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With each outfit of four rooms or more
bought here the remainder of this month
we will give Absolutely Free:
Our Prices Are the Lowest in Town.
Our Terms Are the Easiest in Town.
Don't fail to take advantage of this offer
as you save $16.OO on your chamber
furnishings and get one of the best
mattresses on the market.
Cash or Easy Terms
Cor. Exchange and Federal Sts. Portland, Maine
F. E. Haskell, President
Special for
This "Week
One Hundred $15.00
Suits at
One Half Price
26-28 Monument Sq. Portland
Sponges and Chamois
Sponges for every purpose, from the large, tough
Natural Florida Sponge for washing Automobiles and
Carriages, all through the list, including Coarse Boat
Sponges, and others for washing Ceilings or Harnesses,
up to the finer grade suitable for Bath or Household use.
Oil Dressed Chamois for washing carriages and
autos. Do not harden when wet. Very large variety
and reasonable Free Street prices.
Charles M. Hay Paint Co.
8-12 Free St., Portland, He.
4 Exob»ng« 8t. Near All 8t«ambo«t LftndlnR*. Pbone 4830
Minstrels Success
J Assembly Hall at Chebeague Com
s pletely Crowded.
\ The biggest crowd that has filled
i Assembly Hall at Great Chebeague in
J many a day gathered there last Sat
J urday night to witness the amateur
i minstrel show given by some of the
J summer residents. And they were
, not disappointed in their expecta
i tions, for from start to finish the per
• formance was a real success. A
{ large share of the credit in the per
l formance must be given to the two
I «nd-men, Messrs. J. Harris Newell
j and Fred Komiosy, who in addition
i to keeping their audience in a con
i tinued uproar of laughter with their
[ scintillating jokes, were enthusiastl
! cally received when they sang their
i specialties "You Can't Play Every In
' strument in the Band," and "Smother
i Me with Kisses." Mr. Jack Lambert
i as interlocutor did his work excel
1 lently and ran the proceedings in fine
order. The greatest applause of the
evening was received by Miss Isa
belle West and Miss Esther Cooke
and both were forced to respond to
repeated encores. tiotn sang witn
great brilliancy and artistic feeling
and there was "not a person in the
audience who did not show his ap
preciation by long continued clap
ping. Great credit for the excellence
of the entire performance is to be
given to Mrs. Max West, the accom
panist, who was largely responsible
for the success of the entertainment.
The musical numbers were as fol
l»y the I'eautiful jSea, Opening Chorus
Kanjo Song, Mr. Urace
Mandalay, Entire Company
S nil' Can't i'lav Every Instrument in the
Hand, Mr. Newell
Songs, Miss West
a. A Itirthday
b. Where liloom the Koses
When It's Night Time Down in ISurgunily,
Entire Company
Dance, Miss West and Mr. Couche
All Aboard For Dixie, Entire Company
Moonlight May, Mr. II. A. Cooke
Little Gray Home In The West, Mr. Ileiter
Songs. Miss Cooke
a. Chansons l'rovcncales
h. Open Thy I!lue Eyes
Smother Me With Kisses, Mr. Konilosy
Do You Take This Woman For Your
«"-Lha-:-.I Wile. ^ i.rg^
You're Here and I'm Here, Closing Chorus
Chorus composed of Messrs. II. A. Cooke,
Iltnry Heuer. Roger Howell. Elbert I'race,
Edward Couche. Allen Cooke, Louis Diet*.
End-men: Messrs. Harris Newell and Fred
Konilosy. Interlocutor, John Lambert.
South Harpswell
Many New Arrivals ^till Continue to
Mr. A. G. Betts of Foxcroft who
has been enjoying the summer here,
has gone home to spend a few days,
but will return shortly. His work on
the wells here has been giving great
satisfaction to both winter and. sum
mer residents.
Mr. Edward Adams, who is work
ing with Mr. A. G. Betts, has return
ed to his home in Bowdoin for a
short visit. He, too, will soon return
to his work here.
Mr. W. G. Crowker of Dorchester,
Mass., has come to Harpswell for a
short visit and is much impressed
with the beauties of the place.
Mr. Plumnier Nevins of Lewiston
is at the Jordan White cottage, "Lin
wood," for two weeks and expects to
enjoy a most delightful vacation.
Mr. and Mrs.x F. A. Morey, Miss
Morey and Mr. Edward Pidgin
took advantage of the fine weather i
Sunday to take a trip to Small Point
by motor boat and had 1 a most de
lightful time.
Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Tuttle, Mrs.
