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colors. The Hamilton, blue and white;
Hill Crest, red and white; Summit
House, blue and black; Hamilton Vil
la. white and blue; Bellevue. orange
and blue; Orchard, blue and red. At
9.35 as the long line turned Into the
drive leading up from Merrlan Point
the lead taken by Hill Crest, as win
ners of last year's trophy, the posi
tions of the other hotels were deter
mined by drawing for place In line.
The order of march was marshal.
Chairman A. h Blcknell. of Boston;
Chandler's Band. C. M. Brooks, lead
er; Field Day Committee. Hill Crest
guests. Bellevue guests. Orchard
guests. Summit House guests and The
Hamilton guests. Following were the
handsomely decorated carriages of
Mr. C. A. Bobbins. Mr. Cal Curlt. Mr.
A. Curit and severs! others. Three
comic costumes were seen In the
parade and crested sufficient interest
to seem to warrant more elaboration
of the feature another year. As the
big parade passed Mr. Harry L. Ham
ilton's. the proprietor of The Hamil
ton. three cheers were heartily given
for him. a countermarch In front of
this hotel and the line took up again
the forward march past the Hamilton
Villa, Summit and Hill Crest, circling
there to observe the flag raising. Al
10.10 the colors were raised. Three
hundred voices Joined In the grand old
hymn. America, and every man's hat
was lifted as the sound floated over
the Island to the accompaniment of
the band. The Star Spangled Ban
ner. and Dixie, were sung and then
Chairman Blcknell Introduced Rev.
John Hutchison of Newark who
made a pronounced hit with his neces
sarily brief remarks. Mr. Hutchi
son has an excellent speaking voice
and was distinctly heard to the limit
of the assembly. In part his remarks
were as follow* •
"Mr. Bicknell, Ladles an«l Gentle
'The committee on Field Day direct
ed me to find a very modest man to
make this speech: after careful search
I found that all others were too mod
est to speak so that my own voice
must afflict your ears.
"First of all let me assure you that
I will speak briefly (loud cheers).
"A man. booked for a speech, asked
his friend for advice as follows: "I
have to make a speech, what shall I
talk about?" -Well." was the reply,
"If you want to make a hit. talk about
a minute." I ought to make at least
the tenth part of a hit.
"We raise the Stars and Stripes to
day over the spot which was the cen
ter. four years ago. of our first Gym
khana or Field Day. The flag sym
bolizes for us three things certified
to us In an Immortal document (be
fore ever Old Glory was our national
emblem) as our "inalienable rights."
namely, "life, liberty and the pursuit
of happiness." These we have come
here to seek.''
"Life we want, more life and fuller.
Not the life strenuous but the simple
life. We found it here on this Island
—fairer far than the Pearl of the
Antilles—here on Gt. Chebeague, the
Pearl of Casco Bay. This life the
folk that were 'To this manor born"
had learned, and we would learn from
them their wiser way. a life both
strenuous and simple, mixed In Just
proportions. Here are the Hamlltons,
a sturdy race, with a few Hills
amongst them and an occasional
Soule. Doughty men are here and If
you doubt that, they can Curlt. I call
for three cheers for our friends and
hosts, just named, may their tribe In
crease. (Cheers). Many of us have
come from far to And here liberty, a
liberty that has no license. Liberty
from the strain and stress of the office
and the shop, the rostrum and the ex
change; liberty from the monotonous
grind of the household cares, the so
cial whirl, and the city's roar. Lib
erty too from ills that oft afflict. For
Instance there never has been a sa
loon here and hence none of Its dread
effects, though there may be here and
there a bottle of doubtful reputation.
We hare a bar here though, one of the
biggest In all the bay, there It is at old
Division Point, Great Chebeague Bar.
The only liquor that flows over It is
the great unsalted sea.
