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Out In Kansas They Call the Home Made Brand "Chicken Whiskey" as It Only Takes One Drink To Make You LayKansas City Star
' "V
Britain Apparently Pitycu.1
Disagreement at Lausanne
Evidently on Hand to Protect
Foreigners if Turks Go
on Rampage
London, Doc. 29. Py the Associat
ed Press)-The hasty return of th
Prltish fleet to Coiistautinoph
.Malta attract attention here.
Nothing Is forthcoming from an of
ficial Hourtc. to explain the move but
the obvious assumption is that it in
connected with the uncompromising
attitude of the Turks at Lausanne is
everywhere adopted.
There are tttil many foreigners iti
Constantinople and a dispatch of
warships is regarded as the imces
wiry precaution in view of the visible
attitude of the Turks in that city in
the event there should be a break
down in the I,ausaniio negotiations.
Elsst Believed to Herald Returning
Activity in Hooslck Falls
The whistle at the plant of the
Walter A. Wood Company blew Tues
day morning for the lir.st time in a
number of months, and the blowing
of it is generally regarded as the
herald of an era of activity in the
big plant.
This week a few of th'- "key" men
in the company's organization of fac
tory employes will retin a to work and
it is expected that ethers will follow
in limited numbers In tlii succeed ing
days. The expectancy w th w hich the
the opening of the plant is lurid has
extended to a number of cities and
town in which former employees of
the Wood Company are now working,
and many are waiting the call to re
turn to the plant.
An was outlined some time ago.
there will be no rush of employment
at.tho titart, but the resumption will
be gradual at; J along lines intended to
Jnsurs a healthy growth of the busi
ness. Criqui Has Signed
To Fight Kilbane
New York, Dec. 29. Tom O'Uourko,
New York promoter, announced la t
night he had received word from his
Paris agent that Eugene Criqui,
French holder of the European feath
erweight boxing title, had accepted
terms for a world's championship
match at the Polo Grounds, next Dec
oration Day. with Johnny Kilbane of
Cleveland, the pvesent. title bolder.
Kilbane already has signed for the
licut. w ith O.Hourke.
Crlqui'K. acceptance, O'Uourko 'said,
meant ho would receive an option of
J2i1,oiM or 2ii per-cent of the gate re
ceipt j as his shaie. The Frenchman
liud originally demanded 22'2 per cent
of the gate.
Discuss Reparations
At Paris Conference
I'aria, Dee. 29 (My the Assc.e'atcd
IYo'-sL -As the result of an exchange
if views since the London meeting
of the premiers, the allies have de
cided to go over the entire question
of fenerations in detail at the Paris
conference beginning next Tuesday, j
It is expected that the decision will'
re "pi re two weeKs.
Giants Get Jack Bentley for SCC-,000
and Three Players
Palttniore, Dec. 29. "Red" Causey,
pitcher has been turned ovi r to the
l'.nlSlinore Internationals by the Now
iork Giants as part payment for Jack
Ilcntlcy. The (Hants agreed to pay
the local dub sii.l.t'on cash and three
player. The other players have not
in en named.
170 Vermont Drivers Penalized or Op-'
crating Under Influence of Liquor
Montpelior, Dec. 29.-Secretary id
Ktate, II. A. lilack has given out yt.i-
tintlcs ubout. motor law .iolitloiis for
the year ms follows
Total number 'of licenses suspended
or revoked, 3i0. i
The causes were;
Driving while under the influence of
Intoxicating liquor, 17n.
Excessive use of Intoxicating liquor,
Ilirkloss driving, 99.
Cnfit for various causes, 13.
Fatal accidents", 11.
Failure to stop ufter accident, ti.
Perjury, -I.
Taking automobile without consent,.
Opcrutlng without registration, 2.
Permitting unlicensed opt rator to
drive, 1.
Operating a cur with unasslgned
1'latos, 1.
Operating without lights, 1.
Failure to report accident, 1.
Finos paid for violations of motor
v i; i f ( Imrlcs llrighain of New York,
of Wrecked Schooners Lad
en with Liquor
Freighter Ileinrich Kayser Re
ported in Distress off Cape
May December 2G
New York, 1 :(. 2'.). The north At
lantic seaboard last night was clutch
;(. by gules such as have been raging
off the shores of England and l ranee
and sweeping , mid-ocean.
