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Effective Immediately, No More, ir-a t distribut.ng our goo.) more
Will US l"rJ ",c ICUHJ siunius "I' ms
U.J. T.4:iy... t CI. :t . . .
iMHue iveiuiicis. in ouiu-i believe that we can serve you
Arlington Boy Describes Service in
France With S. O. S.
The following letter was written
; liy a former Arlington boy, Sec.md
Lieut. Jesse (J. P.ixby or the signs!
rori's. The letter is dated November
24 and was written at Hours. France:
"Dear Dad: ! see by-the "Stars and
'Stripes", the army newspaper publish-
ed for the soldiers, that all of the
i boys .should drop a letter to Had to
day, although 1 suppose that there
; will be many a dad that will reeoise
no letter lor the ,boy has made the
supreme sacrifice of war. I am
sorry, in a way, that I .never had a
Arlington Boy Writes His Mother of
Itay J. Walker an Ar.insimi boy in
the naval forces li :t , wrhteti the fol
lowing letter to his mother. Mrs. K.
M. Walker:
Hear Mother and Family: . i
Now that tho Censorship lnis been
taken off I will tell you where 1 am
and what I have been doing. Just at;
present ! am in Southhampton. F.ng
kind, where we have been for a few1
Weeks undergoing repairs, damage i
rallied by being hit in the Knglish!
(hnnnel. Nov. '., 11 o'clock at night,
Direct Shipments
one of the many happenings that
merits Now Go to Jobbers for: belter now by reverting to our former chance to get to the front, but after your huir pin has been through since
thru i our general was nere one
policy of shipping exclusively
the Jobber, and, effective immediately,
no more drop shipments will be made.
While we have nut on a night shift
and have, thereby, about doubled our
production, wo are still unable, to fill
our back orders and won't be able to
give each jobber all the VapoRub he
...ill K ..n..r.,.f1'tl..t
Hub. We solved this by offering to
ship direct to the retailers in these
intlueiiza districts, by parcel post pre-
When the .influenza epidemic struck
the country and wiped out our ware
house and jobbers' stocks almost over
night, we were faced with the prob
lem of distributing to the stricken
in VapoRub in small lots only, r.ut
i we will be able to furnish each Jobber
1 at least twice the quantity of Vapo
j Uub that he purchased for the corrc-
upending month last year, so there
1 should not be any difllculty in your
paid quantities of not more than three
dozen VapoRub in any one shipment,
and by shipping what was left from
our daily -production to our Jobbers by
express instead of frelRht.
This was costly, but it solved the
... f.., tl.n tillll. l.oillir NTnV
l"""""' ,,trv I., (Ilia time
.... I mi tlv.it tneuti mini ........ j ... ...... -
made a little speech I felt as though"
was doing my bit as much as the
rest, but not suffering the hardships
that my comrades have undergone.
The general said; 'Hoys, don't feel as
though you were not helping to win
tiihs war by being back hero in the S.
(). 'S., for if it were not for you boys
the boys at the front would fare very
"1 feel that 1 have done my share ol
gocJ work by staying here and keep
ing the lines of communication open.
Every night and day 1 have been on
baud to keep the men 1 have under
getting our pio rata, uue, - 1Iie lloing ,heir bost; mU j( was unnec.
We feel that the public appreciates . naanTV f lov h,, .,, ,..,,, ,,.,,
sale drug trade have
Bible lor us to fill these promptly, and i t!lis 'nO'
hi m e. s are constantly increasing- - '1HU to "press to both branches o t j
"e hive received as many as 1.306 lnil'0 trade our ban ks . or . he k . J wn3 t0 me
oliwrlu mill II iu hermninir inmns-! l" ' a 1 1011 CMeilUl 11 US Our el II. I. . , ,
n cnron usd surrey, one Fifty Per Cent, of School Age
buKgy, nearly new. l'rtces low. ll. T. Not Normal. "
Cushman Mfg.. Co. '-tl
... , ..,., ,,..,. Chicago, Dec: 12. Fifty per cent
ed at North Bennington or South the 23,00i,000 boys and girls of school
Shaftsbury. rhone jbj-io. j
dav nnd lie has been over here doing bis bit.
or trying to anyway. It sure was an
e.xcitiiig time that night, a, night that
1 always will remember along with a
few others.
