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Attention Farmer
,JJSL,EPHONE your orders to
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estimate and says two million cords tttttv'
of vtooJ; so tlut makes our aiarenr r JjL JL ' " ' " ss
wealth so much the greater, and as V
estimate our aericultural resources; Hot Water Cast On Stove
""jeven greater, it would seem desirable! Doesn't ToUCh It
slaughter of very young calves to beit0 pivinK the farmprg 0( Vermont asj . . .
thipiied out of the Btate-should be pro far as io-sible a cotiiroling power in, lf. la iUUJvIiJ .
hibited. 1 truly believe that such the General Assembly. drinAf uS . i Z i .
measure would add to the income of; 1 would be pleased to hear from the!1' of wa,r on -bot stove,
our farmer. The question of dooi; Hie awake young men of the county! Jhe voter cuu mer touch the. stove
and sheep at the present high prices end state as to their opinious in re-jat ul- "hut is feen is a few drops
of nnd is one that should have the 1 nard to these matters mentioned by running rapidly over the surface, grad
ual eful attention of the legislature, in ! -Mr. Howe, and also such as niay;ually getting smaller as they disan-
my opinion. It muy seem .to some come incidentally to their notice:
that I am tacking amendments to Mr.j . llespectfully yours, etc.,
i Howe's p'.atform; but I take i; that he;
EUiwers m S
Office and Yard Foot of School St.
051 Inc.
Phones 350 and 490
; invites the voters to give expression
of their views that may relate, -in
j anyway to the office.
Now why I advocate and would
! nominate Lucius 1 Martin for sena
! tor for the county of Bennington K
'. as I have explained, that he is "fit."
'lie is a farmer and that is another
'"why" 1 have explained. He has had
some legislative experience having
teen a member of the House. He
: would represent those towns of "over
the mountain" that are too often
Ignored in county convention. He Is
! of the type, that given a chance, will
"make good." I am not a believer In
the principle that a promising young
man must be boosted
but I im a believer In
Kber L. Taylor.
Manchester pepot, Vt., July 8, 1918.
Farmhand's $25 Equalt City Man's
Those who have been thinking the
farmhand has been underpaid should
compare his wages with what the city
man is paid. An editorial in the July
Farm and Klreside "says:
"The farmhand comes in for consid
erable discussion nowadays, but he
is much better off than most people
think. The Ohio State Council of De
fense has heen making a survey of
labor conditions, and reports that a
by his frlendAJ married man working on the farm for
"Luke" Martin. ; $U0 a month is as well off as if he
With reference to Associate Judge I were ,to receive $105 in a city; that a
of the county court, the Republican USS a month farm job equals a $110
His Rule of Conduct.
I ftm. tryiiur to do my Lit. ! M, s- Juiiel.rlde-"1 notice :lmt your
ii iiiu throiiKii iiiirvfRf.' huslmnd diwsn't smoke. Is it becnune
you object to it?" Mrs. 01dtt::i "Not
party did not do the fair .thing by M.
U. Roberts of Rupert two years ago
He served out the unexpired term of
city job; that a $40 farm job equals a
$115 city job, and so on. 'Not taking
pear. If the drops ere on a perfectly
level place one can see under them to
the other side of the room, thus prov
ing that they are iiot in contact with
the stove Itself. Vhat actually hap.
pens ivs that the bottom of the drop
changes ut once td steam or vapor on
coming close to tie hot surface, and
this vnpor is suppjied by the drop as
It gradually goes away. So the drop
rests on. a cushion of vapor until It Is
entirely dissipated. This state of wa
ter Is known as the spherical stage,
and it is of Interest simply on account
f its peculiarly aad seemingly para
doxical behavior. The reason why the
drop Is not Immediately evaporated or
changed to steam Is also very Inter
esting. The water vapor that Inter
venes between the under surface and
the red-hot stove Is a very bad con
ductor of heat, and consequently the
full Intensity of heat ennnot get lnta
the water Itself, - only the amount
How Many Days
Will You Give ? '
Clergymen, "juds, lswyers; doctors, rrierchants, clerks
tveiy available sparahour of every available man must be
turned to account in a campaign
To Save 100 per cent
0! Vermont's Crops
The farms have sent their boys to the trenches. We at
home miut prevent a serious food waste. Give a day a
week, or more, at regular farm wages and render a patriot
ic service that the women of England, France and Italy are
now performing. 1 . - ,
Report to Farm Labor Agent
or your County Agent
the days or hours you can give. , " r ( .
