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Published Every
From June to September.
CROWLEY & LUNT, Editors and Publishers
Office, 92 Exchange Street, Room 5, Portland, Me. Telephone 3517.
TERMS—Summer Season, 50c; Single Copy, 5c.
Advertising Rates On Application.
Advertisers desiring changes must send in copy on or before Monday pre
ceding day of publication to insure insertion.
Week of July 8.
Sun length High Tide
Day Rises Sets Of Day Morn Eve
8 4.14 7.24 15.10 8.30
9 4.14 7.23 15.09 9^5
10 4.15 7.23 15.03 llttH)
11 4.1G 7.23 15.07 10.45
*12 4.17 7.22 15.05 11.30
13 4.17 7.22 15.05 12.00
14 4.18 7.21 15.03 12.15
•New Moon.
On July the fifth at the Portland
City hall the summer Organ concerts
commenced. These concerts are held
especially for the summer tourists who
visit Portland and vicinity. The or
gan which is considered among the
finest in the world and of the first
fivf» in respect to size is played by
Mr. Will C. MacFarlane, America's
premier organist. The concerts are
held daily excepting Saturday and
Sunday from three to four p. m. Last
year these concerts were very popu
lar, many hundred people enjoying
them daily. Mr. MacFarlane will upon
a written request, if possible, play se
lections asked for on the date men
tioned in the request. A unique fea
ture of these concerts is that they
are municipal. A commission ot"
three prominent men is selected who
serve without remuneration. The
proposition is not to make money
but to give to all appreciators of
good music an hour of unparalelled
musical uplift. No person should
leave the bay, without hearing Mr. i
MacFarlane render their favorite se-1
lections on this beautifully toned in
All is lost! The men are having
fashion shows now.
Neutrals are not halt so tired of j
■war as the men in the trenches.
Scientists say that plants feel. Im
agine the feelings of a mashed po
Doughnuts are to be made smaller
in some cities. Why not make the hole
So far as the brass bands are con
cerned, the elections do not come a bit
too often
A deadly parallel of the various of
ficial war reports would be more dead
ly than parallel.
Rats that come from tropical coun
tries on board steamers are highly
undesirable aliens.
Most European rulers will find their
names prominently inscribed in the
others' black books.
Those all-wool suits made of vege
tables ought to go nicely with a turn
up nose and carroty hair.
When a very eminent and respect
able magazine begins to advertise
"Nothing about the war," one almost
suspects that other people are getting
tired of it, too.
As time goes on the number of men
who are proud to have the bartender
call them by their first name grows
steadily smaller.
Monte Carlo reports decreased rev
enues as a result of the war, but this
is a "horror of war" that the world
views with equanimity.
When our prominent writers are not
advertising smoking tobacco they are
purchasing particular kinds of auto
mobiles. It is a hard life.
The old-fashioned man who used to
live seven laps, ahead of his Income
has been forced by hard times to re
duce the distance to three laps.
One reason for calling womankind
the "fickle" sex may be found in the
changing waist line thereof. A man's
waist line stays put in all but circum
ferential measurement.
It Is said that a motor car In Euro
pean war service lasts only about ten
days. Then it is ready for the scrap
heap. Just think of that when you
are struggling with your upkeep!
The public is warned against wash
ing its hair with soap. Sound advice.
Always mix water with it, except when
a thin quality of soap is at hand.
Somebody says the women are going
to wear high silk hats. This will re
lieve mere man of a crushing respon
sibility that he never really enjoyed.
The Liberty bell is to be heard from
coast to coast over the new long dis
tance instead of being sent on a junk
eting trip. These modern inventions
do cut out some of tbe old abuses
A dispatch states that China will
give $25,000 for the murder of an
American. She can get him murdered
much cheaper than that in this coun
try, if the old scale of thug prices 1b
still in force.
Live stock in the United States is
increasing in numbers, according to
the most recent government reports;
and it is the privilege of every one to
say it is high time. A million more
beef cattle than a year ago is one en
couraging item.
The congress of tailors which has
decreed the "Prince Albert" coat
must go are very foolish if they think
the young Daniel Websters and Henry
Clays of the law schools of this coun
try are going to accept any dictation
of that kind.