As the cables brought more stories
of death and suffering over-seas
small vessels began piling up on tho
Jersey and Long Island shores; the
number of craft normally entering
New York harbour was reduced by
nearly one-half; at least two out
bound steamers dropped anchor in
Gnivesend Hay after passing out, and
fear was entertained for the safety
of at least one steamer the German
freighter Ileinrich Kayser, bound
from Savannah for firemen, which
was last reported in distress film
miles off Cape May on December 20.
Hardly had the weather bureau
hoisted signals warning of uorwest
gales off the North Atlantic coast,
when Anbury Hark, N. J., reported
that the schooner Annie Hi lie of Pal
timore, carrying a small cargo of
whisky, had run aground in thick
weather, but that her crew had will
ed ashore. Jersey coast guards also
reported the fact that an abandoned
cabin cruiser marked "K 12090' had
been driven up by the surf.
Early in the afternoon the schoon
er Madonna V, out of Halifax, crash
ed onto the Long Island shore near
Montauk 1'oint and was reported
breaking up in the surf, witii a cargo
of liquor. 1 1 t crew wa: landed by
I) roc ches buoy.
Physicians Testify They
1'een Made Victims of
tempted Extortion
Portland. Me., Dee .29. Dr. Erwln
C. Huth. of lioston, former chairman
of the New Loudon Narcotic bureau,
was found not gu.lty and Ualph A.
Fry, narcotic inspector, was found
guilty of conspiracy to defraud the
United States by a federal district
court here late ye.terday.
At the trial, which lasted seven
day-:, physicians, dentists and drug
gist' testified that attempts had been
made to extort money from them on
promise..-, that thy would not bo pros
ecuted for alleged violations of the
narcotic laws. The government charg
ed that Fry made the arrangements
with the physicians and other's and that
Dr. Uuth approved thy narcotic rec
ords on May's recommendation.
After his acquittal Dr. Uuth said lu
hail been "dragged into the case"
through his willingness to help Fry,
his fr.end.
Fly's attorneys gave notice of their
Intention to take the case on oxcei
tion to the t'nlted States circuit court
of appeals, and Judge Peters deferred
sentence. Fry was released on $1,100
bail. The maximum penalty under the
law js a fine of lio.noo and two years'
Imprisonment in federal penitentiary.
Watching All Ships
To Catch Bergdoll
Ponsncola. Fla. Dec. 29. - With the
telegraphic announcement that Grover
Cleveland llorgdoll of Philadelphia,
noted slacker, had left Germany on a
merchant vessel was en route to a
gulf port, every ship and its crew ar
riving here are being questioned
i It was later learned that the Ger
Imir.i steamship Jupiter was about to
arrive ami that llergdoll is u member
i of that i'1'ew. That he sailed is defi
nitely announced by German authori
ties. Regulation of Child
Labor By Congress
Washington, Dee. 29. The senal
J'ldieiniy ubcommillcp will begin I
luarl'ig: January Pi on the eoimti-j
tufioual amendment:! to authorize Con
giess to regulate child labor, it was;
aiinouuced today. !
Members of the committee haid the
hearing would he in lie- nature, of
an cIToil to obtain legislation during
tlie present so sion of Congress for
Mibmltt'ng the constitutional amend
ment to flio antes.
Founder of Order of Scottish Clans
Succumbs in 88th Year
St. Louis, Mo.. Dee. 29. -The funer
al of James MacCash, eighty-eight
founder of the Order of Scottish
Clans, who died Wednesday night at
bis home here, will be conducted Sun
day afternoon. Mr. Mac.Cash's death,
it was said, was caused by a compli
cation of ailments, superinduced by
age. He Is survived by two sons and
three daughters.
Ibennington MAN ON CHIP
George Stewart of Pennington
is the chief engineer on the ship
ping board steamer West llftidu- "
way which was towed into Hall
fax N. S.. Wednesday by the
West Haven, another' shipping
board vessel.- Three weeks ago
the fuel tanks on the West Hard
away, whilii it an oil burner,
gave out and since that time the '
ship has boon buffeted by gales
in the North Atlantic.
Word of the Hardaway's condi
tion wan wirelessed to New York
and , the revenue cutter Seneca
went to the ship's assistance.
