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tf WM??? 8?H S?OHY !
By Joanua Single.
Despite the holiday flatter o? a-vtloi"
paiion in the oiiice, dusk and depres?
sion came together for Mavis Covimj
k as.arte closed her desk and prepared
ft to leave with that quick, orderly Jn
F teiliger.ce that made her a valuable
i atjcretary. Stae dreaded holidays. Stili
fi more she dreaded ?einj* qu?tions by
her workmate? ?on the matter of cele?
bra tin?* the day.
[? la the dressinf ro?*?? ?slie slid swift?
ly in'.o her ?lark blue coat and hat,
tucked her curl.ng dark hair Into place
b??neath a trim veil, and slipped down
the ?side stair-way. She had a premo?
nition founded on experience that
Keith lao'wry would be not far from
the front entrance.
With a ?tt?e feeling ?o? escape she
went a bfcook or two out o? hor way,
and instead of taking a car set oui
at a swift ?*_-ik for the yery comfort
able bearding house will ah had shel?
tered her for a year. She was nearly
there when & man's swift step came
behind her.
"Weil!" exclaime- the bfig, folon*e
youn-g tellow, "h?a*?v ?jld yo?J managt
to _.?. past n_e*f 1 wasn't guilty 01
wailing ?_i. the door, you know, bu
1 t.-ad a point of vanta???? where I wai
sure ! could see yotxl Well, I hsv?
you duw for a mnu'c. WH1 you g
to the game with me tomorrow, ant
then to supper and the theater? Taje?
an yone else ypu like along??but IV
rather have just you!" He t*l_rust i
long flowec box safely under his arm
"I bare a ten* *buda bere. Aro yt>
going with me?" He had not ?gdve?
her time to reply y?et.
"OK" ehe said, "don't give an
thirnge! You Jraow?I ?can't keep tak
ing ev?e_b?-41o wots all the tri?tie! 1 don'
give you anything in return?" ah
apoke _moat vehemently, "not even?
"?Nst ?rven?'likant^T Not even?
tape. Mavis?"
"?Otb, I do like yon; hut that's al
You promised not to talk about an"*
thin?; else, you know." Turning
corner a chill wind struck them, an
in the crowd he came protecting-l
close and took ?her ?arm a moment
"I ?ron't tthen, but it's hard worl
Look hore a moment. I must brea
my promise this once. Here you at
working?honte less. Here >I am worl
Ins, and with a hoii>e all ready tc
you, but homeless myself vbecauae yo
won't come to it! Think about it. 1
U fair?"
"It is fair. I told "f*ou I could nevt
?-o it. it is you who are unfair m
to accept my decisreon." He tighten?
his bold on her, and aornrethinig wit
in her began to let go, to cease <r?
slating him. "I am not going to t
anywhere with you t?*i??nior?row, Kelt
I am ?going to stay aiono at home a
day. and do as yoa ask?think aboi
it. Then I wlli give you an an*sw?
you ?ba'.l accept as final- Don't ai
me to go out. Don't do anything b
let me alone."
' Well," he sraid in ?he dark o? ?ti
gate, "I have ?one thing more to n
??I lore you, and T?ve you, Mavl
Remember tha rtooallxntTflffixllfl:
Re?member that roal l?o?ve Is a wax
c'oaJt aagainei the big wor'd's col
And?I've no right to, but I am gol:
to ask if you care, or have oared, 1
6oi_e one e'ase? Is it some one w
win?make you happy?"
She hesitated.
"I don't tnilnd tailing you. I t
trying to forget bim. ?I thought
cared as much as I?Opit he doesn
He could make toe happy. He I
Jongs to the old ttfe?when I had 1
tther. I can't .talk about it. Let i
go In."
'?pern?eambor??that I do ?care?, a
aiTwayB wlH. I am a reality??do
give me up for a sb-dow, Mavis."
She broke from hm and ran ii
the house.
The next ?Jay Mavis dellberat?
mourned f**?r Hentry Mo"**ton. m?a__
no pretense of pride to heraolf. S
re-read his letters, set bis photatgra
up before her, wondered how he ooi
have failed to c<Kn*e ">.?<*: to lier af
the fooiirh little quarrel wihen i
bad s?nK brim away. (She had c?
wrtten a note Baying she was sor
He had not sjiswer*ed. Pride ramk
at the mernpry, but Jove was grea
than pride.
waa a ?wretched wa yto span_
holiday. By dinner time abe v. as h
sick and did not go (town, accept.
the tray whic?k the really casneen
landlady sent up. By 3 she bad cr
herself asleep and dd not wake ui
dusk waa falling. Then she sat
forlornly among the p?H_ws and
oided that ?she could not offer K?=
Lowry half a heart?be was too ?
too genuine and ?rwoot and *r?orlng. 1
heart war_*?ed at thouglvt of Him. !
sbe would refiise h?m. Then the la
lady knocked at ttbe door and tin
In her head.
