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! Weekly Shoot SI?M
By Tray Allison.
Tke station guard slammed the gate
.shut as I'cutou reached it, suitcas??? La
hand. He set his baggage down and
mopped his face disgustedly.
**llang it! If 1 expressed my real
fee Un 148 Ulis would be no place for
a lady."
Someone ?lapped him on the shoul?
der with a laugh. "First time I ever
knew you to get left at anything, txld
Benton wheeled around, his face
lighting with pleasure. "By the eter?
nal, it's Tom Hartley. You look good
to me after a year'8 absence. If any?
thing could make up to me for losing
my train, and havmg to stay over, it
-would be y out having turned up.
Didn't know a soul in the place, and
was picturing to myself the hilarity of
going back to my hotel and reading
all the evening."
Hartley drew htar over to a bench
and handed him a c.gar. "Sorry. Ben?
ton, but I am leaving in fifteen m-in
utes myself, for a three months' trip.
"Wish we could make an evenng of it
and talk over old times. Haven't only
seen you twice since we left college.
You certainly used to play a devilisSa
lot of Jokes on me. Wish we souid
he thrown together o-c*c*asionally, per?
haps th? last four years have devol
oped my mentality enough for me to,
?come back at yoti."
Beaton ?rJiuckled remiJJiscently. "I
would vHlllngly let you try your hand
at it. Tommy, if only you could re?
lieve this doad}y dull evening that
yawns before me. Don't lajcw a soul
in the blooming city."
*il could give you a note of intro?
duction te the d?**arest girl living,"
Hartley answered enthusiastically,
"she has the reputation of being the
wittiest girl In town and would make
you think misusing your train was the
pleaasmtest thing that over happened."!
Beaton looked at his business suit1
dubiously. "I couldn't call in this
get up."
"Nonsense! She isn't that kind of
a girl at all, not the least bit snob?
bish. Let me write the note, Benton,
yon can use it or not. but you n
decide that you would like to kill an
. evening's monotony, and I'll vouch for
it that you don't often meet a girl
tliat corn-pares with this one."
"He took a card from his pocket and
scribbled several lines with his foun?
tain pen. "Here's luck to you, old
fellow, and I think that's my train
they are calling. Tickled to death to!
have rua Into you."
Benton checked his baggage and
walked several blocks before he dc
cided that it was not every mortal
that was so favored by the gods as to
"have the opiK>rtunity of meeting the ?
wittiest girl in town, then finally took'
a cab and gave the address Hartley
had written on the card. Hartley had
written: "Introducing my old college
chum, Richard Beaton, who is in town
for the night only, and who doesn't I
know a 6ouI. If you haven't ao en-1
gagoment. be nee to him. He's . K.. !
excepting a tendency to play pratcisal
jokes, but probably his mania single
The note was characteristic of Hart?
ley's old style, and while its lack of
d'gnity was apparent, it would prob?
ably cause no surprise to any friend
of his .
"vVhn the ?**ab stopped and Benton
went up steps, his courage weakened !
slightly, as he had not expected any- j
thing quite so magnificent as the
house he was entering. The butler
took his card and left h?lm sitting in
the library wondering if he had not
been folish to act upon Hartley's im?
pulsive suggestion.
Whe.a hits courage had reached low
ebb Miss HiUoa came m. Sue hesi?
tated a s?3coud, and her gray eyes
teemed to analizo Benton. She
stretched out her ?and cordcially, for;
Benta>u's was a face that women trusi
ed. "Mr. Hartley ?couldn't have sent
you at a more opportune time. I had
stayed n tonight expecting uiy inotuer
and father to come in on the train
from ?Mow York, but have just had a
telegram that Chey will not be here
until midnight, so there was the pros?
pect of a lonely evening."
Benton gazed, ?uad thanked the gods
?aad Hartley. The soft, shm looeli
ncss at her was ?wonderful!
She sat on the divan near him, a
mirthful twinkle in her eyes. Mr.
Hartley's card says that you are prac?
tically perfect?-wiflh the exception of
a predilection for practical jokes."
"Poor old chap! It's a shame the
way 'I've Imposed upon his good na?
ture, for no matter how much the
laugh was on him, he always saw the
po.nt of Che joke and enjoyed it. He
has vowed he will got even with me
some time, but I am not losing any
sleep over his intention."
Miss Hilton's smile of appreciation
came near ?developing into a gaggle.
"I think we ?may credit him with hav?
ing made a successful effort," her eyes
full of mirth.
Benton looked at -her in snrprice.
"Hid (he write anything elese on the
back of the <*ard?" ho asked quickly.
"Nothing at all. See'" she held it
up before him. 'But I think I am safe
in propheseying that you will acknowl?
edge that he (has paid off all old
"Has toe 'phoned to you since he left
me?*" His tone was puzzled.
"No, ae hasn't telephoned. Shall 1
tell yo?u the point of the joke?" ?he
l?3ejaed forward, smiling.
He a-ar?'J faacinat?-*dly at the whlte
neeo ?it her throat where the Dutch
neck of ber white gown left In ex?
posed. "!'m consumeal with ci*rios
ity." he said gaily.
***Well?suppose I told you that Mr.
Hartley didn't telephone me tonight,
that he never has phoned to me, and.
that furthermore, I never met him in
my life, nor had ?I ever heard his
came until you sent up his card to?
He roso to his feet in astonish?
ment. "What!" he shouted.
"Never," she respondini laughing.
"I hope you are as good natured as
you represen t?ad brn to be?for the
Joke is certainly on you."
His face flushed with shame. "What
most you think? If you will allow me
a moment to make humble apologies I
will make as graceful a retreat as the
ciroum&tanceB permit."
Miss Dllton smiled and pressed t-he
electric button beside her. "I have al?
ways had a weakn??6s for playing prac?
tical jokes myself, and this seems an
unusually good one. Suppose, since
we have already met and ?xmversed at
length without proper introduction,
you remain until John brings some
sandwiches and tea, and you can tell
me some of the college tricks that led
to the just retribution that has be?
fallen you tonlg-ht."