Bustins Island
unce more Bustins stands in the
limelight and gives her greeting to
all who love her and would know
her. A welcome, spicy with the bal
sam's breath, staunch as the rock
bound coast, and sweet as the songs
of the thousands of birds that are
nesting in her trees. She asks us
to note a few changes and improve
ments: One new cottage on the mid
dle road; additions and changes to
many others; a lavish use of paint
and still other improvements; a new
well for the cottagers on the south
end, which it is hoped will prove
adequate in a dry time and the im
proved conditions of the roads un
der the personal supervision of Mr.
C. W. Newhall. who came to Bustins
early in May and has been untiring in
his efforts to make "good" on the
roads and rid the Island of the
She welcomes "home" all the old
familiar friends and gives her heurti
est greeting to the new ones, with
the hope that when the summer ends
they will feel "twice glad," glad that
they have been here and glad to
come again.
Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Wilson arrived
with the birds and ,opened their
bungalow March 3.
Mr. and Mrs. George Guppy were
also early arrivals and thanks to Mrs.
Guppy the Island mail was carefully
transferred from So. Freeport daily.
Mr. Albert Foley of New York
City is the guest of his sister, Mrs.
Guppy for the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Humphrey, Mr.
Albert, and Mr. James Guppy are at
the Merrill homestead. Mrs. Hum
phrey will again be the cheerful and
obliging representative at Bustins for
the Casco Bay line.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer S. Hosmer and
Mr. Donald Hosmer, Dartmouth '1G
are occupying their cottage "Elde
mido" for the summer
Miss Miriam Hosmer of Littleton,
N. C., is the guest of her parents
Mr. and Mrs. Hosmer for the sum
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Brainard
and tiie Misses Barbara and Carolyn
Brainard of Somerville, Mass., are
spending the summer in their bunca
Mrs. and Miss Brownelle of Ro
chester, N. Y.t Mrs. J. K. Dixon and
Miss Dixon of Philadelphia, Penn.,
are spending the summer at "The
Mr. and Mrs. John Bryant of Free
port, Me., spent several weeks at
Master Harold Chase of Wood
fords, Me., was the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. Bryant for a week.
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic D. Fuller of
Newton, Mass., opened their cot
tage on the south end early in June.
Miss Elizabeth C. Fuller, Welles
ley, 1916, entertained seven of her
classmates for a week's houseparty
at her cottage on the south shore.
Her guests were the Misses Helen
Kennedy of Buffalo, N. Y., Priscilla
Barrows of Hartford, Conn., Ivouise
Goodwin of Albany, N. Y.. Elizabeth
Woods of Lexington, Mass., Mar
guerite Schenck of Brooklyn, N. Y.,
Faith Williams of Evanston, 111., and
Madeleine Blake of Melrose, Mass.
Mr. Charles MacDonald, Jr., of
Tarrvtown, N. Y., spent the week
end at the Fuller cottage.
Mr. and Mra. John M. Jaynes of
Somerville, Mass., are spending the
summer at their cottage on the south
shore. Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Barnard
of Somerville, Mass., were the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Jaynes over the
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Kelsey, Mr.
Joseph Kelsey, and Miss Harriet
Kelsey of Baltimore, Md., are spend
ing the summer at the ''Sprucedale"
Dr. and Mrs. J. B. G. Pidge of
Philadelphia, Penn., have arrived at
Women's and Misses' Cotton Mohair Suits 1.75 to 2.50
Woolen " " 2.95 to 10.95
Bathing Caps and Shoes in ail styles
Caps, 25t toil Shoes, 25c to 75c
As We Are Closing Out All Men's & Boys'
Bathing Suits We Offer Them at
Big Reductions
"Sea Glimpse" for the summer. Mrs.
J. S. Pratt and Mrs. Ellen Coan
opened this cottage early in May.
Dr. Helen J. Le Miaistre and Miss
Sarah Hardesty of Philadelphia,
Penn., will occupy "Bunchberry
Lodge" for two weeks. Dr. Le
Maistre has recently been appointed
to Beilevue Hospital in New York
Air. and Mrs. Walter C. Wrye and
family of Newton, Mlass., are spend
ing tl»e summer at "Norumbega."
