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f,^/*. a?ir ums
^WASrl?HGTO?I, D. C? Special.?
A ?aotl of Drmitt'iHtif iiiriiilnr? of
the ne?*? lloune of llei?re??entn?l\ e?.
akona a decided tunjorlty lu favor
?f enlllna; an extra at-aaluu of ?L'oc
tim to realae the tariff.
Leadern of the party- now In
WaahlnsTton declare?! t??dny that
thla nailtiublaxJI) ?tmltl ha??* ?rent
??/e'Kl?? with l?realdent-el??ct Wll
?on, akv hna atated that he la In m
tut?alas attitude. 1 he eall for
tariff realaion. they any. will fro
forth a* aoon as Mr. "?% 11non aaaataaen
So anre are they of thla that n
?teSnlte propre?*?* proacrnm haa l?een
auipprtl ??lit. ThU Ineludei:
t'lrat. ItealaUtra tlttwiiMitnl ??f the
Po/i?-- Mdrla-h hill, ?rabieta nai one
of the fcrrat lanuea of the pre
eleetlon ennapalisn.
Sear-ond- The eontlnnntlon of
t'haittp t lark ns Speaker of the
Houmc of 11 ?-pre?enta? i \ ru.
Third. The eontlnuii?lain of Oaear
*W. t ndrriTvod na maj??rity leader
of ?kr- Il<?u?*.- <?? Itepretaealallve?.
1>*?.I1<>*? lui; 'l><- a*?*?uraut*e ?ha? the
llemocm?*? ??ill .-??ulrul ihf Srnalp
for ?ht* i??iri?> - ?* ?>? ??ricanltatlon aad
?li?? pa.KHKe <?? ordinary partisan
It-KlMlallo?. Un?*? are ulrradv lit-litit
Inltl ?air t-uiilr??l ??llliii? the parly.
1'hln r?rr?bn.lt.??a a aliarp atruaxle
b?-(v?c?-n ?I??* ?.??-called pr??Kre??l?e
an?! r<?i*.*??T? ni!? ?- elementa of the
pari? l'or Hie ?-?.??(rol of r.ininilt
tee nta?*hina*ry of the upper houae.
Kiiiiior** of ?he I in pe" ?Il ?nc elaah,
?-*a*a*Mj up.?i? ????ntlmfiit?. prl?at?*ly ex*?
pr?-M**e<! ??>' (he pn?iir?*i??b?? llcim?
t-rniM. t??-r?* supported by the nrrl
?al In Un.hiiiKion of William Jcn
?iIiiun llrtiin mu? ?he announcement
tbti? (-'??lona-l llryau would renialu
h?*r?> |irol?alily a week.
<'<>lon?-l llryau Inaplred nod ill
r.*.-?e?l ?he ?iricanlantloii of ?he
I??-inaM-raHi- pro.r.-.Nlt?? aena?ora at
tht* lit-K.li?nlni? of (he prea?*n( <?>n
icrraa !??(?. a ?-omlilniitlon ??ppoMlnic
(hi* el?*t'(ion of Srnntiir Marl In, of
\ IrKlnin, aa minority leader.
N1W OKXKA.NS, LA.? ?Special.
**JiiK?u*<?n p***rt?*oas an? ?lca?i and
fifty hurt in a wr???k on the
Yaz-ao and M lasted ppi \ 'ulley
Kailroad. gwe nty ?aeren mi ht,
aorta et New Orleans,
A freight. iTSiilanri into u pas
?jeiiger train.
Tlireo OOnCthaS Of I he train
were overturn???! anil ran-'ht lire.
They wen? entirely ?joii*?uiiic?iL
The Studies of many of those
taken out? wcro burned beyond
f*a**"ag*an*?aOn. Basons iKirtie?-! are
???carolling ?K? ?nvlulf*?'.
It h? b?*li?*ve?I tliat a number
of hot I los. art? still buried tinder
the sliatteee?! eaixs.
Tlio lajnred wen? brought hero
on n wih?<*?i1 train. Nev??ral of
them ?A?-r?? !?o st?v??r??ly Injured
tliat physJ<?iaji?? said they could
not live.
The WTeckeil train was run?
ning from New Orleans to Wo-od
??rllle, Mw?. It t?M)k the Biding
??horily ufl?*e miduij-ht ti> iH?rmit
a southbound train to pass? A
northhouml freight train, running
at full sias??l. ? ra-h??d lnt?a the
???.??ursion train just as it had
come to a stop.
The heat, y freight plow??d its
way through tin? r??ar car and
sent three of th?? eoaches <?v??r
in u spllnl??re*il h??np.
The wreckage caught lire from
the engine.
The shock splintered tlie for?
ward ?cars and pa<?-4?ng??rs in tliem
were sever?*ly hurt.
Most of tin* ?l??aths wore in the
i-??t?m'1i(*<?i ooeu pttHl by negro?***?.
The cars were wtmmIoii affair.?? and
?arere broken to bit.?-? by the shock.
Six o? those injuix.Nl in the
?srrtH'k died immediately tvft??r
reaching the charity hospital
Ii??re. bringing the total of kno**m
dead up to that time to nine?
About twenty of the Injured
are ho ??riously Injured tliat they
will die.
Among tlie debat? are s?*v??n
white iK'i*s4>ns. rive of Uiot*>e
killed w??-ro habit*??? and three wo?
