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a domestic; diffhtlty.
Having ordered a phone to be put in,
my house was invaded about 1U o'clock
i_ the morning by two young men,
armed with boundless confidence, a
few tools and a coil o? wire. Demand?
ing a step ladder, they announced ttiut
they had come to put in the telephone.
1 having greeted them with much po- :
IttOOOOO. mildly indicated the place 1 j
wished to have the instrument; which j
locaUou they immediately declared to
h?; au impossible one. So choosing a
plOCS Which was to their own ta
they promptly began to bore holes,
which, had they all been used, woul?!
hav0 provoided uic with at lOOOt a hall
dozen 'phones.
However, the ways of workmen have
always been, and doubtless will ton-i
tiuue to be, pas: the coinpiehei-siou of
any ordinary mortal; so it will sullice
to say tuat in the course of an hour
or two of turmoil I found myself pos?
sess? d ol a long coveted telephone.
Whon the bell rang the lirst time I
sternly curbed my wild desire to run
aud answer it with all the enthusiasm
of a child with a new toy, and waited
for my dusky maudiuaideu to attend
to this new duty; rejoicing meanwhile
in Un- fact that she had vociierously
assured me tuat ?no understood all
about it.
A few moments passed, and the
'phoue bell rung again. So I went toi
see what caused the delay in its being
answered; knowing that my new maid
Aunt Harriet must have heard it. 1
found her standing with arms akimbo,
gazing fixedly at the instrument. Be?
lote replying to my rather supertluous
?luestion as to whet?or she had hoard
the little hell ring, she raised her
hands to heaven, sighed deeply and.
with her head tilted to a most ag?
gressive anyle, pointed, dramatically to
the telephone:
"Gawd knows 1 done hear yer a
riugin' On a haggi-rnienzing all 'cept
deef folks mos' inter de grave."
"But, Aunt Harriet," 1 remonstrat?
ed, "you told me that you knew all
about answering 'phones; and it is
certainly going to ring until you do
answer it."
As if to bear out this statement, it
gave anotlHT wild peal.
"Just look at me now,"?1 thought
an illustration might help the cause,?
"1 hold this to m.e ear, so; then 1 say
'well," or 'hello,' and I can hear just;
what the other person says." "Yes.",
1 had to interpolate in reply to the
operator's question as to whether No.
475 was O. K. "It semed to be all
right." "Aunt Harriet, you just come
here and try it. It is such a nice con?
venient thing, and it will save my
having to send you on ever so many
messages. When you iinish talking
you must hang thiB up, so."
"Yas mam, 1 sees; en 1 certney sec
one fyar sight. You a talking en a
Influa1 inter a li'l black cup, en a hold
in' of ?uinpiif what looks lak de shoe
shine bottle to yo year. When 1 say J
knowed all erbout de tallygraft, twant
no sech thing lak disyer. Hit twerc on?:
of dese here yeller letters what a li'l
boy brings yer en den axes yer ter gie
him a quarter fer hit. Den when yer
gits it open, taut wuth li' cents bekase
when somebody reads hit ter yer aint
got uothin' in hit 'cept fo* or maybe
six words what yo can't mock out
what dey means 'lessen tis how some?
body is daid or else they's gwino be
a heap or cumpny ter como ou a
Folding her arms, and nodding con?
vincingly, she continued,?"Jus' as
well go 'long an kill yo chickens en
git to work cookin' soon as yer see one !
of dem boys pintin' yo way, J say; fer'
hit don't niek no diffunce whedder 'tis!
de daid or cumpny a coinin", yo is j
sho'ly gwine git everything et up 'fore
night. Miss Mary,?casting a sideways
and most engagin' glance at me,?"1
hopes you is gwine 'scuse me fum a
sayin' nuthln' inter dat thing widout
no hard feelin's agin me; for I tell yer
de Lawd's trufe I hain't no use fer
things wid wires to urn. Skeered of
urn, dat? what I is! I don't just* hard?
ly ever fix up wid hyar pins. I jus' ac'
so ole ti'mey I wrops my hyar all de
week ontwell Sunday; den, beiu' a de?
gree chief in de 'Tents of De Bloomin'
Uly.'?dats my sassiety you know,
?Miss Mary,??1 has ter put on deep
mournin' en fix up my hyar mo' dressy
like. But dem wire hyar-pins is mighty
taxin", en dey mostly gies me de haid?
ache." After a pause, with a plaintive
sigh she continued,?"Besides dat,
Honey, I knowed a 'oman once what
got streck by lightenin', on come ter
fin' out she had got on a wire bustle;
dat she had. I ain't nuver wo' one
sence, though 1 got several real good
ones ladies give me when day got i
\usl?ll. < nbb County, ?Su.
6n~m <?r <ni>i>?>-.<- rinni- ?t Bi.se
per l,0OO; Mmnliirri I'lniil? til *_.M>
p?t*r l.OOO. Applt-lrreN (Whole Kreneh
KOOts), ST..OO t?i SIO.OO per IOO. IVa, h
?rtreN s.t..M> to sio.oo per ion. Standard I
kinds. Thousand raie upon applies- i
ti?>n. No SCSle or Other ?ll.se.i
Apple Barrels
I have started a barrel factor at
Waynes boro. Va., with a daily capa?
city of 2,000 'barrels, and am in a posi?
tion to offer No. 1 and No. 2 Apple
Barrels at very low prices.
I also make Knock-Down Barrels
that any good-size boy can put up;
no cooper's tools or beater needed.
Prompt shipments made.
Waynesboro, Va.