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Tuttle or Som
erville, Mass., will occupy their bun
galow for the month of July.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Obear and
family of Somerville, Muss., have
opened their cottage for the sum
Mrs. H. L. Norris, Miss Dorothy
and Master Dana Norris and maid of
Lexington, Mass., are again at the
Mrs. A. F. Flanders and Miss Mar
tha Flanders of Buffalo, N. Y., are
visiting M'rs. Norris.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Luke of Lex
ington, Mass., are spending the sum
mer at the Roderique Soule cottage.
Mr. Eugene R. Luke of Cambridge,
Mass., spent the week end with Mr.
and Mrs. W. J. Luke.
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Lavers and
family of So. Freeport, Me., have
opened their cottage on the main
road. Mr. and Mrs. Lavers have re
cently opened their delicatessen
Mr. and Mrs. J. McCammon of
Newton, Mass., are spending the sum
mer at "Nonantum."
Mr and Mrs. Henry B. Soule and
Mrs. C. E. Fisher of Roslindale.
Mass., are spending the summer at
their cottage. Mr. u. E. Fisher spent
the Fourth with Mr. and Mrs. Soule.
Miss Jessie MacGregor and Miss
Eva Harvey of Boston, Mass., spent
the Fourth with the Millers at their
log cabin.
Mrs. George B. Patten of Merri
mac, Maes., is spending the summer
with her sister, Mrs. Lancaster at
"The Cedars."
Mrs. l>ancaster. entertained the
members of the Massachusetts branch
of the Exeter Robinson Seminary
Alumnae over the Fourth. Among
those present were Miss Isabelle At
wood and Miss Alice Sweet from
Melrose, Mass., Mrs. Susie A. Weeks
from Everett, Miass., Miss Mary
Clark and Miss Josephine Dow from
Boston, Mass., Mrs. Emma F. Hayes
from West Somerville, Mass., Miss
Annabel Warren from Exeter, N. H.
Mr. and Mrs. Freelock V. Towle from
St. Paul. Minn., Miss Berenice Towle,
also from St. Paul, and Mr. Ralph
Towle of Dartmouth College.
Mrs. J. W. Blaisdell and family of
Newton, Mass., are spending the sum
mer at the Lancaster cottage.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Wilcott of
Newton, Mass., spent the Fourth
with Mrs. Blaisdell.
Mrs. B. E. Swett and Miss Evelyn
Swett of Brunswick, Me., are spend
ing the summer at "The Old Farm
1 Mr. Donald Kitchen of Lawrence,
\ Mass., is spending two weeks as the
guest of Mrs. Swett.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Hogan and Miss
Louie Tilton of Suffern, N. Y., have
opened "Ramapo" for the summer.
Mrs. W. C. Russell and family of
j Merrimac, Mass., are occupying
"Camp Whittier" for the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Madigan of
Boston, Mass., are guests of Mrs. C.
W. Newhall at "Briarcliff" for the
Miss Mary E. Patterson of Boston
has been at her cottage since early
in May.
Mrs. Frederick Tucker of Boston.
Mass., spent a week as the guest of
Mrs. Newhall at "Briarcliff."
Mr. T. H. Madigan can tell an hon
est (fish story) to his friends, for
last week he caught a nine-pound
tautog off Swett's Wharf.
Mrs. Nicholas Vander Pyl and fam
ily of Haverhill, Mass., are spending
the summer at the tipper Garfield
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Byram of Free
port, Me., are at their cottage for the
Mr. Robert Merritt of Wollaston,
Mass., visited Mrs. Law at "The Al
Mr. George R.' Law of Waltham,
Mass., is spending a couple of weeks
with Mrs. Law.
G. V. Spike and Miss Kubli are
spending the Fourth at the "Micmac."
R. K. Spike and Harold Hutchlns
spent the Fourth at the "Micmac."
Mrs. B. S. Swift and Miss Swift of
Brunswick, Me., were the guests of
Mrs. Beaumont for the Fourth at the
"Birch Cottage."
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Taft and
Miss Clara Taft and Mr. James S.
