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ES TA 111.1*11 KI>
Of All Descriptions and Best Quality
Look at the Florence
Automatic Oil Stoves
and Be Convinced.
Cor. Exchange and Federal Sts. Portland, Maine
F- E. Haskell, President
Make your vaca
tion wardrobe
complete with, a
pair of thin trou
sers in flannel or
$2.45, $2.98 t° $4.00
26-28 Monument Sq. Portland
Brighten Up Your Auto Top
Leather Cushions, Hood or Lamp
The easiest thing in the world to make a dingy Mohair or
Pantasote top look as fresh and bright as new with
a dressing prepared especially for the purpose. Renews
Leather Cushions, and saves the need of polishing Brass
Lamps, as two cents will Rive the lamp that soft velvety
black effect, that requires no polishing.
Charles M. Hay Paint Co.
8-12 Free St., Portland, He.
4 Exchange 8t. Noar All Steamboat Landing#. Phone 488fl
Annual Fair
Hill Crest Hall to be the Scene of the
Popular Event.
The annual fair of the Ladies'
Church Aid of the Oliebeague .Metho
dist church will take place at Hill
Crest Hall, Great Chebeague, Thurs
day, August 13, from 3 to 5 p. ni. and
7 to 10 p. in. This yearly event con
ducted by this active society is always
one of the social events of the season
and this year it gives promise of be
ing a greater success than ever before.
An efficient committee under the chair
manship of .Mrs. Howard S. Hamilton,
are at work daily completing their
plans, and from present indications the
success of the affair will exceed any
fair conducted by this worthy organiza
tion. The ladies are trying to realize
the sum of two hundred and fifty dol
lars this year and while this is a
much larger amount than they usually
secure, they feel that with the co-oper
ation of all the people they will easily
accomplish their desires. All the
people on the islands in years past
nave ueen most gracious in assisting
by either the purchasing of admission
tickets, donations of articles, food, etc.,
or as a great many prefer, to attend
and patronize the different tables. The
committee will be most grateful for
donations for any of the different
tables and will call for the same if
notified. The following are in charge
of the tables, Domestic table, Mrs.
Aaron Cleaves, Mrs. Bertrand Dough
ty; Food table, Mrs. John Rose;
Punch table. Miss Mattie Littlefield;
Flower table, Miss Clara Webster;
Candy table, Mrs. Winfield Hamilton,
Mrs. Martin 13. Hamilton; Pink table,
Mrs. R. J. Thompson; Dutch counter,
Miss Marie Robbins and assistants.
Tea table. Misses Albion; Ice cream
table, Mr. B. J. Thompson and Mr.
John Rose. There are numerous
fairs held annually at the various is
lands of the bay, which are always
generously patronized by the liberal
members of the summer resident col
ony, and this fair is the one Che
beague is proud of, as it represents
an immense amount of work, and is
always well ^ttapderi and , natfonizef',
[ by a Targe number. I
Hill Crest
Notes of Interest Concerning Affairs
at the Hotel.
This popular hotel is entertaining
over one hundred guests at this
writing and by the end of this week
every available accommodation will
be taken. August will see the hotel
crowded and already Proprietor
Charles W. Hamilton is engaging
rooms in all the adjoining houses and
cottages. The social life at the ho
tel is most active, dancing, sailing
and fishing parties being the princi
pal attractions. Friday morning last
fifteen of the guests enjoyed a fine
sail returning in time for dinner.
Mrs. David Lope/. Cordozo of New
York City arranged this pleasant, di
version. Saturday evening a de
lightful hop was given at Hill Crest
Hall and this affair was the principal
social event of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. William Trower and
two children of 'Montreal, Canada
registered Tuesday of last week for
an extended sojourn. The family are
delighted with the hotel and island
and already they consider Chebeague
an ideal vacation spot. Mr. Trower
is a member of the firm of Short and
Trower, Real Estate and Investment
nroKers, Victoria square ana hi.
James Sts., Montreal. They also have
offices at Toronto and London.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Mann of
Roston, Mass., registered last week
for a three weeks vacation. They
were here last year and have many
friends at the hotel. 'Miss A. P. Bar
ker of Stoneham, Mass., accompanied
them here.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H.'ReedofNew
York City were among the arrivals of
last week. They are here for a
short sojourn. Mr. Reed is the New
York manager of The John Church
Co., 39 West 32nd. street.
Messrs. W. Q. McQuarrie and E. C.
Sutherland, of Boston, Mass., both of
whom are well known here among
guests of former years, registered Sun
day for their annual two weeks' va
cation. They were gladly welcomed
by their many irlends here.
