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Mrs. Margaret Barrett ha.? returned
from Rutland.
.urs. xi. xj. jauau was in liennniK i
'on Wednesday. !
O. K. Adams leaves Monday for Hut j
your brain
works like a
dog with three
legs walks
you need
land to attend a G. A. It. meeting.
Word has been received of the Ill
ness of Jerome Viault with diphtheria
at his home in Troy.
Mr. and Mrs. Greenwall and two
cons have rented the lower flat of tlijs
W. I. Jones residence on Depot street.
Mrs. Elizabeth Gluey and daughter
Rosamond and M'illiani Farrell of Uut
land siient Sunday at II. D. LaBatt's.
I The Neighborhood club October
1 meeting is to be held on Tuesday af-
i '.ernoon at the home cf the president, j
! UL r : If lkmmft !
j $, 0AA$W S KCjlM yhP ' Rat i, instinctive. Yet
1 m $WtMP fW&!W- Owfc&X 3 . other Rat Exterminator.
; j ft vm MMiWmm rom4i c mmvx&WW0 - I .. k rr.vir
.:: active brain must
L.vo pure blood, not
ixigcned with products
cf indigestion or liver
ar.d kidney laziness.
i-rj. tX Suls of Any Modidno in tho World.
Cold crcry.vhere. in boxoj, 10c, 25e.
n .. 1
DennfllfilOn W3X raOCr
' Pry '
nace insuring its continued efficiency for thirtyynars. To remove the side pipes fror.i
the furnacewould be equivalent to removing the fan belt from your car.
THIS is a picture of our furnace which sells for a
little less money. NOT as it will appear in your cellar
because when you examine it in comparison with the one
" mentioned above you would not let us place it there as a
PRESENT and yet we believe it to' be in turn the best
DOUBLE JACKET furnace on the market but it is not
a scientific construction because it undertakes to conduct
' the cold air down between the two jackets. The inside
side jacket becomes intensely hot despite its inter-lining
of asbestos because it is shut in so close to the fire pot
.nd radiator. The air which we WISH down over that
heated surface becomes hot before it reaches the turning
point and REFUSES to go down. Tho hotter the fire
the more the circulation STALLS and the heat goes up
he flue while the fire pot and radiator are being over
seated and ruined. It is often easier to sell a customer
what he THINKS he wants instead of trying to educate
him to that which he OUGHT to have but in this "Truth
About Furnaces" we MUST adhere to FACTS.
The only excuse for the manufacture of this double
jacket furnace is that it costs a little less. In the end it
is the MORE EXPENSIVE. It is possible. vou know to hold
a penny so close to tho eye one cannot see a dollar behind it. This construction ot lur
nace has fooled some people but has NEVER fooled OLD MOTHER NATURE.
We have these two furances on our salesroom floor. We are here for service and
as heating -experts stand squarely on our record. If you will come in and remove the
pennies from your eyes we will reveal to you dollars standing immediately back of them.
SViain St.
j Dr .and Mrs. G. W. Russell have re
I turned from a months vacation
i spent at their cottage at Lake Cham
plain. The regular O. E. S. meeting is to
he held Wednesday evening. All the
officers are expected to attend as plans
are to bo made for district meeting.
People have been missing things
from their gardens and thus far the I
parties are thought to have been lo
cated and if this practice is kept up
some thing is liable to happen, so be
vare. The district meeting of District Xo.
1, O. E. S. is to bo held" in Manchester
Center with Adoniram Chapter on
October 24. It is hoped that a large
attendance will be present. A more
extended notice will be given later.
Mr. and .Mrs. Kenneth Quinn, who
were recently married, are spending a
What Thousands Have Found Gives
Relief From This Painful Trouble.
Rhcumntism is a constitutional (lis- i
ease, jnanifestins: itself in local af lies !
and pains, inflamed joints nnl stiff
muscles. It cannot be cured by local
or exlernal applications. It" must
have constitutional treatment.