(At this point an auditor recently
married who was Interjecting witti
cisms, was silenced by the speaker
who announced that Mr. P. would later
sing the pathetic ballad "I'm Married
"We came here In the pursuit of
happiness. From observations made
at the foot of Sunset Road, on the bay
front hereafter to be known as Par
sons' Hluff. this happiness so clesely
pursued often wears skirts and has Its
hair marcelled. We Judge this from
the soulful looks In gleaming eyes
and the appalling scarcity of unheld
"We seek happiness these three doys
In all our sports and games. Let there
be no fierce competition nor any Irrita
tion. let as Join In worthy emulation
and a generous rivalry. i
"Let me note as I close that we have
genuine Rlcknell weather, the day
wears a Rlssell smile, we all can feel
the Crowley ft Lunt breese.
"At the central spot of our first field j
day we raise this new flag on ti new
pole. Here It was that our lads joined
la the jolllest sort of contest, an eat
ing race We strung a pure Yankee
product on a clothes line, namely
donghnots, the boys ate with tied
hands aad grubbed the laat crumbs
with noses In the grass.
"As our worthy friend Hoben hoists
"Old Olory" the symbol of our guest
of life, liberty and happiness we will
atng onr national hymn. "My Country
Tla of Thee." The audience then
Mood uncovered while they sang.
The field sports for boys, girls and
women were at once called by the
Judges aad a roped enclosure on the
Hill Crest lawn was used for this pur
poee The reaulta In these games
aad Saturday's events were as fol
60-Yard Dae*: Starter. Miss Be«sle
Warrea. M|^H«|«, Taft. Miss Nina
U Rlaaeli. Hill Creet; Miss Alice Per
klas. Mlas Marloa L. roes. Miss MoUie
Rogers. Mies ■Isabeth Slmpeon. Belle
First heat won by Mlse Nina
Rlaaett. Hill Creet. Misses Foes and
Parktoa. Rellevue. tied for secoad:
second beat won by Mlu Helen Taft,
Hill Cr«t, MIh Elisabeth Slmpsoi*.
Bel leva*, second: final bent won by
Miss Blaaell. Hill Crest. Miss Marlon
Foaa, Bellevue. second. Mlaa Alice Per
klna. Belle rue. third.
Relay Race: Woo bjr Hill Crest
team. Mlaaes Nina Blsaell. Helen
Taft. Bessie Warren and Hasel Cool
er; Summit House team. Mlaaea May
Wright, Edith Elcbbauer. Gay M.
Frayley and Adelaide Dnvla, second;
Bellevue team. Misses Alice Perklna,
Marlon Foss. Mollle Rogers and
Elizabeth 8lmpson. third.
Barrel Race: Startera. Mlaaea Helen
Taft. Ethel Talbot. Hasel Cooley. Bes
sie Warren, Nina Blssell. Mrs. A. P.
Blrknell. Hill Crest; Alice Perkins.
Marlon Foss. Mollle Rogers. Elisa
beth Simpson. Bellevue; Ruby Crock
ett. Mrs. J. Smutny. Florence Crock
ett. Anna Murpby. May Wright. Mrs.
A. J. County. Edltb Elchbauer. Ade
laide Davis. May Fitzgerald. Summit
House. First beat won by Mis*
Helen Taft, Hill Crest. Second heat,
won by Mrs. J. Smutny. Summit.
Fourth heat, won by Mrs. A. J. County.
Summit. Final beat, won by Mra. A.
J. County. Summit Houae. Mrs. J.
Smutny. Summit House, second; Miss
Helen Taft. Hill Crest, third.
Shoe Race: Starters. Misses Ruby
Crockett. Florence Crockett. Adelaide
Davis. Anna F. Murphy. Summit
House: Alice Perkins. Marlou Foss.
Mollle Rogers. Elizabeth Simpson.
Mrs. K. C. Montgomery. Bellevue;
Helen Taft. Bessie E Warren. Hazel
Cooley. Mrs. A. P. Blcknell. Hill
Crest. Won by Mrs. A. P. Blcknell.
