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?M? i>W BY
John J. Bu - Mgr.
?r*~\i $1.00 Per Year In Advance."***
All transeient a?u-ertlsements will be
charged for a?. * ie rate of ?O ct*. per
Inch for C?o Re*.; insertion. 25 cts. ]?cr
Inch for each lubsaquent insertion
when no ch.a'V?e i* made.
Obituario* and resolution* of respect
Can only be Inserted as paid matter for
which a charge of five cents per line is
Commnnica;,ons advoc; .Ing- candi?
dates for o nice will be c rged for at
regular liue rates for advert?;
**?.adirag notices 10 cents per line.
Contract rates furnished on appli?
No notice will be taken of anony?
mous communications. Wh.vic-y ,'c is in?
tended for publication must be signed
with the writer's name.
THURSDAY, - AUGUST 17, 1905.
AUG. 22. 1905.
For United States Senator:
Thomas S. Martin.
Andrew Jackson Montague.
For Governor:
Wm. Hodges Mann.
Claude A. Swanson.
Jos. E. Willard,
?tTsftP^- Vfi,TT ^*f Governor:
James Alston Cabell.
J. Taylor Ellyson.
For Attorney General:
William A. Anderson.
Samuel W. Williams.
For State Superintendent
Public Instruction:
J. D. Eggleton, Jr.
G. H. Hulvey.
For State Senator:
J. Boyd Sears.
J. N. Stubbs.
For House of Delegates:
G. E. T. Lane.
R. L. McCready.
W. B. Chowning.
The Journal desires to again
direct the attention of Democrats
to the necessity of registering
their choice in the primary to be
held on TUESDAY, AUG. 22,
for the nomination of United
iftates Senator, Governor, Lieu?
tenant-Governor, Attorney-Gen?
eral, Superintendent of Public
Instruction, State Senator and
Member of the House of Dele?
gates. We give in another col?
umn the ticket to be chosen from.
The test of an individual's citi?
zenship, so far as the community
at large goes, is the manner in
which he exercises the rights,
privileges and prerogatives of
that citizenship, and we know of
no better evidence of a people's
civic rightousness than the care
and caution exhibited by them in
the selection* of their public ser?
It is the duty of the individual
to exercise wisely and unselfishly
the high privilege of franchise
and to select as a public servant
the candidate whom he would
select to represent him in any
private capacity, one possessing
honor, courage, ability and in?
Without disparaging the candi?
dacy of any of the Democrats
?whose names will appear on the
ticket, we know that men of
character and high ability are
offering themselves for the Demo?
cratic nomination for each office
to he filled, and we cannot too
strongly urge upon those who
voted the Democratic ticket at
the last election in which they
participated and who are now
eligible voters, to come out and
register their choice in the com?
ing primary.
With this issue Messrs. Floyd
and "Dolly" Locke, who have had
charge of the mechanical depart?
ment of the Journal office, will
^ftev-er their connection with the
paper, and go to join their father
in Lenoir, N. C., in the publish?
ing of the Topic.
JVe sincerely regret to lose the
n/ices of these young gentie
_yhose deportment and work
r? been entirely satis
. that Mr.
. d Locke, who has had charge
of our job work, wi[l favorably
compete in his line with any
printer, and Mr. "Dolly" I.<>oke,
for his experience, measures up
exceedingly well.
We wish fol them much suc?
cess and every happiness in their
new field.
To the Editor of the Journal:
While taking the school census
on Gwynns' Island a few weeks
ago, 1, like the people of the
island, wanted to know its popu?
lation; so, while taking the school
census, I took the whole popula?
tion. I found 193 white school
children and 41 colored school
children. The whole population
is as follows:
White. 653
Colored. 123
Total. 756
In the white school children I
found 98 g'rls and 95 boys. So
there is no necessity for any
young man in the future leaving
the island to look for a " better
half." N. E. Miller.
Hudgins, Va., July 31.
for Boat Races to Be Held at
Philpott's Wharf, in East
River, Aug. 24, 1905
Class 1. Open to all sail boats?