Mr. ('. E. Stone of Attleboro. Mass.,
accompanied by his friend, Earl L.
Townsend, also of that place, arrived
at the hotel, Saturday, for their annual
summer outing. Both young men are
very popular among the younger set
at the hotel and their many friends on
the Island are pleased to have them
among them once again.
Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Rich and daugh
ter, Charlotte, of Peabody, Mass.. are
here at the hotel for an extended so
journ, they having registered last
week. Mr. Rich is of the firm Pepper
Co., confectioners, Peabody, Mass.
MIm Sarah M. Hellmann and Miss
Laura I. Kemp of Newark, N. J., reg
istered, Sunday, for their first vacation
here. Both ladles are already
charmed w1»h the hotel and its auperb
location and they are planning to make
an extended vlait.
Schooner In
edm'Ond f. black puts in
WJ11 Leave Shortly for Her Third
T^be schooner Edmund F. Black,
C&ptain Prank Doughty, of Bailey Is
land, which has always been one of
thfe most successful schooners in
the swordfishing fleet, put into Bos
ton Harbor recently, returning from
her second trip. She brought in
14.5DO pounds of fish which were
disposed-. of at 13% cents a pound.
Each man in the crew shared $91.00
a piece. The schooner will leave
shortly -for the third trip this sea
son- to the Grand Banks. On the
firtjt trip each man made $60.00 for
hfa share.
Peaks Island House
Various Societies Hold Outings Next
Among the organizations which is to
haVe its.outing here next month is the
famous 32nd .Maine Regiment which is
booked for the twentieth day of Au
gust. The Boston Juvenile Players,
under the supervision of Alice I.
Glover, are due to arrive some time
this week or early next. This troupe
of players will be called pleasantly to
mind by all residents of the Peaks
Island House as having been guests at
th^ hotel for seven or eight years past.
Many of the members of tne company,
which was formerly the Dorothea Dix
Co., will later take the stage as their
profession, but at present they are en
joying a summer of travel around the
various resorts, giving concerts, the
proceeds of which go toward making
the season a pleasant one for all con
A- whist was neld last night for the
benefit of the Portland Boys ,Club of
Portland, whose new club house on
Pliim Street is a matter of congratula
tion.; The whist realized quite a sub
trSjg'K.' sum and this will be d,evoted
to wiiatefer the officers of fne club
think most desirable.
As usual, the delightful series of
concerts, which was instituted some
years ago, has kept to its usual high
standard and the concert of last Sun
day night was one of the best so far.
Among the numbers rendered with the
artistic merit for which the Peaks
Island House Trio is famous, were the
Lcutner, Op. 42
Sextet-—Lucia <li Latnmcrmoor
"Cello Solo
OI Dtt Mein Holder Abendstern
Hungarian Dance, Xo. ."i
Ilrall ins
Cavalleria Kusticana. Intermezzo
Sleeping Beauty Ballet
T schaikowsky
Cliff Island
Items of Interest Concerning Recent
.Mr. Eddy M. Coding of Wollaston,
Mass., and Miss Shorley of Maiden,
Mass., also Mrs. W. P. Moore of Mel
rose, Mass., are with Mr. D. E. God
ing at "Sweet BriarV cottage. The
Misses Dodge are so pleased with
Cliff that they have extended their
"Miss Emma Wright of Dedham,
Mass., and Miss Hattie A. Pike of
Fryeburg, Me., have recently been
the over-Sunday guests of the Misses
Laura and Nellie Bennett on Sunset
The usual Wednesday afternoon
tea held in the Cliff Island Library
Building was in charge of the ladles
of the Beeches. It was perhaps the
most successful of all the teas held
so tar this year. The hall was very
prettily decorated and a large a
mount of work was expended by the
ladles in charge to make the affair
a success. Mrs. Bartsch poijred
tea, and was assisted by Miss Wolf,
Mrs. L. Stejenger, and several oth
ers. Mrs. Pettengill, the proprietor
of the Beeches, assisted very materi
ally In furnishing the dainty refresh
ments for the afternoon, and to her,
as well as to the others, much credit
is due for making the afternoon an
unqualified success.
Mrs. T. W. Shield* and family
have entabllnhed themnelven rb uaual
at the Murphy Cottage on Wood
land Road on the Inland, and are he*
In* cordially greeted hy their friendn
on the Inland.
The pant week saw a Rood atart
made on the construction of a flne
year-round home for the McKeena
on Jewella Inland to take the place
of the one which wan hurned last
spring. It will he remembered that
the cottage wan burned In a very
nhort time, and that little or nothing
could he naved from It The Ore
wan mont npectacular at the time.
