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I ii/ah.ll? Hall.
"Mother, your ligtu?- is getting to b?
perfeotly disgraceful!"
Mrs. Howard Hied to smooth down
her capacious apron. "1 suppose you
..mon.' sh?* sai?d, meekly.
? i ?certainly have ?nango?!. Waaa l
"Well, 1 don't propose to be all
: when 1 get to bo fifty?" hec
daug'iiter Interrupted briskly. "So,
we'll do '.ether. Pro- :
i us a perfectlj
a . ami it will be jolly to
do tlieui."
Mrs. Howard looked rather
but accepted th?* decision philosophic- i
ally sa she ?ii?i most of Marion's revo?
lutionary ideas. Life on the latin had
. its n?%rrou groove to broader
erratic channels since the
>ine-coming of the youngest daught?
Old only get you enthusias?
tic," mourned Marion, "but you will
iak?' everything so camly. lxm't you
know re] the worst thing pos?
sible to Increase obesityT"
Mis. Howard placidly assented, but
Marion's enthusiasm did not cool.
"We'll begin to-morrow with the
water cure Which will remove all the
wast.* from the system. Now, inamsy,
don't look alarmed. You jus* drink
as many glass?*s of water as there the
?it p Minds in your weight Why, 1
?lo it. Twele glasses aren't much when
?nie K''ts USSd U> it."
"Hut, daughter, twenty glasses!"
\)n. it won't be so bad. Drink eight
one hour before breakfast, six in the]
forenoon, four in the afternoon, and!
two at bedtime. That's easy, and I'll I
see that you don't forgot it."
Mrs. Howard privately resolved to!
resurrect (.randnother Greer's tiny
wine glass?'s; perhaps she might man?
age ii then.
That night Marion initiated her be?
wildered mother into the rudiments of
calisthenics. Clad in pajamas, she
went through the exercises with !
graceful ?ase. while her pupil watch-'
c<i her with admiration ami apprehen-'
"Now, mother, U'b your turn. Stand
with heels together."
?Mrs. Howard frantically glued her
lieels to the matting.
"< hin up?no, not that way? hold
it close to neck?no, no."
Marion backed her victim to the
door jam.
"Hlace ball of foot opposite edge of
door, then adjust body so front of hip
and front of shoulder touch the -
???farther forward yet. Now hold head
t?o front of car is on same line with
front of shoulder. Dear me. that does
show off your double chin,?we'll have
to look after that next. Thighs far?
ther back. That's better. Now, that's
s beautiful position. Your stomach's
all gone."
"It certainly does feel as if some?
thing had happened. Hasn't part of
my back broken off, too?"
Manon was too busy counting her
notes u? answer.
"How long must I keep this up?"
gasped Mother Howard, Hushed and
perspiring with the effort to sustain
correct poise.
"Oh, just as long as you can." was
the vague response. "Now, lean over
ami touch hands to Hoor without bend?
ing kin i
Mrs. Howard executed this com-,
mend with case, if not with grt
Rheumatic tendencies ami p.eking up
articles alter a thoughtless l'ami!\
ten years had taught her to stoop,
without bonding any more joints than :
absolutely n?ecessary.
She looked pleased. "That
she approved.
"Then we won't do it any more," de
cle. "Von need onlj
exercises that are difficult to ?lo."
Mother Howard lookeil unhappy.
Evidently there \s;is no royal roa?l to
"Mother," came a welcome Inter?
ruption, "whero'iv my bed slippers'
?miing, father." and Mrs. Howard
pattered down the hallway.
HSch following night brought a new
and increasingly involved exerolsee.
Kasy-going, comfortable Mrs. How?
ard was fairly bewildered by their va?
riety. The water cure, too, was a ver?
itable thorn in the flesh. Marion mys?
teriously speared with pitchers of
water, and her mother's hope of tin
wine glass vanished as she obediently
sipped generous glasses of the pure
Hquld. She pathetically wondered If
people naturally temperate could be
driven to intoxicating liquor by too
much water. She found herself unac?
countably irritated, when Marion play
\nxtrll, < ?>t?Si County, Ota.
Sroifrrn of CnlihtiKe I'lauta at Si.."JO
p?#r "
kiJi'ls. Thousand ?ale upon a|>]
tion. No scale or other til
Apple Barrels
I have started a barrel fatrtor at
Y.'aynesboro, Va., with a daiiy capa
city of 2,000 'barrels, and am in a posi?
tion to offer No. 1 and No. 2 Apple
Hart?is at very low prices.
I a l?o make Knock-diown Barrels
that any good-size boy can put up;
no cooper*! tools or beater needed.
Prompt shipments made.
Waynesboro, Ta.
A Good
Will improve the appear?
ance of your house and
also preserve it
W. S. Tanner
Paint Co.
