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ja ? ^ **y?ij
? ?iiii**BVipr-^i*Hal. Ixuve is such an
L*-apS?*?s*-n* that none but geniuses.
"'."?*. can develop it with original
Bnrii. A man and a niai.i who ?l.?l
?vmlKK?IIA.SK1N.?At ?Jal ; ndlo.
?bor 10 ; Minm??
Hankin, daughter or tara Martha 1*.
Ilaukin. of Brooklyn, to Jay Kl'-tcber
SU Irnira. N. Y.. und ?-?ukchi.
The exact ?pot In Brooklyn thit re
c.-titly h*\v your ht?, ?.-in?- i? :ii. :0>*? I
The maid's tatl w**j
thy, die-tl **vera not
After she w*s graduated from that
roundhoua* of roma?.*??, l*ack*r Instl
iut?. -\nd?anticipating Inquiries?sue
Is twenty-thr??e Rn.J pretty.
Mr. ?Slee's parent? are ?I? nd. When
graduate?! irum PrtacetOS In
v*. her?- he eiiK**?"?'?'! sue?*? sstul.y In
athletics: when I the employ
of the Unltt*d ('.us and Coke Company
here; when he left it three years
to show his ability a* a mining engln
neer to t*.ir Arthur Tata, owner of the
Tata iron mines in Sakchl, he did not
know that auch a delightful i
Mint Minnie Mue Hankin was engaged
In the?to her?easy ?*-**-*?* u pat i ?>n of
gracing this well-advertised earth.
And as to him, ?he could say th?* samo
thing, were she desirous ?>f s?> ?Join?.
llo?*7 Smm Heard <?? I Urn.
Slee might have found the evening*?
In Sakchl extremely dull had it not
been l??r th.? preaen?**? <<f Mr. and Mrs.
Robert O. W?rttls. Mr. Wells Is SUDSr
intendent of the mine and h? Invited
Slee to vi?lt his home.
Slee quickly Impressed Mrs \v??ll?
?o favorably she remarked one ?lav
?hat she had mentioned his name In *
letter ah? had written to her young
friend. Mis* Hankin. of I'rooklyn. This
announcement failed to drive Slee
from the hous?, in wild rage, particu?
larly after Mrs. W*ll* had described
the young -woman to him. He breathed
a hope that she might become Inter
este-d In India and its peo; le.
That Miss Hankin didn't do?In the
beginning. It r?xiulr??*d all of four let-.
ter* from Mrs. Wells for that to come
about. Thereupon Sie? Inquired if the
. were bright tor a visit from
' atlas Henkln. Whereupon Mrs. Well?.
ibout such thing?, replied
I Miss ll.iiikm would vifltt India on
i the sutne day tin?? Kug-ane V. Debs was
I inaugurate.! Whereupon Mr. Jay
| Fletcher .-..-. o? Klmtra and point??
n and decided to
think o? othti things.
Tkf> ??Mel ? by M?tfl.
"Fut 1 shall introduc? you," said Mra.
i?t I bvliev? : >t in the occult," Blee
? And Brooklyn Is 12.000
mil?.?? tr.>m thi? b. :iullful spot."
h." Mrs. Well? smiled, 'you fall to
eompr?heD?L 1 ??hall introduce you by
Sie? made no objection and the letter
! was sent. Miss H.inkin replied that
she was deliarnted to make Mr. Blee's
acquaintance ?so oddly.
That was li '.'11. and the maid
the man bogan a correspondence
that increased In volume every week
They sent photographs to each other.
And In February last they became en
ed, though neither had seen or even
lo the other. Slee sent his
ilancee a diamond ring.
The problem of the wedding?the
date and th?- place?vu formidable.
Slee wrote that ho would not be free
tt? leave India until 1914, and would
Miss llankin mind running down to
Surely a remarkable request It was.
Remarkable it was to Mrs. Hankln. but
not ?o very remarkable to the daugh?
ter. Mrs. Hankln feared her daughter
would suffer from the climate. Her
daughter replied that love made her
impervious?. So on July ?th laet she
sailed for Bombay.
Slee and Mr. and Mrs. Wells met
her. They remained In Bombay three
days at the Taj-Mahal Hotel, cele?
brated throuarh the story that twenty
vears ami 20,000 men were required
In its construction, and then they
journeyed to Calcutta, where the ro?
mance was not terminated, as many
persons so inaccurately say. but Just
really a?id truly begun. When the two
years have passed quickly into the
back sheets of the calendar Mr. and
Mra Slee will come back to Brooklyn.
Tli*- imminent lull Of Constanti?
nople is in?iit*ated in a telegram
from < oiistantinopl?? this ?*\?niiig.
?\hi.l? s:at?*s tluit a u ?*oun?*il of
war today th?? Turkish ?llliecrs
agtrced lliat the position of Un?
arm} defending tlu? Turki*?.> ?api
tal is? hopehss ami could ttOt much
loiig?*r \\ .Ul-uiiuI tli?* Huluai ian
The r??i>ort that the Turks won
a hi?*; victory *???si??rday ?*nuinau*?l
from Turkish sour?*???? ami havi?
-?in??? pr??v??d erroneous.
RELGRADE.? Special. - A ner
vl&a army has oecupird Du
ra/./.o, in?- ehiei Albanian port on
tin? Adrian.* sea. accortling to
privai?* advices tmce?treA h?r.\
Although tlu? S?*rviau tioviTti
nieiit -vluscd to conliriii this re
"H>rl. tin? news was gvii?*rally u?*
?vpWMl ;is true antl ?'.lusctl great
n?joi?*itig iiniuni; Uio llclgrnde
Austria has prot?i*st???l against
S??rvia mskxtng any Atiriatie ports.
but the Servian <.ov??rnin??i?t is
.sJmwiii;? l>y ?ts ?I??u?rmiiHHl atti
tuilo that it intends to ?arry ?jut
its program.
li??Ii?*l is growing h??rt? that
Austria's a;*;',r?-?-si\ ?* tllplomati?*
protests uSm selzur?? <?f A?l
riati?? t??rritory by S?*r\ ia MM
chicll?- l?;r i?lle?l ?mil that Aus?
tria will be p?*rsuu?i?\i "bj th??
jaowers to aixvpt tli?? \??r?ll??t of n
oouiieil of th?* pow??rs as to Ser
vla's i<?rrhorin| cxpan*don after
tii?- cam'iuign emls.
Another Servian army Ls mov?
ing towiiril liurazzo ?nil a coali
tion Serb-MontctH?grin column is
moving southward u|M>n Durazzo
from Ak?ssio. although it- pro
?^???sh is retard???! by ?le?*p snow
whi? h has lallen throughout
\?>rth??ni Alhanhi.
