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The Mathews journal. (Mathews C.H. [Court House]) 1903-1937, July 27, 1911, Image 8

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??cumulation of old material
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K*i * uni he.i.e ii'i'ilitles arid thick
.1??-'??-.?. Hue,- T . ;.: '. ? T
?(-.',-!,?-.?-?! (-':?. m ' '1 T ? ??? i'-vv
T?*f."?i?-i?-?! ''. -. . .. -'JO i: in ??:-'i.1-'ecr?-?l ,
? ?. 'tt ! t. t i?:~.\j\c;r:is,
Uii.-i.c's t.j> i-itrii, Vn.
Cfghtr a Tes on V.nre R!\er ^..ooo
?Vleen a'??t?. near Newport News,, $."*,-:
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with stamp. DBVSRELL A CO,
jtm ataos h?*m IttttTHa;
Plii!;i!i ', ;?ii ;? -111,1 I ;. : u : re; I? ?, . i ; ; i .? : ;i.
i T :? ;i ! .".?; I ? t v.. e-n \\ i ? u . ? t. t ? t :i liel
I.e.I?.II .;. I'.... w.i. .!. I . el el T.iTea.
l'a., near < 'eat. t i!e. I'.t.. tins i.Din?
ing. The e?ii.;iei- .in,I i.?ur e.?:i.-hes
?ere- <>\ ? i t ii t ne . I and I'uiil'ico ?k'wii ;i
tit t. en - t <?? ?t ? m I'M n'n me'tt.
.1. It.ink Filiad. ??! C??atosvdle, the
! ?n:: i tu ?r. was eroshe?! to ?leath. ami
Mrs. Ccoi-jT Smith ;ui<i ;i ? hihl were
.--. i -i??usl\ injure?!. Thirtx passeii???'rs
\. .re hndl\ shaken up and I rmhteiud
in t!:e wi.ek. They mote their cs
...;>?? after the train ha?! ?an?Ie>! in the
uull?y 1-y ? liml'iiiK through the br?>k?'ii
w ind??ws. ]
? WASHINGTON, D. C. ? Special. ?
. Alter a lTlit Listing more than a year
I i'r?s!.i?lU T.itt l???lay sin-eccd? ?1 in
j t:< itiiiic thr.eiiuh tlie Seriate an un
I amended reciprocity bill that will tear
Ta-wn tin- l.eiiii w..ils !.. tween ih:.
? ???aii'.rv and <'a aaiia. There were .'? ;i
?!.?r tie- ??ill i" _'." a-aitisl. Th. tinal
j\?>!?> followc?! th. ?ieteat of all 111?
; a ii'.e ; ??iik-i its ? ? i : ? ? t ? ? t m rapid ?>rd?r.
' a t !,e ?Tal . a. > I he m? ?.- :re s .-;?
i'iiii, tits wer?- ;,!?;?? t.? muster more
.?;..--. than in ['.-,?? \.'tiiT of the amend?
The \,?te was ns follows:
Y i .;>- -I'acoi:. ! '.a n k h -. a?i. Mr."Hey. <
MrandeTT. I.i?tt. l;r?>wn. Mryan.
?Ttten, ?.. iTtn?? i i.; in. Chilien. Cran?-.
i " ?;?!>? rs-'i.. Celiein. I?;i\is. i-'Ktilur.
i " ?s t?-r. (;..:? ( ; ?? ..'tiheiin. Hitchcock.
' .I.?l?ns.'ii. .le?h!.si,?!i. Jones. Ken;.
! 1. ??!-,-. M,-'., .-.'.. Martin. Martin.-.
: .'' \ ? s. N . \\ a - - t. Nixon. O'c?orman.
? "-. - ?:. t. ( ?v . a. T'..\ ater. Pe:.res? .
; '*> r "'--i- r. "..i: -h-\t ?-. i'?,:?; r::e. T;."l.'.
? ??ichnrdsori. Moot, Shively; Smith.
Miinliini?; Smith. S.?util Carolina:
"''? , aie" ? - t:. Sie tie . S\\ ... ' S- .[]. " ',. \ ]. .?'.
: '?"'::??": !;;,!. V'T-.-n. ^ etllloie. \V i 1 -
j N: ?>.-?- ?' :b\. ''.ifilli. li-'-ir i--. liCs
? fi'W. l'iTiilmm. Clnpp: Clnrk, "\Yyo
mtte-r: Clark?-. Arkar.s.is: ?Crawford.
1 '? '" a.;' s. C'irt is. 1 )?\-?a. Call.! ?'.
' ' : i ? ?? . i i ? v> -nrii. K? ye. 1 ??' l'-.i
' ' i ? . !.: ??'??iu. ?.e>> .;.-. - . .'.: a. ? .-eh, r.
'- ?' >?" ' ' ' t ? . r. i ' ;;, . S' .um. .t.- : Si m Ci.
I M'. 1? ? t.: S- t..:. \Y. ri - - .'7.
[ v T t ' ???-,:.. -. ? v. a : -.-? hy
Uepub' ?? a ?-.-- ? v. ;>t S :ot -s. ;? >.ei
1'-' ; \ a h: ?.'la?:.. T ArKai.MS. I?-in
' ???-rats.
The hill pas'-.-.l in for'ti e-Nactlv as
, '* '--?-:. s i- !'. Ta , ,: i:, th !!.-,::,- by
? !,"' pr?'Se ntatiye l'nderwo???!. chairman
: . ; ti??- ( 'eimniit ;???? ,,;i \v,i\s and Means.
i a '??1 as ;i ] rss.-il t h? M? us .
? Th.- ni. .isiir,. Its h. . ?, l?-f.?tv th?
SiT.-ite ;"?-!? a'.eie.it six weeks and haei
j h.-? n sul'.i. ? t.-il t-? l'dter ; i11 ;a ? ? k s by
?its i.]'!'?? -?? ?its. ehi- lly K? p'-?-'h-ati i;i
1 si.rue iits .-'n?! a few ultra-standpnttors.
; such as McCumber and Heyburn.
Resolution to Have Government
Pay Half of Expenses In?
troduced Today.