F. H. EICKFORD, Farm Labor Agent, Bradford, Vt.
Ulin uill IihI
fin v in u' hIiiiIh lit once. uuts, bucL-
.i .......i ii.it ii i fi.M mum llll Illllll
ante. Will hire iy tlio day or month. j ut nil. If I objected to It, he'd smote.
Ttl. 3S-W.
WANTKP- 'ioU, colored or whit
inr farm. Write I Potter, Arlington,
Vt. ' UKS
WANTKD Machinist O:io capnhlo
.f tnkliiK; full cluirKu of newliiu ilia-,
chinas- urate experience ui.d Bulary in-'
tiui utl. . IM-sirublu ami purinuiieiit posi-:
ili. in for rlKht party. Apply Clark
Textile I'o., Su'-atOKO StiitiKH, N. Y. 4UU
' WANTED rupll nurses male, and
(amnio at the Taunton Slate Hospital
Training School for nurses. For par- ,
Honiara aihlreus Dr. Arthur V. (loss,
butit., Taunton State Uoaplial, Taunton,
lava tf
-Brooklyn Citizen.
i WANTKD I.atnuiry work
Aptily 2U3 Division street.
to do.
WANTKD Man for laundry
farm wor. Soldier's Home. 2
wages. Henry hi.
steady work, tood '
Tuttle Co., tel. 4.
WANTKD Oasli paid for yellow,
10 n h Iokm in Inches and up in rilnmeler,
ulao oilier kinds of wood. 11. T. CiihIi
man, Mfg". Co. 44tf
WANTED Several men for labor
lne and mill work. Boarding- nouas
lot single mep, tennmeiit houses for
married men. Highest rate of wagea.
Klllmore & Slade. Tel ttio. Vtitf
"He Who Runs May Read."
No such passage n "lie who run
wny rend" exists In the Scriptures, al
though It Is constantly quoted from
them. The text of the hook of the
prophet llnlmkkuk Is the following:
"Write the vision, ntul nuike It plain
upon tiihles. that he niny run that
reudeth It" (11:2). Here, plainly, the
mcunlng I that everyone rending the
vlsi.ui should lie nlnrmcd by It. nn
should fly from the impending calamity
The phrnie, therefore, ennnnt h:t v
any reference to this passage, bre
St Is obviously n favorite poetb
fluotutloii. , found In Cowper's ,'Tlro
clnlum; or a Ilevlew of Schools'
(line SO),
Into consideration.' the renort adds. iomeu mrougn tne yapor Demg
Judge C. B. Kent and by precedent, ( 'the possibility of raising some stock ' avananie ror that purpose,
should hr.ve heen nominated for elec-jor ptoduce on shares, which is usual-;
tion. His party was roundly cen ! ly customary.' ' BADGE OF SPLENDID SERVICE
sured for that discourtesy and I hope' '.'Nor has the jnarrled man on the!
?k Mr farm joo a mononoly of advantages. u ... . ....
for the report further finds that an un- ,,w" " ' Z., , r F '
married farmhand receiving $:'3 is as Th08e w"oe Mission It to
well off as If he were receiving $80 in Aid the Unfortunate.
the city; that a $30 job for the boeh-; -
elor farmhand equals a $S0 city job; The Red Cross as a badge of serv
and that a $40 job on the farm Is as ice for suffering humanity dates back
aood as a $05 Job in the city, and so more than three hundred years, writes
on. The difference in aggregate re
turns Is brought about by house rent,
groceries, meat, milk, light, fuel, un
necessary expenses, and luxuries."
trom. t.ii.B
KOK SALE 4 ' acres of land. 11
room house, barn, henhouse, hothouse,
and Karate. House may lie occupied
by two families. One new milcli
cow, two other cows, a 1 year old colt,
and a two-seated wagon. Apply to
Kll Archer, Park street extension.
