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When a Gossip Says a Bad Story Is All Over Town She Means It Will Be After She Has Made a Few More . Calls
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RFPimi inawQ i
Si? IT IS iT
mvan m
Insist on Their
Sharing In It
Republican Resent President's
est Request qf People As Being
Mere Political Move.
In answer to
Washington, Oct. 24-
... i th on,,io
me pic.ucui i- - " -I
for the return of a Democratic ma-
Jorlty to Congress, - the Republican i
leaders of the Senate and House is
sued this statement this evening:
"Some time ago the president said
'politics is adjourned. Now, in the
closing days of the campaign delay
ed by the united efforts of all parties
for the Libert loan now, when all
public meetings have been given up
owing to the influenza'epidemic, the
president sends out a direct party ap
peal calling upon his countrymen to
vote for Democrats because they are
Democrats without any reference to
whether such Democrats have been or
are in favor of war measures and
have a war record which deserves
"The voters of Michigan, to take a
single example, are called upon to
Tremendous Demand Last Few Days Has. Wiped Out
Excess Stocks That We Had Estimated Would Last
r : Until Next January. Last Week's Orders Called For
One and Three QuarterMillion Jars-Today's Orders
Alone Amount to 932,459 Jars
Biff Shipments Are En route to
Jobbers. Until These Arrive
There May Be a Temporary
Shortage. All Deals Post
ponedBuy in Small
any one shipment.
. 4th We are now out of the 60c
RETAILERS CAN GET IM- size and will be for the next 10 days.
MEDIATE SHIPMENTS DI- Vvhat we q ask the q retail
RECT BY PARCEL POST ,Juy jn as Bmu tUan,itlPa as po9.
slble. If you have nny quantity or
i ders, given the Jobber's salesmen or
This advertisement is written on ; ciV(,n t0 our salesmen, don't bother
Monday, October 21st. It is directed i tliemta need to write us It is ab
to the attention of all distributors of golutely Impossible to fill these orders
Vick's VapoRub, both wholesale and nt thj8 tiInP Jr tll0 jobbers in your
retail. In an emergency such as the ; urrit01.y nre out 0 vick's VapoRub,
present epidemic our dlity-rmd we wiil BnIp you by purrci poat pre.
your duty is to distribute VapoRub i pui(1( quuntile3 not ni0re than three
in the quickest possible manner to,3) dozen 30c size in any one order,
those sections stricken by Influenza. Naturally, we can't open accounts at
We. therefore, call your careful at-lln;s tiin0 8 ymir check or money or
tentlon to the following: , ,i,.r for this amount must accompany
On October 1st we hud on hand, at
our Factory and In twenty ware
houses scattered over the country,
sufficient VapoRub to last us, we
thought, until January 1st, allowing
for a 50 per cent. Increase over last
year's sales, and not counting our
dally output. This big excess stock
hud been accumulated during the
summer months.
flu za' hi us-nnd In the luT 10
duya this stock has vunishod. At
first we thought this tremendous de
mand would last only a few days, but
the orders have run:
Wied.. Oct. 1818,504 Doz.
Thur., Oct. 1725.325 Ioz.
Fil. Oct. 18-39,256 Doz.
Kat., Oct. 1D-45.833 IHz.
Won,, Oct. 2177,705 Doz.
Up to Saturday, October 19th, we
have actually shipped for this month
$400,284.10, or over two million Jars
of. VapoRub.
Most of this tremendous quantity is i In addition to the usual method of
still en route to the Jobbers, but i using VnpoRub-thut Is, implied over
freight and express are both congest- the throat and chest and covered
e(l nowadays, and It muy he some ; with hot fbtnnel cloths our custom
lime before thin supply renches the crn lire writing us daily telling of
Jobbers. In the meantime, therefore, ' their success In using VapoRub in
It In necessary that we distribute, ns other ways, particularly ns a preven
widely Us possible, the stork that weitive. They nilt n little In a spoon
nre manufacturing daily, together j ""'1 Inhale the vapors arising, or melt
with that now on the Jobbers' and re-, " 1,1 n benzoin steam kettle. Where
tnllers' shelves, In order that U tuny 'ho steam kettle Is not available,
get to tin Influenza districts quickly. : VapoRub can be used In nn ordlnory
Our normal output Is about 4,000 doz-j tea kettle. Kill the tea kettle holt
rn per ilny. We are putting on
night shift, but it will be n little
whilo before that is producing.
