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Our Store Will Be Wide Open
Also the Other Saturdays in August
Tbm Btor* of Qo*Uty
We're a Specialty Store
Dealing in Gloves, Hosiery, Waists, Neck
wear, Belts and Veiling, and we know our
business thoroughly. We know how to
buy-where to buy—what to buy—and
when you buy here you leave feeling sat
isfied with your purchase, knowing that
the goods are right in styie, quality and
price. •
Mrs. William A. Trufant
| Opp. the Postoffice
Chebaasue Island. Main*
Boarder* can have home Ilk* aooomo
4atlon here with large, miry chamber*.
Bate* on application. Open June 20 to
Sept. 20.
William A. Trufant
Hamilton** landing, Chcbeagne
Island, Maine.
Parties can aocue pleasure boata of all
kinds for all occasion*, aim Naphtha
Launches capable of carrying twenty pas*
senders with experienced men in charge.
Row boats to let at reasonable charges.
Wharf Privileges to lot.
Chebeague'i Largeat and Best Stocked
Groceir and Provision Store
everything of tbe best at lowest cash prioes. Oar Meat Dept. is always wall stocked.
Oar teams visit all sections of the Island several timee daily to collect and deliver or
ders. We want roar trade and will try and please too- Remember oar looation—
Hamilton's Landing, Cbebeegne.
Tbe finest livery and boarding •tables in Casco Bay.
Oar three stables are equipped to handle all the bual
ness of this place ana we are prepared to (orniah
teams with careful driver* st any hour of the day or
night. Expressing snd moving of sll kinds reoeive
prompt ana careful attention. Have all your bag
gage checked in care of A. E. Pink ham, Baggage
Master, South Harpswell, Maine.
Littlefield & Co., Grocers
109-111 Commercial St., Portland and Peak's Island, lie.
We make a specialty of supplying Hotels. Cottages, Schooners
and Yachting Parties. In fact we hare everything in onr line.
Order Teams visit all parts of Peak's Island several times daily.
Our Prices are Right—Prompt Service—Everything F/ret C/ase
Ash Point
on Cnsco Bay's most
— beautiful shore.
L/H« JPAULPING, So, Harp swell, Me,
George A. Greene
Lrag Island, Mala*
Cottage Work a Specialty. Dealcner and
builder of lentil new weat cod cottage*.
Eatimatee cheerfully given at any time.
Fred S. Purrington
lfortk Harp*well, Me.
of all patterna from 12 to 00 ft.t built and
flnlabed in any at.vle ef wood. Alio Roata
and Tenders, all baiit by the day or con
tract. I will be glad to aatimate 011 any
Job large or amalL Pleaae give me a call.
Contract work carefully performed.
Jobbing, repairing or altering promptly
attended to.
WIL80N BR08.
Orr's Island, M«.
Laaachat, Yaalrta ail Mir Baits
Of Bf«rj Dwtrlyllin
Tarda >nd ibopt it Orr's bland, Mt.
Bftt of workmanship g airtotMd. Put
models or hmry seagoing boats. Agents
for all makas of gasolene fD|lnn. Ba
•ara and get oar prices before ordering
boate of any description. Prompt deliv
ery. Best of references.
Chandler'a Military
Band and Orcheatra
Any combination of musician* from
an orchestra of thraa piacaa to a mili
tary band of forty, furnished at abort
notice. Headquarters, VT Monument
aqoare. TaL 1(43-12. C. M. Brooke
agent. .
American Dairy Lunch
190 Mlddla St., Portland, Main*.
Nearly opposite Use poet* fled
ICUk, Cream, etc., freeb from dairy
farm daily. Beet of food, qnlckeet ear
▼tea, reasonable prices Visit ns
when la towa.
...McLELLAN S...
Tents, Boat Covers, Spray
Hoods and Awnings
are the Best.
$«/»</ for Cata/ogu»
Boston, Jfas#,
At Chebeagne Island, farm house
and stable, 19 acres of land, high
est point on island, spring water,
beautiful groves, honse recently
remodeled, three open fire places,
hard wood floors.
Fine bargain for some one
Price $4000.
Address care Caaoo Bar Breaie,
Boi 212, Portland, Me.
Don't Call Again.
