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The Mathews journal. (Mathews C.H. [Court House]) 1903-1937, October 24, 1912, Image 2

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TV Ai? HIN ?TO N. D. <V- S.icclal.
|-??4*au??t? of il??* approacMsig iia
lioual ?-l???-ti?)ii tli?* St-nato liivt*s
?gutiii?. ? ??iiiniJtt?*** tu look into
?-??iitritiuiiou.?- will ?-?>iii|)l< u* its
work, a?* rii|ii(ll.r us p?>*??!l?lt* and
lli?'ii ailjourii to formul?t?" ils rt*
port. It is iiiiiU-rstoo?! tluit in
?111*? ill?* llH*llllK*r> will l?S??llllllfIUl
tir? at?-:- publicity for nalioiial ?-ou
Tills i?. l>?-in.-< rat!?- field ?Say !>??
f??r?? the Clapp ? oiiimii??*?". Amont*;
til?* v? ?tin*?? ? on lin- -*?-|i?*?hil?" :irc
S?*nai??r ItanklM-atl. a.I \ I;i f>?i iiiia.
? !<*u?l?-r in trucar t ii?l<*rvvoo?l.?. pr?*
< on? ?-mi. i ? aiiipsJgn ; William I.
J->l??"??iiil.?. iiiaiiau?? ?'I ?.ov?*rn??r
\\il*-??ii- i>, ? -?-on? ?nlioii ?atn
pavlgn; Wlllaani ?.. M.-Ailoo. ?n
\?\v Voi'k, Ba-tlng t-lialrniaii of
Hi?? l>?ni?-? i-?iiia- National ? 0111
mill??*: Itog?-r A. Sullivan, oi Illi?
nois, and Allot. It. I'iiiktr, l>?*mo
?rain* pr< ?id?-niial ? atnlidat?* In
19?) I.
M lu*n ?In* committee ? ?>n??n?*?l
William I '. M ? ?mil??, ?Bllipaign
iii.-tii-i'-< r for V. oo.lroiv Wilson*,
wiis tin* lir>t vii.ii??*? i?? take 111?*
Prior to ?Mininiian ?'lapp's ?ill!
for ?>rd?-r an iiiiormal r?*??*p?i?>n
was held with ?M-nators l'oiiiort-iu*.
of Ohio, and l*aiit?-r. Of Ka-niii? kv.
Ili-nio. ran? m.-Mil.? r? of Un* <<?iii
iiiiile?-. a? tin;; a.-? Ii??t>.
.Mr. M?-?'??nih> told ill?* inv?*sti
*isil?>r? (liai as < arjv a? May, HI It.
In- l??---aii boo i*.iii.-. tin* ***'?-vv ?J?*rr
M-y ?.<>? eiiinr loi- (ht* nomination.
anil tli.it lor a t-oiisidcruldt* lim??
In* liai?! tilt* i-\|i? n>?*s Irnin lii?
?>vvu resour? ???.
M? ?*oinl?s in?|iiii-??4l ?if iln* i?nii
iiiillit* vvlu-ilu-r coiilrihiilions
ina?l?- prior i?> t?Vl2, hill aktsaTsg
in tin* Wilson prt*-?-??nvt*ntioii
liubi. wer?* to be ?*onsi?l?"r?"?l.
"I litloiiltM-ill? anytlaliag r?*!at
inji t?? tin* ?andiilaiy of Mr. W il
Noii is iuiporfant." r?-pli??d Si'im
lor Clapp. The wilnc?> tlu'ii stat?*?l
tliat durum Hit* t-iirly part of tin*
V. ii-on ?ampami In* bad expend
?*?! match iiioii?-y liimst*ir, ? itlng ??in*
instan.?- whi-rt'lii In* liad ?*on
?rltniu-d Mf.OOO. II?? ?Inn iHiian
r.-adiii', a li?t ?if i-ontribiitors to
l!i?" Wilson ?iiiiipaiun fund, but
siopp?*.i abruptly t<? explain how
I r?nl?ri< k ?'. IViitit-ld, of Philo
delphla, had ?*ome to ? ontribiit?*
M? ?'.?mils cavo the total of
money t*\p?>nd??*l in tlit? pr?--?-on
v?"iition Wil**?m ?amiKiluu n?*
-*i!!i:;.r??i::.si. the lar^tst Item of
?lilcli was a ? ?mtrilnilion by
<'l?-v?-Ian?l and II. l)inli"i'. an?! flu?
l*rin??'t?)n friends of ?'overnor
Wilson, aniouiitin-j: to SSSJSO0.
A mon?*; of!i?-r ?ontrihiitinns wi-ne
William I'. Met ?nubs. $11.000:
Charles It. Cram?. SIO.OOO: Samuel
Vnteriii??yer. $7.0?K): collated by
Jacoh H. s<bin. ?i-:..-.!??), and from
11. .?. Hamtt. p. ii. Roberto, R.
M??;ill, II. p. M.Masii-r and
]>-*iiii??l P. Platt, $2,OOii eu?*h.
In ti-stifyliii?; as to lVnlield's
?-oiim-i tion with iln* fiiinin?"? oT
?In* Wilson pre-eonvenllnii ?am
palj-n *?le<'??nih?. MoM tliat In* ?**<
I??h*i?hI *?..-.,?mm? ii-oiii liim in S?>p
tt-inlM?r, 11?! I. and in Junuarj,
l**!**, a li1??* amount.
I.at?r ?m lVnli?-!?!, having loft
tlit.?*? ??oiiiitr?,, M? i ?>inI??? *?iii*l li??
? al?U?! t<> In in in l.f*,jpl an?! ?>h
tuiii? ?1 $g,-MM mor??.
In ?xauiinini; i!h? \\it?n?ss t'lialr
man ?Tlapp ? ?.niui?*?l hlmarlf t<>
Ilia- ta?.k ??l attempting l?> pr?>\??
that n*?>r?? inon??y lia?! Ih??*u ?*\
l>? iitla-<i i!i.in '.?luall.v ap|H?ar??<l in
tin? viat?-iu?'iii.
**\N hat linn? ?lo th?*s<? e*tp?*ii?Il
tur?s ??"?.?'r'.'" Clapp ask???!.
A. I'rom .Inn?- l*?t until tin?
Hint- ??i' the ?'??na?'iititni.
?,). I?t? you m??an t?? say that
that in? lu?l??s all expel?*?**'"
A. I'ra? t??ally all <-\p?-n*??? ?a?
far as tin* national or?*,aiii/.atioii
i- ? ?tu?vi-ihmI.
i). Have you ;iny know ltd;;??