HE KLIN. Special.? ?Toinplete
mobilization ol th?* Russian mili?
tary i<?ic?s in I-airope lias been
or?l??r???l, a? ? ortiing to uil\i? ?*s from
St. l*?'t?>rshurg. That Russia has.
botm s?*?ietly prcpuriii?*; f?>r, any
<'\?nt ualily growing ?nit at th??
Balkan war has h<?cii known for
meterai ?lays, ?n,t ?*- ????*? nnl Asm
li?*\???l that the empire would be
pla? ?tkd upon a war footing.
Russian ships are being sent to
the lila? k ?*K?a, and soldiers aro
l*ii*g ?ou?viitrat??d near, tlu* Ihal
gariau Itorder.
From th?* preparation?, la'ing made
Kusvsia ls not to Ix? ?u tight nap
pin^ as sh<? was when Austria au
n?*x?*d Turkish provine*-?; over
Ktos?an protest*?.
flENNA*? S**-e?**i?vl?-? When
n??w>? mu received here today
thai a bt'n Ian army had oeeupitxl
Durazzo on the Adriatic S<?a, a
new and daJig?*rousl> dis?*ordaul
note was struck in the diplomatic
controversies growing out of the
Balkan war.
\\ hile th?? advi?**?*. ?rema not offi?
cial they ?-au.?icd a profound ?tir
in Austrian diplomatic circles, and
the jingo clement immediately
proclaimed that o* ??upation of the
|K?rt would be a <*ausus belli unterstt
Amt Servian government wlth
tlrev. her soldiers or admitted that
Durauo hail beet? ?h -cupied only
for strau-gl?* purposes.
Austria Ls rcp?>rtcd to 1m? mob?
ilizing h>>th her land and naval
forces ami a naval ih-iuoiistratioii
in the Adriatic ia threatened.
ll%LKA*<a (LAMI.
ATHENS. Special_A clash hv
t?a?'?n ?la?- (.r.fk anal liulatarian
nillliury MiiihurltieN at Salonika la
repttrle?! tu be liiiiiiineiit.
'1 be Hulnarlai? ?-oiuuaander has
objeele?! t?> the polleiuK of the dla
(rl?-t by :.?R) Oret-k uillllary police,
Wbo arrlaed today from AlheuM.
The HulaarluoM ln?iated upon a
Joint polit-e force <?' ilulKtuInu anil
Greek i-xilill*? r-., but the I.reek?
<?ouiprouila?e<l by uuikliiK paanport-i
1-tMueal by the llulKara of t-qunl
authority aa ibowe baaued by the
A Miioulka dlapatcb nliitea that
Kin at Geurge aud (rittm I'riaee
(.'oaittantlne and the Greek stall
atteuded TbankKKlvinK avrvieea la
the ArcblrplM4?opal I'hurrh there
this uornlug.
?SOFIA^? SpeeiaJ_Aviator Eti
iiiotl, of the liuiguriau aviation
?orps, made a s{KS-tacular llight
oven Adrianople today, dropping
a dLspatcli into the city from the
liulgai'ian cominauder, demanding
that ail liulKurian iion-conibatanui
in tin? * it> Im* aMkomtO? to depart.
The Turks lired upon the aero
plan?*, damaging It, but Um* avia?
tor was able to make a landing at
Mustapha J'ass, norUiw*(?8t of tin?
city. Rifle lire was ttrst dl?Kt?f<l
againHt the a??roplan?? and several
btUlets pi?*r< ?-?I ih?* vvlng. The
Turkish artiller?*?^ then lx*gan
sliixiting at the eJ
Half a dozen ??irtija^tilis whizzed
by the aviat? r, hut% while the
frame work was 8pi!%?< ? <??! the
iiitsor was uiitoucbetL
LONDOV. StkoIaxV- A disiiatcii
BVHA?-? Shre.aV? Another tier??
liai ions condu? ttTfl by Dr. l>aneff.
lit?- ?,)?-. ial Iiui<{(i>?ftte--i envoy, acnt
to Buitaix-Mt, ha\.^^LJtnltcd favor
ably for s?*rvla? ref-ardin?; her d?f
iiiaiiil for an outlet on the
Adriatic. This indicates tbst the
perl! or a i Insh betw<-*cn r-Vervia
und Austria has be-en obviated for
tin* tliiu- l??*iii*?- at least.
<?ONST\NTINt>I*I.K. via VI
ENN \. Nov. 13.?Another lier?*?*
.ult upon the Turkish (.?enfer
at Cliat.ilja was **-*e,tTun by tin
Bulgarians at dawn today.
Tin* ?iiu.i?;?-m?*iit "-raihiiiliy v\
t?Mi?li??! until lighting raras general
along tin? tvvi-ny-mll?? l>at(l<- line.
Two Ituluiirimi ?*oliiiiins ail?-in<*e*-l
slowly Dpon the ?"list and wc-t
Tiirki--.il wind's but Turkish ar?
il.l?-ry ?li?l s?v?*r?* luivfic.
\~IE">N \. Sjieelftl.? One thou
?.-in?! Bulgarian soldii?rs wer?*
kill?*?! in lighting Friday nnd Sat?
urday following th?* sorti?* ?>r tlie
Turks from lb?? fort.s west of Adri
:iii?>|)l?'. ii?-???rdliig to a ?llspatili
ra-eclv?*?! fi-oni Coiistsntlnopl?? t?>
Tt RK s \v i ; a K i-:mn<;.
YIE>\.\. ?.Special.? Inder re
l?a-;if?tl a??aiilts by Hi?* Bulgarian?
th?- Turkish lines at ?'hntnlja arc
vv?*ak?*nliig. I.l?*'it?-iiant \, ngn?*r.
war i*??rr?*>|K>ii?|??iit for tin? Kcieh
ptnst, vvlio Is with Hi?? Unitarian
nriiiy at lb?* Iront, seat lli<? fol?
lowing iKHiitinl ol t!w? l liai.ilja
flu 11? 111'' lod.-t ?
**Th?* ntta?*k a?rain??? tl??' Turkish
<*?*nt<?r a?:.?In.?*? lb?? Turkl-h *>o?-i
lion at ?.'hsualja ami ai>uiii*.i the
east win-*; or?* pi*???**,r?*ss.ng favor?
ably. The Turks huvi? been ?lrlv?u
from all the ailvan?*c<| posts dur?
ing th?* past tlir*???? ?lays' lighting.