The new houne \n to be completed an
noon an ponnlble and will be a not
able addition to the island.
Mm. J. C. Coyle and Ml«« Grace
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Gay Times Prevailing at Popular
Sylvester I. Hill is building a cottage 1
on his property in the rear of Bowen's j
souvenir shop. When completed, he J
will occupy the same.
.Miss Maude Richmond, the talented
and popular leading lady at the Jeffer- {
son Theatre, Portland, spent Sunday j
here with her parents,Dr.and Mrs.New- j
eli Johnson, at their summer home on |
the south shore. Many of Miss Rich- j
mond's bay friends are attending the |
matinee performances and on this
week's production "Elevating a Hus-,
band," she has a part well-suited to '
display her exceptional talents.
Mr. and Mrs. Chester C. Soule of
Augusta, Me., are assisting in the man- i
agement of the Chebeague Cash Store j
this season and already they have |
made hosts of friends by their careful ;
attention to the wants of their patrons.
Mr. Soule is athletic instructor in the
Cony High Schol at Augusta.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Soule enter-i
tained a large party at dinner here. ;
Sunday, among whom were Mr. and j
Mrs. Seth Soule and son, Karl, of I
Gorham, Me.; Mr. and Mrs. Chester C. :
Soule of Augusta and others.
The service at Hill Crest Hall, Sun- 1
day evening, was very largely attended .
and the meeting was in charge of Rev. !
W. P. Jackson, pastor of the Methodist j
church. Rev. Paterson-Smythe of Mon
treal, Can., who is here at his cottage
for the summer, preached a most in
structive sermon.
Mrs. Alfred Eastman hunt of Bever
ly, Mass., whose husband is a well
known barrister of Boston, is at the
Dandelion cottage on the South Shore
for a short stay. She is accompanied
by her two young daughters and her
sister, Miss Miriam Kalian of Boston.
Mrs. Lunt, who is conversant in sev
eral languages, has been acting as in
terpreter at the relief station at Salem
since the conilagration in that city.
She also had charge of the bureau
for unemployed women.
Mrs. Gertrude Eaton of Rockport,
Mass., is visiting her sister. Mrs. Bick
nell Hall, at her beautiful estate at
the East End. Mrs. Hall is expecting
her daughter, Mrs. Ray Taylor, and
child to arrive soon. Mr. Preston
Hall, her eldest son, is spending the
week-end with his mother.
Miss K. M. Crabtree, of Boston and
Jacksonville, arrived recently to spend
the summer at "Outlook" cottage on
Sunset Road. Miss Crabtree will have
on exhibition at her studio oil and
water color sketches and arts
crafts silver jewelry, and will give les
sons in painting and basketry. She
has been to Chebeague several sum
mers and lias many friends among the
summer residents.
A very enjoyable motorboat party
followed by a picinc at Big Whale
boat Island was taken last Friday
by several of the younger summer
residents here. A very delightful
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peaks ialattb
Halplj E. iStmir, iHaitagtr
fJraka Sslmtft : : : (Casai IBag, fQaitt?
Famous for years
for its liberal man
agement, supurb lo
cation and fine
shore dinners. Ev
erything modern.
Special orchestra.
Accommodates 500.
Rates, booklets and
floor plans on ap
Finest 25c Dinner Served in This City
Home Cooking, Home Made Pastry, Superba Coffee
Combination Meals every day 2oc. Turkey Dinner Sundays50c- Handy to all electrics.
Beautiful Private Dininjr Rooms for Ladies and Gentlemen.
JOHN A. OLARITr, Proprietor
You Will Find Our Store Full
of Attractive and Useful
Merchandise for Summer
Wright & Dilson Tennis and Golf Supplies, Hammocks, Souvenir
Leather Goods at SOc, 75c and $1. Dainty Fir Novelties at 25c,
50c and $1.00. Hampshire Pottery and Craft Baskets for
your Collage and Piazza from 25c to $8.00. New Fiction at
popular prices. Copyright Editions at 50c. Automobile
Lunch Sets. Icy-Hot Bottles at $1.50, $2.50 and $3.50.
Drinking Cups and Picnic Sets. Correspondence Cards and
Stationery stamped with your cottage die at very short no
tice. Waterman Ideal Fountain Pens. California Abalone
Shell Jewelry from 25c to $3.00. Brass Desk Fittings.
Our Kodak Department is now located
on the First Floor. You will find here
everything in Kodaks and supplies.
Developing and printing.
Monument Square, Portland, Me.

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