WASHINGTON, D. C?Special ?
Assertiii? thai "this country has out?
grown the day of mud holes and
sivinimiiiK' fords alonK our public
highways," Representative William
S? hley Howard, of (?eonria. today in
trodined a bill in the House to create
a "Federal hiiihway fund." out of
which the Federal Government shall
hear half of the expenses with the j
various States in the nationwide con?
struction of Rood roads.
The Howard bill is ahum a new
line and intended to meet the objec?
tion of those wrh?i oppose ?lir??t ap?
propriations by the Federal Govern?
ment for pood roads.
NKW YORK.?Special.?Magistrate
Nie? I nil'.'. of liiiiiiklyn, hamled .Tun .
decision Tuesday that no inotluT-in-la v.
jsheuiei stay ;i t the humo of her inarn?-.!
I .-e-n e,r ,i,i iTiii?-!" nu're than ten ?l.-o ?-.
I Tlie (?],)),ion ?>f the niav isl ra te ?Me .-\
( ?lies.-,, el ??urillK llie JiealilT ?if Mit
? : i a ! .\ ?"...-. ie, ?>f Husloll, who had been
i sillllliliilied to the i iatl'iell I'e.iir.
I i-.,'..it h-, hi-:- ,!:?. i,i_-!ite r-iri-ia w. .Mis
' Ha: i-y ? "? > v 1?-. <?f No. "! I'liiltin) A\?-llUe.
, I '. I ?>e? K i> II. 'i he- >e?UHK?-I M IS. C.)\ie lle
I ??:.?, i-?..| h. r ni"i ?nT-in-law was tryinji
to break up her lioine.
1 .. .. . , > ;:? - T?o I i . .m ? !.?s'..:i I .. ;-i
' ,..-? ;: viMt." .in 1: I .-.1 .\! ra. ? '.. , i.
: ? ?>?.!: ?-;???: , "? -i. : ti. .lie- v ;:e? . .r . ?. : ;
; I.a ?i| .. s : m i -\. ?.. \ e e\\ n 1 - .': ??
loppos I .?'. .\! -, lll"t lll-l - 1 ll - );i U I.
el id IV i 1-: 11" U- ;,!!> t '. I 'T .i i -. ? ' i..
, k? e,ii!i?? alai assume.i Cllils'i' of ti.e
l.?.e <... <? ,- VV -. .; >,- -),.- .. ., :,,,
! ' - ;.,. J?.: h .
' .'ie si. : ':.- lit . . :.i . - '.!.-:-:
law i - -.ni .... . -.. a - I !
? ? i ? ! < ? r 'it r 11 a \ 1., ; ? '. - - ? ;
klloW 11? 'W lee k. e '? I ? --I,
?>,,t i di?! net ::,!?? - ?,
Aft? r M;:K.Mi.. ..-?.- . ? ???.-? ?!
le.,; !i w niiii-ii a?:- ? Ta ? : . ; M rs.
? '? ,\ ie. Ill l'.l?-te.|l. .'... I ? ' ' e !...!lle
e.f Mas. C?? Vie. of lh. T i?T '!a?.s.
lie sai.I;
"\ tiTi-ii.iv visit is ea.ne.-h f..:- anv
eeel ' .-. . t, I., vC 1,, |,;,\ ;.,.-. . , f |., - ,- ehll- j
?lr.-ii. and when a ne?t I ? -r - in- !;. \v !i\?s
in lioston, I would su-;-cest that she |
-.Mie in.-te-ael .?i e-|.<ai? ,ntr raiiroad
fare. Ms c!:eai>er and would save a
:<>t of iroijlde."
TillliiL- tile II..us?' ee.millittee iir.esti
eatinir the I'ostoffiee Dejiartment that
he ha?! "iost millions through the
pers.-. iition <?t" tornn-r I'ostniasier
?oller:;! (Jeorire l?. ('??rielyou," K. G.
Lewis. J.r.-sidellt of the Lewis Pub?
lishing Company, (,r St. Louis, con?
tinued today bis s. usai tonal story of
th?- six years' c. ?n t nn its y I?? tween the
department an(| his company.
At ?>;?!? point in his testimony Mr.
Lewis referred t o other persons who
'"?ill! Kiihstant iate some of his state?
"Will you has?' witn?-sses summon?
ed? " ?usk?.?i a member of the commit
to? ??
.Mr. L?-wis r? jilii'l:
"I t\oiihl he ulad t?> have them here,
but I will he trank with the com?
mit;??. S.'.eial jiiirs ul^o I was worth
between two ?nul three million <lol
l.ars. Sin?-,- the action of the Post
office I ? ? j - : ? r t s i >. nt my projierty has
two dollars and lifteen cents per hu.
Suty day varieties. Also lilssex Tigs
Connelly Springs, N. C.
iit m: i;kki> ifk/mkhon and kkl
Brood mares and fillies. For sale
at 8)1 li.nes. All ptoek registered and
ace!'.mated and the cheapest place In
th eKast or South to buy. C. A- Alex?
ander & Co., Ilarristoii, Augusta, Co.,
Automobiles bought, sold mn? ex
cfc&ng*d- Every c*r to fully fu.?ran
?toed for oae y+*r.
been ?wept away, the company is in
the hands of a re??i\er an.i 1 lui.i
t?? borrow money to ('??nie to Wa.-d?
in--;t>n ?>n. ?"in unable t<? |av the ?\
l>,-ia-es ,.f Witnesses. ;im.I II th. v ?.?ill?
thv wi.l lia\e Tin?' at th?> expensa
?>f tlu- C.ovcrnnient."
?President's Hope Based On Bat
i tie He W?l Lose?Call
for Warships.
PORT AU PRINCE. ? Special. ?
With the rebel troops m?>\ iiiR on the
? apiial today President Simon, with
the remnants of the army which he/
brought back from the Cape Haitien
rout, is entren? hing his forces l'or a '
last stand. The fate of the republic
will be determined in the forthcom?
ing battle, and it is believed here that
the aged executive's cause is hope- i
less, as his tr?>ops are so demoralized '
as to be virtually beaten before the
urst tain is fired.
