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ict has 5; bcrs,
O.J^a: I hist year $
u. ' :: friends among the
?oh* J. Burke, Biisi
?Mas Mgr.
#!.*? Per Year in Adv
kmen and their aid, financi?
en* a<ivcrti*ement<? will bcTa ?arKi o1 hcTwite, is by llonif.'tllS
for at the
?dt ai the rate of ?cts. perl M,.,.
t*>e first insertion. aer | iyF' "" lUU'
Our ?? strict secretary. Miss
each tmbsequeut iu*ertiou
cbanffe is made
'noie ES m>on, took the in.ua
trie? a-i.i ro*?I?tionK of r?sped
r>e Miarte?! an paid araattei
cimr^eof five-rents ?*r line Z fi\rHl! -'.U' elected a Standing
Urt'crctaty and treasurer for the
ations advocifinq- candi- \
??it bo charged fur at | diftr'ct*
ts per line. ?ff^0 t,,e USl,al S,X de,e"
?ished on appli-j rra^es froJni the district to be sent
<Vn of ano?y-!?otheaiiIluul "?*?* that cou?
rt rate
tice will be
?mini?cations. Whatever is in- ,
>r publication must be BiglMd , v t>n^s HI
writer\* Mime.
JUNE 2". 1905.
entitled to on
Richardson w
leounty of K
Ska William !sent us
:t to
It is gratify.?;
r ?s-'three Mathews ein
e i?_ 1 sonn
wij; j
ober in the city c>|
Mathews circuit was
nd Mrs. Sam. E.
*cd to repre
now that the
nts have rais
one hundred
since last June,
[rom their ?
dii-ectiom^^-ith no g| secretary is hoping
therein except where ' 1111 *i ?
marks the <w ^ou*lIul dollars this vear
strain! ufiYom grand old Rappahannock
on the public district- Let us' members and
uniment, shall |fricnds' rise to hcr ,lc,l> that shc
may be encouraged in her ardu
iews be known as the only
ounty in this section without a
lonunient? Her sons faithfully
and courageously represented her
on)the field of battle, and in the
clear air of peace they have fear?
lessly proven themselves to be
representative citizens of this old
commonwealth. As in other coun?
ties, will not the good women of
this co'jniy commence the work?
The young men of Mathews will
aid them and soon the old sol?
diers of this count}* will see on
the public square a monument in
^fiemory of their valor.
Notes from the Rappahannock
District Meeting of the W.
F. M. b. cf the M. E. Church,
Remembering that "those who
go owe a debt to those who stay,"
it is the intention of this writer to
pay that debt in such items of in?
terest as could be picked up by
the way and at the meeting.
The Society convened at Ir
? V?ngton, Va., June 13. Our par?
ty from the three Mathews cir?
cuits consisted of the following
members; Misses Lizzie S. Smith
and Mary Lizzie Knight and Rev.
\V. L. Ware of Last Mathews;
Mesdames Trimyer and William
Nelson and Miss Frankie Davis
of West Mathe^cs; and Mesdames
George Diggs and Jno. O. Moss
t?mm and Miss Clara Miles of Mathews.
Notwithstanding the copiousshow
ers of the early morning we were
on time to board the Tangier,
and a cheerful group we made.
Every one knows the exhilaration
of a sea breeze. However, every
otis, selfsacrificing work for those
who "sit in darkness and the sha?
dow of death."
?One of the Party.
At a regular meeting of the
County Educational Board held
at the home of Mrs. A. F. Mar
chant on last Friday afternoon, it
was unamously decided to make
a move for a county high school.
To that end it was decided to call
a meeting of everybody in the
County that is interested, to be
held in the Court House on Sat?
urday, July 8, at 3 P. M. It is
to be hoped that there will be a
large attendance and that some?
thing material will be done to?
ward realizing the great need to
our county.
Mrs. A. F. Marcoant,
President Committee.
