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curr ISLAND. ME.
F. M. PRESCOTT. Manager
9 Is noted for 1U
id—1 location, its
cool comfortable
rooms, every one
overlooking the
waters of CmooBct,
and • table abouna
taf In rood food.
Situated witBln 900
feet of the water, one
minute's walk from
poetofBee and steam
er landing, it can be
reached by Harps
well Steamer line
from Portland in 66
Modern plumbing
and open fire places.
Splendid boating,
bathing and Ashing.
Bates from flO.SO to
$17.60 weekly.
You Cam Take a Cac to
A ay Polotol InUrMt
From hi Pro at of
Tko PalMMth.
Euro pun aid
. Antrfcai Flu
The only Hotel
10 this State
conducted on
the European
F. H. RUMS, Pr#p
On Btautifui Cousins Island
The Seashore Land Co's, property commands
a fine view of Casco Bay. Lots of 5,000 square
feet are offered at $100 each. Special terms if
desired. A few very desirable lots remain
unsold. Tbe Company's Motor Boat is for u*e
of all. Farmers on the Island supply cream,
eggs and vegetables. A large tract covered
with oak and maple trees reserved for Park is
a charming feature of this property.
Owing to tie great demand for these lots our
agent will be on the Island every Wednt-sday
and Saturday during August.
Office 102 Excnange 81. Room 44 Portland
F. & C. B. NASH CO.
384 to 390 Fore St.
Houvenir Shop
New and Up t«<Oat*
to/too Postal C«rd« earrM In stock.
Toye,0a«ee,Leatber Noveltiee. Agency
for Lowney's ChoooUUn. Newspapers
•ad Periodical*. Bab. Station for
poata** stamps, etc. Pa bile Typewriter
to let by the boar.
Henry W. Bowen, Prop.
B«»tofUble board. Parm end dairy
■Mdaets. Oood steamboat serrice twice
■ally to end from Portland, Ht earner
Haquolt. Rates on application. Apply to
f, C. JtftasM, HreH Islari, Cue# Bay, Mt.
Cliff Island
The increase in the number of visi
tors at this resort, over that of last
year has been marked. The demand
for cottages greater, and several new
ones have been built this season. The
Aucocisco house has been well filled
and Mr. Prescott has made quite a
reputation for himself in his manage
ment of the hotel. The work of the
Cliff Island Improvement society, has
progressed in many directions: a trav
elll*»? library has been started which
will be permanent in its benefits
throughout the year. Street lamps
and lighting make the main thorough
fare safer for evening pedestrians. Bul
letin hoards for the publishing of no
tices add to the convenience of those
•who are thus Informed >f any forth
coming performances, lectures or en
tertainments. Rubbish barrels have
been placed at different points and
altogether It Is safe to say that Cliff
Island Is booming.
Montpelier, Vt„ has its first repre
sentation here this season, by Mrs.
F. J. Pftklns and family, who arrived
on Thursday to pass several weeks.
Mr. Pltklns Is shortly expected and
will spend bis vacation with his fam
rhi> R. 8. Hodges family of Somer
vllle. Mass., who have been occupying
^fnco cottate for a number of weeks
left on Monday to return to their home
in Massachusetts after a most enjoya
ble sojourn at Cliff.
The Frederic Hearle family of Wor
ester left Ratnriay for a return home
after a most enjoyable sojourn here
of several weeks. 8unset View cottage
which has been occupied by Mr.
Searle's family has been leased by
the Perclval Bodges of Went brook for
the remainder of the season and who
arrived the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Swett of West
brook are among some of the late com
ers to Cliff hut none the less welcome.
They are pleasantly domiciled at the
Griffin cottage, located on the ocean
side of the island, and which was va
cated on Monday by the house party
of We*tbrook young ladles who have
been enjoying a three weeks' outing
The Misses Angle and Mal.el Rally
of Woonsocket, R. |„ left on Mondsy.
after a most enjoyable visit with Prof.
Wo BtaafMltn ud mrry la rtoek lto* of Roproduotlom.
O. H. LA If OB. formerly wKh J. L Wto|«H A Boo, Dcwrrtort, of Bortoa.
Jf«tr England TaL 171-11- CwtOMH Mf laapMt farnltar* daring eowtriMtloB.
Factory, Z*o— Tfco»p>oo »a tiding.
and Mr3. Holden at their cottage.
Miss Mabel Sally has returned to her
home In Woonsocket, but her sister.
