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ttoo ran vean ih advanoi
Obituaries of 100 ??wd? printed tree
f??r sub*Cribers, 0*t- iw words, fite
cents per Une.
Adrertisment, Job and news copv
repared on treqiiest.
Forms close Wednesday 10 a. tn.
*'If, ? ritte ad of a Rem, or tven a
flower, we could cast the j/ift of a
i j-velv thought into the heart of a
friend, that would be giving as
the angel?) give."?Northumber?
land Ecl.o.
At the close of this, the most
successful year in the history of
The Journal, we desire to thank.
most heartily, our friends and
patrons for their kindly help and
counsel and to wish them a Mer?
ry Christmas and a Happy and
Prosperous New Year Especial?
ly do we desire to thank our cor?
respondents for their gteat assis?
tance in our wrrk.
We are well aware that a news?
paper can only attain real success
through the patronage of the pub?
lic, freely given, and are corres
ppndingly grateful for favors re
, ceived. We believe too, that
earnest, conscientious service will
in time, earn good will and take
it as a happy augury that each
year o? ousiness increases.
We ..ie proud of The Journal
and believe that its general and
local news features taken as a
whole, will comp. *? favorably
with any local pape our ac?
quaintance. For the f- nre we
pledge our best effort;? t. ts im?
provement and our talents, such
?is we possess, to the service of
this people.
The blessedness of giving is
more perfectly demonstrated at
Christmas than at any other lime.
It is a beautiful sentiment that
induces one to remember ones
friends in the glad season and yet
we think it is often carried too
far. That if, instead of giving
friends, we mean of course our
grownup friends, and not the
Ch??dferi7''c o s t ! v present?as
should -?end them simple remem?*
brences ar.d devote the money
we wculd have spent on their
presents to buying necessities of
life for some poor family a gteat
deal more good would be done.
Then indeed it would be "more
blessed to give than to receive "
The writer has noticed with
regret a n apparently growing
tend acv on the part of certain
"rRsys and yo?.ng men to misbe?
have in church especially at night
services. It may be done through
thoughtlessness but whatever
may be its cause it should be
stopped and at once, for the ben?
efit of the offenders as well as
the congregations they disturb.
We would advise that the official
members 0? the various churches
take steps to curb this tendency
to hilarity in places of worship.
Thebs will be no issue tf The
Journal next (Xnr.as) week, but
we trast that our friend*, will send
i? all the news possible early in
the first week in January in or?
der that the first issue of the
year may be a -j?ood one.
? ansa ?
\t tfce general U. D. C. Con
tioa held in Washington D.C.
Ai decided to extend the time
??-si ,?ing crosses of honor
Tompkins Chapter of
A nan down in Arkanf..-.s crawled
i.nto a hollow faff to pr?t out ?of the rain.
T?bs? thunder rolled, the rain poured
dowu to torrent*?, and the lot?? a welled
up until the poor felljer was unable to
t-rwve. F?ce to face with a trwal death
he bt-aran to think upon his sin?. Fi
oallr he recalled that be had not paid
for his weekly newspapar.srhich made
him feel mo atrnall that he cruwltrd ?out
through a kaot ?bole.?Monroe County
(Mo.) Newa.
**I want to thank you from the bot?
tom of my heart,** wrote C. B- Kader
of Lewisburj?, W. Va., '-for the won?
derful double tenefit 1 i*ot from Elec?
tric Bitter-?, in curia-*- me of I**th ?? se?
vere case of stomach trousle and of
rheumatism, from which I had been
rn almost helpless sutt_*rer fcr 10years.
tt suited my casn as thorn;., made ju??
for me." For dyspepsia, ?ndij-estton,
jaundice and to rid the system of kid?
ney poisons that cause reeumatistn
Electric Bitters have no superior. Try
them. Every bottle is guaranteed to
satisfy. Only 5Cc at all druggista.
The U. 3. Lighthouse Department
will establish a beacon light on the
lower end of Parrott's Inland to mark
the entrance to Mill Creek on the Rap
A grand jury ?of R?ssel county has
returned indictmems on seversl counts
against A. P. Crockett, secretary to
Congressman S letup of the Ninth Dis?
trict, on the charge of having illegally
used money in the November election
The receipts of the Eastern Shore of
Virginia Produce Exchange for 1912
were about $4,000.000. After a divi?
dend of 10 per cent, was paid the
stockholders there remained f 26,(.00 in
the treasurer}-.