"Mr. Laowry to see you. Says t
your time, but hs'JS stay till he e
you. Wants you to dreee to go or
She slammed the door and 'lumbe
Mavja Uio^ij?jht a m?ome_t, then i
to 'bathe aad dress. She was yoi
? and even tears could not make
less k>*7?3ly, chough liar eyes wer
Httie ?_woH??n sod tared. She m-i
as weil have ths matter of K?at<_ <
with, and she w?o_!ld honor him
Stop that
beCore it leads to
throat and lung
tro u ble. Dr.
Bull's Cough
Syrup will gtve
?aWlabto, SS?. quick rebel.
**I hada ?-?MC*? tora tn^nth?couatut all day
Hall'? Ox?(b s-, i-up t??_k Itawar"
Barban ?**??*???, SIS W. 34th VI . chlcajro. 11L
S* FU? ?AMPLE ?;c-^?*<ft
loofetag her b-est.
Powq in the parlor Tie wated, and
when she oaruc In he roe o to meet h?er,
lcmerinrg his **oice.
"Look here, Mavis, I've been a great
brute! We won't think ?of anything bu;
belog happy tonight. We'll go out to
supper and tuen to the theater, and
you can bave a whole year to think
?n. 'I ticm't want you to decide. How
do you like these violets? Where shall
we eat?" Ho bombarded her with gay,
cc-rnmonplace quesions -until ?ho -was
laughing herself.
WhiMi they had deci-d-od on Morris's
for supper she ran upstairs for. a
gayer hat and better gloves, and they
wtre off.
Trfavls was a bit fe-rerWh, a great
deal relieved und very lovely at the
candle-shaded table, with Keith lean?
ing acr-OBB to adarrfre her. But as he
talked ?he knew she nruet teil him
tonight in f ai mess to hltc She would
never be guilty of dangling?then, her
eyo ?au-?lu the people at a table just
behind Keith ?and her face went white.
"Whta is it, dear," whispered Ketth.
She shook her head at hbn, and
though her Upe .moved, no sound came
f.t>m them. Her eyes were still held
by Henry Morton's. He half ?rose In
hds seat and the two tather over?
dressed girls with him asked ?shrilly
If he was "seeing bhlngs?alrefdy."
Keith turned his head a little, and
Henrry Morton rose and came towards
th?em. Tall, g ootl- look inc. careless, he
came straight to Mavis, wi-o -seen-ced
nut *o sec his outstretched hand, and
ff?ve ?tin a ?luecr little su.llc and a
' Yoiin looking flne. Mavis,' he said,
not fam'.-'arly. for he still bad the
m-inner of a gentleman, Lut with a
half i-o??sct.s've ?enc of astonished ad?
Keith's eyo blazed blue fire, and the
girl spoke In a little flurry.
"Keith." She stud* "ths s my <S.d
frend, Mr. Morton. I knew him?a-ges
ago?at home. Henry, this is "Mr.
KeffGi lsrwry?my flamee." The men
snook hand? and then a stiff little
pause ensupd, but Mavis, woman-like,
bridged t over? "I am very gJad to
see you again." ?he ?said. "You are
looking?-weil. Have you heard form
the WiHlamee latelyT No? Keith, give
me a little more ?salad. Perhaps we'll
moet again sln?ce you are in town."
Somehow Henry Morton knew he was
Keith Lowry ??ma very still ?and con?
ventional a moment as he wrved tho
salud. Then he spoke in a tone which
TTtdght have discu-ssed the weather.
"Mavis, is* that the m-an? Were you
saving your pride, or do you mean?"
"Keith," she ?said tensely, motion?
ing away the waiter wkh his Ice wa?
ter, "h?-?. never -was the man! Just on o
ce at him undid all the old hyije
!??*m?I??" her eyes met his, plead?
ing, confessing, '?s-vin-g.
"Beloved!" he breathed the word
fervently, but in a voice so low tli/.t
the waiter might have su-spected him
of praipin-*- the salad.
Tuft's Pills
stimulate the torpid liver, strengthen the
digestiv.*?-organs, resrulate the bowt-i?. A rem?
edy for nick heads, he. LnequaJtd ?? an
Elegantly au?rnr coated. Small deae. Price, 23c.
m-\iSWI%TJTON, D. C? i^pecial.
Announcement was made at the White
House Tuesday that PresSden-t TeJv
w-,1'1 go to Pai-arnu. He will leave at
midnight December 19th and sail from
Key West on the battleship Kansas.
The President will return to Washing?
ton on the 3let. His trip for the
inspection of the canal will make him
miss the Christmas festivities at the
White House.
