Finishing done lor wnatevrs.
W.T. White - Main St.
oi practical experience Lack"' t
by kiiowkdCelromtHlideirfiludy
oi optical scitnee has enabled
mc to Knowingly undcrilaad the
needs and rcquiremnu 0! those
vbo need help lor their eyes. ' q
Here ytu Jet the benctit 0!
: $vk
experience and yw eyes are .tg
, . ... ...... j, , m f
r occuratc.y iiiicu j v.
io i N.;r V. M. C. A. MiilnSt H
r'ltATirn UtIITKl) Tt
;t ! Eye, Ear, Nojie and throat
rvii i n 1
' UIUSHTO I tllCU 1 TOpcriy
. v lmilt CXT turn t
,J. Ittf, Um
!. oi Union 8t.rct IktimtiiRton. Vermont
& SON, Inc.
St. rboncs 330 sad 433
v- ,u.,wHi"t yr

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