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avrni TircssnAv n^ .
Joba J. Burke, ^usine?? Mgr.
?*~ Kt tl.on Per Year In Advance, "^t
All tranncieut advertisements wilt be
charjje?! for at the rate t?f 50 cts. per
Inch lor the first insertion. 2* ct?. per
Inch lor each subsequent insertion
?rheei no change ?a naade.
Obitnarie* and resolution* of resjvet
can only be mserteU as paid matter for
which a charge? of rive cent* per line i*
Communications advocating candi
dasen far office w?l l?e charged Tor at
regular line rates for advertising.
?heading notices lO cents per line.
Contract rates furnisheel u? appl?
No notice will be talusa of anony?
mous communications. W?atever is i.i
tended for publication must be signed
with the writer's name.
THURSDAY. - JULY 27, 1905.
In the candidacy of Hon. J'
l5oyd Sears for the Democratic
nomination for the Senate of Vir?
ginia the Democrats of Mathews
have the opportunity not only to
honor themselves and one of their
county men by Casting their bal?
lots for a man of character, a citi?
zen of integrity and a lawyer of
ability, but they have the chance
to reward a faithful public ser?
vant and return to the Senate of
Virginia a representative who has
won higher distinction, made a
greater enviable reputation and
more successfully represented his
constituency in that body than
any of his predecessors in the last
twenty years.
The Journal, hi whose manage?
ment Mr. Sears is partially inter?
ested, has not used its columns
heretofore in advocacy of his
claims, and it is in his absence
and without his knowledge that
this article now appears; but in
view of the persistent rumors that
are being falsely and iudistriously
circulated as to his candidacy and
its reception by his home people
(circulated mo>t persistently by
people residing out of ; lie district,
whose information is gathered
largely arosttd circular tables and
over a serious consideration of
pastel oard problems? the Jour
nal feels that it can consistently
give its reasons why the people
of Mathews should support (and
are almost universally support?
ing*) Mr. Sears in his tight. First,
let us say in passing, that from
the most reliable information and
canvass of every section of the
county, we dc not believe that
there will be one hundred votes
in the county cast in opposition
to Mr. Sears. It is true that he
has incurred the enmity of men
whom he prosecuted for keeping
*'speak-easies" and men who do
not like the high stand which he
takes upon every mural question,
and he is not as popular as some
candidates for public office with
the crowd that hangs around ho?
tels and public places and serious?
ly considers those pasteboard
problems heretofore mentioned.
Kut fortunatelv for the good of
the community these compose a
very small proportion of the Dem?
ocratic voting population and the
great body of self-respecting, con?
scientious people are rallying to
the support of the distinguished
? young lawyer and favorite son of
Mathews?and that same self
tespecting body of people love
him the more for the enemies he
has made.
'Secondly: The people recog
nize not only his high character
and brilliant attainments, but his
faithful and successful service in
their behalf. They remember
that when Mr. Sears went to the
Senate of Virginia, the tax on
pound nets was $5 and $10 per
net (a tax imposed while his op?
ponent was a member of the Leg?
islature) and that through Mr.
Sears' influence and labor that
t.i\ w . I ."' ) per net.
1 du . his bi illiant and
at the Jor
don Oyatei Bill, designed to rent
-nt. of the natural
te ! it in tl,e
of Delegates, of wl
his opponent was a mem
W at the last time it was pre?
sented and passed th?t body.
They remember, too, that in no
relation in life has he ever betray?
ed a trust or proved unfaithful to
a friend: that he has never violat?
ed the wishes or instructions of
his people, nor disregarded his
duty to his neighbors, his com?
rades nor his country, but as
neighbor, citizen, lawyer and sen?
ator he has meas-Ted up to the
full stature of a lofty and coura?
geous manhood. For such a man
the loyal Democrats of Mathews
will give a rousing majority in the
coming primary.
"With this issue the Topic Pub?
lishing Company ? Dr. C. C.
Weaver, and Messrs. A. E. Woltz
and J. E. Mattocks retires from
tu#? held of journalism. In our
brief career on the editorial stage
we we have received a few flow?
ers, the memory of which will be
cherished with others most dear
to us. The audience has been a
most patient and indulgent one,
and that they did not applaud
more often is not a fault of theirs.