The finest aa well as the latest and
most lux:ir'ous barber shop on Broad
war has flashing In front of It thin
electric sign: "No tips."* Within the
shop Is posted this notice: "If you
hare tipped the barber, pleaae do not
call again." That mar sound Inhos
pitable. but It la sound buslneas poller
as well as good ethics. Men who bare
mon*»r of their own or moner belong
Ing to their emptorers to throw awar
are not concerned over the tipping
mtH ; bat the majorttr of Americana
prefer to par ooe price for an article
or aerrlce. and to par that openlr and
above board. The question of com
pen sat Ion for barbers, waiters and oth
ers who serve the public fa between
them and their emptor era. Customers
are not ccacerned la It Moat persons
would rather par the caahler a doable
rate than par half at the deak and
half claadeaUnelr In the form of a
tip—Rochester Democrat and Chroni
Birch Island
A song service was held on the
green. Sunday evening. About 60 peo
ple were present. Mr. Edward A.
Th'.nijBon trave seleveral solos, Mr.
l>Prohon ond Mr. Thompson sang a
duet, and the chorus singing was most
enjoyatle. The service concluded by
sume selections of sacred music very
effect! .-ely rendered by the fine Vic
tor phonograph of Mr. Thomas Ryan.
On Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Ta>lor and Miss Winifred Taylor of
Worcester came to visit their aunt,
Mr*. U. A. Gillette of Brookllne, at
her cottage on Arlington avenue.
Mts. Robert Bartley gave the use
of her cottage on Thursday evening
for a dance. The verandas were hung
with colored lights and cushioned
chairs made the corners cozy for co
lookers. Punch was served during
the evening. Several vocal selections
entertained the company during the
Mr. Julius Meyer, who has been reg
istered at the Johnson Farm for the
week left on Sunday for his home at
Mrs. Bryant and Miss Bryant of
Somerville have arrived at the Farm to
remain until September.
Among those who went to Bruns
wick the last week to attend the wed
dit:g of Miss Charlotte Chandler were
Mrs. E. A. Chandler, Miss Arline
Chandler, Miss Oakes, Miss Booker
and Miss Webb.
Mrs. D. A. Booker returned with her
daughter and they have as guests,
Mrs. Elliott and Miss Webb of Bruns
Mr. E. A. Sleeper left on Tuesday
for his home in Waltham after a fort
night spent on the island.
Friday afternoon Miss Allie Booker
entertained a few friends informally
at bridge whist. Tea and sandwiche3
were served.
Mr. Marland I* Pratt, who took a
short trip to Boston during the week
returned on Saturday. He brought
with him the handsome loving cup
given for the quoit tournament. This
was engraved as follows:
Birch Island
Handicap Quoit Tournament
August 9. 1907.
First Prize
Emlljr Shepard Felt.
It is of particularly graceful shape
and much admired. It is now on ex
hibition at the postofflce.
Mrs. B. S. Marsh of California, who
has been visiting at her old home in
Tenants Harbor, came back to Birch
Island on Monday. Mrs. Marsh and
her sister, Mrs. Sleeper will remain
at the Farm House until September.
A most delightful candy pull was
given by the Wymans on Friday even
ing. Aprons were much in demand
and the fudge a great success although
the molasses candy was especially the
"feet-ure" of the evening.
Cousin's Island
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Colson and little
daughter Klisabeth spent tbe day with
friends at Yarmouth Friday, going via
Casco Castle and returning by motor
boat from Drlnkwater's Point.
Dr. Toohey and friends are at the
Talbot cottage for the remainder of
the season.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Prince entertain
ed quite a party of their friends oner
On the lGth a party composed of
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tuttle of Hart
ford, Conn., Mr. Jones and son Wil
liam of Cambridge. Mais., Mlas Grang
er of Richmond, Va., Mis* Martin of
Walllngford, Coon., the Rer. O. H.
Dennlnon of Hackensack. N. J., Miss
Jones of Rye, N. Y.t Miss Bassford.
Miss Stephenson and the Rer. and
Mrs. F. 8. Moore of New York, look
tlte trip to Oumet bridge and enjoyed
a shore dinner at the Wigwam.
Rer. and Mrs. W. H. Way good and
family, who hare been at Daybreak
cottage the past month, hare returned
to their home In Penniiyivanla Thurs
Mr. Rldpath has now joined his fam
ily at this cottage.
A birthday dinner was glren it
Daybreak cottage on Tuesday. Aug.
1*. In honor of Rer. W. H. Way good
and Miss Hannah K. Pearson A
toothsome course dinner was serred.
