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*,? VSII1M.H?, J>. C Su?cWrO.?
After -i\t?-?"ii >?*!?rs, a reeord of
tHsr?y|?f in the Cabinet, S????t?r?i*'*-ir.v
Vcrlculti?? ?"? i-??n s??b?tiitt?'?l
Friday to President Taft the
annual r?-p<?rt lit* will make
as head of the raited states De?
part iin-nl of \ui"''*?ilturt?. The re?
port is iii??r*? tha i a review of tl?e
i?.i~i >i?ar'- work: it etmtains a
simiiiiarv <?f tin? a-ria'iiltiiral ad?
vance ??f tlic tt?uiitry during ?lit?
?.enor.-ible secretary's term ?>t pub
"Tint* record of ??i.xtcoii fears bus
bar*>j?n written," he It iKfjrlns
witii yearly farm praxlmiion ?>f
Sl.ono.ooo ?Mio ?mil eiuls with $9.
r>32.U0U.(Mlo. si \u an years ago the
farmer was a .i?ka? of the enrlcn
lurlst; now In? ?_? like the stone
that was r??j<??-i?**" by the builder
and 'nnAi?????? ?he *??Sail of tin*
corner.' ?*I'1m? tillers <?r the soil
wore bunion?'?! with debts, be
adds, "but pr?>-i>erity followed and
grew with uneviutiploi speed. Hr
- luivc I??*?!'ii nut?Io in a pro?
duction ixt acre ii_creasing faster
than the natural increase of pop?
ulation. There bas been an up?
lift of ngrtcultu?t? and of country
"D?ring the past ?slxta'on years
the farmer has steadily im-reasctl
the wealth pr??i!ut?ti?in y??ar by
year, with the exception of 1911.
luiriiiir si\tt'?-ii y?-ars the fanners?
wealth production Increased 111
?per ?'?-?it.
"M??si productive of all agrloul
tural ?.ear's In the country has
b<r*eii 1912. The earth has pr??
<lin-a?l its ??real?'st annual divi?
dend. The sun ;mil the ruin and
the fertility of the soil beetled ..?t
the human controversies, but k"?pt
?in vv??rkiii- In <t?-?>|H?rali??ii with
the farmers' efforts to utilize
them. The petare at the farm arc
gt?nerally pr??litabk?. and will oon
tJnue tht* pr??s|H-rity that farmers
li?iM? onjoved In ?-??cent y?-!irv Tin*
total pr??duction ot farm wealth Is
the highest >?*t reached hy half a
billion dollars. Tin? ?-ran?I "total
f.?r ItM** i*? ??-stlniale?! t<? ?ho $9.tt't**.
0OO.0OO. This is more tliim t\?i?-e
the value ?*f the farm wealth in
Moro than $105,0*00.000.000 I?.
tin? 1-i-anil total of farm wealth
production, the r?*|x>rt ?n>\ dur?
ing til?* past si\t????n Mars, an
iiinoiint c?*ual to about ihr?*??-quar
ters ?>f the pi-e-scnt national
Tin* iiio?*t effective nove toward
red uivd cost of living is the pro?
duction ?>r ?rreater crops, says the
?lary, ami this move, he de?
clares. Is due to tin- work of tin?
Hepartinent of A**rioulturo. the
atarh-ulture t*olI<ea-*e-s and ??xperi
iiicni stations and to tin* help of
the pross in publishim-; ever?,
mot-omont to he'j> the i.-irm
? The nation, lie adds, forgot Its
farmer?? In Uie Relierai s?-henie of
education of past years, and few
philanthropist?* thoui-lit of them
when ??ivin?- for education, hut
they nre waking up and thinkliu*;
for tt*-t-tn*aS*el??-9al an?! C?tn*gre*a ha*,
been good to th?*iu.
Tlu* secretary lirsj takes op the
work of the various hureaus ?f
? his department in the past yetar,
and then tells ?if the ?rowth. In
?-??in?? instances from their foun?
dation, of th?*-o bureaus during
the time he.lias been hend of the
department. He praises highly
the experts who have worked un?
der him.
"The groat and growin-?; move?
??cart carried on by tin* depart?
ment for agricultural bet ferment."
he th'clari-s. "has not laBCal ?ii*?
taincd s??l??ly hy one man nor hy a
few nien. A choice corps of schol?
arly experts in their s|>e< ial line?.
of endeavor has ?x*en crowing In
membership, til breadth of view.
ami in the practical application of
their efforts.
