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? 1.00 t?IR y C?H IN AOVA.NO c
.Obituaries of 100 words printed free
?or subscribers. Over 1(H) w?.n?'s, rive
fMh?M per line
Advert?sment. Job and news copy
repar.ed on request.
Forms close Wednesday 10 a. m.
OvEK-coNriDi:NCE is a very pe?
culiar and likewise a very dan?
gerous disease, and it is greatly
to he feared that the Democratic
Party is sufferin?: from a severe
attack of this inaiady right now.
Of coarse we are al! sure that
Wilson and Marsh?l! will be elect?
ed provided that thev have the
solid and enthusiastic support,
both moral and financial, of the
Democratic Party. This must he
given or else we may wake up to
the realization of unpleasant
dre?ims on November 6.
Treasurer, Henry Morganthau,
of the National Committee states
that so far only $-0,8.750 has been
contributed and that ?t least
$75f\ooo more will be needed to
carry through the campaign. On
ut 17,116 persons have thus
far contributed whereas 6.405.
5*^5 voted the Democratic ticket
four years ago.
Surely we appreciate the mo?
tive of our candidate in refusing
the contributions of the great
Wall Street ; Corporations and
honor him i.-r it. We oan best
show th's bv proving our faith bv
deeds an?! contributing to the
campaign /und right now. Don't
put it
THB Journal has on hand hand?
some lithographed receipts which
?will be given or mailed to all con
tr'aitors of ihe Democratic Cam?
paign Fund.
These rarrjpts will make valua?
ble souvet?.?- being ' handsomely
embossed at. 1 having upon them
pictures ot Wilson and Marshall
d in your contributio.": as ur?
ged in the apoeal below at once.
Do you want a President of the
United Slates who will be obli?
gated to no other interest than
tint ?f the people, and who will
? place the welfare of the country
before that ot the exploiters?
If you do, you should lrc-ely
Contribute your share toward the
success of Woodrow Wilson ?who
is depending on you and not up?
on your enemies to finance the
canse he represents?which is
your cause'.
Cut out the coupon below and
nu?l w?h your contribution to
Editor Mathews Journal.
Editor Mathews Journal:
As a believer in the progressive
ideals of government iepre?ented in the
candidacy of Wood row Wilson for
President of the United States and to
ihe end that he may take the office
iree-?lauded, untrainmele?! and obli?
gated to none but ?he Deople of the
poontrr I wish to contribute through
you t - be forwarded to Governor Wil?
son the sum of $. toward
the expenses of his campaign.
Address. .,.
The management of the South
side Agricultural Association is
making every effort to have a
good Fair this year and we trust
that the public will show appre?
ciation pi this attitude by attend?
ing in large number. With at?
tractive speakers on Fraternal
Farmers and Educational Day,
base ball games eacj) day and
gocd racing everyone will find
.something to entertajn them.
We trust also that the faimers
and hdies will bring out a nice
line of exhibit'. Premium lists
can be gotten fiom E. M. Blake,
Mrs. F. Theo. Miiler or The
Journal Office.
The Journal congratulates the
(armeis of Gloucester up/>n the
splendid showing made at their
Fair on October ist. and also
amends the school authorities,
patrons and especially the child:
jen for the jnjerest and fine show
? ig made at %Ue School .l'air the
ceding dav. .May they have
m ."nore even ci eater.
i; ?f pnasin** sitante how sioall ;
re to please will more than j
?teQ^f/b?lance large favors con-j
(erred, securing cn? the dislike
rather than the gratitude of the
favored one. Fvan a dug is grate?
ful to his benefact' is. but then ?
dog is rather a decent ar.imal
(tapaigfl Cimtrilmtions.
The Journal will rtc ivj and
lemit cont. .Initions to the Demo
I cratic Campaign Fund, Amount
receive?! thus lat :
Maihcws Journal.$2.50
Percival Hicks.t.oo
Gilbert Digs?s. t.oo
G. E. T. Lane.i oo
V. V. Shipley.i.oo
N. E. Mi'ler. 2.so
John F. Hudgins.1.00
R. L. McCreadv.1.00
W. H. Y. Hhdgioi.1.00
Sands Smith Sr.2.50
W. B. Smith. 2. so
Total $17.^0
EditoroftheMathkyvs Journal,
Sir:?I was very much pleased
to see in a recent issue letters
from others in inference to the
bad comlition of our roads. It is
an encouraging sign to see our
people becoming aroused to the
importance of good road45, and 1
hope others will express themsel?
ves through > our valuable Jour?