Representatives of all the foreign
governments here have made urgent
. alls upon their home offices for
warships. In expectation that the an?
archy ?nutted by drunken metis ol
i.?gro?s aite.r tin- fall of Cape Hai
t e n will be repeated here in the al?
most ??rt..o? eve ut ??f the capture of
ttic city. Hi?- f??r?-ii;ii diplomats are
preparini; t<? ??\e refuse to their
????i.iiirym?. n w iu n the engagement
The American gunboat Petrel is
h.ro and is expected t-> take a lirni
stand against any attempt by the
labels t?> b?mibar?l th? capital.
K?. ports irotu bulb molli a ad s.?uth
:' her?' te-?ii.\- ri-pe. at? d i.ews ??1 rebel
.-?a-e? ss. '!h>- ??e'ttli eeuiury is eiitirc
iy in ?Tut;- '. ?;' 11 ? ? - re >??-lu? lor.is.s. and
lii.y aie l.tp.diy sulv'igaiu:^ th?- low
a.its t?' 1'. .-. ,ih tnai sii'l hohl out.
?;. peelt.v -e.eTl l'.l,..' il .llle'il i ?> ?i ;l >
'.-tu- that the u-i>i-;> arc su!l contiini
| ??-? lii?.'- ??rg:cs. af.d tile ya.ht A n.-r
ii.a.i te.-m;: i?s giianl with 1er ?>\. .? r.
I !..a- s i.. L. U. the X, W York l'ivi? r.
I -, ,r> i . :; -?la m.-by with h? r i;nti
.i a. . .'.- . '.le TT T llClele te? 111.-!. St lia
I ? T T . i a -, ; ^ . ? , -,'.'? I i ? 11 i ' e 1 !. g t ? 1 ? . I. r ? ? :
| . i i e. i e ?", . ? li e , aisiiia U s.
New York Has Another Dorothy
i Arnold Case?Police With
i out a Clew.
! XKW YuKK. ? .?Another
! strange disappearance, like that of
? Dorothy Arnold, ?out routed the New
York police today.
, The girl in this second ease is Miss
Louise Swan, nineteen years obi. very
pretty, and the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. William It. Swan, of 11 West
Thirtieth Street. She left her horn?
during a violent rainstorm last Mon?
day afternoon, and since then noth?
ing has been seen or heard of her.
Detectives who were called in on
the case at first suggested that Miss
Swan might have eloped. The mother
replied that Louise had never been
in love. Mrs. Swan w?w then asked
if she believed her daughter had gone
on the stage.
"Louise detested the stage," was the
mother's reply. "She was intensely
religious?in fact, she might have
been called a religious fanatic."
After the police had searched for
three days for her daughter, Mrs.
Swan collapsed, and, crazed with the
fear that Louise may have been mur
?lered, or is being held a prisoner,
the mother is now at the point ?>f
death. Her physician has been keep?
ing her under the lnMuenee of opiates
t??r the last f?Tty-?ught hours, fearing
that she might attempt to destroy
The Pennsylvania's Plan. (
The Pennsylvania Uailroad, that ad- ?
airallv manac.il system, which is al- :
\?ays in tin- ?uh.'iiii'i' when new and i
l-rai-ti'-al i?i.as ar<- promulgated, has ?
? sued a e-iri alar t < mployes by which ,
t hop?-s to make TTih-rable reduc- ?
li"ll III US e ;.: lilt ' . e-|if"S ?1 I 111 tllllS
h.- et,a) I- t.? r- ?. . s ire ight rates.
Th?- ? -i.?' . r ealls ;ii -?-. ;,. th.- sav- ?
in-.'. ..I -' '?' be T, ... t ?? ??? e.i- h of ;
j-: ; S.!?? i? - ,.;?-.- \? - lh! - -a leW '
- e-.-.e h . ? .sie
; T -. ,-;,s\ i I,] t., : ?? ,,h .m- ?
t .. ' .?-e : ' i ?: h is . ?ine of
-? . T- TT- . - ? in th.- . e- lif Oil, :
h .t- . ? ? h.- ,.- , ,,f eoal. . I. rks by
? 'i.o'.i'. .n th.- ? .-. of stat ieiuery ainl -
? .i- v eir..:s. trackmen in gath-;
? :|. de? hulls ami slT-.TS, shopmen
? -mit their work properly and thus ,
.i -i.iia.n breakeh.wns on the r<?a?l. |
??..;?? housemen by b?a?ling freight so1
as to avoid damage, and all employes !
in many ways whi?h will occur to -
them in the int?dligent performance i
e-f their respective duties. !
The suggestion of the Pennsylvania :
ooiild be adopted by every business
house in this country with results that '
would he a remarkable revelation.
America hits been truly described by ;
people of other lands as "a nation of ;
waste," and that the characterization j
is a just one can be easily proven by j
any one who will make a cursory ex?
amination of our business enterprises. I
If we are to continue in our journey i
towards industrial leadership, the time |
must eventually come when small
economies must be foremost in the j
minds of every manufacturer. The ?
Pennsylvania has taken a wise step in ;
calling attention to this subject, and i
the result will be watched with inter- I
est.?Alexandria Gazette.
With ?Bated Breath.
Since the announcement was made
some weeks ago that Admiral Togo
was to visit the United States and !
look over the navy yards In this coun- ?
try, the public has waited almost with j
bated breath for an explosion from <
the loquacious congressman from |
Alabama. His pet theory is the "yel?
low peril." Again and again has he j
seen the dogs of war?yellow doga?
rising out of the Far East and liter?
ally tearing Uncle Sam to shreds,
whiskers and all.