The w-reek was ?lue to a ml?.
rn?l?*rsaia??llnc ,<**?* or?i??rs by the
<??P(**w of lbs freight train, which
was runnln?" till y mil?*?* an hour
wiien it i?*ra*di<'d into the pasM-Ji
g??-r train.
RHKO.? Sp-tMdaL?- The Reno
divorce mills will p-mbably 1m'
iicrmaiicntly <*1<>?**ih1 after tin? llr*?t
of the year. One of tlie result h
of the r-oeent election Ls tlie se
lecrtfon of a lejrislatiire with a
rnaj?>rity opposed to the pr????ent
lax State ?liv?>r*oe laws an?! pl?'?l<-*<??l
t<? the enactment of strin?-*ent
statut?'*, fJnd??r tlie present laws
thon.san.-ls of people liave come
to the State to secure dlvo-roe.
WA?mXGrTOX, D. ?O, Special.?
0>ii-*n,*?*ss, aft??** Mart-h 4th, will be
?i<>iiiin:it(**d by I*-T?-j?gr?"*sf*.iv?*-I>ern?>*
crati?? hiiluencii*, in tlie opinion of
William Jenjxln??-*-? Bryan, who Ls
In \Nu.-Hliiii?ru>n on his way t??
?"lorida. with Mrs. Bryan.
T*li?*> <Oomnion?5r, however, <ie
<*ltned to K-ive an- opinion on the
extra s?*?-iKi?>n que?ttion or to say
wli?Ml*s?r lie will ar?<rapt or reject
a pla??e In I*T?"-*Aident-?^<**ct Wil?
son's ?*al>! m *?t?
Bryan Um-tared tin? i"?epoi*ter for
haTiiiiC Uve auda?-,t> to ask tlie
qur-stlon. It a safa* assiinip
?ion that Mr. Bryan will not ac
?*?ept a cal?lii??t pot>4tlon, <>r any
other politii-nl p< ?It ion, that
would hamp**T liliu In the <-\pi**c-*>
sion of his ??pinion,-?.
"Mr. Wibton lias dii^us*?ed and
emphasized the importance of
both the tariff and trust ques?
tion.??, and th?*> ar?* so i*l<?-?*!> re?
lated tliat they must prac-tically
bo dealt with t?>{r;etli??r," K-iid Mr,
Bryan in reply t<? a qu??*?tlon as
to what he ????nslilers the para?
mount issue confrontin?r the in
ooming ?I^nsresH. lie si?d he l>e
lieved tlie demand foe publicity
of campai gn ?-ont ri butions liad
amply Justified itself, lie still
bolh'voM that a better condition
would exist if the ?Government
were to take cJiarj^e of and dis?
burse campaign funds.
???Colonel Ri>osev??lt once sur
Keet?"d this in a ?nt-tssagt?. I lm
medlately advix-ated It and still
tM?li?*ve In it? Tlie plan luis not
been tried."
The Nehraska a?ii?eMinan bellevea
?hat pnl>ll?*lty hIno Iimh had a favor?
able e(Te<-( upon ?he Mixe of contri?
bution?. "Ilowrvrr, when the Ideal
tat in poll?!?*? contribute? In slsc
nicurrs purely for ?he Make of bla
?Ideal' he oufcht to have a Kiuirrilnn
appointed for his estate,** said Mr.
Mr. Bryan refused to ?peculate on
the future of ?he Itepubllcun party.
??I have been worry lu? for years
about ?he ItepubllcanM keeping
atralicat, und I propoMe to let ?hem
?So the ? pec h lu ?111 k for ?he next
four years," he said.
Mr. llryaa Mali! that be had no
appointment today-, l.?i( he waa
"nst refusing; <?> wee anyone."
for allen trial
The ias<? t?l the Common ??.?a all
vs. Sidna Alh-n. itiarired with tlie
murd?*r of Jin!?.?- Thornton L?.
Mass!??, was called Monday morn?
ing at 16 o'clock la the Circuit
garnit of Wjlhe coanty.
' the panel of nit y ordered
from Orayson county,
<?f tin* panel from
^??es qnashed Thurs
fXgf conns*! for the
IL the oon
that th??y Ik? tric-d ns one. The
Commonwealth <>|>i>o-s??<l this and
tin? motion was o\?Truled, baa?
ing four Indictment?* still pentl
m-; Tlu*se allege the murder of
other ?.Iciiuis ?>r the HillsvHlo
The jutswih summon???! as v<*
nirt?m??n were called into court
one at a lime and examined by
the court an?! c??un??cl. t'p to
noon six of the fourteen cinin
ln???l proved ?Inly ?pialilit'd.
otiiers were msnnallllrd for
various rea-oiis, tin* chief of
which was pr?*concelved opinions
from rt?ports in the newra*anne**s
and from a g??neral dis?'tissioii t>f
th?? ?ither trials.
The mem tiers of the jury so
far <?ho?scn are A. M. ?Gentry. S.
K. Cox, T. ML llass, C. It. l'tigh
and 1?. ii. cni?iv???n.
for mr. wilson
President-Elect Urged to Speak at
Numerous Places?Hackman
Gains Fame.
raracraoH, >~. j_spcciau?