According to the November crop re?
port of the departmtnt of Agriculture
this year's corn crop will amount to bushels o r 281.921,000
more than ever before. It is estimat?
ed to be worth to the farmers $1,850,
Joseph D. Eggleston of Richmond,
State Superintendent of Public In?
struction, has been chosen chief of the
field service in rural education of the
United St Utes Bursau of Education.
He will bave three assistants. County
schools throughout the country will be
visited and efforts made to adapt the
studies taught as far a possible to the
needs of the community.
If you are troubled with chronic con
stipaiion, the mild and gentle effect of
Chatnberl'n'i Taqlet? make?, them es?
pecially suit?ed to your case. For sale
by all dealers.
On account of a universal protest on
the part of his people and friends both
within and without the church at Oak
jgrpve, Mobjack and Bohannon. the
Rev. George Gowen was induced to re?
call his resignation at the Oak Grove
church and will continue his work with
all three of his churches and try to get
in some much desited lecture work be?
tween Sundays or during the weeks
preceding and following filth or odd
We wit?h to call your attention to the
fact that most infectious diseases such
as whooping cough, diphtheria and
scarlet fever are contracted when the
child has a cold. Chamberlin's Cough
Remedy will quickly cure a cold and
greatly lessen the danger of contract?
ing these diseases. This remedy is
famous for its cures of colds. It con?
tain? no opium or other narcotic and
may be given to a child with implicit
confidence. Sold by all dealers.
Yital Statistics Law To Be Enforced
To The Letter To Get Certificates,
Tht State Board of Health will
shortly issue a final warning to
all persons interested in the vit?!
statistics law, cautioning them
that failure to Ale the certificate
of any death will result in a pro?
Statistics compiled by the offi?
cers of the Board during the last
few weeks show that the public
is supporting very fully the law
for the registration of biiths, but
that, in some parts of the State
deaths are not being reporting
With equal care.
A Dts Moines man had art attack of
muscular rheumatism In his shoulder,
A friend advised him to go to Hot
Springs. That ?meant an expense of
$150 or more. He sought for a quick?
er and cheaper way to cure it and
found it in Chamberlin's kin a ment.
Three days after the first application
of this linament lie was well. For sale
by a H dealers.
When a shameful p?ot existe between
liver and bowels to oause distress bv
refusing to act, take Pr, King's New
Life Pills-, .?nd end such abuse of your
sy st?rm. "They g?PTlt|y oompe. right ac?
tion ?of stomach, liver and bowels, and
restore your pealth and all good feel?
ing?. 25c at ?U druggists,
?After suffering: tor a lone time j
with tuberculosis, Mr.Otis Hogge
l?i-d at his home at Gloucester
Point, Va., on Tuesday of last
lie is survived by m mother,
five sitters and one brother.
The chief executioner of ?ie-tth in the
winter and spring- month, is phewmo
nia. It* advance agents are colds and
grip. In any attack by one of these
maladies n*> time shoulJ be lost in tak?
ing the beat medicine ??blamable to
dr've it off. ?Countless thousands hare
found tqis to be Dr. Kind's New Dis?
co-ery. '"My husband believes that it
has kaut him from having pneu-nonia
three or four times." writes Mrs. Geo?
rge W. Place. Rawaonville, Vt., and
for coughs, oolds and croup we have
never found its equal.*' Guaranteed
for all bronchial affections. ?Pr?ce 50c
and $1. Trial bottle fr?*e at all drug
? ? W a i
invitations have been received
announcing the marriage of Miss
Julia Stephens Kellcv. daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Henry
Kelley. to Mr. Alexander Bruce
Belfield on Monday, December
23. at the home of th*-* bride's
parents. 3112 ?. Marshall Street.
Richmond. Va.
Mis*. Kelly has often visited rel?
atives in the county and has a
number of ftie.ids here.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Buchan
non Thornton of Gloucester,have
issued invitations to the marriage
of their daughter. Alice Garnett
Thornton, to William Rodney
Haves, son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Haves, of Gloucester.
The ceremony, which f5\\w> be
followed by a reception at.* the
at the bride's home, will be'?sol?
emnized Wednesday. December
2$. at 7 o'clock at the Union Bap?
tist church. Both of the con?
tracting parties' lie well known
here and a number of relatives
will attend the wedding from "this
city.- Daily Press.
look with horror on shin eruptions,
blotches, sores and pimples. They
don't have them. For all such trouble
use Bucklen's Arnica Stive. It glori?
fie? the face. Excellent for eczema or
salt rheum, it cures sore lips, chap?
ped hand??, chitlblains; heals burns,
cuts and bruises. Unsurpassed for
piles. 25c at all druggists.