Ihai this is al! tin- inoiny that ?
?\p?-iu!?-?l in the I ii it ???1 stat?
A. That is nil that 1 know ?if.
t}. I s?*?? in this report that flew
.l?-r?*??y is <re?litetl will? ?-\p?-iHli
tun.s umoiinthi??- to 5>:i.?MM>. Is
th?-r?? no further ??\peniliiiii e that
you r???*al!?
i{i;i'i?in' (omi'utk.
A. That is all of lh?? money
thai was spent hy th?' natioiiiil ?>r
?-.ani/atinn. and. so l.'ir as I know,
that was all of th?- inoiu-y s'H-nt
in tlu? stat??.
<?>. Would that apply to all
otli?*r States?
A. Tin? r?*port is complete s<?
far ?is I know.
Q. Who was in ??liar?*;?? of tin?
Illinois ? anipaii*ii '.'
A. Law ren?e |?. Stiiii?_?;er, who
is r.unniiiK lor ?'oii-^ri-ssiiian-at
(?. I so?* in this r?*port tliat you
??ay $:5.<M>0 ?Aas ull of lh?? money
??p-j-nt in Illinois. D<> y??n mem?
t?) Ni) that tliat was tin? t??tal ev
p?*n?l???l in that Stat?*?
A. I think it was.
M (?Combs stated that the total ex
pendltures of the Wilson men in the
pre-convention campaign amounted
to 128.183.05, thus a deficit of nearly
$15.000 ?-xi.stH a? a result of the pre
convention lia-ht.
Senator ? ?liver was particular to
?list ios?- tin- Identity ?>f the "l'rince
ton friends" who contributed to th?
100 fund accredited t?> Cleveland
H. Dodge, and Mr. IfcComha said thai
h? had been told hy Mr. Dodge thai
Cleveland H. Dodge had contribute?
|51,S00, Thomas I). Jones $10,500
Da\i.l P. Joins $10.500. Cyrus H. Me
Cormlck $12,500, Thomas D. Jone:
$10.500 ar.tl Kdward W. Sheldon $1.
I 000.
He said that $3.000 was sent int<
Illinois and that ho was certain tha
pre-convention expenditure? <?n <;.>v
t-rnor Wilson's behalf in that Stat
did not exec?-?l that amount.
Senator Pomerene took up th.
Q. Who is Henry Morgenthau ?
A. He is in th?- real estate husines
in New York city. Hi* was introdu???-?
to me as an ??nthusiastic Wilson ma;
who.?-?- only Interesl was in seelni
Governor Wilson elected Pre?
He gave me four checks totaling $20,
Ex-President Declares That He
Feels "Bully," and Asks for a
Book to Read?His Speaking
Tour Is Temporarily
Called Off.
CHICAGO, ILiLy., Oct. 15.?The
following bulletin on C??Iouel
ltoos?'\?'ii's condition was i.-?u???l
at Mercy Hospital at 1:15 o'l-Jock
Ulis all? moon:
??An c:\aminutioii of C<ilonel
I?U?i*?sevell at 1:05 o'elo?*k showed
a t??mp?-raturc or ?8, puUr 92, ami
r?.\spiruiloii normal. lia?-at bin??- ut
Umea glv?**a him pain. He must
?????ase talking and receive no vis?
it- >rs. Tlds is not a inert? llesh
wountl. bul u serious wound in
tiie chest. (?ui??tude is absolutely
CHICAGO, ILdL., Oct. 15.?
Physicians who examine?! Theo?
dore itooseaelt, ?. ictlm of tlie
Indict ol John Schrank, would
be avssassin, today, alter a care
1 id ?-.\aiiiinatioii. stat?-d tliat the
e*?-l*resi?ieiit will live.
The aniioum-?*nient came late
in Hie moriiiu?-; alter a consulta?
tion ujK?n th?- various p h use s of
the examination into the former
lTesideiit s ?'??million. It has not
bero decided when an attempt
will be Hindi' t?? remove the bul?
let, it is sial??d positively, liow
<*\?*r. tliat only a local unacsthe
sia won!?! be ii**c4*ssary.
The following oilieial bulletin
wax issii??d ut 11:35 o'clock ut
Mercy Hospital :
??H?-ep bullet wound Of chest
wall Without striking n \itul or?
gan in transit. Wound not probed.
I'oint of entrance one inch lo
right ami ?me* inch below lev?*l
of right nipple, liullct up and In
distance oi l?iur inclic*? ?lc?*p in
chest wall. No ?'\i?l?-ii??* tliat bul
l?*t ??enetrated lungs. No op?ra?
tion to remove bullet is iiulicated
at present tiiiu?. Condition ho|H?
lui. but s?? Important as to ?le
inand absolut?? rest for a number
Of day-.
"Present ctmdltlon of patient:
Pulse, ?Mi; it-io|M-raiiirc, 91*.2; re?
spiration. 20.
? \i;i in it i>. in a an.
"SlHItiA !.. TERHEIAj,
??<>. c. svi,i-:s."
?? lh?- Colon?*!'- condition hi
sii?-h that 1 believe he will be
abb- to resume his tour in a u?-?*k
OT t?*n ?lays." sai?l Philip ltoosc
velt, ?-oil-in of the f?>rm??r Presl?
?lent, today.
CHIC.\?V'>. H.H.. Oct. 15.?Ex
I*r?-si?l? nt 1 h?-o?i??r?? ltoosc v?*lt.
who was -hot last night at Mil
wank?-?- by a maniacal Bavarian,
toilay i?-l?-?l comfor'ahly at
?lerey Hospital, while physicians
?leveloprd \-iay plate- that woultl
sell!?- delinil? l\ Ihe location o?
the bullet lit?*?! into Ids right
br?-a-i and determine whether an
op? ration was necessary.
Th?* Colon?*l u.is sir?'ii<* und
go?od himiored alter the exami?
nation wa- < oinplet? ?I.
He an- a h<*ar'y breakfast and
read a book, while lh?- doctors
consulted <?v?-r the n?et*essit*r for
an ?operation.
??I f???-l bully." he sai?l, vvh?*n
as|.e?l ,-iboiii his < oiulitioii.