When <?o\cnior Wilson's secre
lary l?>ok??<l oxer the list of r?*
?|ii?*sts for speaking dates today
he found tluit if the l'reshlent
?*ic?1 grante-il tlu*ni all he wouhi
tx? siK?aklng t??>iiil'uially until lil?*
iiiaoguratioii on March lth.
"1 liaven't given a thought to
tftsBSS things." .?^ii?l the Crcsidcnt
el?*ct, "and it is not likely that I
will until I return from my va?
cation tin? latter part of l>cc??iii
When tohl of the rivalry
among tin? seven I*rcsbyt<?riaii
chur?*hes In Washington to ac?
quire th?? m?*mb??rship of his fam?
ily and thut ??r Yi???? President..
cl??ct Marsluill, (iovemor Wilson
said: "I am glad then? are
enough I>r????hvt??rlan ohurohc-* ?In
Wa*?lilngton to go around."
Oov?arnor Wilson said he had
ma?lc no ??liolco of the church at
Washington at which he would
There w??r?? many eiillers at the
Wilson home ?m Sumlay. and
Charley (iuiiin. liveryman, who
has ?Irlven W'r*?ri?lr*ow Wilson in
his hacks for fifteen years and
through the pre-?!!???? thus gla??n
him has pra?*li?*ally secured a
monopoly ?>f the cab busiiit?ss.
?as ki'pt x??ry busy.
NORFOLK. VA? Specia.1.?It la re?
ported that at tho coming session
of the Virginia Methodist Conference
at Lynchburg Rev. Dr. It. D. Smart,
formerly of Epworth Church. Nor?
folk, and now pastor of the Methodist
Church at Boydton. will retire from
the active ministry and settle down
In South Carolina, his native State.
It ia understood that Dr. Smart will
not aak for a superannuated relation
to the Conference, with which relation
goes a pension from the denomina?
tion within the bounds of the Confer?
ence, but that he will simply with?
draw from tho active ministry.
Dr. Smart has been preaching* for
many years; h?? has filled some of the
best pastoral charges In the Southern
Methodist Church, and has ?earned the
retirement he now proposes to avail
himself of.
He has very many friends in Nor?
folk, whose wa^ll wishes will follow
him to his permanent home in the
IjONDON ? ?S?ne<*ial.? ??>ULam S.
Penley. the famous English comedian,
died today, aged sixty. Mr. Penley
won his biggest hit in "Charley's
Aunt," a comedy which he made fa?
mous. He amassed a great fortune
on the British stage.
GIRARD, KAN.? Special.?
Julius a. Way la nd, founder of
tin? Socialist paper, the Appeal to
Reason, ???iiimittcd suicide at his
home Monday night by ?hoothxg.
Fre 1 Warren, ?editor of the
paper? salil that Way land had
been despondent over tlie cases
against him in the Federal courts
and had w?>rri???l ?>?.<?*? the inect
I ing t.f tlie Federal i-rand jury in
Fort Scott tomorrow.
ROANOKK. VA.? Special - it is
announced that the Norfolk
anil WVstern will Increaae facilities
of the Roanoke shops so as h> build
in tho future twenty car? por day in?
stead of ten, the number put out by
this railroad during the past two
It will necessitate tho putting up of
several buildings, the buying of new
tools and eouipment at a total cost of
about $250,000.
It is understood that work for all
steel cars will be done by the Vir?
ginia Bridge and Iron Company as in
the past.
PBTTE?RaBirRO, VA.? Special
Robert Brown, colored, was held Tor
trial in the Hustlnga Court at thc^erm
I to begin November 21st, op. the
i charge of the murder of Otk? Curtis,
colored, who was stabbed t?y' death in
a row over 50 cents In a /card game
! Saturday night. BrOwn JtVaa arralgn
I ed before Justice Plea*?*a.nta in Police
Court thla morning. ./He was arrest?
ed by Detective EaiAlail night after
having eluded the^Bce nearly twen?
ty-four hours. Ft**9 ^Ae< lares he was
"coming back tcLrm ^nhnsclf up"
whan caught b?,-fl Beanes. He
asked for bail,^ ^A\ refused.
The photograph in tho upper left hand corr.er shows eevera.1 Turkish
pri?3onere perform i irLg the ?"-en-m-ony which every true follower of Moham?
med ia obliged to <io twice dally, vi2.: At Funr.sc and sundown all good
Turks, no matter in What part of the world they happen to be, get down
On their knees f:tcing the east, where 1s Moihamm??d, and ferv?mtly mutter
a praj'er. The Bul ganan g-uanls are shown behind the Turks. At the left
js a Bulgarian solider doing outpost Bentry duty. Below is shown a group
of Montenegrin oountrj-men shoeing an ox to be used for array transporta?
cial.? That the yonng womun,
whose boily was found ?*arlj Sat?
urday morning In the mill pond
near the ?illlx-rt and B?'nii?"it
11-in ufa?-tu rin?; C??n?|?aiiy's fae
tory was iiii?\lerexl for revenge
by a gang of Italians and tliar.
the miirdiT was committed at
?some distan???? from tlie m'?*ii?'
where th?? ?-?>rp*??' was found ami
brought to tin- -R>iul in a vvugon.
was ?*l?tarly ???stablishod by tin*
State polio?, today.
Thus fur th?*r?* ha<l been little
progress mad?? t-wvurd the posi?
tive kleiitilieation of the body, al?
though th<? pol lev are follow ing
up .several <*l??w?- which th??y h?>pe
will lead to tliat end.