Hill Crest: Miss Hazel Cooley. Hill
Crest, second; Miss Helen Taft, Hill
Crest, third.
Boys' Races.
Potato Race: Starters. Kenneih
Parker. Howanl Parker, Kenneth
Simpson. Bellerue; Cecil Howarth. Al
len White, Roger Munsick. Cyril Bls
eell. Culens Hoben. Hill Crest; Fred
erick Sweeny. J. Harris Newell, Mor
gan Ash. Daniel Harris, cottage*; Ru
dorf Smutny. Edgar Smutny. Russell
Maxwell. Summit House: J. W. Hall.
James Duncan. The Hamilton; Asliley
Merrlll. Orchard. First heat won by
Howard Parker. Bellevue; Wm. Hall.
The Hamilton, second. Second heat,
won by Daniel Harris, cottage; Ed
gar Smutny, Summit House, second.
Final heat, won by Daniel Harris, cot
tage; Edgar Smutny. second; Howard
Parker, Bellerue, third.
Sack Race: Starters, James Duncan,
The Hamilton; J. Harris Newell, Mor
gan Ash. Daniel Harris. Frederick
Sweeny, cottages; Kenneth Parker,
Howard Parker, Kenneth Simpson,
Bellevue; Allen White. Roger Mun
sick. Cyril Bissell. Culins Hoben, Hu
bert Hoben. Cecil Howarth. Hiss Crest;
Rudolf Smutny. Edgar Smutny, Ras
sell Maxwell, Summit House. First
heat, won by Frederick Sweeny, cot
tage; Roger Munalck. Hill Crest, sec
ond. Second heat, won by James
Duncan, The Hamilton: Cyril Bissell,
Hill Crest, second. Third heat, won
by Harris Newell, cottage; Daniel
Harris. Edgar Smutny tie for second.
Final heat, won by J. Harris Newell,
cottage; Edgar Smutny, Summit
House, second; James Duncan, The
Hamilton, third
Three Leg Race: Starters. Howard
Parker. Kenneth Simpson, Bellevue;
Cecil Howarth. Allen White, Roger
Munsick. Cyril Bissell. Culens Hoben,
Hubert Hoben. Hill Crest; J. Harris
Newell cottage; Rudolf and Edgar
Smutny. Summit House. Won by
Howard Parker and Kenneth Simpson.
Bellevue; Cyril Bissell and Roger
Munsick. Hill Crest, second; Culens
Hoben and Allen White. Hill Crest,
All Four Race: Starters. Daniel
Harris. J. Morgan Ash. J. Harris
Newell, Frederick Sweeny, Allyn
Cook, cottages; Kenneth Parker, How
ard Parker, Kenneth Simpson, Belle
vue; Cecil Ho worth. Allen White. Rog
er Munsick. Cyril Bissell. Cnlins
Hoben. Hubert Hoben, Hill Crest;
Rudolf Smutny, Edgar Smutny, Rus
sell Maxwell, Summit House; Ashley
Merrill, Orchard. First heat, won by
Frederick Sweeny; J. Harris Neweli,
second. Second heat, won by Cyril
Bissell; Allen Cook and Kenneth
Simpson tie for second. Final heat,
won by Frederick Sweeny; Harris
Newell, second; Allen Cook, third.
50-Yard Dash: Starters, James Hun
can. The Hamilton; Howard Parker,
Kenneth Simpson, Bellevue; J. Harris
Newell. Morgan Ash. Allan Cook.
Frederick Sweeny, cottages; Cecil
Howarth. Allen White. Roger Mun
sick. Cyril Bissell, Hill Crest; Rndolf
and Edgar Smutny, Summit; W. J.
Wilson. Warren Fuller. Orchard. First
heat, won by Edgar Smutny; Fred
erick Sweeny, second. Second heat,
won by James Duncan. Kenneth Simp
son. second. Third heat, won by W.
C. Fuller; Roger Munsick, second.
Final heat, won by W. J. Wilson; J.