His relief was visible on his face.
"The gods have not only been merci
| ful," he said softly, "they have been
? most arnazmg kind."
? ??*????
Three months later Benton entered
the lobby of his hotel and ran into
Hartley. Hartley's face expanded in
-his old time grin. "Glad to rum hito
you again, Benton, -have yo*u been
stalled here ever since I left you at
the station last fall?" he asked.
"Mot exactly all the time. I have
been stationed in New York as usual,
but have run down to Philadelphia
some few dozen times," Benton ans?
"Thought you didn't know anyone in
town ?"
Benton smiled and led the way into
the grill -r-oa.Ti. "Didn't, until you gave
me that card of introduction."
Hartley slapped him on the should?
er ?3nergetloally. "So you really went
to call on her?" he howle-d gleefully.
"Yes, Indeed! And I havo called
dozen of times since."
Hartley's eyre opened wide. "By
Jove! 1 have be??n wanting to meet
that girl for the last two y?9ars, ajid
I didn't know a soul ampiiR her
ac?-*uaintan<*es. You don't know the
good thing you have Ftumoled into.
Bent, old boy, she is the swellect of
the swell, and practically the belle of
tho city. Let's call bygones bygones."
he said pi? adinixly, "and fix up some
plan to have me meet her."
"With the g-reate&t pleasure?hut you
will have to postpone it a few weeks?
the lady in question is very busy at
pre-pent?she is to be married tomor?
"Just my luck," Hartley gTowled dis?
gustedly, "who is the lucky man?"
"I am," he answered, brief!y.
As* bf-tn*!? Infirmities, such ?a slu;
bowels, wr-ak kidneys und torpid liver
?have ? sp-ciflc effect o'.i litc<?e orrani,
stirnufatinitT t???* *s*?y?l ?. *?v?? ro?t iinil action,
?and imparts vit?.?- to lii: ?? ?>?>' - ap?V***S*
-Ip of the Cmivention.
LYNTHBURG, VA.? Special.?
Bishop Collins Denny, of Richmond,
is assisting th.- venerable Bishop Wil?
son in conducting th.- biiatnasa of the
Methodist Conference, In session at
Court Street Church, in this City.
Bishop Denny is :i f?-ood presiding offi?
cer and' knows well how to dispatch
bustaes*. Tho bishop aras ? school
mats of Prealdent-^lect Woodrow Wil?
son at Princeton.
Court Street Church Is a larjic, -om
modlOUS edifice and affords plenty of
room in which to dispatch the busl
of the conference
At. the ?ipenin.c- session this mom
ins there were quite ? lari;?? number
of the preachers and d?rd?agates pres?
ent. Mr. J. P. Pettyjohn, a prominent
layman, says that th?* committee on
entertainment had some trouble to
get homes for the delegates on ac?
count of the want of adequate hotel
Lynchburff is appropriately named'
the city of hills, for these little moun?
tain.?? are plentiful ami people used
to a level country soon got out of
wind in climblnK them. This is o
fine business town and the spirit of
enterprise Is ween in every direction.
It is too early In the s? ssion to fore?
cast anythlnK In re*<ard to the appoint?
ments. Madame Rumor has little to
say In the matter.
The preachers' wives and babies
are very much in evhlence at this ses?
sion. Race suicide amonir their fam?
ilies seems to be at low ebb.
CHICAGO, ILL. Special.?Mrs.
?i!aiK??rt? Kirb?, ??il?- ??? 11 r. Wil?
liam '!'. Klrii?, o??uer of ?be failed
Klrby Savin??? Ilank, vtiis cited to
appear at noon today before Fed?
eral Jadjce Lanilla to show cause
??lit .?lie should not lie punished for
contempt. 1 t-sla-rdii ? she ?vas or?
dered to produce lit cot rt S-.0.00?
?akne from ?he bunk and which
Judiie I.anilla anid he was convinced
?he had concealeil.
Aller ?he cour?'? order the wo?
man*? husband asserted that the
money huu none to wire tapper?.
Jii?IHe I.nmli.H ??us not convinced
by ?he story, und n?(orneya for th?
recelvera of the bank, who broutcbt
?he matter Into Federal f'oort,
opcnl)' cbarared that ?he story ?a/a?
a "frnme-up" to help Mrs. Klrby la
her attempt to withhold the money.
Today her husbaud'? atory of
tel?Ins; ?he money to wire-tapper?
?rill be formally told In court.
Our Plants are very hardy, large and stocky. Being grown In the Pied?
mont section, will stand more cold than if grown in the Coast section. If
set deep will stand any cold su*ly*??Wt to our climate. Low express rates and
full count. Karly Jersey and Charleston and Wakefleld, Su?*-c?3ssion, etc.
?Single 1,0*00, $1.26; 2.000 and ?over, %l per 1,000. Special ?price on large
Set early for beat result. W, ?.. KIVETT. High Point, N. C.
m^J9(?*r ??;? ?'????*? .?-??
?a??, -vr-;?m- ?+?
Strayer's Business College
Ch?-iries and Fayette Sts.
Baltimore, Md.
9th and F Sis.. N. W.
Wi^aMton, D. G
Martinsburg Business Coll
Stewart Bldg., Martinsburg, W. Va.
Tlieae *choo\s are sJI under one rn?n?j?*maii. They sre bijant^B?hool* of the
b?**st kind, tesc-hint? Bookkr?*?piiig, Shorthand, Type writing ai>d kiiidr?f??r?Puhieclt. Day
and Night School open all year. You can ?wter aow. P?o*?tioi.? fas* all pa?nabm.
Send to the achool ne*.reat you for a catalog today. State Dane of tb?s/ P*p?
tie "
WASHISGT?.Y, D. C? S*?eclal.