NEW YORK.? Special. When Fred?
eric de lielleville. the actor, left his
home at Malba, L. I? Monday even?
ing, to go to town ft>r his theater,
Mrs. de Belleville accompanied him as
far as the station; also the family bull
purp, wearing a red sweater.
Suddenly the train shot around a
curve. Tiier?* was a dash for the flag,
with which to stop the train. It had
been mislaid. Would the Croeeus of
y man have to walk? An lnspi
Mrs. do Belleville seizes dog?
gie and waves him aloft. The train
stops. Saved!!!
istmas at Lumsden's
?ei"in-'y odd y?-*ars o.' ?satering to the diserimiuate
RLRY r stock been more complete.
i ? JB7WKLRY embellished with pr?tons stones.
beat Forelgn and Domestic makes in a variety
in all the latest design?*.
ul and ornamental articles suitable for Christmas
to vtatt the store and make your _elt"*ertion write
n>TaUSTRATSD CATA?-OGUES. which will be
cost. In it you will find a complete J?3welry Store
e your se4<sction.
se where an estabMsbed reputation warrants your
Their established rule is to refund, without
paid for any article not entirely ?atisfactory.
UMSDEN & SON, ?ncf
Eat. ]?SSt
nelert to the Southern People.1*
WIR-UTNTON, V (.? Special.
I'la. ?*;????. ?i???j?.nb a* i?r.?kca* rail
vthile traveling; about thirty n?llr?*
aa hoar, ? thrwygb Irrt???* oa t_r
??mboar?! Air I lar, uairibiiuuad. waa
???reeked at 7:_U o'rlurk laot al_at
helweea Littleton and Ktaai???.?
Jniiftlun, R,
AlthuttK** al-teen raira left tt*e
track, part of them r??lllaic tlovra a
ateep enabaakajcttt. no on?? waa
hunt. The frelicbt ???? heavily
loaded, miB* of the rara coatalnlaa;
(krlaimia aoppllea f?r loaral nta
ilona on the liar.
? uf the cara loaded with eoal
rolled over and over dont the em?
bankment, npllllnit the ??black
Ken*?" la every direction. TrafUr
waa completely blocked by the
tvretk, ao throa?? tratan havlu
b??eu able to set pant the neeae of
the wreck at S o'clock thin in?ralas.
V? reckluK ere***? and track repair
force? are worktop to ele_r the
track, ?vhteh In the o?ala llae of the
rood betweea Port ?moot h and N?T
N*?EW YORK.? Special.-- When the
noonday whistle blew Monday NIcolo
Sarg-ls was working on the twenty
second floor of tin? building bcini,
erected at No. 11 East Twenty-sixth
Street by the Standard Arch Com?
To Nicolo that whistle always meant
but one thini??lunch. The wintry
winds Monday and his labor had Riven
him a very lusty appetite, so he looked
about for the quickest method of de?
scent. That was the hod hoist, which
was slowly passing his floor on Its
way to the basement. Nicolo jumped
"Going down," he shouted, and he
went?like a shot, faster than he had
ever gone before or ever wants to go
Nicolo shut his eyes In terror, or he
would have seen floor after floor flaf-h
by as his elevator shot downward.
His mad ride terminated abruptly
when the hoist struck a sand pile in
the basement with tremendous force,
and Nicolo began an upward Journey
in the air of abont twenty feet.
Then he came down again on the
sand and immediately advertised his
safe arrival by yelling at the top of
his lungs. Other workmen picked him
up and when the ambulance came
from Bellevue it was found that the
ankle on which his weight rested when
the hoist struck was badly fractured.
Nicolo was placed in Ward 3 at the
hospital, where it was said last night
he was resting comfortably.
SEND THEM $5,000
NEWARK. X. J.? SprxfaL
Tteaa asaa__aJnt*crs, who were
arrested late Tuesday, charged
with being the author** of sev?
eral letters which threatened
l*TC8hicnt-i'kt t W ????drow Wilson
witii ?loath a?acea he puid area
$5,OtM>, will Ik- arraigned Monday
before I'niteil Stnt?*s Commissioner
St<>< klou. in this city.
The ini-ii lire .lacnb Dunn, alias
"Mg," aged thirty-seven; his
brother. Warren, alias "I'ote,"
thirtv -three, nutl Seeley Daven?
port, alia?? ??Sniik??. " thirl ??-live.
The iiu'ii were eapturetl by a
rust?, aller a hunt of nearly three
weeks in one of the wildest and
inos! inn? cessible plBCaa in the
mountains of New .b-iscv by
Set ret Servi??? Ollicers 1 _trabee
ami Untier und Deputy F tilted
Slat? m Marshal lieekuian.
All the letter- were *>viit to
t.Overmir Wilson at Trenton ami
?? ?it* sign?*?! MP. J. Sliatlunk, It.
