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\* ? HI' FIRK
NI -?pecial?On the high?
est ? *ev
lund, a I
Ninth Avenue "L" train
intoa stalled ?south
ind Co
?r was avert- ?
prompt work of
and police reserves
.is soon as the crash was
he passengers on
n ???rambled fr??m the wreck and
rt station
The injured were cared for by phy?
sician?- hurriedly called to the scene.
II \KY \K1> AND YA1.1 I
IIIOAGO, Special? Fowler Mc
r-old son of
k, and grandson
of j i 1er, is going to
be a baseball pitcher. Some day he
will rank, among the wealthiest men
of a but now, and in aecord
th his father's wishes, he Is
the art of throwing 'Teelers"
under the direction of Mordecal
wn. long the mainstay of the
Harold '.s a graduate of
Princeton University. Ft intends
that Fowler shall attend Princeton,
earn a place on the varsity nine and
itsmen of Yale and Har?
Young McCormick will be the
'willing pupil of "Prof." Brown twice
each w*?ek throughout the winter.
When t*?.e spring comes he will try
for a place on the pitching staff of
the Francia W. Parker School, which
he attends. .
coal otcrat?rs
busy in brisk l
BRISTOL. ?An Special.?The
c?oal operator*? of Southwest Vir?
ginia are reaping a rieb harvest
as a result of tl??3 heavy advance*?
in the price <?f coal, tine to the
Pennsylvania strike ami in? rvas*'d
intlustrial attlvlty throughout the
South. Charles W. Bonrturant, a
prominent ??perntor ?>f Lice coun?
ty, was here this week and stated
that bus <-itt*r than at
any time sin? c 1906, anil probably
bolter than during that year. The
tit-maud for ? <?al is more tlian
the large UtSnen ??f Southwest
Virginia ?an supply. The Vir?
ginia Iron, Coal ami Coke Com?
pany atone Is uu_l_g out about
? l.'?0 < ars of conl per day. In atidl
lloti to a large amount of t?>Wc.
Mut h of the ?oal goes lo Boston
to apply on the contrit? t with the
Boston and Maine Railroad.
I ?aniel li. Went-, head of the
Si?ni??ga Ca?al anil Cow?- Company,
vvliit-h i-? the largest ? ?ml opcrnt
lii- a am? ?rii in the South, wus
here this week, ami went to Wise
county to look after his company's
??lieraiions. It is turning out ?!.??
ooo.? o<? ions of toal annually and
will pnolit largely by (be increased
prices tif fuel.
T_e Clhithiickl C*?*?l Corpora -
tltin, a H.va it < ??iieern, win? h own
-OO.OOO at ees in Russell and Dlek
fiisam t ?>unii??.s. Is ??|>< rating ?in a
larger s? ale than ever. This coal
nearly all Rots t.t til- Carolinas
and t'eorgla.
Tlie Southwest Virginia coal
?>I?i-rators urn? m??r??- fortunate at
pii-M'ui than the operators In any
other -M'ctlttii t?l Un* ?ountry.
Tliey hate plenty of tars, while
there is a s??ri??us ? ar shortage at
the 4iaiiH?s la \\ar-st Virginia, Ala?
bama and IV?ans?,i\xuiia.
A ?sir of Samthwest Virginia
otial was av*?*t-*ently ex port ml lo
l'iuis t<? stand a Ust in eoinpeti
ti-un with \\t-J?li tonl. which is the
bes] mined in Ftirop?? and the
lnia ?coal laten out easily. Ex?
ports of Virginia rjOal are expeel
etl lo betonu? heavy. It is es.i
matetl tliat the coal lands of the
l Inn h?? U ??omytaiiy alone will
yield 1,0m) tar loads of coal a
day fur one thousand years.
mV\m?SmX3TOBl. D. C, Special.
t Taft Wednesday told the!
Ie*rates to the National Hivers
Harbors C.\?ngre*_s that he. per
illy, was opposed to any scheme
??ff liuproi ement for the Miwiaeippi |
Hi it v.hich did not contemplate, ?a
a primary objea't, the prevention of
Tha Pr??.sident made the opening
address at the congress. He favored
the expenditure by the United State?
?eiit and the States in Um
MlaBlatitnpi Valley of between M*"*.
