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RICHMOND, VA., Special.?
Lett ara received this morning
bjf Democratic Stau* Clmin.ian
Klljn**? from lalward It. Tuni
^^hull, Jr., <*t?ini**?*l tor Coiigrcssniaii
^Robert, Tiirnbull, plainly Indi?
cate a purpose on the part or the
latter to appeal trout the decision
of tho Fourth District committee,
which ?wartlol tin* certificate ror
tho consros_Aorjal nomination to
?ludae^^^HHfAT Watson.
t they dV? ">>t specify in tkv
tail ili?* ??Ian- <?' ilu* contestant?)
B?>r can ihe> !>?* accepted In tln*ir
?tentent form as notice ??r contest.
["hey might r..lli?*r Ik* ?lcserlbed as
requests r?>r Inforinatlon as to the
?_r*thodo ?>r Moced?m.
I riden11> ilit? Tiirnbull faction.
Ilk?* pr?*ity much o wry body ?Is?*.
Is In Ilu* dark as to Hi?* c\u?"t
meaning ot tin? oo?*cnlled Byid
primary law and the extent Of 1?0
posma it ?."?infers apon tin* Mats
In an effort to a?-??'l?*rati* mat
t?*rs as imikIi a- |m>?^il-l**. >ir. l-'Hy
?on, immediately after trecefvtag
tin* ?-?>mmiini<*alion from 1 aw>?*r
Turnbull. wired him at Inni'+TTaS
vill?? as follows:
??Your i?*tt?*r received, if yen
win ix? ready ami desirre it. I will
?mil meeting of State commlttsse
r?>r m-xt Tntodoj nighI In iti?ii
moiiti to hear appeal of Hon.
Robert Turnhiill. Answer quick
at my expense.**
1'p l<> noon n?> reply lia?l been
?received nor ?rao MM expected un?
til llu> ut'tern??on.
Lawyev Tunihuii addressed two
CtliniiiilroiloTi t?? Uk* State
chairman. On?*, si<*;ru*d by Mr.
TornbuU as imaisswl. was marked
??|??*rs?>iial." an?l henorj Mr. Klly
OOO ?lo?*s not i?*?*l at liberty to
give it to tin* neerapapen, lie is
w illiii;;. however, to let reporters
s???* il, siiKx- it iH*rtalns to party
affairs ami was signed by tlio
writer in bis cai*a?*ity as counsel.
Tliis letter brUlly s?*ts f?*rth tbo
fact that C?mgrcssnian Tiirnbull
e.\|H*ets to lile nis notl?*e of ?"?m
test with the Fourth District com
mitt?*?' tomorrow. It thi'ii iisks
whether or not the St-at?* commit?
tee will demand an inspection of
tin- ballots and poll books?a
rather neat question whose answer
may not be readily ascertained
from a reading of the statute.
Tho second letter is as follows:
October _?1.
l>?*ar Mr. Kllyson,?\o doubt
you have seen The Journal of
yesterday and the Richmond Vir?
ginian of today. I beg to eall
your attention to the fact that
eart?fas rulliurs Of the Distriet
Committee were appealed from,
and we were informed that a
copy of the minutes would at
once be forwarded to you and*
that yon would call the commit
t?*e together at once for the pur
|k>m? of passing ii|*on the qncs
lions raised. Now the Virginian
states that you say you will "call
the committ<*e as soon as con?
test is noted." Now will you be
kind enough to writ?* me fully
by return mail your views on
calling the eommittee and what
rule? ami regulations govern a
contest?tn oth?*r words, what
modes have Iieen prescribed by
the ??onimitt?*?* for contest? and
In what manner.
Surely th?* ??onmilttee must
have performed this tluty in some
way. but It seems from th?
papers that the matter Is in the
air and that no persons in au?
thority and who ought to know
have been able to throw any
light on this onhjeet of contest
or matters of appeal from th?*
Distriet Committee to the State
?Conunittee. Now 1 am asking
this information as a fellow
Democrat, not in behalf of any
person. I want Information, and
you are the proper person to give
it to me. as you arc In possession
of all the matters itertainlng to
the conduct of nrlmarics. appeals
and contests. You have always
been extremely kind In giving me
the desired information, and I
will more than thank you for a
prompt reply to this letter.
Your fri?*nd,
Chairman Ellyson. as yet. has re?
ceived no minutes of the Fourth Dis?
trict meeting, which was held last
Monday night. His Information as
to that gathering is still what might
be called' unofficial.
As soon as the State chairman re?
ceives from Lawyer Turnbull a reply
to the telegram sent to Lawrencevllle
this morning, he will write him at
some length. Of course, however, Mr.
Ellyson cannot anticipate the com?
mittee's action or venture to predict
what will be the attitude of his as?
sociates as to the more ooubtful points
of the new law. But he will gladly
furnish Mr. Turnbull all the official
information at hand and do what he
can to facilitate the Congressman's
lawyers in their work.