Jessie Tuttle. Mr. M. C. Liddell, Mrs.
C. W. Forster and son. Miss Vera
Seeley and Miss Dorothy Seeley have I
returned to New York after spend
ing a very pleasant week here at the |
point. '
Miss Marion Adams, Miss Mary
Robinson and Mrs. Edna Foggenburg
of New York have taken a cottage
here for the rest of the month.
Mr. Donald Liddell and Mr. George
Liddell of New York have arrived
tills week to join in the slimmer
gaieties of the 'point and expect a
very pleasant visit.
Dr. and Mrs. W. W. C. Spencer of
Boston, Mass., have chosen to spend
their vacation here at Harpswell, a
choice which all who know the
point will endorse most heartily.
Thpy expect to be here for the whole
month of August.
Dr. (leorge C. Hall of New Bed
ford. Mass., arrived last week to]
spend a short vacation here.
Mr. O. W. Casser of Portland was
here last week on a business trip,
representing the firm of M. M. Mc
Clane Bros.
Mr. H. K. Nile* and Miss Nelson of
Dover, N. H., have rented Mrs. Je
mima Bibber's cottage on Hurricane
Ridge for the month of August.
Mr. and Mm. George S. Richards
of Boston1 are among the many arriv
als of the past week.
From the number of summer vis
itors who have taken cottages for
this month It looks as if the season
here will he even gayer during Au
gust than It was in July. Not only
are the cottages full, but the hotels
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Chebeague Splits Even
!feats west end but loses
Scores and Accounts of Games of
Past Week.
■», In the first game for the champion
ship of the island between the East
and West End teams, the former
were victorious in a well-played and
exciting game by the score of 2-0.
The game was a pitcher's battle be
tween Mooney and Train, with both
working in topnotch form. Only nine
hits were made by both teams, the
East End gathering four and the West
End five. The winners scored their
fi;st run after two outs on hits by
Howell and Holly with a wild pitch
by Train, and their second when
Holly walked and stole second, third
and home in quick succession. Moon
e?, although not quite so effective as
hi.s opponent, kept the hits well scat
tered, only one opposing batter get
ting as far as third base. The game
whs full of sharp fielding, Whitcomb
and Hall starring for the winners,
with C. Doughty and E. Ross sharing
the honors on the West End team.
The score:
r h el
East End —0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 x—2 4 3
West End—0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0— 0 5 2
^Batteries: Mooney and Holly;
Train and Stanley.
The game on Saturday with the
strong Grossman team of Portland, al
though seemingly one-sided by the
score, was for eight innings as excit
ing and interesting as could well be
idfagined. For six innings neither
side could score but in the seventh
the Crossmans put over four runs, af
ter the side should have been retired.
In the ninth they pounded Whitcomb
and Howell hard and before the side
had been retired, three of the visitors
had been at bat twice. Chebeague
did not make a hit off Fox's delivery
until the ninth, when hits by Nedle
man and Whitcomb sent over their!
only run. The score:
Crossman's — 0 0000041 7—12
Chebeague — 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1—1
Batteries: Fox and Tilden; Whit
comb, Howell, and Holly.
i Peaks Island House
Many New Arrivals During the Past
Last week saw the biggest influx of
visitors at the house this season, over
120 new guests arriving for stays of
some duration, while counting in the
transient visitors, a number several
times the size of that figure was
reached. The season this year has
been very satisfactory in spite of the
discouraging weather through July
and tile first part of August and the
numbers of new arrivals have encour
aged Prop. R. E. Howe greatly. .Most
of those at the hotel now are plan
ning to remain for the rest of the
month or up to Labor Day, so that it
seems probable that the hotel will be
well filled until its close.
The usual Sunday evening concert
was given last week and proved a
most excellently rendered one. The
numbers, which were almost without
exception ones well-known by the
audience, were played with much ar
tistic feeling and understanding; and
the efforts of the musicians were
greatly appreciated by those fortunate
enough to hear them. Perhaps the
favorite among the numbers given was
the 'cello solo by .Miss Mary Martin,
the piece selected being Schumann's
"Traumerei." The complete program
was as follows:
Carmen, Bizet
Cavatina. Raff
Serenade, I'iernc
Traumerei, Schumann
('Cello solo)
Andante, Dancla
Czardas. (Conpclia) Dclilies
Among the guests to register here
last week were Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Onptlll, of Brooklyn, N. Y. Mr. Oup
till was for several years connected
with the Peaks Island House and has
many friends here. He is a graduate
of Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and is
an expert illustrator, It being under
the direction of Mr. Rowe that his at
tention was first turned to this line of
work. A very clever little specimen
of his work was the poster put tip last
week to advertise the mask ball
which is to be held in the hotel ball
room on Friday of this week.