BUTE MOUNTAIN, Md., Special.
?Two are known to be dead,
two in??!?- are believed to have
Ih'cii ? nislieti to death In wreck
ago ami one man is djing as the
r?sult <>t" a wreck on the Western
Maryland Railroad car*y today In
whit h a piinm lim train, rtutnliig
empty, ? rashed Into a freight train
head-on on the top of Blue Moun?
(Several injured men have b?'eii
taken i?> Waynesboro.
The tlea?l: llcnry Herbi;*;, lla
gcrst??wn. ciifiinciiinn: I'rank Lei?
ten. Highlieltl. Mtl.. ?baggageman.
Missing in the wntka-ic: Wil?
liam A. l.i? lavelberger. iiaj-orstown.
lit-ennui, hartad untlcr a g-rent
inn.-? <>l coal: ?lam?? M? CafTery,
tramp, liclinar. Ta., buried un?
tlcr carload <?f ??'incut.
John Clavt??n. lira'innn. linlti
i'i??r?'. is ?*>i?r_ in \\ uynostioro
???mini C?n>k, en-iii??cr ??I pa
siii-i i- train, kiijured on head and
breast, iuai live.
C. T. I>?r^iii. llajicrstown,
britkeiiuin. sciv??usly iiuri by be?
ing . I "-own from train.
Os* ar Bister, Westminster, Mtl..
tramp, cut ab ?tit bead.
lit- cause -,r lb*?; v?.?-.*k Is not
known, but is brllt?V?r*_ to have
la-en doe U? Ia ???'isuiitbi-slaiitUii-'
? .rdor? *? .' -he iraln crew.
WASHINGTON, P. ?t.. Sp?cial_
The r?pudi?t ion of i.ovemor
.- by lb?- people of South Car?
olina mus sui,*_ested Saturday by
Scnatsr Y. D. Smith, of th">t State.
K view of tue Executive's **unpar
doiuiblc lll|acai_ltins" before the
t.'overntirs' (Vinferonce at Rich?
Scnalor Sniitli made clear his
Iiclicf that >>iil) an overwhelming
protest against lb?* South Carolina
( '??v oriuii* will ri-iiiiiic the blot
which he feels now rests on the
"ttavciiior Rlcas?*'s r?*iiiarks be?
fore the eoiiferen'i; of ?t'overnors,"
said Senator Smith, "wore unpar
tlonabb*. In view of the fact that
a major?y of ilto |?cop!c of s??uth
Carolina have chosen ?i?o*erii?'?
Iliense as Cliiof Executive of the
State, his views on public ?pies
tions must ncceosaiily 1m* taken
by th<? pul'lh- us the views of tboee
win? cb'clcil him until rcputliatcd
by ihoin."
WASHINGTON, I?. f.. Special.?
Carolina, was "Saturday refused an
imitntion to the annn-'l banquet
of the Gridiron (Tub, of Washing,
ton, to he held here (o-nighl, on
the ?-?round Hint "he is not a gen?
When ?Tedgr John C. Ito?-e. *if
Raltimt?ro. noiificd Louis ?fSartbe,
?.lent of tbt? club, today that
be will I?e unable to at tent! the
?tinner, frit mis of the South ?Caro?
lina Executive, who at the re?
cent conference of Governor* in
Richmond attack???! ?h?* Consti?
tu? Ion and the law. math? efforts
t<? hav?? an invitation issued ask
inir (Governor Rieuse lo occupy
.ludir?? Raise's chair.
?'Hirers and ?iiembcrs of the
club fiiiM-iiantly refused lo invite
lb?? S'uiib Carolinian ami his sup?
porters are so aiiKcK'd at this step
it i- expected maiiv ?if thoni
vviil ?refuse to attend the hniuji
Denies that Shootins- of Court Oiitei-*?ls
Was Pr?m?ditaitd. -(?he* Detalla of
WmsAeriSjg After LesTiug State.
U,E, VA., Spo<?ial.?- In
the S?dna .-Saturday,
in the
a in
C< rrimon
ne cloeexi .? Fri
mined prat?
er, Sidna
put their
ornlnx of
he would kill Judf-e Massie and the
oth?*rs and die and go to hell.
Ci?ieron Montgomery testified as
to having heard \V. C. Quesenberry.