The Colon?Ts speukln?*; trip has
??line to an abrupt end. li was
annoimi <-d that his phy-icians
ha?! <!??< ??led it w?uild be ?uiwi*-e
for him lo continue tin* tour, ami
Ihe Col??n??l ha?; ?*onseiit?*?i to r?*
turn tu <>?s?. ?? I ?a y a- soon us
"Coloii?-l It<?os<*\?-H has Just
???mi?- tram? lh?- openniinii- ro??m,
where anolher s?-t ?if X-ray plates
? aid Dr. Terr?*ll. in
H later sialcim-nt. "I !>??-?? plut?
?it? n?>vv Im* i m?; ?h?, ?-lop?-??'. So far
a*, vvi* know now the lnt??r. X-rny
?l?*vel?ip?*?l iiolliiim n?*vv in refer
?-I1? ?* t?" Colonel lto?>sev?*It's a <?n?li
lion. A.? .??.?oil as In- r?-?-?>vi-rs suf?
ficiently he will be tak?*n feo his
home in Oyster Hay. He will not
go on the roa?! npain."
l>r. Sayb? suppleiiu-iiteil the
sfaia-ineiit, sayin?;:
"If tin* doctors ?!?*<iile tlint it
is ne? ?"S?ury t?i pr?>lH? for the bul?
let in Colonel Koo?ev ell's iMxly,
it looks now as if iiolliiiij*; more
than a bx-al aiuu-stli??.?a will Ik*
n?"< ?*ssary."
Itoos?"v?"lt at?? a h??ar*ty br?"ak
fast ?if bacon, ?*iiss an?! tea and
Dr. Arthur Dean llevan will
perform tin* operation if one is ?!?*
i?-rmin?*<I on. When Roosevelt
was informed by ti'li'?-raph that
his daughter, Mrs. Alit*e L*ong
vviirtb, was Icuviiii?; at ?ui?*e f??r
t'hi? a1;??, he arma ffneatly pleased.
CinCAGO, ILL., Oct. 13.?
Th?*o?l??re Kooscvelt arrived In
Chica-?*?? shortly after ** o'eloek
tills nioriiin?^ from Milwaukee,
where lit? was shot last nl^ht,
and four hours later was taken
to Mercy Hospital for an opera?
Just iH'for?" tin* nmhiilanee left
the Wells station of the Chica-*;??
and .\?>rtlivv?"st?*rn ltallway for
th?* hospital at t>:ir> A. M. Dr.
John 11. Murphy, the funions Chi
?***s**0 sar-??-on. said: "Coloiu'l
lt??<?scve!t's woiinil is more s?*
rions than we at first tliou^lit.
It?- should Ih* in a hospital In*?!,
not in a railroad <-oa?-ii. We will
mak?' an X-Ray exaniinatioii at
oiu-e. I am not. of ?-ourse. pre
parcil to say now just how .?**?
rions his injury Is."
Ilr. Murphy was only one of
four piijsiiiaiis who met tit?* ex?
PresJt-tent when he arrivod lure.
Coloiii-l l*<>o?c\ ?It tapent tin*
time in a sl?*eping ?ar h?-rth witli
physicians constantly In atiend?
an?"?' from his arrival here iiutil
In- was removed to tin* li??*-.pitul.
The station tras ?i?*???-rte?i when
th<" Colonel was ?arrie?! to ?he
ambulance. There was no crow?!,
no bands and no rhecrii-ag.
T?tere were many poli? i-uu-u on
hand, bul theli" serv iocs w?'re not
n?-?-di-?l. It was in mark?*?! COn*>
trasl with tin* usual Hoos<>v?-lt
?'iitr.v into a ?it.v. The Colonel
sttretehed out at lull ke**gth in
ll;?" ambulance In oi?l?r to ?-on
serve lii.s 8tr?easgth for the opera?
tion. A pliysi? ian sat lit i'itbei'
?i.i.- making constant notes of
leiiip?-raflire and inspiration.
A iii-niher of Colonel I.oosc
veil's Intimate friends hail hur?
ried t.i iln* ?fatioii and tlie-*?* Iill?'?l
a -avah-a?!.' of ota automobiles
which followed tin? amhiilauee,
taking him to tlie lio?pitai for the
removal of the huli?*i fi? ?il into
hi? boily by .lohn Schrank.
I ?ii*, pie<aiition was taken to
prevent a crowd from gathterlng
about l!u* Hoos?"V?-lt rar. 1'ew
??i-i.ii? knew .?ii?( where if slo?i?!,
ami except in t!i<* ? a*?e of lu'vvs
paper nn-ii ami ii lew ?dhers the
railroad aiitiioi-ift?-? refused to
i <?i i I ils loeaiion.
In ortler, to divert p<is-ible
crowds it was early announced
thai Colonel l'oo-??v<-lt would be
taken to Hit* Pi? sf?> lerian Hos?
pital. At the last mlmile. how -
evcr, tin patient ?vas taken to
Men v Ho?-pilal, wli<re pn-para
tioii? had already '?.en mude lor
III* i <?< eplii.ii and ?a re.
'the Colonel exhibited his ?-mnc
m-?- thrroughout. Although bis
< I.eeK? w<-re hlau?-he?i and his
M-clh hard <i?-n? bed lo k?-?-p ?lown
the rising pain, lie Insisted upon
walking from his ?ar t<? the am
hlllallee. \ filen?! w Hiked upon
teach side support in?*: him.
<)n?*e the Colon?*! t*rrliin?"?l whi-n
The upper photograph is of a group of soldiers of
?with the soldiers of King Nicholas, or Montenegro, in
Balkans. Below is a group of army officers of Mo
Turko-Montenogrin frontier.
the Bulgarian army, which is expected tto stf-n join forces
the latter's fight to overthrow the Turkifffi dynasty in th??
itonegro, of th?? type that are leading the fight along the
I>r. Murphy lN???aii to ??.\pr??ss his
???moi-ru openly. H?**we?er, Dr.
Murphy <**> plain?*?] tliat Colon??!
l*.oos??\?-lt's pow??rful ??onstitutloii
was a strong ?-b-ment in his
favor. 1
?*Tli<? thin?*; we nio-i f?-ar now
is blood poi-on." said I>r. Murphy
OH tin? way to lh?* Uospiial. '?Hut
<*v??ry pos-iblo precaution known
to m?sli?al science 1-? lir-hig taken
lo pn'vcnt that."
\- lh?* ambulant?? m?iv???l nway
a few train hands ami passei
who lut?! nathercd upon seeing
the ambulance and automobile.
st???Hl near tlie <*urb ami took oiT
their hats and -tood mi<*ov??re?l
vvlicn they h-ain?-?! that Colonel
Roosevelt was inside lh?? hospital
Tlie same fortitml?? which l?a?l
??nable;! tin? former I*r??si?l?'nt to
sp?ak last night In Milwauk?*??
aft??r he had Ih??*u sliot market!
his demeanor afl??r tin? hospital
wj?s r??nehed.
