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lassitude, excitability,
'rrousnesR, sleepless
ly. 'all-gone" and
ylone"' feelings, blues
bey should remem
^and true remedy.
^Vegetable Com
kKueh troubles.
^ioine in the
No other
cures of
net and un ?
Frrels; exports.
contract, 93*4
Western, 93^(a'
?>y. 92>i(S927s;
82^ asked;
re the
Ms be
Iibors dis
spent tin
jury declared
boy's murder,
(1 K. Smith ac
Mrs. Smith dc
jronp. but was
The woman
hare a had I
ibor. Btal
*dying at the ;
found Ralph !
hoot any cloth
ratea was cut and
foot A^kcd why
lised, the mother
with a razor ,
10 years old, |
f?lO?a l?V^?>f
mt cruelty, a*>.
liony. The evi
it the child was
"degrees, and that
lay of carnival with
fis and razor strop. The
a steel catch and hook
was this that made the
he head and body.
hild's hair was maf
RUhes cut in his face ,
rarly every part of his I
Id. Lynwood Turner
h made no iuss when his
neat him, because if he had she
at hiin a preat deai more. He
had seer, the lather heat him
?ken ax handle, tying the boy's
hehiiiU him while he whipped him,
BM threw nini against the BOOT. He
said he saw Ralph hiding behind the
hack fence, so weak that he could hardly
stand, and then saw his mother pull
him into the house, choking him. Lafer
he heard something like rocks being
thrown against the floor, and supposed
it was Ralph. The jury and officers
turned pale and sick from these awful
At Bristol, Robert Pile, a magistrate
and wealthy citizen of the place, filed
suit for divorce from his wife .the grounds ?
being desertion. Mrs Pile left Bristol i
two years ago, taking her two sons and !
tWQ daughters to Winchester, Va. Thej
afterwards removed to Charlottesville.
where the oldest son in now a student
at the University of Virginia. It is un?
derstood that Mrs. Pile will not resist
the suit, and Pile will not ask for any
of her property, which is valued at
John McCarthy, an aged and wealth)
citizen ' f Roanoke. was thrown from his
carriage in a runaway and received in
juries that may prove fatal.
Considerable losses from theft and
robbery have compelled the officers ol
the navy yard to begin the practice ol
examining the packages and the lunch
baskets of ?he employes as they leave
the navy yard. The new order of the
commandant, Admiral Harrmgton, to
search every man as he leaves the yard,
became operative Saturday night. Il
caused a great sensation and some re?
sentment among the 2,500 employes.
?irty or forty men were held for carry
tools and small articles of govern
rroperty away. This order, follow
recent search of the pawnshops
>lk, in which many thousands
5' worth of clothing and equip
found and seized, indicates
?fhcera are concerned at the
?belies which have been per
|pyard mechanics is still
?r Maryland at New
the finishing touch
on Inippfte* from
d. but it will be
will be read)
>f Fredericks
it Episcopal
nc MAI
Wnged; receipts, 2*838
^05 barrels.
WHEAT?Firm ; \T
@93t4* spot, No. 2 red
94 ; April, [email protected] \
July. [email protected]; Augus
steamer No. 2 red, 85*4(<i
1,381 bushels ; Southern by sample, 75<<?
92; Southern on grade, 83*4^^3*^.
CORN?Firmer; spot, [email protected]*\$ ? April,
[email protected]*$; May, 5*@5lH* J"Jy\ $\W<i
51V?; September, i\Y\\ steamer \nixed,
47/^(^47^ ; receipts. 16,786 bushel\: ex?
ports, 102,857 bushels ; Southern w hite
corn, 48(0)51 ; Southern yellow corn? \.0
OATS?Dull; No. 2 white, [email protected] V2 :
No. 2 mixed, 34 sales; receipts, 3,137
RYE?Dull ; No. 2 Western, 85 asked ;
receipts, 725 bushels.
HAY?Steady; No. 1 timothy and
No. I clover mixed, unchanged.
BUTTER?Quiet ; fancy imitation, 24
i @25; fancy creamery. 20/h 30 ; fancy la
i die, [email protected] ; store-packed, [email protected]
EGGS?Steady and unchanged; i6v2.
CHEESE?Firm and unchanged; large
?3-K", medium, 14; small, \\Ya.
SUGAR? Strong, unchanged; coarse
granulated, 6.25 ; fine. 6.25.