I'artint-nt (dark of the court, say
that "when Floyd Alien raised up he
(Quesenberry) drew his pistol, and
could have shot him, but did not
think it his duty to shoot tirst." 11??
said, however, that he had been
studying about it for nine months.
Walter Webb, of Pulaski, Stated
that he heard Mr. Goa?l, the clerk of
th?* court, suy that when Judge Mas?
sif said. "Take charge of the ' pris
I Alien jumped up and
said he was not ?-?.ing. and reached
under his sweater lor u pistol. Sheriff
Webb, he said, then made a step or
two towards Floy.l Allen and drew
his pistol, and that Goad also drew
his weapon, following which shots
rang out.
Wltne-a declared that Slflna Allen
was not on *aroo?i terms with Clerk
I, ami that Goad himself had ad
' nut t.-.l as much.
. the prisoner, then took
itn.-s? stan.l.
Si.'n:. Allen said that he was in Hills
vllle on the ?hit?- dy In the
Hillsville courtTOSlM Hs declared that
he was there aS a wiir.?*ss. and that he
under bond for his api
which ?ted his presenc?
whether he would or i
Wit -.it?
menta as t?> I
Hillsville to Im
This t< t
that he !
der or he would
purchases. His famil
have needed all the imuje^JAx
have ?*pai ?j?u__J^t^-??*.aBTaaSa^**-?-..:
any outri* reaaltatin-? his 1?
Witness admitted that his est?t?
then worth about JP..'.,o?o and thai
Monday of court
In bank, ami
t!::it a few had
banked two or three hundred dollars
m currency. At the time ?>? :
in?? hi- bank ajccount showed about
$700 in cash.
Allen repeated the story of his
te thai bom? I Allen on ti.?
iiin-*; of March lSth. He denied that
either ?>r those present .?a. the Aller
home bad discussed the poaslbll
any ti-onbi?? the next day.
Allen then (tave in detail ar
?i.nS of his ti ter hs left th?
Horrible Death of Lawyer and His
Child?Father Bravely
Gave His Life.
NTW YORK. Special.? WMIe mak
ing a heroic eftort to save his four
teen-year-old daughter, ?Lillian, trots
then- burning hon.e at Woodside, in
gh, early today, Melville
Mendeil, a N ? lawyer, and the
fiirl perished in t-aih others* arms.
Mendeil was carrying his dau^ht?
s.i.etv when he wu?s o\ ?r?
smoke, and when the bodie
found the Rirl had her arms
?.-hisped about her lather /
The Mendeil famil> o
second iloor of the house. The fir/
had mude much heatiwav uhcii t??
i v.ver was amused by the shouts
the family on th.- lire*1 t?o
hia wife Mendeil carried ?;ar to sat
land it*, ?ti returned ?<>r !i
! dren.
MendeM found Jiis twelve
groping in the hallway and
i i.-il linn out. By this time he
nearly overcome by s pd th
?erlor of th?: building
Disregarding tin entreat!?? of
wife the brave ...
he building.
Those on t.v
! he i ?... r ?.I tii
ii all bound die?:
: he
s to att?
save l
If an hour la
subdue? hers
bo(li?*s in
room, v*. i.
d '
?TiO-N. D.
iween tl
m the
first teat \*h Friday
>n Fo'lf??- -ent
a szerut? >es?lon.
? had
illng the mombira.! urlons
ees to ?which nomltti ns had
fi-rred and /avor?. :? in
motion S? nAtor II ok o Sm \ t tb ?'? .-. m
fe*t ami "
>n his
: > ? 11 o w
that ?
? ??i ti????
fhat Is th
plan of the minor
oil ?>v, i? t?-> t side and
ly told the'.r t.
If 'lev atte
have ait*?a<a<B<^Bo'i th?a
aft. hin-r
vi i t;
li nt Wilson s?- ?Ip n, with th?
sol,, exception of m???ni? rs of his of
farnily- als
r*. the 5
a ago
, ;i local bank
which to reA mor
j In ?'harlottesvilie,
! ml was sentenc? i
i penitentiary.
Special ?H. W.
bite man. who
;e.l t>'
a telegram, on
n a '
ded ?rullt y
ir In the
The Rocklngham'
hns increased perse*
ments in that roe
, showing t
ran-tfu] -*.