Mr. Ellyson thinks Tuesday night
would be an excellent time for the
State committee meeting, as the fair
will then bo in progress and the city
will be o'oubly attractive to out-of
town people.
It may bo deduced from Lawyer
Turnbull's letter that his client will
desire the State committee to recount
the ballots cast In the primary of Sep?
tember 2l8t and compare them with
the poll books used by tho precinct
Some maintain, however, that the
committee will have no authority to
grant this request. Chairman Ellyson
does not venture an opinion on the
Not Only Against the Law, but
Participants Would Be Held
Up to Ridicule?He Pays
His Respects to
SEW YORK. SpeciaL?The Sun
Friday printed a story say
ing tnat John Armstrong Chal
oner expects to challenge Henry
Wotterpon, editor of the Louis?
ville Courier-Journal, and also
prints a dispatch from Louisville
saying that Colonel Wattcrson
will not challenge.
Subsequently a telegram came
to Richmond saying that Colonel
Watterson had challenged Mr.
Chaloner, and adding that a man
was due m Riefemond Friday bear
log the challenge.
John Armstrong Chaloner, who
Is in Richmond, was informed of
the reported challenge ami asked
for a statement. Complying, he
?Ik-tat?*?! the following, announc?
ing that he would accept no chal?
lenge and giving his reasons:
"I un devilish glad of it, be?
cause it proves tliat I was not pre?
mature in taking the extraordi?
nary precaution I did in a news?
paper statement that I made last
night, saying that I would not
fight a duel, because it is against
the law and Is regarded as ri?
diculous In this country. I also
said that I would not enter into
any private arrangements with
any editor who had attacked me
in print for a personal armed! en
Vi) reason tor giving ont a
mwuifat la.s< night to the areas
??vas not so unac*. uecaese 1 object
to ?bel?g shot at as becaeac, as a
- lawyer with an cctate valued a?
tt.?soe.ooo in h?lanos in N
York, 1 wouldn't do anything to
jcopanllie my standing before
th?? courts.
?"Tin* time lias come wIumi I
will no longer submit In ?diem??
t?i editorial lii-ults. I bave been
iiv,-? I as a chopping block by
nesrspapecs for twenty-five year?
to till up ?-pac?? at somebody ?'I
expense and also at the ex pease
of th? truth. In the future I
shall employ the same weapons
in replying to ??tutorial attacks as
bave ticen used against me."
44If newsiiaper ?aflatara d?> not
wisJi to feel tl?e edge of my pen
Irt ib??iii leave me alone. That
Is all I ask. I d?> not desire to in?
used any lon-zcr as a chopping
block h ml 1 shall chop back at
any editor who chops at me. l'air
exctaaasa is no robb?*rv.
'?The ape?? of tlu??lling is past In
this country. In Germany, for
instance, it Is a serious thing.
Frankly speaking, I wish duelling
\v??rc in vogue in America uiulcr
I he same restrictions that ?jo\?th
duelling in the (?crnian army?
that Is to say. that before a chal?
lenge to a duel can be accept?*d
a military ?court, must examine
the case and decide as to its
mes Ha, and whether or not the
challenger has a just ?cause. If
n??t. they <lo not allow the ?luel
to take pla?*c. If, on the ?>th?*r
hand, the challenger has a just
canne, tin* dad must take plat*?*
or th?* challenged party is tlls
misscd from th?* army in disgrace.
I am highly in favor of such a
system as obtains in the German
army to<lay.
"But since no such code exists
in this country I w?>ul?l be mak?
ing myself ridiculous, as w?*ll as
laying mys?*lf open to arrest by
the authorlti??s If I accepted a
chnll?*ngc. In my statement t?>
the press last night I said: 'At
first blush it might appear unfair
to criticise an <?!<! nnn,' but I
statt*?! at the same time that I
imputed lack of couraec t?> Colo?
nel Wnttcrson in my letter to him.
Furthermore. I stated that if a
man Is a coward there is just as
much danger in attacking him
when he is old as there w?iuld be
in attacking him when he is In
I lie heyday and vigor of his
youth, because there is no more
?langer in attacking a young cow.
nrtl than an old one. Tt is noto
ri??us that a ?coward is not ?lan
gerous at all. If he was he would
not he a coward.
"Therefore, the fact that Colo?
nel Watterson is an elderly man
cuts no figure in this affair.
Moreover. I am no chicken my?
self, being fifty years old the 10th
of this month."
Mr. Chr.loner clos?*d with the
following parthinn shot: "Colo?
nel Watterson's editorial was ut?
terly unprovoked on my part, un?
called for. untrue and insulting.
This quarrcJ has not been my
LAURENCE, XAS&r? Special.