F. 2 W barton. N. J."
The tioveni"!'-. secretary f??r
wartled the letters to t'liia-l I'ostal
Inspts tor Ctirtelyou at i'hihul? I
jiliia, ami . the <>ov eminent ma?
thiiit?ry was at ont e pel in motion.
The officers found the address
given by the writer?-; was that of
*a lions?? owned hy Mrs. "Pearl Fl
ter. of New York. When no one
came to the box during the s?-\
eral days the ol liters lay in hid?
ing near It they matte a search
of the neighborhood. Suspicion
dire* letl itself t?? Davenport ami
the Dunn brother*?, who lived
nearby and the ??ffb'ers donned
the guis?? of pension agents, en?
gaged Davenport in convcrsu
tioii and found that he was in
desperate need of money.
Then they rounded up the Dunn
brothers, who su bn.itted to ar?
rest only after being subdued at
the point of revolvers.
lue letter** threatened to shoot
Mr. Wldaoa "like MeKlimle
(meaning Mi -Klnley) and Teddy."
The men wanted the $5,000 to be
placed in the mail box by Novem?
ber 21th.
The trio under arrest insist they
are innocent.
NEW YORK.? Special. Charles
II. Hyde, ex-city Chamberlain and
former law partner of Mayor Gay
nor, wa.s i tala y sentenced by Jus?
tice ("oft" to imprisonment for not
loss than two anil not more than
three and one-half years for brib?
Following imposition of the sen
i?n?e Hyde was released on $2&,
000 bail pending m-tion upon his
appeal from the verdict returned
on November 29th.
SOUTH NORW1AJ-K-- aSpecial. Fal?
lowing the statement rnaae Monday
b'? Miss Ethel Adelaide Sprague that
she would cry for the loss of no man
and that there were "as good fish
the sea as ever were caught," George
Leonard Gale, whom the young wo?
man had arranged to marry Saturday
afternoon, gave his side of the affair
Monday. Miss Sprague herself called
off the wedding, saying that at the
last moment she had received infor?
mation which prompted her act.
"What prompted Miss Sprague to
call off the wedding was a note from
me telling her that the wedding was
off." said Gale. "Miss Sprague may
be able to catch some kind of flsh,
but she did not catch me.
"She had an elaborate church wed
olng til planned four weeks ago. No
sooner did I stop these preparation?
than she commenced to make ar*
nts f??r a hardly loss pretcn
? alfair ai home. I did not want
treat her cruelly, but she forced
me to do what I did. ' I hope that
she has better luck next time."
Strike 1? Wot
1XWDON.? S^ex?ial.Tbe strike situ?
ation in Northern England is becoming
worse dally. One hundred thousand
are Idle today, one-fifth of these are
miners, and the price of coal Is to be
raised, Inflicting hardships upon the
~* than any other dye. ofa JOc. r?ack-.5-? ?olors all fibre*. They <*y? in colt
tH ou can dye any gai-meS without rlpp lna apart Write for booklet?Hoi
?ON ROK DRUG CO.. Qui ?**?*.. m.
?Vbea Su fie?*"1 ok frwsi Backache, Hess
ache? and I rlaarj Trouble?.
They ?are probaOly tbs true source
your misery. To keep ?el! you
M k**?p yoar kidueys ?ell. Doan'??
Kidney Pills are es?
pecially for weak
kidneya. B. C. Hamp?
shire. 708 E. Bram
bleton St., Norfolk.
Va-, may: **i sff?rad
from kidnsy colic
The pain during
?some attacks was so
severe that It re
?4'Jlred two strong
nen to hold me.
Uasaj . ?oi.oi * received was from mor
piilne. 1 was completely cured by
Doan'e Kidney Pilla**
Mr. Hampshire is only one of the
many thousands that endorse Doan's
?Kidney Pilla If yoar back aches?
if your kidneys bother you. don't ask
?Imply for a kidney remedy, as dis?
tinctly for Dean's Kidney Pills, the
same that Mr. Hampshire had.
60c. all stores. Poster-Mil burn Co..
Buffalo, N. T., Props. **When Tour
Back la Lao.???Remember the name."
alter Hours of Deliberation, Re?
garded by the Public as Almost
Certain Indication of Disagree?
ment, Decision Is Reached
This Afternoon.
After being eat since Tnesday
the Jury In the ?a.?p of Sidna
Allen, charged with participation
hi the llillsvill?? shooting, this af?
ternoon returned a verdict of vol?
untary manslaughter, and fixed
his punishment at live years in the
I*<*tiMt**if iary.
On time first ballot the Jury
voted nine for acquittal and three
for murder In the second tltigree.
