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sSMSSB)eas*s???,****t__L i_?_ . ._?_?****t-*** I
WJt-rTBD?SBlOND 11 \M) BAUS and!
ftUmi-AP. Write for price?.
BUHMOMI B\!.IO. lne?
"Will yon let twenty cents a day
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RICHMOND, V A. ? Special. ?
Investigation Friday morning of the
death m Miss Kiiith D. -Murray, twen?
ty-two years old. ?it 22 23 Stuart
nue, who SWSl irbollc acid at
the honuj of Mrs. Robert Brown, of
820 West Marshall Sir. . rday
evening, showed that there was not,
and never had been, any mystery con?
nected with the cas.-, t lu.ugh one
morning paper left that impression.
Th? young woman. B ?laughter of
the lut? C. C. Murray, took a bottle
ol the poison to Mr*?. Rrown's home
with her, swallowed th?- ?Irug. cov?
ered her face? with talcum powder to
alleviate the burning, fell back across
a bod Sn.l In a short time died. The
empty bottle was found on the floor
by the aide of the bed. The bottle
was properly labeled. There was nei
nnlabeled bottle of poison in the
bouse. Mrs. Brown ?helares.
Miss Murray frequently \ isiteel at
the She call?
dsy shortly after 12 o'clock and com
plain???! ?if feeling sick. She ha?i l>? en
suffering with some chronic trouble
for a number o
sieved that ?he t?>e.k the- poison in a
fit of ?i? ncy.
The young woman, it hi
shown, csurrled the with her.
The label Indicates that it was bought
at the <
* Broad S?re?-vt. The bottle?com
about one ounce of oar; uion.
Mrs. Brown was not In th?* room,]
She says, when Miss Murray te.uk the1
poison. Shortly ali?-r .'. o'clock Mrs.
Brown hear,] groans, and. fearing thai
"her guest was suffering, she went up?
stairs to her assistance. She fi?und
"a*?c-? Murray lying. across the b***0. An
empty bottle. r*onsplcuously? lal
With the reel skull and cross bones,
was lying on the Boor. The youni
man was writhing in ag.
"Edith, what U itter?" cried
Mrs. Brown; "have you taken carbolic
".No! No! No!" groane?! the suffer?
ing girl. She then lapsed into uncon?
Mrs. Brown at once telephoned for
the ambulance, and, realizing that
sflss Murray had taken the poison,
she tried to Pt-t her t?> swsllow raw
eggs. Dr. Watts, of the ambulance
corps, soon arrived, and the young
woman was taken to the Memorial
Hospital. She v.as dend before the
attendants could get her out of the
hospital elevator.
An Investigation Immediately con?
ducted by Mis. Brown ahowed thai
Murray had not only taken the
bought at the Chlldn a, but
had ?also taken i
botlc tien! which wai used In the Brown
household for cleansing purposes.
The stopper of lira. carbolic
acid bottle ha?! been taken out, ami it
apireara that some of the- crude
?was poured into the milder, bit i
the I ess poisonous, solution proem
Mitf.s Murray.
When she ?wallowed the acid M
Murray's Upa ami mouth were badly
Burnt. She covered th? m with tal
?powder, then to the
across which ?he wsa found. The bot?
tle discovered Ly Mrs. Brown On the
floor had been drain.
Coroner Tay'or Eaid this morning
that no Inquest would be nece;
that it was r ??lear cake of suicide
The funeral an its have not
been compl? the services will
probably take- place tomorrow.
Misa Murr:.. by her
i**. another, three brothers anil two sisters.
1HOT HIS Uli I \M>
X. KILLKD lIMl-l l !
r&ilCAGO, ILL-Special.
anln t^ohen nan, today shot
and probably fatally wounded his
wife, ?slice, and then kilied hims??lf.
The tr> - -ult of a do
snestaS, quarrel.
JssSsstsV-.STI-'I's TO STOP
I'lil/.l. FIGHT 1\ LONDON*
LONDON, Special. ? A new legal*
?sattle t
twetn Jack ?> ivy- j
weight, an? Wells
TBhsrl'a Court
?ober 2d, was ii ? today l-y the]
TJtstrh' Railway Company, freehold
SB?* of the hall.