Harris Newell, second. Semifinals:
First heat, won by Edgar Smutny;
Frederick Sweeny, second. Second
heat, won by W. C. Fuller; W. J. Wil
son. second. Final heat, won by W.
C. Fuller. Orchard cottage; Edgnr
Smutny, Summit House, second; Fred
erick Sweeny, cottage, third. This
event was characterized by the flnnl
heat which was a close race between
Fuller and Smutny.
Olrls' Races.
SO Yard Daah—Starters: Viola
Blssell, Hill Croat; Edith Wllsoo, Or
chard Cottage; Beatrice Bishop, Sta
sia Brooke. Summit Hons#; Margaret
Skelton, Gladys Parker, BelleYue.
First b#at woo by Viola Blssell, Bet
iris Brooke, 2nd. Second heat won
by Bdlth Wilson, Margaret Skelton,
2d. Final heat won by Edith Wil
son, Orchard Cottage; Viola Blaaell,
Hill Crest, 2d, Beaale Brooke, Sam
■lit House. 3rd.
Potato Race—Starters, Gladys Park
er. Margaret Skelton, Be Heme; Viola
Blaaell, Hill Croat; Bdlth Wilson. Or
chard; Beatrice Blahop, Beaale
Brooke, SammlL Woo by Viol*
Blsoell, Hill Croot; Bdlth Wllaon, Or
chard cottage, 2d; Oladya Parker,
BelleTve, Id.
took Ptaeo—Starters. Oladya Park
er, Margaret Skelton, BoIIotoo; Vio
la Blaaell, Hill Croot; Bdlth Wllaoo,
Orchard Cottage; Beotrlce Blahop,
Sommlt Homo. Woo by Bfetrtoo
Blahop, Saamlt Hon so; Bdlth Wll
•on. Orchard cottage. 2d; Viola BU-'
sell, Hill Crest, 3d.
Mtfl'a Cvsnts (Afternoon.)
100 Yard Dash. Finals: (A trial heat
for late entries, not In Saturday trials
resulted In a place In the finals tor
Harry Keltle and J. A. McGUrray of
Bellerue.) Starters In final heat
were John B. Thome*, The Hamil
ton: J. A. McGllrray, Harry Keltle.
Bellerue; Theo. Smutny. Summit
House; A. W. Chase. C. Lawson. Hill
Crest. Won hy John B. Thomes. The
Hamilton; Harry Keltle. Bellerue.
Sd: Theo. Smutny. Summit House. 3d.
Men's 50 Yard Dash. Finals: (A
trial heat for late entries, not In Sat
urday's trials resulted In a place In
the finals for J. A. McGUrray of
Belleru?.) Starters In final heat:
A. W. Chase. Hill Crest; H. Caldwell.
J. A. McGllrrsy. Bellevue; J. B.
Thomes. The Hamilton. Won by J.
A. McGUrray. Bellerue; John B.
Thomes. The Hamilton. 2d; H. Cald
well. Bellerue. 3d.
The field events were afterward
contested on the grass grounds at
Merrlam Point with the following
Pole Vault—Contestants: James
Murray. Hill Crest: J. A. McGUrray.
Harry Keltle. H. Caldwell, Bellerue;
J. B. Thomes. A. M. Harmon. The
Hamilton. J. A. McGUrray. H. Cald
well and Harry Keltle tied at 8 feet
for first, second and third. Won on
toss by J. A. McGUrray. Bellevue;
H. Caldwell. Bellerue. 2d; Harry
Keltle. Bellerue. 3d.
Standing Broad Jump—Contestants:
Elliott Perkins. J. A. McGllvray. Har
ry Keltie, H. Caldwell. Bellevue;
Theo. Smutny. Summit House; John
B. Thomes. The Hamilton. Won by
J. B. Thomes. The Hamilton. 10 feet
H Inch: J. A. McGllvray, Benevue.
2«l. 9 feet. 10% In.. Elliott Perkins.