000?U.O0 and $.BO,000,'*00 for the Mis?
sissippi improv ements. Re declar?ed
further that his endorsement of ?m
oi*ove_aeii.t would be forthcoming only ]
if the work were placed in the-hands j
of arm? .engineer?. So far as other j
?waterway .projects were concerned. '
the Pri^sa&eirt said, his approval would
In- FacMiig m atoas their backers could
show as good a case and as dire *?
oould the Mississippi Val
Many of the delegates were startled
h. So far as
it was ?he flrat time he
Triad recommend??" appropriations for
improvements contingent
. vention.
R?nedell. of Louis
lni a. president of the congress. In
h's annual ?ddr??s?, charged that rail
'- m one policed river-terminals and
destroyed the ?.:?*?? of them after lm
uta had been made. He i
oionel Geothais, In
-> Water u
?ved. three times boat
'bllsbed as a result ?f the
-T???nt, while the wa4erv
?creased by leaps and
bought by railroads
toa, made
the d?clar?t;? op?, that
vd Sta^h*a? shu-jld own the coal
mines oT the country lie did not
?gre? er, wtth Senator Town
hl-r-sn. who had preceded
mlj-ht be well for the
to take posses
; on rivers lmprove-d
o keep rall
s from preventinK water competi?
"I think the local authorities should
some say." he explained.
HKn'KNs maim, r.v mu.ic
ROANOK-E, VA., special. ? Addi?
tional taxable property to the amount
of ?G0.C00 has been added to city
and State tax lists since the grand
Jury, which now Is probing tax re-.!
turns, be-s-in its investigation several
weeks ago.
The grand Jury was in session Mon
day, Tuesday and Wednesday. i*.ve*?- '
tigating tax returns, and particularly |
went into the matter of automobiles,
merchants' licenses and incomes.
State Auditor Moore has furnished
the grand Jury with a list of all
automobile licenses paid to the Sec
iry of the Commonwealth, and
c licenses have been checked up
with the automobiles listed for taxa?
tion as personal property.
A number of people holding auto?
mobile licenses have, made no report
of their machines for taxation, and
the grand Jury will send out a let?
ter today giving an opportunity to the
people to make a correction of their
?reporta Until December 14th.
Persons having overlooked listing
their autos should call on the com?
missioners of revenue and attend to
it. The- grand jury is also Investi?
gating incomes and merchants' license
reports, and those who make correct- I
reports by December 14th will save j
Since the investigation began the
sum of $60.000 of additional property
and Incom-Mj have been turned In for
The grand Jury will again be in
session at the Corporation Court room
Monday night, December 9th. at
8 o'clock, and any person desiring to
turn In corrected assessments can do
so at thr.t time or by seeing the com?
missioner of revenue.
The following letter will be sent out
today to automobile owners who have
their autos for taxation:
Uoanoke. Va., Doc. 5, 1912.
Dear Sir,?The special srand J
empaneled for the purpose of inves
unit the tax returns, acting under
ructions i Auditor
ihllc Accounts, at Richmond, have
making some Investigation* and
lind that you have a State license for
an automobile, as shown by the infor
?>n furnished by the State Au?
ditor and w? ?Jo not fin?! that
? listed the automobil?? for taxa?
tion aal property.
Will you kindly advise the commis?
sioners of the revenue \vheth?T you
owned an automobil?, ?.n February 1.
I?12, and if you have overlooked turn?
ing it in kindly make a corrected re?
port not later than December 14th.
The grand Jury t?v\s that some of
these machines were pimply over?
looked and do not desire to put peo
to any hardships that can be
avoided1 .
ry respectfully.
I. H. Davis, foreman: J. !:
S. II Coleman, II. 1\ (.reenwood.
W. W. Anderson, A. J. Camp, T. O.
Rhode? ?". M. Sp.
It is probable that the prrand Jury
will continue investigations until
called up?>n t?^ report.
I \K\ ALMOST ?10.O0U
CANrBiRlliDGE, Special ? Harvarl
men are good waiters This is demon?
strated In the publication of the re?
port of the Harvard employment bu
reau, which states that the position,
of waiter la the most "popular among
the university men who work their
throiiKh <*olleg<*, and that nearly
$10,000 \s;,s earned in this way dur?
ing the past year.
In all. 559 men secured work
through the bureau during term time,
. ing. through their labors, $56,
773.01. in addition to $23.769.GC.
earned during the summer months.