; have gone up?.'
investigations to*
time. The Frodl
took the time ti
should be done.-f ?
otinty grand Jury
1 property asserts
y over $200.pr-r.,
ml Jury has done
;ntr h.-is l>een ac
? i mi juries which
the morning and*
\enlng. Tax
thorough require
sburg icrand Jury
i the work as it
ksburg Star.
and bc?ow.'i v iew o? ''M?_rn?t_cello,,' Thtjores Jeffereo-'s Iwme, which she would h?*}ve the gov?a?n?j*???ent purohase
and preser?- Mrs. ?"jWHeton'a p?r*c>ptn_al was d?_<Ms1vely d <?**?-_ ted In. the Httru se of "tepreeentatWe* at Washington
Miss _? Jie Wisler, Young Moun
tainee**? Sweetheart, Will Prob?
ably ?ake Personal Appeal to i
Exeutive ? Waiting for ??-*
R I ill M O N Dt V A.. Special.?
Meinte >i the jury which eonvict
a.d Clas- Swanson Allen o? mur?!?
:Ii the J-' petl
f thai <"?'? ttaan iom
mute 1 ?"-? ?
'I hiS IMS Kn..'.' v]i??l
j . ? men Intel estcd in the
/ hed the ally and liled the
pap?fB?v'th officer? and others wh??
???-,. wdllng the cs
Tbll?? titi??ii Horn tli - will
1 ??nie?l to Governor .Mann _fon
" ning. Whether ha- ?rill .
.t arord lroin tin- ioiiiiniiu-?
. ?,,it . iiils remain? t??
l-in|.\lant- is tods** in Washiagton.
1?- it is not known positivei*)
in a possibility that .Mb-s Nellie
til?- I.lin.ae if lha' young
r, will come to .see th?- Qov?
u*.d make s final appeal tof the
heart'of her childhood ?lays
ich of the work that has baa's
in the lust few days Was ?u-rform
? Mlas WltbTi wn<? sosa nomina
?y, manliness and devotion
a father a.n the part of t'l.iude
sha liellevsa in him implicitly
proving h?-r faith in him by
hill) from til?- ?loath
Ore, u il hin the last u.???k
?ti?>n ??famed by hundred** of the
men irroll, Grays?
ill aim Wyiha- ?nunti?-.
doctor-a, ministers, bankers. '
| men, far.ne. ttors and
f has l..?en prepared and is now
city lor presentation t?> the
it may be that the committee will
i??t he able to meet the Governo
? ho announced that he would not
nur any further argument on th.
I after lust Friday, hut th?*re is
the hope that he will hear wha;
?j t?. be said?especially as it is known '
that much new and important weight
has been added to the petition.
1 know that Governor Mann .tvai
to do v? li?t is right in tilla and in ?ill
i matters," said an officer
uich interested in saving Clj
Allen from the death chair next I
?lav morning. "He has always striven i
to <??. that. I believe that he will .
weigh all this new matter carefully,
and when lie does that I believe that
there is a good reason to think that
lie will b? convinced that th.- lif?
the young man should not !>e t??r
feited to the State.
"Claude Alien is a young man, and
ho stood right ami did what ninety
nine out of every hundred men would
have done?shot ut the men who -,
shooting at his father." \
Indications are that OovcrncrUlann
will not aliow the men to go toX their
death next Friday. Relief is thlat he
will await till the trials of Sidn*?. Al?
len and
completed. rdlct of U. ? jury
in tl Idna Allen mi
?in the case n?iw in
?? se
iam.%-, the
urn ( s
In ti* di
h?ws aim
v of mur
L?s:CI!N?OTON, KV.? SpocitU.
ton; Uie famous old rar
owned b -d at
will this year shoulder the heaviest
and best filled gift sack in the city's
More than 13.000,000 will be dis?
tributed in various forms to enipl?
of industries, banks and big stores.
WASHINGTON, 1). (.. Special.?
UcnlUiug than the Kcpubllcan
arc c?-rtalii to be a minority
par?? for many year-? to c-oinc,
unie:-.-, lb?? diction?, are brought
Ntllltout ninth tlclay. the
died I'tiigii?-??!?.?? Republican
mcmlH-r?. o? the United Stales
s?-iialc bave evolved a p-*o|Hisition
which may i*c*-ult in reuniting th?
ordani clement?, o? the jiartv.