The railway company asked for an!'
tJs*f?nretion preventing the fight on the j
id that it would jeopardise the ,
?fudge Lula, In High Court, i
heard arguments on she aa>p?lss?ioB. |<
PARIS. Special, -?"War within twen-l
ty-tour hours will be the result un-1
less Turkey returns a favorable an- ?
?wer to Italy's ultimatum on Tripoli
in that time, according to ?semi-offi?
cial advices from Rome. If Tur
Ikcy does not reply to the ultimatum
Italy is prepared to land troops to?
morrow and fornv.uly occupy Tripoli.
Turks Playing for Time ?
Council o? Minister? of the Ottoman
in conclave today over
the ultimatum of Italy. It was offi?
cially reported that the Turkish gov?
ern ment has decided to reject in toto
Italy's claims for a protectorate over
Tripoli. Turkey is preparing for war
and an appropriation has been voted
for the purchase of $500,000 worth of
small arms in Europe.
While the Indications are that the
Turkish government will maintain a
firm attitude it 1b availing itself of
v means to gain time, while every
Kur ? pean power that might have
either direct or indirect interest In
;l, aside from Italy, is being
?ought to use its influence against
Italian domination over Tripolltan
Italv Ready to Land Soldiers.
MALTA, Special!?A fleet of Italian
men of war and troop snips is lying
twenty miles off the Tripolltan coast
today. The licet passed within sight
I tita on its crui.se across the Med?
iterranean Sea.
It is reported that the ships are
preparing to land sailors and ma?
rines, and that foreign residents of
Tripoli are in a panic, fearing that
such an action will provoke a general
most-acre of Europeans.
Two more Italian warship? and
four destroyers passed Malta today,
steaming in the direction of Tripoli.
From the shores it could be seen that
the decks were cleared for action, and
that the gun covers were off.
The tribesmen in Tripoli are. becom?
ing restive under the gathering cloud
of unrest. Many of them have prom?
ised the Turkish commanders to
fight against the Italians and on the
strength of this promise have been I
given modern weapons.
The foreign consulates In Tripoli
were thronged today with foreigners
seeking protection under the foreign
The hostility of the natives towards
all foreigners is becoming more open.
It is feared that, at the first outbreak,
the Turks may allow the fanatics to
sack the foreign quarter of the city.
Malta is fifty-six miles south of
Sicily, and 187 miles north of the Afri?
can coast.
Fleet Is DiTlded.
PARIS. Special.?The Italian fleets
are divided up today as follows:
First Division?Four battleships of
modern type, three armored cruisers,
one scout, three destroyers, one mine
Second Division?Three battleships,
old style; four cruisers, one scout.
Third Division?Three battleships,
old type; one armored cruiser.
Fourth Division?Two cruisers.
eipht destroyers and a flotilla of tor-,
pedo boats.
It Is apparent from the relative
naval strength of the two powers that
Italy could not be Invaded. Realiz?
ing their tremendous disadvantage
from Italy's superior naval forces,
Turkey h:vs resorted to the fulll
I strength of her diplomatic machin?
ery to stave off the war,
Italy lias Boats.
With her sea-fighting forces. Italy
could prevent the transportation of
Turkish troops to reinforce the Turk?
ish garrisons in Tripoli, and it has put
an emlmri-o on ail Tripolltan ports
which would prevent the landing of
munitions of war and provisions.
There are few harbors along the Tri?
polltan coast, aside from that of the
of Tripoli.
Hifaat Pasha, Turkish Ambassador
Part?, called upon Foreign Minister
De Selves today relative to the 1.reach
between his native country and Italy.