I was particularly oleased to
read "New ComerV article m
reference t o being kept from
church on account of the bad con?
dition of the roads in Winter and
Summer, and if I mistake not,
"Ndv Comer" does not live in
the Chesapeake District. 1 have
also been kept from church boih
Winter and Summer rather than
face the bad conhlion of our
roads. And what about our
school children? I saw them last
Winter day after day going to
and from school with mud to the
toes of their shoes, and in many
places in the West ville District
picking their way on little knoll?
Iront winch a slip would have
landed them hal( way to their
knees in mud. I have heard it
said that roads that were gcod
enouch for our fathers should be
good enouuh for us; but this is an
age of wonderful impiovements
and advancement and our roads
should be improved as elsewhere
to m?et the changed conditions.
I. however, do not admit that our
roads are as good as thev were in
mv father's day, for in his day
the ditches were deep an?l kept
open to carry the water off; an
absolute essential to good roads.
I remember well, as a boy. when
there were deep ditches in front
cf Captain Kirwan's and then the
road was good.
There are probably une hun?
dred people here who want, to
sell?\y ant to go elsewhere.
Many of them have asked me to
find a purchaser. Home seekers
come here every week to look at
our property. Thev find a de?
lightful climate, a kind soil, love?
ly homes and a hospitable peo?
ple. Do they buy? Not often.
They are not willing to live in a
community that will put up with
such roads.
The Hon G. W Koiner at a
recent Farmers' institute meeting
here said that we did not know
the value of our lands, that they
%vill shortly be worth $250.00 an
acre. Some of our new comer"
say ihe same. Will they sell for
that now? Not much. Who will
pay a fair price for any property
however valuable when ha wou'd
be dootned to drive over such
roads? The mam county road
from New Point to U,e Glouces?
ter line via the Battery i> in a
wretched condition. Our side?
and intersecting roads are fair
and yet the main county road
thit ninety per cent, of the peo?
ple use, from one end to the
other, is a disgrace to the county.
Williams Wharf is the main en?
trance and gateway and "Bar
side" is the last exit. Had we a
decent road one could come to
the county, spi-nd four or five
hours and return the same ?ay,
?.r the people of the county could
drive to ''Bay-side" and leave at
three p. m. instead of spending a
long and tiresome day on the
steamer. I would suggest t o
those who have farms to sell that
they petition the BoarcJ tf Super?
visors f r a motor boat that may
be us_d to take prospective pur?
chasers by water
On behalf of ihe Board of Director?
ami stockholder? of the Southsi<l_ Ag
Agi ?cultural Association I write this
letter and ask that the ?rood people of
Mathews ?nd adjoining counties may
carefully consider and show their ap?
preciation of the work being done bv
CO?lln.! oat and making our?your?
Fair on October 16, 17, and 18, a suc?
cess. I know some people go to the
Fair for one purpose ami some go for
another; our program for each day
will be so arraaHOd as to please, sat?
isfy and gratify e\ery cne. The Rood
ladies shot-id have a large exhibit of
f'.ncy work; the lady house keeper
should hrlaa* her cake, pickle, preser
. etc; the fanner should bring his
corn and every product raised on the
farm; the mechanic should exhibit,
showing his work; the oyster planter
and dealer should have samples of his
business; the owners of stock, such as
horses, cows, fowls, sheep, hogs, etc.,
should be on the grounds and exhibit
same. In short, let us have a l?rice
exhibit and may there be a pleasent
rivalry amor?; the ?xhibitors. and may
we feel prouil of Mathews and Tide?
water. Our program for each day
will be as follows: To 12:30 r. if.
each day, full opportunity to be given
to all to see the various attractions; sec
the exhibits ar.tl meet friemls. After
12:30 each day, trotting" of horses,
will be conducted on the very high?
est scale ami will be exceedingly fine.
Now, every one can come and go al
will ;we wish to accommodate every?
body. This is the Fair, for *he peo?
ple and ?of?cers of the Association arc
doing what they can to make it at?
tractive to all. I hops "Fraternity"
day, Oct. lb, the "Farmers" day,Oct.
17. and the "Educatioual" day, Oct.
18, may prove attractive. These days
h.ive been set apart, especially, foi
the above named purposes and it re
mains now for the friends to come anc
make these davs novel and attractive.
Spt-cial provisions are made to have
?roo?! ortler on the grounds; we wil
have it. We aak anyone on the grounds
to report at once any disturbance oi
anything wrong in any way lo th<
clhcers of the Association or to Johr
E. Miller, Sheriff, or his deputies anc
prompt action will be taken to corree
the wrong or suppress disturbances.