The student*- outside of the bureau
employment reported to the authorl
ttes earnings of $27.169.2?. The grand
total of th.se earnings is $107.711.??,
a small falling off from the previous
Tutoring brought the beat individ?
ual returns to the sixteen men en?
gaged in it. while 10$ students did
the table work.
AND TAKE $2,000
SPR1NT?FTEM?. ILIA, Special.?
Three masked robbers blew the safe of
the Ferry State Rank at Perry. Ilia..
early today and escaped with $2.000 *n
(?ash, after shooting four tlm?es at
< 'harles Conrad, who attempted to stop
Bloodhoiinds from this ?rtty have]
: seiit t<? th;? scene. The TY>l?*bers
rode south from Perry.
rnrTTSBTJRO. PA-, Social .--~T*h able
to enter a burning barn, three fran?
tic mothers were forced to remain
outside, listen to the screams of their
dying children, and watch the flames
which slowly consumed their tiny
: bodies.
The dead are Mar-, Randa, eight-.
I.iazie Sophan, five, and John Chas
!? y. four.
v M> \\l> ICI \ -
CM I <_ II -l \i. A ?GO
AttiRor* ?> M . \lt NORFOLK
XGKFOUL, VA., Special.?Another
?>f fog seriously int. with
shtp? ?ng the Virginia coast to?
day, and several narrow escapes from
;?r Oticiidagu. which ma?
rin? lardian angel of
."while "An
: he NOT
V? ashing ton steamer South
i. which went ashore below Sewells
it, got stuck in the mud below Bitch
Bluff and remained there for three
"Th? Southland, with a num'
ird hound to Norfolk
re at 10
o'clock ( :.in*- and did not get
off until late this afternoon.
Taken Off In Tags.
l?ler pn-sergers were translerred to
?1 brought to Norfolk. The
i o cet into
uht-ut as and continued
to sea. An unknown steamer and
?oner are reported to have -cr.
rapton Rost?s the
indst Friday.
isiertj from Washington, New
York and Baltimore hi rived in the city
frena ihr? n lioiirs late.
The fog was ?so thick up Chesapeake
?enta scheduled to
tak?* when the bat?
tleship Arka l monitor Talln
ha*--- '" ? p?n ti:-e on th?? old ram
attain, were -.ostpon.'d. The tar
cou?d not be seen from the ?pot
where the Tallahassee atid .Arkansas
were at anchor.
Abandon Tarnet I*raetlee.
A half dozen '.?at ties hip? assembled
on the southern ?Itil! ??-rounds were
forced to abandon all attempts at tar?
get practice and anchor. The ships
??) yards apart, but one
could not he seen from the otb??r.
The battleship Rhode Island started
down the coast to cearcb for torpcJoefi
lost dutinif practice, hut the foK
came so dense *he dropped anchor off ?
X-ookout Point.
s? earner Afcrono?! All Msbt.
Baltimore. Specal.?Tho Merchants
snd Miners liner ?'reton went, aground
Wednesday even i tut <>n the edge of
Cut-off Channel, tive miles below the
mouth of the Pa'apsco Klver. and re?
mained in that position until yesterday
morning, when si rself and
i on li?*i way undamaged.
The ("reton sailed from here at 6:30
ivannah and
Jacksonville. --?.?rn an?! mer?
chandise, and is supposed to have lost
her hearinRs in th? heavy fog which
hung the upper end of the bs
Wins Rhodes Scholarship.
?TT?AlRTiOTTE*SVIT-T-E, V.\.. Special
Terry Colley Durham, formerly of Ap
poinattox. Va., but now of (.rcenvillc,
S. C.. has been awarded the Rhodes
scholarship from Virginia. In the ab
sen? e from the I'-iivers-ity of President
arman, chairman of the award
1 >r. J. If. Pape acted in his
id. The other members of the com
mitt :it were President Robert
rtandolph-Macon Coi?
I Dr. P. V. N Painter, of Ron
Durham passed tri^ -?ualifying ex?
amination for the scho?, --hip held at
the university tv. igo. li<
then ? student at Richmond
Mow b<* is a member ?if the facule
the Greenville <s c. ? Pe?nale Normal
The on!> other candidates who ap?
peared before the committee were iiar
??1?1 Hopkins the V'.'i\ ersity of
Virginia, and Venabl? f Hamp
both of whom
SS-* the examination held here In
irly fall.