! il. ?. .t->? a? -.nu asastsAe tluker
bw night uncouv to???,ly led Ut
lnC?*J?M to li?-r lunilla?? tiaiK-c
ami tlu-ii laiiitetl wlien .slit? tfmm
hunoViills ?-Inked on Um \\n-ts ?if
liit? iiiMii, Julian II. Davis, tweniy
oiic years old, wauled by the po
li?-?* lur r?)h|.in-' Mam \ault of tin*
Pennsylvania stn.c* Insane .\s*.
1 um ?if ncurly ?* I .:(?)?>.
Trailed by t\??> ??nui lis, M
Baker left a hotel in IVnusyl.a
n i a Avenue. w?-u?l?-?l her way
thron*;!! th?? lli?iiU-r throngs, ami
????11-j.lit a ?lark b**NM beneath u bin
trie ?an th?? ii'.rtlit-ru ?-?lue Of tin*
Mall ut Se*??nth ami \\ Sir?-??-..
Northwest, where she kii?'\v l)a
?.is. with a l:??art full <>l" Io\e f?ir
li?'r, was waiting t<> kiss her for
the lu??t tfaae Laefeee fusing from
Uio ??olicc on a inotorcyel?-.
Davis, standing ben??alh the
tn-<?. had Just folded the girl in
his arms \vh??n a startle?! ex?
clamation t'Miipfd his ll|>s. II??
ha?l glnnee?! up ftO s?-e two plain
tioth??s' in?*n ?-niiilng toward him
with Ionic ??trhles. There was a
tall iron feneo In-hind him. From
his right and loft tlie detectives
were :*onilng. There wo? no way
to ?v-spo.
Before Moas Baker rcnllz<?d tii<*
plight In whleh kIh? had placed
her lover I>??t?*etlv?? Sergeant
I.awrenoe <)'lH*a_ <>r the t'entrai
Office, and Det?stive Joseph \V.
I bach, of Harrrtsbarg, Pa., liad
loektsl hamli-iiiTs on his wrists.
Davis turned to lila sweetheart
and In a voice, brok??n with a hod,
aadd: ?'I'm arrest ?si as a thief,
little girl." MJ.sw Baker **"cel<?d
an?! swooned.
After a tem sccon<lH Ml-w Baker
rctgaliicd her faculties with a h)*a
tcrical cry. Then stie ?Tied: "Oh.
' I did it. Julian; 1 did it. I led
them here to you. Can you ever
forgive mo? I ?lidn't know* they
wer?? following me, boy; I didn't
Wlillo the girl stood ??sobbing
and h??r witol?? form trembling
convulsively, the ?letecti?. es Ic-il
Davis by ?lark mid d??scrte<l
str???'ts to poli??e iK'ndquarters,
wh??r?? h<? was s*ear? lusl an?l
??harmed with lwlrig a fugltiv??
from ju*-tl<?<?. TIm? ??Irl inade her
wj?v bji??k to h?*r h??t??l.
Davis, chief ?ierk at Die Penn?
sylvania Slate Insam* Asylum,
\\ii.s dis?*hargctl <?n tlitolx-r 11th.
He w??nt to tli?* honu? of Miss
Bakes ?t 2<>.{ Harris str??et. llar
ri?-t?ur?r, mid tol?l b??r he had 1h*?*ii
ofr?*r?*?l a job In Baltimore. short?
ly after he weni to -*-ork for ?in?
(?iniT'i M'ei-uif Supply Company?
of Bnltlnior??.
But n.s chief bookkeeper at the
basane asylum Darta knew the
t'lciihiniiii it of the rault, and the
cas?? with whleh the vault might
i .? robbed kepi i-ecurtrtng to him,
n<*?-or?iing to the p?>li<*?*. I a<t Mon?
day night, n<*<-?>r?llng to his ??w~n
admlsvion. Davis lay la wait out
si?le tin* asylum until he ?aw the
Right wat?*liman lejive the build?
ing and start a? r??-s a field lo his
home for a midtii-'ht lunch.
Davis, the poli??? ?-ay. admits
cr?*eping in the unguarde?! ??tlie??
?>r th?? asylum, -pinning the <*<?in
liination and stepping into the
vault. ?losing but not hx-kitig the
iiia ? i??? >-i?-??l ?l??nrs so he ?*<>ul?l
not lx? Men. l'iidt?r lh<? ehs-trl?*
light In the vault he took from
his |HM-k?*t a?rerai plccea of aofl
metal and a file, it is Mold. Then
he easily fashion?*?! a k??y to un
I?'?-k lh?? drawer In which th?* eaah
was kept. l!a*?ing horn in pos*
-lon of a key t?> the drawer for
months, th?? police all?*g?*. It ?as
simple for him l?i r??ni??inber tin?
outliiit- and make a k??y that
would o|m?ii the ?lraw?*r.
It is charmd l?<? found more
than $1,244 In the dram-r. Of
this money. SNUO was in gold, and
the r?*n?aliider in bills of larir?* <le
n< ruinations ami a potkttful of
silver. The poll?*?? say h?? linked
th?* ??rawer. e\trnct?*?l the k??y,
and pi.i?*?*?i it in hi?? DOtcket, step?
ped fr??m the vault, loc-ke?l the
tilg doors, a****nn***ed the comhina
lion and stole away.
In llarrt-biirg he ??bartered an
auto and ma?l?? a mi(lni<*lit ?lash
iiero?-s th?? country to York. :*a..
pnylnc the chauiivnr $:*"? and then
boarding a train for Baltimore,
np|it*ariiiir for work in the oflli*o
??f the General B*le?*trlc supply
Company ?it th?? proper hour on
Turaday morning. Tli?? poll?-?? say
Davis ielcph??n???I to Miss Baker,
sa nt ht?r a -pcclal d?*II\??ry let
t?-r. ami forwarded her $**.*><'.