The Fairs in the past have iKjpn i
success and the Association appo/^iat
ts highly the patronage and encour
agement shown by the good people
To be president of the Associatiai
is new to me and with deep regret oi
my part, Percival Hicks Esq. resign
ad as president, and I was selected,
against my will, to be his successor
I come to the performance of the dutie:
of Preoldeat with much trepidation
but I will uo my very best with th?
knowledge of having with me a goot
and efficient secretary and board o
directors, and the belief that a gener
ous public will be kind enough to over
look imperfections and if blunders an
made (as there will be), pass them rj
as errors of heart. The Board of Di
rectors, the Secretary and the Presi
dent will give their efforts to have thi
Fair a success. Come and see!
Pr?s. S. S. A. A.
mwmw -?? ????% gw^i ?-?????ai g w.?g?'?*wi ? *?? ?W ?\ilV. ?\n>\. .V^. V?, ?1 "?a? ?V tlSwX I
ffi Announcement! ??
We wish to announce our Millinery open?
ing under a management that will in?
spire confidence. ?X Mrs. Enos and
Miss Dyson, who so successfully conduct?
ed this department last year, will this year
make a more determined effort to please.
C We invite your presence on the 3rd, 4th,
5th, and 6th of October, as during these
days these ladies will entertain their friends
and impart all the new ideas in Millinery
and Suits for the coming season. 4X Do
not fail to come as every customer during
these lour days will receive a valuable sou?
venir free of cost. <L Come as a caller, if
not a customer, for this occasion.
Marchante Department Store.
Mathews C. II. - Virginia.
We will continue a great Shoe and Remnant Sale
for weeks yet.
... ..?,.?...?I- .,.-... -^ ? .
Reaatov oa.itrman *,ai?l ron
rcrnlag Wilson's sta Isaac at;
"1 am heartily in l*a\?ir of his
Stund, and -ball ?I?? all in my
powi-r t?> make tbi> coii\?'iiti?>ii B
tree ami ? pen on??."
Chartes V. Murphy, Tammany
lea?I?'i'. when t??bl of th?> Wilson
< halleii^e. snort?'?!, then snapped:
"Nothing t<> say."
Consrirssinan William Sulser,
1th? Piuai'tsslve testder. Bald:
The ProsTTsslve ?h*m?*nt in
lh?' Di-mili ratie pi'r.t.v of this
Slat?- will n-e every effort t<? inak?*
tiiis a t?iiiviiition afl in?' people
I and not of par? y bu?es."
Hui there i- a m'iieral f?'<*liii?
that lb?- man who will be nomi
iiat?"?l for lb?- irov?rn??rsliip is the
*j man "who will In* < hosen by Mur
? I?>'>
"Th?> plat form that the ?*on
t ?nation will a?i?ipt srHI in? ?ii?-tat?*?l
?V | by Murphy." the imlithians say.
? "Ami so it will b?* with the iiomi
nation of the State thk<*t ami the
: s?'l?*< tion of ?'hairnien, U'iiipor?iry
ainl permanent."
Despite the fa? t that the ?hie?
males to the convention w?>r?*
?'b'?le?I by ?lir?*<t voto of the
people, Instead <>f ehos?'n by ooasv
tv < iiiniiiitte?s as in ftirm?*r y?*ars,
and the fa? t that a dozen anli
Tamiiiaiiy fail ions will unit?' in
an effort to ? rush Tammany, Mur?
phy and his siipportiTs are de
rltsred io 1 ??* in a p?isition wh?*r?'
th?'v ean fget just what they want.
Murphy has not under his ini
iiieibat?- ?oiitrol a suflhieni iiuni
l her of deteaat?es t?> "put thiinr*
t, a? r?>s>." iiiiaid?*?!. but lie lias
t enough to block any move that is
E> ??bjet tionable to him. and with
?V * i u ? - t .i.?i? h" 'je> ' - v - tli**
Borne weeks oso a young von
w;is found ?had BOOT BOB Air. Th
she had been brutally murdered w*
apparent. The mystery bas never bee
solved, it can now b?- completely an
expedltiously solved, however, it on'
remains for an officer to dig up th
body and s?-r\ ?- a warrant upon
charging that the aroman "unlawfnll
and feloniously being in her rigr
mind." did crash her own skull, ct
her own throat, mutilate her own fa?
and leave her own body abandone
in the woods.
NEW YORK.? Special.? An o
man, bent and feeble, approached Pi
trolman Black, of the Bast Twent*
second Street Station, at T>oxingtc
Avenu?* and Twenty-third Stree :
Thursday afternoon and said:
?"Have you seen my collie dog?
have lost him."