Crizzled and gray Admiral Togo,
hero of the battle of the Sea of Japan,
is the war dog incarnate of the Far
Kast. He Is to be allowed to gaze
into the secrets of the American navy
?that institution for which the gen- |
tlernan from Alabama hath raised his
v?dce in Congress no less than b?x j
thousand, eight hundred and ninety-!
nine times within the past two years, j
Xow as never before is the navy in !
p.rii. Its w-iikit.ss and its strength;
:ii- to bo laid bate to the Wise littb-;
ve'low Hi.in from 'he Kart. It needs,
????w a eha'npi.'ti to protect it ano !
t'lr-afeh it lii. eo-ntry. There is y?-t |
' .--? I '? sa . ' tl.r y a n?! the na i t . '
I-? t the publie h,?',i i i s breath a viiib-,
i-e "?-i t ay e 1 ' ? ?h .-? uipi. >i. oil
ha u ' ;-i<? is l.-i.ii ',' (1 ?flieii It >" i i
?fin.; h s !'.:.-. ,\. wport .\ c v. s I
rnrr!Tr)r?:T fndop.ses
. .WAS! i IX?VOX, D. f!.?Spol.?Prchi
?i.i.t 'lafi h.l.-iv endorsed the_ move?
ment in New (?ri'':in? to put in com?
mission a tb et of five American ships
to ply between that port asd Pan
American countries. He wrote a let?
ter to O. Orosvenor Dawe, director of
the Southern Comercial Congre??,
commending the people of New Or
lean? for their practical step? to lm
prara ?Um ?arabaat arartea.
AN1> 8TABI.K OF \ IltCilMA
(It) llroatl Rock.)
Fa-mer Hunch und Ted launch, fa?
ther and son. who trained in Virginia
?luring one or more seasons each, are
again in the far West, the former at
Stockton, Cal., and the latter at lXn
\er. Col. Farmer Bunch, who win
tere?! a stable during successive sea?
sons at Koaiioke and then at llich
ii.on.i. ..w has charge of the track at
Si.?, kion and it is said that under his
?ar?> the condition of that famous
?course was- a revelation to horsemen
who raced there recently, as they
pronounced it the best they had ever
seen. The younger Bunch, who is
naming lor JikIkc Colburn. at Denver,
was at Acca Farm, the breeding es-1
ta??lishment of Gritllth & Saunders. at
Km hmond. during the forepart of 1910
and prepared Putter Hrook, 2:10 1-4,
and Akar. the chestnut son of Aqullin,
2:iy 3-4. for a campaign. Both horses
\v?re tirst worked over the half mile
track at Acca Farm and then shipped
lo North Kandall. O., where liuneh
? ven scorched that fast mile course
with the speed of Kutter Brook, while
\kar was sent along at a clip that few
green iKicers show, but after pacing
hah?-* around a minute, he uuv put
??ut <>i commission by colliding with
a true-k harrow, and retired for th?
a, asoti. Lutter l'ieie?'. ho.\?\?-r, >l.ll>
. ?I tu a eoaple ?? f ?.cas or so. with
i'.uin-h up. after whu-h tli?' yiiinii; v'.il-i
?elMle.lll parleej . , . | I \ ? -. ( | \ W ? t ll ill? OUt"!
,t Ite'iii \ trg.r.a and un- bois?-s w?t?-|
-hipped home. Sine?- thon Butter j
!'.roo!; h ai? 1?. ? n ?n retirement at A? ca ?
?'arm. nursii'g an injure?! ti-mlon. but!
? is hop? ?1 that tlie iliiii gelding may.
-ollllel to i'liill:', wilh r?-M and treat-j
nu nt. Akar is i?>.\ in the (bars st .->.
-ie. ail?! the enestluit stallion IS I? -I
?;. r.ie i as ;?:?? II'. < lose t<> :? t ?v?>-m ? ihm ?
!?.?.. r. w il i? li ? a t .1 i? .s him t ?? coi: si ?h-r
alen as a ('.:? !?]? in tie- ('haniber ??!
< 'oui no i ??' si.Te at?.! tli?' hands? une '
cb.'St llllt SToTI! W il ilT-e .1 -. I 1'. > I . :: ?
b.icUing when : It I >> ?r? il classic ,s '
..-.lied. !
... !
?T?ll:;?' \Y. C r.etiaett. OWl-ef of :
::;? .us,,!.' I-'.ii ni. h- -t- ??? l.-nl Beb- !
?ris. I'll 7 ! , . ; : il a ha ?ai e'f eue i .- I
b:-.I m.. : , s. a \\ ,-.-! . W Va., ha- '
-?? e ? ''y pur- h. aeel :? b-i'- til'li pan-.
"t" _'.">'? n?:\s .,'.j?>i:iu.g th.' h'iit -i
--tat? s B..\ .-t ?i-.?i. il h-. .- M-, I; e-\, . ? : -
!.. T 1.1 ?11 a' i i. ' ! -? iile. M-h. W li- 1 - ?
.-Vea; ("--..y. th t ? : !? : > r V , ! i a u. ? l-'.:r:n |
??.'il Iv it :\ v ? ? . i : ? ? ! ai a .-;--. A : ::< i l' |
T.i'e tt'a?-'.; a- ?! s'ii'ahle bu 1 ? ,1 11"-: s V. 1 M '
?., il.'..! at a r - ;> - y il" t . ' ?v ? r l?r'y '
e? t . -t ? i . ; - i : :? i ? . ,, '?. ?? -? -.- ha\ e- ! . n i
T ! ; , ?<.;; !. '\ .-tt.- I'tii i.> t h, ::,--.', I
?'.-,, ?-. a-e: th? ... u .U !?- Ji,.n..red by j
'?f'v an.? hi- a asisti-its. .lud::?' Bob
-T has hi! .i '.u! ilitee a gi-.uill !?>?>k- ;
t ?r b.?rs,' ai ?1 bis t t show speed ;
.' ?th remarkable uniformity. Tb?' s??n )
"f Arion. l'ii?, 4. an?! Nancy Ilanks,
_;o4. is s?'\?ra? s.eoiii?s fasler thaiij
lus record indicates, and the spe.'d
shi.wn by lus g- i ?miicaics the po- ?
teto y as is to ho ?\p.it e-d fre?iii a i
horse of his rojal l?r? ediiur. A \'ir- j
Miman, native bre?l and lo the manor ?
horn. Judge Bennett has suei-essfully |
till??! the robs ?tf lawyer, jurist ami j
busincs.'-. man in his ;uloptc?l State'
vvhib? his car??-!* as a br? eder has*
been satisfactory and furnished a lot
<?f most pleasing and healthful ?liver- |
sinn, When the improvements now
going on at the Maryland farm are
complete?! Judge l!?niiett will have
.?ne of the h?'st appointed stock farms
in the country, while the estate will
also be one of the most convenient
of access. b> ing only twelve miles dis?
tant from Washington. 1). i\. and less
than thirty miles from Baltimore. Aid.