28 feet and under measuring one
half the overhang.
Class 2. Open to all sail boats
over 28 feet and under 40, meas?
uring one-half the overhang.
Class 3. Open to all power
boats owned in Mathews and
Gloucester counties.
No restriction as to sail area or
ballast, but rarh beat must bring
home all the hands she starts
with. Sailboats will allow a time
allowance of six seconds to the
foot for every mile of the course
or fraction thereof. Power boats
to allow same time and be meas?
ured as follows: Water line
length plus the overall length di?
vided by two added to twice the
horse-power of the engine, and
again divided by two.
The start will be across an
imaginary line between Philpott's
Wharf and a stake boat anchored
between Philpott's and Diggs'
wharf; thence to and around the
Red andJBlack bouy off the mo.ith
of Severn River, distant three
miles, southwest course, leaving
said bouy on the port hand;
thence to and around the Red
bouy off Pepper Creek, three and
a quarter miles, course southeast
by east, one-half east, leaving
said bouy on port hand; thence
to and across the starting line,
three and three-quarter mile
course, northwest by north.
The start will be from Phil?
pott's Wharf to and around the
Black bouy off the mouth of East
River, known as Pultz bouy,
leaving same on port hand; thence
to and around a stake boat an?
chored off Poplar Grove, leaving
?ame on port hand; thence to and
across the starting line.
Promptly at 11 A. M. a pre?
paratory signal will be given from
the Judges' boat by the discharge
of a gun. At 11:05 the second
gull will announce the start of
the powerboats. At 11:10 a gun
will be fired ?rom the Judges'
boat to allow the termination of
the time allowed for the Jpower
boats. At 12 M. a gun will be
fired from the Judges' boat as a
preparatory signal for Class 1.
At 12:05 a second gun will an?
nounce the time of starting Class
1. At 12:10 a third gun will an?
nounce the elapsed time for Class
1, after which all boats starting
in that class will be considered to
have started at 12:10 and to be
handicapped accordingly. At
12:30 a fourth gun will be fired to
announce the start for Class 2.
At 12:35 a fifth gun will announce
the elapsed time for Class 2,
after which all the boats starting
in that class will be considered to
have started and be handicapped
Power boats must be at Phil?
pott's at 10 A. M. and sailboats
at 11 A. M. on the day of the
races %q he measured. .
The following statement shows
the settlement made bv the Board
of Supervisors with the Trea?
surer on account of the county
levy and the road levies for the
respective road districts in the
County of Mathews, for the six
months ending June 30, 1905.
To balance in hands
of Treasurer Jan.
1, 1905. $2,833 08
To amt. of levy for
1904. 2,396.08
To 5 per cent, pen?
alty on $1,575.13,
collected after Dec.
I, 1904 . 78.75
To amt. rec. from
Sheriff for old lum?
ber sold. 4.25
Bv Treasurer's Com.
on $820.95,collected
before Dec. 1, 1904 41.05
To amt. of Delin?
quents and Insol?
vents for *904. 72.04
By 9 per eent. com.
on $1,503.09, col?
lected after Dec. 1,
1904. 135.28
By 9 per cent. com.
on $75.15. penalty
collected. 6.76
By 5 per cent, pen?
alty on $72.04, de?
linquent and insol?
vents. 3.60
By 5 per cent. com.
?on $593.50 capita?
tion tax ree'd from
Auditor. 29.68
By 5 per cent, on
$4.25, ree'd from
Sheriff. 21
By amt. of warrants
paid Dy Treasurer
and cancelled. 923.90
By amt. of Grand
Jury claims paid
by Treasurer. 15.36
By amount of jury
1 taima paid in
civil cases. 12.40
$1,240.28 ?5.362.16
To amt. to balance.. 4,121.88
$5,362.16 $5,3b2.1b
To balance in hands
of Treasurer, June
30, 1605. $4,121.88
To amt. in hands
of* Treasti rer
Jan. I, 1905. $68.04
To amt. of road
levy for 1905.... 459.20
To 5 per cent,
e n a 11 y on
292,48, collect?
ed after Dec.