Take a course of the great blood
purifying and tonic medicine, Hood's
Sursaparilla, which corrects the acid
condition of the blood on which
rheumatism depends, and gives per
manent relief. This medicine com-
llillfK! villi r. ---- 11 ,., f 1- ,,.. . . 1
tonics, what is crcnerallv cnnei'.lAl t(.
iiu V4YJ11L-Jll. ill If iilLl Vlb iUItl
l,e tl,e most "ve agent Ul tho
fi,;a .i:
treatnicnt of this disease.
If a cathartic or laxative is needed
take Hood's Pills, purely vegetable,
THIS is a picture of the FAMOUS SINGLE
pear in your cellar, and it will deliver more warm
air into your home, for the amount of wood or coal
consumed than any other heating unit on the mar
ket. This is due to following scientific principles on
its INTERIOR construction and to the EXTERIOR
side'pipes which conduct the cold air from the floor
down to the point where that air begins its return
to the rooms above passing over the fire pot and
through the heated passages of the radiator. This
;-a jid circulation of air not only keeps your house
tr.iifotrr.ly warmed throughout but it also keeps the
fire pot and radiator from over heating, just as the
fan in your tar keeps the ENGINE front over heat
ing. The faster you run the v.ar the more air the
fan throws back upon the engine. The hotter the
fire the faster the air circulates through THIS fur
Elcctricnl Contractor
Telephone 440
W1V T UK mM: , 'Jfy&Mll f& 1 Bd-B3yi7sMit.Z up and mummifie. RaU and
! W r 1 tfeHTO war. and Generaf S,oreS. ;
: , ' 5Sat85 'V&fc 1 ffc7 mJAbImI. The Public is warned i
i , 1 oiWrt a " 1 not t0 Kat Corn in
f - KfMj ( - Use Red Wing Insect Powder 11 -1? 2K
! 7 V ' , 3 IOc "In the Round Bellowg" 25c may be counterfeit and
' f " f7 s ' 8 (I'atcnt uppliod for) ... worthless.
i (r nfrynuiiM 1 t-j, I R - Gcnfcinc Rat Corn is packed in Taste-Board Cannistera with
i ' ' " ' 1 " 1 ; . Cro'vn I'astc-Uoard Tops and Bottoms. ' .
l'ait of their trip on town visiting his'
allllt' Mrs- -"arasret Wilson. 1 hey :
were married in their home city I'hil-;
adeiphia. Mr. IJuinn's father was a
Conner resident of Arlington. j
One of the most enjoyable parties of :
the vear was held in the town hall on
Mondav evening in honor cf Mr. and "us, "ere 'lfn,MHV" lne ol,a'
Mrs. V. I. Jones and son Lesley. The;""'1 business part ot the community.
Iv.'l vvn a nrfHilv iliwf.r.i ted ttli all-
f r, si
f.U.r '
ttiinii loaves. Music was
bv Hurley's orchestra of Hcnnington
for dancing,
for a good
all entered Into
' .,ii..Mi-1rion :
u,.n.,..i, "u ,, .fv,.n i',v w,.v Sherwood !
iitoosevolt who extended the best wish ,
.1,., .o,. fri.,,i ,,f th Tnnps
es of the many friends of the Jones;
: family and gtive them as a token a
'handsome cut glass water set. This;
1 issiv -:
Bennington, Vt
jean in ssi 1 5s
is I riant
i fQj m
Hi ;
was responded to by Mr. Jones In a
very capable manner. The .Jones'
have been in town for ten years and
have made a host of friends. .Mr.
Jones was always doing for the town.
'!oth h? aml his wife w,'re ever .ready
to render assistance in need and al-
I'unu.un uiruji
iKcndent of the L. 11. Ware lU-fg.. Co..
in New York. And as Kev. lloosevel i
1?'uu m iii-s spei'i-ii t: khovv iie w in
"lake good". They left Wedncdav
for "'fir new home ill
amid tho best wishea of their
n ienus tuey leave.
u : 4 4
! j
4. j
4 !