\'o announcement was made follow?
ing their interview, but it was report?
ed that the French Minister advised
at Pasha that Francs could m
no move in the matter under pre
Entire List Was Buoyed Up By
the Strength in Steel Shares,
and Universal Gains
Were Recorded This
w roR?
the champion
industrial ii
and the - marked
; exciten
?lump, in
Immedli the opening
thrown to the
ually fouKlit
t" I' i 59 1-4 steel conn
? ? of 5 1-8 points
uinutea of actual
?red opened at 109 3-4 as
<?f 10?, and
rapidly was pushsd upward until Its
? 1-4.
in fifteen minutes of trading
??led t.. !>?? no end of the buy
in ii. tliis movement having resulted
from the oflclal statement Issued late
J. Pierpont Morgan and
i-y, stating that the corpora?
tion Is Impr? and will not be
i a. in which the gage
hurled by the vast corporations lay at
the foot of Attorney Gsnsral Wicker
rength of the trust ap?
to the trad
entlre list was buoyed up
Kili In steel shares and uni
Tais Started Market Upward.
Ina a meeting of the United
Corporation directors in
. -t.t.lay afternoon, Elbert
H. G neis l-yn?ie Stetson an.l
.). P Morgan repaired to the library
Shortly before mid
d?kIj ing statement was
?vspapers without
?? Gary:
ranimons vote of
? etors of the United
..ta meeting
at whieJU tin re ? s( J. P. Mor
H. C. Klick, Norman B. Keam, P.
Idem :. Roberl Wlnsor, K. H.
John F.
' (?. Rcid,
rell and
James H. Reed, the following state
"No mu?s whatever have
: he steel corpora?
tion ;?ariment of Justice
looking to the on or disin
tion of the corporation. The cor
organlied for business
ons and purchased its vai .
plants t<> promote such business
not to restrain tra?le oi obtain a mo?
in all Ita operations the com
ved t he
.i ml recognized the J.i^t rights of
' nd the consumers of
its directors
?1 by
its existence is not In
w of this recsrd and this ad
.'i rectors feel that their duty
o their stockholders, their employes
md the public requires that they should
ist at rest all rumors to the effect that
hey are contemplating the dissolution
ir disintegration of the so.rpe ratis?
??ber voluntarily or at the demand of
.he Government. We bellevt? that the
>rgant*at *al, that its manag*?
' Is proper; that Its properties art?
of immense Intrinsic value, and that
the corporation is of benefit to the pub?
lic Interest.
'Committee of Board of Director?
TOPBKA, KAN., Special. ?Upon
President Taffs utterance today?the
last day of his run through Kansas
on his IS.000-mile trip to the coast?
hinged largely the effect of his cam
;n against insurgency. The Presi?
dent made no reference to his admin?
istration policies in his stay at Hutch
Inson, and it was not expected that
he would today depart from his
speeches on Monday, In which he
mildly defended his tariff vetoes and
discussed the trusts.
The President has not made the
vigorous flsht in this State that was
expected of him, even though he was
reminded by the standpatters that
strenuous effort was needed to save
Kansas from insurgency. Mr. Taft,
judging from the comments heard on
every side, has gained little ground
on his jaunt through Kansas.
Machine Opposition In the Pri?
maries Could Not Dislodge
the Executive.
NE^V YORK, Special. ?Although
early reports from the primaries un?
der the general law in New Jersey
indicated that Governor Woodrow
Wilson's candidates had received a
setback, later returns today showed
that the Governor Just about held his
own, in so far as the testing of his
strength at the primaries was con?
Mercer county was carried by the
Wilson men, while the opponents of
the Governor won out in Sussex.
In Hudson county the results were
so complicated that no definite con?
clusions could be drawn.
Mayor Otto H. Wlttpenn won a
nomination in Jersey City. As Wltt?
penn is arrayed against the "Big Six"
In Jersey politics, his victory tends
to aid the Wilson interests.
CHAIR. _ ?-__?
RALEIGH. N. C, Special. ?A spe?
cial from Waynesville, N. C. states
that at Haywood County Superior
Court today the notorious Seth Wood,
the nineteen-year-old boy who slashed
to death with a knife a boy named
Palley Stamey at Canton, N. C, re?
cently, will face a Jury of his peers to
answer the charge of one of the most
cold-blooded murders ever committed
In this country. He was arraigned In
court last evening and his trial fixed
for today, a special venire of 200 men
helng ordered.