Tlie Jury called on the court
s?t?veral times for instructions be?
fore re-achin-r a verdict. In each
case the iiistruet?oiis were the
sanie a? those ici ven in the other
Allen eases, including those in
which the vcrdi<-t was fixed at
death in the electric chair.
WYTHEVILLE. V.l.? Special.
At t? o'clock this morning tlie jury
in case of the Conimoiivvcalt?i
against Sidna Allen Tor the mur?
der of \V. M. Foster, .ver?* sent
to their room to further <*on*-?itl<-r
their verdict.
Before retiring to their room
tin? ji'dgc rend to I hem the same
charge which he gav?; to inri?-?.
in Hi?' former AIlcu trials, after a
?li??agni?ciiiciif. which in those
COSSS resulted In bringing the
Jury to an agreement.
On yesterday afternoon and la-t
evening th<- jury vv?*r?? in rctire
iiu'iit for liv?* hours, and up to
noon today had been out three
hours. making In all ?*lghf hours.
The lmpnessioii at noon wn?. that
an agrt-eiiieiit. wie- lui-s-lcss.
On Ia:-t cv?-iinig one o? tlu* jurj
?Strata an ?-vplunation of Instruc?
tion No. ?? for the Commonwealth,
will. Ii It-curs entirely on tlu* ?iti?*-?
tion of intentionally aiding and
alietting the party or iMtrtics who
kilh*d t'oiimionwi'iilth's .\'.??riiey
W. >I. I'??st?*r. As there is no
ev ideii? ?? show im- Unit the ???iisisl
hinis4*lf ltrc?l the fatal shot or
.?hois, ?hi?, bran? h ?>!" the .iur-.'?
imiinry is ?'iliiiin.-iifii. From the
?vp.aiiation asked as to th?* prin
<-iple of the lirst and second de
gre??, it may Ik* assumed that the
evidence has failed to c<nivin<-c
the jury of ?'onspiruey, leaving
only the th?*ory that the ac?us??d
may have intentionally nlihtl and
alM'ttntl the person o?- p?'rs<?n?. who
actually killed Foster.
Upon this theory of the < :?-.
there has hc?-ii a deliberation of
live hour?-, indicating a Impele?
The jury may finally agree, luit
but at iHKin the prevailing impres?
sion was that there would In* a
Th?* crowd awaiting the verdl??t
is not so larg?? as it was last eve?
ning, hut among those present
there is no less interest than was
manifested then.
The prisoner has recovered
from Lis recent indisposition, and
with his wire, (iii(dren and hrotli
ers, Ja?.per and (?arland. awaited
the -uction of the jury with sup
pres-seil anxiety.
NEW YORK.? Special.?Bears
raided Union Pacific on tlie Stock
Exchange this afternoon, driving
down tlie price over six points.
Aggressive selling followed the
annual report of the Harriman
system for the li.-cal year ending
June 30th last, which fell short
of expectations.
The report showed that the
total operating revenues of Union
Pacific bad decreased more than
$3,000,000 and ttjS transportation
expenses had increased over
The gross operating income
for the year was $85.977.008.78,
the total operating: expenses, $51.
758,195.53, leaving a net operat?
ing income of $31,219.113.25, a
decrease of $1,491,713.37.
X?f3RjR?STO?WN, PA,? Special.?-Dr.
Douglass Ward, of Seranton, Pa., said
to be a son of former Judge Ward, of
that city, died in the county jail here
today as the result of drinking bay
rum and witch hazel.
Word had broken into a barber shop
last night and was found there in an
?in. onsclous condition.
Auin Kill? Youatt Woman.
BUFFATX), ?K, Y.? Special.? Mar?
guerite U Clark, aged sixteen, studf?i,t
at Lafayette Hls*h School, was kill? 1
by an automobile driven by Francis L.
jiidd early today.
Judd Mimmmit-d ah atribu?an? -
then surrendert-d to the police.
W \MM>t.T,)\, D. ?, Special.
Daftuuu . i-.-? . mte
liiiitia-e lovc^tigatiii-?;
?li?- M?'\ican revolution continue?!
hearings Taesday. ?pwards of
I."- ?>? - o? .?--ti.....ii* nave
n taken, but it is held as con
liiii'iitial by the committee, of
which Senator William Ahlen
Smith I? . hairiuuii. As a r?'?-iiit
of the l??iimony tak?-n the ? ??111
mittee Is <?inviii?-<>?| that neither
the Mailer?} government nor the
r?'volutioiii-ts are willing or able
to pr??te?t \meri.-aiis. In those
regions where the federal tro?.|?-.
are In control, tlie testimony
shows, ??utiages upon Anierieans
are quite as frequent as where
| the iiisnr^.-tits rul?>. One illegal
act of the existing government
pointed out is the imjiositlon of
an export tax on all cattle shipped
out of lie_le?X This, it is said.