The initiais "ti. C," ?*inbr??i
deretl on ?*!<>t!i. wr-appi-d about
the body, and the gold ring which
tlie woman wore. furnish practi?
cally tlie only clew** to li?*r Itli-n
Coroner Phelan. of Bri?lg?*port.
will ltold an inqu?***t tomorrow,
but up to dan? there is little ?vi?
dence to present t?i him ?-xi-ept
the clrciiinstan?*?*s surr?>unding the
Unding of tlie btMly. Th?? tli?*ory
that ?1m? woman was killed as an
informer in the local llqtuir raids
of a week ago is bclicv?*?l to have
ticen practically i?l*?iiiil<>n?*d, as
no woman !>* missing In the vlcin
lty, and both I-?ro?*iecutor Norman
G. Boers, of Danbury, and tin?
State poli?*??, vvlio liad cliargi? of
these ?'as?*>. say that no womun
gave any evidence.
The State police are continuing
tlteir investigation of tlie tlieory
that the woman was possibly a
<*oiii]t.t!iio.i of .leiiiii?- <>?- ?.?anilla
Cuva Her!, who was .?shot I?? death
near Strajord, or a woman of
similar character. Tlie fa?*t that
the blood found on the wrappings
about the body was dried SO ?** to
r??-sist tin? action of the water leads
to tlie belief thai Um? Inaly was
brought fron s <.'sian?-<?.
Itcslilents in the vi<-inlty Of ?he
?>ond rc|K>rt hearlmr a vva.-ou
drive by the lious?* in th-* early
morning about two w?***?ks ajc?,
atop near the pond and th?*n drive
back again.
The point where the wagon
stopiM-d Is but a short ?listan??*
from the pond.
That the body was brouglit to
tlie |Kind by nuirc than ??ne i?er
son is certain, as it would ha TO
tMi-n lmpo*?s!bIe for a lone man to
liave handled ?lie body and tin*
heavy stone altach<*?l 10 it.
ROCHESTER, S. Yr? Sp??clal.
Nearly 400 delegates were pres?
ent when the thirtieth annual
convention of the American Fed?
eration of labor was called to
?>r?l?*r today by Pr?**sident Sam?
uel ??sniper***.
Ma-?or II. If. F-??**rton welcomed
the delegates. ?Governor John A.
Biv, being unable to attend the
??onvcnHon, sen? hi* envoy to con?
vey his erecting?, the State Com?
missioner of labor, John Wil?
Commissioner William?. In con?
cluding Ids address, said: "Yon
are enpagwd In eonvervlng hu?
man life, fuiman reson?T?es and
human Interests. A noWer pur- aj
??o?-?? ii??v??r brought men and
women togotluT."
Ilanh'l Harris, president of the
Stat<? rVdcruiion, and Richard
Curran. f??r t?a? ItoCaheaSCC Tra?l??s
und I-a bor Council, also made
short a?kli*e?s??eis.
*r*rvsl?h?nt tsotnpstrs i-e*?iK>n?lc?I
t?i Hi?? a*l?Ire???-?'s of welcome, con?
gratulating th?* trad???-, unionists
u|m>ii til?? pn??nt?s?i made during
th?? jmst y?*ar.
There are MIUVJ contest*? he
fore tlac ??oinniitice Tin cr??d??iillnln.
mid on?* of th??sc may tause u
iM-utetl dlscusshin upon the floor
lief? are the <?onv??ntlon is finally
organize?!. Tlae ??ont4?*?tant.?? In this
rant* are r? ?presen ta tivt?*? of the
fit ram Fitters' International
Fnloii. whh-h refused to ot>ey or
?h-i-s ?>f the ev?t?iitlvc r?ouncil an?!
amalgamate with the Interna
tional Association of l*lumln*rs.
TTie si??ain fttt??r?? cluim that the
aetiou at tin* convention of a year
ni*;??, at Atlanta, uikmi which the
count it imsed its or?I??r t>f amal?
gamation, was irr??tr;ular.
Aintther question which is agi?
tating the d??legat?-s to thin ?>n
v??ntlon is flu? ?-?imposition of tin?
in?*?>min**: ?*\ecutlve coun?*il.
Tlu't-?? is opfioshjon to th?? i*e
election of John Mitchell and
?lam*??? O'Orannell, ?.ice prudents
of the IVderation, an?l J??hn I*.
l?imon, the tr???.surt*T.
The <><?rt<M?>.lble ?objections are
that the men ar?? not national ??fll
eres of tlM'lr respective unions
and should give way to men who
ar?? activi'ly engage?! in directing
tlie affairs of tin? organizations of
their t ra?h?s.
it serins lK?w??v?*r, that it will
require an unusnallv str?>ng ef
f?ut to <l?*f?at Mitchell. O'Connell
antl I.ennon.
RICH M O N D, VA??pecial.?
Llewellyn Neweomb, of l.unenburg
I county, died in Memorial Hospital this
. r.oorniriK as ;t result of gunshot wounds
inflicted by a. Barnea, ? merchant;
tut ten days UK" following i long
I standing KiudK<- Newcomi? waa ruBh
'. t d t Richmond and an operation was
?rrned in Memorial Hospital In the
! lope that his life might be saved.
Neweomb, ii ts aliased, attHcke?!
nee with a knife. New comb never
? v. ii-il Hufncit-ritl.v to K??e ?a ??.li?rent
? account ?>f the trouble.