MaJcasrs of Good Paints,
I ? TA,
r his favorite air,?variations
? ?
loward scoffed g?.>od natur-,
a? the two indu- atesi
of beauty culture, ?i em had
n troubled with adipose Us-,
"Cut it out mother." he prides
"Tog look good ?'nough to m?-. W? ,
ran'! have to much of a good thing.
roe know." and he patted her plump,
shoulder consolingly.
"Its f??r Marion," sighed his wife.)
"I do ft?! rather ?Illy, but sin
lag so much trouble and works so hard '
to help me that ; her I
know how tired 1 am of it all. D'
me, it' it isn't time for that water
"Wi II. von two for it. but dont br
any bones," ami Mr. Howanl dlSSp-l
peered behind his psper with a frown I
and a mutt? red, "College tomfool?
Marion Howard had always '
I 'or her lasting enthusiasm.
Whatever she began was BUIt
finished and w?u finished too, her
mother regretfully recalled as she be?
gan to realise she would be no ex?
tion. Still. Marion had not Inheri
her stick-at-it-iv?-n?'ss from her fath?
er alone. Mother Howanl had never
been on;- to turn back after putting
hand to plow, and it was rather morti?
fying to compare her carefully pr?
served bridal drOSS with the generous
proportions of her host black silk.
So the lessons continued.
Not a leisure moment but Marion's
eager whisper came, "Now, mother,
here's a good chance to practice our
stunts,"' ami away they would go to
Marion's room where with the un will-1
ing aid of the head of the house
had arranged crudo apparatus
the most approve dmodels. Some of j
the cherished colleges trophies had
been removed to make room for a
large chart of gymnastic exercises,
planned step by step and carefully il?
lustrated. Marion crosstd out the
various steps as her mother slowly
mastered them. Mrs. Howard ruefully
surveyed the small amount, accom?
plished and anticipated the future with
fear and trembling.
The daughter was an ardent follow?
er of Fletcher, so the mother chewed
according to instructions till the food
swallowed itself. At first there was
many an ap<-?logetic glance as bites of
food gleefully escaped stomachward
without the prescribed munching.
Father oHward worried a little <
his wife's falling appetite, but she was
too afraid of ridicule to confess she
did not have time -to eat all she really
Poor Mrs. Howard found little en?
couragement in her weekly interviews
with the grain scales, but her grit ditl
not fail her. Since oxygen, according
to l'rofessor Adamson, helped to de?
stroy fat cells, she breathed so long
and so deeply she was convinced that
the air escaped from her toes,
becamo rather sensitive to ridicule
and carefully excluded all but Marion
from lier devotions to the apparatus
of beauty.
One ?lay the climax came. The hired
man had put up stout hooks in the
heavy oaken joists, and on these Mar?
ion hung rop<vs with rings attached.
Father Howard had emphatically re?
fused to countenance this |?
eise, and even th?4 victim had objected.
'il can't do that dauj d 1
won't!" she*j>roteste?l vigorous
"Now, mother, don't back out. pit .
There's nothing will tch your
spinal column and remove the fat
from your shoulders. It makes Che
was; st> supple, too. Molly Kvans n -
duced her waist two inches in
two weeks, and sin- weighed over two
hundred. It's just fun to swing from
ring to ring, ami there arc onlj three
here. You ought to sec the girls
down a line ?>:' twenty rinj
"But I'm afraid o? those hooks."
"Oh, there's no danger. We tested
them. Now, mother, don't be foolish
ami gave up. We must follow the
She who hesitates is lost, and Mrs.
llowar?! found herself trying to beat
up her weight "it's pulling my arms i
out of their sockets," she gasped.
"Never iniml. It'll r after a I
few minutes," encouraged lier daught-l
Mrs. Howard hejd on with a death ?
grip as Marion Lugged to get her pupil ,
swaying to and fro.
"He ready to catch the next ring !
when I say 'now,' " panted the teacher. |
Hoor Mother Howard reache?! blind?
ly for the swaying ring as she swung
to the left, but her lingers, numbed
and tired, did not get a linn grasp
she let go with the right hand, the left
failed her. and She fell heavily to the
A white-faced girl hung remorse?
fully over the inert figure as Father
Howard rushed into the room. "I al?
ways knew you'd do some devilment,"
he said sternly. ,41 ought to have put
a stop to this nonsense long ago. All
these fool traps go into the stove to?
morrow. Are you bad hurt, Mary?"
he asked, tenderly rubbing the tremb?
ling hands.
His wife raised 'herself painfully for
the pile of home made comforters had
not entirely broken the fall. " I guess
niy ankle's sprained," she groaned. "!
tried to stop myself from falling.
Don't worry, daughter, mother isn't
killed yet."