We retire, not because the har?
ness galls at any point, but be?
cause one more experienced is a
mong us. The people of Cald
wcll deserve a better paper than
it has been within our power to
give. We have realized the es?
sence of a much-worn maxim,
and that is, one thing at a time is
the only way to derive the great?
est good. In introducing our suc?
cessor, Mr. Thos. N. Locke, of
Mathews, Va., we wish to say
that Mr. Locke has had a success?
ful career of thirteen years in the
newspaper business. His influence
for the cause of Democracy and
general good has been felt wher?
ever the people were so fortunate
as to have him. He is highly rec
omendecl as a gentleman of high
character and a man of ability,
and that he will identify himself
with the best interests of the com?
munity there is no doubt. As we
sever this pleasant connection
and retire to the more humble
walks in life, we feel that our
friends will lind in our successor
an exag?ration of the few good
qualities we possessed, and our
enemies a tempering of the bad
ones."? Lenoir, N. C, Topic.
The Educational Association
met Tuesday afternoon at the
home of the President. We ap?
pointed a Board of Managers,
composed of five men, viz - Mes?
srs. S. E. Richardson, G. S. Mar
chant, J. F. Marchant, J. J.
Burke, and Alex. James. We
also appointed a Hoard of Trus?
tees. A full report of our meeting
will be given in our next issse of
the paper. The Board of Mana?
gers will meet on Thursday after?
noon in the Journal office immed?
iately after the speaking.
Sec. of Ed. Board.
Saturday morning, July I, at
his home in Sutherland Springs,
surrounded by Ins family and
friends, our old friend J. D. Brooks
passed forever from the walks of
men. He had been sick only a
few days, and his transition from
the tried to the untried, from the
known to the unknown, was gen?
tle and serene as the noiseless fal?
ling of a withered flower from the
parent stem.
Deceased was born in Mathews
county, Va., in 1822. In 1855 he
came to Texas, settling on the
Gib?lo where he resided until his
death. He was married in 1870
to Mrs. Henderson, a widowed
?ister of Gen. J. B. Polley, who
survives him. He leaves to mourn
his loss his wife and two children,
both of whom are grown and set?
tled in life. His daughter, Mrs.
Win. Craighead, is a most excel
lent specimen of ^southern wo
tnanhood, while his son, J. D.
Brooks Jr., is a young man of
good morals and deportment.
The loss of a good man is a ser?
ious blow to any community, and
of all the good men whom this
writer has had the pleasure of
knowing, he has never known a
better, truer, kindlier one than
Mr. Brooks. It was the passion
of his heart never to pollute his
hand by the execution of evil, nor
to defile his lips with falsehood's
baleful poison, nor to desecrate
his soul by harboring malice to?
ward, or being covetous of, his
neighbors. He was not a great
man in the common acceptation
of that term, but he was that
which is incomparibly better?he
was an absolutely honest man.
While he was not a member of
any church, he was, nevertheless,
a strong believer in Jesus Christ,
and experienced through his long
and useful life the joys that can
only come to him who looks to
Calvary's Cross for light and life.
Mr. Brooks as a citizen came
up to the loftiest standard of our
great republic; as a neighbor he
was generous, kind and hospita?
ble; as a friend, devoted, constant
and loyal, ever ready to extend a
helping hand, to give his counsel
and advice and to freely mingle
his tears with theirs in the hour
of sorrow and distress; as a hus?
band and father he sought to fill
his home with the warmth and
glow, the freshness and fragrance
of a pure and deathless love.
We shall never forget, nor
cease to value this grand old man.
Candid as a faultless mirror, kind
as the dew to a thiisty flower,
honest as sunlight, faithful as the
mariner's unerring needle, and
gentle in disposition as the first
sweet breath of morning, his life,
though ended in this world, leaves
within my heart the perfume of a
sacred memory. Old friend fare?
well, though I trust that we shall
meet again in the city of our God.
W. H. Blanton.
On Sunday, July 23. at one o'?
clock P. M., the soul of Willard
Blassingham deserted the tene?
ment of clay and passed into the
Great Beyond. While the death
of Mr. Blassingham was not un?
expected, it caused universal sor?
row in the community and sincere
sympathy was expressed by every
one for his family. Willard's life
had been one of unusual trouble
and affliction, but he lived it her?
oically and cheerfully. Maimed
and crippled as he was, he carri?
ed cheerfulness and brightness
wherever he went and by uniform
courtesy and kindliness he won
the esteem and admiration of the
community. His checkered life
is "now beyond the reach of
change or death, not ended but
begun," for we believe that e'er
the fevered life had ebbed itself
out, he felt upon his wasted brow
the breath of the eternal morn?
ing. His happier sphere, his re?
lease from pain and disease, will
assuage the suffering of his fami?
ly and friends, and be to them a
comfort in their sorrow and trou?