\ watchful group of Industrial
Workers of the ?orld Friday act?
ed as a volunteer guard over Wil?
liam 1>. Huywood, whose assassi?
nation has been plotted by a New
York det?*ctl*?o agency, according
to telegrams received by police
?ifflcials hern* and in Saleni. Hay
wood went about his business as
usual and smiled at the talk of
The warning telegrams came
fnun Vincent St. John, general
si'cretary of the Industrial of the
"I reckon St- John knows what
he's talking about," said Huywood
nonchalantly, "but I'll just go
ahead taking care of myself and
let it go at that."
Hut Industrial Workers of the
World member?s In Lawrence took
the situation more seri?>usl>.
Fvcrywhere the leader went he
was escorted by th?? little squad
of men. They worked syste?
matically in regular shifts.
Marshall Sullivan did not take
the ih'ws of a plot ?rany seriously,
but did detail officers to watch in?
coming trains for a man answer
in?-; tb?? description in the St. John
telegram. The telegram from St.
John came to several people. One
was received by Marshall Sullivan,
of Lawrence, one by the Salem
?chief of police, and one by Or?
ganizer William Yates, of the In?
dustrial Workers of tin? World.
All was quiet around the mill
gafes Friday. All bat about 650
workers were lulmitted to the
Marauder, However, Is Fright?
ened by Terrified Screams of
Mrs. W. B. Bowers.
RICHMOND. VA., Special.?
Mrs. W. B. Bowers, living at 109
West Clay Street, was awakened from
her slumbers and badly frightened
when she discovered a negro In her
bedroom about 10:30 o'clock last
night, according to a report made to
th? police today.
The terrified screams of Mrs.
Bowers scared the intruder away. It
is believed that the negro was bent
on robbery and that he was fright?
ened away by fear of capture before
he had time to execute his designs.
The unknown is described as being
a middle-aged, brown-skinned man,
with small features.
An examination of the premises
disclosed nothing missing.
An open window In the rear of the
house indicated that the negro here
effected an entrance.
w.th soldiers
NEW YORK.? Special.?Just as the
Greek steamship Macedonia was about
to sail for Piraeus, th eport of Athens,
she was commanded by the
Crick consul general at this port and
the 2,000 passengers had to ?febark.
Th?- Macedonia later sailed to Phila?
delphia, where she will be loaded ^th
ammunition for the Greek army and
navy, ?she will then return here and
sail for Greece with the Greek army
reservists now in the United States.
This incident indicated that the
Greek government believes war with
Turkey inevitable.
SYRACUSE, N. Y. Special .-With the
nomination for Governor and Lieuten?
ant Governor out of the way the Demo?
cratic State convention settled down to
rapid work at its final session today.
Mitchell May, of Kings county, was
unanimously nominated for Secretary
of State to succeed Edward Lazansky,
the present Incumbent. ??
The greatest battleship fleet ever assembled in American waters will meet in North River this week to be
reviewed by Secretary of the Navy Von Meyer and possibly President Taft. The fleet will include thirty-one bat?
tleships, four armored cruisers, four cruisers, twenty-one special type, six naval militia vessels, eight transports,
twenty-six destroyers, sixteen torpedo boats and ten submarines. The pict ure shows l\ S. S. dreadnought Flor
idaida, sailors skating on deck, and bluejackets in gigs going on shore leave.
R I C H M O N DfV A., Special.?
Valuable diamond), left by John
Miller, who died last January, are to
be surrendered at once to his admin?
istrators instead of being ]?>ft in the
possession of Mrs. Elizabeth Graves,
Of tSl South Belvidere Street, accord?
ing to tho verdict of the Law and
Equity Court jury yesterday after?
noon, though Mrs. Graves claims that
the jewels were given to her by Mil?
ler a few hours befor?* he ?lied.
Miller, who had been connected
with the Richmond Sign Works, spent
tho last years of his life at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Graves. In July,
1911, he was taken ill and gradually
became weaker until ho died six
months later.
Mrs. Graves claims that the day
before he died he called her to his
bedside and gave her the diamonds,
which are worth about $1,600. Her
husband, it was declared, witnessed
the donation, and regarded the pres?
ent to his wife as a death-bed gift.
Other witnesses testified that neith?
er Mr. Graves nor his wife had been
in Miller's room the day preceding
his death, and stated that to their
certain knowledge the dying man had
not given the diamonds away.
Following the announcement of the
jury's verdict the usual motion to set
aside was made. Judge Beverly Crump
reversed decision, but will probably
announce his ruling within the next
day or two.
SYRACUSE, J. Y.? S_-edaL?
Progressive Deiimcrats were ju?
bilant over ?be nomination
of Congressman William Sulzer
for ?Governor, and predicted a
sweeping victory over the Re?
publican and 11-ogresslve tickets,
lieaded by Job E. Hedges and Os?
car S. Straus, respectively.
