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helps ...
It wd&
To help the business men and farmers;
To provide plenty ol currency at all times;
To effect a steadier supply of credit.
1 he system merits ihe support of all
good citizens; it must have yours in ord
er O reach its full development.
You can securethe benefits of this
great system and-at the same time as
sist directly in developing it by deposit
ing your, mone) with us.
Bennington County
National Bank ..
- rr
riw et th Town 4 Villas
. Briefly fr uay FMitra
j Shoe sale at Hart's, adv.
! A while shoe sale begins Saturday
I at Hart's, adv.
Mrs. Joe Levin and son Samuel are
t visiting relatives in Sprlngtield.
Miss Sally llealy of New, York is
I the guest Of Mrs. Conrad Schwartz.
Dog't Noj b?p to Aid Smell.' '
When yonr'TailbfUl (! pokes Ms i
node Into your h: rid even your rifTeo !
Uon canind invent a Utile Oliver, be- '
cause the hose Is so cold., 'hy Is It?
When thi b'iy of, a' do is so warm, j
why should this one spot be different j
from all the rest of him? The ch!nfs !
of n dog's iii? Is Cue to ttm fact, lhal ,
It must be kept moist -ttll, the time, in j
order to harien his " sense of Well, j
And. of course. 88 the moisture Is ;
1 1 B
a a 4 It If.
Open Friday EvenirtRs Unitl 10. "osc fcaturaajs aui.
Open Otfcer Week Days From 8:3Q Until 6 o'clock. :- ';
Leave your order for lbu at Kstes' i evaluating nil' the tinie. U Veens his j
market tonight for early delivery Kri- j now'rold. A deg depends a treat denl i
flay morning., adv. on 'Ids powers' of miell. especially In
Bradford Godfrey has returned from : tn(, wn,j Mate. In addition to the
a visit of several weeks in Cleveland j h'..W r '.,i-.inhir- nerves Inside a !
dog's nostrils' the whole block mem- j
lunne' around the nose is very fseij'sj- j
mm bam
Section 25, Act No., 158, Law of
1910, reads as follows: "In the year
nineteen hundred and thirteen, and
every fifth year thereafter, at such
"Gfow'ng Pains."
Wblle WP eouid not think of cnll'.nR
rheumatl.-w n children's disease, yet
the 'reut majority Of cases of this
malady occur between the mres of five
V.nd twenty-live years; that, la. the first
ittack. for rheumatism, 'having gained
lime m tne year as ine nans couiuus-. B)l rntranw Inlo the svstein, loves to
sloner tehall designate the irihleoi nww ,he nc(,ua!nlanccat Intervals tip
banks shall call in the deposit lK,oks , provocnlion. m fa,t. some
for examination and verification, and' , , , . , ,. ... . , ,
cause the same to tie examined and 'Pthe, ""bcal authorities tend to
verlllod by some person, othnr than 'n0 M"f 'nnt hat we iumlarly call
the treasurer or his clerks, emliloved "wowing ialns" in children is a form
and other Ohio cities.
Charles S. Mills, who is a senior In
Dartmouth College was enrolled yes
terday, at AJhany in the Naval Re
serve. ,
Mrs. Robert Pcllerin gave a card
social at her home on Safford street
last evening for the benefit of the
lied Cross.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shoe-ley of New
York, who have been visiting relatives
at Kaglo Hridgo for a few days, are
making a brief slay in the village.
Halibut, salmon, mackerel, white
liaht ?butte fi8h, flounder, sword fish,
haddock, cod, Boston hue, cusk, whit
ing, clams and lobsters at . Estes'
market, ndv.
The Young Woman's club will hold
u dance in their rooms tonight from
9 until 12. Donnelly's four piece ban
Jo orchestra will furnish music. Ad
mission 35c. Adv. -
Miss Edwlna North, daughter
i ..Mrs. Cora Harbour of Branch street.
t IIU lllj I f(1 a I. T tVR (1UO I'tl II PI 1 I
ously ill with an attack of appendici
tis, l'i a little better today .
