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1 II ti iVl.r\
Beyond the ?fee! the sunrise, beyond the
West the sea,
And Fast and West the wanderlust that
will not let me be;
It works in me like madness, deer, to bid
me say good-by.
For the sea? call and'the stars call, and oh!
the call of the sky!
I know not where the white road runs, nor
what the blue hills are,
But a man can have the sun for friend, and
for his guide a star;
And there's no end of voyaging when once
the voice is heard,
For the river calls and the road calls, and
oh! the call of a bird!
Yonder the long horizon lies, end there by
night and day
The ola ships draw to home again, the
young ships sail away;
And come I may, but go I must, and if
men ask you way,
You may put tn?. blame on the stars and
?. the suo and the white road and the
?Gerald Gould, in The Spectator.
[_l u
,)K years Mrs. Admington
had wanted a telephone in
the house, but her husband
lind not seen his -way clear
to have ono till recently.
It was | day cf joy and
triumph for the little lady when, final?
ly, the instrument Avns fastened to the
wall over the Admington's front stair
landing. It was on a circuit with other
'phones and when the hell rang in one
house it rang In ten other.?-. The Ad
mlngtons. like every other family on
the line, had a certain number oi' rings
for their own particular ?all, but it
took them some timo to get over being
startled when any other number was
It bothered Mrs. Admington less than
other members of the family, and it
gave her pleasure to talk about "ring?
ing up" her friends, which she did
with an accustomed air that waned to
indicate there had been a telephone in
every room in the Admington house for
It was different with her husband.
lie didn't like telephones ::ny too well
in the olflee. and he was mire one in
the house would be an abomination.
He was confirmed in this belief the
first night their 'phone was in commis*
sion by being awakened from n sound
sleep by the jangling of the bell and be?
ing asked by an impatient inquirer:
"Say, are you the undertaker7"
The morning after the 'phone was
installed .Mrs. Aduiinglon starlet to
put It to most practical use. that of
ordering things for dinner from the
market. She was thiukimr how pleas?
ant it was just to ring a bell and tell
the grocer what to tend.
She took down the receiver and put
it to her ear. bat was somewhat vexed
to hear a man's rota \ and discover that
the line was busy.
"I'll have to wait, and I'm in such n
hurry," she pouted, but remembering
an errand in another part of the house.
she busied herself for a few moments.
Her next try at the 'phone found the
line still busy. Mis. Admington was
tempted for a s'cmid to listen, but
didn't think that would bo ?juito fair,
so again she hung up Iba receiver end
sat down to wait till the line should
be disengaged. She fidgeted in a little
chair for a minute that seemed ten and
then went to the 'phone again, saying
to herself:
"Those people must be through talk?
ing by this time."
But they were not, and ns Mrs. Ad?
mington took down the .eceiver for
the third time to call up central she
heard the emphatic declaration of a
,very decided young woman:
"Well, I don't care. I'm going to
marry hlin anyway."
Mrs. Admington knew that she ought
to drop the receiver, but she couldn't
let go. It was glued to her ear. And.
anyway, the next instant she beard
the voice of the man she had heard
twicp before, and he had been monopo?
lizing'that wire long enough. /
"Bu.t how long did you say you hnye
known him?" be was asking the yo\/y<
woman. /
"Why, I've known him only/ two
^eeks," was the reply, "but I'y/> soen
him an awful lot in that timey^
"Well, don't you think two/weeks g
pretty Rhort acquaintance /to marry
on?" urged the man. /
"It would be in most eas/s," admitted
the young woman, "but yfith us it's dif?
ferent. He's awfully id/.0. and he HkPs
me, and I like him./nnd he doesn't
want to wait. He jfioesn't believe in
long engagements. Jfu) neither do I."
"Weli, you're a*/mpleton," was Mrs.
Admington's mental comment, as she
shifted from afhe foot to the other
and moved a l/i!e nearer to the 'phone
just a* the ?iJhn's voice was asking: A
"Isn't he ?/iiMng to give you a littJ
time to grft rea<h ! A woman "
be marri*} conveniently on a day's
notice, /f he i ikes you so much I
shouldVthiuk he would give you a
chanfw to g?t a few clothes togaWhei -
a tro/* | know. Won't ? give
you^ month or six weeks for tl/at?"
/So" was the answer. "Ho's going
yway within a month, and ho wants to
Jt>c married so I can go with him."