Iiast Saturday we notified nil of our
Jobbers, by Special Delivery, ns fo.
1st Deals and quautity shipments
of nil kinds are cancelled. Fill no
support l!r. Henry Ford, notorious for
his advocacy of peace at any price,
for his contemptuous allusions to the
flag, for the exemption of his son from
niii.tary service on tne sole ground
that he will blindly support the presi-
' dent. The president, is quite ready to
admit that Republicans are loyal
enough to fight anil die, as they are
doing by the thousands; loyal enough
to take up great loans and pay enor
mous taxes; loyal enough to furnish
important men at no salary on some
of the great war boards in Washing
ton. Uut they are not loyal enough,
in the president's opinion, to be trust-
! ed with any share in the government
of the country or legislation for it.
"If the Republican party controls
the House we can point out some of
the things they will do. They will
replace Mr. Dent of Alabama at the
. j head of the Military Affairs Commit
! tee with Mr. Julius Kahn, to whom the
administration was obliged to turn
I for assistance to take charge of and
! carry the first draft bill against Mr.
Dent's opposition. They will put a
Republican at the head of the Ways
and Means Committee, as leader of
the House, instead of Mr. Kitchin of
- North Carolina, who voted against
the war. They will give the country
a seaker wno did not oppose and
would never oppose a draft bill and
would never say as tpeaK.or uiarK am
that 'there is precious little difference
between a conscript and a convict.'
"Although the Republicans of the
House are in the minority, they cast
more actual votes on Beven great war
measures than the Democratic major-
cord of the Senate? On the fifty-one
roll calls on war measures between
April C, 1!)17, and the 29th of May,
1U1S, the votes cast by Republicans
in favor of such measures were 72
per cent., while only 67 per c ent of
the votes cast on the Democratic
side were in favor of such measures.
Those were the president's own
measures. Does that record look as
if we had hampered him? The Re-
I quantity orders of any kind, whether
taken by our salesmen or by your
own. Sell In small lots only.
2nd Order from us in as small
(Itiantities as possible. If you are out
we will try to ship a limited amount
by Parcel Post or express, and pay
the charges ourselves.
3rd In order to make distribution
IjOlh'stiu quicker, we will ship direct to
your retail customers quantities not
more than three (3) dozen 30c size at
order. Don't write us statintc to ship
! thru your Jobber, as we then have to
wait until we write this Jobber and
: get his O. K. If you w ish the goods
: to come thru your Jobber, have him
I order them for you.
Our force has already been "shot
! to pieces" twenty-four of our men
; are wearing Uncle Sam's khaki and
this, recent rush has simply burled us
! All our sales force has bf en called In
1 !? ?J?. tory
Just mention this so you won't hold It
against us if your wires and letters
aren't answered promptly.
We will send, on request, to any re
tall druggist, 100 or more little book
lets. Just Issued, on Spanish Influenza
giving the latest Information about
this disease-Its history tho symp
: toms the treatment, nnd particularly
the use of Vlek s apoRub ns an ex
ternal application to supplement the
' ,h'8l, ia " treatment.
full of boiling wat(r, put In half a tea
spoon of VapoRub from time to time
keep the kettle Just slowly boiling
and inhale the steam arising.
According to n ltulletln Just Issued
by the Public Men llh Service, Dr.
Stiles, of this Service, recommends
that the nose be kept greased us u
preventive measure against the Influ
enza germs. For this purpose Vapo
jkiii is excellent
t i
United States Completes 'test of
Daylight Saving,.
During One Hour Beginning at Two
O'clock, A. M., There Will Be No
Train Service.
Washington, Oct. 20. At ;o
o'clock tomorrow morning the United
States will complete its test of day
light savins. At that hour the clocks
of the naval observatory here and
other agencies by which time is regu
lated will be stopped one hour. At
the same, time trains on all the rail
roads of the country will stop by or
der of Director General McAdoo. They
will remain motionless for an hour
and then proceed.