Spoclsl ..meeting of Mt. Anthony
lodge No. 13 F. and A. M., Friday,
July 12, at 7.110 p. m. for the purpose
of ballotiag on petitions and confer
ring the Master Masons degree. 43t2
James E. Lnlley, formerly of Ben
nington, who has been visiting bis
family on Beech street, returned to
Philadelphia Sunday, accompanied by
ids daughter Kathryn, who will enter
the conservatory of music in that
Tho meeting is to be held at the Y.
W, C, this week Saturday at 4 o'clock
when an address will he given by
tlve, hut this sensitiveness can only bb j
retninVd by moisture, thus It is that
w hen n doit's 'nose is dry and wartit be j
Is ill and, needs doctoring. .
1 .
U nderwear-'Hosiery
'Great Men's Pet Hymns.
Favorite hymtis of famous men make j
nn Interesting catalogue. Gladstone's
special choice was "rtalse to the Holr j
In the tllghest." and it was sung at bis !
funern,l. Tennyson s ravortte was
Heher's "Holy, Holy, Holy." One of
Rusklh's preferences was ''Jesus. Here
from' Sin Deliver," upon which bo
jirehched n little sermon to some 300
school' children, bis guests one after
noon,' at r.rnntwood. '.Matthew 'Ar
nold's choice was "When I Survey the
Wondrous Cross" (Watts' master
of' piece)! a verse of which Mr. Arnold
was overheard reciting to himself oniy
on hour before bis quite unexpected
fatal seizure. And Henry Ward .nee
dier declared: "I would rather have
written Menus. Lover of My Soul' than
have the fame of nil the- kings that
ever sat 011 the earth."
for that purpose and approved by
said commissioner." .' ,
In accordance with the above law,
you are hereby notified to present
your deposit hooks during the month
of July next for examination and veri
fication. C. II. Dewey, Treasurer.
Juno 15, 1918
' f rheumatism, and were it treated as
uch, very often subsequent and. more
' formidable attacks of this obstinate all
1 ment might be prevented. Again, rheu
'matlsni Is a disease which is not he
reditary, In the strict sense of the term,
yet the tendency to It. In succeeding
generations Is ns strong, or even
, stronger, than In the case of most dls
pases which were formerly considered
" ' " ' Soldier's Rello'on.
The soldier rcgnrds f!od ns (he Intel
ligence' Hint marshals the moral forces
of all ilme. but as nn Intelligence, like
his general's, to be trusted, rather th.n
understood: nnd he regards a blind
nnd unquestioned obedience to this di
rection ns the Individual's only possi
ble contribution lo the ultimate "vic
tory. Ills religion Is. therefore, fit'st.
Notice is hereby given that the an
nual' meeting of the Bnenington co
operative savings and loan ass'n,, will
be held at. the office of the secretary,
W. If. Wills on
July 18th nt 8 o'clock in transact tfio
following -business:
1. To hear the report of Ihe offi
cers for the year ending July 1st.,
2. To elect officers and two direct
ors for th ensuing year.-
3. To. transact any other business
found proper when meet.
H..L. HALL, pres.
W. II. WILLS &ee'y.
Foreign Grapes In Ireland.
A short time ago n much-traveled
TliurayVJ.jR.vcnJng8i?ntrnjtnln was in Ireland and was at
tracted iy some grapes wincn no wan
certain were similar to those he' bod
known In California as "Mission"
grapes, so called iwnuse they ve.r
Introduced Into that country by Fron"
Ish missionaries. Being Interested In
National American Women's suffrage oiut trust, nnn men. noso ..e nu. -asitociation.