Bellevue. 3d, 9ft. 31n.
Standing High Jump—Contestants:
J. A. McOllrray. H. W. Caldwell.
Bellevue: J. B. Thomes. The Hamil
ton. Won by J. A. McGllvray.
Bellevue. 4ft. 2 In.; J. B. Thomes. The
Hamilton. 2d. 4 ft.; H. Caldwell. Belle
vue. 3d, 3 ft. lOln.
Running Broad Jump—Contestants:
James Murray. Hill Crest; Elliott Per
kins. J. A. McGllvray. Harry Keltie.
H. W. Caldwell, Bellevue: J.
B. Thomes. A. M. Harmon.
The Hamilton. Won by John B.
Thomes. The Hamilton. 22 ft.. % in.;
J. A. McGllvray. Bellevue. 2d.. 20ft.,
2V« In.; H. Caldwell, Bellevue. 3d..
18 ft.. 9 in. The jump of Thomes
in this event Is within a few inches
of the record and was the cause of
much comment among the judges an<l
scorers. All distances were care
fully measured with steel tape.
Running High Jump. Contestants:
J. A. McGllvray. Harry Keltie. Belle
vue; Theo. Smutny. Summit House:
John B. Thomes. A. M. Harmon. The
Hamilton. Won by J. B. Thomes,
The Hamilton. 5 ft. 4 in.; J. A. McGll
vray, Bellevue. 2d., 5 ft. 2 in.; Theo.
Smutny, Summit House. 3d.. 4 ft. 10
Boys Running Broad Jump. Con
testants.* Kenneth Parker, Howard
Parker. Kenneth Simpson. Bellevfcie;
Fredk. Sweeny. J. Harris Newell.
Cottages: Edgar Smutny. Summit
House; Roger Munsick. Allen White,
Hill Crest; James Duncan. The Ham
ilton. Won by James Duncan. The
Hamilton; 13 ft.. 31& in.; Edgar
Smutny. Summit House. 2d.. 13 ft. 1%
in.; Kenneth Simpson, Bellevue. 3d..
12 ft. % in.
Putting 15 lb. Shot. Contestants:
A. W. Chase. J. Barry, Hill Crest:
Elliot Perkins, H. W. Caldwell, A. M.
McLeod. Harry Keltie, Bellevue. Won
by H. Caldwell, Bellevue; 28 ft.. 8%
In.; A. W. Chase. Hill Crest. 2d.. 28 ft.
5^i in.; Anson McLeod. Bellevue. 3d.,
27 ft. 4^4 in
Tug of War. Hill Crest team: J.
Barry, H. E. Curtis, Carl Lawson;
The Hamilton team: Howard Drum
mond, A. M. Harmon, Mr. Beam.
Bellevue team: Elliot Perkins. A.
McLeod. Harry Keltie. Won by Hill
Crest team. Bellevue team 2d.. The
Hamilton team 3d.
Pipe Race. Contestants: Carl
Lawson. A. W. Chase, Jas. Barry. G.
F. Farmer. Hill Crest: Elliot Per
kins. J. A. McGilvray. A. H. Rogers.
A. McLeod, Frank Tate. H. M. Kel
tie. C. F. Atkins, F. B. Skelton, Thos.
Johnson. Bellevue; Theo. Smutny.
Summit House. Won by G. F. Far
mer, Hill Crest; F. B. Skelton, Belle
vue. 2d.; Blliott Perkins, Bellevue.
The afternoon sports lasted un
til the hotels were ringing tea bells
and the exodus from the field of vic
tories and defeata was lively, for
guests and officials had felt the day's
strenouslty. In the early evening
the Str. Maquott of the Harpswell
line brought nearly one hundred to
hear the band concert and witness the
fireworks from Mere Point and Bus
tln's Island. The bowling teams
met at the Merrlam-Horne alleys, the
use of which had been donated, at
7 o'clock In the evening for the roll
off for points between the houses en
tered. Teams of four consisting of
two ladies and two gentlemen com
peted. being made up as follows:
P. A. Wrlsley. T. E. Whltbread. Miss
Ulllan Beatty. Mrs. Howard Drum
mond. The Hamilton. Theo. Smutnjr,
W, Elchbauer. Mrs. O. R. Faucett.