Tln-r?* it was found that his t??m
p??rntur?? was alxtul normal. This,
the s?ir?*,??oiis sal?!, was a favor?
able sign.
Colon?*! l*.oo*??-velt talked with
th?? surgi'ons as tji??y nmeinmreA th?*
X-Ray machine for a final ?*xnm
ination l??*ft>r?- beginning t?> prolH?
! for the bull??!.
Colonel Koo-??vell. in the ho
pltal h??r?-. showed ilaat same for
tltud?? which he had shown in tlu?
ll? ?pi tal at Milwaukee, a here,
while up in tin? o|>?*rai!ng ro-om,
he ?lletated til?? follow in??: t??l?*
gram to his wife in N??w York:
'?F?-?*ling fin??. Have bullet in
<*h??st, but it will amount to pra?*
ti?-all.v nothing. Man who shot
me u?*?d .:?H-??alilH?r r??volv??r.
Talked for hour and a half aft??r
iM'ing shot. Have f?'lt tine all time
and will only Is? ?pii??t two or tliree
Rei'orc leaving Milwauk?*?;* t ?>!??
nel iioos?'vcIt took th?* arnuige
ments into his own hamls und
?alhsl up M?*?lill M?*C<?rmick. the
I*r?*gi*e?-.slve l??a?l?*r in Illinois, on
the telephone at Cld??ago. Tlu*
Odonel asked Mr. MeC<?rml?*k to
1m? at the Nortliw??stern Station
with an mitoniobile at <> o'clock
this morning to take him to tlie
Tin? Colon?*l's lost wor<ls to Mr.
MeCormh-k were: *T have last
finished sha. in;- myself.**
hi id.irr hocxTci).
A nurse win? \\?*is in the room
wh??n an X-ray examinaii??n was
made of Colonel Koose.flt t???lay
said that tin- bullet had been lo
?*af<??l in th?> fl?-shy part <?f the
?*h??st. Th?? bull?-t is on lh?? right
sith-, an in? h and a half below
the right nipple. The physicians
have as y?-t i-?-u???l no formal
statement. Tin- nurse nsaerted
that th?* ?lo? tors had de? ??led to
operate ut on?-??.
Tlie nurse said the bullet hot i
not penetrated th?? wall of Ihe
?iu-si. but was lodged in the
inn-? ulur tissues.
she further runted that the
Mir:*?'?>ns bad ?le? i?l??l to perform
an operation at once. The result
?>i the examination, as r??p?>rt???i by
the nur,-?*, <-ori'fspoiids with that
math? hy Dr. Joseph HI??o?h;<?o?l.
of Johns Hopkins i nlverslty, who
v\as one of the SUrga***OlM ?-ailed In
atiendan?*- while th?' Colonel wa
stlll in Milwaukee. Dr. Blood
good u?-eri? d that the bull?*t wa
lodged lielwttn tin* iiinih ami
tenth ribs and lay just below th?*
right nipple.
Aller lin? examination the fol?
lowing tetegram was sent to Mrs.
Ho?i-?-\?-lt. in New ?I ?irk, by El
bert Martin, private sl?-nograph?i*
to ihe (Colonel:
?*iii?* present examination ?ap?
port** lh?* prior one ma?!?* by the
physician*! In Milwaukee. The
i'?'-pii?itory m?iv?-m?-nt on tin? right
sid<*. in which the bullet is stt
uaf?-?i. is perfeetlj free ami easy,
am! sounds normal. His puls?- is
not-'iial. and there is little diffi?
culty in talking. ll<* has ?\pe<
torated n? Mood. Tin? present
<i?'s< lipiit.iis ftlven by the x-ray
show Ihe bullet to b<? situate?! in
? sal?* plat <*. Addithuial X-ray
are being made now ami will be
? ompl<*t?-d within an hour.''
After th?S photo?-.raphs had be? 11
ma?b* tlu? Colonel ?ailed for a
book. He said he wanted some
thlng llghl ami diverting, and a
book was bronchi to him. lie
laiii-hc?! at the ?!<?<t??rs wlu-n it
was ?iiseov?*ne?i that In the hurry
Of Icavim*; tin* special train bis
attendants had ne-;!?*? te?! to brliii
haS pajamas.
Tlie formal statement of tin*
phv?i< iaus as to the hnatioii of
the iiuib-i was ?ait expected to be
nta?l?- until litter th?* photographs
of tin* evaminat ion hid Ix-en nnii
p!?*i??d. The phy ?ii-ian?. however,
app?-iir???l mor?' < .iccrl'ul otter the
examination bad heeu nunl?-, and
it was liclh-v?*?! that lb?* (?Million
indita!???! by the inirs?* would
prove Iln* ? ?)i-r?*?t on?*. No prcpu
ratioiis for an ?ip?-rali?ni were Im*
It was evident thai flu* ?lo<t<>rs
had <i?*< i<l?*?l to wait until the
final resal? of ih?-lr ?'xaminatioii
via? deliult?-ly known iM'for?? tlu*y
atU'tupted to remove the bullet.
Till?, fac? was ?*oiisi?l?'r<*?l en?*our
aglni by the OolowePs l-imuls
They ass?-rte?l that If tin* ?-xaiiii
nation liad shown the wound dun
gerous efforts would bav?* b?*cn
ma?l?- to remove flu* bullet.
Th?? Colonel shaved himself
after be had Ixiartl?"?! bis special
? ar in Miiwauk?'?". His liaiul was
*-i?-a?ly an?! be ??splayrnl no
n?*rvou?*ii?-?s. The Colonel was
eertaln w li?*n tin? tniln left Mil?
waukee that he would !>?? able to
go to liulianapolis. wlu-r?? In* will
In- s?he?liih?l to sp?"iik tonight.
He ?lislik?'?! t?> ?iv?- up tin* ith-u
NIW I'OEK, Oct. t8*?Mr?*.
Th?*odur<. lt??u??*? ?-It today decide?!
nut to ko to < til?-?--,?? ualea? ?'<>!
??nel WS??Vit** condition brromra
no arriuua tbat ?lit* <iunbl to ?1?? ko.
**he t?--?*ut a **l?*r|?l?*??i* 11 inUi at th?*
1k.hu- of lier 11 un I? un ?l'a t-oualu, J.