Barnes was releas?*??! on $".,000 ball.
1 He win in all likelihood be re-arrested.
| It i? said that he will plead s.if-de
Ifense. There are understood to have
been no witnesses to the shooting.
The i rial of Barnes will probably
tiike place in January, when the circuit
?'tnirt of Lunenburg county convenes.
Coroner William H Taylor announced
today that ha would hold an Inqueat
into Newcomb'i death tomorrow aft?-r
j noon at ??.0 o'clock.
WASHINGTON, ?. t'? SpedaL
On behalf of Jack ?fohnson, the
negro pugilist ill? attorney, Ben
jiimin ('. Barbrach, filed
in the Supreme Court of the
Untied Stnt??s a motion to ad?
mit his client to ball, pending
the hearing of tlie ease against
him at Chicago.
As a bnaia for hin motion he
aaslarned the following reasons:
"The District Co?irt of the
United State? for the Northern
District of Illinois fixed tlie ball
at $80,000 and said bail is ?ex
A oe**ai"*e.
"Tlie ?list riet court of the United
Slate*? ulor?-?nid r?-l'us<**ti to lie*
ee*pt a ?*?-itili?-at<* of il?-posit for
tlie sum of SHO.OOO, or $30,000
?ash. in lieu of bail.
"Th?? ?ll.??trl<t jmlg?? stattsl In
open court I hat lu* woiikl not ac?
cept r?-ii! ?*-t?t?* sureties vvliat
??v?r lh?> aniount iciid<?red If It
app?-..r*- that -u?li BUfreUeS vv?-rt"
iii?l?*iiiiiili?si lor signing -u?li
"The district judge stat??d in
open ?-curt that lie would not nc
Cemt th?? **ur*?'ty ??onipany upon
th<* ImiihI of the ap-ielluiit.
?T'.i?- a?t ??f Congri-ss upon
which the iudlctnieiit ls has?*?!, the
vvliit?? slave trallie law. Is uncon?
stitutional and invalid.
"Th?* apitcllant ls a colored
man und l'or s<*v??ral weeks the
rr?ewwpapears <>f the <"it> of ?rtiicago
hare ls-en piibllsiiln?*; fali**e and
untru?? r?*p<?rts <-?>n?"?*nilng lUiu,
wliereby h<? has i>ecii pi*i?judlerd
in 111?- ?-y?"s of flu? public to such
an t"\t?-iit that he is unable to In
?lu?*?? th?* r?*al ?*stat?' holders to
lit-M'ome surety for him upon his
1k>ii?! unh'ss they are iiula-ninilied."
Th<* p??t!tion was taken under
consideration by the court.
NEW YORK.? Special .--With Jus
tic* Ooff shutting off every effort at
delay, the trial of the four gunmen.
Oyp th?*, Blood, Lefty L-ouie. Dago
Frank umi "VVhltey Lewis. f??r the
murder <>f Herman Ro-i.-nthal. was re
numi-ii today.
Tln?re vv.-r?- five jurors In the box
" '.?(.n the s?-l?'.-tion of venlremen be?
gin, and it was b?-li??ved that the
oth*-r juror?? would b<? secured today.
Jack Roes, tht" rhlef witness against
th*? gunmen, will probably be the first
?r.un culled to testify.
Attorney W?hle, for the defense,
thinks h?? can complet . his cas?? in
four days. District Attorney Whit?
man l>?lieves the State can finish In
three days. All of the defendants,
their counsel announced, will take the
Washington business men. particu?
larly members of the Chamber of
Commerce, have dlscusse?! a plan to
build a large temporary structure on a
suitable site to house the inauguration
ball and several large conventions.
Which, it is hope?!, t.? nring to the city
during next spring and summer.
A special committee ?>f the chamber
has in hand a plan to btiilii a tempo?
rary structure for housing the exhibit
of th?- annual convention of rnllway
supply manufacturers, who want a
hall of not less than 100,000 square
feet of floor space. To carry out this
, pjan will require an expenditure of
about $30,000, which would be tor the
| most part returned to the builders of
[the structure from the r?ntala. This
rommittee will go to New York next
I Wednesday, and at that time It prac?
tically will be decided whether the
convention of the supply men will
come to Washington.
It has been suggested to this com?
mittee that the proposed wigwam be
constructetl on a little more elaborate
scale, say for $60,000. and be made
use of by the Inauguration committee
for the Inaugural ball In March. The
Inauguration committee could provide
for one-half the expense, and the con?
vention of the railway supply men for
the other half.
If the building should be construct?
ed on leased ground with some degree
of permanency it could be used for
several more of the big conventions
i which will come to Washington next
year, and the use to which the struc?
ture could be put would more than
pay the cost of construction.
While this plan Js yet only tenta?
tive It Is thought by business men to
be feasible, and the best way to solve
the pressing problem of what to do
with the inaugural br.;'. and the big
national conventions w'iich will come
here for a year or two until some of
the plans for k morej^rmanent struc?
ture can be work?*?d*rout.
Servia Expected to Resent Any
Effort to Reduce the Number of
Her Ports as Proposed by
France?C onstan t inople
Is Quiet.