After s?*v?'ral <*onU rencos between
Senator.-? iM.rali. of Idaho: t'uiii
mius. of Iowa** und Im FoII??ttc.
o? \Yis< mislii, it was iiiiiidiiiu-c.?
that a (ret?together plan bad been
worked oat, and Hint it was hoped
it would receive e-t-rly considera?
tion from the so-called Republican
Th?' plan is to have the I{c
-iiihlhan Xa?oSall Committee hold
a meeting and devise u schein?*
for the reduction of Southern
representation in future national
<-<>iiv<?ntio!i-t. and also to take
pro|K*r cignizance of the inov?
iiient for the election of delegates
CO national conventions at pri?
maries. This latter feature in
votxem acknowledging the right of
??ach State to s?*le< t Its ibdcirates
?n a?*cot*tlniu*e vviil? Its own laws.
providing lor sm-li elect i -
Tl.??? national connnitte-c has
power to rceogiil/.?? this right oro
the ?part of the States, inasmuch
as in its quadrennial ?all for the
national convention it prescribes
s|.*-c?*lll< ally the character of the
cri'ilentials which the delegat??~
must possess. But It can inert*
ly recommend in the matter of
changing- the basis t?f represen?
tation, this being a matter over
which only the convent-ton lt?elf
now lias power. Nevertheless, a
. miu-ndatioii by the national
. o:umiitee would have great in?
flueiM*e with tlie next convention.
and it is bellevi-d that any method
of improving the present system
which \t m?.j suggest would
event ualiy be approve?! In i<?
ii?*iieral way from the ensuing
It would seem at first blush
that this would not tie a diffi?
cult basis upon which to har?
monize, and such Republican
regulars as have learned of their
progressive colleagues' plan are
disposed to take It up for serlou
coiisii!. ? itlon. The present basis
of repi"s??iifation in the South i*.
the outgrowth of several decades
of manipulation, for which no
man Or set of men of this ?gen?
eration (*nn or oug.tt to be held
i lonsibi??. F.vn -ful can?
didate for the Republican nomi?
nation for President In this gen?
eration has profited by It.
It ca-ne as a heritage to Presi?
dent Taft from the Koosevelt
t-*egiine. was {-asscd along to
Koosevelt from the McKinley ad?
ministration, and so on down tin
line. Last summer ?"resident
Trtft made the most ?msslble out
of.a condition which he did not
create, just as Colonel Roosevelt
had done ?before, and us the hit?
ler" s predecessor had done lie
fore Id m.
M bas eonte to he- ?jn.lt?- iteacrall?.
a ?i an ft?! ?Ml r?kmuc Keim hl ton a Irtxl
?ttm that It Is m (crott-aqne folly for
m a-rroup of S?>-itb??i-n Mtates *-*hl??ti
afver .-biHH??. a Hepwhlican *?re?i
rreiitfal ?-?lector and aeidoin elect a
Itepnlil'enu. mpmhrr ??f t'onsresa or
seat? tor. to ?root**-*? I between ?ae
foorta ?ad one-third of the roei?
hera of tbe *??*pi*hllea?n national
eonv entina. Time and asraln reao
lotfons ha?e hoe? ni?ereil. only to
be ?lef en ted, e-reatlna n new basis
of ?-eprtr-oe-t'attr.u for tb? B?-.?i!i--?l
sol?.I Hou-tb. Hot It Is nraneil t?at
no aaore sti?a|?lrf?tiUM afasw for pre
vmrtmm; tor nutcm m cbanare en old bo
found (has tbe pre?en?, when the
Hep?? l-'ten&? knie lout control of
the rederal s?--? eminent. at-*d ?11
monStSmteo lor the prr**?!deit?lnl
no-mttuatioa I? 191 d ?.?At mtort even?
ly ?ad wltaon* the Peder?! ???-?*? ni
?nftON -*o on noort.
fat ?lt?sdt?a to fat? plan of bnr.
?s? pro?ft*ese 1 ?. e -en?I..
?rv in en Dt ?Ut? bave not ca<i*?tnlt tarai
llirnuel?en In ?a apparently Irre
?oe-ble ?)? to ?lar re?I Pi^s***?*???
