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id ln-
Volurao II.
W. J. HliATTKU, lMlloi',
1'lnHcd to Varty itrljllrnry sway,
We follow Truiti HbrnftMhc lt-udit die hj-.'
Tim Augusta Dispatch snys that
iho Bank ol' Fulton has just published
a statement of its condition in accor
dance with the requisition of the Gov
ernor. It makes a good showing, and
is evidently winning its way to popu-.
lar favor.
There is a maiden lady in Conneti-
cut who is so modest, that she turned
away her washerwoman because she
put her clothes in the same tub with
those of a young man.
General Houston, now in his G5th
year, has signified his intention to re
tire from public life on the 5th of March
"ext. ' The General purchased exten
sive lands Galveston Bay, whither
lie will remove to cngngo extensively
in sheep grazing.
A noble motto for the young high
rr !X,:ver look down. Aim high.
If you cannot reach the stars, you can
have the satisfaction of drawing near
.ihem. Ho who stands on an eleva
.ted position is sure to catch the first
rays of a glorious sun. lie who is al
ways stepping up, will first catch the
favors and blessings of heaven as they
descend. There is no object on which
we gaze that gives us so much pleas
ure as the upward and continue.'l pro
gress of moral culture and robust vir
tue of the young. When the chains
.of sloth arc broken, the vision is clear,
the heart buoyant, mid the all'cetions
and purposes strong, higher and still
higher objects will bo gained, nobler
purposes achieved, and a sublime ele
vation attained that will thrill with
joy future generations as they march
.on in the same glorious path.
ookvillo Times published in Tut nam
county snys: "Ever sineo we have
been a citizen of Putnam county we
have been under tho impression that
vu were in the fourth Congressional
District, and should, no doubt, have
remained under that delusion had it
not been that in looking over the new
Code, we saw that it belonged to the
second district. Being a little sur
prised at this, we looked again, and
found in another section it still be
longed to the old fourth.
Now, wo would like to know where
Putnam is. Can any ol our law ma
kers who said iiiiun to the reading of
the new Code, tell us? The time is
approaching when another battle is to
be fought; and as we. are a kind of a
HOH-couiinissioned officer, wo would
like to know under what regiment we
are to fight. A little light, gentlemen
if you please."
S-ror that iiov ! A cigar in his
mouth, a swagger in his walk, impu
dence in his face, a carc-for-nothing-uess
in his manner. Judging from his
demeanor he is older than his father,
wiser than his teacher, more honored
than the magistrate of our town.
.Stop him, ere tobaco shatters his
nerves, cru his pride ruins his charac
ter, the "lounger masters the man,"
ere good ambition and manly strength
gives away to low pursuits and bru
tish aims. Stop till such boys! They
are legion; the disgrace of their fam
ilies, the disgraco of their towns, the
sad and solemn reproach of them
selves. Alexander Robinson, who was ar
rested in Philadelphia, a short time
ago, on a charge of rape in Delaware,
having induced a young girl to leave
Jicr- home on the pretence that her
brother, was sick, and then committed
violence upon her, has been tried and
convicted of the outrage, and senten
ced to be hung, it being a capital of
fence in Delaware.
It has been many a day since, we
read a more graphic and glorious uc
count of modern dancing, than that
which follows. We find it Hunting
"around Ioobo" upon the tide of news
paper literature, and copy it that the
uuthor may find it again:
"Look! look!" said a half dozen lady
voices one pretty night, as wc nt lean
ing against the outside of the ball
room. We did look alas! for our
poor modesty, we ought not to have
done no. "If my children were among
them, I'd whip them well for it. Ye,
if they were full grown, I'd give them
the hickory." Ho said tho wife of one
of our princes, as she turned away in
otter disgust.
' Doctor, let me describe a little if
the public may look, certainly it may
read, though it run. A group o f splen
did ones is on the floor, and lovingly
mated. The gents encircle their part
ners, waists with one arm. Tho la
dies mid gentlemen stand closely face
to face. The gents arc very erect,
and lean a little back. The ladies
lean a little forward. (Music.) Now
all wheel and whirl, circle and curl.
Feet and heels of gents go rip rap, rip
rap-rip. Ladies, feet go tipily-tip, tip-ity-tip-tip.
Then all go rippity, clippi
ty, tippity, bippity, skippity, hoppity,
juinpity, bumpity, thump. Ladies fly
off by centrifugal momentum. Gents
pull ladies bard and close. They reel,
swing, slide, .sling, look tender, look
silly, look dizzy. Feet fly, tresses fly,
hoops fly, dresses fly, all fly, It looks
tuggily, huggily, pullity, sipieezity,
pressity, rubbity, rip. The men look
like a cross between steelyards and
"limber jacks," beetles and jointed X's.
The maidens tuck down their chins
very low, or raise them exceedingly
high. iSomo smile, some grin, some
giggle, some frown, some pout, some
sneer, and all sweat freely. Ladies'
laces are brought against those of the
men, or into their bosoms, breast to
bri list, uuse against nose, and toes
against toes. jN'ow ihey go again,
making a sound like Gcorgeyporgcy,
ecrey-peerey, ridey-pidey, caochey
poachey. 'This dance is not much, but the ex
tras are glorious." It' men were wo
men, there would bo no such dancing.
But they ore only men, and so the
thing goes mi by tivmtin'x loir of it.