Kour nidi?? persons may die as a
r??.sult of injuries rt??elve?d in tlie
?**i:i< iniiatl, ilamiiton and Daytmi
\aia??k, at it-vingt on yesterday,
wreck, at Irvington Wednesday,
.\li four are In the Dea? ?mess
Hospital her??. They are: Hugh
Kemp, thirty-six, Berlin, kj.,
skull and land y cru.slnsl; W. J.
seller, twenty-four, "Lilaerly, Ind.,
liead and Ixxly Injured, ponilhlfi in?
ternal injuries; 1-Ted \V. llut<-lie
t-ion, tw??nty-six, Madison Ry.,
freight fireman, badly burnt??!: J.
\V. Jeffer??<in, rolorcd, porter, Chi?
cago, fra? tared skull and legs
bail)y ? rushed.
Kmployes Of the railway work?
ed all night by tin? aid *>f loeomo
ti\e head lights ?tearing up tlie
MTpckn1'?', and it was anii<?un??sl
this morning that no more bodies
had been found.
Judge Marke***, of UM Criminal
Court, called tlie arand jury into
special session at 9 o'clock Thurs?
day and began an investigation
of i he wreck in an effort to
fix the rt'sptuisibility for tlie dis?
Tlw railroad ??ommission ?>r In?
diana lui.? set NoveinlM?r 2.1th as
tin? ?late f?>r beginning its oltidal
investigation, and it will be aided
by repr<\sentatives of the Inter?
state tCommeree C<immisslon.
Bert Cou^h Synip. Tai>t.? Oood. I'm
in tlice. &>1<1 by Drorci-ts.
|500 AND UPWARD, and covering; Im?
proved and conservatively appraised
DIatrlat of Columbia and hl?*;h clas?
Washington Suburban real estate. In?
terest payable semi-annually. Note?
run from three to five years. Guaran
te?-?l Titles to properties.
For detailed Information address:
1414 K STREET N W.
Washington's lararost and moat pro?
gressive Real Estate Office.
Anatetl, Cohb Conn??*, Oa.
Grower? of Cabbage Plant? a? ?1.50
B<Br 1,?THM>| Slrntvficrr?- I'lnnla at 92.80
par l.OOO. Appletreea (Whol* French
Roots). S.VOO to $10.00 per 10i>. Peach
??ree? f3.5?i ?a SIO.OO per lOO. Standar?!
Kinds. Thousand rate upon applloa?
tlon. No ?cale er other d!*e*s?a
Dr. Frasber ('Itss Valuable Adrice to
Kidney gellerer*.
Dr. Prasber. M. D, Ft Gay, W. Va.
has use?! Ooan's Kidney Pills person?
ally snd prescribes
them in his practice.
Says be: "1 consider
Doan's Kidney Pills
the finest medicine
on earth for diseases
of the kidneys and
bladder. 1 have pre?
scribed them in
many cases and sev?
eral or uiy patients are using them
with excellent results. I have taken
Doan's Kidney Pills personally with
Mr. Krasher is only one of the many
thousands that endorse Doan's Kidney
Pills. If your back aches?if your
kidneys bother you, don't simply ask
for a kidney remedy, ask distiuctlj
for Doau's kidney Pills, the same that
Mr. Frasber had."
t>oc. all stores. Foster-Mil burn Co..
Buffalo, N. Y., Props. "When Your
Back Is Lame?Remember the name."
PETEB8MTR??, YA.? Sn<--claL
That the South will hereafter be
rt*c-i>?--*nized a? the mainstay and
financial meeting place of the
Sc;ib<?ur*?I Air Line Railway wax
made evident Thursday, when
tin* annual meeting of stockhold?
ers of the road took plate In l*c
tei-shuri.', resulting lu tin? election
of twelve Southern men to tii?*
dlre?'toratc. Th?* M*l?t*tion of
S?>uih??rii men Is not a surprise,
us it follows the es pec teil policy
of the sttx-kiiolders slmi? the pur
i ha SO of a lar.-?* blo?-k of the
BtCM k of th?- company by S. Davit's
Wurlh-M iiiitl hi** associates last
The new directors of the company
were chosen as follows: Milton B.
All?e, of Washington, D. C; James
A. Blair, ot New York'; Franklin Q.
Brown, Of New York; Charles !..
Cappa, of Norfolk; James C. Colgate,
Of New York; Samuel L. Fuller, of
N.-vv York; W. J. H.irahan, of New
York ?the president); Wilson S. Kin
near, of New Y.?rk; Mill B. Lane, of
Savannah. Ga.; L. S. Lan-, Of New
York; Robert S. Ifaddox, of Atlanta;
N. S. illddendorf, of Baltimore; Nor?
man H. Ream, of Chicago; Ferguf
K. id. of Norfolk: W. T. Rosen, of
New York; Charlea H. Sif.in, o?rl?*-ew
York: Towni j
?iniin Strom-, Jr., ... X.-w#Y -rk;
A. P. Taliaferro, of Jacksonville). Fia.;
Frank A. Vanderlip, of New York;
B. Dsvles Wsr?leld, of Baltimore;
Ge? ri;.- W. Watts, of Durham, N. C;
A. 11. Wigtrins. of New York; B. F.
Yoakum, of New York.
The dire-tors will meet In Balti?
more on Tuesday, November 26th,
f..r the election of officers and or
n for the ensuing fiscal fear.
it is <*oii<*e.i?-ii that President Hara
han? of Norfolk. Ya., will be chosen
to su ceased himself.
All Of the stockholders of th?> r.iil
roaad espreeaed the ? enthust
sam over the future of the Seaboard
Air Line.
Tliarsdn.i's stur wlines? at the tri?
al of SMiui Allen, the alleged mur*
a. r.-r o? ?at?ax loot mon L. Alas
si?-, vv?-i?' Junii-s N. l-.urjy and
CI?-rk I)?*xl?*r (ituiil.