?'l"<-;*;iniiii?g ?Ik? attack by Bul?
garin ii*- tram ?l<'la..v?*d two ?lays
owing to lin* ?fifticiilty in trans
p<?rliiig iimiiiiinlfli.il?- over road?
ma?!?* soggy by s?'v<*ral ib?>s' rain
an?! a ?l??lay of n*lnfor?*?*iii?*iii*?
from Atlriaiiopl?? rea?hlng the Bul
ararian front. Tli?? eaiinoiKwlhi:*;
on botli sl?l?*?-s Is t?-rrlli<-."
Tilths F-oiuT'I) BACK.
sOFI \. SnecIiiL- The Turkish
troops in tb<* main gnrrbson at
A?lriiUiop!<? ma?!?? a ?!?f?|K"rnt??
Nor?!?* Tiii'm!?), but w?*r?? driven
ba<*k Into th?? i-itml?*! with lu.iv?
loss ?,r lif??, ai-v-or-dlng l?> a semi?
official in.?*-**?!?-;?? from tb?? llulgnr
ln-ail(|iiarters outside of th?? !rt
sie-a*ed Turkish ?it>. Th?- haftle
rn?r?*?l for live hour*?, during wbi??h
both Turks and Bulgarians fought
with th?* most ii??sp?-rat?* ?Murage.
Tlie Bulgarian Ios?sc?s were al**<?
v?>ry h?*avy. Tills is r??garil?><l OM
tli?? final attempt or ?In? Turks to
break ?lu* Bulgarian liiia-s.
H?LK*HESTE1L IS'. T*r- Special.
Socialist ueh?i*:att?s to the ?onven
tioii of tli?' American Federation
of Labor will oppoise the re-el?-?
tion of l*re*?ld??ut ?L?omper?. It
was h-nrned t??*la> tiiut tills
d?cision was reached at a meet?
ing of the Socialist del?gale?-. lalst
Tlie Socialist-? claim mort? than
100 out of the 375 delegates com
poslng th?* couventlon.
Klghty dt'legate-s wer?? present
at the meeting.
An urganlzutlon wan cfTc<-t(*d
by the scle? tion of J. Mablon
Barn? s as chnirmuu and William
Rodrigue? as *?>cci*)etar>'.
A plan of campaign for tlie
< <>nv?-iition wat* iiiapped out.
In JHltlitiou to opposing the re~
cl???iioii of I*r?**sl?lent ??ompers,
the Socialists will tak?? is.su?- with
that part or the president's re?
port which advocates a ?-ontlnu
ttiiiv of tlie policy of tlie past
four ?ears of supporting po?
litic-ally the friend*? of labor and
?ippiising Its enemies, *r>?-?gardl?3i*>.s
?>f party affiliations.
Tin? Socialists will contend for
a distinctive labor purty?? mean?
ing the Socialist party.
Tin* .su*aiiilitters'-plumbers' con?
troversy, involving the right of
tlie steutnlltter*?? to recognition as
a distinct national Union, was a
sfieelul order of business before
lb?* Amerhan Federation of l*a
b??r today.
ST. JOS?3PII, MO.? ?Special.? Ouy
T Helverlnjf, of MaryviHe, Kan., for?
merly a street car conductor in St.
J'?s<*ph. who was the Democratic
noi:iln<?e for congressman In the Fifth
Kansas District, was elected fcy a large
Helvering- is now a lavvyer, and his
first knowledge of Blackstqne was ac?
quired here six years age. Later he
< ntered the University of Michigan.
where he took the law courso and
was graduated with horors.
practiced in Marysvjlle and was
ted prosecuting attorney. He has
the distinction of being the only
Democrat who ever/ held office In
Marshall county, and/is the first Dem?
ocrat to be elected to Congress from
the Fifth Kansas District
Professor?If a ' man had un arm
long enough to tJnich the sun and
burn bis fingf-rs he would not feel
the pain for 5,682 years.
Srudirnt?And for how many th?*fus
and r>f years would he be h??iard
awear'ng- about it?
These flghtii-ig men, who look more like <x>mlc opera soldiers or ballet
?tanoers, are looked upon as the most efficient men In the Grecian army.
The?se rr>t>n are now at the front In the war of tlie allied Balkan State?
against Turkey.
|*HIL.\DELI'HIAV PA. Special.
?Mrs. lJi/aoeih Myers, of
New York, was sluit an?! fatally
vv<uin?l??tl hy b??r daug!iti?r, ('ladys
Myers, lu a sl?*eplng car on the
i'l-unsylvaniu Bailroa?! train for
Kent Y ?irk. as it passed ?'? ?>**t<>ii.
just tills side of Brist?.I. Pa..
early "IVcdnesday.
Mrs. Myers iiusl In St. Fran?
Hospital. Trenton, two hours ot?
ter tin* shooting, and lu*r ?laugli
i?r ?mil If. 11. ?'ntliliert, <?r l.yiich
burg. Va., are h?"l?! by the Tren?
ton authorities -*?-ndlng an Im??
??m Into the ?-iri-uiiistaiu-a*?
siirr?>u:i?lliig tin* shooting.
Miss Myers ?l?x?lur?-s that sli?*
sliot li?*r mother al'wr mistaking
lu*r for a ?*ar r??l?ber. and 1"??? au
t!u*riti?*s an1 iii?*!ln?**il to bcllcv?*
tills, although an ? Iem?"iit <?f n?*?
ti-ry lias iMt*n injc*ct?>?l Into ?the
alTiilr by c-ontrsdi?*t<?ry stat??sf**v
??r ?'ut!i!??"rt and Miss Myers.
<*uthbcrt sahl h?* ill?! m?t know
tin? mother and daughter and only
voluiit?-?-r??<l Ills set I'Ics-ji IsT* tli?*m
art?*r ?he shooting.
Miss Myers is said to have tohl
the poll??", that t'ulh!>crt was a
traveling, eouipaniou of ln*i??*It
and mother. Alter qiia?stloiilng
Miss Mja*i*s an?! . <'utlib?*rt tin*
Tr?-nton |m?II?*?? iiiaiiH.?l<-il an in
teutioii to k?H?p sll?"nt about the
?leiails of th?- shooting, but S?l
inlll<-<! that Miss Myiis Inul math*
a statement to them.
In 14, ?lar police r*?a?cd. *he ?aid
tknl nta?** bad h?-iir?t n iiolaa* an of
.um?? our climbing Into li?*r berth.
s|i<? hrlit-trd ahr ??na in danicer
ln?m an !iilru?lrr mi?! sliot.
Her mo!her, ??li?. had l??-?-u to ?he
?i.niiu'? retiring room, r?s?-?"l?r?! th?