Brainard of Kennett Square are
spending the summer at their cot
Miss Juliet Webster of Minneapo
lis, Minn., and Miss Harriet Wright
of Akron, Ohio, are the guests of
Miss Clara Taft.
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Marshall of
I^exington, Mass., are stopping at
"Spruce Ivodge" for the month of
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Melcher and
Miss Melcher of Whitlnavlllo, Mass.,
have opened their cottage on the
West Shore.
MrR. Henry F. White, H. Frederick
White, .Jr., and Master Alden and
Miss Helen White of Poughkeepsle,
N. Y., are upending the summer at
Mrs. M. 0. Downer and Miss Louise
Downer of Lexington, Mass., af»>
spending the summer at "Ben Novls."
Miss Mary Colburne of Boston, Mass.,
is with them.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dow of Oharles
town, Mass., and Miss Nina Steele
of Lexington, Mass., have heen spend
ing a few days with Mrs. M. E.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Henry W. Bean and
family of Melrose, Mass., are spend
ing the summer at "The Spruce."
Mrs. H. E. Brackett of Melrose,
Mass., Is visiting her daughter, Mm
Mrs. E. W. French and family of
West Somervllle, Mass., are spending
the summer at their cottage on the
middle road.
Miss Mary 8llver and Miss Mildred
Qleason arc visiting Mr. C. B. Silver
at the Silver cottage for a week or
two. Mr. H. W. Oleason and family of
Arlington, Mass., spent the Fourth
with Mr. C. B. 8llver.
Mrs, Clara Clement and Miss Fan
Most modern and up-to-da'e hotel on the hland with finest view of Case?
Bav. Large chambers, toiletB and baths on each floor. Private dance hall
with dancing parties two evening* each week. Bathing, boating, deep sea
fishing and all water spo-t*. Tennis, baseball, etc. Private water system
the best in Casco Bay. Table supplied with vegetable* from our own girden
and milk and cream from our own herd. Kates aud circulars on application.
Accommodates 120.
C hebeague
One of the finest rummer boarding houses in the bay. Excellent location and
restful pceneryof field and wond. 'Iable first-class. Every comfort for those desir
ing the best. Accommodates 75. Reasonable rates. Open until Sept. 25.
General Contractor and Builder
Complete contracts made and per
formed for buildings, cottages, alter
ations, repairs, etc. Kstimates fur
nished on application. Expert work
men. Cottage work a specialty. Cot
tage lots for sale and desirable cot
tages to rent. We care for estates.
Hsaiquarters far High GraJj Pare Fold Products, Meats aid Vegetables
Superba Brand Guaraitead CamsJ Gilds Gaffes and Teas
Fancy Candies, Crackers, etc. Motor Boat Supplies ICE
Our Dalivary Taimi deliver to all parts of the Itland several times daily
Cottage Site Seekers ^LZfianTror
a summer cottage, bungalow or investment it will be for your advantage to
investigate the property of Mrs. M. A. Charleson, some sixty acres at Great
Chebeague, Maine. Desirable sites witli shore front, fine spring water and
cool, shady groves. I.ots are now offered at $100 and upwards. Fine in
vestment as land values increase each year. Would be pieced to show the
property to any interested.
MRS. M. A. CHARLESON. Great Chebeague, Maine.
Under auspices of Congress
Square Associates
Sat., July 17, 2.30 p.m.
Central Landing, Great Chebeague
300 or More Participants
Old Grecian Games and Dances
Boats leave Casco Bay Wharf,
Portland, every hour up to 1.00 p.
m., returning at 5.00 p. m. or af
ter performance
Admission, 50c: Reserved Seats,
50c. Box Seats, $1.00.
Round trip transportation from
any island is obtainable on steam
ers. Admission tickets sold on the
Round irip tickets from Port
land on Casco Bay and Harps
well steamers, including admis
sion to Pageant, $1.00.
Number of tickets to be sold
For if. forma ticn apply to
RALPH W. E. HUNT. Room 214,
562 Congress St. Phone 3169.
Lunch can be obtained on
grounds at reasonable prices.