Will improve the appear?
ance of your house and
ahfo preserve it.
W. S. Tanner
Paint Co.
kinder onstylish. Dar dey is a hangln'
up in my room lak so many bird cages
Jus' rustln' away 'count of my bein'
so suspetitious of em."
"Aunt Harriet, of course you won't
have to answer the telephone in a
thunder storm. Everybody knows that
is dangerous."
"Yas, mam, dat I knows, en I aint
a gwin0 ter run inter no sec h danger I
oeitaor. Black easa, teiiygrafts tal
i-ookiti* stoves aint mine of doui things;
gwine fin' ole Harriet nigh when it
lighten.!_' gits her?-! 1 gwine be Ig d?'
bold or de cellar, one or nurr. OOOTM
you remembers how 1 liad a cousin
once what kep' <m er cookin' en ?oolin'
wid de white folks dinm-r UfeOrs ?U)
WOfl a turbio storm ?mi de fus tiling
she knowed de Iightnin' done streck
a pot er pOTtOtOBO, an her foot got
moo* scalt oil*"
"That is too absurd Aunt Harriet,"
H replied indignantly. "If tin- Iight?
nin:; had Struck anything in that kitch?
en, your COOOla would liave been kill?
ed. The Idea! She upset the potatoes;
you know she did. Besides, what ?OI
all that to do with my telephone?"
"Yassum. '( ours?* I knows white
foiks thinks niggers ain't got no sense
'bout dem kind or things." replied Har?
riet, serenely ignoring my remark
about the telephone, "but I done seen
her foot; en hit warnt natchul fer per
tatoes, what everybody knows is good
1er but?S, ter a done hit dat-a-way.
I le,- foot des look so awful, hit like ter
mad? me sick, ?*.n nobody wouldn't a
thought of pertatoes nor mithin' else
tep eat when d<\v seen hit."
Having, during this torrent, gather?
ed courage for one more plea for the
telephone, 1 again plunged into th<
argument. "Now look here, Aunt Har?
riet, it did not do me any harm. You
saw me talk into it. Now, why in this
world should you be afraid of a tele?
phone. 1 really would not have you
ii-i anything that would hurt you, or
make you lee] badly."
"1 knows dat Miss Mary; dats what
yer tole me when 1 had de toothache
en you 'swadc en *owade me ter go fper
lef,' en my jaw aint nuvver stop junip
de tOOthpuller, en when 1 had went de
man yueked out de bes' tooth I had
in' yit."
This old grievance was too much. I
could not resist telling her, for I am
sure the seventy-fifth time, that if she
liad gone where I told her to go, and
not to a colored man she knew nothing
about, she ?ever would have gotten the
wrong tooth pulled. Honesty also
causes me to admit that 1 also told
her 1 never wished fo hear about her
old tooth again.
"1 aint gwine ter tell yer n? mo'
er bout hit neither, Miss Mary. 1
knows hit ineoks yer feel bad ter think
'bout how 1 done los' dat tooth; en
eon y ways 1 got hit now all wrop up in
silver paper in my money purse. Hit
looks mos' es big es a quarter too;
en reel purty, though I mus' say 1
missed hit some whilst 1 eats things
what is real bard. When I gits nuff
I is sho'ly gwine buy me some mo'
teeth front en back, top en bottom, es
well es both sides; en you jus' wait
ontwell den Miss Mary, 'kase I reck?
ons I kin talk in disyer strange thing
sho're 'nuff wid a mouth full er teeth.
You knows, Miss Mary, I is reely kind
er 'shamed ter mumble 'long inter dat
li'l black cup to fokes 1 aint newer
see lak I is bound ter now."
There seemed nothing to be done.
I really was so exasperated I decided
it would be a relief to get out of the
house, and perhaps pay a few visits
and do a little shopping. On my re?
turn the door was flung open with un?
wonted promptness by Aunt Harriet,
who was absolutely beaming with good
nature. "Run right erlong, Honey,
quick as yer kin, en tend ter dat li'l
foam er yourn. Hits bin er pealin' en
er ringin' mos a hundred times, 'about
a hour ago; plenty loud 'nuff to raise
ole Nicomeneezer in de Bible from the
daid!" s_n I done kep my fingers
crossed antwell I am mighty feard 1
done run de bad luck into de braid 1
bin makin' whilst I was escaping from
de counger myself.
Tratt'a Liver Pi.i> act -?- *. i* m iMstke child,
the delicate bi.-ii.it or tuil.i.i ?,,u r. ??.. sa ..cou
Ih?? \ iifuro?.? iri.-n.
Sfve ton-* and ?trenpth lo the ?cuk >?u/ni_.
bowels, K ne-, s and h'aoi.'cr.
HEW YORK. Special.?Members
of llu? Hotel Association of New
Volk, ubo hove just jumped th?*
???ist ?if living i?? i heir K acato freaa
2."? to 10 per ??*nl. by Hie installa?
tion ?m their aaeataa of die "per
person" plan, freaa Parlo, with tin*
additional "coareut** charge of io
???ins "I*. I?." for bread and but?
ter, defended their action
by coaatrostiag their ?liarg??.s with
i ui-upeaii b?telo,
Tb?- association bitterly r?-s?*iit
?*?1 llu* suggestion that Hi?* new
filan Is a <-l?-v?-rly \iork??l out
scheme, calculated to put llie eost
<?f tin- receal trait?es* ??sti-ik?*"
upon tb?> publie and tliu.s further
serve t?i insure tin* liot?*ls und
restaaraats from possible losses
through tetare traitors' strikes?a
walkout ?if Ib?' servaos; ?'r-ift be?
ing s< lu-diiied io take piece etec
tion night.