The subject of her talk I mission. The Imnwllacy of tbe fight-
will bo "Suffrage as an Immediate er's need makes it easier lor mra w ,
War Measure. Kvcry woman in Ben-1 attain these two conditions than for j
uington is cordially invited. ns, whose Incorporation of . creed lh ;
Tiiu Modern Woodmen of America j conduct Is not So Insistent n eon- j
will give-a recoption Saturday even- strain! : but the religion nt the front I
ing at Golden Cross hall for Buy Bur-, and at bonie has the Mine frankly in
gess. one of their active members tnlttve character. Wrnlfrvd' Klrkland,
,w:!io is soon to. enter the service. The j in the Atlantic. n ,,,,
members and their families are re-, ;' . t u
quested to jirovide the refreshments; ' "
and the young man's friends are cor-! Face Truth Honestly,
dlally invited to be present. ! The man best able lo tell the truth
List of letters remaining uncalled : Is he most willing to, face Ibo iruth-
r at the IHist-Office for the week esrteclnllv di'sn green ile' truths About
ending July 1, 1918: Mr. and Mrs. himself or the community he lives In
The slipover style garments, with slight mill imperfections; sizes SG to 41 Dol
lar value, at
Knee length, athletic , style 59(
With, patent elastic trouser seat sizes 3-1 .lo 50 $1.00
In bodice and regular style with beaded edge 25(
'With beaded edge, in pink or white 35c
(Or 3 for a dollar)
With hemstitch band top and tight knee . , . 83c
, ; With narrow -shoulder straps and beaded edge The regular 50c ones, with
Alight, mill imperfections, at 20(
In all the desirable shades Excellent wearing quality, at 25(-
MEN'S INTER-WOVEN HOSIERY . . , v , , , : . . . , . . ,
With double heels and soles All shades Our leader, at ......... 40(
With 3 inch hem and double heel -and toe Grey, bronze, tans, black and white
.In medium and dark grey, bronze-atrl African brown Double soles and heels
3 inch hem at top . .( , 30c
With dep hem Putty, pearl, bro'nze, grey, black, white ; .: 750
A Harden! Mr. Jack A t'arncy; j Hmv nn w rormt mnn ,f We will "iT "
, u uT'' AM'AnL-1,nd8;Mlr,i'0tven nchnowledSe them, or h ?' ,
Kverett Hwlge; Mr. Daniel Ruostls;! '"'Miss. C
Iv.' J. McCoy has n fine piece of corn.
Whoattlelds are looking prosperous.
Mrs. John UnntlnKton vir.ited at H.
A. Uottum's Slinday.
The hay crop coes not look as thrlf- j
ty as usual at this time of year.
Mrs.' II. A. Uotttim has been visit
ing U. S. Harton of Scotia. N. Y. ,
' Mr. and Mrs. James Quinn of llcn-
' nitigton visited relatives in town Sun-,
MorutiB of Somerville Mass.,
town Wednesday on busi-
Mr, Eail Laucour; Mr. and Mrs. Dr.
C. L. Madin:. Kdward A. Martin: Mrs.
Chan. It. Chapman; Mrs. K. LHvArkez; j
Miss Lois Fredcrkh; .Mrs. Kannln
Jones; Mrs.. Kdward P. Martin; Miss i
Helen McDonald; Mrs. Joe Drnuck; i
can we neknowlcd
! hot even look nt thfm?
ladys F:iwcll of llennington
: W. F
.vns In
ness. ;
i Miss Huth Keith of North F.iton is
j tho guest of her bIsUt Mrs. Uoy C. ,
j Lampman. .
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Niles of :
Schenectady were recent guests of ;
, Mr. and Mrs.. Earnest Mattison.
Mrs. Albert Peak who has been ill '.
for several weeks is in a critical con
dition at her home on the Denning- !
ton road.