Iht* loriiu-r whs a iiii-inlx-r of
Hie jur.v ll.ui ??mviitcil Floyd
Allen on the day ??1 the Hlllsvill??
sliooiniL-: tli?> latter was a < oii
>pi? nous ligure in the tiaui'dy.
Clerk ?.??ail i*? pcrliup?. tin- ino-t
iiit?r?*-ting witness in the pneseut
? a*-?*. On?* of ill?" thi'oi-ics of the
defense is that there was ill f?-?-l
lua n?*. .ici-n tin* Aliens ami Goad,
and that It was an act of tlu?
c?? rk'.*, thmt prctipiiatcil the melee.
Ih?' wiiiu-??.?. staii'd tin? ? ir
cumntances leading up to the
trs-jedy. Al?n?; with their evi
?....?. n .?-i?- au?! i?-..;.?-:??. .->ix or
??l"ln iiul?ctii'?*"?-. STati-rai the
prisoner, the Edwards boys and
other*-- in Carroll t_.i?.ui v ...n i, to
which tlie defense objected.
The jutigt- ailiiiitic?! this evl
dcniv, with insiriu-tloiis to tin?
jury that the indictments cuuld
not be conslilered as tending to
prove anything ?ontaln???! In tiicni,
hut iii?*rcly as ?t11t-?tIn?*; tlic fact
that they were In existence.
Mr. (*oad was subjt??"tcd to a
long un?! s?*anclilng ?ross-oxaini
nation. His evidciuc. vvltliout
material cliang??, folio???tl the lin?
given by him In the previous
trials. II?* was sti.l un<l?*rgolug
crovs-cxuiiiliuitloii at the time this
report wus Mod.
The trend of questions on
the part of the Common
wealth Jndlrat.*"- that the
attorney's theory is, lirst, that
lh?*rc was a * on?**plr:n v ?n?! ais i
that the fatal wound infllt?ted ora
Judge Mu-ssic was due to the pris?
The deft?nse, by cross-examlna
tion, Is ?mleavorliig to draw out
su? h t'iM-ts us will throw doubt on
tli??sc points, ami ?Ils? r???!it the
witness?'* by contlictliig siiit?-iii<?iii?,
or stai?*m?'nts In? <>nsi*?it*iit with
tho-e of other, witnesses.
The prisoner's wile and ?lill
?lrcn orera in the bar witli him
?luring ibis morning's session.
NEW YOKKV- Special. Braving
fog and a threaten?*?! downpour.
h'H iely women stormed the dtxirs
of the criminal branch of Suprem??
Court today to lu ar the four, gun?
men, accused of assassinating
Herman Itusciithnl. tell their
-tories upon the witnt?ss slant!.
Among the rich sixiety wom??ii
who bare been ?onstant spe? tu?
tors are Mrs. O. II. P. B? I mont,
Mrs. .John R. Drevel, of Philadel?
phia; Miss toes Milhollarul. Mrs.
Hci'berr Parsons ami Mrs. Churl????
S. Whitman, wife of the dlstriit
As Attorney W?hle, for the ?1??
fense, had ? lOSSd his opening
spe?-? h at last night's s<?ssi>n all
was in rendim?s at the opening ??f
session to begin the story
by which the a. ?used <-iiarteit<?
hopes lo prove that "Bald Jack"
Rone plotttil ami ? arrletl mil the
murd??r of Koseiithu!, and that the
a? tua I slay?***?, were L011?9 Web?
ber, Harry Vallon and an un?
known man rcf?-rr<?d to a? "Ilsky."
The gunmen allege that they
were ?l?s oyed to lb?? s? ?'lie so that
the crime might be fastened on
?i \K\ F. OVIKK.MFll.lt. OF
YOKlv, FA., IN BAHLM?>Iti:.
BALTIMORE, MD? Special.? The
Baltimore Amerl?**aa prints the follow?
A r*?m.in?-.- which had Its Inception
??n the promenade d?-ck of the ocean
liner Main While that vessel was only
a? days oui from Bremen, bound
for this port, will culminate tomorrow
rnoon when Philip F. 'i?-ls.-r, a
wealthy reel restate br?.k?-r, of Klch
mon.l. Va., uni Mrs. i'lara F. ?>
meier. of Y.-rk, l'a., will be married in
the parlors of th.- Hotel Carrollt.-n.
Both Mr. T. is. r and his t. ?? in
Baltimore. The former Is stopping at
the Carrollton. but he would not <li
vulj-i* the temporary residence of Mrs.
Ostermeler. The c?-r?-mony will bo
perform?-il l-y Rev. C. M. Eyster, pas?
tor of Fifth ??arman Reformed Luthe?
ran Church, of this city, and will be
witness? d by a few persons. It is the
wish of both Mr. Teiser and his bri l?r*->
to-be that the wedding bo very ?juiet.
Immediately uft??r the < ?r? m..riy is per?
formed Mr. and Mrs. Teiser will leave
for their future home In Richmond.
Mr. Toiser Is seventy-four
old, while his bride, although a wluow,
is only thirty-three years of age. "But
that does not make any difference,"
said Mr. Teiser When seen at the
hotel last night. "My fiancoe is both
?mplished and beautiful, and w?.
love each other. This love sprang up
between us when we first met aboard
the Main about a year ago. while wo
were both returning home after visit?
ing relatives in Germany. We wrote
to each other frequently and our love
gr?-w. I proposed and was accepted,
and I consider myself a mighty lucky
Mr. Teiser was ushered Into the
marriage license bureau yesterday
morning by a courthouse watchman.
He was dressed in the height of l
ion. At the marriage license bureau
Mr. Teiser gave his addresse as 2321
[Stuart Avenue, Richmond, Va
i*oi,ici: si:Auen fob tue sweet
Jl.D Sl'AMsIt l'Kl.MII.K.