? ? ?
Kxpnnsionlst and Waterway, both
Virginia bred horses, in the selling
steeplechase. distance about two
miles, at the Windsor meeting on
Wednesday last. Expansionist was
barred in th?' betting, and the un
sexeil son of - only won
h y a iu?k from Waterway, the bay
gelding, by imp Waterlevel, out of
Bunaway. by Algerine. the son of
Abd El Kader and famous old Nina,
by Boston.
? ? ?
At his farm on th.- Cary Street
I'oail. a short ?listan?? out from town.
??.??IT. B. ?lull has soin?- nie?' br?????!
mans, a lot of young things, and the
?...,?, I st .l'ie.n liohhie- K.-an. thorough
br.-.l m n ??i Weo?ilands a,.,l bi:v/.ie M..
.i:?in ?>[ l.i/x'e 1 hit an?l otlu-r win
?: is. by |-;,?!ns. l:,.bl?ie K>all Was a
: ... h, : >,- lull;-, it. and soin?- of th.
-,(.- l s in tit's s.-et;.m have he.-n ?
n ai e? with th.- brown stallion.
>iii: wins third Ti.Mi-:.
I \< II s\\ \l\ A Willi MAN !
NEW JiONDON", CONN.?Special -j
Shortly al'ur n?><?n Tuesday Mrs.
iN.-ith. rit..- s.uif.ei',1 Sheffield was mar
tie-.I I'? >T,.lTe .\!. I.at.l-rs by Justice!
?t tie- Iviiu- l.i-v.is ?'rainlall, of thisj
city. I
.Mrs. Band rs only a few weeks ago
?vas .Lira tiled a divorce from <?eorg?'|
Sh.ffie.o ami ininiei?iati?y after the
i?? cree was .erante?! at a private hear
in :- at X??rw i? h Mrs. Sh<-ifi.-hl's en
-iiruii-iit to Mr. Banders was an?
Ali-. Baaders has just r?-turn?>d
from a iv?? ni'inths' tour through
l'"-:.itce and O? i many. She has a
b? .- ? 1111 ! u) summer villa in the lV(-uot
I'olony. S,a A'-re, where the nuptial
knot was ti?'d Tuesday.
Mr. Batub rs is one of Xevv Britain's
most prominent manufacturers and
w:ts Mayor <>f that city for two terms,
lioii.g out of office about a year ago.
I'.oth Mr. ami Mrs. Banders are
wealthy in their own riglit. Mrs. Ijin
?1? rs is the daughter of the late
(borge Sanfonl. professor of music at
Yah-, who died aft-r a lingering ill
r.css about a year ago. Mrs. Ban
il'-rs' second husband was George!
Sheffield, of the New Y??rk broker-'
a::?, lirm of Sheffield & McCullough.
She was previously divorced fr?>m her
lust husband, who was Victor Thome,
<>f New York. He was her second
husband's classmate at Yale. Shef?
field was best man at her wedding to
Thorne. Banders was also a Yale
The marriage was witnessed by rel?
atives of the couple, including Mrs.
Banders, mother of the bridegroom,
and also the former Mayor's grand?
mother, Mrs. Judd, of New Britain.
The newly wedded ?air were not
at homo Tuesday evening, and it is
reported they have left the city on a
sh??rt honeymoon trip.
With delighted emotions people of
the Bnited States have learned that
th?- fate <>f reciprocity soon will be
?i? ? ided. Saturday has been set apart
as the day for the final vote, so that
before the week comes to a close we
shall witness lb?' termination of a
long an?! arduous battle. That the
m< asure v ill pass the Senate by a sub?
stantial ir.aiority is a foregone oon
? it iHi? ?it ; for I'eiiiocrat ?c members
.ith one or two exceptions, are givi'ig
i solid support and the old guard of j
B.'pul beans, hi pt in Iin?- by th>?
V minist ration, is prepared to take,
:- medicine and vote for it. Strongest i
? i i., a I ion to the bill h ?s com? fr..m|
?:?'? iii.--iir^cits. th?; so-called progress-?
t.- w i it' of I he Republican pa-dy. who. I
? ? .-pit?' their e|(?|i:?'iice in b? hair' of j
"t'ie people" ha\?' been hand in 'th?\e
?it ! i i I ios? ? interests that ha\'?> .-? 'Th:
to kill the treaty. For we.?!<??-. 1 he .
drift <?f sentiment in the S.iiaie bas
tic? n plainly for reciprocity and today'
ii is definitely known how ev?ry no m-|
her of the body will vote; but this i
fact apparently cannot ?ave eith? r
Senators or the public from much ad?
ditional discussion. Speeches yet have
to he made, opinions aired and Ideas
exchanged, so that folks at home may
feel ?assured that everything: possible
is being* dons to take ?care of their 1a
tuatria? and to ? that ao ataar aaa
tion is g-ettln-g an undue advantage.
Since it entered upon its career, the
' '?vua?ll.*in treaty has been subjected to
air kinds of experiences, some pleas?
ant and some unpleasant, and the
manner in which it has been buffeted
about, long ago would have discour?
ais? -d and disheartened any ordinary
do? unieiit; but the Canadian reoipro
? ity is a lusty, vigorous Infant, able to
lake any amount of hard licks with?
out suffering seriously, and when ??
?Ions Its svvaddbiig garments. ita
growth, we predict, will be amazing.
Some people of sanguine temperament
believe that it will sound the death
knell of the present tariff and bring
speedily a complete revision of ?very
schedule. Whether this shall be the
?Mm., we ?l?i not know; but Indications
are promising and we cannot presume
timt Mr. Taft or any of those who are
responsible for the measure, will allow
the movement to stop where it affects
chiefly the products of the farm.?