Th? man was asked his name at
residence. He replied:
"Really I can't remember anythii
except that I have lost my collie QO
If you can find him maytie everythii
will come back."
At Bolleras Hospital "John M. O
cott, Yonkers, N. Y.," was found
the old man's hat, anil he was ide:
tilied as the J. M. Oleott who left hj
home?, 53 Leighton Avenue. Yonkei
Wednesday afternoon, for a walk wl
his collie dog. When he did' not r
turn Wednesday night, his son-l
law, Harris Anderson, secretary of t
Title (Guarantee and Trust Compai
with whom he lived, asked that a ge
eral alarm be sent out for him.
Mr. Olcott, who Is eighty years o
is believed to have walkoa' from Yr
?' *"s to New York without food fr?
On Wednesday evening:, Octo?
ber 2, at 8 o'clock, Salem church
was the scene of a beautiful rain?
bow weddin?. 1 he contracting:
parties being Miss Louise Sadler
and Mr. Bennett Haynes. The
church was decorated with ever?
greens and wild flowers, us be?
fore the bridal Darty entered,
Mrs. Janie Diggs sane "O Prom?
ise Me," after which the sweet
strains of Lohengrin's wedding
march was played by Miss Rose
Morgan. The bride entered lean?
ing o.i the arm of her father by
whom she was given in marriage.
She was attired in white satin,
trimmed with duchess lace and
her tulle veil was caught up with
white ros^-buds, an?*! she carried
a shower bouquet of brides roses.
The groom wore conventional
black and gray gloves. The maid
of honcr was Miss Butts Sadler,
sister of the bride, who was attir?
ed in pink satin, draped in chiffon
and carried pink roses. 1 he best
man was Mr. Reuben Pierce,
cousin of the groom. The bri _e's
maids were: Miss Norma Brooks,
attired in green silk; Miss Eula
Sadler, attired in blue marguis
elte. trimmed with bujle; Miss
Mae Morgan, attired in lavendar
silk, trimmed wi-'h Irisfi lace;Miss
Edith Brewington, attired in yel?
low satin, draped with chiffon,
each carrying a shower hoquet of
ferns. The ushers were: Messrs.
Mac Pierce, Oscar Pierce. Fred
Forrest and Granville Hudgins.
All wore conventional black and
gray gloves. Rev. L. |. Phaup
After the ceremony a reception
was given at the home of the
bride. The bride is the attrac?
tive and popular daiiaiht^r of Mr.
and Mr?. John If. Sadler of Mil
ford liaven, while the gro^m is a
very popular yoqng man of Gloy
cester, They received m a n v
handsome presents.
They left the next morning for
a trip through the South aud will
be at home after October 16th.
The bride's going-away-dress
was a blue traveling suit with hat
and gloves to match.
Mr. Lewis Carter Harrison and
Miss Ellen Harrsion Robertson,
daughter of Mrs. Powhatan Rob?
ertson', of "Woodstock." Math?
ews county, Virginia, were mar?
ried at St. Paul's church in Lan?
caster, N. H., on October 3rd.
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison will be
at home in East Aurora, N. Y..
after November ist. The groom
has charge of the Episcopal
Church at thit place. The bride
is well known and pupular in
Miss Bessie Temple Gwathmey,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred
Brook Gwathmey, of King and Queen
county, and Mr. Frank Woolfolk Scott
were married on last Saturday eve?
ning at 8 o'clock in Zoar Baptist
church, Middlesex. The ceremony was
performed by Rev.Harry L.Corr in the
presence of a distinguished gathering
of relatives and friends.
After the ceremony the guests were
entertained at a beautiful reception
given at "Cedardale," the country es?
tate of the bride's brother.
The wedding is one of the most im
porta" t nuptial events of the early Fall
season, and the ceremony atthechurch
and the reception following were very
brilliant and notable functions. Both
Mr. and Mrs. Scott are prominently
related throughout Virginia, and the
groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. F
W. Scott.
After a trip through Florida and
Cuba they tvill reside in Hutticr. Ark.
Mr. Gilbert Diggs. the young
orator of Lower Mathews, will
speak in behalf of the National
Democratic Ticket at the follow?
ing places:
Penny. Saturday, Sept, 28. 8
p. m*. Peary. Tuesday, Oct. ist, 8
p. m; R. C. Brooks' store, Satur?
day. Oct. 5th, 8 p. m; New Point
Tuesday. Oct. 8. 8 p. m; Cobbs
Creek. Thursday. Oct. 10, 8 p.m.
J. K.Brooks' store, Laban.Thnrs
day, Oct. 31,8 p. m.
on the 24th day of September, 1912.