When a boy, we used to visit these
Dutch dances, and trip the whirling
beer barrels, as tlcy passed our feet,
and then run for dear life. We still
feel the instinct of tripping in our toes.
A secular writer says: "There is no
established standard of propriety
about this ma'tcr. If I were a lady, l
might object to these dances; but, be
ing a man, I do not. Wo certainly
ought to be satisfied, if I hey arc.''
To the V nlrons of the J I o hi c
J o u r n a 1 .
ItV MRF. AIJi:j.lA C, (.ILAVr.S.
.As mi lln iii'ii lt'in:tl tlic Ii.ht's I rent
I. :fl if s 'iliiiii iiii(Hfss in its i:l,tyry Icil,
TIiimp 1jiL liL'iti si'tdii:;iliriiiiiitiil juiwit,
l'i'el ifiu;l " If; t ion hi Hit' )Hr'.ii'i,t limn ,
II. ttli MrsM'.l ll.f uiili'Nj.i'ciMt iat ,M, Kti'ttninl mot',
U lii'ri'Vr it- iu!inl itilltii'iii t li.tth lici-r,
T!! hitlli til (Jin; rente 1, inw-i :;I'iious ait,
'I n cleui!!', .'!'ui' 1 i - litiiunii li.Mt : ;
Tt rlrni' tin inn!" uT i; limit lift' itw.ty,
A tit! lil'lli'ii Sriciic: M.i ln!!sl i.iyj
Ait Hint !.' iii:ui ll- li llnw man to hnnv,
t'emntry ;n.il clinii'', nw li'tw ttifir imi1ih ; s -.vtw
.Maiiun s fiuil i HMturua, t.vi'i ntnciif ji inl I.i v ,
lluvv into in'iu ; iiui: ;, .ni l ivl.-'it llu.'ir i uv v,
tlii'iit Ait or Ail, liy wliiili the wise nml '.j'l,
KllilWlcilO liflVf yniiifil illiil tiinl Imve Uillituiwl i
A tilt; iTuinf'trtcr wjiysjili iciiiT,
Uy whitli Itic (Uillest, lmi,;f"t I.oiiih ",iw lui'Ti
I-'nr wlm Known not liuwswiltly speeilK Mioiity,
AYIipii J 'leasing ;i:S while; ilit tiini-iiWiiy
'Dif cnii'iMoring nvurd hiit'i diunli its li.l nf Mmitl,
Ityiit tin' mcitiitiiin sticiini .iml rivfi';, llmiil,
Miiu 'iiti;; tin nir. iluu iii. i! tin' Int'y wtnj l,
'l'ht t niwiV'tl si irt'L ;ii;il ijnict st'Iiin.Ii,
Willi nil tin I'm lo s!rr;im-' r (nirthi;: ;Ut,
Its vii'tims otli'inl in tiic ('inlti.lttnl tiite,
When wnt i iii liin-i, uu ! .iii ;i y imli!es, :u
In iuvli'fi Iriy.s toitinw tit' n-vni-iiiiml MmIo.
W'i'lmv ;iii'! nipli.ins ni'i't. tho hlnml nulpMiiri it,
'lli.it liin-'l tliiw .ictiiiii'sit!lii! nii-'lily Shmii;
Jji't h lirn tlio mi ;li!iiT I'riis fc-riiih fur nlii uinl,
J':i l.t w:i ut' l'i'f, u li.'i i' Uiieri'il legions ti'd l,
Whuh !;;ititins li'len hiiln? ptsiri'iul ntml,
A Jj 1 I'l-.N ill.t I'lits iil( d.yt -hiiniiv of lite Su m: I),
S'u iniiy it he, to Km th'" ii'innteft ii';i,
'I'iiif li-ti 'inl 1'i i-s itiiiiiv i-iuTt ti y- ftiL.M'-:',
'I'lii-i out, la m i.i lit, ami Mint, to fini'ii1 aiivht,
Tli tt iirvi'i fi otti niir IimihiiIs iniiy lukr it tii. lit,
'lli.it n ifi.1 ;n,l it'ildi liixl, win to niiti-ii, ln-t!
Swu'i' ui.li ly nYr a ' I..1.1I nf liltnty."
YVlio, wlieil tit'' It-eiiii': yeiii'li-itii pusntl away,
A 1 11 In Hrmti!f tin- Mf--ih-jst nf r.ulj il.iy,
Uriui'iiiliei.H w'hhI ), owes tliii voinlrn.a it,
'IJidt brtiiL'8 Iiiii;i!e;iiiin, tiolli fm lain I ni. I In .li t,
Wlietli'T tt.i. Intel's rulil, ir S'lnnni'-iN licit,
I lis routines in, nr goii:;;- nut niiiy :
It ifj a rumiurii litus- in-,', hr tin air
We liriMilM', itt liiiTiii, al.iiiiiil, ie, rvrvy v!ii?n(
Ai;il iisttv lii'i) fm :.i'I, 'sOiiit'iiuh'S, lii iy !,
'lite iliin;'(ui c 1 j t v. Ii'i I'M-iilliCK i-it sn fii-i
So m.iy wet u Lori wctaKf tin still il.inii flieri,
Our ni' fl' fyi'H vn i'c;iily IkVi In tri't ,
I'lii'ti't. tiiiir past unci, bikini' lnc not li.nt,
Tim ( t.iitiouK, now, It-un mt hu Ii jnvs to I:nl;
l-'iM'i't UC ihvrll Witliillil liippiiT lalnl,
U Iii'ii !-Iiiimtm ini'iriiK v.itlia t nuiiterus liiiliil.