I am seuilinig you a few views of a
French town where we had some
more excitement k more than once. 1
remember one morning just as we
were dociking to disembark some
American troops, the Germans started
an air raid. Well of all the d n
noise that ! ever heard that had them
all stopped. The crew of my ship and
myself all got up on the top side and
waehed it. How the French airmen
fought can not be explained in writ
ing. It was wonderful.
I have been all over France on
day alone to watch for the least break' leave and also Kngland, 'Hand. Wales.
in the line of communication, for 1 : Scotland and Holland. We are sail-
meant if l- failed, it "K for Scotland via Wales to Hoi
and to me alone until 'and the 4th of this month to set some
it become more than one human being English Tommies and take back some
Uould bundle, now I have four com-'German prisoners. Speaking of Ger
I rade.i doing the same work for me and 'uaus 1 have rubbed shoulders with
I feel that I have done my share, li hundreds of them and also (lerman
, don't get on the road much as I have officers whom I have spoken
two men within call with motor ' w,th. They sure got a suprise when
cycles ready to dash away at a ! "''' found out that they were on an
j moment's notice. They are the most American Transport headed for F.ng
; faithful fellows 1 ever saw. Night ! ,al1' could write you all kinds of
j or day, rain or shine, they are off at i tuinfis that has happened since I have
I the word of command without a mur-j ,,een ver here, but as I am not much
! mur. I have several others along thefon writing I'll wait until I get home
I line awaiting the word, but some of nl tell you all about it. Yesterday
I them are ten to a hundred miles from j ' W(,t)t flown to a town about 33 miles
.my station. Thus you can see it's no'ron "ere called liotirnmouth, it's a
Ismail part I have been playing in the j summer resort and I had a fine time
tile service uiai me n-ui.i turn uwir- . , ....... t . . . . .
rendered the 1 . . .
of stress. We
FOR SALE Both new ana
hiind Sharpies separators at
cut prices. A. H. Wlnalow
Kolt KA1.K One rive iiHssonser mo
del 75-B overland automobile in first
eliiss condition in every respect, newly
.,i..tmi will be sold cheap if sulit ul
once, llottum A. Torrance Co.
Soldiers' Home.
room girl at the
WANTED Goods to buy for dash or were unable to get full r'eturns
,2.f ,n?"h-P"K7?.'B i W "nd happiness."
"""" j The physical education needed
WANTED Pupil nurses, male and ' must nssuine physical actlvitv as the
female at the Taunton State Hospital . . . . . . , . T
Training School for nurses. For par- ( asit """fi - t 10 spcaKei aimed, inere
tlUUlarS aOoreSS i;r. yirmur t. w. . uiuni n nuicmnc jii .-.n ul I'll null
great game. I never before had the
opportunity to tell you my story from
the time 1 left New York Oct. !i,
1017. We went to Halifax first where
i we picked up nine more ships. Then
we started to crgss the many miles ot
ocean that lay before us. For 14 days
we were out of sight of land way tin
in I lie Wirth con (II. lint It iv. j ,..,!,!
perative. the spe.tker pointed out that NVe reached the coast of Scotland and
2.300.000 men in the first draft were . U)at rwk HhorP (li(lu.( ()()k
disriiiallflod for active mi' Italry serv- j R0O(1 llt n moantimP wh(.n w(1
wn luP!iiiQn nf tinvclcril iliifeeta nnn i
", v " entered tne danger zone it was neces-
. , ,,, , , , -ary for the boys who come with me,
unfit for militlariy service,,,,, nf lhm , .,(.h , .
the wheel house, as all of thorn were
semaphore or telegraph operators
and expert electricians. Their dutv
age have physical defects that impede i
normal development, Willlard S. ;
Small, School Hygiene specialist of i
the federal Hureau of Education, said!
in an address today before the Ameri
can Public Health Association.
After declaring that the nation's
need of "physical education" is im-
they were therefore unlit to render j
full service in any capacity. They j
from ,
Sunt.. Taunton btate uospuai, " ment. ndividual nhvsiral examination
ton, Mass. amj mord and medical supervision of
-1 schools.
"It should ; provide for all
TO feE '
: between six and 18 years of age
should extend Us benefits to
i durin.; the day was to communicate
! with ihe leading battleship by sema
j phore. At night the telegraph opera-
tors signaled by flashlight.