Roanoke World.
RICHMOND, VA.?Special.-?
Seven hundred khuki-clad soldiers
will move Sunday morning at an early
h?>ur and mobilize at Culpeper, Va.,
where for three weeks the troops will
be in camp. The camp has been named
Camp William Wilson Sale, In honor of
the young Adjutant General of the
The First Regiment will be the first
in camp, followed In turn by the Sec?
ond and the Fourth. Each command
will remain just one week, and in that
week they will have the full benefit
of activo field duty and camp routine.
C'eneral C C. Vauglian, Jr.. In com?
mand of the Virginia brigade, left here
i??.ia>- for Camp Sale, at Culpeper, and
uiil be on hand with the following
i'ieinbers of his statt lo receive the sol
?iiers ?>f the First Kegiiiient when they
Coh>n?'l .!? I.aiio St,?'m and Major
\lboi Potts. (?tiler stall ?du?- -t s will
...o to Culpeper troin tiu'ir home sta
ons. The. are: Major Clinton L.
'.V riuht. I'oion.'l ?"iiarles II. Consolvo,
?'.?loiiel .liii.T.- Lynch. Major A. 14.
? ???!<?>. M.? .;-?r Thomas Shelton, Major
eVinfio'. Ma?.o l.wa.'tiee Waring und
icol en.i al ? '?T ' a<!.
('ai'tiiii I'?.?': ?'I. t'n i ted States Army,
'.as lu? m .ht.>T-<l by the War l?e
.?.Miii-iit !'.?? .--. v\ i?-<" with th.- Virginia
.??ops t?> .ol ?a the maneuver work.
("amp s.e?e t .1 tiio.h'l ;i ; lar as satil
! i . einteilt i???: ? ??.??? ,'- ;i.-e_'t r.ed.
!n the ?>r?b .- i ?el by (General
Vaiuhan are 10,1,i ..-s regulating
e.-m:? lile with .1 v:,-\\ ?>?' main ia ining
?aMh as u.T ??.. i-.-i .-,?>. .liseipliiie.
Sernpii '.?a -- ,'|c.i a i 1 n.-r > of everything
??? rtaniiiT to t ' '? ne >.- will he niailt
aiim?! The oi.h't-N pres.'rlbe that
-??l;s mn-t he e-han am! neat in per?
il. Foml Wl!' he p!'?>|e?'t?'d I'lulll llleS
I'v sereelis.
Wash basins will l?e> placed at eon
\< tlle'Ilt l?<?ilel- 1 . e . I f .'.lell I'.Hllp;! MV IVil
?. ? r laps, aiul . a?h company commun.I
? i* has lii'vii, ?>r?b?: e?! to u?' so far as
1?> t??iuiie the-i:- men to wash their
lands before eating.
Attention ??f i he s..leU.'1-s will b?- call?
ed i?? the fact !!;at all water on lite
ma i-?-a ver x r> m lois. ?'Xe.pt that piped
fe? I lee c.lITlp s'loal.l he T ?" li .'I 1* ?!?'?! ,1S Uli
sa!>- lor diinUiiii; purpos.-s. unless a
st it |.|a?'ed iiearhv imlieates its purity.
The water :->.-teiM at the camp will
he 'ii.1er th?' iniiTieiMiit?' control and
?i i e ,.,-t a.n of Major Potts, brigade ?piar?
te . ma i er.
? i i::ni?ml will he represent?*?! at The
li si ? iicatupni? lit by th?- First Hattal
i"?i I u-t I?kunent. under coinmaiiil of
Milieu I.. T. Price The foui ?ompanies
'' iTiiriiin lu.-re Sunday morning at
; .?dock.
Lightning Flash Strikes Eastern
Tourist P-arty in Yellow?
stone Park.
horses ridden by Kastern tourists in
Yosemite Valley were killed by a bolt
<>f lightning and not one of the riders
was injure?!, though all were thrown
violently to the mound.
The tourists had reached the sum
mi* and were preparing for the d
s< ?T.! when a lliiiiiilt'i'stiii'in of great
???hu?-? arose-. Ju spit?- of the heavy
tin the party ?.?ntim:e,l tb.-ir way
down the st?'?-p trail, whi.-h winds
along the fa??- of the el i IT.
Then- ware leu in the party and
llj.y wer?- withm a few f??t of ?a'h
oilo-r. |i|-iii-i'?'?iiiii; slowly. Th?- upp?.
? ???.i ?>l th?- party was parsing umlei* a
'i... w li? n th?re ?am?' a roar of thuii
illill there was a Hash of blue
.in? ?vhi'h einelopiil the tree and
!(?? .leiire line of traveb-rs went ?lown.
?Jl.lv i?iif hois?' -sarviv.'d the- Slunk.
Tile I hier:-? Were all St.limed, but ill
!??.-.s than half an hour started on th?:
? turn journey <>n foot.
In (lie .-Mi*?.
"These mountain tourists seem to
I?ay pretty well."
"They do." said the hotelkecper,
"but expert climbers are rare."
"That's where you are overlooking
it iik opportunity. Sehet some good
mountain and establish a taxicab line
to the top."
ANOTIIlill (AI'Tllllil) AND AN IN
i,y bJioT in ki\<. Tin-; ciiAsi*:.
KANSAS CITY, MO.. Special.?
Two armed robbers entered the Frank?
lin jewelry st??ie at 17 West Ninth
Street early yesterday, commanded
K. J. Franklin, tin- proprietor, to
"throw up bis liaids," seized a tray
of diamonds worth $3,?n?U and es
i-uped, with Franklin and his clerks
in pursuit. A shot fired at the rob?
bers struck 1'eiijamin A. Sikes, a by?
stander, in tue h? au. probably fatally
injuring him.
One of the robbers ran into John
Taylor's dry goods store, where he
was captured. ilo gav e the name of
John Urown.
The other man. who was carrying
the diamonds, escaped.
hh*t $25 For I iineral Feast.