MADRID^- SpeciaL? Search ?s
tot.iiy ???-.ti,-, muue ?jy the bpantali
aiul.orilies for a young woman
who, it is h?-li?'\?sl. will be abb?
t?i throw Ii^ht on tlie a,s-as?inn
tlon of I'remier Canalejas by
.Manuel Zarra le. the young u??
ar? hist. This woman is the one
whose pbture was found over
Zarnat?-"*? heart and It b??re the
inscription, "To my unforgettable
ih?> bullet whkh Z?rrate lired
into Ids bud y pierced the picture.
Coplea are t>eing strut k oil and
?listrilniU'ti t?? the poli? e and a
'ii'iieral war? li will lac made for
CHTOAGO, TUL ? S-pe-cial. Edward
Muran, o? Scranton, Vu., attempted
aulclda here today by leaping into th?
Chicago River.
Jamos Baa?**JT, a watchman, saw
him, jumped in after him. struck a
blow that rendered Moran t-neoruseioua
and brought him ashore.
Financial troubles are paid to be tho
eauaa of .Moran? attempted self -de?
IX>S A^E-LtES, CAL.? Special.?
After fasting tor thirty-seven days, in
an effort to cure chronic stomach
troulde, afra Blata Oui. a wealthy wo?
rn m. is ?lead here today of starvation.
K I) U I E * a o,
?'ha? it arm
All Kiods
Of I.ijrlit
turn t art-?
? Permanent Rlack
Try I
3I s s ss or
a l??*3rfearta??o<ak ;
laTDrO"?*? ' ** ?
sppraranc* at m Sstt CaM
or tutciKil ?NottJlag ?totter
lor aotiao rao ?buss Ns??*r
weers ot r?aos oft.
aHrtm A Uepmrttmmnt ?tor+e
Oa eemt my ????l.
tfi. Jay? it. Mia? Oe? B?UUaa*i?a, JSafa.
iDon't nearK'ct yourself when you
liavf ;i cough; nothing l? mor?- IlkHy
tf lead to serious oompllcationa
fcfiries' No. 1 Cough Mixture
"rill relieve your couch noon aftt?r
taking*. For throat and luna*: trouble
no ??jual.
Til A DK
Tou ean depend on it.
BAFB, 1*1111*'?, KKKKIKAT.
Buy it i .'Mi your ?lru?ia;;.->t and in?
sist upon the genuine. Boe the
truth- mark on every bottle. Trie??
i!r. gglst hasn't it
2H E Street, Richmond V.?.
Unusual Opportunity
To geriirc ?-1.? .-tels. Pullets, an?!
yearling prie* for SO days
Huff Orplngtotis, .Silver Wyandottes.
Wlilte lMyiuoti.il Kocka I.rown 1
horns, i:. 1. lledsi*nd Whit.- Leghorna
tl.oo to ft.60 ??*?.! according to quality.
Will s.-n?l full f sent or
stock inuv be r? ?-.?
i.li.l.Mi \ li:w l*AltW,
l.edou (ou, Va.
MONET I? TSAPPtSa. ?oofijjS \ *J\VA
W? toil jrou bow ae4 *Wa?^VY' i. .'"? S
l>*jr t-aill-rlr.. Writ? V*VyM,Z "\- >**.**W I
for t?.?-klj prie? UM ^Of^TW '?at''ir**********
?vnd r.f.r.uc... ^^?^^?Jm^^Xr^^
m. sABFL a sons ?Z-*i'^^J^*rmj
loi isviLur? *r. \m. ?i**asl
fcllmltFiiriK'.al^FuRS W
-?**ubii.b<idi*is?. ? ****??"'? ??*???*? ??gT^J
W 7t Get v.i'ue received for 0VXi^\
1v?j y/A o-ioney spent for trees fr ?m
?Us??2& and pants. Catalog Free, f A
w*jr 60 years experience and (k****. In
sW|^Sjaj| |? so Tipoe?-*noe Cit.?*. Ohio ^L^J
Woman's DepaWk
: a-fu -.m? F?nde**.
Most of the skirts are gathered at
i and have an elongated pan
ni. r.
Gunmetal Is a favorite color for
is shown in ex
ided eff.
Warm, pale | B that seems to
? f pink hidden away
in its f?.|-ls is th.- ni.it. rial used in
Ian Imported frock. It has a panel ?>:
? lor and a drapery of steel be.ids.
Bronse satin draped in black chif?
fon that has a border of rich purple
flowers cotnbli r -i-Jsome
? evening ? n r?-er-ntly. The
|bo?li?e *lmo*t entirely formed of old
gold '
Th< tall eonttnue much
a-? h. r.?! ? . but those of soft flow?
ing B v il..*i.l?-.l change
The bell Is popular, but is much
modified and not n?-arl> so baggy as ii
I on?.- was.
Plaited effects In chiI<lr.-n'H dressei
ar." as fsshioi .er. While thf
dress of one material throughout li
most desirable, th?-r.- are many com?
binations of two materials, such as I
Norfolk of plain blue, with checkec
skirt in blue and white.
If extremely fashionable the wintei
hat should be made <?f two material
?velvet anil moire, velvet and plush
v??lv?-t nn.l fur. velvet and tulle, vel
vet and ottoman, velvet and satin, o
velvet and bather, in two colors.
Folded velv?-t ???-Its are In goo?
taste and t?*?UCh4**S of velv? t alway
finish a dr?"ss ni?-?-ly. Plastrons o
braid work, la??- or of Velvet may b
added to any of the fro?*ks which hav
?lone ssrvic* during the summer, par
tlcularly the littl?* cashmeres whlc
mav be easily r.-n<>vat?-d by means c
trimmings ?>f velvet. A dash of fur I
always welcome, thU s?HSon being n
The rage for {?lush and velours 1
the winter's millln.-ry will be grea
One s.-.-s facings, trimmings and entii
hats made ?>f this material In a wM
naaortment of grades. The heavy pi
plush is ehown and combines beai
tifully with Velvet. Fino hatter's plus
ted among the btocked shapt
and while velvet will always be go(
style, this devlaUon Is hailed ail
Klt??h??n Don't*.