Is without authority of any law,
and tlireui-li it many thousands
of dollars have l?ecn collected
from A merit-an cattle raisers and
rant hers.
The fact, that large sums of
money vvi-re ral?*e?l in the United
Stateas for the Madero revolution ?
i??ts when they were endeavoring
to ??vertbrow the Diaz government
has bwii eon? liisively shown, bat
no testimtiiiy has been gathered
temlint?; t<> sb??vv that financial as?
sistance for tb?* insurgents now In
rebellion has l??*?*n obtaiiiet? in tlie
United States.
Sherburne G. Hopkins, ef this
city, was a witness before the
committee y<?stcrday. He told the
committee something or the finan?
cial backing of the Madero revo
lutiomVsts. and admittetl that a
large sum was ;?aid him f??r bis
T?estiiiiony befoi*e the commit?
tee shows that the present revo?
lutionists have r??i?*?d their funds
almost entirely hi Mexico from
Mexicans and through levies
made ii|M?ii American mining
operators and ranchmen.
The Chamber of Commerce of
Chihuahua pu re based $1,000.000
worth of revolutionary bonds.
ant" ?i'eneral Orozco operated the
custoni house at Juarez for a
number of months at a return
or aioo.ooo a month to him.
It also has I>e?'ii shown that,
notwithstanding the neutrality
laws, the revolutionists are ob
tainlng arms and other muni?
tions in a roundabout way from
?-?urces in the United States, and
that they have been purchasing
the arms used by the federal
troops in Mexico from those
troops. The t??stim<>iiy show
that It has been almost taapaaaV
^rtr**A*^/or the Mexican Government
| M to rt*CriiIt Its army, and that su?'h
i * x? ? ???ultlng as has been had Is
?nade up of men from the jails
i?jjnd prisons, mine ?if whom are
loyal to the government. Tin
claim Is made that the revolu?
tionists have 2">.000 men in the
field fully armed.
pardons forgei
(.?orge M. ?'art.-r, ? Whit? mar. :
in the Virginia penitentiary, will
.?-pend his Christmas at home, In
lerickabur*. thanks to the action
ut (idvi-rnor Mann.
M.c-trw-r ?rsa convicted *?f forgery
ami sentenced to two years in US*
per.itentiarv, and has already served
half Of his term. The petit
for a pardon eras numerously signed,
and th?? fact that th? Legislature has
reduced the term in prison for euch
pettv violators were factors in obtain
dom. His pardon is con
if he again violates the
!avv he vv ill com? back to the prison
for a term 04 ;i addition to
such imprisonment as the "Jury
Halen J. Kimball, ag??d t?an, was run
down l.v an automobile in front of
lier home in this city about 6 o'clock
Mond.iv nij-ht. Th.? driver of the au?
tomobile ?aras J. T. Rockwell, and the
owner Of the Car B. D. Pierce, a
well-known contractor.
While Rockwell was taking the lit?
tle girl to the Emergency Hospital
an automobile owned' by John Weber
and driven by William Claremount
ran into Tierce's automobile, killi*ig
the little girl. A man. whoso name
is unknown at the present time, who
had offered his assistance to help the
? hild to the hospital, now lies at St.
Vincent's Hospital in a dying condi?
tion, suffering from a fracture at the
of the skull.
The car which ran into Pierce's au?
tomobile Is the one which Joseph
Kuonomo used to take Jennie Cav
alieri to Stratford to murder her. It
has not been used much since that
time, and it is stated that Us first run
since then was made this afternoon,
when it took a party to Fairfield, a
short distance from this place.
When the Kimball girl was knocked
down by Pierce's automobile it was
found she Was suffering from several
cuts about the head.
As the car was going at a fast rate
of speed. Claremount said that he
COnld not avoid the accident. Both
drivers made statements to the po?
lice and' were not held. In both cases
witnesses claim that the accident
could not hav?> been avoided.
It is stated at St. Vincent's Hospital
that the injured man cannot live and
that his death is a matter of only a
short time.
The Rest Way.
The keenest punishment that .?oiibl
be inflicted upon Schrank would be
to forget him.?Chicago Tribune.
AMI*' *?Ol I IK I 11 OF
Unit KIM. 1 Olt sir.
OK *1*0 \ MONTH t
We can teach you In
a fsw months, so
i an earn fifi io $25
??ek. If you are In?
terested in this prop?
osition, writ, to ua ami
\v. will show yon how
you can ?io this.
Vlllt.lMt SCHOOL
OF Nl HSl.Vti.
t-*T?-<l??rl<?k??.hiirg, Va.
?**'A?-?*?V nu: iniiJOM? im.tM). a
JK-rlat -
OIAa(OM> l.l*. V NI? FI1.1.M, for ???,
?ear?? ':nu.-?t. i. 1'<-M. :? ?lest, AU?\ s Krl>??! I?