. KOIt SAI.K I'sed Cars and trucks,
we also pay cash for used cars in p,ood
condition. North Adams Auto Kx
change Oltice, 23 Main street. Kronlck
and HorovlU. .Tel. 7". VV. 3115"
KOIt SAI.K Turnip plants. Lartfo
white lluta Hukhh. Now ready. ui)
cents per hundred. Frank K. Howe.
Works as Brain Food.
I.nncittj:e Is sometimes called the In
utrument of thoucht. ut a very wis
ninn says Hint really It Is the nutri
ment of thought i tlie atmosphere In
which thoujrbt lives; a tneilltim ns nec
essary to the activity of our mentnl
powers ns nlr Is to the lungs. Cole
ridge said thnt every new ter;n express
Iiik n fact not prevloudy defined was
n new orjrnn of thougbt for the mind
that hns learned It. To think new
thoughts, then, new words nre nece
wiry. Like food for the body, they be
come food for the mind, anil by the
subtlest of nil mental chemistry they
bocome transmuted into Ideas.
What Others Say.
Vermont newspapers are rejoicing
that President Thomas has pushed to
success his campaign for a $400,000
endowment for Middlebury college.
The achie eincnt testifies to a leader-
a;l8 South street, tel. !)-V.
Pott KAI.K 2203 acres of wood snd
timber land and saw mills. Also
farm of about film acres beloiiKiiiK
1o IrvInK Orout and the estate of J.
Frank Crotit. Jrvinif lirout and Klla
'irout, administrators of J. Frank
Jroul'i estate. Fast Arllnston, Vt.
Foil SALE 1 Osborne Mower and
harness both in Mood condl-
lieap. ileorite LuVarn. phone
33-8. West Arlington, Vt. 4116
set pony ha
tion anil die
Fort SALK ltoll top desk, cook and
parlor stoves, hall rack, beds, feather
pillows, etc. Everything must ko this
week as 1 wish to close buincss. Mrs.
Junius Fox. 200 North street. 4 lt6
Foil SALE horses to arrive July
S, 20 head 15 Ml to 1KO0 In pairs and
Hlnifle. balance 12nl to 1401. All hor
ses waranted. Ouilford & Wood llors
l'u., Shelbourne Fulls, Mass. 4016
Kott KALE Three cows, and oiio
pair 3 yr. old steers. Apply L. N. llar
liiigton, South. .Suttt'tBbury, tel. 1 S r -1 r.
FOH SALE New manogany uprlcbt
piano. Cull 611 Main street. 33tf
FOK SALE L'sed cars. 1, 111 17
Lonuford truck; 2, 1S17 Ford trib-ks.
demountable rims; t, l'.)16 Ford truck:
1. Ill 17 Ford runabout; 1, 1915 Hudson
six touring car; 1. 1U14 Peerles Touring
car; 1, v7 Ford tourlnpr car. North
Adumn Atlu. Exchange Otllee. 23 Main
street. North Adams, Muss. Tol. 77H-W.
Call for Krouick or Jiorowlti. iHZi
Foil . SALE cabbage plants; suc
cesBlon, savoy and bull head, 23 cents
u liundred. Currents 8' cents a quart
on bush.. C. E. Kmipp, North Ucnnlnir
ton,j Vt. Sillli
KOU HALE One horse lumber wag
on. Ii. F. Pike, liennington, K. F. J), 2.
FOIt SALE 1913 Ford In good run
nlng order; 1910 Chevrolet 490; 280
KHiion Kasonue tanK. I lie two cars
have Just been overhauled, (). L. Law
reuoe, (South Shuflsbury. 31lf
At the Hospital.
"Here's a man wants to know If hi
can Ret professional rates." "Is ho i
doctor or surgeon 1" "Neither; lie'a
Liberate yourself from the thralldora,
! that whole gamut of minor bodily
evils anyone of which will cloud the
most perfect day.
Who feela good when such prodding
ISodily tormentors are spreading; their
disorganizing propaganda of ill-health
through your system I How can you
Bee the bright Bide of things when con
stipation sows It s noxious seeas oi
internal sanitary filth and disease. It
can't be done until you cleanse your
internal body. Do that now by going
to the drug store and getting DR.