Ex-Congressman Crawford and
three other lawyers are * defending
Wood, while State's solicitor Alley is
being assisted in the prosecution by
Attorney J. W. Stamey. There is a
?Treat deal of feeling in the commu?
nity over the murder.
Another murderer will get his dues
this week at the same term of court,
this being the negro, Taylor Love, wh->
shoved a shotgun barrel through a
window of the home of Jeff I-ackey.
the contents blowing the top of Lack?
ey's head off as he sat at a tahle.
Jim Davis, the white man placed on
trial last evening for unmercifully
beating the nude form of his flfteen
:-old daughter almost to death
with a switch full of thorns, was con
.ict.-d and today the judge will sen?
tence him. He is eure to get the limit.
Girl. Three, Orden Ha by Sister.
WINSTEAD, CONN., Special.?Amy
Bui, thr. liter of Mr.
and Mrs Harry C, Bull, of Center
Street, called at the ofllce of Dr. D. D.
:i Kim Street, today and in
red if the doctor was home. She
that he WSS not and
sited if there \. s ?my word she want
fur the doctor.
"I want to leave an order," the
hild replied. "Tell the doctor to
\p m?- a baby sister at once. They
K"t <>ne In the next house and
. nt one. You won't forget to tell
loctor, will you?"
Assured that the doctor would gst
?ter order, little Miss Hull continued
un her way to 1-Jigh Street to visit
friends. Upon her return home Amy
informed her mother that she had
;ed at the doctor's ofllce and
"I left an order for a baby sister."
Acquitted of Arson charge.
SUFFOLK, VA., Special. ?Notwlth.
?ing that four witnesses testified
that Ollie M. Miller, a young white
man, formerly of Maryland, had con
d that he fired the plant of the
Virginia Manufacturing Company, a
jury in the City Circuit Court yester?
day afternoon acquitted the prisoner
without leaving the box
The defendant proved an alibi by
his wife, Miss Ethel Askew, Mira i
sr, Miss Martha Evans and
Robert Evans, who said he was home
ral hours prior to the fire, and
never left until I Da eras rung.
Two State's witnes*-s swore Miller was
n? ar the seen?; shortly before the blaze
;.! v\is r\.om I
1 to r, in i'.'.rnvr.
WASHINGTON, D. C, Special. ? i
With the ending of the Amer,
League race by Detroit's defeat of
yesterday, talk of wagers on the
world's series has begun. Last night
the Post was commissioned to nego?
tiate a bet involving $300,
placed on the Athletics.
. It is reported that ruling odds in
the opening betting are 7 to S. with
the Giants favorite?. The $300 will
,?laced at this price, If any ba
of the National League club cares for
the money.
DUMAS, ARK., Special. ? A
Ittot) this morning lynched Char!?-?
Marlpas?. (white), father ?if the
tu o ne*roes who yesterday killed
sheriff Proton and Deputy Steil.
STAUNTON, V? Special. ?Major
. rksley. United States Ma
Corps, formerly of this city, will
led In New London, Conn., on
?d. at 11 A. M.. to Mr
?le Russell, of that place. Major
spend their
i val War College, !n
Newport, Rhode Tsland. where Major
Berkeley Is now stationed. Both are
nown" in Virginia society.
Do Y? Use Kye Salve t
Apply only from Aseptic Tubes to
Prevent Infection. Murine Eye Salve In
Tubes-?New Size 26c. Murine Bye LJa
??id ??&c-f.O.- vjye Books in each I'kg.
P MIIM. KKI ?i.l'H ?> ? OMH
ll.iN- IN (.Kl M I Ml'llll
RICHMOND. VA.?Special.
Pastor W. Fetler, superintendent of
the Russisn Evangelisation Society,
of St. Petersburg, was the speaker
at the rally meeting of the Baptist
Worlds Alliance at the First Baptist
Church last night. Rev. Robert S.
MacArthur. D. D.. of New York, who
was to have made an address, for
some unknown reason was absent,
snd Ro Dr. Fetler had the whole even?
ing to himself.