?\ er*t lla>aK-?-t a-ll, l.ul receive*! *???r?l
.shorllt after 7 o'.liiok that tl:?*?r?
?tun uo ?><-?*iinI?>ii for i in in ?-.Iln la*
alarm. Mi?- (h.n tr.-m to l??*?l and
? lt*pt Inlc Into the niuruloK.
"Mr?. l{o?iNt-?elt I? uatl ?..rrjlni;
over her bualianal'N couditloii," miiI.I
Oliver ItooNe? elt, Nun of J. .VcNt
11.?o<t?*? elt, till** inoriiliiu. **(?f ?'niir.se
slia- In iiiiluriillt tuition*?, l.ul ?lie
ue??N Nbt* re?*ei?e?l l??*r?>re she went
la? lie?! ??n.** mo rrnSNliriii?* that nIi?*
?l?*?-liir?*d tliat her preNence In t'hl
?"****? t?.-is not ??t-a-a'N.sur.t. I1?mv<>? er,
nIi?- !m holding lia-rselt ready to ????
I* her lilisliiiutl'N l.cal.shl?- it? n inai
iik-iiI'm noil?-?*.
?'The t'olonel did not nppenr to lie
In mi* iimiK'dlal?- al.1n-4.-r nuil un?
less hin ?-oiidillon l??-?-uiii<-N ulitriii
inji VI rs. It ous?-t ?i t ?till remull?
her?*. lOvery hody In titklnj** I hi.?*
terrible lliiiin un ???-Il un ?-ould ht*
?-\i??-.-t?-al un?! ?1rs. linos?-? ?-It (he
I..-?I o 1' nil. Mie nIio?*.-?I ht-ritelf 11
rciiiurkitlily lirnve vtoimiii."
Una. House? ell ??us 111 lendltiK a
|i?-rr??rt.iaii?-e of tla*- *"Vl?-rr.t < oiitil
t'Nh" lit tli?* CaslB** Tlienler ??hen
Nhe re?-?-i??-if news ?lint her Iiiin
IiiiiiiI linal Barca Nhol ill *.! II ?t unk?-?-.
Tbe?xlore Itoo.s?-* ell, Jr., ala* 1111
noiiii?-?"?! thl?. niorniiiK that h<*
ttoulal un? ??o <?? Claieas** iluleMN Ills
fnther'N a-aimli tiun li.-.-iini?* Mt-rious.
< o vim i:\ts.
LONDON, Oct. 1...?English news?
papers today ..irii?-.i in heavy black
tin- details of the shooting <>t' Col?
onel Theodore Roosevelt. Few <.f them
commented editorially, however.
\n exception w enlng SI
w rdch as i<l In part : "Am?
re now found ou!
how terrible a thins; it is to live
! m < i ? i 11 he vi.-i im
itlc, but it is ?if Lincoln rather
than McKinley t lia I tin- ii.'us B?tS US
: i 11 *_*:
"Lincoln p< 1 Quality ol j.er
"1 *,.t..n?-? Roosevelt, with all h?^
qualities, is an obvious man and obvi?
as a rule, are lacking in
11Ilar quality of personal n
"Even Ai tin.l themselves at
a lo p?a m ? 'olonel Ro
undoubted Intluei them. Th?
contrast with th? martyred Lin
will, we trust, i..- continued by <'.?l.?n. 1
?..?..iy re?**overy."
Virginia Couple \\< ?I at .*> A. M.
OKRSTOWN, Ml?, <?<t. IS.?
Miss Pearl Kit?-, <?f Bhenandoah, Va.,
and Harry Kite, of Grove Hill. Va.,
were married in Hagerstown yester?
day morning at 3 o'clock at the First
Haptlst parsonage ' :? the K?-v. i:. K.
Thomas, who was routed from bed to
perform the ? sremony.
lyUOIKK Cl.i:Uh OP (.(KHHI.AM)
R I C H M O N D, VA.?Special.?
After examining il. B. Boudar, the
expert accountant of Richmond, th?
Kr.in?* jury in the Circuit Court of
Goochland county, yesterday returned
a seven-count Indictment ?gainst nto
T. Monteiro, for twelve yean clerk
of the county. Six counts in the In
I dlctment charge misappropriation of
funds of the county .if Goochland,
while the seventh all.??.res the same of?
fense with reference t<> monies be?
longing to the Commonwealth.
It appear?, ?ccordlng to the state?
ments mad? by Mr. Boudar, whose
lirm. 11. B. Boudar ?*? Son. examin?-d
Air. Blontelro'a i??oks, that the ?x
?l??rk owt's the county about $6,000.
The audit shows that he has over
I drawn his salary in large amounts
Iand that th?* compensation coming to
him for Indexing records was much
t.r than ha?l been ?greed upon.
It h?S be.-n known for sometlm?
that there were Irregularltle? in Mr.
Ifontetro'a account?-. The secret
leaked out when he retired from of?
fice at the bearinninR of the present
State Auditor C. T/?'t' Moore se?
cured settlement of the Common
|wealth' claim from the bonding com?
pany, the United States Fidelity anil
Guaranty Company, of Baltimore. It
is unoerstood that this concern is now
the real prosecutor in the i
Mr. Mont?-iro has heretofore borne
a Rood name, and it is. still hoped
by his friends that he can explain
matter? The present whereabout? of
Ih?- ex-Clerk, however, is not known.
though it is not charged that he is
attempting to evade arrest.
1{ I ( il M 0 If I), VA.??Special.
he was ??n hi** way home from
work last night, Marvin Ford, a bar?
ber, of 212 .North So ?nth Street, was
held up by four white men at Sev?
enth and Grace Streets, and was rob?
bed Of a gold wale? and ?bain and
$23 in current:..
Ford, according to the story he told
the police, had stopped in a saloon
to get a think shortly after leaving
the barber shop of George Bhrnlg,
where he la employed, li?- says he
had occasion to ten a roll of bills
from his pocket and! that he noticed
ral men in the bar eye him closely.
He says he paid ljttle attention to
them, however, and tj.ui no apprehen
. -i ?lanxei when ne left the place.
Just as he reached Seventh ano
Grace streets, and right under the
shadow of the Cent! ii Your
t ? 'brist lan Associ?t Ion,
forms emerge from
tree bOX He thOUg
at least urie of the in.
in- had leen in t he i.
Being unarmed
il Young Men's
be bbeei ved t wo
he shadow of a
t he recognized
i as on?- of those
nil wishing to
0 he had ao
st t ps two other
m the sidewalk.
id ib?m, in- tuiiiajti his steps Into
Grace street. l
vanced a half dozen
forma -|S If rlaln
mil his Vision.