?*uthber? Maid ?hat hi?* liimtr vrnn
la fif aM lihsiSi V?.. and ?ha? he lin*>
|irn.'il ?a? lie traveling In ?he ear l?.
bind ?hnt occupied by Mr*. Vljrr?
and ht-r alatiKhtrr. An ?he ?rain
ii l?I?r<>[i<-Itr<l the bri?lK?- scroa* lh<*
ll?-li??? art* itlter be w?rt I?? ?he
fron? platform of hi? car. Intending
?o M?ep nil the train f??r a f?*?? mo?
menta In Trenton.
?*1 believe ?he shootlne waa en
?Irrly aeeldental.** Mold I'utiibert.
*? \a the ?rain pa?Ned thront*.h l'r.n
ton at f?-'lO o'clock I heard a ?hot lu
?be car iilieiul. I <?p?-n<r<l the ?l.?<>r
and mi?? Mm. M ?er* I? In*. In the
al?le In her nigh? dm?*). Her ?laugh
ter ?vnji -??nadlnac betide her,
MhrleklRK: "I have shot my
mother: url u doctor.** She ?va?
h> Mterlenl and we had ?rouble In
*ce?tliiK ber ?inl?*t."
The traicedy ?i*?*eiirred on ?rain
\o. NO. bound from Vtaablngtou ?o
?ve?? *? airk.
I'eui.s? !? anla Rnllroad offlelalM
*?i a teil that M ru. Myeni and her
?ii. tii?hl?-r ??ere going from l.j n?-h
luirK ?o .*?e??' York.
KO ? > ORE, VA.? Special.
Mrs, Ii llMhlJtll My?*rs, vvlio was
n:istak?*Ji by her daughter, <?* ladys
Myers, on u IViuisylvaniu train
lliis morning for a burglar, ami
shot and kill?*?! by ill?* ?laughter,
llvi*?l in Saleui with her sou, J.
Itapp Myers, Jr.. a wcillhj lum?
ber dealer. Tin* mother and
da lighter were in Itoanokc yes?
terday and left on the Memphis
omarJSm last ??vci?ng l'??r New York
to do their <*hrlstnius shopping.
It was their intention u> return
lo t-?reciisburg. l*u., and sp?*iul a
month nt th?-ir old home with
the husband and father, J. Itapp
Myers, Sr., who is a pr?>ii?n?"iit
IVnnsylvuiiia hotel man. The
mother and ?laughter spent their
iim?> about ?tiuuliy bc*tu?-en tlie
two homes,
Tli?? Myers??s are repute?! to lie
quite wealthy, and a tew months
ago bought a handsome home in
Qajrap?, vvhii-h lui?! been furnish?*?!
-iiagiiifk.Mitly. and into which
tlu-y had mov?"?d a f??w w?*cks ago.
W. II. t'lilhbcrt of I.ynehburg.
a pa-senger on tlie train, phone?!
to Blair Billard, of Salem, to
whom M Iks Myers Is r?-porte*d to
be engage?!, of the trag?*dy, and
h<?, with Mi.ss M,???***.' brotlier, will
h-a-ve ft>r Treuton, N. J., this
ev ?ill tig.
LYK? HBLBG, V"L- Sii-eciiiL?
\V. K. Cuthbert. who Is detain??d
in Trenton In connection with
the shooting ??f Mrs. Klizab<*t!i
Myers, of Saleni, Va?, by her
?laughter, (?ludys. is proprietor
of the National Faint and M<*;.
ganoso Company, ?>f ?Jus chy. lie
is prondnent In social and busi?
ness circles. His wife stated this
morning that he left last evening
for New York city, ?**p?-*ctliig to
be absent ?-jevt-ral days. It is
l?*arn<*d Uiat he left last evening
after purchasing a ticket for
New Brunswick, N. J. His moth
<?r ?le? In re? 1 today ?hat ?Outhbc'ri,
?hies not know the Myers fam?
ily. Mrs. Myers and daughter
moved to Saleni. Va., several
weeks ago l*rom Grcensburg, I*a..
where meinbors of 'the Myers fam?
ily are engagtal extensively In the
lumber hiislmw?. They maintain
a large 1 umlieft yard at Salem, in
addition to / number of large
snvv mills fnjtrvarious lumber sec?
tions of tliif State? At Salem the
Myers family niov??tl with the
best peopfe. During their short
?lu?re they had a^nired
a bom?' and apparently exp**--ct?Hl
to in;i -..o that their home perma?
nent! \. It wa* ?tat???! upon In?
quiry *t Rslein that Mrs. Myers
and ?luughtcr left there y??a<er?
?lay. it was un?lersto(Ml. to return
to their former lionit? at Greens
burg, I???., for a short visit.
WASWD?OTON, D. C? 8**?***-C?*?.?
Tbe imp??ai-hiiH-nt trial in the Senat?*
of Judge Hubert W. Archbald, of the
Commerce Court, will begin on l>- -
camber 4th. two ?lays after Con**r?6a*i
I -
K iV 11 MOM), YA_Spee.nl.
Bra Sea and underpinning on
two dtl??s of tin- e\?-a\atioii at
Ninth ami Hank Sti-cvt*? br<?k?*
sluarlly after 10 ?it/lock this
morning, and but for prompt ui
l4*ntloii two ?lan?r?*rt?us "??ave-lns"
might hav?* r??sult?*?l.
\s it is. tlu* hra?*es holding th?'
v\?*st wjill of tlu? Commercial
Hotel have giv??n so mii?*h that
tlu? fouiulatloii in sonn? places
**C?Pn*a*i to Im? in ralh??r iiiimiuent
?langer of falling. \V?>rkiii??n an*
rebuilding tiu- hnins, und will
?louhtl??s.s hav?? th?*in in place 1m*
for?? any ?s-rious a? t nh'iit ?an
Tli?* ?'"tcavution is being ma?i<?
for tlu* foundations ami Iiiim'iiicih
?<f tin? propos<??l Rueg??r Hotel.
Th?* work is in char???* ?>f <??*n
?ral Contractor I'. T. NO-hlt.
On?? cav??-in o?vuit??<1 near the
iiorlhw?'st (?iirncr of llu? ?*xenva
tion, aiul iiiifglit hav?? ??arrle-il down
a part of tin? pavement along the
.;i-t shh? of Ninth Stn???I hut for
the fact that oth?*r props and
hra?*?^ h**l?l ??ositmn.
The en*, ??-in n?*ar tlu? t'ommer
?ial llot??l wall Was much more
s?*rious. as. if it hail laecn a Htti??