Miss Katbrine Treakle is home
for the Winter.
Mrs. Pen Treakle leit to-day
for a visit to N. C.
Entertainment tomorrow. Fri?
day, night at Cow Neck school
The first railroad train ever
seen here is now on exhibition in
E. Baker & Co '_ show window.
There will be an entertainment
given at Cobbs Creek school on
the night of Friday. Jan. 3, bene?
fit school.
The Rev. George Gowen will
preach at \Vi?tv.'ii.', (Mathens
C. H.), next Sunday morning
and night.
Mr. J. l>. White of Bohannon,
whose condition is very critical,
was brought home from the hos?
pital in Baltimore last week.
A barrel filled with good things
of all descriptions was sent to
the Home of Needy Confederate
Women in Richmond by the la?
dies of the Sallie A ompkins Chap-,
ter, U? D. C. last week.
Rev, N. B. Foushee preached
his first sermon to a large audi?
ence at Central or Sunday night.
It was a very practical and use.
f u 1 exposition. Special music
was rendered by Mis. Greiner.
Miss Miles and Messrs. James
and Vaden.
Amond the recent contributors
to the high school fund are Mess?
rs. G. S. Marchant. L. M. Call is,
J. M. Pugh. W. H. C Mu}y?y.
J. J. Burke and Mrs. D. RjkS
ardson. This contribution mages
Sso each for the firfi four gentle?
men. Let others come and do
The ladies of the U. D. Chave
decided In build an enclosure
around the Confederate Vmonri?
ment erected last summer. \t
will probably be of granit?e ari\d
the date of the erection
monument carved on some
of it. The contract has not beeif
given but it is thought that _Law_|
ton & Newton will do ?u_d__rk?i
nine rtird
9* ?--I
m?** part?
The first will be at Oak Grove o?
Christmas night, Wednesday. Dec. 25.
The second at Holly Grove .Friday
night. D-trc. 27.
The third at Westville, Mathews C.
H., New Year's night.
News was received here on Sat?
urday of the death of Mrs. Dora
Armistead, wid**w of the late An?
drew D. Ar mislead, and once a
well know.) resi Jent of this coun?
ty. At the home which she has
occupied in Rockingham, N. C,
for many years. Mrs. Armistead
received the call inte the '"great
beyond." The funeral and burial
service^ wt.-ff* also held in that
Mrs. Armistead has manv friends
here because of her genial. Chris?
tian life in their midst and they
learn with regret of her demise.
She is survived by two sons. John
an<oVEdwin Armistead, and five
daughter*;, Mrs. Geo. S. Stetle,
Mrs. Arthur S. Douclas and Miss
Mary Tt>d<i Armistead. Rocking?
ham, N. C, Mrs. Tosephine Bai?
ley, Boston, and Mrs. M. S. Fos?
ter. Mathews. Va.
Appointments For Mathews Circuit.
4th ? n A. M.St.Matthew.
3 P. M. Bethel
5th M in Dec. u A.M. Central.
3 P. M. Ashhury.
At Salem Xmas Dav n A. M.
N. B. FoL'&hee, Pastor.
When you have a billious attack
give Chamberlin's'Tablets a triall
Tqey are excellent. For sale by al
In loving memory of our beloved fath?
er. R. W. Crockett, who was called
home to God on November 7. 1912.
His funeral was preached at Provi?
dence church near his home in York
?county by Brother Turner, assisted by
Revs. Crook and Wriusforth, and the
many beautiful floral offerings which
covered the casket, evidences of the es?
teem and love of the community,afford?
ed pleasure evan to our berieved hearts.
His remains were laid to rest in the
cemetery at Providence, there to await
a glorious resurrection.
An aged widow and eight children,
five rout and three daughters, survive
He was a kind and im'ulgent par?
ent, a devoted husband, a man of blam
less life and a Christian gentleman
?hoit example was a blessing to his
family and the community. His last
words were "I v. ant to go to my aw cet
resting pi ?ce. "* We feel his loss most
keenly but look forward to a glorious
reunion in Heaven, where he awaits
our -*oming.