"I saw thai I w.. ?surrounded and
thai resistance was i tile," Koni said.
While the pair tlat last put In
their appearance bl?-t%ed his pas
out Grace Sti.tt, thefwo he first en
>v.nr?l him in a
jney," one who
|ler said to him.
his command
: 1111 i
ountered ad?
t hreatenlng manner,
"\v.- want your m
appeared to be the I?
The man emphi
by flashing a revolve:
Ford Wa? hastily I
everything of value vas taken.
The police say the robbery, occur?
ritiK but one block ftoni brilliantly
lighted I ?road Btl \ s one of
most daring that has i|?t n perpeti
in this city.
Ford is confident h* assailants
the ??ame that he obt-nrved watching
him in the saloon, and he believes that
they followed him.
NE?' YORK_Sr-oeial.? As
?almly a*? n lu* were raking lu a
??bijc pol" in bis Kiiinhllii? ?l??n.
I/??uls Wrbbcr, t?-*tl!yin-*; Unlay at
tin? trial of l.i?'ut?'iiaiil Ctiarl?*s
linker lor the murder, of Herman
i;?i??-ii|lia!. svtor?? ihat the poll???
Official had <>rd?*r?*d Hoscnlbul to
Im? "?-roake**."
He thas ? orr?fhorat?*<l testimony
i*.i\ t*11 Ii? ?.uiiibh-r .lu? k Hose OB
sa? in.In >. II?* saitl llial H???*kt?r
hail oil. ii la-en in his -?umhliii?* m*- -
sort, and thi'ii t?'st Il'y In-*, as to a ,
. ?>nv?-r??itloii wbich In* bad with
He? k?-r in Juin* at ?>iu* Huii?lr?*?l
an?! Tvicniy-foui ih Stre?-t and
.????-vciitb Avenue, in tin* pr?*s?*ii? ??
of Harry Vallon. Sam Schcpps
and Ho?e, he said:
??Tin--has ??.?in* to MH* M?*
\?loo. ?.u.vnor an?! Waldo, and now
be is a-t-thag lo s?-e Wbllmaii. If
he |?<*is iher?- i< will !>?? all off.
That-should lu- ?roak?-?l.
"Il?? lli?-ii ?aile?! nu* asid?* ami
sa ??I: 'Brklgle, why dont >??u t?*ll
tin- boya t<> ? rii.ik that ??' I
said: < barley, that is a prvlty
s?-ri?>us thing.* Hut In? insist?-?!,
an?l said: 'I'll tak?- care of ?'vcry
body. If thai ? ? ?-v?*r Ki'ts to
Whitmim it's all oil.' Tlu-n I
said: 'All right ?hurhy, ir that's
tin* way.v <?ii l?-el alioiit it I'll s?
"What did you ?lo wilh rt-fcri-iin
to ?rtrOaUrag H? ?seul liai'."' he was
T\i;i?i:i> to hosi:.
"I ? I i?I not ?lo anything outside
Of la Ik ?no- to Ho?e. I talk?-?! to
him on a fi-rryhoui .Inly 10th. 1
told Hose that I lia?! just left
IIi-< k. r, ?and that He? k?-r was \?*ry
anxious that tin* boys get on the
.l??l> ami croak Ho*-?-iithui. I told
him 1 would help him when 1 gut
ha? k. ih- sai?!, "All rtgaat,' and
that be would wait until 1 got
ha? k BBd wouhl see that the boys
were <>ti the job.
"Host- sp??kc to me an?! Bold that
'lb-? k?-r was very anxious !?> have
H??*M-nilial killed," he said.
"Rosi? was to ??et the ?v-unmcti
ami brsag iln*m <<? my place."
"What ?lo you iiiian by y??ur
p?a? ?'?"
"My poker room. Then he sai?l
In* would lind Hos?-iitlial, flic job
would r?uiu* off."
"What names wi-re inentione?l
to you?-'
??l*cfiy I/oule an?! \Vhlt?y
Woblr-er calmly fu ceil Re?*kcr
as In? lcstllit"?l that the i?oll???" of?
ficial lintl ?*?H*r?*?*?l tin* clhpu* who
sIikhI in liar of him lo procnr??
llu? iniir?!??r of Rosenthal. Coin.
in?; ?Ion n to a ?*oiiversallon which
In* ha?l with Hose on July 15th,
tin* ?la* lH*fore Host?nt!ial was as?
sassin ated, tlie wltn?2*s? salil:
"Ho*c ?-aille t<? my xamblln?*
plnoe aiKiiit 4:M ?>'<"loek in tin?
afternoon. He told me that Hc-ck
? r had him on tlie telephone and
lohl him that four men had call???]
at District Atttu-m-y W hitman's
office to ?"orrolKirat?* Hosenthal's
story. Ho???* paid He?*k?-r want?*?!
him to sec tin*???? men.
"I vv?-nt to a pri/?* fl-iht at
Madison Square t.ard?n that nli?-lit
and tli?*re saw Heeker.
"After tin? lifrlit I r?*turn?*?l to
my piker room, where I found
Sam l*uul, ' I-efty Lonle1 Rosen
b*rg. '<>yp llu* I Hood' am!
?W hitiy- Lewis.
'?In a minute Jn?*k Host*. Harry
Vallon ami 'IhBgo Frank' Ciroilci
?aim- In. W ?* had some r?'lr?*sh
ineiit?. I put on my bat then
and vuilked ?iver t<? III?* Mctro
1'ole. wln-r?* I ?aw H?>s?-iithal slt
tlng. I r?*tiiru?*?l t<? my pin?-?* an?!
lohl tin* hoys. They went out in
a ina.hine. loiter I walke.1 down
to tin- ?-orner and met a man
niiim-il Flarcly. W ?? got into an
autonioliile and r-oil?* around a
while, liually g?B*Jlg to the Hotel
Cuililliic. vvher?' I saw l'oli.-c Llcti
t?*iiani Fill's.
?Tlier?" was a man's Ixxly lying
on tin* |?av?iii< nt in front of the
Metro-k i h* and a ?-rovvd about It.
It wns Ro?< iitlials. l?itt-r I re
turrned to my pin??? and th?-re I
saw lUs*ker. who cam?' a Ion?*; af?
ter a while.
"Hus?* a ml Juck Sullivan were
with me. H?'?-k?*r walked up to
Kose and ?wclaini???!: 'Jack, I
?*ongi*afeulate you. You tlid a good
Job.' It????* repli?*?!: *?-|iarlle.
there is going to be troubl?? over
tills. Whitman was around at
Hie station lions?* and they have
got tli<? nuiiiber of the automobil?*
that tin* boys rode In.'