P IRIS.- Special. Beneath the
ap|>ur*-iitly calm iii*gotiations of
tlie KuroiM-aii ? liaikvIlories over
the r?H'asting ?>f ?H? Southeastern
l-'urope, one of tin? gr?*ai??*?t
?ii??!a>i!iati?> .struggl?*s of iuo?l?-rii
tiiiu-s ls ls*ing waged. S?> great
Is Un? tension Ism-atli tin? sur
fu???* tliat tin* sUghCeaat tmkmt *?t?*p
may piling?* l-airois* into vvur. Th?
?|uarr?"l o??r tin* ?I I vision of the
spoils ?>f the 1 ??ilkan war ?-xteiuls
into tlie six great capitals of Ku*
?.???at l?rit ni it Is now r?-aily for
any cv<?iitii:ilit>. having mobliiied
lier ?-utile fl?*ct. While Austria
lias taken tin* l??a?l .*?<? far. Indi,
?iitiiig an aggro--.lv i? policy as re?
gards til?- Balkans, th?* Internal
atTalrs ?>i tliat empir?? m*e su?*h
iSiat slu* may ta? prt?v??nt?il from
making any warlik?* ?ienionstra
I'r?*?i:l? r IViin.ire, of Fran?*??. Is
-?all to Ik* al work upon a pro
aj*i*mn*j gov??rnlng the ?llstrlbutlon
of territory taken from Turkey
by the alli??s.
Tills nevv program Is sal?l to
l-etluoe the number ?>f Servian
I?orts ?>n the Adriatic from thr?-?
to one. It is n??t bell??v?*?l. hovv
?*ver, tliat S??rv la vvoul.l ever con
s<*nt to tlds.
Itcports from tlie Balkan capi?
tal?, that Bulgaria ami Greet***? may
quarrel over ill?? i?ossesslon of
Salonika was the lir*-t word to
?he <>uts|?le vvorl?! tliat a rupture
?nay o???-ur in the Balkan I-cagm*.
Tli-i" ?M*i-uiiation of Constanti
n?>pl?* by tin? alll?*s c<?iitlniu?s to
share with th?* t*"rrltorial program
an cxtr?*moly grave as|*ect.
.Mtli??ugh Russin is i*eporto<l to
ha-ve giv?>n assur?mes? to Bulga?
ria that she vv??uld not obj??ct t??
ill?* Bulgars ?*nt?*rliig tin? Turkish
? ipltal. t?*l?*gi ams frviui I/union.
Berlin and Vienna t???lay -?bowed
?hat tin* gov ?*rnin?*nts at tht*s??
??cats were strongly oppose?l to
liiv??stm?*iit of Coiistantlnopl?* In
?lew of th?- ivrnknc?s of the
Turkisli ??ov eminent.
I-"mp??ror FYan?*is Joseph, of
\us|rla-lluiigar>, is at present !n
Budapest feeling out Ilungarlaii
s?*ntlinent. Arch-Duki? 1-Ynncis
IVrdiunml is pr??pariiiK to pay a
-?octal call to ?.??rmany to be the
g-uest of E*nip?rTor William at a
hunting party.
Although the trip ?>f tlie Aus?
trian nr?*h-duke Is Ix-lng mad?*
in linoi'liclal guis?-. ii??v?*rtl?ele**?
great ?liplomatic Importance I*?
altn<'he<l t<> it
T*he feeling here Ls that Great
Britain's sudden and bold move
in mobilizing lier licet ha*? called
a halt. temi>orarily at least, to
any nggi**essiv ?? nn>v?? whl?'h Au?
tr??-Hungary might liave been
ST. PETERSBURG.-- Special.?
Russia Is the lirst of tlie great
powers to send troops to Turkey.
The Russian warship Rostlsia
sailed for Constantinople today
with two battalions of Infantry
on board. Ostensibly the troops
are for the |>i-oi??ctiou of Rustsian
inter???!*? in tlie Turkish capital.
However, th?* departure of the
soldiers spate rise t?> a sensational
rumor that the nient lucra of the
triple all bin?'?' and tlie trip!?* en?
tente had reao.ho<l an agreement
to place a great army In Con
?-tni'tiiiople. TlH?i*e is great ac
tl.ity in the war, and nit?, y of
noas here and the winde mili?
tary strength of tin* empire is
being officially (**nnsassna?
A combined land ami naval bat?
tle is being fought at the west?
ern en?l of the Chatalja forts de?
fending this city. For nearly
forty-??ight hours three Turkish
warships Iiavc engaged in a ter
rilic duel with the Bulgarian bat?
teries upon the heights before tlie
News of the battle was bronght
to this ?city by spt*cial eonri??r.
The Turkish cruiser Mesndlen,
tin* gunboat Mannar is and an?
other warship appeared oft* Ka
llkrati Sunday morning and
oomin??noed throwing shells Into
the camp of tlie extreme right
wing of the Bulgarian army.
The Bulgarian artillery replied
and all ?lay Sunday the long
range duel went on with tlie
shells ?Teaming over the tt>wn
of Kalikrati. At nightfall the
tire slacken?*?! and died out, but
was r??*sume?d at dawn today.
BELGRADE.? ?SpecihL? Irlr
ing tlie Turks back steadily the
Servian "itrnvy lias readied th?
shores o? the Adriatic Sea and
Ortie E. MeManigal, curious com?
bination of iceberg and hum*? o
being, who sent his wife a love
letter and a souvenir spoon to
celebrate his dynamiting jobs,
lut red further details of his work
os a dynamiter, at the trial of the
nnlon officials for the ??onsplracy,
in the Federal court here today.