Hill Crest
Several Social Affaira Given by
Gueata Here.
This popular hotel at Great Cheb
eague Inland la having a very succes
ful season and each day many new
guests register for their summer out
ing. The advantages of the Hill Crest
are numerous and every little com
fort that will make for the pleasure
of each guest has the personal atten
tion of the proprietor, Mr. Charles W.
Hamilton. The social life affords
pleasure for all and with the dally
sailing and Ashing parties given, to
gether with the card and dancing par
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News Notes and Comments of Live
At the invitation of Admiral Rob
ert E. Peary, Miss Maud M. Inger
soll of New York City, representative
of the Century Company, who id
spending the summer here, conduct
ed a party of twenty-three on Wed
nesday, August 5, to Eagle Island, the
summer home of Admiral Peai^T
They went in Captain Cleave's boar;
the "Spray", manned by Captaui
George Cleaves and Mr. M. S. Rose.
As they neared the island, the Ad
miral's boatman, Captain Curit,
came out to meet them in his motor
boat and escorted them to the cove
directly in front of the Admiral's
house, called "Ig-loo," the Esqui
mail lur iiome". 1 ne mansion pre
sented a fine apearance on the rocky
eminence, fortified as it is by the
parapet built to protect it from the
inroads of the sea. The guests were
warmly greeted by the Admiral as
they landed on the rocky shore, and
escorted to the veranda where they
were presented to Mrs. Peary. They
paused a few moments on the para
pet in front of the house while the
Admiral pointed out the features of
the landscape, emphasizing the
beauties of the sunsets in the White
Mountain range, behind Mt. Wash
ington. Two wings have been buili
of stone on either side of the house
for the exclusive use of the Admiral.
One of these contains his Arctic rel
ics, the other room Ls his library,
where, surrounded by his books and
maps, he writes anil studies. The
party was now contested along the
path that leads over the rugged is
land to the Southern End. On the
way they passed Miss Marie Peary's
old-fashioned flower garden, wliejre
they came upon and were introduced
to Miss Peary, known as -the "Snow
Baby". Passing through the woods
filled with woodland flowers and wild
raspberry bushes they finally reaclfc
| ed the southern end, where they
found the surf dashing upon the
*ocks from old ocean below. There
was spread before them the whole
expanse or casco Bay, ftoin Cape
. Small Point on the left to Cape EUz
' abeth on the right, with Hahvay Rock
; midway between. It was a rare de
light to pause a moment for rest in
the seat made from the inverted
prow of a dory. Retracing their
steps by the shore path they passed
through Miss Peary's fern valley to
the surrounding pool formed by a
i declivity in the rocks and further
j improved by a wall of stone built at
either end by the Admiral. Just
above this pool they paused again to
rest in the inverted prow of a dory
| used by the Admiral in the Arctic re
gions and showing the marks of the
teeth of the walrus. The last thing
before their return snap-shots were
i taken of the Admiral and his gMest«?,
and the Admiral's beautiful St. Ber
nard dog, Rex. The visiting party
I.was composed of Miss Maud M. In
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JUaks lalatth ?irmt s ?
V j*
Halplf E. &oun?, fHattai^r
Jteaka Sfllmti : : : (Casra Sag, ffiauie
$&&&*, £ ■
Famous for years
- for its liberal man- ,
**mg&merf*?wpu7G lu
cation and fine
shore dinners. Ev
erything modern.
Special orchestra.
Accommodates 500.
Rates, booklets and
floor plans on ap
Finest 25c Dinner Served in This City
i Home Cooking, Home Made Pastry, Superba Coffee
Combination Meals every (Jay 25c. Turkey Dinner Sundays 50c- Handy to all electrics.
Beautiful Private DininK Rooms for Ladies and Gentlemen.
| JOHN A. OLARIT "ST, Proprietor
Fine Leather
This department is one of the largest in
our store and you will find everything
that is new and stylish in leather.
35c, 50c and SI.OO
Handbags in the Latest Shapes
Medicine Cases Tourist Tablets
Jewel Boxes Pocketbooks Card Cases
Wrist Bracelets Collar and Cuff Cases
Pass Cases Bill Rolls
Many smaller novelties too numerous to mention.
Latest War Maps of Europe
—10 Cents Each —
Monument Square, Portland, Me.

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