They declared th?* nomination
of Sulzer for Governor and Mar?
tin II. (?lynii for LicuU'iiant Gov?
ernor showed the convention to
be "unbossed."
After nominating Sulzer and
Glynn the State convention ad?
journed at 1:29 A. M. to recon?
vene at 10 A. M. to complete the
It was understood that all the
present holders of the lesser of
fices would be renominatcd. Sul?
zer was chosen on the fourth bal?
lot at 1:20 A. M. by practically
a unanimous vote.
He won out after Governor
John A. Dix had had his name
withdrawn. Congressman Sulzer
said today:
'?Well, it was a long wait, but
It was worth waiting for. I am
deeply sensible of the honor con?
ferred on me by the Democracy
of New York. I thank the dele?
gates, and through them all my
friends and the Democrats of my
State. I shall carry the standard
ever conscious that it is not for
mortal to command success, but
I shall strive to deserve it. I am
full of gratitude/'
That the delegates and not a
boss ruled in making the nomi?
nation of William Sulzer and
Glynn was the statement made
by Charles F. Murphy, of Tam?
many Hall.
He said: "I had a candidate
when I came here. My candidate
was John A. Dix. I was of the
opinion that Governor Dix. on his
record, should have been renom?
inatcd. The delegat<*s to this con?
vention thought differently. Every
delegate registered his choice.
Outside of my opinion that Gov?
ernor Dix was entitled to renom?
ination I have not advocated or
d?*precated the candidacy of any
man whose name was presented
to the convention or any man
whose name was presented to me
and did not reach the conven?
NEW YORK.? Special.? "Why are
you so shy?" asked a man, walking
up to Mrs. Graco M. Martin and her
?laughter. The man. who said his
n.:ni<- was Harry Haile, a Buffalo law
y?r. was arrested and given thirty
days for his curiosity.
LONDON. Special?Further re?
parti of hostilities In the Balkans
reached London Friday but came
without continuation, as a strict
censorship luas been established
by Turkey anil the ether govern?
ments iiiv?ilveti. One ?>f these re?
ports stated tluat sixty annetl Ser?
vians had crossed the frontier into
European Turkey, but ?ere
chased back t?i ti??*ir ou n soil by
? Turkish battalion after a sliarp
Tlie Turks pursu?*?l the Servians
to th?* iKirdcr und then retreated.
{team from Constantinople that
th<* MoIuuiiiihmIiiii priants an> call
ing for a holy war caused great
aneaaaaaaj among the continental
One ray of hope, however, that
was east upon the darkening
clouds was that Russia will join
other important Barnpeaa pear?
?*rs in rcftiKing to ?Bake a war
loan to any of the Balkan king?
This would leave Austria stand?
ing alone and the weight of pr**ss
ure in fav?ir of peana \\?>ul?i prob?
ably ?Iriv?? Austria into the ranks
of the OOSUMrieS who are ?icter
( Continued on Fourth Page.)
mined to avert war tlirough the
metliiim of linancial Channels.
War now depends upon Tur?
key's answer to the joint ultima?
tum of tl?e Balkan Slates, de?
manding autonomy for Mac? ?Ionia,
Albania, Old Servia and Crete,
and other refonns in European
Turkey. Even should Turkey re?
ply in tlie negative or refuse to
reply at all to this or a supple
iiu'iitai ultimatum to follow later,
no formal declaration ?if war Is
expected before the end of next
l*arls was the center of atten?
tion today. With Scrgius Sazonoff,
th?* Russian foreign minister, in
that city, centralized neg?itiati?ms
of tlie powers were focusse?! there.
M. Sazonoff had appointments
with the envoys of all the involved
powers today, and It was expected
that announcement would be
made of an accord entered into
between tlie English and Russian
foreign offices in relation to the
situation In Southeastern Europe.
There anaujU further sharp ?Ic? lines
?in the bourses today in conse
tpience of tlie impemling even?
Government securities and in?
dustrial and railroad shares wer?*
alike depressed.
Throughout Turkey priests ?if tho
Moslem faith arc preaching a holy
war against all Christendom. Fa?
natics are demanding of the gov?
ernment that war be ?le?larc?l not
only against the Balkan States,
but against all Europe. Sheik Ul
Islam, head of the Mohammedan
priesthood, is in daily consultation
with the Turkish ministry.
The Turks are distributing in?
flammatory circulars throughout
European Turkey, urging all
Turks who are old enough to bear
arms to rise up against the Chris?
Practically all the Christians
throughout the Balkans are mem?
bers of the ?reek Catholic Church.
Because of the dangers from
fanaticism this Is the most dan?
gerous clement yet injected Into
the situation.
There are fears of wholesale
massacres of ?Christians in re?
gions where the Turks arre In con?
PARIS. Special.?An important
conference of representatives of
the iK>w?*rs on the Balkan situa?
tion was held at the foreign of?
fice today, presided over by M.