Those present were Mrs. W. H. Way
good, M!«s Jamison. Miss Pearson.
Mrs. Wm. Rldpath. William and Lewis
Rldpath. James and lionise Waygood.
and the "birthday twins." Presents
were distributed from a besutlfully
trimmed tree. During the erening
games snd rhsrsdss were enjoyed.
Bach one of the company acted In
pantomime one of the following
stunts: Rowing. Casco Bay bathing; i
carrying buckets of water; Ashing; |
washing; making bread; sketching;
dish washing; having your picture tak
en; picking berries. The words act
ed in the charades were; Theologian,
daybreak, mantel, misunderstand. At
the close of the evening the "Daybreak
Quartette" sang the following song,
which was composed for the occasion:
Cousins Isle!
Tune: Maryland, My Maryland.
The dancing wave is on thy shore,
Cousins Isle, O Cousins Isle;
We love thy bright scenes more and
Cousins Isle, O Cousins Isle;
We come away from the city's strife.
To breathe anew the peaceful life
WIt*i which thy air is ever rife,
Cousins Iblfc, O Cousins Isle.
We love tby woods and waters too,
Cousins Isle, O Cousins Isle,
Our pleasure*1 Lcre are not a few,
Cou&lns Isle. O Cousins Isle.
The daylight woos to wood and shore
At right our i earth-fire's hovered
When ©l;l and young play games gal
Cousin* Isle, O Cou.--.ns Isle.
Now our good ft lend, now our good
ft lend.
Congratulations to you we extend;
All bail lo you, your natal day.
And for your future welfare pray.
May coming years with joys be rife.
May blessings many crown your life.
And when the summer days you'd
Juki come sguin to Cousins Isle.
The sun shone brightly on the group
of boy8 and girls numbering twenty,
whose ages ranged from four to four
teen. that gathered by Invitation on
Wednesday afternoon in the attrac
tive cottage of Mrs. H. C. Thornton
on the shore of beautiful Casco bay.
Words would fail to express the en
joyment the young folks had In the
games of "Hunting for peanuts."
' Drop the handkerchief," "Blow out
the candle while blindfolded," ••Strip'
the willow to the music of the combs,"
ending in a grand march to seats for
refreshments, which were of a varied
and liberal supply. Pull justice was
done the raspberry jam sandwiches,
ice cream, cake, confectionery, lemon
ade and the snapping bon-bon that put
a cap on every head. The "wonder
ball" as a final in Its almost endless
unwrapplng8 gave a souvenir to every
little gue.st. Three cheers and a tiger
were their adieu as they passed
through the gate which ended the
event. Among the guests were the
little fairy, Margaret Harris. Elizabeth
Colson. Catharine Frederlcksohn, Isa
belle and Phillip Van Doren, DorU
and Winifred Glover, Evelyn Prime,
Ixrolse and James Waygood. I^eonard,
Moore, Ruby and Marion Tuttle, Wil
lie Jones, Levis and William Rid
path, Howard and l^eslle Hamilton.
Robert and Bunnie Harris. Many of
the relatives were spectators and ex
pressed having had as good time as
the children at this, the first affair of
the kind on the Island, pronounced a
success. The ladies of "Plr Ledge"
are to be congratulated In having con
tributed a ray of sunshine that will be
perennial In the lives of these children
as their first party.
Miss Mary B. Martin of Walling
ford. Conn., after a very enjoyable vis
it at the Ridge house, left today for
an extended tour of the Berkslilres.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith and friends of
Cambridge. Mass.. arrived at the Sea
Breeze cottage today for the rest of
the season.
Italy to Experiment with the Austra
lian Blue-eye to Suppress Plague.
By the mall steamer Klelst from Syd
ney, a curious consignment Is expected
—a quantity of fish to combat the mos
quito plague.
Count Morner, the 8wedlsh consul it
Sydney, discovered that the pseudomu
gll sHcnlfler. or blue-eye, as the fish is
called In Australia. Is a voracious feed
er on the larvae of moaqultoes and that
the fish can live ui flourish in com
paratively shallow water.
The Italian government wss Inform
ed through the Swedish minister at thf
Qulrlnal of Count Morner's Investlga
tlons and asked the latter and the Ital
ian consul at Sydney to procure and
ship immediately some thouaands of
the blue-eye to Italy with the object
of Introducing them Into the malarls
stricken portions of the kingdom.