I am running a saw mill near
Hudgins, Va., and am prepared
to furnish any kind of lumber to
the local trade. Will also cut and
deliver to any reasonable distance
slab wood cut in four foot lengths.
I. B. Benneit.
ii-2i-t' Mathews, Va.
Anyone who are buildinp and
would like to have some heart
lumber for window and door sills
and for window and door facings
and corner boards, I will be glad
to furnish, them.
J. B. Bennett,
Mathews. Va.
I have established a grist mill
at Catch Penny, near Blakes. and
will, on Tuesday of each week,
grind corn for any one so desir?
ing. Meal -?always or. hand at the
prevailing prices.
Dr. J. W. D. HAYNES.
July i8-*-6m".
Having just completed a grist
mill on main road near Provi?
dence church. 1 am now prepar?
ed to serve you in grinding good
corn meal. ho...iny and Graham
Hour. Your patronag?: appreciat?
Joseph F. Foster,
Hicks Whartr Va.
Oct. _i-3m.
?i - ??!.
Don't forget that we do
all kinds af Job Printing.
___aaaa_M?B***--_.*-.r>_.?i . -????-g
Mr ^ohn Cray and Mrs. Mollie
Morris were married at the heme
of the bride's parents, Mr. and
Mrs C. G. Bassett. near Blakes
on December 12th. Rev. N. B.
Foushee performed the ceremoiiv.
Both the contt acting partes are
residents of Blakes, where thev
will reside.
Mr. James Vandoni Shipiev. a
popular young man of Cobbs
Creek, and Miss Carrie Lillian
Fitchett, the attractive daughter
of Mr. and Mrs.William Fitchett.
well known resident* of ?! ?an???*
vicinity, were married at Lo
Grove church on yester-ia*. \ \\ eo
nesday) morning at 10:30. Rev.
T. W. Odgen perionned the cer?
The groom i? the son of Mr.
and Mrs. V. V. Shipley of upper
The happy couple are now on
their bridal tour which will take
in Baltimore. Washington and
other cities, and upon their re?
turn will reside at Cobbs Creek.
They have the best wishes of
many fi tends.
I wish to inform the public
that I am now prepared to do
meal grinding and corn crushing
on Saturday of every week,
G. S. Greiner.
Mathews, Va.
Commissi(?crs Sale Of Valuable
Real Estate.
By virtue of a decree of the Circuit
Court cf Mathews ?county, entered ?on
the 20th day ?of Novemb? r, 1912. in the
chancery cause ot Mary Marchant
Caoroil, assignee vs C. F. Respass.the
untier*?gned special commissioner, ~ho
was appointed for the purpose, will
offer for sale at public auction, at
Mathews C. H. on Monday, January
20. 1913 at 12 o'clock M., the following
property, to-wit:
A certain tract of land located in
Crab Neck. Mathews county in the
Piankitank Magisterial District and
containing eighteen acres .being a por?
tion of the estate of the late Noah Pos?
ter. There is located upon this a neat
dwelling and other buildings. It is
convenient to schools and churches and
is a very desirable home. It was for?
merly the home place of C. F. Respass
and is now occupied by rco.nie Tabor.
Terms: *-_ cash the balance to be paid
in 6 and 12 months from date of sale.
Bonds to be given for deferred pay?
ments bearing interest from date.Title
retained until pur?chase price is fully
John R. Saunders, Sp'l. Comr.
Sale Of Personal Property.
As executor of the estate of the late
James D. Grimstead. default having
been made in the payment of rent due
the said estate bv the R. H. Pollock
Packinr Company. I will offer for
sale and sell at public auction at Green
Point Wharf, Mathews County. Vir?
ginia, on Thursday, January 2, 1913.
at 11 A. M.. all the propertv of the
said R. H. Pollock Company now sit?
uated upon the land of the James I).
Grimstead estate near Green Point,
Mathews county, Virginia, consisting
of (a tomato factory, machinery and
other buildings and improvments now
situated thereon to satisfy the rental
due the said estate. Terms: cash.
C. M. HUDGINS. Executor.
J. Edwin Treakle
Wholesale and Commission Dealer
of all kinds of stock from all parts of
the world. Highest prices. Prompt
returns. References: Any shipper or
wholesale dealer in the business and
Market and Fulton Nation**.! Bank,
New York, or Peoples Trust ?Company
stand 20, fulton fish market
New York.