The next morning. Marion appeared
at her mother's bedside with a sub?
stantial breakfast. The invalid's fSCe
brightened ss she saw tin? hot biscuits,
crisp potatoes, ami smoking ham and
eggs. Ehren the long-banished sugar
and cream were not forgotten.
"For the next six weeks you']
lug to do nothing but rest and live on
tin? fat of the land. I've just realized
I've been a perfect tyrant You shall
? at your food just as fast as you like,
and you needn't ?Irink a drop of water
for a year if you don't want to."
"But tiios<> five pounds I lost," earn?'
the faint protest from the relieved de
"Never mind, mother. You were all
right Just as you were. As father
'Wt I*] cut it out.'" and Marion poured
th?> yellow cream into the fragrant
COffe ?with a lavish hand and recW
1} a.ld.d three |um] ir.
The first dotH often astonishes the iiiw.liJ,
giving ?tasstlcttj ?dm',- - ?'?body,
GOO!. N,
regular Sawals sod ???>;.; ?
Mr. .1. Pierponl Morgan did not hi :?
it;.te to (I to
th.- Republican campaign fund in 1901
000 in 1 '."is. all of S hieb r?'
mlnds us that none but the wealthy
.an afford it.--Clifton Forge Review.
HI'-. > \. Hp
?*pi> u> ?
.Imlg?? WansnsV repl)
made hp ???n-.'i.-.-,..;,., i
Tiinibiill, ?ho is eoniestli
nominal ion of ?ludge Watt?
I ?in-rress nus lied.
..' W l?r?MI tl?-|li.x III.
tin? < and makes ???
? hat
lb? all?*:;?-- iba! loi |
I in Itruiiswl
Tiirubull's hoine count)
bail <|iialili?-il hj He- pssyi
Hie ?apnalion lex.
Mr. Tnmbnll maates
enlarges, pteclng ib?> nun
illegal rotes nl seventy in
way, .in?!';?? Watson
Mr. R. H. M
sr of
ir J
i " ? ? i
i In a j
: rom i
on, in ? reply
said that Jini
Mr. Turnbull ;
petition to hn\
e ac h si d
Turnbull refus
in Nottoa ay i ounl -?
aon a , This
: orth In
mad?- u part Of th<
Jiui^?- Watson critieisei Mr. Turn
bull's ?dije? lion to R? ?. i voting
In the contest, ?amen
\ ery promln? nl !.? pul . sup
I Turnbul] ai r, how
a gentleman sup- i Re?
party virt
Republlcai plain i ? I
Letters are filed by judge Watson
iront various ele< tlon 10 otfl
clted in tie- primary proving that the
; - operly ?'.. and
an aflldavlt from \v. 11 ulsacock, the
Turnbull Judge at Burkeville, deny?
ing in ringing t?-rnis that any negroes
voted there, and in- cites tin- names
hi negroes who vot< d in Bruns?
wick for Turnlmll.
NEW YORK. Special.?Four gown
clad ligures tro..?m ,: ., ,t of bath?
houses at th< nlngton Ave?
nue, Arverne, L. I., Sunday afternoon
and started for the ocean, it s
unusual a spectacle that hundreds
men and women promenading the
boartlwaik stopped to observe.
'I'tic quartett? was mad?' up of four
colored persons, to-wit: Lucy Clary,
of Rockvlll? ?'ent?-r; h? r pastor,
the Rev. J. w. Dudley, of tbe
Shiloh Baptist Church; Dennis Ford.
o? Carleton Avenue, Arverne, ami
pastor, tin- Rev. 1. T. llarrell. of tin
.Mount Carmel Baptist Church.
NEW YOHh.- Special.? The
Jurj lor me tnai <.i Ltentennm
i liarles Becker, for tin* murder
of Ifr i man Rosenthal, was mm
plotod al II sM oYloek Thursday,
lb?- twelfth juror chosen wag
Samuel ji. lia?.?., a contractor.
Y\ 1111 M Ws RP1 I < 11.
m:\y iiiiih.- SpeciaL?Deatb
in in?- electric ?ban- lor Police
Licuteuassl Chart*?** Becker was
I lie ilomand made in the
opesilllg .t?l?li. ?-- of District At?
torney Whitman, in the trial of
Hi?- |H>liee official ac?c?-o?l ?if the
murder of Herman RoNCOtluil.
i ker sein for Ja?-k Roue and
told him that Roricntlial was be
coniing dangcruus ami his expo?
sure nui.t In- stopped, and that
bis voice most be silenced for?
?routs. KoMenilml.
??II?* miUI no*., ?mi li:i.?\- just <l?tn?>
<i In, ?o l?.r '/eli._ (Bias Jsi<**tt), the
Kins?; l<-n<li-r, whs sarasa shot t<? death
lu?.? Siitiinlii *. lliclll.. .1 ??[nil > ?ill (?a
?it> te liiiii iiii?I tell him lie mus? ?l<> a
iii\or fan me. I ?nun him i?> Save
his ?_:tii_ ?T?(i(lv lt?>?.? ni h ii I."