The blue-eye belongs to the famlh
of the atheiinldae and Is from one ani
a half to two Inches long.—Naples cor*
respondent of the New York Sun.
It Is estimated by the head of one
of the large tobacco establishments o!
New York that at least $6000 worth
of tobacco Is dally thrown away in
the city In nnconsumed cigars and cig
We often talk a good deal abotr
the salvation of souls In order to es
cape service for the Miration of so
First shipment new Cape Gloves,
made of excellent quality im
ported cape leathers, prtx
sesm and new embroidery,
each pair carefully selected,
warranted, fitted and kept in
repair. Black, white and new
fall colors .$1.00
Fall importation, two clasps,
light medium weight Gloves,
sewn, overseam. Made by the
best maker of Europe, of care
fully selected prime quality
leather, positively the "best
wearing and best looking
gloves for the price. We fit
and warrant every pair..$1.00
Lot of white elbow length Lisle
Gloves, Mousquetaire wrist. In
white, marked from $1.25, 75c
Elbow length Milanese Suede
Lisle Mousquetalre Gloves,
black, white, mode and gray,
value $1.50 $1.00
The Veiling
New lot of Tuxedo Face Veil*,
spotted and plain, black,
brown, white and navy, at our
special price 25c
Extra quality Chiffon Auto Veils
3 yards long, and the new
Square Veil $1.00
Same quality Chiffon, 1 1-2 yds,
Just received some new and
handsome effects in Silk
Bows, all colors 25c
Special values new Embroidered
Coat Sets, new designs neat
ly embroidered 50c
New designs Embroidered Linen
Collars 25c
Lot of fine Allover Embroidery
Waists, distinctly new pal
terns, open back, 3-4 sleeves.
value $1.50 98c
Small lot White Lawn Waists,
slightly crushed, sizes 36 to
42 inclusive, were 98c and
$1.50 65c
Small lot White Batiste Waists,
open back, long sleeves, front
of lacs and handsome embroi
dery, were $2.98 $1.50
Medium weight Silk Lisle
Stockings, double soles, heels
and toes. The best wearing
stocking for the money, worth
38c. Ask for S647 29c
Medium weight "Themico" Lisle
Stockings, double soles, heels
and toes, special 25c
Imported Maco Cotton Stock
ings with unbleached cotton
split soles. Hermsdorf dye,
double soles, heels and toes,
worth 38c 25c
Very sheer gauze Lisle Stock
ings. •'Theniico" brand, dou
ble soles and toes, high spliced
heels and garter tops, excep
tional value at
....3 pairs $1.00, per pair 35c
Fine quality Silk Lisle Hose,
very sheer and silky, Herms
dorf dye, double soles, heels
and toes, good 50c value
... .3 pairs $14)0, per pair, 35c
Very fine gauge, sheer gauze
Lisle Hose, the finest quality.
also same quality in Silk
Lisles 50c
Children's School Hose, fast
black, lxl rib, fine gauge and
light weight, regular 25c val
ues 17c
Congress and Oak Streets
Eoth Ti!«ph3ies. Agmj for Unhrirui Landry. Ordtrs Tsku for Lobsters sad Fish
Trefetl&eii & Swett Co.
Wholwlw and Retailer* of
lapcrtitf »d Domestic Groceries, Hotel, Yicht aid Faicy Fiaily Supplies
Eipeciil attention la fmn to packing perishable goods so that they will
arrive in perfect condition.
130-132 Commercial Street, Portland, Maine
Head of Portland Pier. The old Ryan AKelaey Store.
$14 and $15 Suits at
Fancy Worsteds, Blue Serges, Black
Worsteds, Black Tbibets. Each and every
Suit is positively the Greatest Suit value
in town at their former price, $14 and
$16, but we need the room for fall and
Winter goods and are determined to clean
them up at once, $9.85.
These Suits are medium weight and
are therefore Suitable for all year round
JT.50 Ml SB Oiting Slid it
Nearly two month*of warm
weather yet. Lota of comfort
aod style at a very small
price. 8*e these Snits, they
will interest yon if yoa ap
preciate values.
$3.00 Oiling Putt il
Dark sod light patterns,
well tailored tronsern. Toa
can always nee an extra pair.
They are exceptional values
even if yon keep them until
next season.
6009YEAB WELT >3 SHOES ■IllM, hick ■ n<1 Jw o « for.ll >!.»!
"Iv«rythlng M«n and Boyt W«ar"
266 Middle 8tf Portland, Me.

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