?""TI tt?*r. it nrdfCbt hav?? ?rcckril a
part of th?? lvnr of the liot??I.
No on?* was hurt. A negro
workman was caught in on?? of
tin? laiuislide:-, hui managed to
scrainhl?? out of hiirtnV way b?*
tore th?* full w?*i-*ht of llu* falling
??arth ?I<*?-????ii?l<?<l upon him.
I IK A, >, I_Spe-cial.- The
will of Ihe late A !???? l*T??>.ldent,
?lames S. Shernuin, luhnitted t??
prolaal?? lu?rt', Ixvpn-nths his <?n
lir?? ?stau?, valued at about $K?M),
OOO. to his wife. Carrie.
Th?? ?hx-iimeiit was drawn in
18K7. on a sheet Of fools?up paper,
in Mr. Slitnnan'H owti haiidwrit
Governor AVIlson was th?? ?m?? of
the prudential candidat?*? to carry
th?? States in which ho was born, in
which he was brought up, and in
which he works, holds office ami
votes. Both Taft ?ami Hoos?;velt lost
thtir own States. Hut the Colonel
savtti Oyster Hay.?Honnoko Tim???.
Russian Il?>tel Methods.
AVritlng of the great Russian city
i of Otleasa. in Harpers for No\emb?r,
! Sydney Adamson tells of the some
: what primitive arrangements of even
th?> modern hotels.
"F<?r our iiinoranc?' of Hussian we
had the privilege of paying <>v?r twice
th?- legal fur?; for our drive to the
hotel. The porters obligingly arraniietl
tin* matter and quite cheerfully kept
the different*??. How like the rest of
the. world! We felt at horn?? at once.
The large, lofty bed chambers and
conidora of the hotels make it just
possiMo to live in rooms that have
double windows sealed with putty,
which are never opened from the be?
ginning of winter till the spring thaw
is in the air. As thaTaTS are no open
Ares the only ventilation is from th?*
slightly la-tter air of thu corridors. A
framed notic?? on the wall informs
i the visitor of all the privileges he Is
graciously permitted to pay extra for,
among them the joy of being dean
at th?? rate of ten copecks for a Jug
?)f hot water or Ufty copecks for a
bath; b?*t the greatest mystery of all
was a samovar at twenty-fivt; cop?*fks.
In time It was discovered that your
true Rumian, having a taste for much
t?*a or other warm refreshment, rings
for a lighted samovar and prepar?*s
his own beverage. If he is not for
tunate enough to possess a wife to
do it for him. With the lady man?
aging a fiery, fuming samovar and
her lord smoking innumerable cigar?
ettes, with perhaps a visitor to help,
one can easily imagine?not forget?
ting the hermetically sealed windows
?the atmosphere in which some
worthy Russians go to bed."
Pawsed It On to the Domini??.
"Dr, J. II. Jowett believes it is the
minister's, not the congregation's,
fault if the church doesn't go."
Tho speaker, a member of the
Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church,
smiled and continued:
"Dr. Jowett once told mo that he
Bided with the old lady who always
went to sleep during sermon time.
" 'Why don't you take snuff during
the sermon?' the minister said to her.
That will keep you awake.'
" *Why den't you put the snuff In
your sermons, sir?' retorted tho old
lady."?Los Angeles Times.
Li Ra. VA.? Special.?
BftMkOp ?oilins Denny, of Kk lniiond.
?.?pitied the ??ne hundred and ihn tielli
v?n ?>t tho Mclhoilist ?.'unteren? (
tins morning by giving out the hymn.
"How Firm a Foundation." and re;*?J
>n from John? gospel, foi
1 with an earnest tavc-CattOU t?>
the throne ?'f t*r.i
Bishop Denny th?-n called to the
chancel a number of preachers, who
aideil la the administration of the
nu.it of the Lord's Buppe*r ac
ling to the usual custom.
The venerable Bishop A. W. Wilson.
of BulUsaore, the president of the con*
ference, was present also at this morn?
ing's session and occupietl th.* chair.
Dr. B. B 1-auihoth, . of the
last session, read the rolL
Among the lay press?t was
Mr John i*. Branch, tho well known
Richmond banker?
l?r. S. B. Lambeth, father of Rev.
?I. H. Lambeth, ??no of the etlitors ot
the Christian Aiivocate. was nomiuat
? ?i for SSCI i'tary, and although he
asked to be r??ii??ved of its duties on
account of increasing age, the con
ltrenee almost unanimously re-elect?
ed him. Dr. U. F. Hipscomb, of Nor
toik. and Rev. F. l* Weils, of Rich?
mond, were elected assistant secre?
1 h.? hours Of meeting and adjtmrn
ing were Used at s> A. M. and i P. M.
l.ishop Collins Denny, it was an?
nounced, will make a half-hour ad?
dress every morning to the confur
Committees on publishing interests
and district conference records were
elected, sa was also a committee ?>n
temporanc??, composed of such mem?
bers of the Anti-si-Valoon League as
are also member of the conference.
Committ?*e on temp?rance?Jamos
Cannon, Jr., W. A. Christian. F. McN.
Simpson. K. T. Dadman, S. C. Hatcher,
J. W. Houghton and W. EL Vincent.
A committee on memorials of de
c?.as?'?l ministers was appointed as fol?
lows: Memory of Rev. W. F. Davis to
be read by Dr. W. G. Starr, that of
Rev. M. 11. Galloway by Dr. H. F.
Lipscomb, that of Rev. A. C. Blcilsoe
by Kcv. S, J. Brown, and that ot Rev.
J. P. l'rannon by Dr. J. T. Mast?n.
? ? ?linuinuatiuiiB lrom the SSCre
tary ?>t th?* l?r?-uchers' Superannuated
l-'nd?>vvm?-nt l-"un?l, and from the
agents of th.. Bouthern MsUiodist
Publishing House, wer?.. rsaiTf. show?
ing those Interests to be In good con?
a ?.mimitteo on confluence r?-la
tlons to maki* nominations was ap?
The bishop ?*:iii?-?l the names of the
superannuated preachers and the ma?
jority <t them were referred to tin
j. K. Walker was elected ??.?stmas
tet for the? conference*
?MAKES A HO\ 1 I ! I
NBW YORK. Special. Th.rtwn-year
old Bernard taillis, son of John J. QUI!*,
<>r No, 31 Uillla Court, Kltchburg, Mas*..,
w;is found ssleep ? ;?riy Friday in th?
h.ill of No. .*--> bouthern Boulevard by
olinan atcTl*rn*n, of th? ISsst On?