It is the general opinion in cities
and larxer towns that the scheme is
said to have been very successful.
War gardens have profited by the ex
tra amount of care made possible
from those who otherwise could not
have been able to work garden plots
it various distances from their homes.
Without the extra time these plots
would have grown up in weeds. Be
sides the greater amount of food rais
ed the physical work done by office em
ployes and others who work indoors
has been a benefit.
In the agricultural communities it
has made but little difference as the
average farmer "goes by the sun"
rather than by the clock, anyway.
German Newspapers So View
son's Latest Note.
Amsterdam. Oct. 2C Although the
German newspapers are not satisfied
with President Wilson's latest note,
many of them say it means progress
towards peace. This feeling was re
sected in the operations yesterday on
the llerlin stock exchange in the ad
vance in prices.
ijubllcun party in Congress has sup
ported the administration policies
ilnce the war with a unanimity ana an
ibsence of criticism unprecedented in
party history.
There are some domestic ques
tions where we should undoubtedly
liffer from the course pursued by the
administration. We should not, for
example, fix a price on the farmer's
-heat and leave the planters cotton
jntouched. Another domestic ques
tion in which the Republican party
elieves thoroughly Is economic pre
paration for the coming of peace, and
hey are clearly of the opinion that
he Congress of the United Mates
should not be excluded from that
;reat task.
This is not tho president s person-
il war. This is not the war of Con
rress. It is not the war of the
Democratic or the Republican party.
t is the war of the American people,
t is more. It is the war of the
Jnlted States, of the allied powers, of
he civilized world against barbarism
)f Germany. In this great burden and
esponsibility, tho Republican party
epresenting more than half the
jllizensltip of the country, demands
ta rightful Bhare.
."If the Republican party is Intrust
)d with power in either or both hous
;s they will do everything possible to
Irive forward the war and husten the
lay of victory. Tho president speaks
if the necessity of telling the , plain
ruth. That the Republican party in
:ontrol of Congress would do, for they
lave no friends to shield. And they
ft'lll do more, they will give all the
noney to the last dollar necessary to
mstaln our armies und our fleets, but
hey will check the wusto now going
in of tho money given by the most
senerous 'people on tho face of tho
"The president speaks of tho effect
f the election abroad. lie says that
.hero they understand tho meaning of
jleetions. They do, nnd they will
mow that If tho Republicans have a
naor;ty in Congress the war will be
pressed with greater vigor than ever
before. Thoy are quito aware that
he power of the Senate Is equal to
hat of the president In tho consum
nation of peace by treaty. They will
enow that the Republican party
itanils for a victorious peace and tho
overthrow of Prusslun militarism.
That knowledge will not depress
iie spirit of our allies or encourage
he government of Germany.
"The Republican party believes
hat t ho question of surrender should
'ie left to Marshal Foch, to the goner
lis, and to the armies in the Held.
When they report that O crinany has
:ald down her arms, the United
States and tho allies should then im
oose their terms. Will that know
lodge ciiuso dejection to those who
ire lighting with us? All tho world
knows that the Republican party Is
opposed to n egotiatlons nnd d Iscus-
sion carried on in diplomatic notes
opposed to negotiations and discus
The Republican party stands for un
conditional surrender. There is no
Republican creed so short that thero
Is not room in it for those two words.
"Henry Cubot Lodge,
"Reed Snioot,
"Chairman "Republican Sen
"iitorlal Committee:
"Frederick II. Oillett,
"Simeon I). Fess,
"Chairman Republican Com
"gresslonal Committee."
Chairman of Liberty Loan Committee
Died In Washington.
..Washington. Oct. 2C Mrs. Ella
Fiagg Voung of Chicago chairman of j
the National Woman's Liberty Ix)an
committee, died nere today or pneu
monia induced by influenza.
North Adams Couple Marred by Rev.