This splendid preparation is also in
valuable in routing those prodding
devils of dyspepsia, headache, gastri
tis, ana also most euecuve in inc treat
ment of all liver and bowel irregu
larities. '
I The pellets are Safe and mild, no
griping nor any taa euects resuns iron
their use. You may rely on DR.
as nature's great bodily cleanser and
purifier. They will give you that bony-
ant teeling oi neauny joy wai can ouiy
come from a cleansed, normally lunc
tioniiing system,
At All Drugiuts of tent direct iflj
Receipt of Prk,'
, To
to Bee the voters this year seek
Itohert's pardon, and ask him to ae
cept the nomination. H.ecause Man
Chester has the strength, we have na
husines.4 to he unfair In politics.
1 am now coming to town affairs
and let It he understood that, in my
opinion, we have quite a large bundle
of mitahlo timher. We shall not
soon forget our last representative,
Mr. Henry Dundy, elected with but
little opposition, simply because he
was "lit". For town representative
will mention two of my friends just
to show my choice. One of them -will
probably be nominated by the Keimb
lican party. Charles Ames and Er
nest Hard; both of them "fit".
And now if you have not become
too tiled, I would like to give the
personal side of this subject. I want
to fee the men or women whom we
clothe with authority, whether of lit
t'.e or much to have a personality; to
have a "vision;" who can see the
"sisns of the times." Vermont may
lend In a movement that the oilier
and larger states may follow. We
have no need to appoliglze for the
past for "The gifis the fairieg gives
us," and we may hope for a continu
ance of such favors, but ns such
changes havfi taken place In the pin'
four years is there any reason why
we may not expect iust as mmv in
expected ones In the future? Mr.
Howe would advise us to conserve'
our resources. Are wo as a town do.
ng this? As the town Is a unit nml
'he state a whole, how shall we en
ahout carrying out the proposition"
Coming to the point, why not elimi
nate party politics and elect from
both parties those who are "fit." Does
the national government discriminate
as to what nartv our hovs hoinmr
when it asks them to defend her?
Never. Can we be a United States
when we wrangle ?o much over
politics? If we win the war how
must it be done? Hy united effort,
just that, is what Eives Germnnv thn
staying power tlut she exhibits in .... ' ., - , B .
this war. Kvervthing is concentrated why P"hln0 Praises Baseball.
for the one object, victory. What is Unsehnll hna made strategist of
the matter with Russia? Two many all American soldiers, General Pershing
factions. Too many parties with us, .says In a letter received by Cupt. C. K.
societies, commissions nil asking lor Adams,, former Nebraska state coin
contributions for support. tnapder of the G. A. IU Cuptaln A dura
We shall never see the "niillen- nd Ccturnl I'rrshlnff are creat friends.
nium", We don't expect that, hut Tk Th nvtditw with
whv should we be hampered by bo wUWh American soldiers are entering
many use'ess l,ws? And right her mQ ,i. ., n...
From a consluerable tieigut vinuges,
roads, ennuis, railways, and even
farms, groups of buildings, and Buch
smnll things as bridges, fnotorles nnd !
trenches are distinctly visible. The ' ,' ' ,;', f V
only difference from daytime visibility ' " ' ! '
is that tho airman ennnot see so far. 2000 ft. to 3000 ft. of 2 inch
his range of vision (wing limited, e.
cept for large objects, ta throe or four
: miles, which Is amply sufficient for or
dinary navigation, given normol Intel-
iSSXSSiS 0D1 tt lltUo eipc" 1 UoIdeu " Lt mA Lo'
a correspondent to the Evening Post,
und Its origin must be of Interest at
this time when it has expanded as a
society Into a multitude that ministers
to the physical need3 of our army nnd
navy here and abroad.. ,
Cnmillus de Lellls was born In the
kingdom of Naples In 1550. After
serving In the Venetian army he went
to the hospital of San Olncomo In
ship that extends to all sides of the j Rome with an . affection or the leg.
life of that col'ege. It needed a good i There he was so much Impressed by
deal of nursing when Dr. Thomas! the horrors and filth of wbat was little
took hold and did so much to shapej better than a penthouse that he re
it to its environment Sprlpgfleld i solved to devote his life to suffering
Republican.' humnnlty,, "to care for the plague-
The Pope has no intention of lea v- stricken and to nurse the sick In their
ing Rome and a denial has been issu-,mvn homes." At thirty-two he. was
ed from the Vatican of the report ; ordained a priest and set about found
v.hich was printed in a Spanish news-inf - relleimw order 'tn rppvb th
Cyntcus "Fubdub nets like a man
who has been disappointed In love."