Names of children contributing
to the Fitzhogh Lee monument
fund since our last issue:
Vivian T. Douglass,
Aubrey ,,
Lynda ,,
Lucile ,,
Edward Solberg,
Thomas ,,
Gilbert ,,
Martin ,,
As the undersigned should like
to see all the children in Math?
ews County subscribe to the Fitz
hugh Lee Monument fund, he
will be glad to receive a penny
from each chil?, (whose name
one knows too that "the good j u'?-- appear in the columns of the
Journal) and will foward contri?
butions to the committee in Rich?
Giles B. Cooke,
Rector of Kingston Parish.
and bad do always join," and our
experiences were not always the
pleasantest. He who cultivates
olfacation as a fine art would
have had abundant exercise of
that sense as the steamer's cargo
of fish, crabs etc. was hauled a
board. At one of the wharves a
large "taurus" was carried or
dfbragged aboard by fourteen men,
In addition to of ^?tement for
board, the committea sPiciness in
er due deliberar- *le old can alv
numb-r of tlre e(Iulibrium of our
gentlemen ''^.disturbed by Neptune
*\*4?k? w?"reached Ocean Wharf in
good condition for a six mile's
ride to Irvington. Bro. Bellows
and some other friends seeing us
safely on the Journey. We were
domiciled in pleasant homes and
at the hour of service repaired to
the church for the preliminary
meeting. The Society was heart- w^na?-.
?ly" welcomed and every one's To the Democratic Voters
wants provided for. A political OF THE 39th senatorial district
meeting at nearly the same hour composed of the COUNTIES OF
cut short the session, as the ladies j KlNG & *' M,DD1 i;"
wished to be as accomodating as stx? Math vs ANI) Gloucester.
possible, many of them attending In announcing my candidacy
the speaking. *or t*?e *^er:i:v of Virginia, I proir.
~ ,? - ., ised to the people of this
On Wednesday the wor^hc-ga: - j , .. .. .
senatorial strict my views on
Vnest. Each delegate of the some of the ?ul questiong in this,
auxiliaries vt?U heard from'campaign.
Appointments for Preaching on
Mathews Circuit
1st Sunday.
Central. 11.00 A. M.
Shiloh (Gwynns). 3.00 P. M.
2nd Sunday.
Balea. 11.00 A. M.
Shiloh (Crab Neck). 3AM P. Iff.
Central. 8.00 P. M.
3rd Sunday.
Salem. 11.00 A. M.
Shiloh (Gwynns). 3.00 P. M.
4th Sunday.
Central. 11.00 A. M.
Salem. 3.00 P. M.
Thursday nitfht, before 4th Sunday.
Shiloh (Crab Neck). 8.00 P. M.
John O. Moas, V. C.
/ ...X ! ecu ;ii.'..! ??:?usl> ci:eu
! that 1 baVe firmed a combi?
nation to carry :his county ( Glou
it the primary. This is
absolutely false; 1 have not farm?
ed a combination with any man!
It is my purpose to conduct the
campaign without making ene?
mies, bttt to make friends, if I
can. I want harmony to prevail
in the Democratic ranks; and to
present an unbroken front to oiu
common enemy on November
next. At the coming primary, We
are lighting friends Democrats
and we must be conservative, cau?
tions and prudent. Our political
opponettS are boasting of their
strength. They are hoping tor
dissensions in our ranks. Let us
disappoint the Republicans and
have no discord in our ranks.
Our public schools should be
improved. Graded schools should
be established. Nine month -
sion for oar schools. Better pay
for our school teachers? Better
school houses for our children.
Maintain and support all of our
institutions of learning, and offer
the best advantages, we can, for
the education of the children o?
this State. Gen. K. E. Lee sai 1:
"The education of all classes ol
the people is the best means ol
promoting the prosperity of the
I am in thorough accord wiil
the sentiment now in our land
that we should have better road!
good roads. I stand ready to aii
the movement in any way that b
possible and practical. Our higl
?ways must be improved.
Only enough taxes should hi
collected for State and Count}
purposes, ior an economic admin
! istration of the affairs of Statt
and County.
Under our new State Constitu
Ition, provisions are made for ?
''Department of Agriculture an<
; Immigration" and a "Bureau o
? Labor and Statistics." Legisla
Ition should be had to more effect
ually carry out the above provis
ion, and if possible, to relieve, cer
tainly in some measure, the trou
ble our farmers now have on th
"Labor" question, and also en
large the powers of our efficien
Hoard of Agriculture, and giv
greater benefits to oui farmers.