(VI rt'l i"ilif now llnp of mHlrlAlKn(t
KK.VHV TO WgAK ilKN'S SUITS nt rwvm.
lile iriit 15 ' - -'
' Cli-miiiiK, 1'. owing aid Ilwixvii-inu of all klnl
tr.U- es-j" ' " ian nouth strrrt
t f 11,-..,..! T..t..M '1......
the subject, be rrsue,l his inquiries .V , T , : ' ' r.T.. ' m " ,
, and found'that his surmise wns'Cor- i..,v if n, .,.,,...,.,, ,.r,.
like charity, begins nt bome. Tim
man who Is fcble'to face 1 He disofrot'
able trulh about bimvelf has learned
to face the truth about the community
he lives In nnd earned the rlcbt to
e mem ir we win : ' , ' Mrs.
Truth-fftcttiR. : " rou-,N Y
u. iN. iiarriiiRion ami (laur.mer, iviihb i'homo Sunday
Almon Itnthbtin of Cranville,
who has been spending two
weeks wiih relatives here returned
Ida srent one day last week in Che-
Mr. and Mrs. K.
The Wnlto Rlue berry Held will be
opened July H and July 17, then
every day tho remainder of the sea
son. Admission HQ cents for the two
days named, then 25 cents a day for
the remainder of the season.
Nelson E. Waite, Prop.
rect. The gropes were grown ' from
cuttings of vines which funned part
of the cargo of the Spanish Armndn.
hence their similarity to ..those of Cali
fornia, bofh being nf Spanish origin.
This beautiful fruit flourishes In o
sheltered valley on the western side of
.Lough Swilly. where no frost has
' nipped the vines for five year, al
though frequeutly snow Is visible on
i the distant hills.
in caning ror above, please say
vcrtiscd" giving date of list.
spelik It. And a community honest
enough, courageous 'enough, and Inlet
Mrs. Harriet Morrison and Miss ,
Hottu.n and'"uth Morrison of S:ton' River are
t son' have returned from a brief visit ;
M ,T.
truth nbioit iNelf 1 n coirmunity hard
to beat In war or In Mice.
ltlvcr returned
Entire British
; Chariots In Ancient Warfare. i
Tho Egyyiffm nnd Itomnn chariots ! Th Slacker's Load.
served net only to bflnjf the soldiers "Vu Mggen' hind some fo!ks has got
to n desired point and to overwhelm j tor carry." observed r.rother Williams,
advancing mns'ses of Infantry, but hlsi i "Is n grip full of excuses fer pit tin
as a bulwark, "a port of improvise 1 out o' doln' d rkht thing nt do right
fortress behind which marksmen
Fhcltered themselves in tbo thick of
the fight Tho curved front of fho
carriage body served ns a shield even
though it was at least nineteen cen
turies behind Its modern cousin, the
tron-platc.d, self-protipliod motor' tank.
time. Fer Instance, cf It's wood-cut-
fin day. dey ain't got no iit; nn' cf
"ley got n nx, de, nln't no grindstone
fer sharpen It; an' cf d- grindstone's
thir, le well's dry an' dcy's no
water tor wet it :" Atlanta tVn;.-tltu-tbh'."
- -
Ctrmnn Airmen Kill
London. July 10. Dose rlbing the
(!cnn:i'.i seap nne attack on the Ib it
l: !i submarines t:!3 and t'-31, off the
mouth of 1 1:.' Thames on July ti, a
Itcrlin semi olllclal statement, relayed
l.y the Anmeidam uirrespondeiit of
the Central .News a"eiuy, says:
"Herman airmen attacked the C-3
w!iile. her commander and crew were
on dork. AH the members of the crew
were Killed by jiijrliine i;un fire, but
lb'.' commander kept fir ins his rifio at
tho Hvi.ilorn - mt il I he, l io, wm killed.
The hcaplaues, r hiih by this lime
Ind expembtil all their ammuntMou,
then relumed to th;v Kentish coa: I.