"WL. landed in safety at Liverpool
Eng.. Oct. 17. From Liverpool we
: went to Southampton where we re-
Imainrd three days and eventually
persons oavil,s fl)r 1a jtavr(i Frauce. Ar-
TO ItEXT Vumlsbed rooms. hot
water hent, elect rie lights :ui(l tmlli.
iii't IlillHiilH St.. -Mrs. J. !' lteniinuloii.
' rlvins at I.n Havre Orr 29 w mil in
OUth ! tvL-n ,n (PiVr-l tt, lrt-a in r.ni,i tt.l n.wt
above the compulsory school age. It!rainv. ' uv made' the trip to Paris 'in
............ ........rr n-vM-i... u.u m (leiuiii. 0,.p ,lf .;,,. f.nmlr:il French tr-il.is
'it tho. roller skating rink with two of
the boys off tho ship.
Vou know mother, England is a
treat place for tea. well I urn right to
home at a tea party believe me. It's
more fun than a circus for nie. Now
niother please do not worry as 1 am
all O. K. and enjoying myself very
much. We do have our hard time
hut we over look them for the good
ones. I am very anxious to get home
as 1 have a lot to tell you all. Onf
!n particular was when I spent 5 days
leave in ;r!and. it's killing every time
think of It. So cheer up as I'll
'e home by spring any w ay. 1 it tic
danger on the seas now.
Tell them all who know me that 1
am well and happy also -ell pad I am
crazy to see him. Tell him I am get
ting to bo quite a salty sailor, ha, ha
He good ami may God let us all nieel
once more.
I remain your son as ever,
Roy J. Walker.
lT. S. S. Narragantiett,
Careif Postmaster New York.
In European Waters. , ::
s'ates to carry on effective systems
'" of physical education. This federal
i aid
..,..,, 11 ,., Iin,,-,.,.l . ....
TO KENT Stores, omces. inr- - - . .: . . ' '
merits, shops, stables, individual stor- . oi leacners tor SKinea service, and
age lockers, furnished apartments and pnvment for skilled service.
bn,Bilv lnratAlt C.fiO. M. . .
runiiiB 1 ne nrmrram nrnnrwer! n- 1 ra sn
,,e ,,usui,e m,,,-, oi ne musical,,,, fwa piacft9 on ,lu lliaP( as thpy
. mr in iiiu niiiniii. :i win uunti mwr- i,ti,
Hawks, 426 Main street..
I will tell you what I saw in Paris
when I reach home.
J "In December 1 was sent to St.
j Muzalr to inspect our telegraph and
telephone office. From St. Mair I
went to Hrest. You wiM easily find
LOST Hiint h of keys,
return to W. .1. ri.mUles,
and receive reward.
Finder please
115 South St..
i nlity Upon the solid foutnlatioin
physical soundness and vitality,
i will be a powerful . Influence
' Anierlcanizntion."
1 a 1ST Thursday evening a ureyn
silk hair on Oano or Nortli Sis. 1- nitl.. ,
please return to -Mrs. Nellie .spencer, Barre
i32 North St. i
Man Takes Life Durtna
porary Aberration.
Harre, Dec. 19. Temporary '
ration, believed to have been induced
i by the fact that bis wife left him yes
i terday, is ascribed as tho cause of the
. suicide of Hert Sunders, a granite
Either 4 ft. or stove length. Dry. . Ioiisiior. who (lien last n mil iro.n gas
A to IK nlna fnp tap. 4 ' aspnj .Million. iiuu iiiniiieS, mi
Wood lor Stle
I ate my Christ-
, mas riijiner In Iirest and. believe nie.
j f was a loiisome boy. Orders came
to move our headquarters to Tours
I and I was one of the first to leave so
i as to have things ready for the olll
! ccrs when they were ready to move.
' We tLd the job O. K., moved into a
! large hall and began putting In our
j electrical apparatus. I was put in
, citvrge of the long distance coinmunl
I cations. October L'4 thev saw fit to
I make me a lieutenant. I thought
; had responsibility enough already
Soldiers Need Not Worry About Their
Former Positions.