New York.?FOUR?Receipts, 4.
barrels; exports, 8,194 barrels,
BUTTER?Unsettled; recj
street price, extra crea>
prices, creamery, common to extra. .
28; State dairy, common to extra, 2l(3'27;
renovated, common to extra, I7<&26;
Western imitation creamery, common to
extra, 24^26.
CHEESE?Steady, unchanged; re?
ceipts, 1,070.
EGGS?Steady, unchanged ; receipts,
LARD?Easy; Western steamed, 7.40;
refined barely steady; continent, 7.50;
South American, 8.2s;; compound, 5*4fa
SUGAR?Raw nominal; fair refining,
4; centrifugal, or? test, 4S6; molasses su
K-ir. 3|j ; refined quiet.
POTATOES?Weak. Florida, new.
3.00^5.25; State and Western, [email protected];
Jersey sweets, 2.50^4.00.
PEANUTS?Quiet. Fancy hand pick
c<l, [email protected]?; other domestic, [email protected]^.
CABBAGES?Steady. Charleston, per
barrel crate, 1.50^1.75.
Lire Stock.
Chicago.?CATTLE?Good to prime
steers, 5.75(^6.50; poor to medium, 4.25
(^5.40; stockers and feeders, 2.70(^5.25;
cows, 2.75^4.75; heifers, 2.5CK?T5.50; can
ners, [email protected]~40; bulls, 2.50^14.75; calves,
[email protected]
HOGS?Mixed and butchers, 5.00^/
530; good to choice heavy, [email protected] ;
rough heavy, 4-05(f?4-95 ; light, [email protected]
5.27I4 ; bulk of sales, [email protected]
SHEEP?Good to choice wethers,
shorn. 4.6o(i?5.oo; fair to choice mixed,
shorn, 4.00(04.50; native lambs, shorn
4.oo(a 6. ^o.
New York.-BEEVES?Steers slow,
toe lower; hulls steady- medium cows
10c off; others steady to firm. Steers.
[email protected]; bulla, 3-25^4-75; cows, 1.9c
'U4.O5. Exports tomorrow, 1,460 cattle,
s\40 sheep, and 4,^00 quarters of beef.
CALVES?Veals, 3.50t//'6.25; few tops,
6.50; dressed calves dull; city dressed
veals, [email protected] per pound; country dressed,
[email protected]
SHEEP AND LAMBS?Lambs, i5(a.
(<i 25c. lower. Woo'ed lambs, prime to
choice, [email protected]'. good clipped do., 5.75.
HOGS-?Good to choice State hogs,
[email protected]
The Lieutenant Governor of South
Carolina wears a purple robe of office
when presiding over the Senate.
A London electrician has established
the "wireless" in his house and sum?
mons the servant to his presence by
means of it.
P?y the Bergsoc process ( ferric chlo?
ride) for the recovery of tin, 40 pounds
of the metal is extracted from one ton
of tin-plate scrap.
The deepest sounding yet made in the
oceans is said to be in the Aldrick deep,
to the east of New Zealand. Here the
sea is 30,930 feet deep.
A large mine containing a first-class
quality of graphite was recently discov?
ered in Siberia. The desposit is in the
surroundings of I,akc Baikal, and has
been l>ought by the Fabers, the well
known pencil manufacturer of Nurem
The finest groves
und in Liberia
ides the
>f oil
i ?what
of Morgan
man" of the
ausual cxperl
he is a chair
on military af
>cs his colleagues
fttending a military
iy years ago that I
Tit of taking long
?akfast," said Branch
Friends. "One morning
be strolling through
which the. school was
v as 'touched' by an
tale of hard luck
d a stone.
fellow.' I said. '1
i me this morning
my last night, and
won't reach me
ft satisfied,
your pockets,' he
mil find something."
got any money in
Fbu can have every cent
him, and I began turn
pockets inside out just to
that I was 'strapped.'
'Well, would you believe it, a silvei
dollar dropped out of one of my pock?
ets and rolled on the sidewalk.
Delighted, the old man quickly
grabbed it up and said, 'Thanks.'
"He was much bigger than I and
1 said, 'Certainly; I am glad I can
help you, but, really I didn't know
it was there.'
"All the way back to school I won?
dered how that dollar came to be in
my trousers."
"And did you ever find out?" asked
another legislator.