Cut wlii'U lliff w-yc'n, jiH iiml tin iiii 11,
ipi into Iw'ti!!, Miufrvi, Imrn
l'it!l ;,nn 11 ;n.l iii incil witli nit itn -tmr(;ili ai.' j owcr,
'lu iv -"ii it ulT i:il fium !it::'H ciiiniii' h-eir,
b t rrtnf miwr hmv Ihr i:ii';lity Ilk-.i,
Aviun nnr fidiiitry, nn-l uiiii'tvo.-, lo ljtiMj
lluliv.irkul fnTiluin, paiiiiply nf jnanf
lllinu U tvliirli, at lavt.ah.ill u;ir unt fi :htht rc-'"
Aid man lo brullicr to tiis frlluw uun,
A Jnl i!ri ,'ih'iI, wlii'ii lirnt nll Tinn l";an
To mikciinli ijx'ii Kirtli a ikvrlliti-,' i irp,
lit For the abi'liii ol tin limn.in rme.
Our little lowil! linwtlrfnlatp, linw Int.C,
K no iimie culiniiiii from the Vtf-n wrtc Mirnnn,
Ami if a nwutli, tli' evifitnl itiit chii imt.
How, with an i-nrnr-t l(i-.iit,thr wmiM U mi:!it,
Aii'l trr IiiivIm rrteinl torriiioinn iii'irr
Hint With tu li-Ltly ini'l, tiny Ik, tnr-mi
Forilrarth of local knnuli-l"f( tiicn, mi lit tMi ti
A wltnlemiinf If onf it inLbl l'f tn f ull,
Tint coinmoti iuTi C'uiihi'Hi nnrt ii
Audi sliuuM be oljecis of our iiiil ore
Ahmliiii; to the pej nlr iilrft of tiir oiicin "f t .
Tin: Moi nt Vr.nxo.s IVuriMsi:. The
ladies who have exerted ihenisulves m
patriotically and assidotisly to pur
chase Mount Vernon und donate the
yrave of Washington lo his country
ini. ii have paid iSlS.OdO, and have yd
to collect l'.'5,0(0. Touid in the ac
cninidi.shnient of ihii object, Mr.
Ceoi'.'o Melius ihc iiiaiKij;cr of the
Louisville Tht utrr, has originated a
vnlualle suggestion which if carried
out, will materially ns'i.'.t lh fumls.
He propone that, on the 1U of Tchru
ary next, the anniversary of tl.e hiith
of WaMiinpton, every mafias'T in the
country shall jrivc the entire, receipts
of the evening's ptrfonnaucri to the
Mount Vernon Association, the mem
bers of the ilramatio profession relin
quishing their niuht'u salaries auJ the
managers making no charge for rent
or any other incidental expense. If
this should be generally carried out, it
would undoubtedly raise the required
sum, and we know of no more popu
lar way that can he suggested. The
drama is the people's amusement, and j
its power is based upon tho elfeots of
sympathy, and, as Guizot nptly re
marks, I 'or the proper development of
those ell'ects, a crowd, must be assem
bled; these ideas which would pass
languidly from one man to another,
traverse the serried ranks of a multi
tude with the rapidity of lightning,
and it is only when large, masses of
men are collected together that we
observe tho action of that moral elet
tricity which the dramatic poet calls
into such powerful operation. Acting :
upon this theory, w hat wonderful of-
fects might he expected from a nation-
al ellort such as, Mr. Melius suggests,
when it is known that from Maine to
Mexico, from tho Atlantic to tho Pa-j
citie, the people everywhere in their j
urgi.st buildings devoted to drama! le
poetry have deteruiined to express
tin ir gratitude to the memory of that
great man, v. ho, by the blessing of
Heaven, guided our revolutionary
struggle to a glorious termination and
left us in his life ami conversation the
model upon which every freeman
should strive to build bis own charac
ter and direct his patriotism.
The Nashville Banner says: "We
have a re.'
muse .
from the press on this subject, und
should it meet the approval of th";
Begeiils of the Mount. Vernon Assoei- j
atiuii, we feel every confidence that j
t he Nat ioiiid Mount Vernon Beiieiif j
will vi-alize a sum ot'iuoncV suliicielit !
I to complete ihe purchase." j
r(U.!. l V iiai l' Mil l :.) !-.e- i
puMieiin icllri llie iuilov.iti'j,- han-j
h-t.in in the iciiiily i!' .Mount Pleas- :
; : ni , Mil., not Ian;:' since : j
'ol faHi'om 3i'iiKt Plea.-aat. lia.ek j
in the country Jil-.e, there is a tavern, I
ealletl tl.e IVanhlin KotiM-. Mr. !
Frunl.liii. the, hrwui'iefo!', has twotteal
and dumb datiuhJeis,
1 : -ji nt and inlci cs! iivj
1 i -h; Iv, ialel-
!'y si;.',as ila-y
f1tiu curry on animated conversations
evpeeialiy ivilli 'ach -luer, am. mem -1
bci'So in uliii v, Last uci K two
, ie.. ii . .; t -o
tra idt i s Mri'tii d lor 1 he la: lit al
ibis home, and, ; tV i r iwr villi the
fiiinilr wi re ! n u to w l oiui. i a
which wasa rood lift
accommodation, 'i'i
cntei'in'j; l!m room
tnd bed for t heir
him! hiM, on
n ihc morniair,
found that the bed hud not bci-u occu
pied, and that his (rnsfs had Mown.