"Why, they chaise you for
breathing ?i\?-r on tin? other sid?*,"
said T. M. Milliard, of the Vnn
derbih Hotel. "lk-si?i?*s this *p?-r
person' plan is only to simplify
?nil- kit? bens.
"One ?night to travel and lind
out how reasonable prices are in
this ?ity/*
"We are simply falling in line
with l'a ris, London and Berlin,"
?ahi M?nager Oscar, ?if the Wal?
dorf, wbo admitted that lie per?
sonally bad not b?*en across llu*
At Iantic for eighteen years? "I
do know that w?- have beeu giv
ing away 1,500 pounds of butter,
30,000 rolls and MM loaves or
bread t*\?'r> day. It lia?l to slop."
Workmen Caught ruder Avalanclie of
Earth?Ilodies Recovered Hours
B I C H H 0 N D. VA.?Special.
For OTcr four hours Monday uight
workmen employ?*?! in tin* big
O-Oavation at laglilh ami tira??*
?lug frantically with picks ami
shovels in vain attempts to r<*s
?in* four ?if tb?'ir conira?lt*s wbo
bad beOU buriinl iimler the heavy
mass of earth wlibh with scant
warning bad falh-n up-.ui them.
The cave-in (x-ciirntl shortly
When S s Hering from Backache? Head?
aches and Urinary Trouble**.
They ?re Probably the true ?puree FoIIre Hellere Bones Found in Ash-pit
of your misery. To keep well you
must keep your kidneys well. Doan's i
Kidney Pills are es
Mrillly for weak ;
kidneys. E. C. Hamp?
shire, 708 K. Bram- '
bleton SL, Norfolk,
Va., says; 44i sff jred
from kidney colic. I
I h?> pain during
some attacks was so '
re that It re- ?
?lulred two Btrong !
^^^^^^^^^^ men to bold me. '
Ouly relief i received was from mor- '
phino. 1 was completely cured by
Doan's Kidney Pills."
Mr. Hampshire is only one of the
many thousands that endorse Doan's
Kidney Pills. If your back aches?
if your kidneys bother you, don't ask
* imply for a kidney remedy, as dis?
tinctly for Doan's Kidney Pills, the
8am? that Mr. Hampshire had.
60c. all stores. Poster-Mllburn Co
Buffalo, N. Y, Props. "When Your
Back Is Lame?Remember the name."
\r?- Those of Arthur \. Webster.
Still I nable to Sehr Jlysterr.
after 3 ??"clock. A number ??r ii?
gnus, wider tb?- ii.iettion of
1 oit-mail l/?-!i? Carter, wer?- work?
ing in a trench al tb?- bottom ?>i
M??- pit ?m lb?- Eighth Street skie.
Ti?? y were about thirtj reel below
lb? street lev?-!.
l'or?-inaii ?Carter heard a smi
d-ii rambling, Gaxlng up iiur.
riedly, he saw the great bank of
earth guape mied over hit* head
swaying towards him. lie shout?
ed to his men it, rim for their
ttsea ami himself dashed from
under Un* crumbling bank and
run into the ?-ciiu-r of ih?* ?\
? aval ion.
Four of tin" negro? ?-. were ap?
parently paralysed with tear.
They st????d perfect!} ?till |n their
tracks. Tb?' tWf'fi
W\SIMN<;T1>>, I?. C Special.
Was \ribiir A. Wel?-t?'r. Uu* Vir?
ginian. Jamnsed Into a ?tery rur
ii.ii ?- at ibe National Capital Drew?
ing t ?nilpan.\'*? plant In-4'??!-?*- or
nii?*r t \. M. on th?* nsutalng ?>f
September 17th?
This is the (?tiestiori now agitat?
ing the poli??-, Michael -I. Bar?
?cil. inemaii's ln-l-K-r al tin- br?'W
?r.v. told ?l?'l?*?'!iv?'s b<* l?*l't the
plat ?? at I A. >!. on tin* morning
of WilMir's ilKap(M'arnii<-e. Web?
ster, who. In- says, was at that
time crumpled Im bind the Ixoih'r,
and Lentte ?? dell, lireman, who
? omiiiii iitl suicide last Sunday.
?rere lite onl] two ?sea ??i Isba en?
gin? rotan.
Ibe humai? bOtlCB. bellev?-?! Im
jrond a doubt t?? in* thus?' of Web
-t? r. wer?' found in an ash pit in
ii-?' rear ?if tin- faraace. Th?' ?i?M?r
lo litis comparti?? nt is rar?'ly
o|x-ii?'ii. \\ hen ?i i-, th?* degree
of Ii? al drops, ?t i. Raid, and a ?liai
registers the temperatare ?>f has
lnv?-stigat ion vi-sierdiiy ?1??\?*1
uped thai Hit- dial on lb?* giant
i urna?-?* showed a decrease in the
heal letnpt retare a bo at :>::>??
o'clork ?m the morning WVbster
la-t ?raw seen nMvc. n Is admitted
that ib<* op?'iiiiig ?>f ib?- rear ?I?i??r
to jam in a bod) would posaihly
?an*-?* this condition.
Had 111?- ?loor I wen opened at I
\. >l. er 5 A. M. tin* dial would
have r?*gi-i?*i ???! a flight decrease
in tln> temperature. Consequently,
tb?* question now al Issue routers
about tb?' th?'or> that there maj
be -?.nu bo?lv ??!-?? beeide ll??* -ui
? ill?- ?n't man who might tell what
transpired in the brewer) on tb?'
night Webster vanish?'?!.