Mrs. Fitzgerald, Summit House. F,
A. Merriam, H. W. Caldwell, Mrs. H.
J. Perkins and Miss Alice Perkins,
Bellevue. O. F. Farmer, Mr. Taft, Mrs.
White. Mrs A. P. Blcknell. Hill
Crest. F. D. Fuller, J. A. Kenjron.
Mrs. J. A. Kenyon, Miss Parker. Or
chard cottage. Won by Belle-rue
team, two string total, JW; Hill
Crest team, 2d., Ml; The Hamilton
team, Id., 550.
Chandler's Band rendered three
most thoroughly appreciated concerts
In the morning, afternoon, and even
ing. many of the numbers being en
cored heartily until they were re
The fireworks display was from the
Eastern Arms and Cycle Co., Port
land. Me., and was In charge of
Clarence H. Lant, chairman of the
fireworks committee and Warren
H. Chase, representing the Arm.
Rockets of every description, togeth
er with colored lights, Roman candles,
bombs and several set pteoee were
set of and the whole exhibition
was the finest display ever given la
this bay. The bombs and large rock
ets were the delight of all. It
was long after 10 p. m. before the
last set piece was set off and until
the end the great crowd of specta
tors remained so pleased were they
with the evening's exhibit.
The smiling skies of Sunday and
Monday were repeated Tuesday. As
early as possible the water sports
were started by the committee at the
bathing beach in front of the Hamil
ton. There were seven events, of
which the under water swim, a new
one this year drew the greatest at
tention. This was won by Capt.
John W. Hoben of Springfield. Mass.,
wltb a clever swim of 75 feet. The
tide was falling and several contes
tants met obstacles such as seaweed
and buoy or anchor ropes under wa
ter. but Capt. Hoben picked his way
and cleaned up the field easily.
Summary of Water Eventa.
Men's 150 ft. Swimming. Starters:
Theo. Smutny. Summit House; Carl
Lawson. H. C. Peare, H. E. Curtis, Hill
Crest; Elliott Perkins. J. A. McGllv
ray. H. W. Caldwell, -Bellevue. Won
by H. W. Caldwell. Bellevue; Elliott
Perkins. Bellevue, 2d.; H. C. Peare,
Hill Crest. 3d.
Under water Swim. Contestants:
Elliott Perkins. H. W. Caldwell. Belle
vue: Theo. Smutny. Summit House;
J. W. Hoben. H. C. Peare. Hill Crest;
Won by J. W. Hoben. Hill Crest; 75
ft.; H. W. Caldwell. Bellevue. 2d.. 53
ft.; Elliot Perkins and H. C. Peare
tied for third at 42^ ft. Third won
by H. C. Peare, Hill Crest by default.
Upset Boat Race. Contestants:
McGilvray and Caldwell. Bellevue;
Chase and Lawson. Hill Crest. Won
by Bellevue. Hill Crest. 2d.
Ladies' 100 ft. Swimming. Mrs.
J. Smutny. Summit and Miss Mollie
Halliday. Hill Crest were the contes
tants and finished in the above or
der. " Ul_
Boys' 50 ft. Swimming. Starters:
Howard Parker, Bellevue. Fredk.
Sweeney. Cottage: Donald Munslck.
Roger Munslck. Hill Crest; Edgar
Smutny. Summit House. Won by
Edgar Smutny, Summit House: Fredk.
Sweeney. Cottage. 2d.; Roger Mun
slck. Hill Crest, 3d.