POCtS \\ itb I'owcr.
Twinkle' twinkle! little
poel said, an I
Way up abo\. . i far the
si.n s a-? \\ lukllm
< ";il!.
"Roll on, thou ?l?-i roll!"
another's i ? heard,
And dient t?> Ins man
"Blow, blow, thou winter wind," the
Ami ever*? wlnt? r nom we hear it blow
t.' beat th< band.
Widow of Herman Jtosonthal to Bo
Chief ?ilnoss \ train si Booker.
OtJior Wttaetsei Anxious to
HEW TORE. Special. Mrs. Her
mini Hum?'ii I lm I. nMtH ot the K""iti
ler iinsiimmIiiii?eil on Jiil> Itilli, will
ii<* di?- irasilag ?iiih-hh nuniii?i
folie?? I.leul??iiaiit ?hurl?-? lle?-ker,
Whe Is nceiiMi'il of her liiiHhitnil'N
inuril??r. She ?111 testify iih mwu
II- lll<*<ll?'lll ??. ltllel?M?'M 111?*. ?? Itllllll
ll*h<-?l the III? I Unit I ? ?>s?n I lin I huh
Kliol (<? ileiilh.
? M-trlet AKorii.? VI hitiiuiu he hi
II III! I .<Hlf.T?'l;??'?l with his 111 ?le* t?>
?Ita> ami li*.???! the -ehetliile of Wtt
i??*?-e- lu'Ior?- Justice <;??ll ?<oi\ ??inil
fSill for the M?-|e?-tl??n ?if the
tnrelfll? jur??r.
Jii?-k RtM, Lewtsi Wolilicr, llar
*.e> \ itlltiii :iuil Su m S?'h?-|M"l \*)lll
follow .11 r?. KoMt-ulhtill ou the
Tkc lnf??riii?t*r<? nr?- anxious to icet
throuuh mItii their oril<*i?l.
I h?> e*.|U?*t M terrilie ?-rillliiK at
tit? .iiiikIm ?if lle?-ker*M atloriie> .s.
'I'd strain of k??Iiik to ?*<>iirt ?lay
?ln> .?Uli the haunt Injg fear
thnl ?In-? nwi he ?hoi ?l???\n like
llii_ .link /??Ik in telliiiK upon lliem.
M In-ii i-iii?rl riTiinn-iii-il f???la>
there mus ? ii?-?* iiaiiel ol' MM? \ c
nlrri'ii'ii fmssaj o hielt t?? sel?-?-! Un*
twelfth jnr.ir, nml It ?yum liell*?\ ?-?I
Hint Hie ji""> -voiilil I??- soon eom
JOWOKE, VA. Special. ( <>!
l <.. s lehlou Bowman, aged
|.. \ yei s, and a member of
<a\> iiioi Mann's si.(IV. ?lied SI hi**
in .ib-ni Ibis morning, after
of several months, svlth
n of the throat. Colo
' llowi lan \\;.s a ?.??n of i o|o
\. > Bowman, s membt-r of
\ i Inia Legislature from
uni y. He \\ .-?.*? s prae
oraey, ami was asso
lb his brother* \. M.
,lr. He was examiner of
f tb<- Twentieth Jisdieial
tli? nil
Roosevelt w
the eleetlon; he'll pr?t that
n of the ring. Norfolk
'an State rally balk
^Jlhat In What Pro res True Merit.
\f Doan's Kidney Pills bring the qulck
est of relief from backache and kid?
ney troubles. Is that relief lasting?
Let Mrs. James M.
lxmg. 403 W. Main
St.. Staunton, Va^
tell you. On Janu?
ary 31st, 1903, Mrs.
ix>ng wrote: "Doan's
Kidney Pills have
cured me" (of pain
in the back, urinary
troubles, bearing
down sensations,
etc.). On June 20th.
r, four and one-half years later,
she said: "I haven't had kidney trou?
ble Binen, i repeat my testimony."
Mrs. Ix>ng is only one of the many ,
thousan?i3 that endorse Doan's Kid
Ley Pills, If your back aches?if
your kidneys bother you, don't ask
simply for a kidney remedy? ask dis?
tinctly for Iioiiu's Kidney Tills the
same that Mrs. Long had.
50c. all stores. Foster-Milburn Co.,
Buffalo, N. Y., Props. "When Your
Back Is LAme--Remember the name."
when it com?
it la t ir th?
,x months
to disport hlms? If, there wouldn't
out of Mr. 8preckl?
burg .
The lime grinders. In lighting
lime bill ' most ?
whitewash.?Staunton i
Lead? r. ,
That Atlanta divine ? ho li
> ing tin- worn? n <?f the ?
capital have large ankl? ntly
n'l I" lev ? m tie ?
