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?IJ??C8 OF W
m Jilt
?n^a^e-nsat st StA. Said to
? Greatest Naval Battle
the War Is Now
portea to Be
in Pr0.gTe.s5
Hpeclal.?I*T*el i n d i ? -
? s w-tre held by the
?????et* wnich w>U be
dgarian?-, who arrived
?orulnjf, g**h?p?e?*xl with
.lunteu?r*g? his at the
where tBe Bulgers
quarter?-?-?.!, while the Turks
v arito?:. The Turk
to Kng?&nd st?
ing; ot the Turk
?ud after It was
gram was
meetings It was
another ?**?*s*-i<es of
he held to
the Anal plans
opening of the
?r-sace will be made.
6*r*e-r*k ami Turk?
wire engag?*<i in bat
land and sea was re?
ihe d?eleg?t?ra with
bat none wouki
?pon lt
?f the advices telling
IS Still ?BX
the tireeks will take
peace ?jaicre-a*?. It
r-ied that the Turks ?had
<> drafts for submls
Balkan plenlpot?ea
?*T which r?*jecu?d the
proposals of the allies.
other art va need a
op?ort caused pessIftnUni
n oilV-lai circle?*., ?r-sp-ectally after
as It^satr-iiect that the allies
^^K^ In/d-* upon Turkey's sur
\ilrianoplc, .Scutari and
^K, the three Turkish cities
iincaptured by the Bal
k Jamos Pslaee has
place?! In r-adln??* for the
.-* art gallery, where the nego
ctati? be oondueted, has
with a long mahog
?able, st which she conferees
all above the d??!e
? can easily see,
minting of the ?battle of
li the b<*r*r*or*? of
-.1. Tlat?
:1th bodies of the dead.
tJi the field.?* dot-a^ J
?lrst big
IlaJk?** war. Is
rag- Turkish and
.?aiikatfic A-*a-e?n Sea t?*"
jlax, *?t-***-*-rol,**r""*fty"?**?? ^less i
gnu; ?y-jL'V Turkish
irin? \? i-dli
: -mat? h the Turkish 11
I ..-.ration
. ?ardaiiclles,
>?ut a-galn-u the co-u-eu?
t and gave bat
ti<* t the ?-neoiy.
\\ .ander ??f the
Turl\ h :is under o-rd-ers
to annihilate, if possible, the ma
i-eee-e, a terrific
battle t??hs ospeeted.
s-ial.?A i.reek
i ?encrai Sapoutjakis
.? from the Turks at
adla today, driving the
?nnn force? from their <*ninp
ptuiing a great qnautlty
ununltioii. ?teats and
!'? is Is in F pi rus.
shout fifty miles southwest of
Ja nina The forces made
a e-oiiccntrntcd attack. advancing
all alon<- the line.
Tlic Turks ilrew off. leaving
lUiek-flHag ***aas behind,
red and
against the enemy.
V klsli inn ?*> retreat
ks adiauced. contin?
uing a from rifles and
Kl IV Special.? The Aus?
trian lient Is taking drastic
?il to prevent the publication
militar: The
it and S4?v(*t-al
newspapers .
iblisliing the ?de
ii. military and naval
preparations along the slitxres of
the Adriatic
IHliM-ivf, i)(H.. i.t.?.\iistria
Huagar-* is working to have Ron.?
tied t<? th?- anilms*.?!
dorial confer-riu-c lu Ixindon next
tent in her de~
?rrUory for remaining
?m the Balkan
> has counseled
maulan govern meut that
?ii ii meet with
is to have representation
at th nee.
Oar .\a?Ii??nal "W nntrtulnmu.
that Area
,000,000 a
ion of this
he doc* jrs
-idual and
? by pre
i hundreds
aoiiars a i that
i min ami i
y as large, If
?s or
lllon dollars.
lohest and
? of all the world's na
. in spite of this
>*e of
attain If it?
nixed. Surely it is
ry was waking up
of the significance
us leakage in almost
i and taking effective
it put a check upon It.
i these United States
- limit.?Norfolk
;K, Dee- 1??A
earn m?-Tror<fr sed hy
-JofTr-L x?r reveJa
id4>-*-, ha ??>****-* s hierro? ?in ic graft
as be
ZZ\ , " Com-iji.-jftioner
.?ins and four
Be, c '"- ?*??t
The suspc?ad?Bd lieutenants are
Alphonse Reh une. Henry Beee
ner. .**bi-?l?ani Rofsky and Albert
F. Mason.
Mrs. ?CkKKte declares that the
"njntenm" rtrx*iv*r?d for |M>??*tt*4*Uoti
of ?rice suma much large.- tlian Its
revenue rrom gamblers In labe days
of Becker's sway and before ?the
murtier of Hennin Rosenthal.