Dr. Fetler is out on $2,600 ball,
which was furnished In his own coun?
try by American Baptists. He is
charged with seducing from the fold
members of the Greek Catholic
< Lurch, and leaves for Moscow next
Wednesday to stand trial.
His plea for help from Christian
Americans for his own country last
night was eloquent and touching. The
graphic picture he painted of condi?
tions in his own country showed it to
be practically without religious free?
dom and wedded to the dead princi?
ples of materialism and pantheism.
In all the wide empire, with Its
lfiD.OOO.OOO people, he said, there is
not a single school or college for the
instruction of children of parents
having the Protestant faith and not
a single Baptist Church or chapel in
hole country.
"The Greek Catholic Church is the
church of the State, but it retains its
hold only on the ignorant masse?,"
he said. "The intelligent and think?
ing classes have broken away from It.
I don't think that I would be exag?
gerating if I said that 95 per cent,
of the professors and students in the
Russian universities are secretly, if
not avowedly atheists, materialists.
or, what Is still worse, disciples of
Count Leo Tolstoi.
"Those outside of Russia cannot
realize to what an extent the perni?
cious doctrines of Tolstoi have taken
hold of the students. 'The blood of
Jesus is a fable,' he is said to have
declared on one occasion. I went to
see him at his home shortly before his
death with an Idea, hoping against
hope, of influencing him. In my hum?
ble way. towar?l a better conception
of the Redeemer. I talked to him a
long time, and what do you think h.
said to me when I was through?
^tor Fetler.' he said, 'if a man
would come to me and tell me that
Jesus Christ had Just risen in my
garden I wouldn't take the trouble to
go and look at Him.' This is the
man whose? teachings have attained
such a following."
Want Protestant Faith.
People throughout the . country
were yearning for the Protestant re
Hglon. and there was pressing need
for a Baptist Church In St. Peters?
burg. Services, such as could be held,
had to be conducted In halls, and
these were rapidly being closed to
him by the Imposition of prohibitive
rents. But even these meetings
attended by immense crowds, and
there w?-rc already 400 converts to
the Baptit-t faith and over 1.500 reg?
ularly attended services since his mis?
sion to his people.
Re has colk ted 122.500. during
his five months' jour of America, for
the erection of his church, and $20,
000 more ia needed.
Speaking of the assassination of
Minister Btolypln, he said he was
sorry to hear of It and referred to
him es a strong man anil an effi?
cient servant to the Czar. At the con?
clusion a collectlein was taken and a
substantial sum realized.
gigantic plot
Removing Dead Bodies From
Sunken Vessel?Will Save
Liberte 's Guns?Making
Full and Complete
PARIS Special. ?Secret service
the- French Governm
are reported to have un??arthed
elatious that the blowing up of the
battleship Liberte, the Are upon the
Patria and an attempt to wreck an?
other warship e?f the sipiadron an
. e'el in Toulon harbor Wars part
*?t anti-military plot snglo?
ed from headquarters in this city.
Initial reports of the investigators
\\?re today plscsd in the hand? of
President Fallieres, Premier Catllaux
and Minister o? Marine Del Casse,
snd arrests ar?- expected shortly.
The Paris press in part today ac
???pte-ii the anti-military plot as the
rightful solution to the Liberte disas?
Radical Hostility.
Whether anarchistry or radical so?
cialists are Involved In the conspiracy
has not yet been determined. It Is
believed, however, that the extreme
element which openly shows hostility
toward the government at every op
? unity has played a hand in
latest tragic demonstration against
The work of recovering the dead
from the shattered remains of the
Liberta at th?- bottom of the Toulon
harbor was continued today.
The hulk of the once powerful war
eraft will bs blown to pieces after a
thorough examination has been made,
so that navigation in Toulon harbor
will not be menaced.
M. Del Ca.- 1'arls for Toulon
?oeiay an?l will personally direct an
investigation on his own behalf.
Will Sa?.?- (?tin??.