?I??* part?, <>r Hull ?too???? |urly, ?if
?* hloh Colonel Ku??*rt elt It* the ?<
k not? I edited lender, la till** uronp
?>f ?rii?l.ira ?rr Polndexter, ??f
*\ imbhiirlou : t'iapp. of ??It*?*?-?*??t?t,
ami IM-??n. ?if Mont? nil; lb?- la?*t
iiHinril Wa? liefen t?*?l ?a?r r a?-*?!?-??
elra-tlon. niKl **lll retire from pub?
lia- life i??*\t Mnr??b. Senator Hrl?
t??w, uf hanti*. t)it?]?| ltluiMfir la
??I? i? I mu? l.e <l-n?-rll?e?l ???? ? -Iwl
<i? *?>ii,-," Innxiuurh mm kr ?-oil??
kaiiUMrir m lt?-p?,l?l|ran. nlthotiKb hr
?mipoa-fed <'??l????el Vitiate? elt lu the
latir rMiitpHlif n. 4 uta? ml ota alna? aup
pairleal lla.au??-? ??It, I.?it with the
?l?*ll>?lt?- under, tiindlnjc that he tll?l
?a? in. h Iteptibllenn.
Mil; PALL OK "HI il. viooMT'
'l?h?- Ileptihlteao rfogremmlxen,
?iienninu" (be Or??t artttip mentioned,
?re hopeful that tbelr plan ??rill be
n?*e??r?l?*?l rHrla ??????Idernttou by the
Itepubllean National Committee.
I'lte.? hellet e thai IT the committee
*?h<??*ld lakr net ion ou the two fe?
turei? of tbeir a? ?-be me it would put
a deep erlmp lu the Rail ll??????
l.itrt.? nitd rentilt In If* ??peed? and
('??rtnin disintegration. llenihar?
of the nnli??nnl rnmmlltee ?wh? are
now in WmibliiBlvD, ???-ether with
l?*ei?uhll?-an reautarn In ('??mtroi?.
??Ill he tirared to trtve rviinmnloo to
tbelr ??pinion?, at ama-e. -?? at* to de
* el??p whatever ?entlnient there
nin* be In favor ??f harmonizla* on
the bawl?? deaerlhed.
TWO t.mi s ihm; WITH turki:
VOlMi MKS FOR Uoltl'IN?.
A stoki:.
.voi'tbs, u<*?t>iii|iaiiie<l by two girl?*
nere arrested early Friday as mem
lH*rs of the auto bandit gang tliat
lias been terrorizing: tin* Hytle
Park district for several weeks.
Tliolr arretsts folio weil the
? ling of Charles; ,\. Sbernian,
proprietor of a deilcate**?en shop
as he ro*st.*d tlie robliery of his
store. Three other st??re? were
tallied by the ??-?uidiis.
Pol lowing the shooting and
laid- tlu? handll- it* their auto
dashed through the heart of Hyde
Park and distanced the police in
another automobile.
?Chief of Poliee McWeeny as?
signed live M|im*ls of police on
motorcycle?? to run down the ban?
dits. Aiv exciting man hunt fol?
low ed.
Through buslnc!**? ami residence
-?????tl ?us in back dingy streets ami
und on boulevard?, the bandits In
(heir automobile led the mot??:
cycle {?olice a chaSe. later the
three youth?, and two girl*? tere
'-aught in an automobile that an?
swered the dei-crlption of the one
u.?-ed by tin? bandits. The ma?
chine was ?/aid to have been stolen.
The ?{tiinicite said they were
out f??r a Joy ride anil were not
bandits. Th their ik.
at M. Pell, \ Thayer, ?*?*. Ryan,
It'll I? Smith anil Florence Me?
int 'i-ney.
Miermnn was ?-hot through the
luruc and may n
ALVES-TOX, 'iEX., Special??Sev
QALVHE5TON, TET*<.f 8p?**?'*..
man ?t? ?
Th?? weman
? refused
r*e I
IVla?s whe cannot en
*? &____?
?. Poin?*?ra, French Minister ot
Foreign Affairs, Said to Have
Demonstrated His Country's
Good Offices by His Skil?
ful Diplomatic Work.