Many i-cserte, she saya, have
paid as much as ?U,?i??>o a mouth.
Mrs. ?tioode will prolvably be the
first witness called when the
grand Jury benjtn? Its Investiga?
HOUSTON. , VA., Special.?The
grand jury which had been In session
for the past two weeks, making Inves?
tigation of the tax assessments for the
county, concluded their labors, filed re?
port and adjourned.
The Increase on merchant purchases,
to be added to old assessment, was as?
certained to be $328.406. The Jury
found bonds and money not listed to
the amount of $85.400, and incomes
not reported $18,500. making a grand
total of $42<>.300 to be added to the as?
In its report the Jury said: "Wo
would further report that the house?
hold and kitchen furniture as Usted by i
the commissioners is perhaps valued at
far less than one-half its cash value,
and we believe, as a whole, that the
commissioners have been very slack
and neglectful of their duty whereby
all of their shortage has been report?
The court entered an order that the
report be certified to the commission?
ers of the revenue for the county, and
they are directed to make up from
this report a supplemental assessment
on the bocks prepared and furnished
the clerk by the Auditor of Public Ac?
counts for that purpose and return and
file same as required by lew.
RICHMOND, VA., Spex?ial.?
Charge? of a serious nature
against Henrico Omcer D. L.. Tem?
ple are today being officially in
? gated by County Sheriff
up. A formal ?barge of ab?
sence from duty without leave has
Iks-si Icrdged against the officer.
That, imvvevcr. appeals to be
merely perfunctory.
The officer, according to Infor?
mation given out at Hue county
<r*oui*thoiiKe. strangely disappeared
last Suturnay, and was not seen
by any brother officer or by any
ober of hit? family until Wed
iH'stlay afternoon.
AVealnesday Mrs. Temple, fear?
ing tliut her husband liad tome to
harm, notlffe-d Sheriff Kemp that
lie \ and d.**kcd the
riff to assist lit finding him.
?County Officer Tiller was as?
signed to aid Mrs. Temple. The
missing man was found in a house
on North Third Street. The
gravest chargti? refer to his con
duct immediately before entering
till?? ho ?SSL, it is understood, and
to his conduct while there.
ASI UN?."TON. D. C. Special.?
^ordinary precautions will be
n by tha? United States secret ser
uard the life of Woodrow \
.?-n he is sworn in as President
of the United Gtates and thereaft
Few, if any, Presidents-elect 1.
been threatened with death as often
as he has, and, therefore, the se
will take no cha., s
Sin??e his election threats
the i. Wilson ha-?
by various men in Colorado jSnrings,
New York city and New Jerse
Many letters of menacing tone writ
t??n to Mr. Wilson h:. destroy?
ed aa the product of cranks.
MEXICO CITY. Special Three hun?
dred lives were lost in a battle be
letpec Friday. The Federals were am
letpa-c today. The Federal*] were am?
buscaded by the rebels and 250 of them
shot to death.
The rebels lost fifty, men. Rebels are
concentrailnK in Morelos for a winter
cam pi* ign.
Troops are being sent In pursuit of
El Pinto Die Ouachiehinola, a bandit
and rebel leader in the South, v?. :
men are committing terrible atrocities.
WASHINGTON, D. C. Special.?
The House Committee on Merchant !
Marine announced today that hear?
ings for an exhaustive investigation of
the foreign shipping trust, would be
on Tuesday, January-' 7th at 10
No Trat h in War.
LONDON, Special.? English flnan
?ircles were excited late today by
a report that Servia had declared war
against Austria.
The Servian peace envoys stated
j that they had received no official news
t" that affect.
WASHINGTON, D. C. Special. The
"Department of Justice will file three
new suits for recovery of mineral lands
in the West, against the Southern Pa?
cific Railroad and several individuals.
8pecial Assistant Attorney Oeneral
Mills, who has Just returned from a
tour of the West told Attorney General
Wlckersham today that the Southern
Pacific Railroad held many acres of
lands, illegally, in California and Ore?