1 Ic, however, lout: I on the table mon
ey lor their Mipprr, and a note, fctal
inthal in consffp.'.iMiCi' of .sinsmade
.,t i ., .imt.'if l--M- liv llic lllllll" l:t-
.11 Ull. .'..-,m , ,
tin'v i'm! cot. tliiti k it sale to ro to
bed, and t!irtvl';::e. paid ihc bill
look their (h paiii.lv'
A,vn:i.'- Ill e.I, Inr n
Missisii.;iati I'm.; wi-.k
film Ji. I. ei
Dines fjeiritor
I).;it-!asi,i llie Soul!.;
Covi.r.':l Willi llie "li-'-n !.f Wlieil ile-
ti-sta.lile liriv -ii ; ; st:nii'".l wil.i tin! ins-
. ,' ...
,. i tl,epnliii.'.-J l.is'nn of llieeoiia- j e!vi'.l. "W v won 1 make any noise,
try; 1'ivsli lima llie warm einliracrs ol'j lie replie.l sullenly, "if you will yivc
Sruaid ami (ireelcy ::inl ( liiliiin; ;. ! I1S cverytliin (jtiiii ly.''
this man ha-; .-lard lu present, liinisell A(!).,;.i((; ,,.cw ,atk im,1 ,.t him
in the Sniilli. Id loo!; lier lioni'.-t sons ... , ,.,,
, , .1 i- .1. i ta:.e ier ii wels not wilnont, a pan;,'.
a:el ilaa:'!iters n: the laec, aii'.l lo ask , , ,
Lhrir l,,.-;.italily. V won!.! not a-, for tin y were precious love-irilts, re
rouse tin' viulenl passions of men. linnkin: at the snini! time, I hat two
We wonl.l s'v llie avi nin io:l nl
n;l nl
jlisliee rather than llie ellivaliy i.l tl.e
Soiil'i shoiihl he tai nilieil l.y a miiIc
..I- liiKi. i ii.lv .ni l: Iml vi t. if sniai'L.
inL' under tho' l:e. ii sense f cui f
.m.'. if goaded hv ihc cjii id ion ol
oulra-'cou- ilii'lstiee. she were to w
,(! her lietiayer"wit!i Moody hand.s
to tl.e HoilaMe'rave ,io iae
lie Iiu-pilaMe rave , id lae innei
or the l.tot there would be a snoni?
nrrav of irrc sis! ilde lads in the case
to e.ileiiiiale the act.
Puis of llii! coldest trans lelioiw we
have read of for some tunc, oecured
in Aew I aven a s ioi t nine lanee. .ir
;elit!cinaii, while Koinu' hone." one eve
ning, was stoppi' I hy two men who
dcinaiideil ten dollar.;, lie fold them,
he had not. that amount ahotil him, hut
hut they illicit have all he had which
was hut two dollars and if they
would call al his shop the next day he
would f.'ive them the balance. The
mall iivs iiilled m.i'i.: the best of his
way liiniie, coiitatiilatiiiu' himself up- j
on his escape from tin so ilcspei adocs,
by the hv-s of so small an amount, sup
p' siii:,'. of coins.1, it was the last he
would hear of them: but to his nston
is'.nu nt, Diie ol tie" it-... liber called "ii
him the in xl. d an I deinan.led llie
.... .
r in iuiiil',- cigtii ii.t i ir.. i n i- now
got a good diubbin;; fur hid inipru
denee. The leafofnn allmui on which Lord
I'.yron h id w ritten four lines of poe
try Was recently foi l tn a Russian no
bleman at Venice, It.ilj", fr l,iul.
What do you think f that, seribblen?
Evirymanin China must pay up
his debts nt tho beginin of the year,
and olso at the time of a religious fes -
tiral about ihc mid, lie of the Year. If
unable to nettle at these times, I. in bus
iiicss Stops until his u'ebls are pnid-
Midnight Adventure of a Bride
Elect. Extraordinary lin'rl. Wo
men often possess preseneo of mind,
and the power of self-control under
circumstances of iminent peril, which
seem almost foreign to their nature
and beyond the endurauee of a deli'
calo physical organization, A sink,
ing instance of self-command, by a la
dy whose fears mut have been pow
erfully excited, and whose life of alllu
ence had probably never before given
her nerves any severer test, than is in
cidental to tho vexations of domestic
cares, is given in Chambers' Journal
for October. We copy ihc adveiituie,
premising by way of explanation, that t
the -lady as the daughter of a rector
residing in a (pud Lnglish country
village, and was upon the eve of mar-!
riage. j
The wedding day was to lie on the j
morrow of that on which our mlveii- i
lure happened. Grand preparations j
were made for the wrddin::: and the j
reeior s line oi.i plate, and the costly
Its of the bride, were discussed with
pride and pleasure at the Hare and
! Hounds, in the
strangers w ho h;
presence id' some
eoine down to a
prize-light which had taken place ia
the neighbnrnood, story was still more astonishing than
That night, Adelaide, who occupied j the fact of the robbery itself. Police
a seperale room from her sister, sat : were sent for from London, and they,
up late long after all the household ! guided by Adelaide's lucid description
had retired to rest. She had had a : of her midnight guests, actually sue
bm;; interview with her father, and eccded in capturing every one of the:
had been reading a chapter to w hich ' gang, whom the young lady had no
he had directed her attention, and , dilliculty in idenl ifyiug and swearing
since had picked up In r jewels, iVe. to the "three-lingered .lack" being
;-b," was, coii.-eipii lit 'y. Mill dressed,
w hen the church clock lolled midnight,
As it. ceased. t-Uc landed she heard a
low noise like that ol' a file; she lis
tened, lull omul i.isliniu.'.li nothing
i i , . i i i . i . .