?i folk V irglnian- r.
Sulzer sounds mlghtly like some
Sew Yorkers use m their high?
balls. I le ought to run well? :
Icksburg S
women believe thai their
hush;:' 11 at men lieeause they
write bad bands, but they get no on?1
? . with them
bands.?Floyd Pr<
-v. 1er informs us thai th?
age watch has 17.*. pieces. And in
our partlcuar watch each niece has a
Is neighbor.?
Emporta lnd? pend? ni.
? the matters before the
Clapp Investigating committee young I
Biles \?. :t illy ignorant.?.\
andris News
R I C H M O X D, VA.?Special.?
John P, Branch, the veteran banker
ami man, is today celebrating
Ighty-second birthday a' his office
?attending to buain? Iving his
? is and r< joicing: that he has been
? d to see so much of life, to re?
tain his? health, faculties and to be
aide to discharge his dute
Mr. Branch has been encased in
business here since the a ? ed
Ing to tin presidency of tin- Merchants'
National Bank on the ?hath of
father, i: Mr. Branch
il hale ami heart.", talks Inter?
Ingly, and takes a keen Interest In
everything thst goaa on. lie isa vet?
eran ?d" tiie *.'i\il War. For nearly i
seventy yeans he has been a men.
ol the Methodist Church.
i: I t II MOM?. V \. Specuil.?
?I. 1. Tempi?-, ?il 1 r?'?iei i? i.
burg, well known in Richmond
as a horseman, will? a string Of
luii-st*- at the Stale I air. was ?-.in
ri?tted in PSliee Court Friday morn
in-;, ?.ii tin- fiuleiitf ?o i'ati'ol
iii. n YV. M. Angel ami <.. I. Wil?
liam?, ami :i bystander, of ob
t?tructing traffic at l.i^hth ami
Broad Streets ami refusing to
move when* ordered to du so bj
llu- ollii'crs. A One of 98 and costs
was Imposed. Through Wynd
luuu K. Meredith, his counsel, Mr.
Temple noted an appeal to the
llttKUngs Court.
Ac-cording t<> Patrolman Angel,
Temple was Standing up against
one ol tin* sign windows in front
oi tin- Colonial Taacater rending a
ncw*?pap?*iv Angel told him he
would have to move oa,
Tempi?', ae? tirdinu t?i tin* ?ifl'i
??i, aiiuiiiioi toward tin* Eighth
Street i rustling a i?-w feet hni
?-till obstructed pa-si';?'.
??You v\iii have to stand a?-i?io,"
Angel says he Infornaed Temple.
The latter, ac. orttiiie. to the ?d?i
? er, refused t<? move further.
About this time l'a triol man Wil?
liam.- walked up. Although
Temple Bays lie showed the offi
??i-rs tln-ali-r tickets he had pur
rhsscd for hlmSflf and wife, for
whom lu> was waiting, Olfhci'
Williams, accortliiiir tti Temple.
Bald: "Oh, h't's arrest liiin. any
44I plea?l?'?l with the ollic? r
Temple ?le-cJared, "t?> let nu* i-;i\?'
I lie tickets to my wife, who bad
lier sister with her, hut this ?hu?
(Indicating Williams, said. 'It' you
don't tJtui up I'll smash you In
the mouth." "
Temple ?lenicil that li?? refused
to move or tlmt lie resiste?! the
nfliccrs. II?* ?I?*? hired that he WSS
handled as roughly as if he had
Ih*?'ii "a drunken sot."
Tempi?* said Angel ask?*d hhu
what lu- meant by reading a
newspaper ?>n Hie stri?ot, adding,
*'Y<?u ?ant ?l?> thai."
Mr. Meredith wanted i?? know
why a citi/en COnldn'l read a pa?
per on the str?*ct.
Mr. Anderson thought the otli
cer was right if the act tended t??
obstru? t lia the.
Angel d<0ciared that few people
?not ?enough to constitu?
?crowd in the literal sense of llie
\v??r?l?were abroad at this par?
ticular point at tin* lime?!?
o'clock Wednesda) night. Angel
Initiier said thai no one had I??
??walk around" Temple.
William-, win? followed him,
swore that a considerable cr??w?i
\va- ?in Broatl Street at this par?
ticular Intersection when tin* in
? ..I? tit look place, and thai lie
observed several pcilo-ti'Lins wie?
were forced to walk out of their
?course t<? pass Temple.
Sergeant sherry wanted t?> lake
th?* stand and tc-tilv t?> crowds
that congregate or ino\<* up and
down Broad at Eighth, but he
couldn't confine himself t?? the
night in question, ami Mr. Mere*?
tilth objected It? hon. tin- ? ? I. i? ?. ?
lion beim sustained. Intidoutally,
ollie? i' and attorney clashed in a
\?'thal duel.