Suits also will be entered in the Fed?
eral courts in Washington and Idaho,
where It is said many acres of valuable
mineral lands are held by water power
corporations and railrods.
?strikers Loe?o? Ont.
lal. Because the Textile e.jn'jpn sup
poTied strikers in a local f h Cl??*j*/, *?0,
000 of its members were l^fce1?*1 out
to-dsy by the Manufacturers' Ase<*?*--*~
Carnegie Seem Taft. vj
WASHINGTON, ?> C, Deci ?.??__"
Andrew Cai?*n?_r5e called on the presi?
dent at the white H-use today He
was clotneted with the chief ex?.*vt?ve
half an hour, presumably diseue..
Carnegie fund for the pen*?,,n.
.inner Presidents, but noitv,?,?
the "White Hoi,L
rpc le of tho vl??t
?r who saya ^naM
an of the Repu??*-.?
r ___?___?
BALTIMORE. HO., Special.?The
Sun's Washington bureau sends the
following story:
The shadow which has hovered over
the aOenioc-rats of the Senate, threaten?
ing dissension and perhaps disorgani?
sation after March ?Uh. seems to have ,
Instead of factional fights between
the progressives and the conservatives
over the floor leadership or the chair- !
mar-ship of this committee or that a
set-together spirit l*?ts come o\^r the
Democrats and a determination reach- ;
ed to work In harmony for a legislative
program that will tfe creditable to the
party as a whols.
It is yet possible.SDf course, that one
or two instances of bad feeling may
arise among members who do not get
what they think they are entitled to
in committee assignments, but the
movement to oppose the election of
? Senator Martin, for Instance, as floor
leader and Senator Simmons as Fi?
nance Committee chairman has been
The progressive Democrats have not
given up without a return, and this re?
turn will come in the form of important
committee work. The conservatives
who happen to be now at the top of a
number of committees by reason of
seniority will give up. some of their im
> portant committee seats in favor of the
new members snd the younger Sena?
As (he matter now stands, following
innumerable cloak room conferences,
the older Senators are prepared to con?
tent themselves with one important
chairmanship apiece. They will also
take a few second or third rate com?
mittee appointments and not seek re?
election to all the important commit
te-*"?? upon which they happen to be at
this time.
This self-effacement on the part of
the elders will give the younger Sena
tOMua chance to get seats on the big
corWr^lttees and to have an active part
in shaping the Important legislation
that is to signalize the Wilson adminis?
This compromise will. It Is now be?
lieved, result in the re-election of Sen?
ator Martin, of Virginia, as caucus
chairman and therefore as Democratic
floortfppader. It will give Senator Sim?
mons the chairmanship of the Finance
Committee, but no seat on any other
big committee. It will give Senator
Tillman the chairmanship of the Com?
merce or the Naval Affairs Committee,
and If he takes the former It will give
Senat- r Smith, of Maryland, the Naval
Affairs chairmanship.
The plan has been worked out In the
Interest of party harmony and to pre?
vent factional fights at the outset of the
new administration. As far as could
be learned it has the approval of prac?
tically all the Democrats now In Wash?
ington who will sit in the new Senate,
To make It effective It is only ne
sary, therefore, to gain the assent or
the new Senators who will come In
from private life on March 4th.
WASHINGTON. D. C, Special-?In?
formal!?-- ashington Thurs
ratic sources in West
Virginia to the effect that the Demo?
crats In the State Legislature are plan?
ning to retaliate upon the Republicans
for what happened two years ago and
prevent, if possible, the election of a
Republican United States Senator as
the success?-*?* to Senator Clarence W.
Watson, wnoee term expires next
In the winter of 1910-11, when the
State Senate was tied between the two
parties, the Republicans. It will be re?
membered, left the State?many going
to Cincinnati?and refused to partici?
pate in the organization of that body
until the Democrats made important
concessions to them. The Republicans
the presidency of the Senate.
Dr. Hatfield, the present . Governor
:, having been chosen for that of
flce before they permitted the .Legisla?
ture to proceed to the election, on joint
ballot, of both Senators Chtlton and
Now the Republicans have control
of the house, though by a smaller ma?
jority than th?? Democrats had two
\ earl ago, with the Senate again tied.
It is proposed that the Democratic
itors absent themselves in the man?
ner in which the Republicans did two
years ago and thus prevent the Senate
from being organized except upon con?
ditions favorable to the Democrats.