i iv. I. iii!'.'i. I nave ncen mane uy
e of the servants still about, or
pei'liaps it was only tlio treulviiur ol'j to lier nerves, was a disposition, on
ilie old trees. She heard nothing Ijiit , u pari ol' llio yoim heroino to listen
the. rihiu':; of tin; winter w'uuU for lor midnight soinuls, and start uneasi
inany luiuules al'lerward. House-1 ly l'roni troubled ilreains, but time ami
hivid.er.s wert iiiyll.s in piiiahive ' change ol residence .soon ell'eeted its
! hynuun, Jtnu i h iJi'i'.U eleel, vvit.iout
! a thought of fear, U'sumrd her oectt-
jMj0Mi :ju was azin on a !;litler-
lined to be
, , ,
I worn at tlio wcildtu w hen
ier bed-
; room door was soMly op.me.
1 t II raed . looked II I and beheld
i man
willi a black mask, holding a jasitl in
his l.amb siandin:1; belore h1 r.
,Shc (lid n it I'lllil, lor !nT IIioiiltIiI
whs fiii' In r lUllicr, wlio slept iii 1 1 if
iii-xt l uoui. ami to vvlioni any smMcn
ilarui lnilil In: ili'Ulli, I'ui' lie uasold,
j In Me, anil sulleiiii Iroin heart eoni-
1 r
nt. She ciitilVonli'il the riililniei-
, I I I 1 .. .1. .... 1 I U , I ...
Ii' 1U.. illlil .Itllllt... l nun in v iii -
I liiin in
;ht: 'You lire eome," she sniil, '"to
ii.l) its. Span; j'niir :-o 1 1 1 die awl'nl
I 1 1 i I i (if lilliriier. My lather sleeps ill
e next roi'in, ami U In: s'ai'ln 't irom
,:s -.!, ( p Woiil.l kill l.im. Make no
J ,,, (;f yoll."
., , ,
Hi'! fellow was nstnlii.-lieil ami
t , rullians i-tnoil at ihc
liuif-opene.l (lour. As lie look the
jewel eas;' anil wafcli IVoni the tahle,
and demanded her purse, slu; asked
i il hu mfeliiieil lo j,'o into lierlalli-
,;ni.l(;vi. . jK. uasn't a :oin- to run
it s room.
Shi; received a surly
, .
. ,, , , , , . ,
("",' tl ... , ,
im-V.' .She proposed mslantly that
j .- he should iro herself, saying: "1 will
I hi i.i" yoll whatever you wish, and you
i J . . ... ... .
I may muni nie tlullicr. .tul Kill nie n i
, ' ,..,,. -ci ,. ', -i,..,. ...
play I. use to on. 1 In) uilo.v eon-
suited his comrades, and after a short
parley they agreed to the proposed;
and with a pistol pointed ut her head,
the dauntless jii 1 crossed the passage
and Entered the old lector's room.
Very gently she stole across the cham
ber, an 1 removing his purse, watch,
keys and desk, she gave them up to
the robb' is who stood at the door.
The old man slept peacefully and
l aludv. thus guarded by his child, who
soi'lly shut the door, and demanded if
the robbers were ct. s;!iied.
The Icadi r r plied that they choe,! I
be '.' hen lin y had ot show nfthe plate
........ I ...I tut. .vi- iin.l I'im! lliev
I' i r i .... i ti..,"i
I I a . i . 1 1 l C u lit l mil ... ri,;i.i, i
si.e iiiusl H' with them. lit compli
nr.ee w ith this mandate she followed
them down stairs to the diiiinD'-ri)oui,
where n splen di.l wr il i I i n if -1 r tni K fa I
had been laid to save trouble and hur
ry on the morrow. To her surpriM',
the fcllows-eied.t in number when
a.ssemhle.I-.scatcd themselves find
prepared to mike T"'"' "'eal. Ihey
ordered her to Kct the wine, and to cut
her own wcildins-cnke for them, and
1 t!JLll ..eattd at lUo lica.i oi it.c tame,
. . . . .. ...
iiho coinjwlleu to picbule at tlus
..fr.iordiliarv revel.
Thy ate, drank, laughed and joked;
0 o -Rj.
and Adelaide, ipuiek of oar and eye,
had thus time to study, in her quiet
way, tho figures and voices of the
whole set.
When tho repast was ended, and
tho plate translerred to a sack, they
prepared to depart, whispering to
gether and glancing at the young la
dy. For the lirst time Adelaide's
courage gave way, ami sho trembled;
but it was not a consultation ngainst
her us it proved. The leader approach
ing her, told her that they did not wish
to harm her that she was "a jolly
wench, reg'lar game,'' nnd they
wouldn't hurt her, but that she must
s.vear not to give tho alarm till nine
or ten in xt tiny, when they should be
otf all sale. To this, of course, she
was obliged to assent, und then they
all insisted on shaking hands with her.