"Oh, yes; when I got back to my
room my roommate told me that 1
was wearing his pants."?Indianapolis
Remark Attributed to Admiral Togo's
Great Rival.
The Makaroff memorial just issued,
says the Saturday Evening Post, ro
calls a visit to Washington paid by
the stalwart admiral immediately be?
fore the outbreak of the war in the
far East.
The part- of Washington which
pleased him best was the National Mu?
seum, where he was under the guid?
ance of one of the best-informed an?
thropologists in America, the acting
Mean. Prof. Otis T. Mason. Prof. Ma
8<x^ is as small as he Is mightyv but
Etr\lght as an arrow. In .pita of his
whl\> hair, and every inch of him a
man He looked like a picturesque
pocket 0(1itjon beside the magnificent
Makaro_T, with his broad shoulder*
and mas :,ve chest Rnd huge beard
They *^re stand[ng before the in?
complet <Kuss?an exhibit. Prof. Ma
explainer, SCVeral reasons why the
lm?h failed to do his duty,
Tconjing to his invariable
ith the remark: "I sup?
pose wel Vist consid-er them as ade?
quate ex\^" Instantly Admiral Ma?
karoff repV \: "There are plenty ot
reasons, but there is never an excuse
for any failure." Hia deep voice was
like velvet thunder It made whatever
ho said seerx tnonuntous. And he
came by th ?\\:inci pie honestly. It
ran in the fa*a\i iis\grandf?ihe;
once received a%^l rftm the C7-aI
direct, which wA\o <iiiuc\ilt of exe?
cution that the c?^vlcised^.wlth the
unusual words:
'Can it be done.^^. A
"Sire," the gene^?" Vied, " "If it
is possible it will ^Plone. If it la
impossible?it shall d^ done."
Against Rat? II??' not Ion.
Atlanta, Ga.?The recent proposiilonV
of J. Pope Brown, Chairman of fui
Georgia Railroad Commissions'' to re?
duce the passenger ratovJji^ Georgia
from three to two cents-JK mile vas
protested against by the' afctherhoud
of Locomotive Engineers,'tbeVOrder of
Railway Gonductors, and unionNs of the
blacksmiths, machinists and telegraph?
ers, boilerniakers, railway train\ men,
carpenters and joiners, clerks and car
men. These organizations employed an
attorney especially to represent the>m,
who urged that such a reduction ^smld
work against the prosperity of* ?In
State and lead to a reduction in'the
nu m her of railroad employes as xrcll
as of their wages. The Travelers' Pro?
tective Association also protested that
? reduction as proposed would result in
fewer trains and poorer service.
Recent Wall Street Winner?.
Among winners by the recent up?
ward movement in Wall street Will?
iam Rockefeller is said to take the
lead. His profits in the last few
months are put at $15,000,000, chiefly
made in the rise In Union Pacific.
Charles M. Schwab, John W. Gate?
and E. H. Harriman also came out
ahead, but did nothing like so well
as Mr. Rockefeller.
Got Rich on Tips.
Francois Dunion, a French waiter,
has just left Denver, on his way home
to France, having made $40,000 in tips
in five years. Of this he made $8000
last year at St. Louis. He speaks six
languages. His father and grandfather
were waiters all their lives, and he
was brought up to the business. He is
still a young num.
There is more Catarrh in this section of the
country than ail other diseuse? put together,
and ?iitii the last ,fow years was supposed to
be incurable. For a great many year? doctor?
t?renounced it a loeal disease and prescribed
ocal remedios, and by eotudantly failing to
cur? with loeal treatment, prooouaead it in?
curable. Belenee lias provea Catafrh to tea
constitutional disease an? therefore require*
constitutional treatment. Kail's Catarrh
Curo, mamlfiitnred by F. J. Cheney & Co.,
Toledo, Oh*>, is the only constitutional euro
on the martf. r. it is taken internally in dosos
from lOdrov- tnateaspoonfsl. It acts direct?
ly on tho blood und mucous surfaces of tho
system. 0]hey offer one hundred dollars for
any case it f ?lU^oeuio. Sond for circulars
testiimo^ ?^ F. J. Chsnsi A
As a Spring Tonic to Get tho
System in Good Shape?
"I ful vi se
all Athlete*
who are
about to go
in training
to try a
bottle of
?J. W.
Glen inter.
John (flenistrr. Campion ?hoimmer and Only Athlete lo SnccessfHlly
Swim Through the Michigan Whirlpool Rapid*.