The cutter was unable to help be
cause of the rough weather. Pe
nalise she had drifted outside the
esual lanes of ocean travel days
elapsed before the .West Haven
reached the location of the dis
tressed craft.
The Ilardaway, which was
towed for film miles in order to
dock at Halifax, was found to
have suffered considerable dam
age in her trying experience-.
It was Engineer Stewart's in
tention to spend Christmas with
relatives in Hennington but the
visit was prevented. It is pos
sible Tint he may be In town on
tlie New Year.
Motorist Had Close Call at Railroad
Crossing in
Adaim Dee. 29. An unknown mo
torist whom the police believe is S. J.
NaJImy of Pittsfield, or someone us
ing' car, narrowly escaped death yes
terday when a heavy touring car
hurtled through the railroad gates In
I'ark street, narrowly missed being
crushed beneath an oncoming train
and then, without slacking speed, con
tinued through the town and away.
The southbound freight was but 20
feet fiom the cros.rtng when the ma
ch'ne tore down Park street nt a rap
id' pace and without blacking struck
the pates with full force. The wooden
arms were snapped off.
Iiystanders secured the license num
ber of the machine and reported It to
Hie police, who found that the number
was assigned to the P ttsfleld man.
If was reported yesterday that a war
fant for the arrest of the driver on a
reckless driving charge would be is
Hoosick Falls Woman Found Dead in
Burning House.
Annstasla Fmiih. one of the oldest
residents of Hooslck Falls, was
burned to death la a fire Thursday
in her apartment, at K.2 Church
street In that village. Edward Hef
ferman, who lives nearby, was first
to niter the smoke filled rooms ami
he was nearly overcome by smoke.
At that lime the woman was believ
ed to bo dead. Uev. Father James
Bolton, O. S. A., was called and ad
ministered tlo last rites of the
church of which Miss Smith was a
Miss Smith occupied the second
floor nt 112 Church Street, while the
I first floor is occupied by the family
of Thomns Murphy. Due to ill health
Miss Smith bad been taking her
meals wltli the Murphy family and
was served In r breakfast in bed nt
9 o'clock. At that time she ap
peared to be in her usual health.
Miss Smith was 71 years old ami had
resided in Hooslck Fells all her lift".
At one time nlie was one of the best
dressmakers in this part of the state
and was employed by many promi
nent people of this section. The lire
was confined to the bed room.
Defeat Allen A Bowlers in Ten Pin
The Allen A t'lun did some good
bowling at the Y. M. C. A. alleys last
night but tlo Independents did Just
a little better and won the mulch by
the score of four to one. Thompson of
the Allen .V was the bos on the alleys
with a Juft for single string and l.'tn
for throe strliiKs to his credit. Percey
wii', second with .102. The sore:
i.i.i: n . ( it.
T'liimpseii L'n.i it", 17K .Vl't
s -iii-ionm i is ; i.'.s m;
Itl.-lit.r i.:i us I r. n vji
Kiwiii ti'.i i; i;;i iru
'. 'einar i.v.i ti; iu i:i7
sir. sain
iMearn r.'s 7
llleKiri i.v; i.,.-,
,'Vmy I x l I ill
llliii-t IV II.'
I Moore is;; is
l. si
1 1:1
r,o i
SJ! ho:l
1 he match between K A Waist
Catamounts scheduled for this even
ing has been postponed.
Steamers Collide
In Cristobal Harbor
; Cristobal, Panama, Dec. 29. Th"
! .la panes! steamer France Maru and
the steamer Heredla were In a col
lision In tin harbor here today.
Hotll vessels were damaged above
the wateiilne and Hercdia put into
port for repairs to her hull. Franco
Maru went Into dry dock with a had-
ly twisted bow.
Waterlogged Ship
Radios Distress Call
New York, Dec. 29, -The steamer
Munniotor from Huston to Norfolk Is
waterlogged and in distress In a galo
off Cape May, raldo messages picked
up today nM. Tho Munmotor Is a
Keel ship owned by the United State. i
shipping board.
Proceeds of One Robbery Re
ported Worth $1,000,000
Skipper Sold His Cargo, Scuttled
Ship and Crew Took to
New York. Dec. 29.--A report re
ceived yesterday from Nassau of a
$l,tiuu,tioo liquor robbery on the high
seas was taken by customs officials
aa proof of reports that pirates wen
raiding rum-runners off tho Atlantic
The Nassau report reaching the
custom house stated that the Vincent
A. White, which cleared from Nassau
for Mlquelon on October 21 with 10.