Sin; noticed during this parting cere
mony that one ofthc rullians had only
three lingers on the left hand.
Alone, and in the despoiled room,
Adelaide, faint and exhausted, await-
eil the Inst gleam ol ila liglit, men, as
the robbers did Hot return, she slide
up to her roam, undress
and fell
into a disturbed slumber. The con
sternation of the family next morn
ing maybe imagined; and Adelaide's
the guiding clue to the discovery.
Tltc s!t)!rn projirrfy wns nearly ull
. . ' . i i"
lY'.'OVl'IVii, a : 1 i 1 IliO (.111 IVl'tor III W.'iys
dcchuvil, an-1 witli tru!l;, tliut lie owed
his life to the si li-possesnoi. and judg
ment of his eldest daiiahbT.
'Hie only ill edeet o( t!u: reat trial
e.iiuu;i;s addiikss
t h u 1' a t r o n s
J u u r n
of l ll 0 1 1 11 111 u
.A im'l l
A Imiiu
'I .M.'.H ll ,
I.I ll,.' I I
I .ll..', M'
I. :, ll IV.
I. .1. ...
Ciii il iii.i- ! I'l.h.in:. l.iml,
I,;.;.,., .!.,)
: I , II I !!.-: " :.i.t.' rl I"
' ll'H,,,l,.,.)l
Ii:.' I hi I- I l.i.'S !l.!iil;.J'l
: - - ht .-.il n-llil I' -
ii, . 1 1." I In 1. 1 ii... .Ill ri'l i-'i'.ilil
mi) Hi.. ..,iil l.i . I.iii:.--
I n. s I !' .r in r.i. I' . nl nil,
l-'n . ti .11 il I In': Mi"i I. Hi'
I. ..H - in.iy III'' 'I I.i I Mil. is I'. In:'' I.l Hi; ilnWll
l.'ll !. tn'.l!IU. ' I'M' III. I'l.U I'lll'.vl
, l.r.i.ll.l'liiellil.'.- Hay!
U..UH II Hi'in i a O'.'i!
Wr v li y.ill lii'allli. l"o wish yoll wralili,
vl:.l Hi.' M'l V li.i.l '..,,,l ,u.,:l,'
.'ln.il..'l' V.'.'ll i." ll'iatl'.l I'.'
htm I'"! H.'' ' ." 1 " 'h mi. i .?
Siiii.;i. l: i.'iiy li'.lil.) ,
illlil I ., If '.I' all I ' ."I' r.
S.iiir urii'ilfirv 1 1 "ii Mi' i I'.n-si'.l Hi.. wav..
lliat lir.'l M ..n lii."i. sli.iii',
l-.i v.iiii.', ll. !!-! yi'.H'. ri'i'.'liii;; iviif,
V. Ill ll. .!' I" 1.1 I'HI : l: I -I'H'!
llll llllilll"' Ill I I II " "Ml 'If lllMlll
I nl In. I'; m il ll'.'.'..'l' III I.l II-
... I I i.l i,-:, I il I I In' nl Ii mil "in H: lit
Uli.'i,. t.i. l i '
.' I.ll-s I 1 HI ill I'."' I''l I'l'l 'l
'l lt.ll si.:ls .iI.iii ". iili ' U ty-
'lli.'i'M' 1 1. :.'. I Mm I".'l f-li.nl.iyvy l.ii.il
'I ..I..-. ..I .'i.'ll.' -.!...
A i..i t.....,li.i' I" tin' "ini y,
Anil Inli'li aw.'i lhi'I..ii -
A l.il'.i.l.'i' I 'lll li-i l.'ll.1'. i'l"li
'111.". I II.iii I" ..'"I I '' I"'' ' '
This iir hts I'lili i l.I 11"' "' "'it sn'liri,
I inl 'lill Ii',-'-' ' Inn I"'' 'I'"'.
ill, ...,ii.' t-, ll.li'.'l'li"'! I.'l .1 lilll"
'In nl, Hi.' r.nlli v. . I. Lu ;
l:m iii-v Inn ....,"t "i IIit'Iiii; iliow"
.1 mii I ill ila.lii. : ii'i i."l,
j;., i. A .... i l.iin '.. i -.'it ul 1 1 i.'l ti'.'i'-
Sue lual w l.i' ll Ml '"'' I'"' l'''C
II, . . II. .1 'l I I 'l I ,' tin' miuI,'1
II "' llil'i l.i.iii.'V l.'lllli'!
M.n i... II. .'ii" "I l"'rill:; I'H
I'M. nl nun.' 'ii.'.'t nl. In .nun".
.. ,. I. nl li.-f l Hi- i.i..'.ittl iilil
',ai'..' r ! . i . inn. M'titiiii' limn',
I'm IimIi- i.iii ill uli'-t i i'li'
III I,. "llll" "1 II"' slH'll',"
A !,.! :. Iii'' Mill' '. M" iilV'-rti'i' air; -'I
i. I'll t'V's II lili'-tili'l '"W
I -lly Mil Iii-ss''s Mi ni
III ii. ml.. I .ill...!
A I"-.' it Iml ii -.wrtei ll'mt'i'
''i"il'."i'ia'lt V itll Uu' tli'Hii,
Al il Ii.'.' 1 1-. Ilia! liv in l.lli.lly il'''-'s,
l-'ai ni'iir than :: him ail"' ll.