T?tere is no Indication of any
falling ol? of tb?- beat at any time
sfter 1. in fa? t. th?? ibas gained
heal alioo^i e< m -t ?? i?i 1i\ 'roiii then
line. Soon they
same sad debt
i then if they oli?
ves here they can
I her again in a
! no parting. Her
Ijnght to Mathevvs
?Tinent anfltheftin
| d at her parental
?.tor. Rev. L. J.
i ich loving hands
i y away to her
?ice ?n Pear Tree
?p until the tdad
?n. She leaves to
ielv departure, a
er and mother,
one brother, be
?f relatives and I
mmunity extends
lecially to the be?
oster is quite
'. Forrest is very
uses on here at
Mr. L. L. Smith aud family expect
to leave Ware Neck and move to Ocean
View to live iu a fe.v months.
Mrs. W. E. Carr opened lier milli?
nery department here recently with
Misses Rrady and Hibble in charge.
The hall gam? between Botetjurt
and Summerville last week resulted in
a score of 10 to 11 in favor of Botctourt.
With t h c exception of llotetourt
High School, already ojien, all schools
opened on Monday througliout Glou?
Botetourt Lodge of Masons held its
monthly meeting on FridAV with small
attendance. Matt Kcarns was made
?1 master Mason.
Messrs. R. M. Janney and L. C.
Catlett went to Richmon<1 last week.
Mr. Catlett has charge of all the
Gloucester exhibits there.
Mr. J. H. Martin has gone to Balti?
more for his Fall stock ot ghods.
expects to be joined bv Mrs
and together they will attend the Rich?
mond Fair before returning home.
Although the School ami Agricultur?
al Fair held here last week was the
.irst of its kind in the county there has
not been an adverse
Mem ? j^?.,. ?
Z2n of Middlesej
Thomas Epps at
da on Saturday
A commission
has been appoi
Mann to meet
sion from Mar
the condition o
Potomac Rivsrj
declared unfit
Government ?
placed opon th
would be a gres
oyster business
Don't ion
all kinds af J
and persons/? ? both
aaaaaaaaal AK
him ami sniotherim: bim to tb-ath.
With the sidewalk one of the
??I?*?trb' wir?? poles fell Into the
?\? avation, dragging down a iiiiin
ber of dang? i o un wir?'s. The ix>
lioe had been ssunasoaed and wer??
busy bidding back the ?rowil,
which seeased i<> be trying to
tumble into the pit. l.iiieiiu-n
froan th?? City Fie? tri? bin's offl?ce
w?*r?* Ilsen sent for. and by th?'
dim light of lanterns am! hastily
itaged-up electric lights, they
cleaned the anace of the wir?? so
that the workmen could proceed
with tb?- r?*s?-u?' work.
liu* last bod) was not found
until aiitr in ?>*? i?k k. \n exami?
nation siiowetl thai the nun bad
been dead for sometime?prob?
ably sin?-?- th?* brsi uve minutes ?if
I heir imprisonment.
No one al the time attach?*?!
any blame to (Ik- contractors in
rhawaje of the work, nor to the
foreman ?iircftiiiu the workmen.
At th?' Inqaest this nsornlng two
??f th?- ii?*?ro?'s were esnmlned.
They ?l?'?lar??I that 1 ?-ni Carter,
the foreman, bad never told them
to go into any dangerous pla? es;
that h?' would always go whci'CVOT
he sent them.
The excavation is being ?lone
by Cowherd al ?Cowherd, contmc*
tors, acting as sain oiitra?'tor> for
W. A. Clu'stcrniati. who is <<ui
tra?'t<>r lor the whole bniblimr.
which is tti be an apartment with
s?'v?-iai larse stores <>n tb?* pronnd
'liiere has been no talk of dam
am' suits at ibis early boar, but
if they ?r?' institut?'?! it is mit
thought that the? it.v will be liable.
At least that is the opinion of at
torm-vs who hav?- stii?lie?l niiiiii? i
pal liabilities in such imitlrrs.
By Vibration.
Building inspector i:eek. who ex?
amined the cave-In last night, said
that the sliding of tin- ?and may have
been starte?! by a trolley pole which
was locate?! on the sidewalk about the
middle ?>f the extent ot the lot on
Eighth Street. The vibration ?ausetl
by the heavy Broad and Main cars
going ni? and down Eighth Stiv?'t had
doubtless caused the pole to sway
when tb?1 ?-artb beneath was dug ?>ut.
Once getting a start this pole swayed
more and more every time the ?artb
was jarret! by the passing of tin- cars.
Thus it acted as a lever to start the
earth away from the embankment. As
soon as the eartii was started ami it
began tumbling into th?> cavity be?
neath tile whole shell made by the
excavation under the sidewalk was
dragged down.
It is saiti by William L> Carnea!,
Jr., of Carnea] ?"v Johnson, the archi?
tects ft>r tin- building lor the erection
of Which the excavations Were being
made, that in making the excavations
the cave-iii was a contingency which
could not have been foreseen. He
sait! that the earth was a solid bank
of clay, with no tistires. little mois?
ture, and had apparently never before
been ?luw into. The lower end of the
lot, bo said, bad been fillet! in rc
cently. but the slide at that point
was not considerable an?! certainly not
serious. Every reasonable precaution
had been taken by the contractor, W.
A. Ohesterman, who had given the
work his personal SUperiVSlOn, lie said.