MtMunigal's first testimony
dealt with Ids blowing up of a
power house of the Mount Ver
non Car and Manufacturing Com?
pany, being erected by McClin
tic-Marshall Company, at Pitts
burg, on the morning of April
10, 1010. A hoisting engine was
destroyed and a locomotive crane
was damaged.
"I got eight quarts of nitro?
glycerine at tho office of J. J.
McNamara at the Iron Workers*
headquarters, In Indianapolis,"
said MeManigal; "J. B. McNa?
mara gave me two fulminating
caps and two clockwork arrange?
ments for thla job. I went to Mt.
Vernon, under instructions from
H. S. Ho? kin. When I got there
I went down to the car works and
passed cigars to the night watch?
man. The next night I went
back, placed my nitro-glyc crine
and blew np the job. I set the .
explosion at 8 P. M. for 10:80,
and then I went and Invited tho
watchman on the job to go with
me to the theater because Vwas
afraid he might get bon\. He
wouldn't go. He Btmyeff around
the hoisting engine Where I had
placed four quarts/of the 'soup.*
"Just a few mifintea before the
explosion came/off he was still
tliene, so I rati down the yards
and set off a stnVk of dynamite to
get him away from the engine,
which waa about to blow np. I
guessed right. *^e ran down the
yards and escaped death. I went
over to the station and got a
train for Chicago
??I met Hoekln Lf Clark? a?s4
Vsnnnren Streets/a week later IS
Ck tea aro and llocinR told me I had
will occupy territory there la
spite of the protests of Austria.
Th?? vanguard o? Uu? ihlrd Sea
vlau army corps rSM hed the
\driatlc littoral today, and
Premier Paaitch was lmnwdlate
1*. notilictl in an official dispatch.
A second Sera Ian coluniu has
?*oales<-cd with a Montenegrin
for?'?', near Alesslo, and la inarch?
ing southward upon Darruz?.
Durazzo is one of the three
<?>mpl?*(?? Albanian ports which
St?rvla claims as her fruit of vic?
tory ?>ver the 'ltirks.
The first Servian division is also
moaiiiK towards the Adriatic with
Durazzo as its ??hjectia?*.
The three h???llcs of troops hare
??ncountcred but little res?stante,
an?! in t?\cry instance the Turk*
were dispersed.
Th?? three Sera Ian tlivisions are
?\p??ctcil to ???inf?ltrate on Du?
razzo on "4\??dn??silay or Thursday.
Offh'iul aiuioiuit ?'incut was uiadc
by the ?*,<>?, eminent today that
Servians o??'tipi<?d the Alban'atn
town ??f D.iluii on N?>*. ember S.A.
The ?aaalry t?>??k 1,0OO Turks
prisoners and seized large quantl
tiea of military stores.
Although realizing the increat-e
in the general tension oven Ea
roiH? caused by its soUnrc of ter?
ritory on tlie Adriutlc the Servias
go\ernment is tlett?niiinc?d to pur?
sue its territorial pr??gram. Du?
razzo is ?nie ?if tlu? most desirable
ports in Albania, lying on tlu* bay
of Durazzo, with excellent shel?
tered harbor. It Is fifty miles
south of the Montenegrin border.
lt??noSTt> RRCA PTll KEU.
decinlae a Ictory o\cr the H?ilK?r. ?un
and the rrriipiurt? ?it ?ht- Ittw? of
ltt>ala.Nt?>, rccrntly ikx'U|?I???1 ky ?he
Hula-am, ???ran announced by thr
Turklsh officials today.
Thr) atatr?! that ?be town had
I??*?, h bombarded from the sea aad
then taken by 3.000 ?roopa, landed
from thar Turki??? aquailriin.
The heavlea? 11 r lus; ?-van dan? by
th?? ?"?iiritbip >1 ?-???. ti ?I i ? a-1?. aahlch
?Manad thr nltntk. Ilarfwrar? th??
Turkish Sret betcan Its bombard?
ment >nxlna l'nehn. the 'I'urklah
illul.trr ?if War, ???ut a note to ?he
Inhabitant!? of lltial???? t? ??rderlna
ih"in to evacuate Ilia? (?wo.
An the eUlllans ll?*?l the llnlRnrlnn
trait>|>?, ?Thlch bud hrt-n eiiciim|ic?J
hrtmiil ?be elt>, rntrrrd Itodoialo
and ?he llulaarlan artillery upon
?he helichts In the rear of the port
opened fire ui???n the nblpa. All tltr
Kuns of the ?nr f?r^rt ?rrr brought
Into net lam anal ?hp I*n 1 ??urlou ar?
tillery aaan ahelled fiercely.
Dnrlntc the beliebt of the bom?
bardment boats pa? off from the
nhlpM bearlna: Turkish aoldter*.
t'nder the lire of the s?iuadr?>n thr
????lallcr? formed upon the bench.
StIiik ba>?nrtm upon ?heir anna.
?a\ ben :t,?MHi ???taller? had brea
landed the order to choree ?ara?
K'arn and the TurUa made a furlont?
aanault upou Hit? Ilulanrlan lafaa
?ry. Ac?**? t?l I a? at to ?be Turklab aii
?horltlea tbr llulaarn ?v??re driven
on?, taking refua?e behind their ar?
tillery beaond the city.