Names of children contributing
to the Fitzhugh Lee monument
fund since our last issue:
Ronie Morris,
Jessie Bassett,
Beatrice ,,
Selma ,,
Dutton Soles,
Lois Cornelius,
William Blake,
Preston ,,
Edward Armigcr,
Ethranl ,,
Frances Ethel Diggs,
Lozzie Katharine ,,
James Jackson Moore.
As; the unde/signed should like
to see all the/children in Math?
ews County subscribe to the Fitz
hugh Lee Monument fund, he
will be glad to receive a. penny
from each child, (whose name
will appear in the columns of the
Journal) and will foward contri?
butions to the committee in Rich?
Giles B. Cooke,
Rector of Kingston Parish.
(To late for last week.)
In reply to the communication
of Mr. R. L. McCready published
in the Journal of last week, I de?
sire to say that the only purpose
of my recent card was to make
public announcement that I am
not a candidate, and that it was
far from my intention to give of?
fense or do injustice to anyone.
I could not create an impress?
ion that Mr. McCready was not a
candidate, for his card of an?
nouncement published in both the
Sentinel and the Journal each
week informs the public that he
is a candidate.
Xor would I belittle the size of
his following. Its size is or.lv a
matter of opinion, and if I did in?
justice in not regarding it as large,
I am sorry for the error. His fol?
lowing may be larger now than it
was at the time of which I spoke,
and whatever it may be, the Pri?
mary will reveal.
I have never questioned Mr.
McCready's Democracy. He has
been a true and loyal Democrat
ever since I have known him.
Geo. Y. Hunley.
July 19. 1905.
Mr. Spider?How aro you. old chap?
I'm awfully piad you dropped In.?
New York Evening Journal.
"Johnny, I believe yon wrote this ex?
cuse yourself."
"No, ma'am] Johnny Jenks and Tom?
my Traddles dey helped iue."?Chicago
Moth? Now take your medicine,
Johnii3', and I'll give you a penny.
Johnny?Not much I won't. That
medicine tastes so bad It's worth a
nickel ea83\?San EranHxco Examiner.
The Easier Wmjr.
lira. Nu wed-- Yes, I tried to get MNN
of those fancy teneups today, hut the
mou wouldn't break the net.
Mr. Nuwed?Why didn't you get the
aet and let the cook break it??New
York World.
I have on hand a nice Une of
International Stock Food st 23c
anil 45c per box. Freah ?neat s
on Wednesday? and Saturdays.
Also s nice line of feed stuffs,
such as hay. corn and bran.
Kggs, 15c. Come and see your
old friend. You will find hint
as cheap as any.
ioi Church St., Mathews, Ya.
Suffolk College,
Suffolk, V*.
Select school for ?ftrls. Able facul?
ty. Complete courses. Healthful loca?
tion. Beautiful site. Comfortable build?
ings. Electric lights. Baths. Pure wa?
ter. Un?urpass?d table. Six churches.
Bast moral and religious influences.
Terms very moderate. 37th year be?
gins Sept. 14, 1*H>5. For terms and
further particulars address
Sally A. Finney, Prin., Suffolk, Va
For House of Delegates
Mathews and Middlesex?
G. E. T. LANE.
(Subject to Democratic Primary)
Election Tuesday, Aug. 22, 1905.
Mr. Stubbs' Announcement
To the Democratic voters of
the 39th Senatorial District of
Virginia, composed of the coun?
ties of King and Queen, Essex,
Middlesex, Mathews and Glou?
I am a candidate for the Sen?
ate of Virginia, subject to the de?
cision of the Democratic primary,
to be held in the future. I will
soon publish a card, giving my
views on the leading questions in
this campaign.
J. N. Stubbs.
Woods X Roads, Va.
April 17, 1905.
Senator Sears Announcement
Mathews, Ya,, April 10, 1905.
To my fellow-democrats of the
39th Senatorial district:
I hereby formally announce my
candidacy for the Democratic
nomination for the office of State
Senator from the 39th Senatorial
Four years ago you honored
me with your confidence and a
seat in the Senate of Virginia.