NEW YORK, Special.? Despon?
dent because his wife and son, with
whom he had ?piarreiled several
months ago. vvoubi not consent to a
reeon.-illation. Carl Schletter, a cigar
maker, lifty-livo years old, Tuesday
hanged himself from the post of Ilia
bed in his room at No. 1-1 Fayette
Street, Williamsburg. Some hours
iat.r lie \vas found ?bad. He had he
(?ueathed all of his valuables to an
??Id fraud, a Mrs. Celia Doeii. of 1147
I ie Kali? Aver?ele, and set aside ?^r>
with whl. h his friends i? ?it to make
merry and feast after be was cre?
Foreigners and Officials Flee to
Bouts and Consulates?City
Looted and Burning.
? :e . >>l ution -ts ate |,>..,i:t ;i:k] '.?urn
? 'ig lilis i ity an.I in.- I- - .1 h?.?.-i.i i.s ?
ha.e (..'..-M refii.-.e ,ii lio- i -...ii an.I j
'??r.iiaii consulates. The popalio-o hasi
.-o?:.- over completely to th?- revolu
?ioi-isfs. who captured Cap?' llaytien
\V? ?liustlay and the iniliiary officers
opposing the uprising have had to
take refuge In the foreign consular
The women and children of Ameri?
cans and other foreigners are being
harbored on board an American yacht,
anchored off the town, until the ar
rlral el an American warship.
Nelson \V. Aldrlch. former Senator
?win Khode Island, one of the chief
ligures in the Lorimer investigation
b?(uuse of the testimony of Edward
llim-s. millionaire lumberman, that
the desire of President Taft that Lor
imer be elected was conveyed to him
through Aldrlch, was the star witness
yesterday before the committee Inves?
tigating the election of the Illinois
He was Interested, he said, in the
election of a Republican Senator from
.Illinois. His position In the Senate
entailed a certain responsibility, which
caused him to have special interest
in the Illinois election.
In April, 1909. he said, he had his
tirst conference with Hines. He could
not remember whether It was at his
solicitation or that of Hlncs. Hines
told him that Hopkins would not be
fleeted, and asked him what the at?
titude of President Taft was in the
Wanted Republican Elected.
"I told Hines the President was
anxious for the election of a Repub?
lican, and that he had been favorable
to the re-election of Mr. Hopkins, be?
cause Hopkins had received the en?
dorsement of the primaries. But I
t??ld him that the President would
take no active part In the campaign
of Hopkins or anyone else."
"Did you say to Mr. Hines." asked
counsel, "that the tariff bill was com?
ing up. and that it was necessary to
have all the Republican votes possi?
ble, as there was some doubt about
the schedules?"
"I did not," replied Mr. Aldrlch.
"When was the second time you
talked to Mr. Hlncs?" asked counsel.
"I think it was on May 21st or 22d.
Mr. Hines had told me that Mr. Hop?
kins would not be elected, and asked
me t<> see the President and find out
what his attitude was concerning Mr.
Houtoll. 1 saw the President and re?
ported to Mr. Hlncs that the Presi?
dent would be satisfied with Mr. Hou?
Senator Aldrlch went on to say that
he had a second confer?.nee with Mr.
Hin? s. when Tlinos told him that Pou
t?'ll could not be elected, but that \
l.orinor possibly might be.
lyorlnuT \Vns Ait-?. ptnMe.
*"lTo wanted me to learn how the
President would view T,orim?r's elec?
tion.-' continued the witness. "That
same ?Veiling 1 reporte?! to Mr. Hines
that li?rlmi-r's candidacy was unob- !
jectior.abl?? to tin President, ami that.
so far as T was concerned, he was
entirely n groo able to me. for I was
In favor of the election of any good
"I think I tob! Hines If anybody
?niestloned niv attitude or the Presi?
dent's he might say that I.orlmer's
candidacy was unobjectionable to the
P??>si?lent. and agreeable to me," con?
tinued the witness.
"The Idea that vou lnten?1o?l to con?
vey, as I understand It." said Senator
Kenyon, "was that Ixirlmcr's candl
ilacv was not objectionable to the
President, rather than that he favored
"Vou have expressed It exactly."
"Hid you ever send any message to
Oovernor Denecn urging him to sup?
port the candidacy of Mr. l.orlmer?"
asked Attorney Marble.
"No. sir, I never did," replied the
Senator. "I did not know Governor He?
'I ?hi you ever send a message say?
ing that the President favored Lorl
iner'." asked the afTorney.
"I did not; I sent no messages at all."
replie?! the witness.
"You ?lid not tell Mr. Illnes to say
to ciovernor I>ene?Mi that the President
v.-anted l.orlmer elected, and that you
want?'?! him elected?"
"1 ?lid not. As I said, I did not
!?n??w the C.overnor."
"l>id you reipiest the President to
se n?l a telegram urging the election of
Senator l.orlmer?' asked Judge Hanecy.
"No. I made no such request of him."
Hi?e* Heard Aldrlrb.
.Tiulge Hanecy then read a published
stat.'inent in which It was sabl that
th?> President had been asked to wend
a telegram urging T.orlmer's election,
but that he had refused to <b> so.
"I>oes that refresh your recollection
;iiiv'.'" asked .ludg?- Hanecy.
"I am positive that I made no such
re.i nest of the President," replied Mr.
"I ?hi the President at any time mani?
fest any ?losir?- or anxiety t<> ' ave Mr.
l.orlmer elected?" aski'il Senator Ken?
"I do not think I rare to g?> into my
ciinviTMiilttn with the Presn'.ent." re?
plied Mr. Aldrlch "The f.o-ts are as
I have stated th?>m, aixl 1 was sure 1
acted with authority in staling to Mr
Mines what 1 ?ihl say to hlni."
"Vou never lnU'iub'd to authorize Mr.
Mines to go to Illinois and use the
President's name In favor of Mr. l.orl?
mer ?"
"I did not."
Hairing the time that Mr. Aldrlch
.vas on the stand Mr. Hines sat directly
iiack of counsel and folio weil his stato
.n. ins closely. If Hines was satisfied
with Aldiieh's report of his testimony
ho did not show it; If lie was displeased
he gave no evidence of It.