Legislation should be had t
carry out section 105 of Constitu
tion of Virginia. "The genera
assembly shall enact laws prevent
?ng all trusts, combinations, an
monopolies inimical to the publi
\\ elfare.
The insane must be cared foi
Special attention to the hospital
of the State, and every comfoi
should be given the poor unfoi
tanates. Keep up the presen
efficient management of our ho<
i pit?is and make the' inmates s
happy and contented as it is po?
sible te 1?0.
The Confederate soldiers uh
are in need of aid, from wound:
old age or disease, and the w
(lows of old veterans, shall recen
my special attention and pensior
;i^ large as the State can affon
will be advocated by me.
The number of soldiers and w
dows is smaller annually, hi
those surviving need, annuall;
more aid and pensions should I
? larger. The present law shou
be amended so as to take in tl
I worthy old comrade, now exclu*
led. We can not do too much f<
the veterans.
I shall do all in my power to
bolish the "State Board of Fis
cries." The term of the prese
1 Board expires next Spring, and
I lieu of the "Board" have a "Fi
j Commissioner," with duties ai
; powers,which will prove more (
fectual and give better satisfa*
ion to the people, and accompli
far better results. I will do all
can to have this change.
Under our present laws, ;
grounds within the Baylor Surv
?are natural oyster rocks and ca
I not be rented out, but kept. 01;
for those who pay their licen
tax to oyster with tongs duri
the oysti on. All groun
outside the Baylor Survey are,
statue, declared to be 'barren *
: be rented to the ci
of the State. If any natui
locks have been rented, the m
take should be corrected. If ai
natural rocks are used and occ
; be turned back y> the public. The
I have vested rights that
? must be protected. The tongers
1 have rights that should not be in?
terfered with. The other busi?
ness growing out of this industry
should be protected and encour
L The fishing industry, the
clamming industry? and crabbing
industry are of great importance
to Tidewater, and legislation is
needed to preserve and improve
the same. Is it not possible for
Tidewater to agree on legislation
pertaining to these local quost
? ions? Can a convention or con?
ference be held, composed of re?
presentative men. in each indus?
try, and agree upon proper legis?
lation for all of our local indust?
ries? If we go to the Legislature
united and make reasonable de?
mands, 1 believe our request will
be granted. Make the attempt
and if we succeed, so well; if the
Legislature refuses to give? us
what we ask, then the other por?
tions of the Sta.te will be respon?
sible 'f our industries are failures.
The time has come when we must
come together and do all we can
to improve our local industries.
MANX BILL.- Loom. Option.
Local self government is right.
Citv, countv or magisterial dis
trict should have the right to say
about the sale of liquor in each
community. A Constitutional
Convention composed mostly of
Democrats put, for the first time,
in our present constitution the
following section: "Section 02.
The General Assembly shall have
full power to enact local option
or dispensary laws, or any other I
laws controlling, regulating or i
prohibiting the manufacture or
sale of intoxicating liquors.
A Democratic Legislature pass-!
ed the "Man Bill" as the above ;
section permitted, and en April)
16, 1903, a Democratic Governor:
approved it. In the fall of 190;$ 1
a new Legislature was elected ;
and met in January 1904, and no
attempt to repeal the Mann Bill. \
In the spring of 1904, the Dem-!
ocrats held a convention and
made no objection to the Mann
Bill, so really the Democratic
party has indirectly, if not direct?
ly, accepted the measure as its
own. I am in favor of non-inter?
ference with the law, and e.ive it
a fair trril.
I am objected to because I No?
ted for the dog tax. I did not
vote for the tax; I was not a
member of the Legislature when i
the do^, tax law was passed. Ask
your then representatives how
they voted, and they will till you.
Just don't "cuss me about the dog
The date' for the primary has
been fixed for August 22nd. I sub?
mit my claims. Should I be se-!
lected as the nominee of the Dem?
ocratic party for the Senate, 1
will be- under renewed obligations
to the Democrats of this Senator?
ial district; if defeated, I will ac?
cept the result, and labor for the
election of the nominee until the
election in November.