My ambition again prompts me
to ask of you my return to this
high position.
As your represenative I made
every effort to faithfully discharge
every duty and responsibility rest?
ing upon me, and if you shall a
gain honor me I will endeavor to
be deserving of your confidence
and esteem.
Very truly yours,
J. Boyd Sears.
I hereby announce myself a
candidate subject to the action of
the democratic primary soon to
be held, to represent the coun?
ties of Mathews and Middlesex in
the next House of Delegates of
Very Respectfully
R. L. McCready.
A classical, mathematical tea?
cher of many years^most success?
ful experience, and who now has
no family, desires a situation as
tutor in private families near salt
water. Address Prof. E. A. Tom
kies, Ashland, Hanover Co. Va.
At Stephen's Place on East Ri?
ver, Thursday, August 10, 1905.
Refreshments of all kinds. Every?
body cordially invited.
Shackleford & Miller.
Appointments for Preaching on
Mathews Circuit
1st Sunday.
Central_,. 11.00 A*. M.
Shiloh (Gwynns). 3.00 P. M.
2nd Sunday.
Salem. 11.00 A. M.
Shiloh (Crab Neck). 3.00 P. M.
Central. 8.00 P. M.
3rd Sunday.
S.tlem. 11.00 A. M.
Shiloh (Gwynns). 3.00 P. M.
4th Sunday.
Central. 11.00 A. M.
Special JMotice
We will open on Friday. June 2, the
Cheapest liipei
Of Goo
We h?ve ever offered to the ?rade.
Mail and Telephone orders promptly attended to^
Mathews, Va.
Come! Cornell Come!!! to our
Hall* Price Clearing Out Sale
of Millinery and Dress Goods. The Season
most over and they must go.
It will pay you to buy a hat or dress, whether y<
want it or not, during our half price sale. Don't f;
to see the bargains.
G. S. and J. F. Marchant.
"Dealers in Ever y tiling at Attractive Prices."
Agents for
Carrara paint, the best made.
Liberty paint, good as gold.
Monumental paint, for barns and bridges,
"Japalac" varnish, wears like iron,
American w;re fence, last forever?
Globe steel ranges, never veer oiK,
Richmond cook cloves. j< : as any,
Lexington ?ranges, can't ?e - ? t,
Wickless oil cook stoves, ;.ood for summer use,
Syracuse chilled plows, do good work,
Heywooc-Wakeficl * wicker furniture,
Russell rin ;le horse wagons.
Kayser & Allmins Wall Paper.
O'Connor's hand made Harness.
Westover Koo?ng Paper,
$i-75 Per
$95 per gj
$.67^ per
$i~.$Q pern
4c to 10c uef y<
$25. to $5<
$7. to $20J
$14. ?.O s>25.{
$2.50 to $IO.
$6. to $10.
at a IL prices.
$1.00 per roll.
Your Credit Is Caopd
with the Bridgeport Motor Company. If the season
poor and money scarce, keep a stiff upper lip, install
port Motor and keep with the rest of the fellows next
There is no engine of the same type built that has more"
er, there is none simpler, and there is a range of possibilities
imbodied in
li7plie |Vloto|*
that is contained in no other engine sold in this locality. When
you place your order with the Bridgeport Motor Company it
means quick delivery.
Catalog and easy payaient plan furnished on application.
lu 1?. ISillups?, <srick<
12 h. p. and other sizes on exihibition at my shop.
Rolling Up! ~
When we started in 1896
a boy could have attended
to our business, now the
boy's snow ball requires
many men to roll it. The
rings show how our insur
anee business is rolling up.
Window and Door Screens afford the greatest hoi
We are the people for Fly Screens.
"pyapK T*. C?a|-K do
I* or folk, Va.,
dealer? in
Sash, Doors and Blinds, Hardware, Paints etc. Cort
Screen Wire Cloth. Screen Door Hardware. Light]
and most durable Screens on the market.
\V. W. Seward, Urbanna,
J. R. Parker, Waterview,
L. M. Riley, Sandy Bottom.
W. J. PARKER, Mt. Landing, Agent for Essex and King
R. H. NORRIS, Ordinary. Agent for Mathews and GIouc
H. B. CHASE, Urbanna, special agent for Middlesex.
Sorten leck Mutual Fire
JUDGE J!?0. C. EW?LL, Pr?sident.
W. McD. LEE, Manager,

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