XENTA, O, Special.?Following his
death here after an operation for ap
1 1TK GrlJ3:KI^ATsrrJ^
Main and Third Streets,
American Plan, High class accom
modations. with best of cuisine and
service, at moderate prices. Car at
ifoor to (..-pot and all points of inter?
est. Terms include meals. $2.00 per
?lay. J. \V. Hell, Prop.
Do Not Throw Away
Broken castings. Let us braze them.
Richmond Machine
Works, Inc.
Richmond, Va. 2404 E. Main St
How We Save
You Money
First. By buying in car lots,
direct from the factories.
Second. T'y paying cash, and
taking discounts.
Third. Py selling many
times over the Amount sold by
the a\ cray,e furniture stores.
We want to hear from every
person, who wants furniture at
???west pricefl.
700-711-713 E. Broad St.,
pendlcltls? It WM discovered Tese ?ejr
that the Rev. Myron M. Bruce, aged
twenty-two. -pastor of the Pleasant
View Church near Jamestown, had
been living iin?'?r an assumed nam? N
and that his real name was Alnswortfev
His father, the ltev. Myron Bruce?
Alnnworth. pastor of the Christian
Church at Franklin. Ind., cam? her?
to claim the body.
Three weeks ago the Pleasant View
?t'hurch advertised In a religious pa?
per for a minister. A letter Is al?
leged to have come from the Frank?
lin. Ind.. pastor recommending "his)
cousin, the Rev. Myron M. Bruce."
The latter was called. When the Rev.
Mr. Alnsworth saw the body he cried
out: "He Is my son: not my cousin."
The alleged deception Is said to
have been due to the young; man's
desire to live down past incidente In
his life.
Tanner Paint & Oil Co.
High-Grade Paints
Hew I? the Timm U Bmy. Frit**
Te?eae4 *?**??.
Per ?*eu*d
Chickens . M 0 ?
Spilng chickens . 38 ? 4t
Hens . *7
Ducks, large, young- IB 0 *?
Ducks, small . 14
Roosters, per piece. 36 O 4i
Guineas, per piece .36
Crates, nearby, fresh laid. 16
Crates, other sections... 16
Choice family packed... 20 O II
Choice dairy packed ... 20
Choice store packed- II
Packlag . II
Dry flint, lb. 1?
Dry salted, lb. 14 ,
Green, salted, lb. ?
Green, lb. ?
Dry flint, calfskins. 14
Winter super .1.50 0 I.?
Winter extra? .IM 0 Wl
Winter clear .3.3? ? S.6t
Winter straight .3.90 0 4.i#
Winter pai*nt .4.40 O *?*?
City sacked . 6I|
Country, bolted, sacked, 60
MILLFEED?Shlpstuff, ton?
sacked, winter .27.00
Bran, winter .16.00 ^
Shlpstuff, spring .... 26.60
Bran .?.60
Ch. to fey. handpacked. 6.00 0 %** ?^
Good to prime.3.00 0 ?*W
Common to fair .2.16 O M.?r^
Large Pippins .7.00 ?9 ????
Large Wlnsapa .7.60 0 Mt
LEMONS? . 8.00 O 4M*
ORANGES?Florida .1.26 O LM
California, per bus.1.40 0 1.W
No. 1. per bus.2.76 O Mt
No. 2, per bus .2.60 O *??*
CLAY PEAS-Per bus_2.00
MIXED PEAS . 1.76 0 1.0f
Navy, No. 1 % hite.2.25 0 IM
Common to choice .... 1.76 0 t.9%
Colored, bus.1.65 0 1.7!
Western, sacke?, bus. 70 O 71
Western, bulk, bus... 65 O <t
ONIONS?100 lb. ba-js... I.M O B.M
CABBAGE?Per crate_LOO 0 L6#
Uve geese, lb. 60
Mixed, per lb. 40
SEEDS?Clover per bus.. 8.P0 0 1.60
Timothy, per bus. 4.75 tQ> 646O
Orchard grass, per bus., 1.60 ? I.M
Buckwheat, per bus... 70 ? 90
German millet, per bu., 1.40 0 1.46 i
BEESWAX?Per lb. ... 28
Sliced, per lb. 6 ? 6ft
Quartered, per lb. 410 i
Dark, per lb. 4
Peeled, lb. 10
Peeled, dark, lb. 7 0 S
Unpeeled. lb. 4
Pitted (new) dry or er, 10 0 11
RASPLERRIES?rer lb., 17 0 18
Per lb. 11 @ U
Hams, new, small.... 16 @ 17
Hams, new, med. to
large . 14 @ 16
Sides, new . 13 @ 14
Shoulders . 13
LARD?Country, prime, 13 @ 14
TALLOW?Per lb. 6
WALNUTS?Per bus. .. 65 0 76
Per lb. 20 @ 16
CHICKEN COOPS . 85 @ 90-?*
TURKEY COOPS . 1.15 & 1.25
BUTTER BUCKETS. Doz.. 2.76 0 3.00
OUKIKTS-1 OflHlioU . 4.UM 0 B.fcf
?*> ?dlUUJ ... . il.O? flt^ll.#t
"??. 11-tfO 0 lt.?
Cutters?Comnjoa. 11.00 0 11.6?
Medium. U.000 # 14.60
M??. if o# 0 It.ff
fancy . 18.M 0 If.M
iiurs --1 outLJca . g.ee 0 10.ee
Medium. il.*? 0 ll.M
Ooorf . 1 J.6C 0 lg?a
.? .?<??>? > ra- -Ceiamoa ... 16.H 0 17.H
Medium . IS.M 0 U.H
<*** . 16 ?? 0 M.ft
?m . ?.M 0 I76t
**??* . 4*.M 0 46.H
Lugs, commoB to good.. ?.#? 0 7.M
i.ugs. good to yiiae.f.t# m t.M
aVort Loaf .lf.M ? l&M
Lsng Leaf.UA-1
Wrappe? .*?g?

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