PA ?is, Special.?(?reece has
signed the -ceil? ral armistice tt r
. the Turko-Hnlknn war,
.i.???rdin: It? a ?usual? 1? recS^H
from t .??^?Kiix.plc t0du>.
uth ?>tli?M ?:ii? r saltl that
t oi'.tiriiuiiiou ???HHlioti--. of the
arniisllce l?> ?Tircc? e would dc
i>??'ii??t?ratVe tie |??>vv?-r of Freu? It
tiploiuatv, a? it whs only forty
eight hours ug?? thai M. I'
minister <?? i
of tlit? general daugcr |o it .- lu
??-riiatioual sit?an
BE&LO?, Styeral. ? Genaan
diplomats Friday admitted for the
first nine that ttie line t*_* detnar
tation between the ?ripie nilim
((?siiiany, Austria and Italy) artet
uatlon t!
teil ?bat the i
four hour-* will bring for
nt on i?> t-xuial
?pre. b of <Kor<
Chamber of Repolies Thenday
had <a*i*>ed no rtppli
it having i?
Fran th b??r v
<?f (i.-r.ii.
haneellor Von I'.<
mauu-Iiollv. <
Italy m Mt-othed now .
rcult of M
Austria are
i o th
vvnh a dei
Russia Still F?ears the Invasion of
a Foreign Foe, and Every Step
Has Been Taken to
Prevent a Hostile
LOXPOX, Spccial.^-Ai*j?oBBce
uu'iit was made at the foreign ot?
ile? Saturday that the Tarko-Bal?
kan peace negotiation s, which
opens la this ?city next Friday, will
be held In St. Jam?** Palace.
King tiforge lias piuietl -tl*g?i
palace at the disposal of the eu- j
Hepreseuiatlvos of the govern- *
menus which will participate are
hastening preparations for U?c
staging of the o?nfcrence. The
iKiiii-|*aricrs arc expected to take
all ot the twenty-live days sllot
t?tl. ami Indications are ?that S
I .i ward tircy, tin* British foreign
minister, will be frequently <r*on?
-tilted by both si?
The negotiations will follow the
lines of the Portsmouth. N. 11.,
?-?inference between Russia and
.l<?pau. some changes being it?ec<t>s
sary liecaiise of the fact tJiat in
that Instance but two parties w-ere
engug?*?!. whereas here represen?
tatives of four belligerent Statt?
will be lined up ou one m
ngiiinst Turkey.
Dr. S. Dan? IT. otrtef plenipo?
tentiary of Bu'gariu, and Osinuu
Ni/juui l'acha. k*adlii}*; envoy of
Turkey, are cxi??ected in this city
on VI e-ilnesday.
It Ifl not known whether ?livl
-ion of tl-.c conquer?*?! territory
will Ik? settled at once or whclh<?r
that will be leit until it Is s
exactly how much Turkey con
Current opinion Is that the al?
lies will wait until late before tak?
ing up the |ini-i-elling of Turk?
territory Bo as not to imp?*?!c th?
progr?*ss of the negotiations.
?Vs rejrards the pesie plan*-. ;
general pro|K>sitlon. c mhrsr-ing all
llu* t?*i*iiiK. will Is* dlvi?l?H? up Into
clauses which will sav?* time b?*
??Mu??e it win allow each prop?
to be designated by number. In
ad of by it long and eoninti
caled title.
The parie*} will be opened by
the ?Hit's presemin their te?
ll clause will then be taken up
for discussion. At the lirst slsm*?
of a deadlock It i- evjx-etcl that
the Turkish envoys will put fcr
vrard ?omiter propositions.
1-Ycncli being the diplomatk*
language of Etarope, It will be
ini[ilo)(il by the jM-ai-e envoy?.
I vj'ort *.??? retarles will re? ortl
th<?' discussions whieh are e.\po*c?t
?sl to be teilioiis because of 1111
nierous .u? among the
pli'idpot. mini j? s tlii'iiihcb
Tin? initial ??.nditioiis of the si
Hi's are believed to in? lude ti-?*
follow!u}- subjects: ('?'-sinn of all
Turkish territory north and v
?if a line drawn from the point
vv Here the Erkone ltlvcr Hows Into
th<- Sea of Marmora, through
Adn'anople to Midia on the Hint k
autonomous government for
Albania under supervision of the
l>alkati Stales; war indemn
..hi of Crete and Chios to
tir?*???-?': Internationalization of
s.-il? nlka and Adrlanople and the
? t?l net ion of Turkish garrisons lb
.laiiinn mid s??itari." i-eiigious fnec
tlnin in I'lirofHun territory to In?
retained b> ?Itan's with
<*r?wal of Turkish military f< ?
from A'lvj-iiia: <ouipl??te economic
freedom ot ail parties in the
< ov??nant throughout present anil
past F.iiropcan Turkey and neu
trality of present and future rail?
way lines.