CLKV?LAXD, 0.? Special ?Saiiniol
attempting to dye ins hair
criticism heard
t>>tb Mathews and
For Salk ?25
Apply. W. H.
Having no further use for the In?
fluence of the :>t?,3:>s fourth-class Re?
publican postmasters, President Taft
proceeds to put them under the civil
service.?Newport News Press.
One blight bop?- is that if the Hull
Moose passes away in November the
Harvester Trust will commit hara
Tu.? of th?- Alien gang sentenced
to the penitentiary are now engaged
in making shoes Kect-ntiy they were
engaged in making tracks.?Tide
wanr Democrat.
A contemporary
living." Living is
it is a financial
; Dispatch.
tells of th?' "art ?if
in? longer an art;
science.?Co\ Ington
With bumper crops reported in
prospect from almost all Sections this
y?-ar, T. Ii. has a Un? chance of get?
ting a bumper crop, too. when h?
liih-s with "Woody, old boy."?Dan
\ ill?- Register.
From election returns in the sena?
torial light in New Jersey, tbivornor
Wilson distinguished himself as :?.
black-Smith as well as
teacher.?Staunton Leader.
The standpatter in business life is
satisfied with the amount of t>usine**s
be ?lit! last year and will not try to
do more this year.? Petersburg In?
Perman, 111_
yellow, turned it to
XRWPORT, KY. Bpsohal. After bein?
divorced and re-married am! agraln ?11
vorepd, W. M .lames and Anna Wil
bonrnp. of Olive Hill Ky., have been
man let! a third time.
Perhaps it is fitting that the Gov?
ernment should reduce. our Kreen
backS one-third in size, since a dollar
nowadays buy? only two-thirds as
much as it formerly did.?Petersburg
?.?ov?'rnor Wilson's refusal to
nob with the political bos.
York was very discouraging to
the Taft anil Roosevelt leaders.?
toi Herald-Courier.
The Smithsonian Institution is
KoinK to apead a lot of money just to
timl out whether or not the sun is
growing ?obi. Experience with it, on
and off, tins last summer indicated
nothing of the kind.-?Petersburg Pro?
No doubt John l?. Rockefeller
quite down in the mouth over tin?
ta, t that no on?- wants any contribu?
tions from the Standard ?'?1 this
Fredericksburg star.
Carter Harrison is going to present
to the Progressive party a big bull
moose head. The original Bull Moose
his a big head already.?^Alexandria
Ever see a three-ring cIdcus? And
aren't you reminded of it when you
read the political headlines in the
paper. Then, too, there's a bull moose
m th.- menagerie, besides the elephant,
the tiger and the donkey. ? Titncs
Colonel Roosevelt says Wilson
should not be elected because be is
"Inexperienced." Many of the Presi?
dents of this country have been in?
experienced when Ihey aasunMd of?
fice, hut that isn't what's th? matter
w ith Taft.-?Herald-Courier.
Notwithstanding his denials, Mr.
Bryan continues to charge the doughty
Colonel with appropriating bis ideas
and the principles of the Democratic'
platform. Ami not only this, but be
prtnes it.?Petersburg l"i tvv;r? ss.
The fellow who devised the shape
of the fall tier by for men must have
i. Mott Street pawnbroker.?
Staunt??n Leader.
? Is a. useful member of
th.- Republican party. That
tti?- ItepubReanS us? him w!
they ?an.?Ad vate
??iivi-rnor Wllaoa Baa deasonstrated
entlal candid
without frothlns at th<- stout!
It la rumore?! that th?- Kills
this w ?at
bul time will tell whether man
.it naked trul
Alffereneea hetwe
and Teddy la thai
! and th? other tin- r
-.?.in Citizen.
wph ? i Murphy aove ea ?! I
jr.,. v irphy would
mo* h m he must atsp up
Karmvllle Herald.
,,, ,,f th< ' ' ' I ' dl
lik.- that ?if the w
:'v *TO| nil ?if hl-i
? I down stairs
The Southern people always * i * * *
flock m larsce numbel
ame: a s for "
that arporl N
? ir ,.. Wilson will be
electoral < ?olleg?
with tir-t honor TlBaea-Hersld.
Tin- ! lera Ninth <a
fall about right.?
A Maryland woman
thai ' when she
old. Lota "f ?ro?
h. ve th? ' hey sol on their ?
ington Dispatch.
? fall cloak is- now on al
Arel really It's a sight;
It makes the hobble skirt look slow
\\ ?en II <??'? a I o being tight.
Vane? . In Staunton Leader.
Xhi lo he only one sur.- j
he national Houa
Washington from ?
min? too small, and thai la
vent the membership from becoming
, . Petei sburg Progrreas.
God has quit ma kins: lan?*. but h
? init making people. Thei -? are ,
| i .000.000 people born In America
ir and : Imported to
A m< rica from foi ery ,
Y/oung rem. set a home now. I
pie are coming to ihls country!
like blackblrda to a hay stark.?Cov- j
ington Diapatch.
I We have often thought that we have
a superabundance of law. But
lung as we have these laws we will
have to abide by them. Perhaps
the shouting Of a hank inside the city
limits OH Sundaj is justifiable anil de?
sirable, but the law makes no allow
s anu bo three of our rlttseaa have
paid $5 and costs. We think, how?
ever, that iti this case the rosta with?
out the tine would hsve been ample
itlsfy the law.?South Hill Enter?