W. H. Hammertley.
Mr. and Mrs. Uarry A. Duffy of
North Adams are guests of Mrs. Hat tie
Albee. The North Adams Herald has
the following account of their wed
ding. -
Miss Katherino M. Field, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. James 11. Field,
of 309 Eagle street, was married Mon
day morning to Harry A. Duffy, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Ftanlc Duffey of 620
Church street. The ceremony was per
formed at the Methodist parsonage at
9 by Rev. W. H. Hammersley. The
young couple was attended by Miss
Helen Duffy, sister of tho bride, and
Mrs. Robert Cunningham, the groom's
aunt. The bride wore a traveling suit
of Pewin blue with large hat' to cor
respond and carried w hite roses while
her bridesmaid wore a traveling suit
of tan velvet with hat to match and
carried pink roses. Mrs. Cunningtam
wore brown silk.
A wedding breckfast was served at
the bride's home Immediately after
the ceremony?" Mr. and Mrs. Duf
fey left soon after for a wedding
trip to New York city in the groom's
car. Upon their return they will
make their home with the bride's par
ents on Eagle street.
Both the bride and groom . are
very well known and popular among
the young peoplt? of tho city and
were the recipients of many beauti
ful wedding gifts of cut glass, silver,
gold and furniture.
Among the out of town guests
were Mrs. John Rice of Chnrlemont.
Mrs. Ilattie AP'ee nnd Miss Ella
Wright of I'.cnnlngton.
Idle Phonograph Records
Boys at the Front.
Music is one of the factors that Is
helping to win the war. There is no
doubt about it. That intangible some
thing called "morale" must be stimu
lated and maintained at the highest
pitch, and music contributes more
toward that end than canned beef.
In every home where there is a
phonograph, a number of records are
idle. Perhaps they are not the latest,
or perhaps tho owners are just tired
of them. In any case, these are "slac
ker" records that our boys at the
front need. And thev need them now.
Records-for-tlghters" week extends
from October 2fith to November 2nd.
Help make it a great success for Ben
nington and vicinity by giving gener
ously from your collection of records
or by buying new ones in case you
have no phonograph.
Ilring them to Mrs. Arthur Elliot.
117 South St., or leave them at some
store, plainly marked for her, and
telephone her (437-W) that you have
done so. If you chance to have a ma
chine that is not In use, that will be
still more acceptable.
Good Words For Y. M. C. A.
Knights of Columbus. '
Rome. Oct. 25. Anonuncement was
made yesterday in conjunction with
the coming United War Work Cam
paign that Vittorio Emanuele, King of
taly, had forwurded a letter to the
ainpaign authorities in which he paid
high tribute to America for the efforts
being made in the fighting zone by the
Y. M. C. A., the Y. W. C. A., the
Knights of Columbus, the American
Library Association and the Salvation
The King's message Xollows:
. 'To offer something to the soldier
at war facing thf enemy Is not only a
brotherly thought of gracionsness nnd
kindness, but also a powerful means
to keep their minds in all hours vigi
lant, prompt and courageous. To have
given these institutions so great a de
velopment is worthy of tho American
people who thus Illustrate again that
In their genius, a sense of the ideal,
allies Itself admirably with an essen
tially practical mind."
Nearly All Coal Field9 Have Been
Washington, Oct. 26. The total
world's shipping tonnage, members of
the senate military committee were
told at today's war department con
ference, is today only seven percent
lo:;s than at the beginning of tho war.
The American tonnage has been more
than doubled.
Summarizing the situation on the
western front. Gen. March today said
tho Germans had evacuated or been
driven from seven thousand square
miles of llelglnn and French territory
Binco July and that nil coal fields In
northern France have been reconquer
ed except for a five mile tract where
tho allied advance now Is being
pressed near the lielglan border.
He also announced five Amerieon
corps and division commanders who
have been uctlvely engaged in France
are returning here for important as
Dcnnington Branch Send9
Articles to Headquarters
The Pennington Brunch of the
American Hed 'ros shipped to
headquarters at Hoston Thursday:
Socks (pairs) 270
Sweaters tl7
Wristlets (pairs) r.
Hemlets 5
Mulllers . 2
.1 yd. bandages .1
Gauzo sponges .1000
Convnlescent Robes 15
iinrn tii mi; nr I
U 1 !