Will practice in Mathews, and
adjorining Counties. Phone
Smiths office Glouceser,
1 ', " ? ??_.'.? ?'
Mathews C. H. Va.
Notary Public and J. P.
Would go to any part of the
countv or elsewhere, to attend
to any business in bis Une. ok
Are You acquainted wilb the results o? a
?'?Want Ad" in This-Papci?
Christmas Goods
~r~ m ~
717Tje are adding to our stock for Christmas
***?* ?just opened?a bi? stock of Caipets,
Mattings, Floor Oil Cloth, Dru^ets and Stair
Carpets. A BIG LINE.
We have also opened this week a lot of La
die's and Children s Coats. * *? *
Main Street, - - Mathews, Va.
Rough and W^^l?k?^ Planing Mill,
Dressed l^li^H^V>73 Builders Sup
? ? ?
brackets and
Laths, etc. ^V^?^g^ turned work.
? * ?
Portsmouth Retail Lumber Corporation,
Portsmouth? Virginia.
Just received the latest editions
of all the Popular Magazines for
Jor Commercial
s ?evc-e
ione Globe
oo> nvenm
Marine Engines
Sixteen different met
to meet requirtrtnents in almost
any type of bo?t. Improved
designs that combine power,
efficiency and reliability to the
greatest degree. Interchange?
able parts. Guaranteed in con?
struction and ability to exceed
t?>eir rated horse power.
The 3kigh?eat quality aft
inoaerate pricea
Th*''Glt.be* * and ' 'EddyrtoneClobe*'
I mj roved Marins Engin c* s re built by
Pennsylvania Iron Work? Ce.
Local Dealers:
New Point. Va.
boat Fittings
Side lights. Bow lights, Life
Preservers. Fog bells. Fog
horns Whistle-;, lower price
than elsewhere
??-?.ope. Galvanizad Anchor
and Grapnels, Potent Block*
and tackle. Galvanized block?
Screw ?"??ickles, VV heets.scre*?
eves, etc. Brass hinges ami
hasps.Galvanized mas : hooj.s
Lag seews. galvanized ant
bronze. Ship Chandlery t
specia, tv.
Williams Wharf, Virginia.
Fat and Delicious Cove Oysters
25c. the deseo on the half shell
Steamed oysters. Barrel stock a
specialty; shipped to all points.
E. W. BROWNE, Sarcadk ??uii.o
1NG. Norfolk, Virginia.
V? 11 will flnd that dnifftftats every?
where speak *~ell of Ch.:*_?t;
Co???rb Rciffcrfy. Tht?r know trom ?on?
experience m the sale of it that incas?
es ot ?-ttiahs^asKTcoltls It can a?way?
b~ dependedliiifon, and that it la sai?
and p.e-tsar^to take For sale by all
Cholera Hosts
ojeory *fssr is -ft-a-alu-y and hos
Laut yomr \houm*odo o?
hut 2*rta^Ut*7k**l
<-???ar. ?O??? it ?a Samo
uaw?uMu*? oHh tuu?
H ?-ariaa i Sa? ??-a-rtf?
toa? **?5bMfl-,,dto
W aaaua gat ?-tto tfca
?a-j-a. taa loa? ?ar ?alal,
ta ?r epoat Ka* ?ta ara
a? ami It ia ali a**a**l
t'M?a'a?Waadarata?j?taad Jaj?-?faaa ta> IN?
> ??-???. <"?"*. M ??at?la??a-?w-ata?<S a at-? Ky our
mtmtjYuummuujnt hgo tu k-*-aw uod
Sfrfttaa a* V? i
? >?*tfa?to?*a'?t*aja-?????' aaaarajniannta.
TMK WYAa. Mtai MIsWWttM ??>*>. (t-aas-0
??Ua?ti^at4UU. ?..A.
MMMMMMMMM ?--??r ??*? *??? MMMMSaMBaaTaTi
L. M. Callis, Mathews C. H,, va.
N.A. Hudgins A- Co,t Blakes, va
T. D. Hudgins, Poit Hay wood. va.
George C. Diggs, Port Havwc-od, va.
Com? At Once To
William j. Miller's*
Jewelry Store
We has soi .?*thi>
not one thii
and oo?B?a!
holiday dem?
Summer 1 haj
gether the fii
fered iu the
season y ow
'vperate? sw-j]
**ay. *$
KV of any !
get it. Oui
variety the
price, we at
?t V?H?
other store

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