590 cases of liquor, hud been hoarded
off the New York coast and all the
liquor and money she carried taken.
The . Nassau report corroborates
story of a rum-runuiiig skipper who
double-crossed his employers sold his
cargo of Christinas liquor direct to
bootleggers, pocketed the money,
flien scuttled his ship, and incidental
ly information that the coastal rum
runners have instituted an "aircraft
Intelligence division." today came to
tlie ears of enforcement agents.
Prohibtion enforcement officials
safil the yarn about the double-cross-ng
skipper had been told to the
'hlef of the aircraft Intelligence di
vision by a member of the ship's
crew and then passed on to enforce
ment agents who frequent the loung
ing places of the runners.
The duties of the uir force, it was
said, consist of determining the loca
tion of rum-carrying craft from the
Panamas, and passing it to the own
ers of the small vessels which bring
'be liquor to the American shore.
The air force, coii'dsiing of one plane
-ind a pilot, is paid SMX) for each
Tlie airman happened to bo flying
around about Pi days ago when he
saw a liquor-carrying vessel sinking
ind being abandoned by its crew. He.
noted this and later ran into one of
her crew. The sailor said the vessel
had a bold full of grog and that the
ciptaln sold it air (Hr-cl, gave each
if the crew p. bonu kicked a hole In
the obi till) and left,-hoping tho ves
sel's owners would think she had
Tone down, whisky and all. Enforce
mnt agents are searching for the
There Not Willin;; to Fight in
Time of War Not Worthy
Savs Federal J;i(lp:e
North Adams. Dec. 29.--Nine men.
who claimed exemption from military
service during tho World war on the
ground that they wire n I lens, were
.esterday denied citizenship u tin:
Cnlted States by Judge Richard W.
Irwin of Northampton at a see ion of
superior court held hero yesterday.
Judge Irwin remarked: "Anyone not
willing to light fur this country in
time of war is not worthy t i be a elf
a n in time of peace. " SIty-six other
applicants for citl.enship. represent
ing former residents of Groat Itrltaiu.
France, Italy. Austria. Poland. Uussla,
Hungary, and Germany, were admit
tid. Judge Irwin, lit the clo-io'of the
ses. ion. congratulated tbij new cifi
fin and wished them all a "happy
New Year."
The nine denied citizenship became
of their claims for exemption from
war service were: Aleldo Lnuriu.
Louis Guiseppe Vanuni, Domenico Her
nardo, Joseph Zapalu, G'a.-omo Catot
tl. Emilio Giorgl, Caesar Kuge.no Min
iiz.oll, John Haptlste Deiiega and
pet.'r John Donega.
Fleming to Continue
To He Troy's Mayor
Troy. Dec. 29. Mayor James W.
Fleming who becomes comptroller of
the State of New York Monday, does
not intend to n-sun the mayoralty
position 'for the present, at least,"
nnnm-.ll..., t .l:.l..ent Unuel Kvllu.
' . h . '
executive y sterilay
l A !eS re to fullill pledges lo coin
I pleto an exten: e pi'o:rani of public
Improvement caused Mayor Fleming
to make this decision although if it
iliould tie found "that the dual vo
isponsihllily rel'der.s M Impossible to
properly perform all my public tliifes,
I shall then take such action as I bo
I'evo the pn'ollr Interests require."
; Negro Being Held
For Woman's Death
Orange. N. J., Dec. 29. -William Rat
tles, a negro, was held without, bull
yesterday, In connect Ion w ith the kill,
ing of Mrs. Eleanor L. Prigliam, 31.
wife of Charles llrigham. ..w York
business man. Mrs. Hrigham'n body
was discovered late !n't ntcht In a or
serve elouet in her home lu.ro. She had
beeu chokrd to tlntli.
C002E VALUED AT 54,000,000
New York, Dec. 29. Alexander
Williams, who said ho was an In
vestigator for the department of
Justice, is utithorfty for the state
ment yesterday that more than
t,0(jn,UU0 worth of liquor was
smuggled Into New York through
New Jersey coast waters for hull
day trade. This contradicts state
ments attributed to prohibition
officers that the prohibition navy
held most of the rum-runners at
buy outside the tnroe-mile limit.