Three Thousand Austrians Cap
tured on Italian Front
British Are Defeating Turks in Meso
potamia Americans Advance Lines
Though Strong Resistance
London, Oct. 25. British, French,
and Italian troops are engaged in a
new offensive on the mountain front
between the Ilrenta and Piave Rivers,
and, despite unfavorable weather, the
operations are meeting with consider
able success. Nearly 3.001) prisoners
had been captured at latest reports.
The Italians yesterday advanced
across the Ornic River in tho Monte
Grappa sector and captured Monte
Solarole, part of Monte Prassolan,
and Monte Pertica.
On the Piave front tho liritish have
gained a footing on some islands in
the river nnd captured enemy garri
sons of 40u men.
On the Asiago Plateau, the French
have taken Monte Sisemol, increasing
their number of prisoners to 8(u,
London, Oct. 2.1. Continuing their
attacks upon the German lines south
of Valenciennes, the llritish today
readied the Le Qiiesnoy-Valenciennes
railway on a front of six or seven
miles, capturing the villages of Sep
merles and Querenaing.
At the same time the French armie3
mucking on the Serre and Aisne, ov
er a front of approximately forty
miles, advanced their lines at all
points, capturing many villages and
making nioro than 3,000 German pris
on ers.
North of Valenciennes the enemy
rearguards have been driven by the
Jlritlsh from the villages of llruille
and Iluridon.
i.Nine thousand Germans and 150
sun? were taken on the Scheldt-'
Sanibro lattlefront Wednesday and
London, Oct. 25. The Germans in
Belgium and France still are stublwrn
ly resisting the attempts of the en
tente allied forces to break through
their lines and bring about an Immedi
ate collapse of their defensive posi
tion:. They are succeeding to some extent
bat nevertheless on all salient posi
'Ions under attack, the enemy line
gradually, but slowly, is being forced
On the northern Italian front be
.ween the Hrenta and Piave rivers the
iustriaiis are being put to the test in
i new attack by British, French and
'talian troops, while in Mesopotamia
the Rritish again have gone on the
jrfensive against the Turks and at
!ast acocunts were making consider
able progress. Tn Albania and Serbit
.lie operations of the allied forces are
tending to.vard the s'ow but sure ova-
nation of the Invaded, districts by the
eneniv forces.
lietween the Oise and Serre rivers
American naval gunners with sixteen-
Inch guns have joined the French in
their efforts to hammer their way
northeastward toward Hirsnn, one of
the key point positions in the German
line. American shells from these
guns are being .hurled aksinst both
Vervines and Roseoy. Some further
progress has been made by the
French in this region, but only after
the hardest kind of fighting.
The liberation of Rumania has been
begun by entente forces after n year's
occupation by the Germans. Crossinc
the northwestern portion of Ilulgaria
t Loin Pnlanka, southeast of the Iron
Gales. French patrols have forced a
passage of the Danube olid entered
upon Rumanian soil.
For eastern New York and western
Vermont, rain this afternoon or to
night. Cooler In north and central
portion. Sunday unsi-ttled and some
what cooler in south portion.
District of Pennington ss.
The Honorable Probate Court for the
District of Pennington.
To all persons interested in the es
tate of Mart iu Murray, late of Shafts
bury, in said District deceased.
At a Probate Court, holden at Pen
nington within and for said District
on the 2rlh day of October, lit IS, an
instrument purporting to bo the List
Will uud Testament of Martin Mur- j
ray, late of Sliaftsbui y, In satd I Mm- i
tricl, deceased, was presented to llif1
Court iiforesaiil, tor Probate. j
And it Is ordered by said Court !
Hint the lSlh day of November, 1818,1
at tho Probate Otllco in said Pen-
ninglon, be ussigued for proving said'
instrument; nnd that notice thereof
be nlveii to ull persons concerned, by
publishing thi: order three weeks,
successively in the Pennington Even-1
lug Haulier, a newspaper circulating
In that vicinity, In said District, pre-j
vious to tho tiniii appointed.
THEREFORE, you are hereby not-1
Hied to appear before said Court, lit !
the time and place n foresaid, und con-,
test the probate of said will, if you!
have cause.