Miss Angle, will take a pleasure trip
to Nova Scotia prior to returning
Miss H. Haughney of West brook
made her first visit at this Island, the
past week, calling upon friends at the
Griffin cottage. .
The first race of the Portland Power
Boat Aaaoclatkm, proved so success
ful to the participants that arrange
ments are being made for the second
club run. to be held Saturday and Sun
day, Sept. 8 and 9. The run will be
to'Cliff Island and the Aucoclaco house
will be headquarters for the club. The
details are nearly ready, and It la
announced officially, that the atari will
be at 9 o'clock Saturday morning. It
la Intended to make thla race the most
enjoyable one of the aeaaon, and al
ready a large number have entered
their names, and It la the intention of
the aaaoclatlon to get the greatest
number of boats together poaaible.
The Redding family of Weatbrook
have taken the lfathew cottage which
waa occupied earlier In the aeaaon by
Mrs. George Polllster and family of
Mr. L W. Southard's attractive new
bungajow occupies a commending site.
It was built by Mr. Southard himself
In the short space of three weeks. He
contemplates the erection of another
slmllsr one this fall.
Mrs. F. S. Webster and daughters,
the Misses Clara and Olive Webster
of West Newton, Mass., are recent ar
rivals at Cliff cottage and will remain
until September first.
A meeting of the executive board of
Cliff Island Improvement Society was
held on Thursday evening with Mrs.
Flora E. Stone, and considerable busi
ness was brought up for discussion.
Plans for the establishment of a per
manent library -were formed. Mrs.
Charles Hunter being appointed chair
man of a special committee chosen to
solicit and collect books for that pur
considerable work is being done for
the improvement of the condition of
the streets. It is hoped that six ad
ditional street lights will soon be in
stalled. which together with those in
present use installed the first of the
season, will prove of the greatest pos
sible convenience to island pedestri
The matter of erection of much
needed bath houses is still being agi
tated by some of the summer visitors,
one party going so far as to state that
he will give several days' work and
another has offered to contribute some
hardware. Will not some enterpris
ing person contribute towards the nec- j
essary lumber that a start on the
bath houses may be made this pres
ent month?
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Woodbury are
receiving congratulations of their
friends, upon the birth of twin boys,
Howard Elmer and Harry Joseph,
weighing seven pounds each.
Some who have been at Cliff cottage
since July are planning to return home
this week, but are almost loth to leave.
Mrs. Southard has the happy faculty
of always planning some pleasure for
her guests, either a trip around the
bay in the "Skiioo." a pretty up-to
date motor boat, belonging to Mr.
Soutnard. or a day's outing to som<» of
the adjacent islands. The amply filled
lunch basket containing all sorts of
appetizing good things, so tempting
and nice for a picnic dinner. The
evening concerts, too, are much en
Joyed by the guests, plenty of good
music being furnished by the phono
Mr. and Mrs. Southard are always
so thoughtful in looking after the wel
fare and comfort of their guests that
Cliff cottage has established this sea
son a reputation second to none as a
popular domain. At the present time
every room, both at the cottage and
bungalow is occupied, and people
seeking accommodations here have
been forced to try elsewhere. Mr.
Southard contemplates building one or
more bungalows before another sea
Peaks Island
The annual reunion of the Eighth
Maine Rearlment Association was held
Wednesday at Association building.
Some 175 veterans, accompanied by
their wives, were In attendance for
dinner. After the dinner a business
meeting was held and the following
oflicors chosen for the ensuing year:
President, L. P. Woodward. Lisbon
Falls; vice-presidents, T. G. Harding.
Monroe, O, B. Canweall, Dorchester,
Mass.; secretary and treasurer, M.
D. Jacobs, Stratton; necrologist and
historian, Gustavus Pease. Rath; ex
ecutive committee, Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
8. Dutch, Alfred; Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Larrabee, of New Gloucester; H. B.
Sawyer of Auburn.
This meeting was followed by one
of the directors, at which the follow
ing trustees were elected: Col. B. A.
True. Newton Highlands, Mass.; Capt.
J. H. Hewitt. Thomaston; C. E. Mar
shall. Portland. These organized with*
the choice of Col. True as president.
Major Hewitt as secretary, and Mr.
Marshall as treasurer and custodian.
Miss Ella Thayer, who has spent
many consecutive summers here, has
again arrived at the Island. Miss
Thayer Is well known as the authoress
of many children's stories.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry I>awrence of
Hopedale. Mass.. are at Peak's for a
ten days' sojourn.