To Dm h ?Crowd*] Seyel Method to be
Iscd bj Parsons to Illustrate "Mus?
cular Christianity.**
XTt?VV YORK, Special.?".MuiKula:
Christianity' is having it hard the
it down In Hemps tead, 1- I., bet*
the efforts of tin* Rev. Charles 11.
rectoi* of St. Cb ICpls?
.: Church, to use it a? an sttraction
? , and i ?A r.
: of the liera patead
Ihurcli. to show It
. t the "iin?lerw orld"
i Can anyone Imaa-ine the vast "un
derworld" of Hempstead?)
it was annouticed lust week it* on.
the local paper? that St. ?. .<-or>*;?*?'s Club,
su organization to winch August Bel
: iiuiny other piominutit reai
: -. of the section belou?, would give
a? <?iiu-rtainment on lV?x'mb#r 6th.
??.hieb would consist partially of ?r#st
?iii? and B-OXiSa***.
\*i rentier au<* Hoxer i-.wjcaaral.
O sorg? iiothner. ttx uai-man .
of New York, was to be toe star
- in the wrestling lin<- il?* w.is t.
eral local strong hoym. \
?William Itrown, of Ma.tiha.iuui, >***ai
! .?un Hi? gloves with or four
utiirdv \.?ui?x lle-apst-a-a-aise-a?tor
-points only."
And siiK-i' the women mexnberK of the
club were to be present all th** ath
? would be properly atiir?**?** in dark
hued g> nan as i hob cottoae?. It Jooke.l
like a i -active affair, an?! th.
?< ms of 11, -in patead, particularly
the ladie?s. were prompt in purchasing
The advance wale was
lint as ?SOOS as the itena -appeared in
the local paper th<- Res*. Mr. Burgwln
?got bus**. Hf protested several years
ri-st little Children ?ifuring In
tue [*fl*-ae*e*s annual parade. He
about naovinii "piel
? on Sunday.
?-. bis pen in hand and p-ro-u -
that? ever a?-al-".*-t
, degrad i as spectacle" of athlt-?tea oom
Show W1U lie Held; That'a l-**-a<al
The R?
?t* t! We?f-*'v
: noon th? latter replied. H.
?rents perfe?
??, that they would be kept in
.r Mmit??snd thai they would -b?
i held.
TH?* board of ffovernors of
t further, Tbejr took of-!
e at one tine of Mr. Burgwln
underworld of Hcmpstead I
will be present." They replied that'
slmi held before.
and that the "uitderworld" had not ap
nor would it ?*%. tdrnitted If it
did appear.
? id y?*?eterda.y: "If w?
- Kr<*atest man In
'? That sort of thing Is
wouldn't enter
.urig womm
ey w oultF certain
Id** couldn t be seen
to town on
\ Pl?? l??il \ RABBIT
V YORK, Special?Georg?
of ! S former s
and IntHan fighter, who is looked upon
all o'-er Stuten Island as a survivor ?>f
the days of Custer and Kit Caraon,
took his friend. Stephen J. Worth, of
Traversville, out rabbit hunting.
Presently, scouting across the farm
of Andrew Havrllla. the keen eye of
the old plainsman spied a ' rabbit
dodging under a -ce.
ivs hfm to m. said Carr.
><Jy that know? how to
nil the varmint."
went the trusty rlMe of the
old scout.
? -. Wef-e? "' said something in
the bushes.
Then out of the bushes burst Hav?
rllla. P??>hind him he was dragging by
one le?- 11 palpitating corpse of
as fine a Berkshire shoat as ever was
raised :. Island.
There was no time for retreat. Carr
stood manfully forth, proclaiming his
Identity. "Indinn fighter, be you?
you'll come across with $10 for
the shoat or you'll have a chance to
tell your exploits to the nearest police?
man." And the hardy plainsman
meekly "came acr
DlI.l'TH. MINN., Dec. 6.?Terrific
winds, the highest in many years, and
Winding snow Friday put thefifty soul?
on the wrecked steamer Easton in
peril of death.
All efforts to take off the passen?
gers and crew were abandoned dur?
ing the night as the wind increased In
The steamer is on the rocks oft
Irot-uoia Reef, thirty miles west of
Port Arthur, exposed to the full sweep
of the gale. Before the ship was cut
off from siirht by the snow a wireless
report came that the vessel was hold?
ing together, but thr* her stern was
tilt???! out of the water.
The wireless operator reported that
a number of sailor.?, trying to man
the lifeboats, had been swept over?
board. This waa denied at the office
of the Ro?ith Eine by Local Manager
Eouis T. Hogstad.