How far this project has progressed
was not revealed In the advices from
West Virginia, but that it is well under
way seems to be substantially correct.
Information of even more disquiet?
ing nature to the Republicans is that
the 'Democrats are seriously consid?
ering?if they have not already vir?
tually decided upon?the advisability
of not presenting a caucus nominee
lor United States senator when the
Senatorial election comes up. Know?
ing that It would be impossible to
elect a Democratic successor to Sena?
tor Wafton, and that they could
achieve more practical results than
by giving some member of their party
the empty honor of a complimentary
minority vote, they propose to use
their voting, strength in such a way
as to deadlock the Legislature and
. r?vent the election of a Republican
this winter.
With this double-barreled k. neme
on foot, they are confident they will
: rasa the Republicans
for quite a while, and they hope to be
tlon of a United
>r for two years. Then,
eleetloh, they will try
to i. utrol of the Assembly and
itlc ?Successor to Mr.
.on. The multiplicity of Republi
iidates for Watson's toga is
one of the instruments by which
Democrats hope to accomplish this
Moreover, the presence "of a pro
sive element among the Ropubli-?
I can? may be the means of furthering
the Democratic project, inasmuch as
the Progressives are not expected to
j work in entire accord at all times with
tthe? Republican regulars.
Up to this time. Davis Elkins, eon
of the late Senator Stephen E. Elkins,
seems to be well in the lead of other
Republican senatorial aspirants, and
he professes confidence in the success?
ful outcome of his campaign. But it!
does not require much imagination to'
see that with a Republican margin of,
only 20 or 21 on joint ballot, the.?
Democrats. by throwing their strength j
to Mr. Elkins' competitors either solid-]
ly or m fractions, might deadlock
the Assembly and prevent the election
of a senator Indefinitely. The situa-,
tion presents most interesting possi?
bilities, and developments are looked
for at frequent Intervals during the
Tito Selflshneass of ?t^cbrttk.*?.
Considering the progress wo are
making in good manners and courtesy
it seems singular tha**, the** selfishness
of celebrities should still continue; al?
though It Is but just to state that the
Influence of our good mariners may
apply only to new celebrities.
In r<w_?_?ng over Mr. Pulitzer's ca?
er in a recent magasine issue, one
astonished at the care this great
?na*?t took to preserva h|goog_f from
unnecessary intrusion. His lin?
ts may have triade these
matter It is
_*? that In order to ac
oult he :
solrlshne* _j his
.?s?he v
Jp?-?lridlngly viJ**npy. Tl?.?t blindness
. ?earlly Imply unhappf
ness Is s fat 11 known. Miss
Helen Keller Is a remarkable instance.
Tolstoi createc ileturbanc.es
ln his family, and his actions were
provocativa ?- oft Hs
appeared to disregard utterly the feel?
ings of t*ho**? ahc
Wagner is AnslM\mmm^M\mmWmMfm of In?
tense egstisn y?*a?try people
? Ived und suitored according?
Evea our own Mark Twain cannot
be absolved harge. Mr.
?.ens united lovable
itiea ?an app ? ' under?
standing with t <*g*rd ^MJtL^Mmr his ac?
tions might affect othe
Th : acter seems
to be undesirable in a genius: or, in
fact. i has talent above
the . A man who has inher?
ited talents may start out with a fairly
good character, but M ?ais proctass of
development his character seems grad?
ually to be eliminated. He becomes,
as Weininger puts it. unmoral. When
a man ia unmoral In the highest-degree
and talented in the highest degree, he
has reached the summum bonum of
human perfection so far as s gsnlus
?s concerned?and about the last stage
of imperfection so far as human com
par ioaehip and citizenship are con?
cerned.?November Lippincott'?.
NEW YORK. Special.?Unrecog?
nized by a large crowd in the Grand
Central depot and greeted only by a
few newspaper men and his two rela?
tives. Theodore Douglas Robinson,
and his son, Douglas Robinson, Colo?
nel Theodore Roosevelt ?arrived at
9.-21 A. M. from Chicago, where he
was the dominating figure at the two
day organization convention of the
Progressive party.
The. Colon**!, smiling and looking
in the best of health, waved his hands
at the newspaper men and shouted
that he felt "bully," but refused to
comment on the Bull Moose conclave.