Given under my hand it t pennliiftou
In said District, this 2'th day of Oct
ober, l'.HS.
Amy H. Harbour, Register.
Sorf Says Germany Agrees to Regula
tion of Alsace-Lorraine Question
Amsterdam, Oct. 2G,,As for Alsace
Lorraine, it is clear that as these ter
ritories were expressly mentioned
among President Wilson's fourteen
points, we. agree to the regulation of
these questions," said German For
eign Secretary Solf, in addressing
the Reichstag Thursday. "Moreover,
having accepted President Wilson's
program as a basis of the entire peace
work, we will locally and in sense of
complete justice and fairness, fulfill
the program in ull directions and at
all points."
Government Wants 1,000,000
Pounds ;
Daily. ,
New York, Oct. 25. The govern-j
ment needs 1,000,000 pounds of nut!
shells and fruit stones daily for' manu
facturing gas mask charcoal and at;
present is unauie to purcnase one
third of that amount. This and the
failure of the public to co-operate ful
ly by saving and sending in this form
of waste from the kitchen have made
It necessary for the chemical warfare
headquarters here to renew its ap
Governor Graham Issues Proclama.
tion Urging Co-operation of All to
Prome Prevention of Fire Loss
Montpelier, Oct. 2.".. Following is
is ;
the text of a proclamation
Prevention Day Issued by
for Fire
Governor i
This Nation loses annually by fire J ou!1(.ed. Iletwven th Oise and Serre.
two hundred fifty million dollars, a tho French maintain contact with the
sum nearly equal to the interest on i nemv. Ret ween Sisone and Chateau
the Fourth Liberty Loan. This vast ! Porcir. tho French, breaking up t-no-amount
means the destruction oi my resistance, carried their lino for
immense quantities of foodstuffs, cot-1 ward on a five milo front to a depthof
ton, wool, lumber and munitions, all
vitally necessary to the conduct of
the war. Production is crippled nnd
efficiency impaired by Hie. The adop
tion of proper measures anil the exer
c6o of care would materially reduce
this enormous loss.
Fire prevention at all times, but es-!
pecially at this time, is a patriot ic '
duty, therefore, I, Horace F. Graham,)
Governor, designate Saturday, Xavem-I
ber 2, 1518, Fire Prevention Day and i
I urge the co-operation of navvjspap-!
ers, civic bodies, churches, schools.'
and homes, that every influence may'
pLuie!.i!Llro!!!M!L I p,:cvonl:,n: I
upon to emjihasize the subject o bet-!
lering all conditions that will reduce I
the hazard of fire. We must have1
wealth to win the war. and the dc-j
struction of property by lire delays;
our war endeavors. We are straining,
every effort to bring the war to an!
early and successful dose. We must!
conserve all property for ourselves
and for our Country, and one of tho:
best means of conserving property is
safeguarding it from fire.
Given under mv hand and the
Great Seal of the State, at Montpelier,
this twenty-fifth day of October, A. D.
Horace F.
I!y the Governor:
Harvey K. Goodell.
Secretary of Civil and Military Affairs
If you are "run down" or out '
; of condition, if sluggish bowels
! have allowed poisonous inipur-
ities to accumulate in your sys- !
i tern you nre liable to mifiVr so-
! verely with the grip. Dr. True'3 i
I Elixir, the r.unous household '
I remedy of fj years' reputation,
may ward oiT the grip or nuike
' an attack light and easily thrown '
! olf. Why? liecause ' j
Or. True's Elixir
; is u vegetable medicine Hint nuU I
j the system in good condition.
) prevents an 1 relieves cut-.siip.t-
j tion, stimulates the nppcr.te
I and improves the digestive' pov.
I ers. It can do no burin. Jt is
purely Vegetable. Ask your
; druggist for it . .- write DR. .1
! F. TRl'E ii CO., Auburn. Me.
'10c, 60c, $1.00.