Don't throw away tlu? water in
which unsalt?-?! rie?- has been boiled.
It makes the b< .st starch for UngiMie
Don't throw away th? paraffin from
jelly an?! mannaladea Waab each
it. Boll the accumu?
lation and there will he clean paraffin
f? r next jelly time.
Don't throw awa* -
ry. Dry them in the
o\. n the flavoring
Don't throw away lemon and orange
pit's. Dry ar r ft-r flavoring
<<r mt Into ahreda and I oil In a white
syrup for a aweetn*
t throw away the water in
nd so
forth have been boiled. This water
aiuable salts.
Don't throw away broken or ?try
ad. Tin- larger pieces
can be made Into toast for poached
or toast points for creamed
nd fish.
Simple and l-:.\?i?lh?nt Way to ?.'lean
Soiled Balneonfts.
a simple and axteellent way to re
dlrty marks from a raincoat Is
to cut a raw potato in slices and rub
It well on the marks. It will also ro
move mu.l stains from dress skirts,
children's coats and men's tr.e..:
Bins may be easily stoned if
boiling water la poured on them and
they are left in it for a short time.
To reader boots ami shoes water?
proof In damp weather rub a little
mutton suet round the edges of the
soit s. Beeswax is Just as efficacious.
After making sandwiches place
them in an earthenware vessel or
crock and cover tightly. Set the ves?
sel in a pan of eohl water and sand
ariches will keep moist for hours.
To polish Side com) s dry some
(lour thoroughly in the oven and then
let it get ?old. Rub this well on the
combs with a pie???? of wadding or
rag. As the flour pets dirty use fresh
and be sure that the wadding Is clean.
When using marking ink for linen
first make your initials on the linen
with an ordinary lead pencil and then
trace with y??ur ink over the pencil
marks. The pencil will prevent the
i ink from spreading and giving the
linen a blotted appearan?
Iv?k?o4 and Mu-dirooiii?. on Tonst.
Make the necessary number of
round croutons of lightly fried bread
and ?house mushrooms the same
as the croutons. Peel the mushrooms,
rinse them in warm water to remove
any grit, and take off the ?stalks.
Place them on a greased baking sheet.
st.-i.lk side uppermost. Put rieees of
butter on each mushroom and a little
pepper and salt, cover with buttered
paper, and c????k In a moderate oven
at.out fifteen minutes. Serve a mush
m on euch crouton, and on each
mushroom place a cooked bloater roe
curled round. Serve very hot.
l.nmh Si???.
Um? flank of lamb, carrots, turnips j
and potaties, any quantity that may
: be desired.
Cut the meat in rather small pieces
and put Into hot water. Let It boil,
then turn into colamler and pour cold
water over it*to wash off the scum.
Return to saucepan, with carrots and
turnips cut In smail pieces, and boil
very slowly two or three hours. Ada'
the onions about one hour and the
potatoes one-half hour before the stew
will be ready. Thicken with flour and
water, after the fat has been removtxl.
i.e.iv?' the onions whole if small.
Mint Jelly.
Pour one pint boiling water over a
I bunch of mint, steep one-half hour
?covered, then strain over a box of gel?
atin that has been soaked one-half
: hour ?>r longer in a cup of cold waier.
Add one and one-half pints of boiling
! water, one and one-half cupfuls of
sugar, the juice of three lemons and
small quantity of green vegel
?ring. Strain through a jelly bag
i ami mold.
Scraing ChtK-olate.
When serving chocolate or cocoa. If
you have no cream place a fresh
marshmallow In each cup, then pour
th?? chocolate over it. it will rise to
the top, dissolve and take the place
ream. The marshmallows In the
tin b P fresh quite a long time.
('rape Fruit .Mur ma lade.
Take f??ur grape fruit and two j
oranges. Wash fruit, ??uarter and re
move seeds. Put through a grinder.
Add thr?'?' pints of cold water to each \
pint of pulp. Let stand twenty-four j
hours, th.-n boll fifteen minutes. Let
stand another twenty-four hours.
M .?sure again, add a pound of sugar
to each pint of pulp. Boll from one
?n?! a half to two hours. Pour into
SSea The next day after ft
hardened pour nielt?*?l parafln wax
tho tops.
.V f-ave i.etter ?if Marst: 'I*wala*a.
? wing the manu ?rtpts which
Mark Vwaln's Wtl ! him to d 1s
card, an?i certain e?lt?-.l manuscripts,
one gets i partial ' what the
mg wo; M ,.??..-< to Olivia Clemens.
It should r.?> sud lier.? that there Is
not the least ? rldence (an! the m.inti
I scripts are full of evidence, th-tt Mr?
C'emens waa a ?itlve or
narrow or unllterarv In her restraints.
?Sh?- became his i - it were, anl
no man ever had s ?vor* open -minded.
clear-mlnde?". public than that. Non*
realized her worth more than he No one
m*de fuller aeknowl???dgaB?n !v.?-'?'"$
afterward, bu?. tt?n. and tc>heam
un her thirtieth birw .lay (. ^|
letter whl??jr?^
??thing of tae tribute of
I years have g<>n??
j by since I made my first a?reut suceeas
in life and won you, and thirty years
?.? mad?
ition for that happy ??ucees? by
into the work!, Every
live together a?lds to the me
nee that we can
wish to h.- separat??]
that w?
r joined. Vou ate dearr^
BBS I t ? .in you werm
upo?; ? anniversary of this birth
> arer then titan you
wet to?you have grown
more an.l m< I from the first of
those anniversaries, and 1 do not doubt
that this pre-ciou.? progression will con?
| tinue on to tne mu that is. if my
strong but slugarishly demonstrative
I love has not already reached its limit
and perfection
us l?x>k forward to the coming
anniversaries, with rii??ir ...??;?* and their
gray hairs, without fear and without
?{??pression? trusting and believing that
the love we bear ea< fi other will be
sufficient to make them bie~
with abounding affection for you
and our babies, I hall thli day that
brings you the matronly grace and dig?
nity of thr??? dttcadeaP*- !'is;e
1'iw I'alne, In Harper's Magazine for
In Fashion Lend.