Williams, who said he was on
his way to Washington to report
to Prohibition Commissioner,
Haynes, declared that a vast
amount of liquor vas landed also
on tho Vlrgina .coast to siiiply
Washington, D. C. Most of the
liquor landed on tht! New Jersey
coast, he said, was imported Into
New york in flic usual burlap bag
packages in trucks, and that pri
vate, police accompanied most, of
the shipments. When prohibition
agents stopped the trucks the
special officers would assure them
all was well. Williams said.
Organization Formed Thursday Even
ing to Observe Hundredth An
niversary Next Spring.
The plan to celebrate tin centen
nial of Mt. Anthony Masonic lodge
the coining year took another step
forward Thursday evening when tlm
preliminary committer met and agreed
to tin following orgauizat.on to take
charge of the program and arrange
ment j:
President, Edward L. Hates
Honorary Presidents, John H. Nor
ton, Edward S. Chandler, Charles F.
Sears, John C. Clark, Jo.u-ph Venable,
Thomas Ilanii'm and Charley S.
Committee on Invitations, Rev. W.
G. Towart. Henry H. Walbridge, W. II.
.Nichols, Karl O. Estes, and F. 11.
Hecept'on Committee, Henry D. Fill
more, C. H. Darl.ng, C. S. Perry, A.
W. Varney, N. E. Greenslet.
Program and Arrangements, Edward
L. Pates, John Spargo, Dr. Fred S.
liralcy, Ur.v. W. G. Towart. Collins M.
Gravis and Henry D. Fillmore.
Entertainment Committee, F. S.
Hraley. V. E. P,!hsc!I. E. C. Bennett,
II. It. North, A. Noveck.
F.nance Committee, C. M. Graves.
A. J. Hobleti. A. J. Cooper, T. A. Dav
enport. Y. H. Wills.
Uadges, Decorations and Printing.
Frank E. Howe, Harrl.on I. Norton,
Mardnn R. Nichols, J. Lawrcnco Grts
wold and J. O. Mutton.
While only tentative plans have yet
been made It Is expected that tho ob
servance of the anniversary will take
place in May. after the roads get set
tied so that visitors can come easily
by motor.
It is planned to make the r.ffalr
worthy of the oceas on, the loilgo and
the town. The first Masonic lodge In
Vermont was chartered here In 1793
and the order has nlway.s been strong
here and included most of the widest
known men, wbi:e Pennington Is the
fourth town in the state In size and
all ltenn ni'ton people want to have
all Ileiui 'n;:;on celebrations success
Annual Winter Outing Will Be Open
to Ail Who Wish to
The Green Mountain club has com
pleted arrangements even to a suffi
ciency of snow for their annual win
ter outing to be lijhl on New Year's
day. As usual this event is open to the
general public as well as members
and as large a crowd us ever is ex
pected to participate in this season's
outing. The program for the day is
varied so thdt both voung and obi
may have a chance to thoroughly eim
joy, out ol door life in any degree
A snow shot; trip is planned over
Paid Mountain for those who really
want to get next to Old King Winter
and prove they are full fledged Green
TIk start will be from the Y. M. C.
A. at S:;'.u so a i to allow ample time
to get over the mountain In lime for
dinner at Hell Hollow camp. For
those wishing to go direct to the camp
conveyance will be ready at 9:3(1 also
at tlie "Y" with room enough for all
including the generous equipment of
skis, suowshoes, sleds and toboggans
that customarily make their appear
and) on New Year's morn for this
The morning at tlie camp will be
given ill) to skiing, coast 'ng or short
snow hikes ami the afternoon will bo
" Ol OUIUOOr tt'll
,'.O...I ...Ol . . .1
tor games, ski and snow nhoes
! under (he direction of Earl N. Taruld
sen of the Y. M. C. A. Hunter's slew
and coffee will be served by the club
for dinner and those participating are
expected to bring such other eatables
as they may desire.'
Those planning to go on the snow
shoe hike liiould notify Wills T.
While. Others desiring transportation
,to camp must notify Eugene C, Purl
or .1. I (irlswold not later than Sat
I nrdny night, i no expense of transpor
tation will b" shared by those using it
and a small charge to non-members
for dinner.
Two Men Executed
At Kilkenny Today
Dublin. Dec.