A Stubborn Cough
Loosens Right Up
Thin IinTTi(-miiHp rmytr In a wonder
for quirk rrKultn. KaAlly nd
cheuply made.
t- 1 1 VI -i i Several from this town attended the
ITore is a homo-made svrup which mil- . , ,. ., . " "llr,,utu L"c
lions of people have found to be tho most ' adding reception of the Curtis Haley
dependable monn of breaking up stub-; weeding in Blackinton, Saturday even
born coughs. It in cheap and simple, but; ing,
very prompt in action. Under itcheal-j
injr, Hooiiiinrr inmiciice, cncsi. soreness
pois, pliloirm loosens, liroatlunj becomes
1 easier, tickling in throat stops and von
pet a pood nipht's restful sleep. The
usual throat. iid tlii'st colds are coii-
rpiercd by it in 'Jt hours or less. Xoth
; inij Ixgtcr for bronchitis, hoarseness,
croup, wlioopinsr cougli, bronchial asthma
or winter coughs.
To make this splendid couirli syrup,
I pour 2'j ounces of l'incx into & pint
bottle mid till the bottle with plain
1 pranulntc 1 siijjar syrup and tlinke
thoroughly. It ynu prefer, uso clari
: fied mol.issi's, liiiiiey, or corn syrup,
instead of sugar syrup. Kither 'way,
i you pet a full pint a family supply
j of much better cough syrup than you
' could buy ready-made for three times
1 the money. Keeps perfectly and cliil
, lien love its pleasant taste.
, l'inex is a special and highly conccn
' trated compound of genuine Norway
i pi no extract, known tjio world over lor
its prompt healing effect upon tho mem
branes. 1 To avoid disappointment ask your
dniu-L'i or ouiiees of Pinox" with
' fuji directions, "and don't accept anv
! tliiiiir else, (iuariintoed to pivp absolute
1 s!ui.-.t:iction or : onev promptly refunded.
I 'i'lio rinex Co., Ft. Wayne, lad.
Near Post Office.
5 lbs. or more
2GC a lb.
All Our Other Goods at Cut
Rate Prices
Our Store is Located
Phone 503-M. Bennington.
.- i
i 1
Cantor Bros.
.... .
Leon Sweet has purchased tho milk
business of M. Hj Myers.
Mr. and Mrs. Carrol Johnson spent
the Sabbath in Bennington.
Thomas Haley of Bennington was a
Sunday guest of William Galusha. ,
V- , ' uatMy
b,HI,ud in a 1),,,flre ls Improved.
Little Hazel Ludwig, who was badly
Miss Vera Oncombright entertained
a number of her lrlemls on" Saturday
B. V. Niies of While Creek, N. Y.,
has commenced haying on his farm at
the Center.
H. C. Parker and wife spent Sunday
in Athol, Mass., a guost of his sister,
Mrs. A. Towne.
The Kpworth League's social on Frl-
day night at the borne of Edwin Good-
rich was a pleasant event.
Miss Pauline Barber has returned to
duties as teacher in a pcivate kfcider-
garaen school in Pittsfield, Mass.
-Merrill m. .Meyers lias purchased the
Rice farm in Bennington and will move
there at oi:ce. We hate to lose Mr.
Myers and his family from town but
we wish him success just the same.
The men of the Methodist church
will hold their annual chicken pie
supper in the Methodist church Fri
day evening, Oct. 10. The event Is
locked forward to by out of town peo
ple as well an local.
Paul Jewett. formerly cf roping
ton, but now of Springfi o!d. : is.,
was a Sunday guest at thrh: , of
Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Barber. 1; :.- the
first time Mr. Jewett has made a call
in Pownul since his service overseas
and his cail was a pleasant orte.