London. Dec. 17 Their old jobs no
longer appeal to many Americans
now in uniform who. in the armistice
lull are preparing themselves for bet
ter positions when they re-enter civil
ian life. Students of economics who
have been worrying over the problem
of readjusting a million men to com
mercial and industrial life will find
a recent Incident enlightening.
"Say, when we get buck home, are
the women going to keep on holding
the jobs we left?"
An earnest Aniericun private asked
this question of Raymond P. Kelley, a
Y. M. C. A. educational secretary from
at a camp
Giitd Medal
Food For Teace
Good Will fio All
It was food that won the war. The people of the United States by going with
out, or going short, were able to save enough to supply their Allies until the armies
of freedom could defeat the Gennan hosts.
Food is the test of civilization. After a long period of shortage, it is now pos
sible to buy some of those good things that we have been going without.
A Special Luxury h a Carrel ol Cresota Flour
It is the first time it could be obtained by the barr '1 in a year and a half. Just
the thing for the head of the iamily to buy for the Holiday period. A Christmas
present for the whole f?miv.
Everything in li
le Grocery'
Canned Goods
lor Christmas
S Q cans QCiQ
. U for
Other Brands at
Higher Prices
We have a SPECIAL CANNED SOU I AT 3 CANS FOR 2.'c that will help the
Christmas dinner and save work for mother.
Bakery Goods are rdo great savers of labor for the women .folks. Try our line.
Visitors welcome to sec bow the goods arc made ana know me
which the work is dont.
conditions under
V.f"H" win unmi. ii !.'.,, n iumt iwtwy ,jw imwiwi;,'")inm i-? wi-iwii,'iJ"."Jj;y','ll''l''',,lll'l''-l'''1''1 i'm"' m '
Ll I Im- I -'iif - -nil r.---' -f. '. i...,, ..-i1,.., . . fmn n tinri.-.i,. iii.iiiii . i ., , 1
''in Itih In i1
ir v"xr
I nil f 1
. J a.. VI ill. i-M'l :i M ill f .11111 I,.,,,, Io ,.., .. (,,.r ii
-., 1.1 ...l. ""..'.-...",......
' II II 11 IHIIH I 1 l I" ,.,.. K f .i 1...
mnn.l, ..-111 l. .1. ..,M,n""" ''"e '" J-l nolll..-.
iii wii ii rM whi in i ii a i ri in j i i i ll II i 1 1
time on
what I have
weeks to 3 months.
after I reach home.
Tel. 121-14.
occupies two rooms in the flat leased
bv the Sanders family in the 0. To
masl building, 351-337 North Main I
street, found the body this morning i,t . . . . . ... .
soon after six o'clock when he went'18 of terest from Various Parts
Into Panders' room to arouse him. i 0 state
The police sav Sanders' wife .left Allhough It was in session 12 days,
him yesterday. Acquaintances of the i (1,t "range founly court at Chelsea,
man sav that he seemed to be low-! whil h adjourned on Saturday, had
lals for mnde-to-meiisiire ,.,l,ls-.. , spirited last nicht The fiat it on the only cue divorce ca;ie before It. This
lllLYe tP II linil.i n miw-. .... .
Kcrp Vonr I'ledne.
ivoil n new line of moter-
is unusual, as most of the terms of
county court anywhere in the State
have reveral suits for separation be-
wear suils uml overcoats at reaueea ; iniru noor ot tne nun ini an I tue
prices. Cleaning and pressing. room occupied by Mr. Holmes ns his
V T II V I, V. V I X ' i I.,,. .,,,.,,.r., I,, .. t. ... r.,..i
- - - i ni, r i, lb ' mi c n l I'll! , ii ii-.v ii-i'i i
Trl. 08-J. ' r, Bir"'-! from Ihe room where Sanders slept j r"ro lnem-
j his last sleep. The roomer heard tioth The 'stery of the bronze llsley
- l'-r unusual during the niuht and li()n' wh,(h disappeared ono nifiht re-
when he awoke this uiornliiR his Ilrst (0,,n ln,m resting place on Wash
thought was to arouse Sanders that '"t011 Mldillebury. remains un
lit? liiiRht net his broakfnst before ; ,,)lve,1 ot 11 "' f present lo
! ivnru time iiifum be i,nin,-n,i iKnicatloti has been found. The "animal"
Ntnv York prices paid sleeping room of Sanders, Mr. i ''st have welched 300 pnunds and
! Holmes detected the odor of gas. wouiu retell quite a koo.I sum Tor its
i Sanders was born in Kast Montpel-! n,0,a''
Her, ihe son of Mr. and .Mrs. (.cornel Henry Newel!, who fell down -the
'Sunders, July , 18i,!. He lived in j ''-valor slum in the Vermont n.ikine,
I Kast Montpciier until 21 years of ae, i r" '9 lxiilU"K. While River Junction,
I when he went to Montpeiier. He had ' two broken le and a frac-
. ! rpent some time In other places nnl I skull, died ut Ihe Mary Hitch-
! his residence in Harre had covered
me nisi einm niontiiH. lie leaves a
for ail Icind:: of raw furs.