It is n roregonc <on?lus|on that
soil e o? the ? lauses w III be drop?
ped or greatly modified.
It is not believed that Tur!-.
will pay any Indemnity. In ?lei?
eren? e to the wishes of the
power? ?t j?. not betie-red that ser?
via win ,i i?, nu Adriatic
s: sport in tl
leaving ibis to? settlement later.
After the terms are agreed
i pon a ti?-.??* will be drawn up
wi bin h
terna in?;
?vl.l !.;? ratiAed !;., Ili-e povvi
i : Alt ?NV ?si . \.
BERl.IX, SpecitfL?Rnssda
< ontinuiux to make -vigorous war
preparations and ihc
staff in St. Petersburg
night mu! day, 0 a
ret lived l.?'r?
the Kussian < apltal.
All the
frontier un- bein ne?l
with su? ii naste tint! i
o hulk-ate that the
an invasion.
UK NVA, pe<ial.? A lonf? ?tep
toward ?h?? restoration of inter
lOSBOX, Speci?!. ? The Berlin
? ?e*t*<-*?dlat'?ly take mti*
i-ar or m,
"T*lir? Mwiirian.pliui o?
from Scmltti, Hungary, dir?
u|m?ii Belgrade,"
??on-' trench??*?- along
entire line .""rom O::row to l.ein
?The railways In all strf*r-olc
dinn-tions are linetl by military.
and the troop? arc prepared to in?
vade Servia at a moment's notice."
RICHMOND. VA.? S?pacral.?
"Cut worms of the tr? in the
nape of co'ipons from the ten-forty
ot.ds issued by the State in 187?. will
o out of business in the year 1913.
Those bonds figured in tho settle?
ment of the Stat? | go
in** through rn?ny scasions ot
tlron and long-winded p??lltlcal dis
shan, the bonds wert; ordered fun
other bonds.
S?7j*ue of th?> men who got hold of
thos?*\<.?nds held to them, and Thurs?
day talare np]'>?n.red in the office of
He has ti ?la
er th?.j law? of th? st:iie Mx^
White will have to .?irt and
iiuineness of the coupons.
'Ik- past.
far a? known this bond now in tho
? > n kv
h ha? n ; ? ?
Ii ?e bonds has ce_ned
Wom?n Struck by Bottle Mhilc Din
ing aboard the D. . Cruiser ?Picks.
burg and snt?ers Fractured Skull.
Officers Hauled Hefore uperiors.
SAH Ml AX ISCO, CnL, Special.
I the unexpected result ?>i
Miner part? autl . .:in_
?.pent by olli?i-rs oi the l m
?States gunboat \ h-ksburg
two young women til Val
Thiirstlay, on boar?! tin? naval
ves-^el oil Mur?- I An?
drew M
has a fiai-iured -kull mill s?*ven
naval officer*, have been called
uiKiii ilu bj their superior
Off ii i
Mi (aihbon*J| a manl
eurivt. \\?.> the ??:her .voting wo?
man in the part?,.
ll?>w tin* young woman n
her injury is beiiu; explained lu
two widelv iUfTer??i?t \va.?
The ??rflccrs tleclare she fell
from a ?rtiiai-tnlonway, after par?
taking: of chnm|>ugiie. A rumor
current says she was struck by a
la*vr iKittle wielded by the
of one of the ?>f fleers who
.?ri"*! her husband In the coui
pauy of the v i-ltor.
Thiirstlay night's merrymaking
i> said to be but ??ne of frequent
in? loents of a similar sort which
nave occurred at Mare Island
within the hist few months.
lu* iiames ?if the officers arc:
tenant W. T. Mose*, ?-vecu
-?ITIcer; lieutenant J. F.
Cox, ordne er; Ensign I'.
H. Marlon, 'ir-i division oilier*
Kusign M. A. Mitzner. second dl
?n officer; Assistant Snrgetui
I. \V. l?obblaus. mcd'cal officer;
Assistant J*a.vmaster M. i. Shir?
ley, pay officer.
Aids Spauish "War Wldo
*,Y i*OX, J). C, ^c-ctel.
lows and minor chil
ine iUnnyrrev
?d by the House
the wi<
id man who
minor c*> w would
tho $12
hild or <?hil
? r?lit 11 v 0111 il hf? fl ?I -
Dec. 6.?
aident of the Kan

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