"A Hank for Financial Reservation.'
one caonot live entirely within the walls of cne's
"job." 'Tis true, nvmy try it; but rcai security
comes from n envings account well placed In tbs
BenninsionComtty Savings Bank
It supports cue's effortj, founds an unbreakable:
barrier, and plscca one within ever strengthen
ing protective wallc. For, you know, a dollar or
dollars deposited here in built up with
each yenr nnd compounded c:ich 6 months there
after, as long r.s it remains.
Our ullli'i-r would In- il'ncd to lmp
)!! i-niill l lie in In muiriln to
Olirliliiii nn ikioiiiiI
Proporsjil Made Through Turkish
Minister to Switzerland
Ottomans Believe They Will Get Eet
ter Terms of Surrender If Step
13 Tsken Now.
London. Oct. IMJ. The Turkish min
ister to Switzerland has handed the
Rritish and French minbters to that
country an offer of pc.ui c virtually
I amounting to surrender, aeeordlar'.to
ja Heme despatch tn D.-.ily Mail. The
I Turks want favorable terms of ,'eace,
', ::A briiuve thiir chances it.:- obtain
! inu them now aie better tluui they
i would be. later.
Cacry Line Forward Two Miles
Throucb Positions Prepared by
Germans in 1917. '
r.iris, Oct. 2fi. On the Serre front,
southwest of Marin, the French have
captured the village of Mor'.iers aftr
two miles through positions prepar
ed by flu! Germans m rJl.
Washington, Oct. 20 Heavy fight
ing on the. Verdun front is described
In General Pershing's communique
for Friday. Strong German counter
attacks east o Mouse were repulsed
everywhere except in Relleu wood
where four successive assaults
forced a partial withdrawal by the
Americans West of the Meuse the
American lines were further advanced
in fae.o of determined resistance,
attorney general
Pratt of Brattleboro 13 Going
Over the Auditors' Account for
Several Years Back. ,
Montpelier. Oct. 23. .'.he auditing
of the books in the nudltor of ac
counts' ollice at Montpelier has taken
another turn and this move is being
wade by tho attorney general under
the direct effort of F. S. Pratt of Iliat
tloboro. who Is looking back over a
few years to secure information want-
ed Ly the attorney general.
Some time ago Mr. 1'arber let it bo
known that he waa not going to take
anv n'tion until he secured informa
tion that he wanted. He askd for
; roir.o from the bunk commissioner but
' did r.ot. got it. and then looked it up
l:.in.(!!f ana ii now having work done
en three or four years in the accounts
bj Mr. Pratt, who, it wii be recalled.
. 'he scccmntant that installed sho
: i-.yst -m when tiio changes were made.
l.i i.;t.i;;i, k lVimeraulrin lo. .1
iVi eel. SiiltuMa rmvui.l fur re-
'i.; H It. IV- A. IlltiuvuuMli, I'J
X".. i s-iect. 3211
!'' tt :: t.I' Cilih ii.'e nnd pio mimp-K'e-
: i.- !-.;tle .it A. II. ilihlow's, HI .i
,V.i.:. ivrt.t. '.i.'tf
!'!: :' l,lv-Tv i rto'lblH houses on
.it1; i : i :i i.t n Ktri-et; 1 room Ihiukc om
Si, . I siiii'i: 1 Fort! Inuring tir. li:?
t'i"''-!: yards of nil w nol AMiilnsler
. :n-i'. i, rtrii'tt:il (liHicn; 1 winkle inri
liriNiiv.il. shi-litly I o;ili nil-
l".n!. lii'iuir.' Mrs. .Matu Hivh-t 1 1
-i.ll Ml-eet. . 3 .'!
; t
' U C
1 ; I : X T I.;irt:e front loom on first
furnished Kiiltel lc for two. A! )-:.
llol'.i.n. :i:';! SlIuioI Mrei't. Iltll
TO I! KNT Tfiit'eient. Altv to Mrs.
C. H.uio. Tel. I'jIi-.M. ;Of
ANTi:i' M:iu :uid wife 10 llv.- in
H'lti-.mer residence In Old He n m l ll I I'll
i ir mi Nov. 'in ber 1 to M.iy 1. K.'i.i
l r. ( ddi Bux ! t" ' il.'t'i
Mrs. L W. U rail ford, Pres.

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