Renovates, Regulates, Restores a
System Depleted by Catarrh.
John W. Glcaister, of Providence, R. I.,
champion long distance swimmer of Amer?
ica, has performed notable feat? in this
country and Kngland. He has used Peruna
as a tonic and prives his opinion of it in
the following letter:
New York.
The Peruna Medicine Company,
Columbus, Ohio:
Gentlemen?"This spring for the first
time I have taken two bottles of IV
runa, and., as it has donc me a great
deal of good. 1 feel ns if ? ought to say
a good Word for its worth.
"Wur/rtf; thr Springtime for the
laxt few years, I have taken sn
eral kinds of spring tonics, and
have never received, any benefit
whatever. Thi* year, throngh the
advice of a /rlend, 1 have tried
Peruna and it has given satisfac?
"I advise all athletes who are
about to go in training to try a
bottle, for it certainly gets the
system in good shape. "
Yours truly,
JO ?l S It*. OU?NK8TMM.
ATHLETES realize the importance of
keeping in good bodily trim.
The digestion must be good, the circula?
tion perfect, sleep regular and enough of it.
If the slightest eatarrhal condition of
lungs or stomach is allowed to remain,
neither digestion nor sleep will be ttrength
Those who lead, very active lives,
like athletes, with good- muscular de?
velopment, find the spring months
especially trying.
Athletes everywhere praise Pemna be?
cause they, of all men, appreciate the value
of a tonic that dispels physical depression.
The vocation of some men may al?
low them to endure the depressing
feelings incident to spring weather,
but the athlete, must never allow him?
self to get "under the weather."
lie must keep in the "pink of condition"
all the time.
In order to do this he must avail him?
self of a spring tonic upon which he can
Therefore athletes are especially
friendly toward Pemna.
Peruna never fails them.
Let Common Sense Decide
Do you honestly believe, that coffee sold loose (in bulk), exposed
to dust, germs and insects, passing
through many hands (some of
them not over-clean), "blended,"
you don't know how or by whom,
is li t for your use ? Of course you
don't. But
Is another story. Tbc green
berries, selected by keen
lodges at the plantation? arc
skillfully roasted at our fac?
tories? where precautions yon
would not dream ot are taken
to secure perfect cleanliness,
11avor, strength and unllormlty.
J^rom the time the coffee leaves
the factory no hand touches it till
it is opened in your kitchen.
Millions of American Homes welcome LION COFFEE daily.
There is no stronger proof of morit than continued and increas?
ing popularity. "Quality survives all opposition."
(Sold only in 1 lb. packages. Lion-head on every package.)
^Save your Lion-heads for valuable premiums. )
W00L30N SPICE 00., Toledo, Ohio,
P|pe HartfortkPope Tribune
Modern CasolVne Cars and Runabouts
at Moderate Prices. -*
Backed by 87 Ve?ra\?' Manufacturing experience.
6 to I^H.P. Pridtes, $500 to $1600
SimpA? Construction, lLuxurious Equipment.
\A<ldre?i I>ept. A For c?V??P*?t? Catalognea.
Pope Manufadjuring Co.,
Member? A. I.. A. M.
A Oartain Cunt for PATcrithieH,
Cnnntlp?! Ion? Imeaj?n?ea?
Stomach Troukle% Teething
)>i?or?ers, _?wt mP*n}.TPJ
Mother Gray. Worn?. "?h?r RrrA? < o?ub
Nurasia Child- la "U hoar?. A? ?II On
r.u's Hoot?. baatiil. ?naii.il "HKK.
^owVorkC.tf. A. 3. OLMST?D. L
\V nie me at onw ior blank. *nrt ir
|Kree o? chargo. No Ponaion. NaT?
W. H. WILLS. Will- Building. 31J ln<]
Washington, D. UL l'aienta and
"I tried all kind? oXblood r?raodtea whieh fell?4
to do me any good bot\i har? tomad Hi? right thief
?t lut. Mr fan? jraa thill o? pimplo? and ileik
hrad*. After taking C?acareta they all loft. I ana
eontlnnlne th? ne? of ?hem and roeommoadln*
thoM to my friend?. I {?evLnae when IrU? 1? the
?ornln?. Hop? to bar? ?>chano? to taooaaaaoa?
C ?.carets.
rred 0. Witt.., n *Qa? 64.. Xvratk. W. J.
^?0?\ Be?! for

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