? neral Ayers, the Democratic can?
didate tor Congress In this district, has
Said that he is unalterably opposed
to the expenditure of money in his
political campaign and "would pref?-r
Mi feat to :i victory that micht come
to him through unfair means" This
is tin- expression of an honest, high
toned patriot, and should be, sad we
believe will be, endorsed end approved
by a'ihight minded cltixcna of all par?
ties, amhe ballot, iti the Ninth, as
? ?erywnere else, should be free from
suspicion. Whether or not previous
i ampalgna have b? ? n free of the cor?
rupting use of money is neither hen*
nor there, i.ot this be the beginning
of a political era In the Ninth. In this ?
regard. Vote buying and vote s?-iiing
lis disreputable, and sever fails, sooner
[or later, to bring grief sod disaster.
I Whoever wins <?r loses let it be a
[square, frank expression of the will
lof the voters, free and untrammeleO!
lor Influenced by th?* fear of punish?
ment or the hop? of reward.?Clinch
Valley Newa.
Mr. Moore desires Wi stop the hi
drain on the treasury for the main?
tenance of prisoners in jails; Highway
Comlasioner Wilson wants t.. aee th?T
rouis built; Secretary Mast?n would
like to have the men at work for their |
own good. Three departmeata are'
thus co-operating with one end In
view,?The Commonwealth.
Woodrow Wilson. In his tour
through the West, has met with most
flattering receptions. There is noth?
ing about him like the wonderful ora?
tory of Bryan to draw crowds, which
shows that it Is not mere curiosity
that ??raws th?* multitudes out to catch
a glimpse of his strong, hoi
and to shake his hand when possible.
The people everywhere are deeply im
aed with the greatness of this
mans character. Intellect and patriotic
leadership. While this campaign is
f:-.-e from spectacular plays it la
clearly evident that an overwhelming
?majority of the people of this coun?
try are firmly determined to senil
that great statesman to th.- White
House. Democrats, whoop it up
wherever you go, for you have some?
thing to whoop for all right.?Wash?
ington County Journal.
R i c H m o N D, v A.. Special.?
labsm Brldgeforth and bis wife and
four children, all from Lunenburg
nty, ?ire here i?>r treatment for pre
vention of rabies One child, aged tour
years, waa bitten sometime ago and
died last Monday nlghl from rablea. in
its dying agonlea the child lut us
mother, and she, too, la liable t?> he at
! tacked, except that shi- was treated
aooner after infection than the othera.
A ?trange ?log came to the home of
?sham and bit a small puppy, and then
lot other ?loKs. The) wer?- at mue made
secure and so?.i, .lied. The children,
suspecting nothing. played with the
puppy ami it Began to snap at then
the marks b?ing plainly visible
l>r. T. ?'. Harris was ?\ille?l and at
tended the children, and aa aoon as he
could determine the nature of the 111
iie. s he brought all hands to this cltv.
They arri\?-?l h.-r?- yesterday. Prienda
in the neighborhood made up the con
trlbutlona for the treatment of the
family, it is feared that other mem?
ber? of the family will be attacked.
They have been placed In a rented room
atol ar,- being kept under close watch.
The patients are under the can
r>r. M. B. Pergusaon, of the State
Health Department.
CONVICT 1*1.At s Ills ??m
ROLE o I- \ i lid i s ? i.ow \
In the October American Magazine!
appears a description of a gi?-at'
theatrical production given twice
year t>\ convicta In ti?<- state p.
tentlary of California. One of the ;
?age* in the article has to do with
old-time circua clown wbo has been In
prison for twenty years, nerving a life
nentence for murdering a trap?
former. The following la an extract:
"Three acr?bata loos the ?tage. One
was a clown. His joke? were i|iiai!it:
they were the sort thai th?* aawdust ring
Knew twent) > cms ago, Th<
dtd not know that circus inn
changed In the world outside; iwi
yeara represented th<- time he had been
away from it all. in bis performance
tonight he waa getting back, bach
that last night m the sawdust; the
night he gallop.-?! from the rim-r on a
donkey to confront in tin* dressing tent
th?* trapea? man who had come be?
tween him and the queen of the slack
wire. The ?>!<! clown had beer? here
ever Ince. Apparently it was good to
Into contact With hi* own world
once more Nobody told him that the
world he had found again was of the
generation that had passed; thai ?t did
not exist except In the Imagination of I
a BOOT obi man from the lit*?- tier."
Tenth Kffort nt Sul?-i?l?*.
VKW YORK. Special. Miss Emily R.
Sherman is in the City Hospital !
suffering from self - i n illet ?>d injuries in
her tenth attempt to commit aulctds.
Woman's Department
The Qofl Btsve.
to-,. s ari- i ?
that a word of caution should o
to lighting them. Never :ip
i h. match until the |
ion fuii. O thai wise the name ignites
? 1 gas la ara
; must Important not ,"
to the stove In lighting .\
back name
ipplled too quickly a
\V h er?
jworl a In Inflamm; '??:? cotton gowns or
the danger from it is great.
.\n.,tier precaution is to turn down
soon as the pot '
ontinues and the gas is
s.l ?
in many housekeeping apartments
StoV.-. SO It
hm. rs tO und? r
ts working. See that all
? unscrewed and washed
with bbing brush in h?it soda
? k. This ln
wlth i ? onsump
tlon oi
I b.
for< ind on turn?
ing on tin- | each time a p?it is
ren a few mtnul
per than .