J "Isn't he coming V?;
f "Yes, he's ceouug back, ' but be
doenn'r ?-ant to wait till thee.r*
"Well, if h. M *<> m?? h, don't
>oo think jouable?"
suggested t:
?ccassfi. .(Mighti Mr* Ad
minglon./'The fellow's a uferfect pig-"
"Well, I don't want you to think me
too much of a meddler," came back the
voice of the man. "I only want to sug?
gest things that seem fcj be for your
good. Now, you say you*- e known this
man for two weeks. Are you sure you
will care for him at the end of tw*<
months? Wouldn't it be well to Vmlt
that long and see?"
"We haven't the least bit of fear of
that," responded the young l?dy in
tones of perfect assurance. "He says
we were made for each other."
"Made for the madhouse," muttered
Mrs. Admington to herself, losing al!
"And how old did you say be was?"
resumed the old man.
"And yon arc twenty?"
"Well, I'll bo twenty-one in a cotroH
of months."
"And how old are his children?"
"The lwy is fifteen and the girl only
ten," spoke up the young lady, evi?
dently without fear of tackling so
tough a job as looking after the
The man was silent for an instant,
trying to think of something else to
switch the young woman off the ma tri
moninl track. Mrs. Admington was
hoping he would be successful, but he
wasn't, se he fired a weak parting shot.
"Well," he began, hopelessly, "all 1
can say to you is that If you marry that
man after having known him only tw-o
weeks you will be doing a very foolish
thing, and in looking after those two
children you will certainly have your
work cut out for you."
'T don't care if I do." came the voice
of the young woman .snappishly. "I've
thought it all over and I'm going to
marry hi in anyway."
Mrs. Admington wasn't able to con?
tain herself any longer. She had no
sooner" heard the younr: lndy's ulti?
matum than she broke into the conver?
sation with:
"Don't you do it. If yon do you're
a perfect goose nnd yon ought to know
Mrs. Admington heard gasps of sur?
prise from the other two. and then the
voice of the man:
"Well, who in thunder are you?".
"I'm not in thun 1er anybody,"
?napped Mrs. Admington, "but I'm
considerably older lhan the young lady
at the other end of the wire, and I've
learned ? few things she ought to know
before she marries a man twice as
old as herself and with two children
as big as she Is."
? "Pity you didn't learn not to listen
to private conversations." snapped the
voice of the young woman.
"Ami another pity you didn't know
better than to discuss such matters
over a telephone." retorted Mrs. Ad?
mington. spicily. "Rut I'm glad yon
did. for it gives me a chance to tell you
you're a little simpleton if you marry
that man. and you'll regret it before
the year is out. He's old enough to
be your father, and he wants you to
....?rry lrlm before you've prepared
enottgh clothes to get you dec? - out
of town. He ought to be ggh&ni . r
himself, and you ought to be spanked,
And then lfm. Admington hung up
the receiver with a rap That almost
broke the hook.
"I've given that young ?vornan a
piece of my mind, and I hope it Will
do her some good. But I don't suppose
it will. Next time I catch her on my
telephone she will probably be asking
some lawyer to get her a divorce."?
Chicago Record Herald.
l?cal News. /
(From the Mount Olympus Journal.)
By Franklin p. Adams.
Diana has gone/hunting this week.
Mercury is .?parting a new cane.
Cheer up. Nittbe. It might be worse.
(Jalatea ha^f given Pygmalion the
stony stare.
Daedalus/has got a new buggy. Get
ready, glrjfs. 7
Oev yo/ir horses shod af Vulcan's.?
Look/s like we would have a late fall
lyvink Nectarine. Looks like Nectar
^n/l costs less.?Adv./
Venus has a new way of wearing her
air. Ah there. Adonis!
Somebody has been purloining apples
from the HesperUles orchard. Cut It
out. boys.
Meander s war/ the Hellespont to see
his best girl last night. What a lover
won't do Is a caution.
A most regrettable incident happened
here last night. Narcissus of this place
fell into t\fr pool.
Don't forget Pan's recital on the
mount to-night. A pleasant time as?
sured to all?Adv.
As we go to press, the weather is
simply EJyslnn. We are touching
wood, so as to ward off Nemesis.
Tlie Cyclops boys are treating with
the ocubr.t. but we'regret to state not
myich improvement is being made.
Atalanta bas entered for the hundred
yard dash Field Day.