Hundred and Sixtieth Street station. In
the Children'* Court Barney oonfessed
he was ;i runaway. H?- was turned
over to the Children a Society, an.i Act?
ing Superintendent Moore telegraphed
to Mr. ??iiii*?, who is u contractor.
The lure of ponies, dogs and cats In
a ant-all show that pis] :l w?m ks
m rftchburg wit? to.? strong for l'.ir
ney, he told the Justice. Th<- show WSS
r\in by Mr. and Mrs. H*tf!*ld. She was
g? ne ral manager, and Hatfl*ld did Jug
gllng, besides putting the unlmuls
through th??lr tricks.
Barney becat-ac ac?|ualnt*d with the
Eiatfll Ida and they |*t him water the
animals, groom the ponies and inaka*
hlm*ell generally useful f..r 50 ??
a day. The siiow l??it l-'ltchburg a l>-w
? lays ago, and Barney, hl?l<i?-n in the
straw o? th..- pony Car, went along.
They arrived in 1'assu.ic. N. J., mi
Tueuday, an?! Harm y. still fascinated
with show life, prepared to make him
?elf a pertnanent fixture. L'.ut th*t
night a pony beci.m?- su-k und the boy'a
trouble? began.
"They want? ?l tae to stay up all night
an.I give the did I hing iin.i Ici ne." he
said ><st-i?lay. "Then they t?il?l me to
keep rubbing soap >.u its crib so it
wrouldn'l sat th? bara *--o I just skip?
NKW YORK.? Special.? Justices
Beabury, BIJur aiul ?luy, sitting In the
Appellate Term of the Supreme Court
Monday, decided that unless a lami
lord keeps an apartment leased by him
properly heated, where tlu* lease pro
videa for heat, he cannot re?**over for
rent if his tenant abandons the prem?
ises as uninhabitable.
The detcislon was handed down In
the case <>t Mary A. Ollweter against
Franklin Bischer, who leased an apart?
ment lor a year at ?*?>& a month.
Bscher, when he Kit the place on
February 29, ovve?l ?2i?. He wns sued
for that amount and for $130, rent due
up to May 1 last, when his lease ?x
pired. The plaintiff Obtained a Judg?
ment in the Seventh District Munici?
pal Court, from which Escher ap
Escher teslitled on tho trial that
last January his apartment lieoame
untenable because th?? heRt wrh In?
sufficient, and that he had to move
with his wife and bubs-. Relying on
a promise made by the owner ho re
turn??d, but February brought BO im?
provement, and ho again got out.
*'H was the duty of th?? landlord to
maintain proper heating and hot
water appliances.'* said Justice Guy,
Who wrote the opinion of the court.
"The ?mly conclusion that can proper?
ly be drawn from th?; evld? ace ?b that
the Steam-heating apparatus or plant
was utterly Inadequate, notwithstand?
ing constant efforts at repair, to sup?
ply the heat which the ianalord had
covenanted to furnish. The appara?
tus being, according to the evidence,
Inadequate, though subjected to con?
stant repair, to the furnishing of the
quantity of heat which the landlord
agreed to furnish, it was his duty to
reconstruct the same or Introduce a
new steam-heating plant.
"lie cannot av?>id the obligation as?
sumed by him untler the lease by
proving that the rpparatus was
worthless and that he made ineffectual
effort! to render it fit for tht? service.
"The Judgment must therefore bo
AUSTTN, TEX. Special.? Governor
O. I?. Colqultt Monday, in a speech
before the State Texttxiok Hoard, said
that before he would p?-rinlt the with?
drawal of Abraham Lincoln's picture
from the State school history about
to be adopted he would resign the
A great controversy has arisen over
tht* selection of a history for Texas
schools. One of the histories under
conshh-ratlon was ?lisapproved by the
Confederate veterans, who said it re
flected on the South. Two of the
members of the board declared tin
picture of Lincoln should he omitteu'.
This brought forth Governor Colqultt'*
emphatic comment.
The Cov??rnor has declared that he
wants a history that gives the facts,
whether they favored North or South,
and that only the truth counted. Ho
says his father was a Confederate
soldier, but that would not influence
him to desire one side favored more
than the other.
Tho Retort ?Caustic.
"No, Indeed," said the conceited
young puppy who ha?l been asked
whether he had attended a certain
select dance. "I?aw?only associate
with my equals, you know."
I "Really?" responded a witty young
lady. "You should aim higher than
that!"?London Telegraph.
NEW YORK.? Special.?In view of
the ?iisioveiy that the body of the
inurtl-i.vl v.?.man found in a t'onnec
ticut mlil porul WIM shipped in a
trunk from this city last Thursday,
? District Attorney Theron K.
Strong, of the homicide bureau of the
District Attorney's ofttee, \m? :?
at 6:45 o'clock Thursday moruiug for
UeorgetOWn, the Iinul scent? Of tht
t. rim
.??.? strong is the belief of tho police
that lb?* Clime was actually planned
and committed In this city that two
picked men from headquarters will
aecompan*) Captain Strong to work
With the Connecticut authorities in
tlu? effort t.? discover tin? victim's
A dispatch to the World Monda*,
night from Georgetown, Conn., stated
thai the trunk In which the ?lead
hotly of the woman Is believed to I
been shipped had been found.
Det?**ctlves th*>re working on the
mystery say it is tht? identical trunk
which was shipped from here by
Adama En HISS last Thursday.
The d?>tectlves would not tell where
the trunk had been found or where
it is at present. They declared, how
ever. that It was found In the vicin?
ity of Georgetown ami that it con?
tained ??rnccries.
Fifteen men worked Monday under
the personal ?lireetion of Deputy
Commissioner Dougherty, principally
throughout the Italian ??uarters. but
they developed nothing that would
aid in <le?iring up the mystery.
A trunk fitting the description of
th?> one rec?*lvet! at Georgetown was
shipped from the terminal office? of
the Adams Kxpress Company, Forty
ninth Street and Lexington Avenu??,
this city, about noon last Thursilay.
As to who the consignor or conslgn
ors are, where the trunk originally
came from, or ev? n who the expresB
man was that hauled it, not the slight
?st Information hna been discovered.
Joseph J. Kverett. a young receiv?
ing clerk of the Adams Express Com?
pany, handled the billing <>f the trunk,
bat h?? is n?'t positive that he coulil
identify the three meo who brought
th.- trunk for shipment. When asked
it" h.? could pick them out he replied
that h?? hardly thought he could if
they wer.? lined up in a crowd Of
flit*.- men of the same nationality.
"I don't want anybody sticking a
knlf?? In me," he also said several
times while he talked with a r??porti-r.