"Nothing to say?nothing at .?
he said, "except that I'm going right
up to the Outlook office and get down
to work."
imiSTOL. VA., Special.?Although
the election probe in R?ssel county
continued throughout Thursday, the
grand jury in session ai Lebanon had
returned no further indictments when
It adjourned for the day. R is un?
stood, however, that further indict
ments will bo made before the Jury is
--JEW cases of A. P. Crockett, secre?
tary to Congressman Slemp, an?
already indicted will com? trial
at the February term of the Circuit
Court at Leb- ich will begin on
the first Monday in that month. The
Indictment of Crockett has been a
sour. eral comment here today,
and the outcome of hia case will be
watched with interest. Nothing has
rd from him by friends here,
and his view of tin- grand Jury's action
not been
lluUSTON. \ A., Spe.-ial. The board
of supervisors of Halifax held an extra
aeasion to consul. ?>ox situ?
ation in the count*"-*" Dr. : rvin,
of the board of health, reported esses
all along the North Caro.Ina !ln<
South Boston,
Meadville and ten on cases at
CryH-.al Hill. He reported one death.
In many instances the disease is hi the
most violent form.
The supervisors passed the follow
?Knowing that there ia an epi
of smallpox in the county, the ?
supervisors, at the request of the board
o? health, warn the pubb icci
natlon Is the only preventive, It being
impossible to establish quara:
throughout the county. Therefore, In
the future all parties contracting the
disease will receive no benefit from the
board; yet to all parties not able to
for vaccination it will be furnished free
of cost. Any person or persons who
are found on the streets or county
roads or at public gatherings, having
been exposed to the disease, will be
arrested and dealt with to the fullest
extent of the law."
This IaJDenuIne Adventure.
in the glflawexni aga
zine, Da Ad?
ln Contentment," I
new aer?et-*, entitled "Adventures
the Road," ia which h.- ceils at
giving up the regular Ufe of
larmer and taking to the road?
as an adventure. Following it*
extra '
"Any man may brutally pay
anywhere, but it is quit?*
S to be a
. not as
friend. Always, It seems lo rr.?
have wa submit myself, and,
x.ibmit the stranger, to that
ver, hew can any man
adventure in life if he
always knows to a certainty where
his next Jn
a world so completely dominated by
goods, by things, by possess
smothered by seeurj-. fine ad?
venture is lei t to a man of spirit save
the adventure of poverty?
"I do not mean by this the a.-t
?ire of . involuntary i>u.-orty.
I maintain l
no man. It is only as
life that we really live. What I mean
here, if I may so express it, ia an ad?
venture in achieved poverty. In tho
live? c<" such tr?.e men as Francis o?
Assisi and Tolstoi that which draws
the world to them Sn secret sympat
is not that the> Lived lives of pover
but rather, having riches at their
hands, or for the very asking, that
they chose poverty aa the better way
of life."
Ington J3
The ?Costume of a Congressman.
Not every sight in Washington
seen by the average tourist. Tai
Instance, Representative Star
Kentucky, the chairman of the com?
mittee which investigated the Steel
Trust? In the summer time ha.ll
at the Young Men's Christian
elation building, and every mon
when he goes to take a plunge
the pool, he strides down the corri?
do****! clothed in a Manama hat, an
?rnale dressing gown and high bl
shof-*p?accomplishing an api
which ?connects a'l the dignity, at Ju?
lius Caesar with all the OrleaM .?*???*? r
geousness of the Emperor, of Japan.?
Popular Magasine.
?Chi ff cms
Comi'ft ffi oo'.ors-ahd ma?
teria'.', f S ?-?H the
gown?? J? ' ling
partieuM i y
Plal-jMfrocks are
group?* *-?**
Love-Sick Hroigari.-*- I? Ordered
to Be Removed to WilliftaUS
burg a4jylum.
R D. V A .'. Special.?
Judge : "im raison, oT Hustings
today ordered John K?hler, a
?up. j**xliy intkatne Hungarian, coramli
ate Hospital for
the Insane, at Williamsburg, at once.
? action v. a*, docided upon follow?
ing a conference bet wean Judge Rlch
on. Cwrnmonwtralth't Attorney
tree Folkt-s. Chief of Police Louis
nerr Ciiy Sergeant John Satterfleld
and K?hler? attorney, B. Lovenstein.