?I Midas was a pleasant caller p??-this
' office Wednesday, ..nd ^?L^P* tllc
wherewithal for a year s subscription.
Come again. Mide.?New York Tribune.
Mine Tunnel Uaed a? Jail.
An unused mlniug tunnel with a
sheet iron door across the entrance
constitutes the branch Jail at the lively
smelter town of Kennett.
Constable Limbaugh asked the su?
pervisors to make a a appropriation for
building a calaboosV, a convenience
that was a necessity in the lively
camp. The supervisai* could not af?
ford to grant the allowance. The con?
stable supplied the d.
ting permission from
pa try to nse the abai
furnished the sheet
The tunnel
OfH?t? Along?
A Sals Qold Membership Cara Msd? ot
rate Precious Metal, WfJh til? Nam?
scribed Thereon at the jUtf* Honor^
Member of the Clab, Wnsv^vi^SifcJ
dtnt?Cheered By Great Throngs.
Denver, (Special). ? They entertain?
ment of President Roosevelt |\f the citi?
zens of Denver Monday nigm was a
fitting conclusion of a day of royal wel?
come as he journeyed through Colorado
from Glenwood "Springs to Denver. All
the towns along the Denver and Rio ,
Grande railroad, over which the Egf?
idential party traveled, centered r
t - , ? *,r
population at the stations to greet ^ .
President, and every evidence of heat, .
good will was srn and heard.
The crowning event of the day cam?,
at night in the form of a barejuet ten?
dered to President Rooseveit by the
Denver Chamber of Commerce at the
Brown Palace Hotel, it was a sumptu?
ous affair and the President was visi?
bly pleased by the picture that unfolded
itself to his eyes as he entered the hall.
Tricolorcd streamers and shields, inter?
spersed with pictures of the President
framed in Hags, almost hid the walls,
and on the tables . unerican Beauty ros?
es added color to the scene. Hothouse
plants were liberally distributed through?
out tne hall.
The menu was elaborate. Throughout
the service of the courses there was
music by an orchestra. The banquet Ik;
gan at 8 o'clock and continued until
o'clock, when the President WSJ esCO
to the private car Rocket, where
most immediaiely retired. A f
President James S. TempleJ^t the
Chamber of Commerce, called \W guests
to ordc?- after the Last courso/had 1>ccn
served and introduced CMef Justice
William H. C.abbert. who \/is tyastmas
ier. In a brief -perch Judjge Gdbbert in?
troduced the President, who arose amid
cheers and applause. IJ'e responded to
the toast "The Nati
He was followed hy <?ov. Jess? Mc?
Donald, who spoke >f "The State," and
Mayor Robert \V. ?pecr. who re-ponded
to the toast "The City." Senator Thom?
as M. Patterson ^hea spoke to the toast !
"The Presid?
At the conclusion of tIn- spcechmaking
the 500 participants in the banquet sang
chor?se-. Trtcn all surrounded the Pres?
ident and escorted ; his rooms hi
the hotel, where they shouted "Good?
night!" fftd cheered lor several minutes.
Shortly afterward the President and Im
party entered their cars.
The President spoke at Pueblo for the
k! time, praising ihe stupendous
scenery and appealing to his hearers to
exemplify the highest type of citizenship.
At Colorado Springs he was made Sti
honorary member of the Pike's Peak
Press Club.
At Hanging Bridge, in the gorge, the
party were photographed, and along the
route the magnificent views were duly
Woman First Tortured and Tfaea Thrown
Front Window.
McKeesport. Pa. (Special). ? The
home of Frederick Rcidler, who lives
in the country back of Coulter Station,
about eight miles from here, was entered
by masked men who, finding aged Mrs.
Reidler alone, demanded the hiding
place of bar husband's money. The
woman refused to tell and was knocked
down, her shoes and stockings were tak?
en oft and the soles of her feet burned
with matches, until in agony she told
where her husband's savings of a life?
time, $700. were hidden. This the rob?
bers found, and then in anger that it
was nor more, threw the woman from
the second-story window, indicting in?
juries which will probably cause her
When Mr. Reidler came home hours
later he found his wife senseless in the
yard. The entire detective force of Al?
legheny county is working on the case.
Mrs. Reidler has given a fair descrip?
tion of the two masked burglars.
No Clew to Pat Crowe.