Your very obedient servant,
J. X. Stubbs.
?Woods X Roads, Va.
June 17, 1905.
I will address the Democrats of
Mathews county at the following
places on on the dates named be?
L. S. White's store, Saturday,
July 1, at 7.30 P. M.
Hugh Hudgins' store, Wednes?
day, July 5, at 7.30 P. M.
Labans, Saturday, July 8, at
7.30 P. M.
Cobbs Creek, Thursday, July
13. at 7.30 P. M.
Grinnell & llutson's store, Sat?
urday, July 15, at 7.30 P. M.
It is my intention to reply toan
article published in the Mathews
Tribune over the signature of
James N. Stubbs, criticising my
official record in tne Senate of
Virginia, and I invite him to be
J. Boyd Sears.
I hereby announce myself a
candidate subject to the action of,
t*he democratic primary soon to
be hclct, to represent the coun?
ties of MatheWI and Middlesex in
the next House of Delegates of
Very Respectfully
K. L. McCready.
To the rp.or" ; w-jf
I hereby announce myself a
candidate for re-election to the
House of Delegates, subject to
approval by the Democrats of
said counties, by whatever meth?
od may be adopted for making
their nomination.
Grateful for the honor confer?
red upon me in the past, I shall !
feel much pride in having the en?
dorsement of the people of Math?
ews and Middlesex to represent
them for another term. It shall
bo my ambition to so represent
my constituents as to be worthy
of this approval and endorsement
at their hands.
Geo. Y. Hunloy.
For House o? Delegates
Mathews and Middlesex ?
?Subject to Democratic Primary)
Election Tuesday, Aug. 22, 1905.
Mr. Stubbs' Announcement
To the Democratic voters of
the 39th Senatorial Distinct of
V'irginia, composed of the coun?
ties of King and Queen, Essex,
Middlesex, Mathews and Glou?
I am a candidate for the Sen?
ate of Virginia, subject to the de?
cision of the Democratic primary,
to be held in the future. I will
soon publish a card, giving my
views on the leading questions in
this campaign.
J. X. Stul
Woods X Roads, Va.
April 17, 1905.
Senator Sears Announcement
Mathews, Va? April 10, 19
To my fellow-democrats o? the
39th Senatorial district:
I hereby formally announce
candidacy for the Democratic
nomination for the office of State
Senator from the 39th Senatorial
Four years ago you honored
me with your confidence and a
seat in the Semite of Virginia.
My ambition again prompts me
to ask of you my return to this
high position.
As y< >ur 1 ative I made
every effort to faithfully discharge
every duty and responsibility 1
ing upon me, and if you shall a
gain honor me I will endeavor to
he deserving of your confidence
and esteem.
Very truly yours,
J. Boyd Sears.
Is courting death more sudden?
ly but not more surely than ne?
glecting kidney disorders. Foley's
Kidney Cure will cure a slight dis?
order in a few days and its con?
tinued use will cure the most ob?
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der trouble, commence taking
Foleey's Kidney Cure today be?
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Richardson, Mathews, and Miller
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bestm edical skill available could
not give me more than temporary
relief. Foley's Honey and Tar
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cent bottle entirely cured me of
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aw v
Special Cotice
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l^afgest arid ?
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Mail and Telephone orders promptly attended to. ?
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Mathews, Va
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Half Price Clearing Oui Sale .
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Rolling Op!
a*wf?1 *i-r-w ?airJ'*ai 11 ?^??ai an aa
Win n we started in 1896
1 boy could have attended
to our business, now the
boy's snow ball requires
many men to roll it. The
rings show how our insur?
ance business is rolling up.
\V. W. Seward, Urbanna,
J. R. Parker, YYaterview,
L. M. Riley, Sandy Bottom.
W. J. PARKER, Mt. Landing, Agent for Essex and King,& QneenT
R. H. NORRIS, Ordinary, Agent for Mathews and Gloucester.
II. I>. CHASE, Urbanna, special agent for Middlesex...
Northern Neck Mutual Fire As'sn"
JUWEJKO. C. EWEI.L, President.
W. McD. LEE, Manager, Irrington.
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