The guns from the stricken Liberte
will be saved. If it is found possl
they will be placed In use upon
r battleships; if not, they will be
to this city and installed In
? .estigation on behalf of the
Department is proceeding with
In I. Whether it will
; tain Jaur?s, of the Llb
i command is problem
lons have formed in an?l
>ffl<-jal life, some condemning
fommaiHl.-r and others
ng him.
is have been ordered
warships using the
:?/' pow.i?-r to make experi
itli it to roughly the
? of time it ignite? by combus?
tion, ut has ramified
its InvestiKatlons to cover every U
which has been off?-red as to
.along w!
sank th<- Liberte.
I'?-turned to Die.
K? if?-i ro -.f the Lib. i
was say. told <-n?- of the
from the ?Inkinir i%t ?hn T 11
ii .m ine . 11. >v, 11 j-, m me i a o< rie. it
illustrated t: minano?- of dis
rd and started to swim toward
ed about one
? ard the
nd the call to quar
'i Instant the sailor wav
yed the call and
m back to the ahip, taking his
e In the ranks of the fire-flRhters
and perishing with his comrades at
the p?ist of duty.
3CRANTON, PA, Special. -
the police when she came
ilbute from Mr. and Mrs.
Oowdrey. of Delaware
k. alias Winifred
ivies, WBS arrested Monday night on
charges of attempted blackmail and
threats to kidnap. When shs was ar?
raigned before Magistrate Hows
Tuesday afternoon the girl maintain?
ed the stolid silence that has marked
as an unusual prisoner, and she
was committed to jail in default of
11.000 ball.
it de*.eloped at the hearing that
Mrs. Cowdrey. who is a daughter of
Major and Mra Everett Warren, re?
ed a letter last Friday, in which
the w.-lter demanded $200. Failure
to comply with the demand would re?
sult in her infant daughter being kid?
napped, said the letter. As the child
is the first born in the Cowdrey home
and comes of a wealthy and fashion?
able family, the t.reat caused alarm.
After debating the matter the Cow
dreys reported it to the police. Super?
intendent Day instructed them to
place the specified amount under their
front porch as directed, and Detective
Conner} was stationed in the neigh?
borhood to watch. The officer's vigil
was rewarded Monday night when he
saw the girl steal up to the porch and
abstract the letter. She was promptly
arrested and taken to police head?
When first questioned by Superin?
tendent Day the ?irl declared that the
kidnapping plot was concocted by a
male accomplice in Canada and that
sha was to receive only $50 for wrlt
the letter and collecting. She
is here from Canada a year ago
ha? been employed by families
in the Cow-dreys' set .as a domestic.
?il: M s IX 2? POCKETS
NEW YORK, Special. ?Among tbs
passengers on the steamship Nleuw
Amsterdam which arrived yesterday,
were Rudolph Newman, a Chicago
Jeweler, his wife and two children.
The matron who searched the woman
found twenty-five pockets In her petti?
coat, each containing small packages
of Jewelry.
Newman was wearing a rubber gar?
ment that fitted close to the body. Hid?
den In this were uncut diamonds to the
value of $1.500. All of the Jewelry was
seized. The two were arrested and
?-??mmlssloner Russ held Newman In
$2,000 ball. His wife was paroled while
the passengers brought by the Prinz
Friedrich Wilhelm were being landed.
One of the customs Inspectors over?
heard a conversation between a Kan?
sas City man and a porter of the B?l
mont Hotel, where the tourist was
?olnR. "How much should I give the
inspector who examines my baggage?"
he Inquired "You give the money to
me. boss, and I'll give it to bim," the
porter glibly replied.
The inspector reported to Deputy
Surveyor Smyth, who called up the
Be'?mont and notified the management
that the porter would not be allowed
on any of the piers hereafter.
-?- ^
BAY CITY, MICH., Special. ?Two
persons were killed and two others in?
jured today in an explosion and fire
following an attempt to light a flre
in s cook stove with kerosene.