The de-ceitfulness of aome of the
most beautiful items of feminin? ap?
parel is an asptect of them that can?
not be overlooked by the student of
'"Throughout the sen son I was con?
stantly mistaking afternoon frocks
fur evening toilets." said one dowager
to another the other day. "They were
cut SO low In the neck that I am
many another old-fashioned wo?
man like myself may be forgiven for
fancying a mistake in choice had
made?or a mistake in taste."
sgrssd the other dowager.
"And do you know my dressmaker
has jus? sent no- a garment which
f<r th?> iif.. of ni.? I cannot tell when
to wear!**
'"When to wear?" her friend asked.
with a tone of reproach in her voice.
"Et tu; Bruto!"
I'ret isely. It may be an evening
Or :t may In- a tea gown. I
'-ant' ..nd my maid is equally
'"Why not wear it in t?oth capacl
' a daring and original daughter
<?f the bouse hazard.-??. *'? ?ver a lacy
;': Uly ; '. v?*ry.
very prettily the top, it
would i'"k smart, and at night It
would sdd lustre t?> your last new
Whether that counsel will be adopt?
ed it? owner had not decided.
Bui the f"urth and silent member
of the ' Hiut
this riatlc of
???nit of other quick
change garments that have been
hrou US Of late? There
bav? nd still ar<?. any nun
ri <>ur n
. that simulates an evening man?
tle and the mantle that can be worn
I tea gown are. like the turncoat.
very obliging items of apparel, and
The same materials suit both, and
both glitter right gloriously under
faahion'a new regime, in which spark
mbroldeiies are such prominent
and beautiful lt.-ms with a li
brilliant futur before them.
Perhaps t?. ting majorltle?
for Wilson ? np in th?? Ninth
rl< t may the fol?
low mg paragraph from the Wise Vir?
"Th.? Republican standpatters ??f
the Ninth District have given up the
[fight for Presiden! and are offering
j from thr?-- to ri\ ?? standpatter? to voto
for : r every Progressive
! who will vote for Blemp. That ia
trading some! The election law ?ays
?something about 'or other thing of
i valu*,' and Judge Skeen is not liable
1 t" give it an Interpretation that would
disfranchise a fellow for making such
a swap. It will take a constitutional
amemimeiit to m?-.-t the situation."
If" this be true it appt-urs that the
Republicans of the Ninth District have
no special purpose in view or in vot?
ing except to elect Mr. Slemp to Con
The supporters of Colonel
R?0-osevelt repudiate?, and *?.'>andoned
him to vote for Slemp. If what the
V.is?- Virginian says is correct, the
suooorters and fr?en?!* of Mr. Taft
:..-?! him to get votes for
?Slemp. Then comes the vital ques?
tion. "Why this inordinate devotion to
Slemp?"?Roanoke News.
Maine and Massachusetts went
Democratic In a presidential election.
It looks like the war Is over when
these .*\?-w England States give their
electoral votes to a Virginian candl
for the presidency.?Index-Ap?
And when the pie Is open
You'll hear the whole Dunch sing:.
" I'm going to be Post Master
The beginning of next sprinx."
Vane-, in Staunton Loader.
th? fact that th?**Va * vast
differ-en.-ein ext acta. Don't
spod your cook.ng with poor
stuff when you cai get Sausr's
at any grocer'a for th? sun?
pr ce. At your irvict, l?e
au-ui25c*. ?Call f or Sailer's - *
ril? 1>1 \'l?rS!? llRAM*.
2u?li,-?ai A?.. ) "ur llru^U ?.T
.-?-?. ??? lliam.M.JUpun?! '
i.. j a. ; ?...ij uK-tAiiu
TnL?? i.. ., I?. r K.if of roar
Pi ??asa?. A
- <>r t?j
i>?^ii.?t ' iii.cnVii.TEaa
i;v>:> iMLiji.^*?
Tt*?skn..?nW Kcll.M?
III nod? h ?it F*??*-?.
Are cure?! without pain in one day by
l.eonardi's ??olden Kye Lotion. No
<?th?r eve remedv in tho world as cool?
ing, healing and strengthening for
week eyes. Insist on having "L*on
arili s" It makes strong eyes.
Guaranteed or money refunded.
Pruirerists sell It at 2S cts.. or forward
t <! prepaid on receipt of price by S. B.
Ceonar.li & Co.. Tampa, Fix
Tanner Paint & Oil Co.
Mann facturer? of
High-Grade Paints
!fow is the lime to Boy. Prices
Toni-aed Hot torn.
ov?jR youa OWN uns
t'a* lit .i.re but.cxu UraM*
?ff ? ?< > m,? luv, ? a?x*' rat?
- m hi. I?um to coaard
trith l-i* i.?*-\ ir\' t.t. ?ut.nl.
?orld Krllaj, phjr.r. ?...
t.awT. monry. aii i.t trout.;?- and
?cknew, r?v? ?ontrtit
?tone? A ???gri?orbao.. ??!??
pt.oo? lin. . c-.iy to baud and
cpriut Let ?? watd yo? ?mi*
. l'y rmic? ai
l*?irp*.?>n? rara, tlui tell you a#?>
to bj.ld ? rural lite .ad opurjf:
t??r. by-1??* for roraleaatps^SB
aiuJ v,!u,t4r,?cir?.t.oa Wr?*>
lar Ik.?? Ire? boo?, totlaiy
rioM* in??, lUa S*f*a?.
KcijL<>aa awrrcMaoaao a m?M*.v co.

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