I, 1904. 14.62
By 5 per cent,
com. on $166.
73, collected be?
fore Dec. 1, '04 $8.34
By amt. of delin?
quents and in?
solvents. 6.02
By 5 per cent,
penalty on $602
delinquents and
insolvents. 30
By 9 per cent,
com. on $286,45
collected after
Dec. 1, 1904. 25.78
By 9 per cent,
com. on $14.32,
penalty col. I.2J)
By amt. of war?
rants paid La
b i n Hudgins,
Supt. Road. 84.27
$126.00 $541.86
To amt.to balance 415.86
$$04.86 $541.86
To balance in
hands of Trea?
surer, June 20,
1005. $415.86
To amt. in hands
of Treasurer,
Jan. 1, 1905. $109.70
To amt. of road
levy for 1904.... 613.88
To 5 per cent.
penalty on
$395-75, uncol
lected Dec. 1/04 1978
By 5 per. cent.
collected before
Dec. 1, 1904.... 10.91
By amt. of delin?
quents and in?
solvents. 25.38
By 5 per cent.
penalty on
$25.38, delin?
quents and in?
solvents. 1.27
By 9 per cent.
com. on $370,
37, collected af?
ter Dec. 1,1 ox>4. 33.33
By 9 per com. on
$18.51, penalty
collected. 1.67
By road warrant
paid Henry
Hunley. 50
By road warrant
p a i d Po m p
Washington. .. 1.00
By road warrant
paid George \V.
L>iggs. 50
By road warrant
paid William
Shepard. 25
By road warrant
paid Henry
Hughes. 75
By road warrant
paid Ro. Knight 1.00
By 'road warrants
paid Labin
Hudgins, Supt.
Road. 130.89
$207.45 $743-3$
By amt.tobalanS 535.91
$743 36 $743-36
To balance in
hands of Trea?
surer J'ne 30/05 $535-91
To amt. in hands
of T r e ? s urer
Jan. 1, 1905 .. .. $271.87
To amt. road levy
for 1905. 489.18
To 5 per cent,
penalty on
$322.66, uncol
lected Dec. I,
1004. 16,13
By 5 per cent,
co.n.on $166.56,
collected before
Dec, 1, 1904.... 8.33
By amt. of delin?
quents and in?
solvents. 16.60
By 5 per cent,
penalty on $16,
60, delinquents
and insolvents.. 83
By 9 per cent,
com.on $306.02,
collected after
Dec. 1, 1904. 27.54
By 9 per cent,
com. on $15.30,
penalty col?
lected. 1.38
By road warrant
paid Henry
Matthews, Jr... 1.68
By road warrants
paid L u b i n
Hudfiins, Supt.
Roads. 182.60
Amt. to balance 538.22
$777-?3 $777.i8
To balance in
hands of Trea
surerj'ne 30/05 $53^-22
Sands Smith, C. B. S.
To All Parties Holding Oyster
Planting Ground in Horn
The State Surveyor will com?
mence on Aug. 28th, to survey all
bottoms in Horn Harbor and
take up all bottoms not applied
for. All persons desiring to hold
bottoms now occupied by them
are notified to apply to me for
same and pay expenses of survey
and rent as survey is made.
I have on hand applications for
all bottoms for which the present
occupants fail to apply according
to law. W. H. GAYLE,
Aug. 16, 1905. Oyster Ins.
Mr. Stubbs' Announcement
To the Democratic voters of
the 39th Senatorial District of
Virginia, composed of the coun
ocs of King and Queen, Esse:.,
Middlesex, Mathews and Glou?
I am a candidate for the Sen?
ate of Virginia, subject to the de?
cision of the Democratic primary,
to be held in the future. I will
soon publish a card, giving my
views on the leading questions in
lliis campaign.
J. N. Stubbs.
Woods X Roads, Va.