Invest in double ?,r triple cooking
trlous dii
? .m o-- pi? pu.?! on one or tw<i burn?
ers. Where milk is to be heated or
i sauci to ?\. pt hot it is cheaper
thai i merer to place the pan
as a lid
t<- a pot in which something
|y than a
not tarn on the bur
nt the I ? in. Tins
important In cake bak
,s light? d when the
poured Into the p
ion enough, it is usu
to tut n the ha me to hall
at the end of ti?< or ? ?ght mlnu
i.r the i.ike will brown Without bak
through. I'or sponge cake do not
turn on the burner until the cake la
put In the oven, and then only half
on, turning it still further back at
the end of t? n mlnuti
Pew I'rnii'li Coats Show th?* Straight.
Loose Ha? k.
Semi-fltting effects are coming in as
th? tide and it will not be long
before the very straight, cassock-like
back lias disappeared entirely. Belts
are <*n everything, it is the ui
coat this \<ar that is beltless, snd
though th?- belt may pass ?jnly halt
round the coat, or ? VeB be but
a strap held down by buttons at front
or ba<k. it always gi\?s a
ni the fitted effect
Th?* Tugad ?>f Voile.
Voile la very much the rage, snd
nearly always- it is bordered voile.
Voile bordered with tweed is a great
success. To this may be added voile
with S tartan hem and voile with o
border Of mixed silk. Another bord- r
Is of Ottoman velvs t. and there are
voiles which have tin- strip?s or h-m
of "organ tube" velvet, the name
given to the broad ribbed patterns
which are being shown.
A ?-harming notion is carried out
when the loin of voile has a deep hem
of velvet on which is printed a con?
ventional wreath design, a yellow voile
for instance, having a white velvet >
border with colored Bora] wreaths
Its patti r. Shadowy designs are also
very pretty, and the canvas stitch
embroideries on voile ore ?tuite fasci?
nating. However it would be difficult
to exhaust the treasures which are to
be found In this one fabric alone in
bordered voiles, in plain voiles, and in
stripes, or better still in v?>ile re sale
changeante With printed or raised de?
signs of colored Rowers daintly
adorning It.
\o\citi?*s in Jewelry.
Among the little novelties in Jew?
elry that help to give an exdusiv?
and very alluring finish to the toilet
ar- the tinger rings that now serve
niiir?- than one purpose, and that pur?
pose not the usual one of adorning
th.- finger.
Th.- glittering marquise ring of
diamonds, the thumb ring with Its one
central antique jewel, the ring with
its stones arranged somewhat aft?-r
the manmr of a Maltese cross, in
short, the ring that is noticeable for
its size as well as its artist:?' setting '
of jewela ia now seen as a center dec?
oration of th.- tlat veivel bow that
finishes the blouse or as an ornament
of the equally modish bow of tulle,
black, white or blue, as may in- pre?
The ring is simply slipped' over I
bow. and practically answers th?- pur?
pose of th?- old-fashioned ti?- ring men
used t<? wear.
Coiffure ornaments that serv?> two I
purposes ar.* thus?- which can he con?
verted Into broochea and two favorite
gns are th?- bir?l encrusted with
sapphires and th?' dragon fly with iri?
descent enamel wings and a Jeweled
needs ami s?-<-ui!is.
The materials in which we may be
beautiful at afternoon receptions this
season are orep?m de Sim- br.u-hc ami
silk sponge cloth, tin- latter being pat?
terned with elaborate designs, a yel?
low silk sponge for Instance, being
flecked with black and showlag a
conventional design in bin?- and green
leaves ami flowers Then there ar?
th.- silk boucle ClOthS, Which ate ot
tamiy striking, the new moire broche
and the golden tissues, which are very
handsome and' picturesque in style.
?"rep?- de cnine is also made up in
the new broche patterns, and th.
a delightful variation upon one of
?uir favorite fabrics, silk, it goes with?
out saying, has not been bit out in
the new craz?> for brocade, and some
is all-over patterns are most ex?
actly reminiscent ?>r old-fashioned
wall pap?is. ,
lor tin- moment we ai very
few beaded ?'fleets, but such ?s the
?age for brocade and moire that
among the novelty silks there are a
few with beads in a moire or broche
pattern. At tin- same time sequlnned
gowns? cote de maille-?will be looked;
upon as distinguished if anyone has1
tio ' ourage to wear them.
I.? a ut.v Hints.
To correct the atooping that so of?
ten comes with age, practice walking
?a uh a load on the head. When shoiil
d< ?- blaues become too obtrusive stand
with the hack against the wall, sir-,
out the arms with th.- ba?-'v of th?-!
hands against th?- wall. Keep this
position for a few minutes, then i
t-r th.- unis and repeat the movement,
A dry, harsh skin needs a cold
m and almond oil. if th?- skin
?- red ami oily leave all creams alone
and first apply an astringent or a
paste of almond meal. Do not put
creams and oil?- on a skin already too
To make a iumh? shampoo boll COS
lile soap shave.l to a powder?about
two heaping tablespoonfuls?in a lit
tle water, putting in about two aalt*
spooti fu Is of washing s
Headaches are the enemies of beau?
ty. They tak<- the roses from the face,
make the ups colori?es ami drawn,
dull th?- lustre of tin* e\?s ami, w.irst ,
of all, warp the disposition so that
beaut) looks out from beneath a dark '.
cloud ratln-r than a sunny smile. At
bast three-fourths of th.- headaches
of th.- world are the result of Indi?
gestion, the tith<-r fourth the outcome
of poorly or improperly ventilated
aleeplng apartments Fresh air scat?
ters even the most severe headache
unleas it in- of the neuralgia onier of
pain. Which requires warmth and
quietude. A brisk walk in th?- open
air. coupled with ?ie<^p breathing, win
B cur<- in th.- most stubborn
fresh, ; kaa re?