I .1. Or. hue h test Hied lor the
pros? cut ion ami made an exceed?
ingly favorable witness. In fact,
hi- o\ idem o luid intuit, it
everything, to do with the result
i - 1 . Taylor, Br. I'pp
Mr. Ti.-i*.'??!' ami others testified
it? th?- iiii?i?ie-iitiiied reputation of
Mr. l'cnipi?' tor veracity. Mr.
Meredith Introduced iiu>-?* wit?
ncoocs btecaune th?? case had re
stoi\f?*.l it?M-ir. In bis opinion. Into
-, qiiT-Htlon of
- I"..k?-?l af?
ter h*. ?.Msdfstaut ?I'll > Atlor/n-y
\mbr?-oii. Mho, in Mumming n\>,
? vor.-?-?-? << tlte '-eli. < i Mpl ?
ibis* tempematent
ami eoubl no! re? all e?BCtlv what
took pla<? .
Mr. \n?ler?-oii did not thlnb tb<?
officers and the pr.??.??m:
?lli?*r WltlMtH Mould, oil oath.
HiirasT to falaea*aoods.
-?ii ?I?m?. not n?-< ? ??.u ilv follow,
thought, that Mr. Templo i? not
truthful." Mi. \11d.r-011 added.
Mr. Meredith thought the la?
t? 1 1 relation in Ibis case Of tin*
"m??\?'-<m'" ordinance \\-i
rtOUH in. nl ??r lb?* rights
or citiaens. ?*he attorney alluded
to OMeer Angel as a ???allow
youth ami inexperleiieod oMoer,
with mu >nih< ?-m experience to
superintend a Sunday acho***l,
iiiu?-Ii I?-??- i|i~?bar_. the rt?-|Mm
? i til?- duties of ii poltoe <>lli??-r."
??\Vh?"ii a ?il?/< n s Uhssrties ami
rights are jeopardised, then It i?;
lime for liim l<> look, not to tin
law, inn 10 iiiiii-4-ir. for protec?
tion," bo sadded, with spirit.
|*hls ordinance is intended to
meet a oontlltion of crowds <?r two
ami three, and tiol lb?- inilii hliial,"
wa?. lb?* ??on-.trm-iion Mr. Meredith
placed on the ??nioM--?m" law.
OfBcer William?, also ?-aim? in
a ?.ban? of attention at Un?
hands of the attorney. "Not s<>
callow, hm ju?-t as Ignorant and
:i->< ioiiabi??." was the allusion
isiade to bin* by .Mr. Meredith.
????Ill.-.-r- Moiiieiini?*- ?im?- the law
um n rl'i.-ik to liiMiilt anil on traue
i-i I i/eiis." lie reMCimetl.
"In thl? ?-use Hie oHl?-?-ra kne*,v
that lli?-> Inol in 11 ?le n inlsink?". hut,
in-l.ii.l ?>l s:i?liiK. us ll??> nhonlil
hi??..- lion?-. ?1 Iiim'm nil rlKht, Mir: *.?. e
tin,?- niiiil.. 11 iiiiktiiki',' ?Hlieer ?II
HaniM ?nl;!, -Oh. nrrcsi him a ??.. .?11 > ,'
nuil, nhi'ii 111*. client -?.mile?! In ren
Mon ?lili him, lilnn.'.l nul, -If >?>n
?tnn't -hnl 111? I'll fail ?on in the
111.011 Ii.*
??Ileconiliii; <oii.l?i?-l lor 1111 ??tticer
-?,-itrii to uphold the ?liunlt-. nl the
In??. Isn't it t" ?Ir. Ilereililh ?nnlril
I?, know, nihlillK. "??Hicer Wilt ill III ?T
thrent I'? Mr. 'r?'in|ile la a Minii|ile <?f
the nn-tlio.ls h> *.-.hl?-h Ihr I'ollee
lli-iuirl iii,-ii? ?rck? to fnlnrcr tills
If 1 ( II MOM). VA. Spee.al.
<i it b...: lasnetl 011
Day what would have
1 lie Stale I ? >
Tills ?pu-non. with
irons answer. ar?> su;
a .1 ana.;. ?1?. . 1 -.a. i??! i?
i:i_ _.alo 1 c? ei ei ?. at
II -how tliat, ?i?.
1111K-I1 is taken in ou
Kit iiniond
bi-??oine Of
il?, dis?a
:_c-.|?-?l by
?? couccrn
liu l.lll.
a rule, a
i?a> a- sluring an\ oilier three
<ia.\- put togsHher.
1...i?- w... .11 tin- neighbor?
hood of 70,OOo people mi the
grounds \\ <*<lu???ia>. The gate
receipts ami the graiMlatand r<?