April 17, irx>j.
Public Speaking.
G. E. T. Lane desires to ad?
dress the people of Mathews Co.
as follows:
Friday night, Aug. 18th, at
Cobbs Creek (Haynes' store).
Saturday night, Aug. 19th, at
Laban P. O. (Brooks' store).
Monday night, Aug. twenty
first, at L. S. White's store,
Whites Neck.
Names of children contributing
to the Fitzhugh Lee monument
fund since our last issue:
Ruby Cathell Curfman,
James Howard ,,
William Lesley ,,
John Edwin ,,
As the undersigned should like
to see all the children in Math?
ews County subscribe to the Fitz?
hugh Lee Monument fund, he
will be glad to receive a penny
from each child, (whose name
will appear in the columns of the
Journal) and will foward contri?
butions to the committee in Rich?
Giles B. Cooke,
Rector Qf;Ki?gstoj_
Suffolk College,
Suffolk, Va.
Select -.c!kk>! Gar girls. Able f.'cul
ty. Co?-m?ete cou i -es. Healthfu* It U -
tion. Beautiful alte. Comfortable build
toga. Electric lights. Baths. Pure wa?
ter. Unsurpassed table. Six churches.
Baal mor.il and religious indu:.?ces.
Terms very moderate. 37th year be
?4in-- Bept 14, 1905. For terms and
fur her particulars addreaa
Sally A. Einney, Prin., Suffolk, Va
For House of Delegates
Mathews and Middlesex?
G. E. T. LANE.
(Subject to Democratic Primary)
Election Tuesday, Aug. 22, 1905.
/*Tiy GilXlfcTl or parsonage or in?
stitution supported by voluntary con?
tribution will be given a liberal quan?
tity of the Longman *!v: Martinez L. &
M. Paint whenever they paint.
8 and 6 make 14, therefore when you
want fourteen gallons of paint, buy
?>nlv eight of L. & M., and mix six
gallons of pure Linseed Oil with it.
making actual cost of paint about $1.20
per gallon.
Don't pay H.50 a gallon for Linseed
Oil (worth 60 cen . ) which you do when
you buy other paints on a can with a
paint label on it.
Many houses are well painted with
four gallons of L. & M., and three
gallons of Linseed oil mixed therewith.
Wears and covers like gold.
These celebrated Paints are sold by
J ?-W -Dixori Go., H viclgir??5 t-Vc?.
Guaranteed Pure
This is what we claim for II; .1
line Bros.' Lead and Zinc
E: L?!r and purer than any c.'ier
Pa" 1 s on the market. A trial ?
Convince anyone. Send your order .0
C. A. Drown,
North, Va.
H.vi'ouarters for everything y<
uae In the line of Grooerlea,
Gooda, Notiona, "Shoes', Hala
Plows, Cultivators. S o> ?
pairs for Plows and Cu' ?v: o - o
Harness, Rohes ami Ho -e Co
If you will call I aril! ? y e (
?e or mail orders receive
p. j 'o. ? ?;;t .i.
Port Hay wood Academy
Mathewt Co "en'//, In.
Third year. Co-educational.
Will open 1st Monday in Sep?
tember. The object of this
school ?s a through prepara?
tion for college. There is al?
so a Primary Department. The
Languages and higher Math?
ematics are taught. t Special
attention paid to Music.
A. L. KIBLER, A. B., Principal.
Senator Sears Announcement
Mathews, Va,, April 10, 1905.
To my fellow-democrats of ihe
39th Senatorial district:
I hereby formally announce my
candidacy for the Democratic
nomination for the office of Stale
Senator from the 39th Senatorial
Four years ago you honored
me with your confidence and a
seat in the Senate of Virginia.
My amjilion again prompts me
to ask of you my return to th-s
high position.
As your represenative I made
every effort to faithfully discharge
eve; y duty and i*esponsibility rest?
ing upon me, and if you shall a
gain honor me I will endeavor to
be deserving of your confidence
and esteem.