Point-are, the French foreign min?
It was attended by the diplo?
matic envoys of England. Ger?
many, Austria, Russia, Bulgaria,
Greece, Servia and Montenegro.
The conference is reported to
have dealt principally with the
financial phase of the situation
by which the powers, with the
possible exception of Austria, will
act Imlepcmlently in rc*fusing
war loans.
Afterwards ML StanciolT. Bul?
garian minister to IVanco. dc
rjared that his gov?*rinii?'iit has
Im*?'ii. and still is. working for
"My home govern rlient Is fully
in accord with th?* European
poeten which arc se?*king to pr?*
veaH a Balkan war," saiil M.
"Wo must Im* on th?* <l?*fciisive,
however, in view of tin* military
a?*llvlti?'s of Tiirk?*y. It is true
that tin* Bulgarian army is being
niohili/.?*?!. but this is a precau?
tionary ?senonee.
"it is not to i?e Interpreted as
an aggr?*ssiv?* a?*t toward Turkey
or any oth?*r pow?*r.
?*Tiu? pow?Tiiii continental na?
tions have tacitly agr?*?*d that If
war should CO?se it must not be
a conflict for territorial a? ?|iiisi
tlon. This, of ?-ours?*, is to pre
v?*nt the embroilment of any lai
ni|X'?n power.
'?Tlu* Bulgarian Gov?*rniiient, as
w?*ll as tin* governiiK'nts of other
of the near Eastern powers, have
insist?*?! that Turk?*y ?-arry out tho
t?*rms of the Berlin convention
for Balkan reforms. Turk?*y has
hesitated to th?* point wh??rc her
actk? might Ix* int?'rpr?*tcd as
Hat r?*fusal.
"Tliisi' reforms are recognized
as just, ami until they are
brought about iher?* will always
be unrest In Balkan territory. I
lieHovo tlmt the mighty ?*hanccl
lories of Entone reaUae that af?
fairs must 1h* brought to a head,
but If Turkey can be inl!u<*n<*cd
by pcno?*ful mensures insten?! ?>f
by war I am sure that th?* salls
faction felt hy Ih?* Balkan gov
emmenta will be as great as that
felt by the governnu*nts of Eu?
GIVING $150,000
Moii'y King Donated This Sum io
Republican Campaign Fnnd in
??HU.?Though Bliss Solicited
This Amount from Him.
WASHINGTON, D. C- Special.?
The only other witness for U>
?lay, s?*hedul<*d by Senator Clapp,
was Charles Duell, assistant treas
ur?*r ?>r th?* ICeiMibliean National
Committc?* under Corimlius Blis?.
Mr. Morgan arrivcil in tin* com
mltte?* room promptly at 10
o'clock, accompanied by H. L.
Sallerlee and his daughter.
At 10:?M- tt'clock the comniit It*?*
w?? called to order with J. I'ler
pont Moraran ?in the atand.
Mr. MorRitu'N dauKbtrr, Mm. \V.
I*. Hamilton, und IiIm ?on-ln-law,
II. I.. Satterlee, arrompanlrd the
money kliiK. On Ix-Iiik ?worn Mr,
?ItirKHu leave hi* residence as 219
>lH?liM??n Avenue, Mew York city,
and his occupation mm Itnuker.
Senator Clapp then read io him
a ?-lippij-k containing m Maternent
hy Charle? Ktlward Itusaell In
which the writer chanced that
Theodore Itoonevelt from the White
House demanded that Morgan raine
?100,000 additional to the ?am the
hanker had already contributed for
Kooaevelt'H fischt aicalnnt Parker.
The ellppluic told of a vlalt made
by Wayne MaeVeaich to the office
of Morcan In October of 1904, at
which time Morjgnn was called to
the telephone to talk to somebody
In WaabliiRton,
The money king wat -tleutly
while Senator Clnpp read the lona;
newNpaper clipping, at the end of
which the chnlrman of the investi
aatlnK oommltire aakrdt
?t. Do yon recall an Incident of
that kind?
A. None at all.
?|. Do yon recall a vlalt of Mac
Veaxb to ymir officef
A. No, I don't, but he may have
come there. The clrcumataneea of
the telephone Im m flctl?>n made out
of whole cloth. I never had any
communication throu-ch the malla
or over the telephone wires with
frenldcnt Itooaevelt In my life.
?I. Did you contribute to the
Republican campaign fund of 1904f
A. I did.
Q. How mneh?
GAVE $150.000.
After consulting Ids notes the
witness replied: "In October I
gave them $100,000 and added
$50,000 more on November 1st."
Q. Was this all you gave the
Republican fund?
A. It was.
Q. Were there any other con?
tributions made by you to tho
1904 campaign?
A. None that I recall.
Q. Who solicited the contribu?
tion of $100,000?
v 1 a ?sume it was Cornelius
<f. 1)?? you recall the fact of
making this contribution?