Mr. and Mrs. Wslter B. Robinson of
Natlck, Mass.. are among the week's
arrivals, and will remain for most of
September. Mr. Robinson has pur
chased considerable valuable land here
and Is one of the liberal supporters of
the island He has been making an
nual pilgrimages to Peak's for about
a quarter of a century.
Judge and Mrs. Emery Grover of
Needham. Mass., have been guests of
Miss Lillian Chandler (leading violin
1st of the Gem theatre orchestra), at
Glencoe cottage
Arlington. Mass.. Is represented
this season by Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Wil
liams. who have taken recently the
Peabody cottage on Welsh avenue for
the remainder of the season
Mr. and Mrs. Richardson, accotnpnn
led by their daughter, of Worcester.
Mass.. arrived the past week.
Recent comers to Machlgonne cot
tage are Mrs. Osorge C. Spear, of
Eaatoo, Maine, Miss Bather Cathcurt.
and Miss Newcomb of* 8om®nrllle,
A Jolly party of young ladle* who
style themselves as the "Its," hare
been occupying the Toomey cottage
for the past two weeka.
Both the Fifth Maine and the Kl}hth
Maine bnHdinga are sheltering many
summer visitors.
H. E. Hartmler and daughters, the
Mlaaes Ella and Rosalind Hartmler, of
Pmterson. N. J., are vlaltors at Peak'a
for an extended sojourn.
Ex-City Electrician George L. Flckett
and Mrs. Flckett of Portland were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Flckett at
the Mlzsen-Top cottage the first of
the week.
Boston summer visitors who n*e
passing their first season at Peak's
are Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Steadfast,
who have leaaed the Baker cottage un
til September 1st.
Dr. D. R- Atwell, a prominent physi
cian of Hoboken. N. J., accompanied
by Mra. Atwell and daughter, Mia*
Claudia Atwell, are among the lateat
arrivals here.
Many of Them Are Also Known to
Be Thieves and Highwayman.
All the great groups of the animal
kingdom Include numerous forms
which are murderous by profession,
though, as their object is to obtain
food, a Jury would probably consider
them as guilty of "justifiable animal
icide" only.
Such are birds and beasts of prey;
crocodiles, which drown their prey
under water; snakes which swallow
their victims alive; lizards and frog*
which slaughter Insects, worms and
other small creatures by the thou
sands, cuttlefishes, which use their
sucker-studded tentacles to enfold
other animals in a deadly embrace;
scorpions and spiders, which poison
insects and suck their juices, and
myriads of forms still lower in the
scale but equally remorseless.
Some of these creatures, however,
when in a savage mood, not only kill
for the sake of satisfying the crav
ings of hunger, but from mere blood
thirstiness, and this is murder, pure
and simple. Weaseles and their kind,
also otters, furnish the best exam
ples of this undesirable propensity.
Those unpleasant creatures known
as parasites, which live on the out
side, or. It may be, within other ani
mals. take toll of the blood or juice
of their victims, which may in the
end die of sheer weakness, though
usually their persecutors like them
to remain alive as long as possible,
so that they may continue to act as
living larders.
Sometimes murder is deliberately
planned with malice prepense in such
cases, though the artful schemer is
not the aetual murderess, but leaves
the foul*:t*ed to be perpetrated by
her offspring.
This Is tbe case with ichneumon
flies, where the female lays her eggs
in some other creature, often a fat.
Juicy caterpillar, so that the young
when they hatch out are surrounded
by nourishing food, commonly finish
ing up by reducing their unwilling
host to a mere skin.
Piracy upon the high seas is the
recognized profession of the Skuas,
marine birds with hooked beaks, and
talons to their webbed feet. These
ingenious animals lie in wait for sea
gulls, which • have been out fishing,
and chase thees unfortunate birds
until they disgorge their booty, which
is then snapped up before It can
reach the water.
If an obstinate gull refuses to do
this It Is often shaken by the tall til
the desired end Is attained.
Some of the most confirmed rob
bers are found among Insects. Vari
ous bees are examples of tbls. mak
ing raids upon the honey of their
relatives. Even domesticated swarms
sometime become lazy and thievish,
and persistently rob their neighbors,
much to the disgust of the bee mas
The stores of honey laid up by
bees and wasps also proves too great
a temptation for some other Insects
to resist. The most Interesting of
these forms are the so-called "cuckoo
parasites." which guided by pervert
ed parental love, lay eggs within the
hive or nest. Here we And snugly
quartered in consequence the grubs
of oil-beetles, which devour the honey
and the caterpillars of certain moths,
which gnaw tbe combs.