Kelley. "If you prepare yourself for
a better job. you should worry about
the old one!''
The soldier saw the point nnd en
rolled in a Y. M. ('. A. class for tech
nical training. Ho has stopped think
ing now about his old job, as he says
he "wouldn't have it, anyway!"
'1 have had that boy's question
popped to me frequently of late," says
Kelley. "We ure trying to lix it so
they won't want their old Jobs - they'll
be able to bold better ones. They
are taking to that idea fast. The Y.
M. C. A. proposes not only to give
them instruction right in classes, but,
wherever half-way practicable, offer
them correspondence courses. It's
?oing to be a tremendously busy and
fast traveling soldier who can't take
advantage of our teaching to some
I extent.
Organized Labor Fears Tremendous
Rush to America.
Washington, Dec. IS. I'ecatise of
the likelihood of a tremendous ribh
to America of Immigrants from Ger
many and other Kuropean countries,
organized labor throughout this coun
try is urging Congress to place a ban
on all Immigration for a period of at)
least two or thro' 'vs. It is alsoj
reported that thi-i ' roposal is approv
al by the L'nito:! plates Department
if Labor and many other official and
private agencies.
In support of this plan it is pointed
out that, while durin:; the war period
Immigration has been a! a standstill,
as Eoon as transportation facilities
ire available there will be a strong
disposition to flock to this country-,
not only on the part of those who
would have come l.ut for the war,
lering the as; four years, but also
by millions of Kuropeans who desire
to escape Hie heavy burdens of recon
struction work and taxation which
will follow the war and which will be
pai'iicu'arly burdensome in those
Tommies which are called upon to
pay heavy Indemnities. Then too, in
addition to the apprehcnsloin of a
flood of foreign immigration which
might seriously disturb labor condi
tions in thiR country, the question is
being asked, and asked persistently,
as to whether Immigrants coming
from Germany and the other enemy
countries are to be allowed ndmls.-ion
into tiie United Stales and citizenship
on the same basis as immigrants
coming from neutral countries or
from those countries which have been
associated with America during the
war. The view is also being empha
sized that some special measures
should be taken with reference to the
admis.'-lon of people from ll'tssia and
oilier countries if it have been so dis
astrously affected by the Holshevik
movement and other similar creeds
which are proving so disastrous to
ali forms of organised government.
It is obvious that, in view of the
didicultiea above pointed out. and
many others wlih h might be readily
enumerated, the immigration prob-;
iem lit going to be a ery difjicnll
one for Congress to deal with.' How-:
ever, its proper solution is -a-matter
of tremendous Importance for thei
welfare of the country nnd-demands'
prompt attention.
He Was Chrrged with Assault on
Bellows Falls Man . . ,
Dellows Kails, Dec. 19. The case
nf State against Underwood, begun in
Municipal court Tuesday noon, was
finished at 5 o'clock this - afternoon,
'n this case C. 1. Underwood of Fitch
burg, Mass., a salesman for Armour
and company, was charged with an
assault December 8 on S. J. Cray, a
local merchant and village trustee.
Kach claimed that the other started
the tight and before the affair was ov
er both men were badly bruised. .
The case went to the Jury at 3
o'clock and after deliberating two
hours the verdict brought in was not
guilty. During the two and a half
days of the trial the court room and
adjoining hall were crowded. Two
civil damage suits have been started
in County court, one by Cray against
Underwood for J20UO and one by Un
derwood against Cray for $."nnn.