Everett savs that between 11:30
and noon on Thursday a dilapidated
canvas ? wagon, drawn by a
single horse, that looked half ?La. e?i.
pulled up at the freight apron of the
'"There wer?? two men b??side the
? lnver on the wagon. All three were
gners. Th?* ?i?iv?r rsmslned o.
the Boat while the two men came in
. he offlos." he said.
M Of tht? men was slightly talhr
than the other. Both were young
Italians, smooth shaven and swarthy,
?'tie was about live 1 D Inches
tall, and the Other a couple of inches
shorter. The tall?*r of the two hand
en me i slip of crumpled paper that
looked as If it had been torn from a
small memorandum ?lay book, such
as is used by laborers in ke??ping their
time? it had the name '??. Napole,
Georgetown, Conn.,* written upoa It.
ami th?* man said In broki n Kng
lish h?> wanted th<* trunk shipped to
?.??<.rgot?)wn, pointing to the pap?*r
"I had the trunk brought In. It
was a typical emigrant trunk, covered
with tin, whli-h was patterned like a
t h.'ker-board. and completely bound
with rope such as is used for cloth???'
linos. What attracted my atteatlon
particularly was th?? h?*ight of the
trunk. It was at l??ast three and a
half feet high and weighed nearly 400
"I aske?! the man to write his name
on the enrd. and the short??r of the
men. aft?*r consulting with his com?
panion, replied, 'I no write.' I n?*jtt
ask??d him where he lived, and after
1 again consulting his companion he
i answered: 'I no live here. I Ju*rt
com-a to this here country." **
According t<> K\?rett. the smaller
man was careful not to anawer any
qu?**Stlon put to him without flrt-H con?
ferring in his native tongue with hu?
"I told them If no address ?was put
upon the trunk they w?wild have to
go to Oeorg?*town to claim IL 'Alia
right; we go to Georgetown.' tne
spokesman replied."
Continuing, Kverett said the trunk
vvns* shipped out on the New York,
New Haven and Hnrtford train leav?
ing at 3:56 in th?? afternoon, and ns
there was no t!lr??ct connection for
Georgetown it wa* put off at South
Norwalk Thursday evening awaiting
reshlpment th?> following morning.
In view of the fart that both men
Wer? on the grounil to claim It as
us it was put ?>fT the train at
QeorgetOWn, It is safe to rissum?-? that
both men also spent the night in
South Norwalk g'iarding their ghaat
i ly freight.
RICH MOM?, VA.?Special.?
"Swat tli?" lly ' may n..l s?"?"in
u siiitabli* slogan for N'o??"iiibcr
weather ami ?-?lining winter, but
it i- iarii?*st!y r?'?-t?iiiineiulc?l by
tin? Slut?- Hoar?! of Health, in a
ope* lal bulletin given out to?!ay.
?lly swatting." says tin? bulle?
tin, "?*? a ?-??iiiinemlubl?- sport at
any tlin?', but it is very fruitful
?luring th?* lat<* autumn ami win?
ter. The lly killed in iiiii!?uiiiiti? r
Is hut one of an imiumcrahh*
host: the lly killctl In vvliit?"r is a
sturdy sctih-r who win Ik* the un*
????stor of countless p?-st.? ?luring
the following siiir.uu r. In every
lioine a f?'vv lib's are observed
?luring the v?int?>r. buzzing la/.il y
about or sunning th?*ni???lv??
ag]iiii*-t llu* vvlii?l??vv pane. Th?-??*
?re the Mea to wat?'h ami to e*>
l< riiiiiian*. for tlmy an- the on?s
r?-*.|K>iisil?le for tin* summer army.
Swat a fa*vv Ilia's now and you will
liav," !??? to swat next summer."
JIAIH.1I>. Special. Investigation
of th?? I? ?.Mit m ?.i ii it? latu ?>f I*r?*uilcr
< annU'jiiM j??Hl?ralii> tin ?a rea??HW?tl
that King Alfunau itntl t;eiw?rnl
U f. Irr, tin? enplalu K?*nrral ?if ?lie
? iilnloiila, haar both lieru iiiiirl.nl
for ?ia-ath l?j Hi?- ??en ni?, h iiiinrcliiNt*.
'I'll?? King taiin lit ?Ml aaiiraed la?
ink?? ?he Mlrlel?'?.! prt'i'iiut Ion? unit
aia.l ?t? iiiMifiir in i? tiltil?- unir?n ac
rompnnled by 11 l?a??l> Kuiiril ?hieb
aaill liiMiirar iiIinoI ul a-l> tutlt-tj.
W tien AlfonMo taceitad fbla ?aru
Idk he In -.aid to bate cv?-laluiedi
?*>ly lit-?! duly In to any t'tiuulry and
my ?*?*? pr?u????(l?>n Im of lea? liu
1 a|tr?-KM?a)iiK a>f grnat? concern are
arnrd on e.ery liaitil, brciuiMe of ihr
ti.(?-n?l?>n of (he Klnac !<? appoint
?.??ii?-rnl \\>>I?*T I'reiala-r to lurrfatxl
l'ra'itilt-r CnnulriiiM.
(?rurral >".???. Icr'a rigid tnrtliod.?? nf
?lli.?'lpliiir, avhlrh ot finira amount It?
grrat cruelty and aahl?-a were rxer
cImciI to thr laat ?leasrer during the
?It?,??rater? in llara-clouu, haae euiiard
him tu liitiiiiif ??lie of the inuat
bntnl men In public life in Spain.
At the aanie time he la greutly
(?enernl ?iVeyler, vvhoae military
melbodH alurintc the .Spaulah regime
In Cuba galn?-?l f??r hint the name
of "ilutcher V? eyler,** bellevca In the
mont ruthlCHN une of military poavrr
to put iIohd <l?H??r?lrr of any kind.
< a?a??-rvntlve atntexmen expreaa
fear meet the |i??lill??al outlook.
Kvrn todna, wltliln twenty-four
bourn after the murder of Menor
? aniilfJtiK, unrcMl Im noticeable, ???*
pe?'lHlly (hi oughout Catalonia,
?b?Tf radical ?mm-?iiI?s( sfiiiiiuriit Im
v**ry strong.
That lieuernl W'ryler'a Ufe. ahoiild
be be elevated to the premlerMblp,
?aiMiltl Im? In ??oumIhii? danater from
auar??hlM(M Im an ncceptril fact.