Aii'l t'"iits, Iili'. llirs Hi.il l.ij;li ricaii
An' Iml a a't" "il . I. .Ma is.
A. ili .i' t yi.ii iiiinr Hi. hi Inn' rtav-tts,
An. I In.. I' llli.'li l "U u".
l-.ii hull. I.al,s will Mi.:- " l.ii
Aii'l ivr ikl.ll "ii "hi II 'II'M'S
la iiliniiiy is liftl i'l I'l
'i .liill US"ltMS iliili.ill.l'.i.MI1 I
Willi lii'Mi-r Ii s ini.ritvri Is tiiaitf,
A Inl I'Hll .ill'IS III! ill I' III"
Kil'il'.i'llli'.is i.l.. II l'"tlll' ii'.
In a in i.-l li'.lt.' sui .i imi "?.
V.'li' Iniuiiil t" I a ' Hy -""il,
'1 11 lil. hi' Hi" natiiili mii.'lri
'I'll 1 1 ' lit I ii . I - llisli'sl ll'H'l I'lanlJill I'llVII,
Mi lliiinvill'' "A" kmiI Oi Ii'i.
Ian iii-vi .. v..ni. iit'i.'iii.i.' yi
lias , unsi.,1 "in .r ii i till lull",
I'.ll l.al In'l'.is lit'1 Il"l till He'll
'I'll ll .1 III III s..l A I I." !
Ai.il all Hi'' stiu ins II" K-'ir li is l.tmi'.lit
V.ill il ii tin' yfit s I i'ii'I,
' In ' .11 yv ! p.- I" lit 'I
A nii".l tun ;riil.il lil'.'li'l.
Ai.l ti'"'.' ' Willi Hi'' li'lii's sin'.",
"O lilt'll tiin.'s, .urn.- ii" "'."
Al"l li.".'l I. ( V H" Mia'i'i'vs H'Ml
Ai" I'ii I ' man's il".ir.
.V..V Ii.t.i.i' il.i -i I.'' rl '"'. '',l
'i,i. L.tnii' ys.ns I liil'ilil
.May Iiiusl n'i. win mi' i"l"'ii.'Ui'l
TI'i L'tii'sl hi.'iyv ll" nil'-iii.
Jl.i) li' ilil. -inl 'I"
J t.lrsil.si 7"l.
i."irii'l "It 'Hi w s.-'-.
Aii. ii.i .Ink ' '" ..!s 'iiisc lo n.ar
'l... "siii. .it liu rty."
M r wr l.tni ' I..' s iii'iii.'!.!.;.
As IVi V'-s 1. 1 ... tl."' I" '
H'll quit.- I".1.!..' I I
N ia. i n, In-'
Mini It"
'.liv ',- it I!, t l.'il i"
IV l.i. I. I- i '"
Uu I I'l.l' i.s I. ! k" 1 '
.1 IM
f IP'
i..l i"
Ai ' '
it it. '
. Iir.il
Will i' J""""' "'
,..it..,i,.-i." ' '.
l.l bills' Ll' '"!'!!'!' I
I ... II., ini' u a'l '. '
U,II"V.'U;II It.-
'., .ilvfl' HI. .' HI, tll-liilis ttill tllitl'T,
t, i.i .i.t '-.r .'a- ': m -I )"ir.
l.i.iv.ii uitii lliusu wu'i ne'er farijet
'I llC 1.1-llUlll
1ove ono human being warmly and
pure!)', and you will love all! Jean
I'.n.l trulv savs. that the heart in this
heaven, like tl.e wandering sun, sees ,,e aihfi.mrers o.. vueir re.u... ,r.p.
nothing rrom the dew-drop to the JIt Hurtsborn and Osgood pressed
ocean, but an universal mirror which on with all .peed, over ground cover
it warmand fills. And is it not ruo.' ed with au incrustation of snow and
ice, which occttMonully atlorded good
Verily, we thiuk so. i '
a. FKorFOSiTioisr.
Tho proposition inndo two weeks tiuco
in tlio Journal in rognrd to giving 150
to tho throe churches in our town, will
remain open for acceptance until the lsi
dny of February, 1859. Lost somo niny
linvo forgotten tho conditions wo will
nuinc lliein ngnin: Tlio Cuinboilmnl Pros
by teriuns, ilic Mulliodiats ami tlio Ihiptists,
ench ilununiimtiion nro respectfully in- ()s,, ull .eriiiN indebted tonid esiaie ero re
viled to procure us 75 sulmciibers ut $j j i",.'i.7w' tJ c"me forwnrd ana make pajmcnt,
apiece, making tlBO, which sun. is to he he ,'l,eMn,B b",'l't"!l in the f
11 '" 1 per pentoiiB lor collection.
divided ciiunlly between ihein.we furnihli- ten n. H. SMITH. Adm'r.
ing die Hume Journiil ono yeiu graiis,
Tlieto subscribers must nil bo persons
who have hitherto never to ken our paper,
and are not taking ii now.
Jhomlit)' 1S.VS.
Wo want iii tho future, to make tho
Home Journal nioio intnisrly int.iresiing
than ever before, and ii.-k cur friends to in
form us ufany incident or thing that would
make a good item. Hi'uuken iiitii and
dog-lights wo don't want lo hear about,
as both are too common ami iminteresliiig.