Boys' Dash in Water. Contestants:
Kenneth Parker. Howard Parker,
Bellevue; Fredk. Sweeny, Cottage;
Rudolph Smutny. Edgar Smutny,
Summit House; Roger Munslck. Hill
Crest. Won by Edgar Smutny, Sum
mit House; Fredk. Sweeny, Cottage,
2d.; Kenneth Parker, Bellevue, 3d.
Girls' 50 ft. Swimming. Won bg
Edith Wilson, Orchard cottage, sec
and third not contested.
Individual prizes for men women,
boys and girls with the highest num
ter of points were awarded. A num
ber of prizes were donated by the
large business houses of Portland and
*vre most beautiful. First prizes
were won as follows: Men's silver
loving cup. Henry Caldwell, Bellevue,
with 32 points; ladies' esconce. Miss
Nina Bissell, Hill Crest, with 11
points; boy's, umbrella, Edgar Smutny.
Summit House with 22 points; and
girls', fob. Miss Edith Wilson, Orchard
Cottage with 16 points. Second
prizes: Men's steamer chair. Alex
McGilvray. Bellevue with 29 points
ladies', china chocolate set, was tied
for by Mrs. A. P. Blcknell
and Miss Hazel Cooley of
the Hill Crest nnd Mrs. J.
Smutny. Summit House with 8 points
each. Mrs. Blcknell drew the decid
ing number and the other two will be
awarded prizes of equal value later;
girls', sofa pillow. Miss Viola Bissell,
Hill Crest, with 9 points: and the
boys, a stein, by Frederick Sweeny;
cottager, with 12 points.
The prize for the highest number
of point*, which va« a handsome sil
ver cup presented by tne Casco Bay
Steamboat Company, and awarded by
the committee to the house or hotel
winning the most points, was won by
the Bellevue. The hotel or house
winning the cup has the privilege of
holding it until they are defeated in
any following year. When won for
three seasons consecutive or not, the
house doing so is to be the possessor
of the cup. The cup was won last
year by the Hill Crest with fifty
points. The apparent discrepancy
between the number of points of the
last year's winner and this year was
caused by the different system of
counting points. Last year firsts
counted two points and seconds one
point, while this season firsts were
given 5 points, seconds 3, thirds 1.
Following are the number of points
won by the competing houses: Belle
vue. first. 123 points; Hill Crest, sec
ond. 105 points; The Hamilton, third,
#2 points; Summit House, fourth, 56
points: and the Orchard cottage and
the cottages tied for fifth place with
26 points. The silk American flag
which was awarded for the best ex
terior decorations of any of the houses
or hotels was also taken by Belle
First, second and third of blue,
white and r«d ribbons suitably in
scribed In gilt were awarded to all
the winners In each event. For the
highest number of points made by
any man, woman, boy or girl the fol
lowing prizes were awarded. Men's
first, silver loving cap. donated by
McKenney Jewelry Co., Portland;
Second, steamer chair, donated by
Walter Corey Co., Portland; Ladles'
first, esconce, Lorlng Short ft Harmon;
2nd. China chocolate set, Mer
rlsm Home Co. Boys' drat,
umbrella. Carter Bros. Co.;
2nd., stein. Burbank Douglass Co.
Girls first, fob; 2nd. sofa pillow. Oreo
Hoopers Sons. Bal Masque, men's
fancy costume, razor and strop, King
ft Dexter Co., Portland. Indies'
fancy costume, gold belt backle.
Boys fancy costume, order for one
pair Regal shoes, Frank M. Low Co.
Girls' fancy costume. Longfellow pic
ture, Lamson Studio. Man's comic
costume, box of cigars and tray, H.
H. Hays Sons. Woman's comic cos
tume. stein. Bnrbank Douglaas Co. ,
Boys comic costume. League Base)
ball. Olrla' comic costume, um
brella holder. Meniam Home Co.
Hill Crest worked hard to hold ths
loving cup. but the Belletsss were too
mock for them.