The dead are Mrs. William Houle
and her granddaughter. Marie Bou
ch'er. The Injured are Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur Boucher, both seriously
Car] Load Lots of
Beaatifal Fall
Now Coming In
You are cordially invited to
write us for FREE particulars- ?
photograph, descriptions, etc
We can Bave you money and
offer the wlds range to chooss
7tl9.7IJ.713 ?. Broad, S?t,
ALBANY. N. Y., Special?Callln?
upon the Democratic party to reoeero
its campaign pledge of direct nomi?
nations and primary reform. Governor
Dix today sent his second message
to the Legislature demanding the en?
actment of those measures at once.
The message sent in today was more
thsn half composed of excerpts from
his message sent to the Legislature on
July 18th last.
"A failure to keep faith with
the people," says the Governor,
"most be regarded as a betrayal
of the voters of the State. An
honest statewide system of direct
nominations will render party or?
jranisation responsible to the
party membership and thereby
?make representative government
responsible In fact as well as in
theory and name.
"The party will was expressed
In the party platform. It was
confirmed and endorsed at ?the
polls. There remains now only
the solemn duty upon party rep
resentatives In the Legislature to
do what the party promised. The
people of the State have decreed
their don va ml that the Logtwlature
shall enact and the Governor
sign a law which will establish a
system +>t statewide direct nomi?
nations that will place in the
hands of the voters complete con?
trol of party committees awl
party nominations."
LYNCHBURG, VA. Spoliai. ??It
became publicly known today that
several days ago Mayor Smith received
an anonymous letter in which he was
advised that he should refrain from
going in Twelfth Street under penalty
of his life. The Mayor is Police Jus?
tice here, and recently has had great
trouble with the hoodlum negro ?l??
ment. The matter only leaksd out
today. _
There's a difference in
the quality of flavoring
extracts. Saver's Ex?
tracts stand for the
diffmrtnem that is thm
BEST! AtiiKirsl0e?U25c
Tanner Paint & Oil Co.
Msssisetsrer? el
High-Grade Paints
Nsw Is Us Tim? te Imy. Pito?
Tencas-i Bettes,
Market Reports
?i* pBODucB? ^4wm*r*
., ? w* i? *-*? Per peuma.
Chickens . . 22 ? K
Spi in* chickens . 2 S # 4*
Hsns. 17
Uucks, large, young.... 16 9 J
Ducks, small .* 14
Roosters, per pieos. 85 # ?
llunsaa, per pisca. Jax.*?
EGGS. ' ^-^ii
Crates, nearby, fresh laid. It
Crates, other section?... 16
Choice family packed... 20 Q %
Choice dairy packed_ 20
Choice atore packed.... 12
Packtof . 12
Dry flint, lb. If
Dry salted, lb. 14
Green, salted, lb. ff
Green, lb. t
Dry flint, calfskins. 14
' H< FbOUH,
Winter super .MM 0 J.JJ
Winter extra .????? ? *.??
Winter slesr .MM 0 t.?J
Winter strsight .MM 0 4.JJ
Winter psi?nt .4.44 ? 4M
City sacksd . MM%
Country, bolted, sacked, ?0
MILLFEED?8hlpstufr, ton?
sacked, winter.Ml M
Bran, winter.fff.Off
Shipstuff, spring .... MMM
Brsn. M%M , ?
Oh. to fey. hamdpsostsd, 5 00 # ff.44.
Good to prims.S-00 0 4.66 |
Common to flair .1.15 ? ?*??6?t
Lsrge Pippins -.... 7.00 ? ????
Large Wlnsaps .7.60 0 MM
LEMONS? .8 00 ?9 4.00
ORANGES?Flo lids . 8.S6 ? MM
Csllfornls, psr bos. 140 0 ?Mi
BLACK PEAS . l.Ti O ?t>M
No. 1, per bus. 1.75 ? MM
No. 2, per bus . 1.50 O MM
CLAY PEAS?P-sr bus_100
MIXED PEAS . 1.75 0 MM
Nsvy, No. 1 vhlte.1.16 O 1.50
Common to choice .... 1.76 0 1.00
Colored, bus. 1.06 O 1.71
Western, sacked, bus. 70 0 ?s
Western, bulk, bus.... ?6 C ft
ONIONS?100 lb. bsgs... 1.60 0 1.40
CABBAGE"-Per erste_IjOO 0 *L64
Live geese, lb.. M
Mixed, per lb. 40
SEEDS?Clover per bus.. 8.F0 O 1.50
Timothy, per bus. 4.76 O 6.60
Orchard grass, per bus., 1.60 *9 l.Of
Buckwheat, per bus... 70 O MM
German millet, per bu., L40 O 1-44
BfiBSWAX?Per lb. ... M
Sliced, per lb. 6 O l|
Quartered, per lb..... HO I
Dark, per lb.. 4
Peeled, lb. 10
Peeled, dark, lb.. 7 # ?