A. Ne; hut the records show
that it was math?.
<k?. To whom was the second
contribution ?>f 950,000 on No?
vember 1st i?ude?
A. 1 do not recall.
ij l?i?l Mr. Ilarrlman solicit
any contribution iron? >?>u?
I. V?>. 1 knrw n??thii?K of hi*
<*ampalan fund exeept nkit I have
krnrd mIu?*?-.
it. 11?* prver aollclted of >??t?f
A. I il??n't ililuk Mr. llarrlniMii
?rirr aoll?*iled in) nioury (rum me. I
?t. Il<? >?n? rr?-nil any t*lr?*um
atunee* hIiciiiIIuk ;?>ur ?,??<? u ?I
????n?rll>ii<loii of S.*,0,tMKIf ,
A. 'I hiTr *.*.???-?- a number ?if men
la thla. I ililuk Mr. HIImh fame
nirr ??u one ?urnslnu iiiul .Mr. Odell
ou another.
Q. Do j ?hi re?*nll v? lu-i li?-r the
??on? rlliu? I.>n ?tin |?nl?l to Mr. Odell f
A. My lmprt**?*iou in ?lut? It nan
palil throiiali the \ a? l??nnl Com?
mit t?'?- nn?I BMMt <>f It went Into
>?**.? ?? ??rk Stnl?*. Thin ?a? the day
before elet*tl??u.
It. I>?? SOn kuow of ii ii y oth?*r
??out rtlto'loua to th?* HUM <iiiii|?i? lu n
fund mnile t?? the coutcreMNiouiil
commit t?*e f
\. \<?.
tt. I ?ou y ou kiiuiT of auy other
ciimpuitl'l <*Oiilrlliiil|?>iiH iu I'.Ml-l to
tin- Itrptihllenn ?'miipalu" ??> auy
of jour immn IntfHf
A. I <lo not.
it. l?l?l juu make auy contrl
liiitioiiM In ISnM t?? a rongrrMloual
?'iiiiipniun ???uimltteef
\. \??, I ilnu'l r?*meml?er any.
?I. In 1!K1S, Ulli | ou ?ink?* iinv
rontrlhullon lo the National t'aiu
puiKu < iininilttrct
V. The only one I made waa on?*
of S-U.IHNI I?? VI r. Mivl?l??n. 1 think
that Im all. It wa? paid In ?raah
and nol ?>.*? ?*h?ck.
A. Bj none of my linn, any
O. Do jroa recall nny one in
New York in th?* fall of 1 ?01 ?ail?
ing y??u up b.v telcphoneT
A. I ?I?? nol.
lyos c IMPAHalf.
Q. You know of no basis for
this telephone story, then?
\. Absolutely none.
fitasina Paynter then t?M>k up
the examination, going l>a?k over
tin* altar nil* previous testimony
??on? ??riling his contributions.
Q. Then I understand that tin*
only record of th?*s?* contributions
would Ih* in your cash liook?
\. Yes. But I have no doubt
when* it went.
O- De you recall having math*
any contribution to the congres
shinnl campaign of IMS?
A. Mr. Sherman, tin* chairman,
<*;?11?*?1 ?hi me ?in??*, hut I don't rc
mt*iii?K*r what for. I have BO re?
tord of any pe? ine.nl. aiul if I
dill make any it was nothing of
any magnitude.
O. You may state wh??ther you
inuilc any contribution to any of
the thr?*e campaign ?'?inventions
o? 10B?.
A. I did n??t. I was out of the
O- Or by any of your asso?
A. None that I know ?if.
O- Was year $lOO.0ti0 contribu?
tion a part of Harrjuian's $250,
?M fuml?
A. I have no doubt of it In my
mind, hut I have no proof of it.
Morgan a?l?h*tl that Bliss was
a warm personal friend of his
?ad liccause of that he (Bliss)
?ama always sent to importune th?*
BSOney king f?ir money.
Mr. M??rgan said, in reply to
?picstions, that lu* ?-?Mild not re?
call having had any ?'ouvcrjsatioii
with Mr. Cort?*ly??u during tin*
I'll?! campaign, nor ?lit! he know
that t?corge W. Perkins ?iin
tributetl to the Republican fund
of I Ulli.
He ?as sur?? IVrkins ?lid not.
By senator Ponaerenej
Q. Did your tirm contri1 hule to
the campaigns of any of the
other political partita of 11*01?
A. I have no knowledge of
anything lx-ing ?lone in that way.
Q. Did you have any cDnvcrna
tlon with Mr. Cortelyou after the
1901 campaign?
A. 1 did in 1907.
Q. With referenoe to the cam
paign funds?
A. No; with r<*f?*r?'U<*c to tlie
general lina mini situation.
(.. During the campaign of
1904 did you have any conversa?
tion with any linnticlcrs?