???-ipt- ?oiild ?-oar? el?, have fallen
below S3O.000 ?>r $40,000.
If it had trained, however, thesS
receipts woald have fsllen oiT to
almost nothing. Of course many
k?-pt at homo by the rain would
have lisiie?! the fair later in the
week, hut many would not, and
the fair woald ronseqacatly have
b>st many thousands Of ?lollars.
This >??ar in gambling against
rain mid patting most of Its ?
in one basket, i^Aih?? old sds
has ii. tin* Fair r,??in'i:iinni has
Imn'ii emim-ml*. silt**ressful. Il lia
?ii\?-n a better fair and tnkea In
more money iban ?-\?-r before in
ii?. history.
Bal it is probable, it is said,
thai next year RkVrlimond Day will
double; that there will be two
Richmond ?la*.?-?a second day to
recoup I???.?*'-, in? in n ?1 by possi?
ble bad weatlier ?>u the tir-t day.
It has been siiggested that the
a-?4M*lation s?-t aside one ?in\ for
Hi? humutl men ham?, busil
men ami ??< iaool children, for In
??Ian??*, and one day for labor.
RlcJunond would tlien have iw<?
?Ia>s. ami sbouiii iin- first prove
rainy the (second's receipts?
should that <ia> be good-would
sn\?? the a-?,?.??? iaiion from bis??.
If the n-io.-inl Ion (1ml it impos?!
Me to set assiste tw?s? atajras ?-v?-in
atv?r?l) for lti?'limoiiil ii is then aaaa
ue-t.il Hint Kleiimoinl hliiin- the
I?? ?Iii>m nil'ii the Inriiii'iN ?ir ?.??III
olh?-*r ?ili.-s. In thai e\eut Itieh
1110ml 111111I1I iiii?Ioiilile?|l ?. take an
?aSSSSl inlcrr-t in III?- fair, mol ..??nl.l
psatrosslmc it ssa a?***a?*,s*??saail*r, fae
.seliotils -- ??ailal Ix- i'|o?.e.l on one Of
the ?la.? s. jii-t lis Cicj ?.'re ??l??s?..i
thlss Ji'iir, anil a -?i-iiernl holiday
vtnnlil he iiIimtiicI.
It Is not iiruui'il Hnil this plan
?.?oilI.I he UM Koo.l MM ill,* plan n????
pre*, itllliiu if ?.ii 11 ?.1.1 ne I h ronchon?
the entir?- alts] eonlil In- kiiii rant eeil.
It Is iiriairil l>> asusay, h?>.> ?-?. *vr.
that Ihe at*asmkl?*> SSSatsMBl the
wenther on one <l:i> *.\lii?-h inn?
make or break Hi?* In Ir Is 11 m?tI??iim
matter anil ????iilil he much mor?'
MerloiiH if the lair should lose its
R I O H M O X 1). VA.?Special.?
.Marshall Gilliam, of Danville, will
have to ,tr.> to Jail fur a period of
sixty days and pay a tine o? $.">'? and
cost's for n sal?- of liquor without a
license. The sale is alleged to have
been made March l.tii of this year.
Qllllam was arrested by an officer
when he saw Gilliam pass a i>ottl?> of
liqimr to a man. the purchaser being
forced to produce the bottle when the
officers placed him under am
The case was tried In the Mayor's
court and tl ? BSed
nd the jail ?< ntence
added. Bond for good behavior was
.i!so required.
Gilliam appealed to the Corpora?
tion Court, and a jury confirmed the
verdict of the Mayor, and then coun?
sel for Qllllam came to the Supreme
? 'ourt of Appi reliel That body
today refused to Interfere in the
In any way. and the - ? mds.
VI ,- il.-i. -t from
nssr 101 n Laboratory to \ <>?? the fasasotSM
rOII.KT IMIKI' tit.? I l??\s.
Ill I- leninii s Proflta.
; >.?nr m?? >.'le?-|... ?. roSa?
il I ion i>i.. f
I ?-.-inl 4 0111 (?in:iltoss (Hier,
IM llll'IN Hit ? \IV
:tl i:i??n jsh, st. ?? aork. N. \
VVo^Mts Departh??Wml
it-? T?
House huid n
Tau .. ith
oil of tur]
TO !<? ?
< :h
'.. n
Immedia I
W'h?n the ?ako in the ov? n i
lemon J
Tlii best p
? o- ribs, surloin and p
\. w Dress Notes.
Th? : Is admirad
much h
OtCd at P the tie'.'
? ?
A me ma
top and
bottom makes a suitable finish ?"or a
skirt of Striped material. The
should b Ith kilt
Everybody is wearing the R
the of Valen
flatly on black chiffon and bord?
by s me. On <
frill "f the lace unmounted, but
finished .'Is., by a chiffon hem.