Omaha, Neb. (Special).?Chief of Po?
lice Donohuc personally offered a re?
ward of $200 for the capture of Pat
Crowe, wanted on a charge of highway
robbery in connection with the Cudahy
kidnapping. The Chief believes Crowe
is near Omaha or Council Bluffs. Al?
though the hunt for Crowe has been
kept up continuously since Crowe called
at an Omaha newspaper office, no clew
to his whereabouts has been obtained.
Commander Sims injured.
London (By Cable).?Lieut. Com?
mander William S. Sims of the Bureau
of Navigation at Washington, who was
a passenger on board the American Line
steamer Philadelphia, which sailed from
New York April 29, arriving at South?
ampton Sunday, was thrown to the deck
during a gale on May 2 and sustained a
fractur? of the collar-bone and was
otherwise injured. He will be confined
to the hospital probably for five weeks.
Virginia Wins Track Meet
Richmond, Va. (Sppeoial).?In a dual
track meet at the University of Vir?
ginia, Virginia won from the University
of North Carolina by the score of 69 tc
29. Five Southern intercollegiate rec?
ords were broken at the meet.
Cremated Under Engine.
Houston, Tex. (Special).?A Calves
ton, Houston and Northern passengei
coming i
n Exchange Place, Jersi
jered many valuable d<
The Canadian PacifV
wrecked near Moncton,
except the slewing (..?r*
1 person- were inj^
? ral more claims
faulting bank pr idenj
l^M, have been filed
\ Tan* to li??'t cv-ry day
'? ic Glass i'"???c Blowers Association
Fittsburg. Some im
,cs in the wage scale are
H. Lewis, of the Middlc
Waverly, Mo., who is miss
note saying he wrecked the
oy Line steamer. Aransas was
in Long Island Sound after collid
a barge. One passenger was
he will of Miss Ellen J. McKee, who
at Asheville, N. C. May I, tttVJ
filed in St. Louis. .She was the
aughter of the late William McKee.
founder of the St. Louis G lobe- Demo?
crat, and owned the controlling interest
in that newspaper. Her estate is valued
at $2,000,000.
There was little rioting in Chicago,
as the police have broken up the march?
ing of mobs after wagons. Charges of
selling nut have been made against the
labor lender- and Ma> r Dunne has ap?
pointed a commission to investigate.
The will of Mrs. Clement B. Xcwbold.
daughter of the late Thomas Scott, con?
tains a bequest of $20.000 to the missions
of the Protestant Episcopal Church and
$10.000 to the Christians' Fund of the
? of Pennsylvania.
First Lieutenants Juan A. Boyle and
Charles L. Woodhouse, of the Fourth
United State- Infantry, were drowned
in Laguna Lake. Philippine Islands.- LieXi
tenant Boyle was a Marylander.
An explosion of dyn. "the in the Cats
isill ??entent Company's limestone quarry,
at Smith's Landing, N. V . killed QU$??d\
badly injured two laborer-.
The engagement is announced of Capt.
Richmond P. Hobsofl to Miss Grizclda
H. Hull, of Tuxedo Park. X. Y.
Several people were killed and much
property was destroyed by a fierce storm
which iwept (?ver Indian Territory.
The Welsh Congregational Church at
Kingston, Pa.. was wrecked by a dyna?
mite explosion.
A statue was unveiled in New Lon?
don, Ct., in memory of John Winthrop
the younger.
The cotton manufacturing industry in
New England is reported to be prosper?
About 250 union carpenters at 'Harris
burg went on strike.
William Heffelingen, of Bergen, O.,
was (hied $joo for double manslaughter.
He tired a pistol from his porch, the
bullet causing a woman's death, \noth
er woman fell dead- when she heard of
the fatality.
During the trial df Johann Hoch in
Chicago on the charge of poisoning his
wife a trained nurse testified that while
his wife was ill he spent most of his
time courting his sister-in-law
be sccT
sian w<
fong, Shantung
The Russian
the juncture of A<
vision with Rojestvers]
non as practically SSI
ly encouraged over
ing that Admiral
risk an open battj
Important milit;
operations seem ir
movement has begin against th?
left in Manchuria, and the form!
concentrated heavy colomns on
River. These movements maj
preliminaries to another great
General Kuropatkir? is returning1
Petersburg, failing health being |
as the cause.