Slllcus "Xonnense ! Why, he has been
niurried four times." Cj ulcus "Well,
whatcf It" Judge,
i paper to the effect that the Holy See
1 was to be transferred to Spain. At the
! beginning of the war Spain offered
j its hospltalliv -to the Pope if it should
' become necessary fur him to leave
i Rome, but the Va'l an. while express
TO KENT Furnished moms for Itirht
muskt-rnliifr; sleum heat, eli'ctrlc
IlKlos, kiis, l:ith, sll modern tiniirovp
inotits at 112 JViisunt street, imiulrp
rut ITIco .Market, tel. 432-M. 4216
TO IlKN'T l.urgo front room,
keeping, 438 Muln struct
i TV) HKXt ljirgo
Vntiiti street.
rooms. 111
To HF.:-T Flirulsliod
Imth. lit l.'nlon street.
4 1 1 1 .'
TO ItFVT Seven
st 1 14 ilerferson Avo.
furnished rooms
Miss L. A. Item
"They shall wear a red cross upon
Ihelr breasts," said Cnmillus, "to re
mind them of the suffering of our
Lord Christ This will give them
Ing appreciation of the spirit which strength and encouragement." Pope
prompted the offer, declined it. iSIxtus V confirmed the congregation
Montpeller Argus. (in 158G, granting thera in the brief a
The Burlington News se:n3 tojsperiul permission to wear "the Red
think that tho. main function f t gov-! Cross." This peine red cross Is the
ernor of Vermont is in tarrying on ; badge of eervlce today, worn by every
the state a affairs in connection with
the national government. There are
some duties and problems here at
home to demand attention. The effort
which a man has given to advance the
interests of his state wi'l he consid
ered in advancing him -to the chief
executive's office. Having his feet In
the trough Is not a qualification.
Ilrattleboro Reformer.
Cutholic religious order that take9
care of the sick, in every part of the
world. This red cross has been
blessed In the leper settlements of Mo
lokal nnd Madagascar; in the cholera
hospitals of India and the pestilence
stricken lands of the far East, as well
as on the battlefields of Frnnce. In
the calendar St. Cnmillus' day falls
upon the ISth of July, and at his spe
cial mass these words are chanted:
"Greater love hath no man than this,
that a man lay down his life for his
friends." Youth's Companion.
Society Wome:
A number of the most f
noted Beauties off
Society have obtained
.1 ' -fv '
ineir pure sou pcany;
white appearance thru
the constant use
RsiiMnit't An
B Oriental Cream
. , UndlOclot Trial SU .
Wages $3 per day
North Bennington !
Crystal Ice Co.
Foot of School St
Phone - - 490
'ixi'iL Urfb jz'z
Children Cry for Fleicfierrs
ts ill t- fi fi ta- xv?.
is where I plead, for our law makers lottlo ,ln u nBfftn!l)h.ni. ,n Eurooen.i ; the shrubbery
"C. .:n'!Ct n,0re ,aW8' b,lt ,'f!,'' r, s In ,t. i..r f .rennde und ; purposes.
home in me useiesi ones. S mii v iv . , . . . . , of small trees el
'ow n orco an" a,,01s" l"1"' II,: : : hh. t f brick or stone
iiu:iiMiinfiH, ine tine gieat Mot on our """'"-
ponitnon wealth. Lift the burden of uttrlbutw th: In part, t o the American
state taxes by putting convicts at ga'neiv'footbnll nnd . baseball, which
work on our highways or some proJit- muke strategists of them all."
able employment, leaving a consider
able number of our citizens to the , ' -
other industries. And as the war
promises to last sometime -yet 'make,
it profitable to our boys who will en-:
list by granting bounties from the
state. Let us divert the proceeds de
rived from our liberal taxes to that,,
an cut out some of our appropria
tions for objects that we can get
along without until the war Is over.,
I can see no reason why Vermont!
cannot be self supporting In the mat
ter f:r food stuff.
In the matter of fuel, with our Im
mense supply of wood right here In.