Food is not the only object of
thievish attention, for, as is well
kpown, ravens, Jackdaws, and mac
pies purloin and bide all sorts of
glittering objects, and in this way
have often led to groundless accusa
tions being brought against Innocent
human beings.— Pearson's Weekly.
"I have a good many amusing expo
rlences with my ear trumpet,** sail
the deaf man, "but a new one happen
ed yesterday. A man came up to mi'
In the afreet, and as I saw he wanted
to speak. I took oat my trumpet. H«
heaan to pour forth some tale of woe
which sounded very fishy' to me, ao
I cut him short and walked on. Th"
trumpet was tucked under my arm.
with the mouthpiece behind me. Pres
ently 1 felt something touching m#
lightly, and It seemed as If the trum
pet was being mored. I turned quick
ly. and what do you suppose It wasT
My beggar had followed me, refusing
to give up hope, and waa trustfully
continuing his bard-luck story Into the
inouth of the trumpet, regardless of
tbe fact that the other end was no
where near my ear. The thing struck
me as being so funny that I waa extra
Tsgant enough to throw him a quar
ter."—From the New York Tlmta.
Leidfag bouse on this Island, commanding a fins ties of ftka
bay. Pins grove alongside ths house whsrs rockers snd hsmmoeka
are for the use of guests. Bathing-, boating and fishing. Class
Bake House sccommodstee 4U0 with dancing privile es. Claa
FsVtrt and bhore Dinners served here. Open June 15 to Sept. Ul
Two steamboat lines. Bates and circulars ou application.
Eastern Arms & Cycle Co.
Ill Oily Camplata Caaira Supply and Sparting Gaods Hani ia Main
Everything for the Tourist In These Lines
All Mail Orders promptly attended to. Developing and
Printing for amateurs a specialty. You can safely send
rolls of film by mail.
W H Chasp Mar 182 Middle 8t.Portlend.Me.
■ «• viiabuy mgr. opposite Postomce
and Annexes—J ast across from
the Gem Theatre
Famous for Its Shore Dinners
8erred daily from 6 to 8 p.m.
Orchestra conducted by Mrs. Robert Ely.
formerly ot the Gem Theatre orchestra,
The Chebeague Bowling
Alleys and Casino
Four regula
tion alleys in
one of the fin
est buildings
for the pur
pose on the
Maine coast.
Alleys can be
engaged for
private par
ties. Finely
lighted and
parfectly ad
justed. Cigars
and Confec
tionery. Light
Drinks. Ice
Cream. Fool
Table l.i di« a* H» ception R< cm. Don't fail to visit the Casino
while y>>u are 10 C'asco bay. All are welcome. Steamers land
often. Merrlam Pt.. East End Chebeague
W. A. MKIIIIIAW, Manigtr.
House Lots at Chebeague Island
Tbs Llttlsflsld property it Cbvbtant Island, Mains, oomprlalng
sbost two hundred seras, la now on tos market la lots to an It tbs par*
cbsser. Oar property Imm fins abors prlTll«(ts with sxosllsnt spring
water, and Iks location Is nnanrpssaed oa this lalsnd. Lota sold Nb]*ot
tooondltl n of contract. Onr prkxs srs lowsnd It will bs for jronr ad
vantage tocur property bafora deciding. Correapondencssttsndsd to
psraonslly. Addraaa
A. R. LITTLEFIELD, Great Chebeague, Me.
Chebeaeue'e Home Bakery and Ice Cream Parlors
We are baiter i re pa red tble eeneon I ban erer to aarre oar many patrons wttfe
everything In oar lino. Remember all oar work ie done on tbe premieee and roar
MtMd tnt elMe. Oar to* nream end tone are oar own make and we deliver la largo
or email qaantlttee to any part of the la la ad. Oar doHrerr wagon will deliver at
abort notion. Lane baa aaitad at all b<*re and pat up to take oat. Oooklna to or
der. Wa oarrr bottle eream and ftne print battar. Remember oar location le oast
tali* Pentosan.
WEBBER A HAMILTON, Cbebeague Itlni
lommmt ain> ice cream shop
Opn, Tilnn. Tr" * Mvwrt It Or*r t| Qnrt tr Mln

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