-??IIXGTON. D. ?T., Stpecial.?The
;liern Railway Company-announces
that work is now In progrees on th.
-trua-tion ew combination
ht and paassenKci n? other
Improvements, Including the erection
<>t a neu ?call?n capacity water
trink ;it Chatham, Va. The new build
inK will have i otiiinodioii:-? white ami
:<> waltlna rooms, with ticket
.?ni. a-, i room, freight offtee
and freight room, tin- entire build?
ing to be 30 feet l.y 1 ?; 1 feel a.ver
ail. Contract i??r the work baa
awarded to the Elliot Building
pany, of Hickory, N. i'.
live-Room Hat <L"ood Fn<?ii_h.
1'ITTSBURG, PJL, Spet?al. -Mrs.
William C. Carnegie ssya a live-room
flat is large enough? and une enough.
and expensive enough, for any one.
Particularly, she says. it quite
meets t! remonta ??f the Wil?
liam C. Carnegie iioiiSehold, e\ en
though her husband, nephew of An?
drew ial son of one of the
richest woman in America, t?> whom
rried last weak, could
ford a mu? h handsomer home if so
The former wairkiiiK girl, who
A. I'ell, her husband, and
mother are settled In ? flat la Palo
Alto Street. .North Sid.-, anal all
that even I'ncle Andrew's Fifth .'
nue residence could not be more com?
fortable than theirs.
First Big Money Hill Cut.
\VASH1XOTO?NT. Special. ? The first;
big supply bill at the present session '
of Congress, the legislative, executive
and judicial appropriation, was re?
ported to the House. The measure
carries. J34.897.105.50, a decrease of
$-19,02 7.88 from the corresponding
bill in the previous session. The esti?
mates of the Secretary of the Treasury,
$36,514,955.50, were cut more than
The ?..ui'ir*:erce Court asked for
$54.500 for the coming fiscal year, but
the committee would not allow the
PRINVES AN\\"-E. MD.. Special.?
Wesley M?l?-s, a Princess Anne negro,
paid the penalty for the crime of as?
sault on the gallows at the poorhouse
farm, at 7:05 o'clocK this morning.
Miles kept his nerve and walked to
the steps bravely. He was accom?
panied by Rev. John Nettor, coloreti
who sang with the doomed man as
they walketl up the scaffold.
it was for the assault, on May 28th
last, on fifteen-year-old Margaret
Phillips, daughter of former Sheriff
William C. Phillips, of Somerset
county, that the negro was convicted.
?iiot-tM- >liirlne HisiiHlpr.
Ch of marrying the
? t da- Monnal ?yerts ?lashed to pic
-;it? ' ? >n what rocks, Chollie?"
n th?' rocks her father
?sunk In Wall i*tie??t."?Judge.
rising Keneration should get up
inn aiock gats bu
\l.l I N t \-l S \M>
??y sectlo:
the State, and 1 I
on pi is a gue.?'
Jud*-- 1 W. Williams, the A'.
ney General.
"On every side the case is the subject
of co there b<-in--: many who
inmute ti ees and ?
ers wh<>
?he work
are alleged to h*sc been influenced In
the '
had l>een made, b
irregular had I
?rand ?tripleted its v
nn 1 b<
how ever.
Mr. Kilgore. "Jti< n has a spe
Krand jury at this time
in?; into the .1 ist what
been disco?, er now . but
fine work in trying to prohibit irregu
tar ,?r.
ne mar
loins bis dut
m or where 1
R I C H M O N D. V A.. Specie
To brin*-- the problem of rural
credits to an issue. Governor Mann
offered before the Conference of Gov?
ernors Friday mornin-g directintg the
appointment of a oonimttee to ?vig- j
gest relief from present comrltlons.
The resolution, which was finally ?
ted, created considerable discus- !
and was .opposed by sev?
ernors, led by Governor I-tlease. of
th Carolina, on the {-rounds that.
i at this time would be
m uch as the Governors
would Saturday confer with Presar
Xaft^n Washington upon th
?WojccTT Governor Blease and others
feW???' that th>e committee might take
?Sf ontram* to the views agreed
I the Washington cot?
?Icbovern, of W
ed with botl Governor Mum
Governor KleastM but when
taken 9_*_-o] L the res I
in {994\%9?S fiema v. ?".
ot*ft?i* no.