Sill 0 BY DRliC.?lS?S EVIRYlVHrRf
1913 Aimante 1913
== Js Out =
.*?**?- Hnlual Bolldlnf?, Richmond? Va.
f Price. Mall, 7 Cents.
Th-> ne? is no use dta*euaa*n?s it any
ton-gw?. Hill's Altnanac weather calcu
lrat|___ beat the world. Try tbtsn
* *?* *?^ ?a
on-gw*. Hill
* ___L"
Woman's Departnw^i
? Will -?till hold that
??here" were thrift.
I a dcu
that in the
?taies w? .-n worn how
.r?ased without spending.
i- con?
clusions. Wl al would a husband say
today if his wife discovered ti
p house on?
i write to the pa;
to know wh\ rls were not tai
hotisekeep.r .n the good old days
?yet that sag the sum which a fa?
rt woman found insufficient in the
seventeenth century!
We are furtlu-r told, in a book just
published on the seventeenth and
ih century ho that six
i and half a p?>und of butt?-r fig
! in the re? ipes for rice pudding,
that two poumls ol butter and ten ?
were required for a seed cake, and
that tongue? and < hlckens were adde<1
a? mere flliups to a pasty or to g>
further excellence to an already rich
It may be pointed out that seven?
th century chickens were only 18
pence a pair, and that at favorable
seasons of the year agujs could be
bought at four a pen: ?y. how?
ever, was in those days worth five or
?dx times as much as it is now, so
that this plea does not dispose of the
charge of extravagam-e. A better ar?
gument in fav??r of the damaged para?
gon is to recall that in her day little
money was spent on travel or books or
amusements of other sorts, so that
more wag left for the pleasures of the
From another source comes a word
<>f evident-?* as to th?? expensiveness of
our foremot'hers. One of the oldest
authentic documents concerning a
dressmaker's bill Is a letter dispatch?
ed in the fifteenth century by tie first
lady of Mont Saint-Michel when that
storied place was resisting a siege by
the Knglish. The letter was to a rela?
tiv?? praying for what would equal
$150 In our money to pay for a gown
she require?!. Kven a lady of high de?
gree nowaday* expects something
worth taking care of for that sum.
The Onc-Sided Coiffure.
The hair is being dressed low. If
there is a pompadour at all it is
brushed smoothly over pads that are
somewhat higher at one side than the
other. Often the hair is pnrt?>d and
drawn back over the earn with a clus- j
ter of curls escaping from under th?*
bands. Coils of hair arranged in a
two-strnnded plait are seen curled
low at the back, and there are chig?
non < fTects also, while sometimes
may s?>e surviving the older fashion
of draping the hair round the hi
till it resembles nothing so much as
a cocoanut.
Fashion's Fancies.
Waist belts are very decorative and ,
?five a dainty finish to the indoor j
frocks. I
This winter the dressmakers are j
devoting much time to the study of |
n.-irate waist. ;
The Robespierre fashion promises .
to be the rage In both blouses and .
one-pice dr?-s
The new English raincoats for girls
have a porous "sweatband" inside
ss the shoulders.
Many of the new gowns have their
aklrta ?aught at the foot by buttons
ami ornamental straps.
The fad for making one side of the
bodice different from the other is as
much as ever in evidence.
On some of the high tan boots
thers is a little half-inch strap that
teas the top instead of the last
two buttons.
A I'oatume of rich dahlia colorad
velvet is perfect with shrunk borders.
Many of the new bio?
and th.
an O] portui rip aa other
Mole-Kin is "lie of the fasjjji
mir "; his fur tion is t
Toe drop skirt has returned. Satin
of the costume color is used for the
drop. The skirt?? are being made for
with cloth and velvet suits.
Large, round buckles of ivory white
celluloid are much used, and with
these are sometimes worn two-inch
bi'lts made of a network of round
white celluloid beads.
Combs in the hair are again in
fashion and are seen principally in
the transparent tortoise shell tone
and those of warmer tinta in the
deeper shades. Arranged with an ap?
parent carelessness, these combs are
really the "cachet' of the coiffure.
They Kive the character and grace
necessary to the success of the whole
Ilavarian Salad.
Two small onions, 2 heads of let?
tuce pulled to pieces, 1 bolleo' beet
(cold and* sliced), 3 tablespoons salad
oil. 2 of vinegar, yolk of 1 raw SOT,
1 saltspoon of salt and same of made
mustard. Chop the onions exceed?
ingly small and beat Into the whipped
ei?-f? the salt, mustard, the oil, last of
all, the vinegar. Put the lettuce int>
liad bowl, cover with the beet, pour
on the dressing. Pass the salad to
each guest to help themselves.
sparerlbs With Spinach.