Naral Dlvlslon*
3V Petersburg (By
Nebogatoffs junction tJ
Rcjca^a^kvi- uow
hope for
sea is great
bogatoff is regaroe
situation, and, indeed, he 1
hie him greatly in tcm
may lack his strategy am
like the Prussian, he has buff
age and is a boni fighter, W
Straight for the enemy.
If Admiral Kamimura, lik
at Waterloo, fails to prevent a
of the Russian fleets, as the adni
here believes he has, the imprcssii
strong that V?ce Admiral Togo wii
dare risk an open battle again.-t t
united divisions, of Rojcstvcnsky an
Xebogatoff, but wWl content himself wit
torpedo attacks, and ^possibly a long
range action, being preparW^?i^draw of
in the event that he is unable to h
an impression
Naval officers are prepared to see Ro?
jcstvcnsky lose half his convoy, but, in
face of the united divisions, it is be?
lieved that Togo will accomplish little
or nothing in the way of opposition, ?ja
the advance to Vladivostok, and that
he must be content, with the aid of the
army, to try and invest by land and sea,
and make Vladivostok another Port Ar?
thur. If the fleet reaches Vladivostok
in the
I orelfn.
States r?
with reportsjot all cas
who have been denied at
ountry and of all deport
intact, however, naval officers here claim \ froun.d <* non-registratior
been derided since the expirai
J^xcl us ion treaty of 1894.
Somedftawyers of repute hqM
there are phases in the Chinese
sion law which will not stand a tesl
The tercentenary of the publication strantied in Manchuria
^ ** 1 Y ?..? / Am ?? . lI .> ?*?*?% r* j-\r\.? Af?*?wl o^ _-. .
that victory is won.
Although there is a little more than
100.000 tons of coal at Vladivostok, with
the reinforcement of the fleet by the
Gromoboi, Rossia and Bofjsyt and the
torpedo boats and submarines now in
the harbor there, they claim that Ro
jestvensky could drive Togo off the .-.ea
and leave Field Marshal OyamaV a.iiyv.
, of "Don Quixote" was observed as
j a holiday throughout Spain with floral
festivals and the unveiling of monu
! ments to the author, Cervantes.
The strength developed by M. ShipofT,
I president of the Moscow Zemstxo, at the
! MOSCOW Zemsteo Congress is the cause
? o\ great satisfaction to thi moderate
; Liberals.
The peasants have fired the property
of Prince Larareff, at Kherson. Russia.
Rioting i- reported in the province of
Andrew Carnegie, in a talk at LeSt.es
ter, England, deplored the giving away
of valuable franchises by municipal pol?
Sixteen German soldiers were killed
or wounded by Hcrcros in the mountains
near Gonaives, Germ?n Southwest Af?
The situation on the Island of Crete
is extremely grave and Prince George
is unable to control events.
A general revolutionary movement has
occurred among the peasants of the
Province of Bessarabia.
Two professors of Gra/ University
were killed by an avalanche in the Sty
rian Alps.
An arbitration treaty between Norway
and Portugal was signed at Lisbon.
'Ine seconds of Herr Pozsgay, a mem?
ber of the opposition party in the Hun?
garian Diet, have declined to give Tisza
satisfaction as a result of the dispute in
the Diet on the ground that Premier has
hitherto allowed similar interruptions to
pass unnoticed.
Sensational reports that foreign Min?
ister Delcasse of France intendedip re-/*
sign because of differences with SAn?er
Rouvicr over foreign" affairs a4WKt^'
The Republican and LihM^Kaders
in Spain oppose King Afj^B^^visit to
France, claiming it ^jffl ^^,u Spain
ho the support of ?"mBSt" Moroccan
policy. ^^w
Professor Uhlenhuth, ct Berlin claims
Jishcd the'similarity of the
ies of apes ?nd
?son, contructed to
uiser Saigon, sunk in
Bin, has beer, launched
There is a strong intim?t: >n that Ro
jestvensky ha? something up his sleeve
which may prove a surprise. This possi?
bly is a diversion in trie shape of the
dispatch of some fast Converted cruisers
of the convoy into tKe Pacific Ocean to
raid upon Japanese commerce.
Simultaneously with the increasing ten?
sion over the approach of a sea ba?
the courts, and it is understood to
the intention of influential Chinese o"Qj
izatHMis in this country to institute
proceedings by which the rights sa
ial Chinese will bca?
rn a st
He then mad?
attempt t ? commit suit
maining load in the gun, a1
cr ende.ivor to end his Yu
h the re?
in a fufth
sought to
comes news that tield Marshal Oyama .