A. I have no doubt I did. I
don't re_M'liibcr.
Q. Did you have any talk with
B?. H. llarrlman?
A. Very likely.
<). Did you talk with l*resldeiit
Mellen, of th?* New York, New
Haven and Hartlor?! Railroad,
COUcet nine the political situation?
A. It is very likely I did.
Q. Did you discuss it with any
of th?* hend? of the big life In?
surance* companies?
A. I r?*ally ?-an't say. It's too
far back for me to remember.
Q. Did you discuss vvlmt can
didat?* to supp?irt?
A. Not that I recollect.
"I AM MY l'IKM."
Q. Did you talk with Mr. Bliss
about oilier contributors?
A. I probably gave him some
if. \Y?*re you especially inter
?*si?h! in the result of tho elec?
tion of 1901?
A. I was.
if. Also your firm?
A. I am my tirm.
Q. Do you know of any others
particularly interested in the re?
sult of the election?
A. All the other big financial
men ?rero Interest cd.
Q. Was <;<*orge W. Perkins
very niu?*li interested?
A. As a big insurance man he
probably was.
Q. What were t??e fects Mr.
Perkins gave you touching tho
insuraii?"?* companies?
A. I ?loii't remeinlier. At that
time Perkins was a trustee of the
New York Ldfe, and when he
would come for a meeting I
would say: 'IVrkins how do
th?\v feel down there today?'
Q. Did you have information
during the* campaign at any time
that there whs to 1m* a large fund
raised for the Roosevelt cam?
paign ?
A. I ?over heard of it. I don't
believe it.
Q. Did you have any talk with
Mr. llarrlman on the railroad sit?
uation and the political effect on
the railroads?
BERLIN.? Special.? Baron Von
Reden, Austrian minister to Abyssinia,
shot and killed Fraulein Pirsche, a
dressmaker, with whom he was in
love, then killed himself at Lemberg
Friday, according to a telegram re?
ceived from there.
The tragedy grew out of objections
of Baron Von Reden's family to his
proposed marriage to the woman, who
was considered beneath his station.
The baron was forty-seven years of
age and the woman thirteen years his
Furnish Bread Free.
PHIT_VD_7LPHIA, PA.? Special.?
Branding the action of New York ho?
tels in charging extra for bread and
butter as graft, Philadelphia bonifaces
announce they will continue to fur?
nish the staff of life free.
ROANOKE, VA.? Special?Geaeral,
Manager. J. \V. llamoik, of the K?
aoko Hallway ami l?lortrlfi Company/, '
prevented a Jail oooape of two pnsoa
>-rs. ?:?>orKe Jones and Kay mond Tay?
lor, who ur?> boina held for tho Kod
Oml authoritiis. th?> yoong men hav?
ing leaped from tin- National Ka
formator?, near Washington, u .*/??**
The boya had Bade th?ir way int?
tho callar of the police otatioa and
found a OOOJ ?hut?- open, where coal
boina unloadod for use at th?
jail. One jrouaa man was out and
polling Iho other <>ut whss ?r_
Special.?With simple cere atoo le?
iiu* Garden of tin* t.?>?is was i?ir
iiiali.. dedicated to the City
o? ?. (llorado Springe. In iht? pre?
cue?* of the widow ami members
Of th?* family of the lau* Charles
I . IVrkius. h> whom this park
was given lo tin* clly. the simple
Cere?aonleo were held at the en?
tran??- to the park.
A larii?* hum/?- tahlet. in nirin
ory and in honor Of Mr. Perkins.
had been planed on tin* north
gateway rock, and it was today
unveiled. Former Mayor Henry
C Hall, of C? dorad?* Springs, who
had been aaaaed as one <>f the
troateeo to whom the t.ardeii of
the <;?nis ti-??i been tranaferred
pending its aoceptnnce by tin* city,
made an address on behalf of the
Perking family, as did also Mr.
Robert IVrkhe.. of l-'nrniliigliam.
>la*-s.. v??n of ?he lat?* railroad
Tin* t'lty of Colorado Spring?
ha*? been in poaaeeaion of tin? (?ar
?len of tin* Goda, throiif.li tin* gift
Of tin* Perkins lu-irs. sin?*?* Christ?
mas Day. I'.Mii?. hut tin* formal
?h'diealion OM mil belt! until to
dny. Today's exercises at the Gar?
den of the <;?>?is were preceded
jresterdn] by a reception to Mrs.