Pies.O. Two
end Whe'u'i
konny, today.
29 (Hy the Associated
men, numed Murphy
were executed at
mm in
HGATl 45
Make Confessions and Granted
Immunity by State
Suspects in Slaying of Two Men
under Surveillance of
Secret Service
Ilastrop, La.. Dec. 29. Forty-five
persons were implicatnd in tho More
house kidnapping and murders of
last August, according to two confes
sions reported last yesterday as de
livered by the department of justice
men to state authorities at New Or
leans. The authorities would neith
er deny nor affirm the report.
The confessions will not be made
public until tin,' opening hearings be
gin at liastrop in January, it was
thought here.
It was stated the signers of the
confessions have been granted im
munity by the state and nre being
sec reteil along with other witnesses
and will be called upon to testify.
The suspects are reported to be
under constant surveillance of secret
service men. At New Orleans yes
day Gov. Parker, Atty-Gen. Coco, his
staff of legal assistants and the four
department of justice men were map
ping out tin future course in the in
vestigations into the death of two
men. Watt Daniels and Thomas Rich
ards, believed to have been victims
of a robbed, masked mob.
Friends of former Mayor Dr. 1!. M.
McKoin of Mer Rouge, under arrest
at Paltimore on a charge of murder
In connection with the case, are rai
ing a fund in this and adjoining par
Islie.s to be used in dafense of t'"
Meanwhile a deputy sheriff armed
witii a warrant charging McK.dn
with murder vas on the way to Bal
TOTAL $1413.15
Accumulation During 11 Weeks
Ry Pupils of Hennington
Graded School j
During the present school year,
nickel savings stamps have been on
sah in the public schools for 1
weeks. Tin se stamps represent ac
tual saving by the pupils ami all til
timati ly tind their way inio the sav
ings bank. In this lime, the savings
in the Graibd School building alone
have amounted to $1413. lo. They
are classified as follows:
Miss Pelmett $ .17.25
Miss G. Carney 37.70
Miss Darrow 7.9u
Mrs. White. 73.9'"i
Miss Carver DiiU'l
Miss Moore 4.1. 30
Miss Molden 31.0,1
Miss Rudd 29.01
Miss Cutting 79.01
Mrs. Cook 41.1.1
Miss Caryl Ui.4)
Miss Leahy .17.su
Mrs. Townsend 27.1.1
Miss M. Carney 77.fi1
Miss Dailev 9U.41
Miss Welch 133..11
Miss Lambert 44.9.1
Miss O'Donnell 215.2.1
Mrs. Parkhurst S7.41
Mrs. Hunter S2..1.1
Miss McGnire 9$. ill)
Total Slllit.n
These figures do not include the
sales made in the Cora I!. Whitney
Former Pittsfield
Mayor Shoots Himself
Plttslicld Dec. 2S. Waiter Fox
croft Hawkins. .1 9, senior member of
the law tl rm of Hawkins, Ryan it Ki
bgg, committed suicide between 7
and S.I1 last night by shooting him
self while sitting nt bis desk in his
private office on the fourth floor of
the Berkshire Life Insurance com
pony's building. Medical Examiner
Henry Colt said the act was prob
ably caused by exc. :;sive nervolln
ness and depression. A .32 caliber re
volver, with one chamber vacant, was
found on the rug close to bi:i d.-sk.
On bis desk was a sealed envelope
containing a note addressed to bis
Kicked His Customers
When They Kicked
Chicago. Dec. 29.---W thin a week.
James A. Horn, a butcher, has been
lined twice for kicking women cus
tomers who "kicked" on weight.
"All these women think 1 am client
!ik thorn In weight," said Horn, who
added that he did not remember hav
ing kicked Mrs. Augusta Whealoii.
lie was lined $2il and cosN.
Fulr and continued colder tonight.
Saturday fair with rising temperature.
Effort to Get Pownal Road Euilt
in One Year
Plan Approved as Good Business
But State Has to Satisfy Oth- '
er Sections at Same Time
Ten miles of road between the vll
lage of Pennington and the Massa
chusetts state lino was tho subject of
an Interesting discussion at a rather
unusual gathering In the Putnam
House dining room Thursday after
noon. There were 55 persons present and
the gathering was at the invitation of
the. Pennington village trustee,! and
Village President Fred C. Martin as
executive agent.