Take a half dozen spareribs. If
they have been salted, soak in cold
water for half an hour. Then drain
them and place in a saucepan. Add
two carrots cut into pieeea, an onion
with a couple of cloves stink in it and
a tiny bit cf garlic. Cover the spare
ribs and vegetables With water, season
with a half teaspoonful of salt and a
half teaspoonful of whit?- pepper.
Cover the pan and let it boil for three
quarters of an hour. Then adal six
raw potatoes of uniform size. I^et
hour. Place
'. on a h??t plate.
bs on tiiii?. and
as a bord'-r.
iH-viled Sparcrlbs.
Take six fr.sh spareribs. rub them
with uve ?.II and K-uton with
?alt and pepper. *u_\ broiler
slowly ? Take
off Ih? hem In a half ounce
?II with two
saltspoonful? f groun I I. s tea?
spoonful of white wine .?negar, a tea?
spoonful of A'orcest'-r-hire sauce, a
saltspoonful If saltapoon
fui of cayenn? popper and the yolk of
one egg. Th? n roll in bread or crack?
er crum1 for a couple
of minutes, s-rve on a hot dish.
Sparer! I>s With Cabbage.
Soak th?- 8| reribs in <?>?'.?* water for
half an hour if they are the salted
ones. Select .? nice whit.- ?-uhbage.
take off th?- nutet teaves and
it, removlni; the stalk, place in a
saucepan, cover ??nth hot water, sea?
son with salt and pepper and boll
slowly for thr.??? quarters of an hour.
Then add tl ribs, covering the
pan again and boil a Uttle lonxer.
Put in six peeled potatoes of uniform
size and boil until done.' Arrange the
cabbage on a hot dish with the pota?
toes as a border. Lay the spareribs
on top and serve.
t_0,00O for Suffrage.
?NCOHDIA. KAN.. Dec. 10.?The
National Woman Suffrage Association
has become $30.000 richer by the will
of Mra Lilla S. Buckley, made pub?
Mrs. Buckley, who gave financial
assistance to the recent "votes for
women" campaign In Kansas, died
last month. Her estate is estimated
to be worth $75,000.
Don't neglect yowrsefef when you
have a cougb: nothing Ip more likely
to lead to serious complications
No. 1
Cough Mixture
(?a aran teed
will relieve your cough soon after
taking. For throat and lung trouble
it has no equal.
You can depend on it.
Buy it from jour druggist and in?
sist upon the genuine. See the
trade mark on every bottle. Price
If your druggist hasn't it
211 E Hroad Str?-?*t, Richmond, Va.
Why bay ??heap extract?
for th? ?ama* m?;ney? Sncr':
Ora_??* r.xtract I
ta*_?. Tr*/it a-id y
the differ?*????-. Soi,! at all
grocer's.. ?Cali for ?aiicr'?.
t.1*Miat*d l?5?t
aOlET IN THAfflI?.
W? t?!l yoo JjujiLj
and r.'?r
!_. Li? ???__., il.
0tOtn\*f<n,***,Wmi Fl IRS
a-._ki...? I ...a ^??r ? ? ?^"^
EHasy Bye*?
Are always weak ?yes and should be
treated at Once with Leonard i s ?Golden
I've Lotion. Cooling, healint?-. ??treniTth
enlng. Cures ?atore eyes vrIthout pain in
one ?lay. Be certain to Ret "L?o>*
ardl's."?it makes strong eyes.
Guaranteed or money refunded.
Druft-j?ists sell it at to eta. or forward?
ed prepaid on receipt of price b;
Leonard! & Co.. Tampa. Fla,
Tanner Paint & Oil Co
?H a no facturer? of
High-Grade Paints
Vow Is the lima ta Bay. Price?
Touched Bottent.
Qtnsm toon own une
Th* *Urt bufa?** la.-maf
t<x<_y mu't luve ? (a?vl tva?.
p?k)i_ m h.? haaaaa to connect
?mai hi, sown anal tlVi Outatd*
world Keltoff pa>ooe? ? ve
ti?e. anonev ?kT in trouole and
?cine?, a.vr loaireat. ?I?!);.
?rrvu.-? A i?aigi>?x?T?_??xl icla?.
|?fcon? I.? .? ca.v te bu.M and
oprr^tt Let ua _?I you our
kullcn.iv ?rutea by pra..iH-_
trlrplK.nc ?ara. t?? c tell y*m ?_?,
to build * rural Una- aad oprrate;
five bv-U?f* lor rural compan??
?ad ?-?luaMr laloraaat?sa. VVnta
for the??- free book? today.
iVa? mentaoa thi, paper.
coldspcades Pleasing and Useful
Mail Orders receive prompt
Eye Glass Chains !
Opera Glasses j
Field Classes
Marine Glasses
Hand Readers
Lot s nettes
Opera Bags

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