Unpeeled. lb. 4
Pitted (new) dry or er, 10 O U
RASPLERR1E8?rer lb., 17 ?9 11
Per lb. 11 O 11
Hams, new, small.... Iff ??> IT
Hams, new, mod. to
large . 14 O II
Sides, newv . 11 O 14
Shoulders . 11
LARD?Country, prim?*, 11 O 14
TALLOW?Per lb. ?
WALNUTS?Per bus. .. ?SO Ti
Per lb. M O M
CHICKEN COOP8 . 85 ? 64
TURKEY COOPS . 1.16 0 1J6
BUTTER BUCK*ETS. Dot.. 1.75 0 l.Off
. . BMQ&TnV ***?'
nniogers---< 'ommon .7.ffff ffb MM
^*??.?'.'.'.I MM 0UM
Fas. ll ?# ?s i s ss
******.16.ff00 ? 14.64
5^# '?????????.IffO # ItM
M*"ttin. 11.00 # 11 M
Good . 16.56 as I a. SB
W^^rs-C?sm*?s? ... 16.64 I i?ffff
U^kf}. .,.. 11.0t 0 tt.M
goo*-.*.?;. use * ?ass
?2*# .IM? t 17 II
***i?4? ?.. 40.00 4> 41.6*
aRTN-CUMii - ^
Lugs, commos to good.. I.St *s) 7 if
J^?oodito trims.IN ? III
LOSg LaTsSf.11 V*
JT?PP?? .l<-04#ffff
OCT. 9-10-111213-14-1911
The Greatest Fair on the Atlantic Seaboard
Free Acts
Motor Show
Horse Races
Woman's Building.
Industrial Hall.
I "t% Show.
Poultry Show.
Corn Parade.
The Midway.
"Last Days
ol Pompai"
Exhibits of
Farm Implement?
The Biggest and
Bes>t Fair Ever
hrld in Vii ?
k'in a
Congress of Aerial Devices, Balloon, Airship. Aeroplane, Captive Balloon
Brilliant Night Shows
Pain's Display
Set Pieces snd Fire?
trrtaining and Superla
ceasing 1 ripie Spec
'I he Battle of the Clouds
The Destruction of a Battleship by
an Airship.
The Reconstructed and Im?
PKII." This i? the exquisite setae
in which all the world hab ever been
interr?t<-H <?ne that never m~i>v:> i 1 ? 1
300 People and Horse?.
Mexican Bull Fight, Steer Throwing,
Round-up, Dancing Horses, etc.
Morris & Co.'s World Famous
Draft Horses
Winners of highest awards at Olympia
Show, London; P-vyul, of England;
Highland, of Scotland; National, of
.New York, and International, of Chi?
Pole team, 4,600 pounds; swing
team, 4,200 pounds; lead team, 4,000
75 Stallions and Mares of the heavy
draft breed?Clydesdale, Percheron,
Belgian, etc.
100 Ponies ?r?nT Prominent Breeders.
Harness and Riding Horses.
More than 100 Hunting Dogs, Collies,
Farm Products and
Live Stock
Entries Greater
Than Ever
Six herds of Beef Cattle, numbering
60 animals in the Herford breed, and
other large herds of various breeds.
75 head of Jerseys in the Dairy class.
1 Ieavy entries of splendid breed of
Sheep, Swine,
More than 1.000 Contestan tais*.**King
Corn Special."
Horticultural and Dairy Displays are
Reduced Rates on all Railroads in Virginia?Ask Your Agent

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