"Another suiiLiilron arrived wliile
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh
1tr.....l...... r. 9 r-nn... t.ot si:....
in Greenfield i im.ii m v ... i.viiv. i ui. .mna
' ,, ' , .. ' Florence Morrison, who has been the
llf .i I bi I'lifiin (iml mui l Htiiiit rf
i. ..., f.... ,, ,nm,ni,u rv. ' .7L", U. '. " " ' "i . guest of relatives at Ilelows Falls and
... ... ..... .... i.eiiuiiiKiou visneu ai me noiuu oi : u.,ri,,'u
Hairy Ilrown last week. t ti1KU1 -
Merle Ross accompanied by his '
sister. Miss Helen, and brother Clar
ence and Miss (Jertnide Mallbon vis
aed relatives in i'awlet a:id Dauby
' f
' Left Mother Gaspleg,
Tdgnr, seven years old. rnn Into hl
h.Mne the oiher day nnd Informed his
mother fhAt Harold, next door, was fit
that moment' getting n licking, bis
mother ' hnving tnuytvt Mm siiiol;lng.
"That's Pile thing you don't have to
' b licked for. Isn't It. Edgar?" said his
' mother proudly. "You donvt smoke, do
you?'' "Nnw, I should sny not," re
plied Edgar. "Why. ge, ma, I ain't
; smoked for moro'n two ears." Kan-
; aos City Star.
How Caesar Made Name Immortal.
Arithmetic was' so snarled up In
the riibmarinc CM as towing tho It. C. Hint Julius ( nesar f-ei io onc
C:;r. anl botli ve-.'so'i eVe attacked , reforming the calemWr. 'H dVree.1
that every year whose nnte numner
was exactly divisible by four should
contain ' WMl days hbd' all the other
yerrs .TO d.iys. Incidentally be shift
ed 'New' Tear's front March to Janfinry,
nnd 'named July fter btiiiself,' by
'which delicate compliment he make
! os write bis name for 81 days everj
. If
r n n rp Uf nn r3 rv ca
M'. ,
Otherwise they are
the most wonderful
flakes you
Crows have destroyed i.cvcral corn
' fields.
' Lowell Waite visited out of tuwu
' roentiy. '
, Fred W'oodard Ikuj a milk route in
Schuyler Harringlon was in Pen
nington' Saturday.
Kdgitr Urcene has sold his failu to
out of town parties.
. C. II. Nash nnd daughtei, Jennie
lire visiting in Jerico.
For Sale Dallas P. Mattison has u
Mine llolesteiu bull for sale.
Mrs. C. H. Nash and Mrs. Dclbcrl
Hump were in llennington Saturday,
i Many from this place attended July
1 4th at Heiinington and think it a great
J. W. Pierce and family of I'cuniiig
ton were in lirccn Mountain Valley
' Sunday,.
1 A surprise was given Mr. and Mrs.
' Lollls Poler recently with dancing und
U line time for all.
j the crowa have destroyed many
t pieces of coin, and buckwheat has
Shows How Easy it is to Have Plenty
of Lustrous Hair.
ThcDAnncr has received an
other small lot of : those beauti
: ful American Flags -which we
will sell as Ions as they last at
! prices much - lower than is us
,ual!y charged for such fine fags.
! PRICE- '
Size 5 x 8 $1.55
Size 4 x6 $1.25 : .
f These flags are hand sewed
1 with metal grommets and will
! outwear any other low price flag
on the market and will hold
i their color loncrer and better
: than flags that cost three times
Lincoln'! Favorite Hymn.
John tf.lv Vas nkel If be VritiM'fe. J been sown on the Holds.
call the favorite hymn of Abraham Mrs. Alfred lialletto and children of
I.lnccdii.'nnd rive bl rtplnloh tfin'f the iPer.iiingiou visited her sister, Mrs.'
hymn beginning, "Kalher. Mhnte'er ot 1110 liarrlngton recently,
earthly bllns," was Lincoln's favorite. ' Andrew Maurcr and Mr. Koyee ot 1
" '"' ' 1 ' I the llottum store wore driving In
Mouhtaln Valley recoil tly on u
If j our Irtiir is thinning out, prcma
tunly ray. brittle, life'ess, full of
dandruff and your head . itches like
mid, quick action must be taken to
save your hair.