'I'll'' tiny bl pat. h 1?
t of
th? Uirl ?Pit r.ur
coloring wo?
rn? n havi' i:
auch as sha mi ?< ;^s, st
hearts <>r tu
course, in mlnlal Jer
fuliy pictures?!
Mral??ht-llair?*?! <.irl->.
who would f ,- hilr
-is th?> <pii? k?'st
her command. If these are one
they are not so harmful as 1*1
but woe h.tnl.' b?>r hair aft.
mont er-hot irons!
r? natural is the wah-r
wave This . II on some hair.
while with
H i ? ? ssful. I
ure is usual! ? . oil in the hair.
The bait- is ! hrushed back
10 th?- load. It is then pushed
oui from tin forehead with a comb
for about ai l in place
with small hairpins. Tins is rep?
until th?- entire i. Th.-n
Mi ot' the hair is combed
up and again pinn? ?1 in place, the
process being repeated until the entire
load is covered with of little
rid ires.
Some <'urr?-nt Vote?.
..t vests an- having ? :. so
r and rutT s.
Perfectly simple tailored jacketa
with pla Ited skir' en.
Leather collars and cuffs are eom
iti, of whit?- or colors, finished
with wee straps and pearl tin?
Sonn of the h.-av
th?- new whit?- satin gowns are edited
with ermine and v?-iled with chifton.
A popular trimmii ? is the
double row ?.: tiny crocheted buttons
down one side . ?wn'fl front,
e n h pur }oin?ed with matching cord
Some of the new dark tailored suits
for autumn ;in- livened up by collars
and cuffs in burnt orange, tan. screen,
rose, blue and other tonen
The p?ist ilion is the new shape for
the fall hat
Though the Amazon, which Fnmp
what resembles the modified ?lerby,
will !>.? popular as well.
While a few draped turbans will be
the mushroom has not been ftir
Altogether the fall hat will be small
with a rolling brim.
Th.- hat of medium size has its suc
sured this season. Large bats
may still be worn f??r ceremonial oc?
casions bul for all practical purposes
there will l.nly the toque and the
small brimme?! hat with a tendency
toward postilion forms.
Umbrella handles covered all over
with tiny beads are to be seen among
th- newest trink?-ts.
Among the new hairs one sees those
of Ottoman shot silk in many varieties
of shape with monograms in dull K<"dd
or brilliants Which are sold separate?
ly to pin upon the silk.
itiix* Tomato Kelish.
Chop four ?piarts ripe tomatoes line
an?! drain off the liquid. Seed and
s. aid three ripe green peppers. Cut
one bunch ?>f celery in small pieces.
Mix th?s.- Ingredients together end add
a cupful of grated borsera?lish. half a
cup of whit" mustard seed and three
pints cider vinegar. Salt to taste. Mix
well and fill airtight cans to the brim
with it. Seal and keep in a cool place.
l"n?am Scimrs.
Sift one and one-half cupfuls flour
into a basin, ao'd one teasnoonful iiak
Ing powder, one teaepoonful sugar,
rut? in on?' tabtespoonful butter, pinch
- :lt and enough cream to make
into sof? dough. Divide it into two
pi.?? s. Roll out thin sad round, then
divide into eight pieces. Hake on a
warm griddle turning once.
t ocoajint Oakea.
Into two cupfuls COCOanut stir onc
and one-half cupfuls sugar, one-half
cupful cream and 1.eaten whites of
two eii.Lrs. Mix thoroughly and drop
cocoanut mixture from a spoon on to
buttered paper, bake in moderate
oven. Sift powdered silgar over mac?
aroons while still warm.
Potato and <*b?*e*-?* Scallop.
A scallop of potatoes a Itb Parmesan
makes an excellent luncheon
or supper dish. Cover the bottom of
a buttered pudding dish with cold
?11? ? .1 boile?! potatoes, salt and pep?
per, add a little cream sauce and then
a liberal scattering of the i h?ese. Add
another layer of potatoes and sauce
and a second ??f cheese for the top.
I'uviT with hits of butter and bake.
Tomatoes s;nlT?*d With Green C??rn.
Tomatoes stuffed with ?roen corn
are among the tasty entrees of this
season. ?'nt the kernels from two or
three ears and mix them with the pulp
taken from the Inside of the tomatoes.
Season with salt and pepper and a
little butter, till the tomato shells and
put back the slice taken from the top
of the tomato. Turn a little hot wa?
ter into a shallow baking pan and
hake until the tomatoes are tender?
about fifteen minutes.
Eggs Raked in Tomato? ?
Select ri'iiud, smooth tomatoes an?:
wash, but <io not peel. Put a thin
slice from the top of each and' scoop.
out enough pulp to leave a space large
Igh to hold an egg. Season thes?v
little nests with salt and pepper, and
carefully break an egg in each, ?'over
the bottom of a shallow pan with
hot water, olive o?l or bacon tat, put
th?* tomatoes in it. and bake, covered
about fifteen ininut? s. Season witl
butter and serve on toast
( ourtiliK llllntlnex.H
is what you are doing when yon ne
ling, watery, bloodshot,
~.>!e eyes. Leonardl'g Golden By? ix>
tlon cur? eye diuense.
Cools, heals and strengthens.
"Leonardi's" It makes gtrong -
inteed ?>r money refunded
Drugglata sell it at 19 cts. or forward?
ed prepaid on re? by s ?
Leonard! & to., Tampa.

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