"Keep Your Pledge"
10 A. M., 4 P. M. 6 P. M., 8 P. M.
For Sctlo
Household furnishings of all kinds
bought and sold. StccK always on
hand- F. L. POTTER
Second Hand Store
River Street. Tel. B03-W.
Keep Your Pledge
llcmsli'k I ml.
V V.
Join the I'.ed Cross
Oculist and Aurist
w XT li1 D A W P Ti ' DCUS ,or mcncy irom Mmcrica
1 il 1' iV i ll Vll
j. II. COLE, M. D.
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
German People.
Stockholm, Doc. 19 The Swedish
f neigii ollice has handed to American
.'Sinister Morris a communication
from Ihe German minister in Stock
holm on behalf of the German govern-
(ick hospital. Hanover, N. 11., hist
evening. He is survived by his wifei
and a daughter, Mrs. Edward Stone,
both lesidentM of While Uiver Junc
tion. The case of state against C. 1. Un
derwood, of Fitchburg, Mass., travel
ing salesman for Armour & Co.,
barged witli disturbing the pence
the night of December X by assanltin;
H. J. Cray, a merchant and a village
trustee, which was adjourned for a
week, was taken up In municipal
court. The jury was Impaneled and
taken lo the scene of the assault after
They Are In Fear of Doings of
Washington. Dec. i!i). It is officially
announced that the Lettish govern
ment appealed for protection from
the Dolslieviki.
" U3 iliS 23
1. 1 tA n
i- 1
t ot tnit!ta, or wnt pr.-palit by
Wl'iJAm til- CO.. CCVCLANU.OlV
The Ohio Cities Gas Co., Pro
ducers and Distributors of the
best Pennsylvania Oils, High Test
Water White Kerosene, High
Grer'e Gasolene, Tiolene Lubric
ating Oils and Greases.
Telephc ? 85-M
A. L. BtWfYlAW
Gage Street,. Bennington
in im 1 1 nniten 1 i 11 cr lo t'reililiiil U'llunn
I'for leniency to the Gennan people'. It ' )vi,l01h vortil wiltiesses were called
is declared that unless the food slln-1 ''y tho main including Mr. Cray, his
nileii In iti.fin.iiiv lu liiii,i'.if..il ilii.i-.. u i son, r.imeiie v ray, nun r. i . nuns,
X RAY A SPECIALTY tm, KrilVest of danger "of more ser-' Proprietor of Hotel Windham.
Glasses Properly Fitted m 485 Main St.jlous social dlsiurbance
Seek Position of Chaplain of Vermont
Drattleboro, Dec. 1!. .t least threo
clergymen are candidates for the posi
tion of chaplain of the Vermont sen
ale and one is seeking the position of
chaplain of the House. If there are
others the lirst is not known to the
'Urattleboro men who will have scats
in the Legislature. Three of Ihe can
didates are Methodists and one is a
Congregationallsl. The candidates for
Senate duty are: llevs. Joseph Hamil
ton of Randolph, a former district
superintendent of Ihe Methodist con
ference; Hev. Kruest Sturtevant of
Lyndon, a Methodist, and Itev. V. L.
(loodspeed of Harre, Congregal loiinl-
list. Uev. James 11. Wills of Water-
ville, Methodii.t, who Is chaplain of
the House, hopt s lo succeed himself.
80,000 ESTATE
v- aw
ly Rime
Do you c:.joy hot lemonade and n lilistcrinp; foot
bath ? Better results are obtained hy taking, before
bed-time -Lane's cold nnd grip Tublets. They arc
incauii io laKc.aiui you win wukc tip in me morn
.."i inir Hiiroiisi'd ut the iinioiint of relief obtained.
( f Thousands use them and they arc guaranteed.
Sold by drtiftfists everywhere.
. r
Through Airplane Mail to Chicago
New York. Dec. 0. failure in ark
Ihe third attemtil today lo iwtabli
i Former Chicago Superintendent of
Schools Leaves Will. ;
Chicago, Dee. 1! Four associates j
'3 nf Kiln Uliigg Young, former Htiporln
'irndrnt of schools here, will shnre her'
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through airplane mail with Chicago. : Mis. Laura T. llrnyton, Mrs. Young'si
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New York In trucks for forwarding of education will receive a share at
by train. Details are withheld. the death ot the beiiolk larles. j
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