Very truly yours,
J. Boyd Sears.
I hereby announce myself a
candidate subject to the action of
the democratic primary soon to
be held, to represent the coun?
ties of Mathews and Middlesex in
the next House of Delegates of
Very Respectfully
^^^ l^^' McCready.
Special Cotice
We will open on Friday, June 2, the
l_.a|*gest apd
Cheapest l?.1jie
Of Goods
We have ever offered to the trade.
Mail and Telephone orders promptly attended to.
Mathews, Va.
For Sale here
"Dealer* in Every thing at Attractive Prices.'
Agents for
Carrara paint, the best made,
Liberty paint, good as gold.
Monumental paint, for barns and bridges,
"Japalac*' varnish, wears like iron,
American wire fence, lasts forever,
Richmond cook stoves, good as an}',
Lexington ranges, can't be beat,
Wickless oil cook stoves, good for summer use,
Heywoocl-Wakefield wicker furniture,
Russell pintle horse wagons.
Kayser & Allmans Wall Paper.
O'Connor's hand made Harness.
\\\. .over Roofing Paper,
$1.65 per gal
$.95 per gaj
$.65 per gal
$2.50 per gal
4c to ioc per vd
$7J|) $20
$i4Wo $25
$2.50 to $1C
at all price?
$1.00 per ro?
jk&\c youf IS?eigbboi*1
If any one of the following list happens to be your
neighbor, ask him how he likes his Bridgeport flavor.
Edwards BtXM, Gwynn, V
Crlmstead A Mitchem, ,,
Koland Respes-*, ,,
Eugene Cal'is, G ' astead.
White A A rvi ? Ci >'. New Po:;r.
A. W. HeyJMir ?, R?v:i View ;
Dr. A. M. 1\I. eVait, Mrthewa/
; inn ilberS**?0t^eii wlu;
Luther Owens, (iwynns, Va.
C. pi. Hobt. Carney ,,
W.V n- Mitchem, ,,
Ch;:-;. Owcna, Gritnatead, Va.
Charlie HuucUey, Pitchetta.
Wilton If -d"i is ?Sr Ero., Penny.
?? ?rcer Brothers, Regent, V;i.
T? 52 men are among v;
are using and endorse
??T**? jVBotoi* T^-it jvlotes"
Why not you? W?*iie for prices Complete Irunches,^ V
Irunch and engine fittings.
engine tittings
1?. 13111ups,
cricket yt m.
\V alow and Door Screens afford the greatest home protection.
We p e the people for Fly Screens.
I^f-arik T7- Glar-lt Go., (Li
IMorfolk, Va.,
dealers in
Scjh. Doo.s and Bi' ids, Hardware, Paints e'.c. Cortland Windi
Sc een Wire Cloth. Screen Door Hardware. Lightest/ cl^ai
avd most durable Screens on the market.
the line of Note Heads, Let|
Heads, Wedding Invit?t'
ivelopes Etc., printed plaii
colors, send your order to the JOURNAL. We give saiiisi
Chesapeake /tcadeyriy
Why send your son or daughter a great distance from home
so near you is a school equal to any in the State?
Our Argufrtepts Are*
1. A throughly equipped Faculty. Teachers of Experience, trained^
flt>lph-Macon, Vassar, Ri i.mond College, Oberlin Conservatory
2. A large and enthusiastic patronage; 30 per cent, increase in ;
the last two years.
3. The testimony r' Presidents of great institutions.
Chancellor W. W. Smith, L. L. D. says: "Students ire
peake Academy entering the Woman's College (Lynchburg) ai
quired to stand entrance examinations.
President R. E. Blackwell, L. L. D., writes: "I hop<
will come when every student in Virginia shall have the op?
going to as good a school as Chesapeake Academy."
Business Department?Instructions in Bookkeeping,
and Stenography. t
Charges very moderate. j
Next session opens Tuesday, September I2f 1905,
desks reserved for those applying immediately. F*r catalog
information address
Principal D. R. Anderson, A. M., Irvinlton,

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