"Hi-?*ker then ?-xclalmc?! ron
temptuously : *H?*11. there Isn't
uadni" ?o Ih" any trouble. I was
around to tlie station house anil
they hav??ii't gtM the right niim
iK?r. 1 saw the- (referring to
Rosentlml's cni-pse). und If Wlilt
maii hadn't lieen thcr?? I won hi
have taken out my knife and cut
his toiiKuc out as a warning to
nil sqtu-alers. All y??u have to do
Is Ii?1 low. I'll tak?* ?'are ??f you
all.' Then lie lohl Rose to **ivt?
th?* boys sonn* money and, turn?
ing t*> ni?*, said: *Hrl?!??:i?*, give
. Jack $1,000 and that will make
$l.r>()0 I <ivv<? you.?
"Hocker was in rooiI humor
and said to us: T w?'ut by th?*
Metro-ioh* alMiut 1:30 o'clock. I
fold my hoy to ?Iriv?* slow, and if
I had seen that - Itoseiitbal
outside I would have tak?-ii a shot
at hin i myself.' "
NEW YORK, <>?-t. it.?When
the trial ?if I'olie?' l.iciiN-naiit
Charl??s Becker for tin* inur?l?T of
Herman Hoseiifhal Wiis resume?!
Unlay a report was in circuhi
tIon around Iln- District .Altoriiey's
otliei- that the defendant would
??onfi'ss. a? a result of flu" testi?
mony fjdvetl by ?.ambler Jack
R?BM on Salurila.v. This was iin
inediai.lv ? It-nit*? l by Att?orney
John i'. Mclntyre, rnunsel for the
?leleii-i-, a? soon as be reached
Justice <;oiT's court rooin.
"Why, th?" tostlistony of Rose
shoiied that it liad been ea re?
fill I.v r?-lu-ars?-?l." sai?! Melntyr?'.
"If th?? Sfal?- is no! able 1<? make
?nit a siroiii"?'!* case, it is possible
thiil ?vi- will rest a! the ?*oncliisi??n
of tin* State's ? ii-?*. ottering, m? d? -
fi-iisi* what?'v?"r."
When District Attorney Whit?
man heard this remark <?f >!??
In tyre he said: "We win make
our caae siron??; enough, never
Tin* District Attonuy ha?l
l?i-ou?j,lil Into ??our! as his lirst
wit?icss Tonis \V?*bb<*r, proprichir
<>f die gambling house in which,
ac?-orilln;*; lo RtDse, iln* conspira
t??rs ?;atb??r?"?l aller the ?l?*;itb of
Hosi'udial. Just !??"forc W?-blM*r
t?M?k llu* staml tin- lhsfrhi \t
loi-in'.v sai?! iln- gambler would
????rroliorat?' in ?"??tv ?-ss?-iilial ?I?*
(ail H??*-?*'s (?siimonv thai l*??*?ker
ordireil tin* a-sa?s?nation <?f Ho?
Fecker enrrne into ?-??urt ?-aiin
and solf-pos*.e???'d. in spite of lh<*
lerrllir ai t ai^iuiunl In- iiiulcrvvcnt
Sa I n h lay.
Sliorily nfh'r his wife look her
place and l.eeker smiled at lu-r
?-<?iilitl.-iil I v and aft/eel innately.
Mrs, i-?-<k?*r returned iln* smile.
To new-p.ipi-i-iiieii she ?!<"? Iar?-d
thai H?>-e bad lied on the slam!
ami ilia! slu* helia-vi-il tin* jury
kiinv li<" li??l. The Distrh't M
loriu-.v's as?-isianfs mini?? ?*v<-i-y
effort today l?i elT?H"t the r?*?-ap
turc ?if Samuel l?ram<-r, al-*<?
known as Max Kahn. who. with
witnesses ?*?n two other < :c?
?ap??l from th?? aMOSa ?>f ?l??t??n
<im- of Hu? fni-ltl??**?. Thomas
\V??l??*?. was i*anght to-day.
This lc?l to th?* beHef that Kra?
mer would al-o ?-??oil In* hi Jail.
Kram?*r Is tlie man all?*?;???! to laav??
hi it ??l the Hat hi which "Gyp the
I)I?miiI." Horowitz, an?! "I^'fly
Louie" it?a???'iilH?r?i: w??r?? ?apt?ir???l.
lia* tst;i|M?l hi-l night.
ai ti:k st mini .!?:.
I>i*?lrl?-t AtloriM-v Whllimin al
t**r??i his schedule <>r \\itii?**?*???s ut
ih?* last moment f?oday, and h>
si??iul o? ?.imiiiioniii?; l.oul?? \V?*I>
iH?r to tin? rtand when <<>urt
o|M*n?-?i. he called WlnneM it.
Sh??4-haii. l*nlk*C C??iiimK??lon?*r
Waldo's privai?' ?tfri'liii'.v.
H?*r??r?? Slu??*haii t?siili?*?l ?lus
li<-<? t.'ot? intimai???! thai be mi?-ht
or,b?r Hi?? ?\am*?'llatloii of kII |m?
li???? ti<*k?*is, ii|M?n whi?ii newspa
iK*nu?*n had gained entraaee t?>
the ???art room on preaiou?.
?moma, ?m Hi?? ground thai *???m??
of lh?*??* hail fallen Into lb?* hand-?
of ??.am*>i?-i*?-.. who had threatened
the lia??? ?Of iittorii?-*.??.
Sli?-4-liaii was rated t?> ?-onlirm
that |>?ari of Ho-??? ?? i?*-t imonv
which r-rtated t<? lt??*??-iiihur*? call
in:-; at police li?*a?l?|uai*i?-i-? to mak??
complaint ngulllst l>?*?-k?-r an?! hi?*
ix-im-, turned ?i?>\mi by l*o?k'?*
Commis>i<iiier Wahhi.
Slu-i'luiu was al?*o ?|ii??stion???l as
lo his connection- with l?cck?-r
by \s-islant Hi-lrici Atloriu-y
.Mos?, and said: *'l ha?! m? ????n
n???'tion will? I5???*kcr after getting
his r?*|M>rts lr??iu him. I kin-w his
Signatur??, but never saw him
wrll?* It. It was always atta?'h<*<!
to lais roposis I have never had
any <iiiiii?*?-tioii with Itecker upon
??r?l?'r of C??iiiiiiisNioii??r Waldo ex?
cept in minor miiil?*r-?."