The Ocean View Hotel
WALTER. D. CRAFTS. Prop. Manage*
The Ocean View as it's name Indicates commands a wide and sweeping
riew of Bailey's Islsnd shores. Only three minntes walk to the steamboat
wharf and the fine sand beach at the head of Mackerel Core. Large airy
rooms. Beds with hair mattresses. Onr table ia unequalled, lobster and sea fish
In abundance. Excellent service. Everything first clsss. Four room bath
bouse free to guests. Bathing suits to let. Long distance telephone in hotel.
Circulars with rates on application. Hotel open all the year around. Spe
cial rates to winter tourists.
Bailey's Island,
Cisco Bay's Lealiig
Gcieril Store.
Voo will find every
thing here that is sup
plied from a first class
grocery and provision
store. Fresh invoices
of Meat, Fo*l, Game,
Provisions and Fruit re
ceived daily. Oar prices are low, considering the quality ot goods received. We carry
Hardware, Paints, Oils Etc. Hardwood for open fireplaces a specialty. Dry Gocds,
Boots. Shoe?, Rubbers and fishermen's supplies. Our teams visit all parts cf the island.
Pablic telephone station. House lots for sa'e. Excellent Sites.
Mrs. Humphreys. Sinnott, Proprietor.
An Ideal Summer Home with a table that is supplied with the best on the market.
Fish, Clams, Lob ters, etc. Pine bathing and b>atiug privileges. Beach only one minutes'
iralk from the house. Open from Jane to October.
Rates cn appli^tion. Dinners a specialty
Carpenter and Builder
Salley'0l»land, Me.
Estimates cheerfully given on all kinds of
building and repairing. All work nnder my personal supervision.
Bailey's Island Ice Cream Parlor.
Our lee Cream is made from pur* dairy cream an 1 selected crushed fruit. Delivered in bricks
by quart or ration. Stetson's famous caramels are made on the premises daily and are for sal*
by all the leading stores in the bay. No finer candy made. Finest line of Confectionery. Fruit.
Nut«. etc. Try our cool soda, all fruit syrups- We are the exclusive scents for the Casco Bay
Breeze, orders taken here. Papers. Magazines. Souvenir Postals. Novelties. Etc- Our team calls for
and delivers orders.
Mitt J. E. Massiy, Prop.
The most delichtful and nduiiv* spot on
the Island. Situated on the «ut end in fall
rtaw of th« ocean. Beautiful pin* frorw and
walk* around the house. The houae U mod
ern in every respect, toilet*, baths and wp
ersre. Rates and circulars on application.
Senile Anei, Bailey's Island, Me.
Mr*. Chester Slnnett, Prop.
Id«*l lodfdinr hoca* with An*, lar*». kin
roomv ewnmandtn* a fin* rWw of Um oemn.
Ra tea S2 00 to K.00 p*r w**k. according to toc»>
Mf?.* "2!^ ®<*rd f*n b* had at th* S*aaid«
Cottac* adjoining th* Annex. s«* oar rooms
b*for* enrarinc *la»wh*>*.
Boat Biildir, Biilej's Uliii, Hi.
Motor and pleasure boat* of all
kind* made to order. We have oar
own private wharf at Mackeral
Cove Boat* to let by the day, week
or seaeon. Wharf privileges at rea
sonable charges.
Black, Wblt* and Brown. Good wearing ton n la at low prlcee. Man'a Ladlee',
Boys', Yontha' and Cbfldren'a. Boat White Sola Oood-jear Tennla, High
and Low Ont. Agonte for the famoaa Tarbnna Shoo for Man.
i/nni«f npnnff uuiinff iwwb.
Granite Spring Hotil and Casino
E3. Jfc-" O JT Ojui , Px*OJ}«
UrgNt Hotel on tba Bij. Oh and
mry accommodation. Mineral Spring
Water. Ratea on application. Open
June 1ft to Sapt. 1ft. Shore dinners a
Our own brand.
Ml Court** S#IWf. fortfiurf, Mm.

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