Served by ladies of Congress
Square Church.
nie M. Clement of Everett, Mass., are
occupying "Homewood" for the sum
Miss Ida M. Sawyer and Miss Fos
gat of Somerville, Mass., are occupy
ing "Camp Bluff" for several weeks.
Mrs. Frank L. Garfield and Master
Frank Garfield of York Village, Mo.,
are occupying their camp tor the
Mr. and Mrs. John Garfield and
family of Claremont, N. H., are
"pending the summer at their bunga
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob H. Bibo and
family pf Woodbury, N. J., are again
at their cottage for the summer.
Dr. and Mrs. Bibber of Portland,
Me., spent a few weeks at their bun
galow on the West Shore.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hay of Boston,
Mass., are occupying thpir cottage-on
the southeast shore for the summer.
Mr. ('handler Garfield, Amherst
'15, Is spending a few weeks with
Mrs. F. L. Garfield.
I)r. and Mrs. Frederick Mar and
Mr. Frank Mar are again at the
Mr. W. F. Soule and Miss Emma
Soule of Auburndale, Mass., are oc
cupying "Rockledge" for the sum
Mrs. A. M. Dollver of Auburndale,
Mass., is again spending the summer
at her cottage.
Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Redfield and
family of Woodbury, N. J., are again
at "Rockhaven" for the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. F. II. Galloupe and
Miss Ruth Galloupe of I^exlngton,
Mass., are spending the summer at
the Guppy cottage which they have
bought. Miss Margaret Elliot of Rock
port, Mass., is visiting the Galloupes.
Mrs. Henry C. Parker and Miss
Halen Parker are spending the month
of July at their cottage.
Mr. F. F. (larding, Principal of
Public School No. 11, Brooklyn, N.
Y., Is occupying Miss Patterson's
fine cottage, "Waumbek," this sum
mer. With him arc Mrs. Harding,
Misses Ruth and Be?ta Harding and
Made from Chebeague fir tips. Best
and most costly to manufacture.
Newest and largest line of Post
Card's in Ca«co Bav, 40,COO in stock.
Real Estate For Sale.
Public Library. Post Office.
Opp. Hill Crest and South Road
Masters William and Frederick Hard
ing. Mr. Harding and family were
here last year and like many others,
were anxious to come again and en
joy the leisure and good times that
Bust ill's can provide.
The thunder storms that concen
trated their deadliest efforts on Bus
tin's early Saturday morning fur
nished not only tragedy, but much
comedy. Up to the present mo
ment, all reports have not been re
ceived, hut we hear that cottages
that have never leaked before proved
to be sieves and homes that had
been partially rain proof, proved
shells for good sized lakes; with one
member of a family asleep (?) in
bed with an umbrella over head
(whether inverted or not we cannot
ascertain) another lloating around the
dining room on chair rafts, and the
maid in the kitchen washing dishes
in rubber boots and oilers.
Captain John Brittain, Miss Brit
tain and friends were at Bustin's Is
land, Sunday. They motored to Fly
ing Point and will cruise in their
yacht along the coast.
Wilson's dining room in the grove
was opened last Thursday. A good
ly company of Bustin's people as well
as many transients will patronize
this first class restaurant this year.
No Road to Riches.
After looking over the life history
of some of the wealthiest men in the
world, we have about reached th»
conclusion that none of thorn got rich
by saving tobacco coupons.—Toledo
We want to call your attention
Mr. and Mn, Cottager, to our ad
vertisers. Look over OUR list, and
In It you will find consistently, year
in and year out, representatives of
the best to be secured in every line
of goods. These advertisers rep
resent the men who realize the value
of your patronage, both Intrinsically,
and In the fact that, if you come from
away, you will doubtless carry away
and spread the good impression you
have received of Portland's goods
and service as exemplified by our ad
vertiser*. This go6d-wlll cannot be
capitalized accurately, but it Is an
Intangible asaet—an asset which
helps the bay in general as well as
each particular sharer in the trans
action. If you haven't got acquainted
with our advertisers, we urge you to
do so. We are sure they will fill
your wants gladly, and yu'll gain as
well as they and the bay's reputation
will be wider spread. That's what we
all want, Isn't it?

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