Th?* onl) papera from i??*?-k?-r
Which III?' Willlt-ss s.|ltl In? hail(ll??tl
W?r*re rt?|?orts on dance halls ami
?li-or?;? iiy gangs?
T?i?- w,':iii-?s idi-mi(it?<l a nutruhev
?if papers win??-?* i?l?-ntll.\ was not
?l!s?'l???*???l by Mr. Moss. Slit than
?also hlciitib???! the olbcial poll??*
stamp of s??\?-ral documents.
Counsel for the ?i?*f?*u?-?* fought
hard against the ailinis-.it.,i of the
?i?M*um?-iits. but Justice GoB curtly
dliiilaaed th?* <?bj??*eiioii-?.
Finally, when Mr. Moss sought..
to baa?? an uiion> mous letter at
Ui?-!i?sl to on?' of lb?<*k??r's reports
a?imitt?-?i. th?* defendant's law ?er-,
gained u ?.???hit. ih?* ?*?nirt rulltig
tluit the |>ro-????*uiioii would ha*.??
t?> show that ih?? aiudguml l??ti??r
had Ik?? n pimie?! to l'.?sk?-r's r??
port wheat th?? r?*port i~ea<*h?*?l
li<'a(l?iiiarf<?r??. laefor?- It could 1m*
Intro in?*?* I as ?*\ lilenc??. Shcchnii
didn't know wh??ih?*r tlu* letter
luul Imh-ii attach?-?! to tit?? report
or not.
Sh?-??hnn was ?*\<*u????! at 11 ?.T.*?,
the (?Mirt ??\?-rriiiin<?; tlu? defeusc'a
?lemantt for Hi?? right I?) ?-rn.?-??
cvumiue at lenjith.
i.onis Webber was then ?*all???i.
WEST POINT. VA., Oct. 14.?
Tilomas Dabney Robinson, son of Al?
bert Rohlnaon, a former M?yor of
this place, died at i o'clock this morn
Ing at bis home lure, in the fortieth
year of his age. He was employed
as a traveling representative of the
Ellington a"C- Guy ?Lumber Company,
.'t EtlaShmond, ami was well known in
that city.
les his father Mr. Robini-on
leaves a mother and sister, who r.
h.re. ?nd tw<? brothers. \v. A. Robin?
son, of Gloucester, ami H. n. Robin?
son, of Norfolk.
The funeral wllj be held Tuesday
afternoon at 2 o'clock from the resi?
dence here.
Thf Hull I'lnjir Hal.?.?-en (?nmra.
The ball player on the Held antl ?iff la
really ;i tlual personality. In the beat
of the K?me he Btkei spectacular
plays that electrify the "fans,- bro? -
beata tin* umpire to the point of ?lraw
itiK a tine, and BghtS ?-very inch of the
circuit with his ??ppon?*nts frcm first
to honit- plate. Between ?cames
h?- is, as a rub?, a rather quiet chap
who tiocks with his fellows, seldom
talks hast hall, ami r.si-nl.s the In?
trusion <>f "fans"' who try to elect him
to the rub? of popular ln.ro.
To those who have studied the na?
tional Kami' in all its various aspects,
tin- change in the player who <i*
round after round of applause In the
hall park anil slips quietly into the
hotel an hour later Is on?* BO market!
that even familiarity falls to ?lull the
spectacle. The average "fan" who
the playera only In action falla t->
graap the atmosphere that surrounds
them at other time? With them i .
hall is a business When the game Is
completed they want no more of 1
ball refrain from talklnar "shop" twen?
ty-four hours ? ?lay. And, after all,
the ball player is ?if the same general
It tloes not follow, however, that he
is without secentrlcltlea The bail
player Is from a sturdy mold and be
a-?-ts opinions and queer habits early in
lif??. lie re?1lsea that be is both a pub?
lic eharact.-r and a popular favorite
ami demanda treatment in keeplnar
witli his position. When he travels
the best Is non?- too a;??'??! for him, and
woe betide the economical manager
who tries to hook a star ftir an upper
berth or at a ?econd-rate hotel. In?
fringements upon the ethics and pro?
cedure of ?lie Amalgamat*ed Order ??f
Baseball are suit- to bring forth tpib-k
and sharp comment wherein opinion Is
ridden with a free rein.??Edward Bay?
ard Moss, in Harper's Weekly.
BRISTOIi, VA., Oetober 15.?
The value ?if the mineral lands
Of Virginia, a?* n?-?-?ss?-t! l?>r luxa?
tion. Is now s:;i.7*,**.l)lH.r?0, a?
ooralng to the ???ut?-s of James A.
Stone, of this city, Mat?* Mineral
Land Asse***?*r, who lias iiiii-?h???l
conipillng the tta*nres on his years
When .itulu?* W. P. Hh?*a bec??nrie
Corporation t'omiiiissioiier, the
aggregate asse-simm wassii.ooo.
000. lie Increased it to $lg,000,
?io(i up to IPOti, when, at his sug
gestlon, the Legislature ?r?*at?*?l
Hit* olli??* of Slat?- .Mineral
Land Assessor. Mr. Stone was
appointed, ami. during his admin?
istration Of l?*ss than four year?-.
the assessment has been mor??
Iban iloubleil. ami without any
s??rious objection ?m the part Of
th<> miiieiai land owner a
Mr. Stone has plaeet! upon tin*
assessment hooks excess of $!('?.
000,000 property valuation, upon
which the stat?* is now drawing
a tax. Mr. St?>n?*'s ?report >lu?\vs
minerals in sixty-eight count Ich
ami the assessments arc in the
??oiilines of one hundred ami
thirty-four ?tmtrtctm of commis
sioncr.s of r?*\?*mi?'.
in? r??K s si id'itisi.
NEW YORK, o?t. 16.?It occurred to
Hector Parrlnello, who is twentj
and fertile of brain, thai it would !><? a
brilliant act i" dresa himself in tome
Of his sister Marie's clothes, wait out
thelr home, 351 Bast Fifty-second
street, Sunday night and Ki?'c her s
wonderful aurpri
So he ?ireaaed and stood on the or?
poslte aide of the street bealde a lamp
post and awaited h?r return from ?
Policeman Bishop, who can't see the
brilliance when it ahlnea from th
like tn.-tt. saw Hector in passing and
got tin Impression that Hector, deanlte
ids Ions drees, white lace neckpiece
an?! brow i blush 1 at, w.s not a lady.

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