Mary Ellen Smith, Plaintiff, I
against >
Apostle James Smith, D?tendant. )
The object of this suit is to secure a
divorce for the plaintiff, Mary Ellen
Smith, from defendant. Apostle James
Smith, from the bonds of matrimony,
A Vinculo Matrimonii.
And an affidavit havinr been made
and _kd that the defendant, Aportle
James Smith, not a resident of the
State of Virginia, it is ordered that he
do appear here within fifteen days af?
ter due publication hereof, and do what
may be necessary to protect his inter?
est in this suit. And it is further or?
dered that a copy hereof be published
once a week for four \-eeks in the
Mathews Journal, a newspaper pub?
lished in the County of Mathews, and
that a copy be posted at the front door
of the court-house of this county on the
7th day of October, 1912, that being
the next succeeding rule day after this
order was entered.
A copy?Teste:
R. L. McCready p. q.
Sands Smith. Clerk.
Will practice in Mathews, and
adjorining Counties. Phone
Smith's ofjfice Glouceser,
and Commissioner of Deeds for
Mathews County. Va. Bills of
Sale written for vessels from ?o
tens down. Your patronage is |
respectfully solicited. Address
Mobjack, Va.
Mathews C. H. Va.
Notary Public and J. P.
Would go to any part of the
county or elsewhere, to attend
to any business in his line. ok
I have established a grist mill
at Catch Penny, near Blakes, and
will, on Tuesday of each week,
grind corn for any one so desir?
ing. Meal always or. hand at the
prevailing prices.
Dr. J. W, D. HAYNES.
July i8-6m!
Fresh FruJts at Bassets.
Made To * *
Order * * * *
^* h at feeling of being dressed a liitle better
vU than the average?of wearing clothes that
are personally adapted and exclusively yours?
can alone be had in Man-Tailored-to-Order
Wear clothes that are made strictly according
to the way vou want them and fitted to your
own individual measurements.
But don't try to take your own measurements
and send away out of town for your purchases.
Measure taking is a science, and unless excep?
tionally carefully handled often results in misfits.
Let US take your measurements. We are
experts and make garments that fit. And what's
more we're light here at home to do it for you.
Ladies' And Gent's Tailoring
Mathows, - Va
Beginning September 27th, and lasting for two weeks.
You Can Depend On a
Marine Engine
It's built purposely for your work.
It supplies sure, abundant and eco?
nomical power for
Fishing Boats
Coasting Vessels
It's a man-size engine in every respect. Lar^c Bearings?you
can remove and renew every oac. Every part extra strong and acceaibit.
Cannot Back-Fine?Easy Starting.
Water cannot pet into cylinder.
Ko gaskets on igniter.
You can put the lubricating oil in
the fuel-tank-?no chance of heated
bearings, if you get ?careless.
Easy On Fuel -Tank
Absolutely Guaranteed
We are building this great
two-cycleType "K" En?
gine in 1 and 2-cylinder
sizes. For full description
of this and other tvpes in sizes from 3 J4
to24 H.P. write for Catalog No.AXim
Fairbanks, Morse & Go.
19 Governor Street Richmond, Virginia
StMllat ??tt m f astea*. Pram?, Site txfeat. ElMtrtt 1%*? Huh, Slatalflt, F?*? trials*
Equipped with a 10 H. P. Double Cylin J3
Steam Engine and capable of drawing OJt
any boat ?o? not more than 100 ten Lorthen.
We are now ready for business. A full
force of Carpenters, Painters, Riggers, Ma?
chinists, Etc., always on hand prepared tc
do any necessary work. Commodins Wharf
and large anchorage room with good harj
MILTON MURRAY, Prop. Williams Wharf. Va.
If you will deal here, you wilt
find a tremendous assortment to
select from, so that it is always
possible to select something new
and novel. It is arso well to know
Oui reputation a s reliable
Jewelers i*> ihe result of long
years constant endeavor to giv?*
every customer a square deal.
Do not purchase any jewelery
until yqu'v-? given me an opnor
unity to Quote prices.
8ai-T!M?*i?i tyie.
stfSS^Jor Contmencial
P |md pleasure boato
rouit CYKkS
Marine Engine?
Sixteen different met
to meet requirement? in almost
any type of boat. Improved
design's) that combine power,
efficiency and reliability to the
greatest decree. Interchange?
able parts. Guaranteed in con?
struction, and ability to exceed
their rated horse power.
The hi*hest quality at
nocMsTato price*
TU '?aiobo? ? ?n.1* 'E?yrtone Globe**
Imr roved Marine Engine? are built by
Pennsylvania Iron Work? Co?
Local Dealer??

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