Don't wait until the hair root Is
dead for then nothing can prevent
(let from W. L. (Jokay' or at any j as much.
good drug store today a. package of ,
1 ril:i n kiil'O it il.i;n'J encf nntfli
and there's .nothing else you could i flags and the price and you will
use tint's so simple, sate and effec-1 want one-for patriotic display
You will surely be delighted with !
tho first application. Your hair will j
r.ceni much more abundant and radl-1
ant with life and beauty all llchini;
ceases and your sc.i'p feels cool and
comfortable. 1'arlslan aago is in
great di'in.md by discriminating wo
men becauso it is delicately perfumed,
doea not color. 'or streak tho hair, and!
ii i t i t ..er.. I
no sure von get the Rcnui.m Paris-!cenl3 for postage and packing.
Ian sane (Cilroux's) for this U guaran
teed to give perfect satisfaction or
nothing to ay. " ' '
Just note the size of these
this spring and summer.
Size 5x8 $1.55
Size 4 a 6 $L25
If ordered sent by mail add 1J
Children Cry.
inc n
Bennington,. Yt,:
tonnuou Perfermanb. 1,1 'juslness.
Frteill "What abmit the Vent of n : Mr.' and Mrs.
Clarence Chandler en
place like ihls? ' I niippose Ihe land-1 'criained a large gathering or rcla
lord auks' n lot for' It." Anluppe ,a,)'I r.li,1, h lwmr ,,f Mr- nlul
-Vn. rlberl,o- WBv. nsklnir for V: OHn, recently.
tf '
It.'' Boston Transcript.
l A famly, gathering was, enjoyed ntf
Henry Harringtona last Saturday!
1 nin.ninn It I. !... l.l... I. .1.. f.... '
Outsiders who rpeculato In oil frc
qttcnliy slip up.
Only n remarkable girl Is not flnt
tercd by her photogrAph.
There are times when t,he corkitrrew
la mightier Oinn Ihe typewrite . ' '
The average man, needn't .be ,vcry
nick to' Imagine be Is folnR to die, ,
If she pays cash nt the drug storo
he comes by her complexlou honestly.
evening. It being bis birthday. Dam
clng wan ciljrtyed until midnight.
Crandmother waa the Cruggitt. j
in Ihe eu'riy days , of our com f ry '
gr'andomlher wal ' tho driigRlst. anil !
her dings conslited mostly of roots (
and herbs gathered from tho.'flelda
and forest, There was peperinlnt for:
indigestion, million f:r coughs, skull-1-cap
tor 'iierVoimniwH. thorouKhwori fur'
colds, wormwood . for , brulRCi and)
sprains and j:n on. They ere success-..
; nn it'iucoM's, ion. ii nu.i i rum h com-
Mn.Uh)h of such roots and herbs that!
i Mrs. Lydla Y.. PinVham . of Lynn,,
) Muss.', more than forty years ago,
. oi'luinateil 'her now famous Vegetable i
' Compobnd; and during all tlioe long!
' years no other n-niedy has ever been '
, dbicoverpd to ipstore health to ailing!
; women so Fiiccensliilly as this good
ripHERE. are. a great many ways
11 of advertising a business
. .i 'i, . i i . .
TJiit nobody lias (4ycr iniprovcd on (he
ood old-fashioned plan of. telling the
plain truth.
' V . . ,
Absolutely Reliable Insurance
. Cliilaron Ory-
' old fashioned rot and herb medk lne
If 'you have tnything to aell try
en try ii
uinor. i
iic d tu The tvenlng Uaunor

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