The guests Invited were the sena
tors and representatives from Pen-,
nington county, the selectmen of
Pennington, Pownal and Sliattabury,
State Highway Commissioner Thur
mau W. Dlx, Federal Road Ageifl C.
II. .Stilimr.n, officials and representa
tives of the Pennington and Man
:heMer Hoards of Trade, Sheriff
Elect P. II. Thompson and a few
betel men, manufacturers, etc.
The situation is that Pennington
county and all western and a part of
i. tern Vermont is keenly interested
in ibis piece of road In th' south
western corner of Vermont and large-'
ly in tho town of Pownal. It Is mo
road over which the biggest chunk of
sumiiu r travel conies into tho state,
it Is the road which has twice tho
motor vcli ido traffic of any other in
rmont and it is so located that In
cr.se of being dosed by construction
.1 is difficult of drtour.
If U.is road should be rebuilt it
will cut off more than half the tour
ist traffic into Vermont and piooab
ly mom than half tho trucking ir.
which the industrial plants of this
part of the state have come to bo to
a considerable degree dependent.
I: Is proponed to start this year at
the Massachusetts stato lino and lay
a cenunt road iu this direction for
wo to two and one-half miles. This
Is the section hardest to detour. In
fact it is pretty much impossible.
Naturally all western and northern
Vermont wants lo have this road
built. 'I here Is no
that score.
controversy on
Th- point Is that
It will be better
of Vermont to
.or the whoie state
'i:!vo this ten miles
of road built in
me sin uh end not
in thrco or four
ection. dosing the rond or half
dosing it for several years nnd then
-nlin,t the travel -around through
.he : t.;t - of New York.
Cnder the state and federal appoint- '
ne nt Pennington county Is not en
titled to the $3110.000 or more neces
Hsiry to build this road but it Is clear
ly the best business method for the
state of Vermont lo build this road
in one year and then leave Penning
ton county out of any share in the
state road money until tlie other
counties have shared equally as well.
The other counties might say that
Hennington county should wait until
Its accuninbitt (1 share was enough
lo build the road but n part of this
ten miles needs attention more than t
any other section on the west side'
trunk line and it is to be remem
bered that this highway carries mop'
than double the traffic, of any oilier
highway entering the state and prob
ibly t lx or eight ; times much
most of lb' so called trunk line.'i
within the state, p will not stand
the traffic strain to which It is sub- .
ji-etod much longer in Its present
As Commb'sioner Dlx stated it 'is
wholly a question of financing this
rond and other roads that must be
built. The commissioner said Hint
he would like to build the mad. all of
it. in one year nnd the coming year
hut that the i tate department had de
mands from every section of Ver
mont and that all the money the
stale has to spend could be easily
used In nnv one if ho counties. Tin
comiu!ssl(i"cr was sympathetic, but
not very hopeful of getting tho whole
tob done in one year unless Rutland.
Windsor, Addison. Chittenden and
otlur sections which got unit of lb Ir
tourist travel over this road are
agreeable and Inn I up tho plan.
After Use excellent dinner served
by Landlord Stafford th" gatlnMin-;
was called to order by Village Presi
dent Fred C. Martin who acted as
toaslmaster extended a cordial wel
come on behalf of the trustees and
intrciluctd the speakers. The speak
er w ii follows, no one taking
on r t n i.i uctt s and most of theni
Stat ' Highway Commission r Thur
man W. Dlx: C. II. Siillmiin, of th"
federal bureau of highways; L. G.
Trcadvay, vice-president of tin Ver
mont Hotel M n's ast't'cinliou; l)r. K.
E. Potter of Pownal, dean of tin
county delegation In the coming le,v
Isl.iture; Judge Edward Griffith, of
Manchester; A. M. Johnstone of tho
Arlington Refrigerator company; W.
11. Shaw of Manchester; Fred E.
Moor of Willliunstown: tind Gi'org)
M. Hawks. E. W. Williams. Dr. C. S.
Pucbaimn. Robert E. Mealy. E. C.
Rennet, and Frank E. Howo of lien
nliiKtoti. Judge E. C. Pennett offered the fol
lowing resolution which was unani
mously adopted:
"lie It resolved by those present
here today that this meeting go on
record as favoring tho completion nf
(Continued on Pago Five)

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