Manchester we are paying out thirty
thousand dollars for co.il yearly.
With a population of less than twenty-one
hundred nnd without doubt
there are a million cords of wood
within reasonable distance. My
friend. Mr. John Harrington of the
' Manchester Lumber Co., amends my
Tlalr Is bound to t ''tit
voarsrr and . stinyr nlim nn rrlr
rrnnvrd from Ike surface of the
akin. The oalr comniun-rne Troy
tu rri0ve hair I to attaek II un
der the akin. DeMlracle, Ike orig
inal sanitary liquid, does this J7
Only genalne DeMImele boa a
money-back fcnarantee In each
parkaae. At toilet counter la
eoc. 1 and S3 stara. or Uy mall
from na la plain inrappcr on re
ceipt f prle.
FltKK book wollod In plala
sealed enrelope on requtat. . , U
Mlrarle, lttli St, and Turk Ave.,
Re York. . ,
How Germany Conserves Space.
A conservation of land-space move- 1
ment, In Germany, some tjme ago, re
sulted In the utilization of dwarf vari
eties of fruit trees Instead of much of :
planted merely for ornn- '
nnd In the planting
ose against the walls
houses so thnt the '
branches could be trained over tho i
walls In the manner of Ivy, says the 1
ropnlnr Science Monthly. ;
Pear trees are pruned cnrefully and j
trained to r.prend out over the walls
Just like vines. The prnctiee Is ntftr i
common In hnrd-pressed GermartyThnd j
Is likely to find favor In this country, j
Tear, pluiii, nnd other fruit trees nra
thus trained over house walls, fences, I
; nnd garden partitions so that not au j
; inch of ground Is wasted. In tliU way, ,
f. the trees aro prevented from I
! throwing, too much shade over other
! growing things in their vicinity, and
j appearance of the houses is, In
, addition, very considerably enhanced.
rt r - and has been mat
ffi sJtf-f-f sons! . supervision
1ha Iliad Yotl" Have Always Bought, and!iich has" be?n:
la use for over over 30 years, has borne the signature of
and has been made under his pei-
smce us infaacy.
deceive you in tblj
All Counterfeits Imitations aad " Just-as-good " are but
Experimcr;t3 that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and: Children Experience against Experiment.
Cirtoria iu a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric.
Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. ' It contains
neither Oiuum, Morphine nor other narcotic substance. Its
ge fj its guarantee. For more than thirty yertrs it has
Icea in constant use for the relief of Constipation, Flatulency,
Wind Colic and Diarrhoea; allaying Tcverishness .arising
therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and IWels, aids
the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's PanaceaThe Mother's Friead. '
genuine CASTOR! A always
) Bears the Signature of
I'ow Aviators Navigate at Night.
Several subscribers have written us
asking how aviators find their way
ul.out at night. Though It may seem
BRvngo to the layman, on a nioou
j light t:ght an airman can see almost
as much i be can In tha duytltue.
In Use For O ver 30 Years
Tho KtntJ You Have Always Bcbrjht
PIT- "-"V.'n.i'f IT
NO J- I ri l r ' '
TO Ui:NT Knrnlsheil rooms with
modern linnroveninitH, Incliiilluir slniini
lu-nt. Inimlre of Mr. A. T. Schwiirtx,
ria Main nut root. Slit f
TO ItlCNT .Storas, nnto, tanamonta
hopa, atablas, Individual atnr
asa lockara, (urnlahed apart
mants and rooma all cnntrallr lo
cated. Uao. M. liawlta, ili Main 81
LOST A J.-id
LVHHM'.I. Klndor
!" V I 111 11 ll'-l 11,
culva rewnrd
Liberty Iioiut, No.
tlll-IINM I'OtlU'M t Will-
IIUIKi'HH road 11 ml rii
4 1 1
NOTIt'K Will exchntiK tow for
hpiivv draft liiirnn. AiI'Iihhb I'. (.). llnx.
H03 North UeiuiliiKton. Vt. Siutt
1.- -. .' . . S (rT nT'mc: -r 'l-i'c I7r r:. ."- (TZZ7 ,ek.V rurS I f u. T. i ' 7' rZ-, ". . r"l ( 1 HATS FONNy !"libci TMC'I
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