\\ hile Seiior < aiuil.-Ju??' body lay
in Mlnte in the Chamber of Depii
?leN. (he police and military an
IhorideM uiillrd In the ni??*t( Menrcb
Iiik laveattojatlaa of the life of
.llanuel liardlnar? /.urrnie, (be young
When It became known (hat be
won iu Hueaoa A y re?? recently (he
opinion ?un c?>nc??laed ?lot? ?he plot
had b??ru butt-hrd Iu *?nii(h Aim-ri
??a. It bad bren kiioavn for ?unir
(line fhnl ??at. aimrehi-atn had ?worn
(?i kill (he lute I'remlrr and the au
thorlllrn are now exen I-I tin every
??????racy to arreat the aeroud niunt-tl
( oiindena telcujrnmM of renrret are
pouriiiK Into Madrid from all par(a
of the world today. The wife of
(he la(e Mtateamau ami her ion
are prostrated.
RICHMOND, VA.-~Spociiil.
Mrs. Mcrrimaii was Misg llattio
T. Drumnioiid. At one time sh??
is said to have lived In Hanover
Sh?- ?nine to III? hniond some
years ago and studi??d stenogra?
phy, graduating In 1907. it is un?
derstood, from the Massle I?usi?
ne?.- ?College.
Keecntly. according to the City
Directory, issued last spring, she
made her home with a family of
Stiths at 16 South I/otiihardy
Str??et. She has h??en employed
as stenographer in Richmond
since graduating.
The hearing or Charlea C. Mer
rinian, of 161.*> Weajt Main Street,
arrested yesterday |as a result of
a tip unwittingly furnished by his
delirious wife, a pAdient in Vir?
ginia Hospital, was In Police
Court tills morning ca?iitinui*d un?
til Friday morning.
H.-t?-? lives .lohn P. Wiley and
Louis K. Ive'.Iaiii, who to??k M?*r
rlman Into crsstody !?>Uowing ibe
finding of the body <?? the young
iiilant of tin* Merijiuans. of who??*
murder th?* laUter is su-p?. i?hL
ask?*?l for a ? ?uilliiium? ?*. on the
ground lliat tli? v orera not ready
to go Into the ? u*-?".
Mcrrimuii was reman?!???! to
jail. He was not repr<"~?"iii?"d by
( <?roner William II. Taylor ibis
niorning bold an aulop-.v over the
laxly oI tli?* Infant? With the ?*x
. ? pi'ion ol mil lire? to establish lb?*
?oipus ?b-lbtl. ?:r ?an*-** o? ?l?*nth,
Dr. Taylor pronoun? ?xl Uu* au*
lop*-> a mi.? ?-sfiil on??.
!!?'? ?I.s lar??! lo The Journal to?
lla? that be ?liscovi-re?! a iiuiulM-r
ni valuable points testal would aid
tilm materially \vli??n tlie corsuilsJ
inquest is held tomorrow.
It Is Dr. i'ajlor'.s belhf thai
th?* ?*iiii?i would haare iiv?*d bud it
not met foul piny.
"It was perl?'? tlv normal, ami I
found no reason why It should
mu liave siiiv iv?*tl." ill?* ? ??roller
?sibl. The Infant appealed to bo
about a ?lay olil.
Hint the ?hint ?!i??<! from ??a?
polatonlng Is ? ?>iij?*< tui.il. rntlwr
iban Loncliislve, Dr. Tajrl?*** ?l??
ala re?!. '1 he hod> vva** horribly
OI < ?.|Iip??s?tl. ill ? o.iihig to tin- d?K
Woman's Havings ?'ave tlew.
ptaln of Detectives McMahon wa*?
notiii.-.i by the hospital authorities
Monday evening that the wild hos?
pital talk ?.i Mrs. Mcrriinaii w;w so
sinist.-r in suggestion that it might
. .- wist? to conduct a quiet invest
tion. The woman i?, In Virginia Hos?
Detective Sergeants Wiley and Kel
lain wer? sd to the cano, und
?day afternoon fourni the little
and arrested Merriman. The
arrest vva.s mad? after 5 o'clock.
w Ihjii the detectives went to the
MVrriman home on S\ . , Str??t
they found Merriman'* sister, Mra
Virginia l?r>>> k. in the h oust*. They
saked t<> i??? allow?-.! to go over tho
premises, giving the impi t-?si.m that
they wer? health inspector?.
Some difficulty was experienced in
gaining entrance to the work house,
but the lock was finally brokon. The
detactlves found that a quantity of
woolly had been piled in on* corner
of the shed. This they moved, and im?
mediately found fresh earth.
Digging through this with a piece of
shinglo they suddenly uncovered a
baby's foot and leg. Diaintegration
ha ?i set In.
Dr. Taylor, the City Coroner, was
?ummoaod by the detectives, and the
body placed in bis custody.
Merriman and his wile, who have
been married only four months, have
. in Kiehmond only a lew weeks.
having come hero from Brunswick
county, Ya.
Merriinan's Confession.
Merriman was arrested almost
immediately alter the discovery of
the baby'l body. He denied that hie
wifo ha?l given birth to any child, but
later gave Captain McMahOO a Signed
confession, saving that a child had
bean born anil that It had died. The
confession was as follows:
"T, Charles C. Merriman, hereby
state that between 1? and Z i\ M. on
ortobt-r 2S, 11*12. my wife, liatti?. T.
Drummond Mcrrlman, gave birth t<?
a fully-developed baby boy before 1
could secure the services of a doctor.
But I finally got Dr. Nuekols, who
arrived after the child was born and
gave th? nee ?Mary attention to the
child and also to my wife. He left
the bous?- after giving instructions to
get some on?- to dress tho baby, which
1 agreed to ?lo, but was unable to
get any on?", m? my wife and myself
made out tho best we could for the
time being with the baby. The next
time Dr. Nuekols visited my wife was
about noon the next day, when I told
him that I had sent the baby to
1'riinswtck county to my wife's moth?
er, when, in reality, the child had
been kill?-?! the night before In be?l
with myself and wifo in some way
that I am unable to expln-in
"About 5 A. M. October 2t, 1912,
I. Charles C. Merriman, carried th?
corpse of the child to the woodhousf
in the rear of 1615 West Main Streel
and dug a grave and buried the corps?
in tho woodhouse. After this wai
accomplished I continued to admin?
ister to my wifo under Instruction!
from Dr. Nuekols until October 30th
when Dr. Nuekols and Dr. W. J. We*
had my wife removed to the Virgin!;
Hospital, where she now Is under th.
car?? of Dr. Nuekols.
"Witnesses: Captain T. J. MrMahor
Sergeant John F. Wiley, Sergean
Louis R. Kellam."
A birth certitlcate in th? City Ilenlt:
Department headquarters verifies Mer
rlman's statement. If verification b
necessary, tho names and dates agree
jlng In every way with tho man's con

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