Perkins al lln? Antlers Hot??!.
given by the City Planning C<nn
In 1K7!>. Mr. IVrkins secured
titlt* lO tin* ISO acres of land a
IVw miles norih?*iist of Colorado
Springs, known as tin* Garden of
ilu- <;?nls. Througboat his life
tlim* In* maintaiiieil this g_B_t nat?
ural park free of access t<> the en
tirt* world, and. although In* was
several times approarbed by pro
molers nffriing; hir;.?' sums of
nniiey for tin* land, ht* refused to
|?ae| with It. When he dl?*d. In
I?MI7. tin* t.nr?l?*ii o? the tio?is
passed, with the renntnder <?f the
?*siai<*. t?i his children, and tlw?
only indleatloii as to its ?llsposal
was this not?* found, in his own
handwriting, on the back of an
old envelope i
"It Is iiiy wish that my children
give tin* Garden of tin* <??*dH to
Ilu? ?ily of Colorado Spring*? for
park purpos?'s."
Hit* marvelous and fantastic
no? I?. fo.mat ions of the (?arden
<?f tin* (????Is have long lx*en ob?
jects <>f a?lmiratiou anil study hy
iravch-rs. tourists and g?*<il??gists
111?? w??rl?l ??ver. Once the wor?
shiping place of th?* Indian, wlto
s.?\% in the uplift?*?! recks the
lorins and temples ?if his dlety,
tin* t.urden of tlie t.ods Is totlay
a point ?if pilgrimage for the
whit? man of all creeds and na?
RICH MOND, YA-^Special_
I". M. llryant, nineteen yearn *?f
RRf, of lsii Veuable Ntr?*et, la roi
gratulutiDg himself as a result of
his narrow escape from deals
Thursday night.
llryant hint been auflTerlna ln
teiiHe pain all day on aeeouaf of an
aehlnif tooth. I pon hla arrival at
bin home at 11 oVItM'k laat nit ht.
he tried to apply a amall ?iiiantlty
of <*r?rsot?-, ?hiili la polaonoaa. ta
the troublesome t????th. ISrrvom
neaa eauaeil by hla still ?tIiik eaaaed
the youi?K man to awnllow, .-? ? ?-1
? lentally, a itoodly qunutlty of the
S?*\eral mlnntea after llryant had
taken the polaon peraona dow?
atalra In the houae heard peculiar
nolaea, and ?iiilcklv traeed them ta
Hryaiit4? room. ? lirrr they found
him atretrhed out on hla baek.
aeemlntrly auflTerlna Kreat agony.
Tin- ?imtniliiii?'?- reaponded to a
hurry call to the houae. and Or.
l'une. In ??liiirii?*, labored for an
hour over the patient, who waa
then In a ?'?matoae condition and
very near ?leath.
llryant ?wnn r?*vlved after forty
flve nilnutea. and told the phyat
elan what <*nnaed hla ?rondltlon.
NEW YORK.? Sp?3Cial.?Announce?
ment was mad? this morning on the
Consolidated Block Exchange of the
suspension of K. It. l.yman Company.
Tin- firm's h?'.i<i'nuart?rs arc in Duf
falo. The firm was organized on June
5, 1909.
NEW YORK. Special. Fifty thon
aand dollara In checks, received at
the ottlrea of the .New 1 <?rk t.innta
and the National I.fugue for tlck
eta to the ????ri ?I'm buaeball aerlea
baa been returned to acodera, It
was learned.
There waa no mall aale of tlek
eta aebeduled for tbla year'a aerlea,
but tbla fact did not prevent a
flood of letter appllcatlona. Theae
have been ret*el\ed by the thon
aand in both olUeea, much to the
dlaguat of the olHelal atatf In both
placea, the only ihiiiK t?? do bel a a
to mail hack the check with a note
reiterating the conilltloiiM under
which ticketa for the big aerlea
will be aold.
The moat common method waa
to return them ?Ith a not?* May lug
that the dlapoaal of ticketa waa la
the bandit of the National (oiumla
At the olfleea of the National
Commiaalon Secretary lleydler, of
the National League, waa entire,y
burled by a flood of appllcatlona.
The only thin? he could do waa to
nnuoiiiM'c that only reaerved aeata
would be placed on aale on the date
to be announced through the newn
It la aald thin aale will take place
nt the I'olo l.roiiuda next .Monday,
to afford ticket apeculatora aa little
lime a* poaalble to ?llaptiae of tick?
eta before the aerlea begin?.
Objects to Wine.
OGDBNSBURG, N. Y.? Special.?
The Women's Christian Temperance
Union, in convention, has forwarded
a request to Secretary of the Navy
Meyer that water instead of wine bs
used in christening the new battis-?
ship New York.
BALTIMORE. MD., Oct. 3.?Frank
J. Korke, seventy years old, of Seat?
tle, Wash., is critically ill In the Mercy
Hoepital hero today.
Mr. Korke, who Is a well knowa
r?sinent of Seattle, was on his way
to New York on a Pennsylvania Rail?
road train to attend to some business
matters, when he was stricken with
apoplexy when the train was between
Washington and this city.
According to William Allen White,
the Progressive party is the "party
of protest." And its paper will go to
protest on election day.?Times-Her?

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