? The resolution, except
amendments broadening its scope,
as follows:
Resolved, That a committee of tee??
members of this conference be aptv-^t- I
ed by the conference to prepare \%Wrt\l
to be submitted after its appro^V
two-thirds of the Rovornnrs to th-M*?*"
islaturea of the several S: I
governors thereof to pro\
'?llshment of rural credfl
with provisions sufflclenti*
meet the conditions of every
and to m?*.*t the needs of all r
th?? United SI
i'ido-Jor the
ly eliBitii
- ors As I ?*<?<?
i?. cow's milk than do most ot
meats, as all the four kimls : nutri?
ments needed are present in t
Oysters have a larger ?\
the flesh-building aubstan?
the other constituents than milk, so
"balance the ration'' by addition
st.ni by food nnd fats when eating ?
t. rs. thus aaeuiing a good meal ai
cost that compares favorably
that when other meats are chosen.?
Julius Neteon. in I^es?
NEW YORK. Special.?Two men'
wh?> wer.? fjoon to have been man
one on Christmas, in
Mass., anal tiia' other shortly I
New afear, at Clifton, N. J., met \??>
lent deaths Thursday. On?*? man prac?
tically died in the arms of his bride
Becanaa of his skill in installing,
elevators Walter S. P??vv?is. of Spring-,
tia Ul, was brought from dn a
years ag? > ihe Otis Elevator
Company, <>? Worcester, Mass. His
cleverness soon won him an impir
tnat place with the firm. A year
i he met a young woman In Springt,
to whom h?- bacanas engaged. The
?wedding was to take place on Christ?
mas morning.
Powers was superintending the in
?stallation ?>f an elevator In a dep;trt
? ment stoi ?? at Hartford, Conn., y eater
iie ?vent to the "gear hons. "
on the roof to I'.apoet the ?series of
wheels through which the cables run
to the counter weight. Frequently he
ha?i told his men to be ?autious, when
working around such wheels, as to be
?aught in them would mean death in
tersihlc form.
Whi.i r_ was leanin
ha- .attempted to make some ad?
justment on the main wheel. A spa?,?.,
caught h-_ hand and in an instant his
arm had been drawn into the B?
of rapidly revolving whe<
li_- shouts were heard in the base
i ment by the men at the operating
ihinery. ore they could shut
on the power the man's whole body
I had been dragged into the gear ami
crushed. H.
horrified the nun that they stood mo?
tionless for a long time before resettl?
ing the body of their chief.
n (?hieon. of IS?'. Union
nue, Clifton. X. J., an<l M
[schleich, ?>f the same place,
friend to tak<
? ute.
?*fww??t?j liiio-.'.l "P\\t<*e
coat, vest and hat and
on the bed pos'.s. he
blow and Two ?till!
tat I*.
s was V?:
: lain
tr HI?. ?ImlkiT.
t five
vears ago, and knew him
iated, cante after
There Is one brother left?-Augustus,
who :- the r.?Hltv firm
formerly by his broth'
ship agr?nF
in dense fog
jnd :it ashore on
island n a fon Friday niigh-t it
will be
i to the
"i*-f of
liiver, nea
\ left Pro*
- lue in
is in
m'XTINGTOX V Special.?
it of
x. .i c boiler
[ bert 1'intr
I^omell, ??.
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i mii*ljiK
at I
Is of
?Child of Three a Toi
YOPvK. Special.?Te?s>iiri,
of more than a tor
brought the labor in
t s i n to h
f at a h
estigating committee
Epit??mlzed, the reports were' that
mothers beat their
hours a was no uncom?
mon sight to find four
al flow
of three years wn
working on corset covers; th.
rkers w? :
-room apartment; that children
r work at a pit?
tance for wages.
Many of the witnesses urged u]
the commission the need of a law to
I prevent such i ??he tenements.
s|\ I Mil. IIRO
BOSTON. eeiai.?Six in
???no'; sub
r the
I Wo/?- aaj, ?/viohre THt?
| ?? you w/v-oT To -
l E?T kEMI^-f?rVi, I
VT?U> Yo<? Ar?tT^H ?!
\THA**?> /IL -y
Ths. Dicr/tTe-- 0?-- -Sccietv * /uy
?0VB-, - The Dfeuee or-- "
'BcMfeMiA'- Aa/d 4 ?M*!
Akoou? To OBEY -*-/""

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