Th ? ho ' ould make hi r
frocks at h"me has been abb- this
?on to diversify her wardrobe by
many changes, but in spite of the
fact that a frock of today requires
only four <~>r five yards of material.
dreas has 1 ting as much a-*
ought In the shops.
When in doubt have navy serge. Is?
alws d philosophy, ami now
that the deml-salson has arrived and
the hot summer weather hns broken
up. we are only anticipating a little
when we order tailor suits of navy
for the autumn
For the most psrt they will he
tain, the only adorn
? being buttons and braid. Braid
win bind the square-cut coat which
in singl? fashion In
ngle row of but.
runs down the center of the front of
skirt. Panels an?! pleats will be
pop r the skirts Will
I i .r? -?a.ic Talker.
? in. not made. Tht*
r It.
s - >m? -
Pi rhai -
wh< n v.
n our
er that ??'
n the world
r the heart
to listen to hem stories in which th
tail ?' v\uh sickening
The only way to keep away from
the tlanj?erot i d of boredom is
to be less mindful of every little item,
to skip some of the non-essentials and
to remember, always to rem? m
that the good natui ner may
sometimes look haopy ami entertained
: when she simply longs n> flee from
the ?iront* of wearisome trlvlalltl?
Don't you suppose there ever was
'kind friend, an outspoken brother or
sister to recognize the bore and tell
her that only prompting of all p>
keep tired folk chained to their
ts when they want to run away?
? For one cannot believe she realizes
what she is doing.
That is why it is well to think a
bit ano' ask on? st If if she ever drifts
away t?> the land of forget fulness of
others, the land where those Ions',
some stories have their origin.
K. ep the length of one's recitals well
In mind, for while It is horrible to lie
.1, tht-r?' is one worse thing?to
inflict the punishment.
Most of us at one time or another
have suffered from this peculiar weari?
ness, but so long ;is we have n><t been
guilty of passing it along it ?loes not
BO much matter.
Do you know that we miss a lot In
this world "when we have uo one to
tell us of our own shortcomings, no
one i" point out the grievous little
ad habits thai Inevitably l
from the grt i Ion with
Because many tinos, unless some
one pointedly calls us to account we
not realise w here
! 1 n that one matter of boring
I with needless details, it would :
! real knidn? : the ?le;
: nobody but verj patient folk lis
with any shot?
it is not such a
nt when one has nothing to
I a-liioiKih?e I a? ?? ?-> ol the Seo son,
- ?
i ri t
To ?;< * Ive i I?>?\?
I ?
r this wa
? orth k: this
Immediately when tal
from the water.
To rei
a rue apply Mien
pply more until no stain
ithache is to ru
of Union on
?i on s wet ?loth for a
th?n turn out
Por tin* Hair.
? k Is as lunar as
? o be k?pt > Pan looking.
v. hile washln ? cer
sorb1 rug -trip
it and the
: : i n C
it ?b>wa until the bristl?
rid it li? to th.?
of this i
I how large s <iu.in
tity of (. the
To Flag the Hair.
Hair csn 1"? fluffed and ma
t well from the h> s
without curling, by brushing it with
outward twist of the wrists that
the hair up from the s?alp.
For this bru shine divide the
into strand?, and d in
a circle; then begin further up
continue until all
: and lightened.
If this style <?f hrushim-r is kept up
Btra!ght?esl and str .air
soon becomes tir puff
out from the :"
. i" and r??tat?H*-.
Wash ' rom the
neck?a ?hea',' tut?and
boilii tiy? Add
led ami
Ish with
Brown Gravy.
Melt ;?
Cabbage-Beet Salad.
? "h
th pretty
il milk in d?
!i a
: hen
-tir in two will i
until thick ami creamy; add four
tr. one ta ble
a hay !
salt and pep,
while hot. ?.'hill. Place in beets just
Cauliflower Salad.
Wash ami soak a cauliflower, drain
it. boil in plenty of boiling Baited wa?
ter uncovered for thirty mini:
When ready, drain; with a sharp knife
cut into small pieces, stand aside until
very cold. At servil arrange
neatly in salad howl with or without
ice. Dust with chopped pan
: over French dr< rve.
st?wed Limn Beans.
Throw the beans into boiling un
salteo'water; boll forty minutes, drain.
Slip each bean out of its hull, the
>anie as you would slip an almond
| from its skin. Put thorn hack Inl
; saucepan with sufficient boiling ?s
?to cover. Simmer gently fifteen min
Bon with salt, pepper and but?
ter. Serve.
Apple Tapio? a.
.1 pearl tapioca in
boiling water until transparent; add
? bal' ted rind
! pa if t wa ?\ . ap
: pies, ti?
I? mon, cover with I
A I Ornamental Tr
fall delivery? Also Rhode Island
Wdodlawn. Va.
talk to Tour neighbors

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