.. D 1 . 1 .1 ?hnng himself in the barn with a plow
is pressing the Russian right along the , u 1 t u- ~?
t ? r>- A f it 1 -c 1 inc. He was overpowered by his son.
Liao River north of rakoman, as if ic u ?? ,.? ._ , . "V .,_7*?. . ..
Domestic troubles are alleged to be the
cause of the murder and attempted sui
is beginning a general engagement.
?an has been decorated
Bowie's Big Bond Issue.
Chicago (Special).?According tcy a
plan announced by John Alexander DoW
ie in a general apostolic letter, all the
Zion industries are to be consolidated
into one organization, to be known arc
'Zion Consolidated Annuities." The se?
curities of the various Zion industries
will be purchased by the issue of $7,
000,000 of 7 per cent, gold bonds. This
issue will be a lien on all of Dowie's
personal property as well as all the Zion
Dual Meet Per Havcrford.
Philadelphia (Special).?In the dual
meet between Wesleyan and Havcrford
Colleges new records were established
in the half-mile run, the two-mile run,
the hammer throw, the one-mile run
and 120-yard hurdle race. Havcrford
won the meet by 57?4 to 54^ points.
r Pennsylvania Editor Dead.
Tyrone, Pa. ?.Special).?Major Chas.
S. W. Jones, of the Sheridan Troop, o?
this place, and editor and proprietor of
the Tyrone Herald, died at his home
here. He served in the Civil War and
commanded the Sheridan Troop in Porto
Rico during the Spanish War.
Former Pitcher Drowned.
Parkersburg, W. Va. (Special).?Al?
bert Mays, aged 48 years, once pitcher
for the New York National League Base?
ball Club, was drowned at Blennerljb^r.
[aland. >" the Ohio River. Th
he was in was upset by the currc$
was thrown out in three* feet .o,
and war. unable to get to his
cause of the current. Frank
was with him, was caught
and held fan-] so tba
ci de.
Ape Broke lodiasa Lsw.
Soutbbend, Ind., (Special).?During
the performance of a trained animal
show here a constable served a war?
rant on the management because a trained
ape smoked a cigarette during the per?
formance. The trial will be held in a
justice's court. This is the most rigid
enforcement, of Indiana's new Anti-Ci?
garette law yet reported.
Professor Molisch, of Prague, says
that photographs can be taken by the
light emitjiv! bj raw potatoes and hard
boiled cgc;-, in which the phosphorescent
germs have been artificially cultivated.
Among the most backward and savage
tribes great attention is often paid to
the Children. The toys and playthings
used by the savages m all parts of the
world are often surprisingly well made.
Outside the polar regions there re?
mains unexplored, it is estimated, about
one-fiftieth of the land surface of the
globe. Fifteen yean ago the unknown
portions were about one-eighth of the
earth's total.
The crop of geraniums in Southern
France now reaches 3,300.000 pounds.
Oik hectare (2.47 icres) produces from
55,000 to 66,000 i" mnda of leaves ; worth
from $1 14 to $1 S3 per 220 pounds. The
product in pure essence amounts to 2.?o
pounds to each >.x\\ pounds of raw ma
mascot of a ?iritish infantr" regi
ononkey, has been dishoitoi
from the service f
has inf
miralty of the presei
ships in the tcrritc
Dutch portion of
If the reporta be xt
Russia will pr
Bnt Robber Wna
Seattle, Wash.. (S en
troni Fairbanks, Alaska^
lone man, roughly dresf^H
tures concealed by a ck
tered the cabin of J. J?
the point of a revolver demand
tity of gold dust which he
knew to be in the cabin.
present at the time, in additit
his wife and II. C. Hamiltc
In one corner of the r<
strong box. with $.?0,000 in
suit of the winter- work,
Hamilton on their c
This box was covere
which the robber dr;i
time keeping the iomati
his revolver. He dematidedl
open the box. but this Wing
shouldered the box and bacl
into the night.
Rnox and Hamilton immediate^
the alarm and in a few mome
posse of miners was on the I
a mile from the cabin they \
box, ba<
of the ba er, but wj
contents untouehe
Charged With Wbltec
Jackson, Miss.. (Spccj
al grand jury return}
ns of
the char. rj
charge being
s,??is indi?
Dr. A. M N

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