A lunacy commission last February
adjudged the man Insane. K?hler la?
bors under an hallucination that all
.en are In lo*? with : thin
the last eight months he has written
several hundred letters, it Is sat?*. -
prominent young society woman resid?
ing on West Franklin 8treet. The
Hungarian is understood to also have
made repeated efforts to see her in per?
Attorney* Lovenstein has twice pro?
cured the man's freedom and had htm
sent out of the city. In ?ach Instance,
however, K?hler has returned after a
brief absence and renewed his atten?
K?hler, It ie said, speaks five lan?
guages fluently and is well connected.
? ?????????itctiaaaaaooaco**?1
?t<?ooc,?ooo#oaoo a ?????>
The Imperial chancellor ought to
know that a "position in the German
diplomatic service will weigh as noth?
ing when an American girl Is on the
other side of the bslance.?Norfolk.
A-large majority of the white poo
pie of the South think pretty much
as Governor Blease thinks. If a
secret vote were taken in Dixieland
the Blease idea would outrun both
W'oodrow and Theodore, notwith?
standing Old Granny Mann talks to?
the contrary.?Wlae County Newa
Temperance people will fix their at?
tention on Congress during the next
week or two. The "whiskey machine'*
will take a hand at the "invisible gov?
ernment" and a ^great fight is a cer?
tainty. The lawmakers will take up
the matter of passing a law to pre?
vent the shipping of whiskey from
wet States into dry States.?Harrison
burg News.
If Wail Street thinks it can discredit
the Incoming Democratic administra-s
tion by shatterinK stock prices, the
exchange will awake to find Itself not
only very much mistaken but in ae
rious danger of reprisals.?-Fredericks
burg Star.
The Salvation Army will help any
who desire to do good with their
money. Make the army trustee in
distribution of your bounty, and
you may be sure it will do good .and'
cause happiness.?Danville Bee. *
The parcels post goes into effect the
first of the year. Next summer you
telephone your favorite farmer
any morning to mail you a dozen of
his ta-?*? g ears for dinner.?
Bristol Herald-Courier.
It is to he observed that the New
York man with a wife who hasn't
spoken to him for eleven years, is
not asking for a. divorce. He knows
a good thinfi when he has it.?Norfolk
? mors can be disobedient
and unmannerly?none of the bunch
to the place as designated by
ise, but packed their grips and'
Washington, presumably to
get through tickets without a stop
?Wise County News.
Now if somebody will just remove
Mrs. Littleton and her great Montl
? nt from out of the public
eye we will have opportunity to glue
our gaze on the preparations for the
next baseball reason, which already
is beginning.? Roanoke Times.
If one did not know, Governor
mistaken for a cor?
so contemptuous of
--titutlon would he have us be
. him to be.?Lynchburg ?dva:
The I.al timor? Sun thinks "ail la
lost unless we conceive some plan for
j making hen? lay more eggs." But
i who wants at) eggs at the prea
? ent price??Hrlstol 1 lerald-Courter.
Governor Wilson, having been re?
fused a teacher's pension once upon
a time by the?, Carnegie Foundation,
must sml'e a little when he reads "of
the trouble over tlAL^proposition of
Mr. Carnegie to pension ex-Pr
?Dayton News.
If the primary is to be relied on
to settle the question of postmasters
under the new administration it will
save the congressmen much worry and
arrassment, but it will also de
h patronage and
t to build up a con
ine in each district.??_
Importatioiui in October ?Amount?
ed to Millions in Idle
r'U1*- ;t -he ?"??*-** et a
I doll:
j the Unit
I given out i:.
t of Con
During tho month
importation of "luxuries" a; *
to $14.000.0?""
000,000 of to dd smok.
terials; ? . stones;
14,000,000 of laces and embroideries,
it 11,000.000 each of feathers,
?dr china, toys, champagne, and
liquors aM cabinet woods,.
j In the importation of art works the
j report points out that last October was
j a banner month. ?_____t tl)_.__ 4,000,
ALEXANDRIA. VA., Special.?
? schoolboys, Bernlce Purvis a;
een; Wllber Hall, aged ten; !____!
a? May h ugh, aged j
I'erryman. aged -*t*?e**eii, and Frank
ite n y ?jf eight
he eeliar of
?> S-taW-fy-rglriia Rot?
ee "Wtfet. a p
" The youngsters w
and in the Police
?ot only penitent, but
ts of their
spree. SU yhugh ware
an had ?
before : urt,
and were sent to the Virginia Reform
Rat II
Akc?n at tht
? were sent

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