At N o'clock Ik? nri?iore?l crulacra
Trniir..?-r ant! ?t.inlana, ordere*
from ?he Philadelphia uavy yard
for arrtlcr lit Turki?.!? ?matera, fln
I.bciI their pr.paralloaa for ?ailla*
aad awaited ?be word front Waali
laictnn to proceed.
Addltloual aa-nmea and marine?
arrived here laat olu'it and thla
ruornliiK from Vrw 1 airk, lloaton
and Norfolk. I'.arh crnlaer ??III he
provided ??III? full complementa *??
offlcers, ?allora and unirlnrr?
Sllaht Itaprovcmeii? ?*aa aavwa la
the ???nation In t'onatantlaople to?
day, ??hile privation? continu? ?a
cnuae are?? aufTcrlna and the fear?
of a ternera! prulllruc?- are gr.in
Ina;* The menace of a aeneral
manant-re had amiirnbai abated.
Ihr call of Shelk-l 1-lalam for a
Jehad, or Hol) war, aecmed to have
been without marked effect, except
lu isolated district?.
Th? preaence of torc?an ??ara hip?.
In the Golden Horn nail ?he effect
ot quletlnar the fanallclaiu of ?he
The Urlllah ?rinoreal crnlaer
Ilampahlre aad ?he Anuir?an aeon?
?hip Admiral Spaun have arrived
off ?hla city.
A pealhou? for ?he care ?f
cholera patient? ha? been ea?abllaa
ed half waj* between Chalaila aad
thla city.
There are aald to be thirty caaea
of cholera under trcatn.cn?.
Ml lA.AItlA AHM Y HKtn
Special.-- The bombardment el
ASrlauope b> the llulaarlaua ??ill
coatlaiicM. according- lo dlxpatchea
front the front.
Turkish auna captured ?a/hen ?he
for?** a? I'apnatepe and Kartallep*
fell have been ?urned upon the cMy
and are addln**; ?heir leadea rala <?
that from the Iluiftar *fuaa.
Kefnaeea who Sed from ?he city
pictured coadltlo-Sa ?here aa a city
of horror?. Tvphua la aprendi?te
and facllltle? for carina for ?he alch
aad wounded are lno?le?juatc. There
la no fa.oai and mo*?t of (he people
mr* HviiiR in (he cellar? of Ihelr
home* or In <*n?e*a liecauae of the
rontlnuim* homlntrduen?.
No alffa of cholera baa apo***ai**a?d
dynamited the wrovria; Job. He ?aid
I had dynamited a bridare a? II?.
Veraon, lad., Instead of the ahop at
Ml. Vernon. 111.
"He said he wouldn't pay me nntll
be had aent the Iron V* orkera*
bn.lursa aaen? from Ht. In?rala *?
??I aext met llocklu and J. J. Me
Namara at my home in ?"hlcu-jo.
??llocklu took me Into ?he kitchen
and paid me $12*) for the Job. Soon
after this 1 met Hoekin while I waa
working a? foreman for J. t*. Coa
?ello, at Twelfth Mr?*?-? and Mue
laluud Avenue, In I'blrago.
"llocklu aald he had a eonple of
Jobs and he wanted me to do ?hem.
1 told him cither to let nie aloue or
Klve iue en ou?? h work so I conld
follow the work of d> naiultluK ex?
clusively. He aald all right, he had
enouah work to keep tue busy all
tb?* time.
"lu answer to n tele-cram from
Hot-Kin slanc?! 'llsK.' 1 went to
< In? uiii.iti and met llockln and J.
II. MoNauiaru. \\ c took a car ride
and ?ben a walk In the **?**?<??, and
Hockln outlined what he -wanted
?-lie ?aidi ?I've ko? a Job on ?he
HennlNou-llowu rd ? Induct la t'lc?e?
In tad. v ?m Ko over (?> 1 ??dlanapolla
and ?cet twelve quart? of nllro
Klyeertne. I've got three explosions
1 want lo come ??l?.ti? I ndiaiiupofis
next Tuesday iili?ht. Then 1 ivnnt
you to go from tlicr?. to,Cleveland
and ?o Petrol?, where the Met'lin
?Ic-Ma.rshall peopie have ?ome
trac'. elevation?* ??
Seized His Watch.
RICHMOND. VA.?.-"??peo-n..*?
?ward Kent, seventeen y ?Mir s old,
waa put under $100 bond for six
months by Justice Crutchflelo' today
tor picking the pocket of C. C. Law?
rence. Kent was surprised in the at?
tempt by Lawrence, who seized him
by the collar and held him until the
[officer arrived, turning him over to
[patrolman Dugan.
Lawrence asked Kent to direct blm
ko Lawrence's Hotel, on Main Street.
?Cent consented. The two had pro?
ceeded but a few f?et when Kent Is
?alleged to have suddenly plunged his
fnand Into Lawrence's vest pocket,
'????Izing his watch. Before he had time
| to withdraw his hand, Lawrence
?grabbed the pickpocket.
t Kent says he was without funds
Aand was desperate. He says he came
?nto Richmond from his home in Clncln
p?atti on a coal train. His parents,
he says, are well-to-do.
A woman under the mistletoe can
look mighty unconscious If the right
man is in sight.?Wise County Ne***s.

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