Reports of Accidents Received
Secretary of State
Montpelier, Oct. 5. Several reports
cf accidents have been made to the
secretary of Slate's office. These in
clude the Masnesia Talc company, of
Waterbury, reporting their truck be
ins hit by a Massachusetts automo
bile driven by II. E. Boltou, of North
Troy. An investigation will be made
as to how the Vermont man happen
ed "to be driving a Massachusetts car.
Goorce Ralph ot Barr! reported
that his automobile and an army car
collided on Elm street in Barre last
Thursday, a HttVe damage being- done
to each car; William J. Seymour, of
Randolph, reported that a cow bump
ed into his automobile. He claimed
that while driving along the road he
overtook a man drivivg two cows
hitched together and That as he ap
proached the cows one of them turn
ed arnir.d and bumped into his auto
mobile d;unai:in a fender.
About One-Half What Was Expected
ROf Ruins Many.
Montpelier. Oct. 5. Farmers in thi1
section of Vermont are reporting only
about one-half a yield of potatoes wii'
bo obiained. This reduction is due
I to the large number that have roiled
badly. Early in the season the com
mbsioner of agriculture issued a slate
111111 1 that tho crop would be light be
cause of the drought. However, this
trouble was overcome by the excel
lent weather that followed and the
production would have been 1 arge
were it , not for the rot that has sart:
ed in the last week or so. While there
are many potatoes In a hill, yet many
are rotted so that some of the farm
ers report only half a yield.
They Ge': Action a': Once
Foley Kidney Pills invigorate.
Ft ren Kt hen anil heal inactive weak
and diseased kidneys and bladder.
Mrs. C. J. Ellis, 505 8th A v. Sioux
Falls, S. I)., writes: "I suffered with
kidnev trouble; used to have severe
pains across my back and felt miser
able and all tired out, but after tak
ing Foley Kidney Tills I nm well. I
have not been bothered with kidney
trouble since." They relieve head
ache, lheiunatic pains, swollen or stiff
joints, puffiness under the eyes, float
ing specks. 'Sold Everywhere.
"-i; wet toments ix r mm w m igw a m an wa h
! ySSijl A rorlnfants and Children.
rS-S? it- '' ' ' '. 1 " '" 1
::'' i . t-
. . ...,,t o nt ii r.r.xT.
j ALIjUUU'' -----
'J AVcgeiablcftcparattOTwrAs
1 similnUnSthcFoodbyRcgula-
. Thereby rrornotin Digestion
neither 0piflm.MorpUflen
r nam Jfl-
ll AhclpfulRcmcdyfor 9
i Constipation ana uw'-r-li
! Loss of Sleep a.
I ' reultin Ihercf romnlnfanty-,
h. .
f - 6
rac-Similc Sinatnreo
Exact Copy of Wrapper
Foolish to Trust t Luck.
It's no use tackling bifr propi!.-:t;nr.i
blindly. Puinb luck may briui: you - it
on the right side. It iiiny also brlim
you out on the short side. And if it
does you are bound for defeat. I'd'nd
-oun fortune has biMuht nu n 1 1; : n: u n
rials, hut they :re not stro;r,'cr l'o.- it.
I's th man who see; tue trials and
marslmls bis fores so :i to britiir ei. ,
orv ounce cr energy Into control thRl
vins hotiniv; on the up-frrades. r.T j
hange. !
There is no "cure"
but relief is often
brought by
in ) i 1 i fc. - .
si? ii vojkuj
! r a
113 Depot St.
Henry m
Mothers Know Tiiat
Genuine Castoria
or Over
Thirty Years
TKe While Studio. Main St.
by our thorough, up-to-date, ac
curate optical service, assured
by knowledge from many years
DeWili E. Lewis
cxt Y. M. C. A.
Always i .
Bears the $
Signature lr
f tP! in
-I ii .n.fiiii i hi m
Phone 49.

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