Are the av lines lo death of multi
tudes every year: it is a sign ol'imper
feet eireul.il ion. or want of vigor of
constitution. No one can b,: well,
whose feet are habitually cold. When
the blood i.-' i ipially disliibuted to ev
erv nart of the bodv, there is general
good healih. If there be less blood at i
... i ,.i i
any one poi ni man is ua; urai, mere is
coldness; and not only so, there must
be more than is natural at soiae other
part ol' the body which happens to hi
l!ie weaivcst, to i.e me least aoie io ! (
throw up a liari leade agailisf the in-j
ni.hing clieiny. llenee, when (lie
lum.'.s are weakest, the extra, blond I
l.tlln - rs their m ilm hn jk- ol' :t i-mu
i i i :n;.,... i i . , i i !
mmui rum, u, .-omi::., nmwu.
men. all'liit leT pill'lie ; in
ri h r ri(isii!'!'S nil, a
llll- :
r ii, ... '
tluiiat lac Weakest. ) :i it : In Midi, cnltl
feet ;;ii:l linarseiiess ni' a raw l.lll'li- j I NC II K ST li ll , T E N iS'ESSE IJ
i 1 1 1'eelili, must fell at. I In' little liel- ' I illlVe nnw in more a lamer assortni".'i'.
low at the bottom of llie nee
i'o i
olhi'l's, ajMiin, whose bowels are weah
thi'oiii;h over eating or driiihiiii; spirit
oils liipioi's, cold feet itive various de
crees of deraii;;i incnt, from common
looseness lo ilial'liiu'Lis or ilj:eliieiy
and so we miht e'o ihrniieh the whole
body, but fur the pi esenl, this i.s ::ul;i
tieiit. fur illustration.
If oii are well, let yourself alone.
This is our f'lvuiile moilo. I!ul, to
those v.liose I'm l are inelined lo be udd
we sujrucs! ,
As sunn nsyeiiiret up in the mom-
ill"- lilll. both Ii i !. nl once in .". b;u ;i; nf i .
cold water. So as to come half wry tu
the nuLle; hi cp ihciii in half a min
ute in winter or two in summer; rnli
binfi; them both vi;oriiiii'.ly, wipe dry,
and hold to the fire, if convenient, in
col l weather, until every part of llie
loot l.'i Is as dry as your hand, then put
on your socks or stockings.
On going to bed a, night, draw oil"
your stockimrs and hold tin- feet to the
hre lor leu or liltceii iniuutcs imhl
pci li etly dry, and t;cl i'i;iht into !"'''
This i.s a most pleasant operation, and
' ,, , 1 i . . i ,", v
Inlly repays lor the Iroiude nl it. ,o
one'eai. .sleep well or refreshingly wilh
eold feet. All Indians am! iumti rs
sleep Willi their feet lo the lire.
Never step from your bed w ith the
naked feet on an uueaipetetl liner. 1 j
have known it to be the exciting cause
of mouths of illness. j
Wear woolen, cotton or sill; stock
ill'.'S, whiehi Vel' kee'.s your feet most
comfortable; do not let I he experience
of another be your guide for diller-
nt articles; w hat is good for a person
whose feet arc naturally dump, can
Hot be good for one whose feet are al
ways dry. The (h nkey who had his
bag of tinlt lightened by swimming a
river, advised hi companion w ho was
1(1,-1(1 I'l i HOW 11 V II II .1 .LU IV ""! I"
down with a sack ol wool to
do the same, and having no more sense
than a man or woman. h plunged in.
mid in a moment the wool I absorbed
the water, increased the burden many
fold, and bore hint to the bottom.
I lull' x Journal of Htulii.
Winter A-er..vr or .!oi nt Wakiiinc
iON. The Coos llepuUicuii narrates
the successful termination of an en
terprise several times attempted, but
j never before accomplished, viz., the
I ascent of Mount Washington in w in-
ter. Later than the early part ol ep- , 0f J;inu:ry. at wich all the cum
tcii'ber, the ascent of any oflhc White missionersiu the Charter arc desired to
.Mourl'iiu ran-c is attended with dan-' be present. Another meeting will be
ger.and several who have made the j bcld on the following day at Vienna,
.. i . .i -.i:.. . ,,..,. which will be addressed bv Lol. Iran-
.'llll'll I I ll.le n'.-i in, ii il,, ! , 'ii in.,
'"'" 'l ..
via oi i'cci hum i, ii.ju. i, ii. .......
viduals sin liiounti d all the perils ol'j
the ascent, and entered the Tip Top
and Summit Houses. The title of: Young, one of the oldest -V. L. prcaeh
these buildings has been lor some time ! ers in Ohio, died ftt Zinesvillo last
in litigation, and recently Samuel F.
Spauhling of Lancaster obtained an
execution, which he was nnxiotis to
levy immediately. Securin.: the scr -
vices of Deputy Sherilf Lucius Harts -
horn, nnd 1). F. Osgood, an ex?erieiic-
cd eoide. the thn c Ii ft the Glen Ib'ii-e i
at 7 A. M. on the 7th inst. tor rue
first mile, the snow was n'"'jt un,
foot in depth, inereasini,' " ''
a half and three feet as ibey ap-..mn....-,l
ihe Ledge. At this point,
Mr SpnuMing h it the party and re-
il for liorst s aim provisions lor
Ji'alunhlo Town Lots tnd desirable
Roily Itopiduncuk nonr tho public square
i sale oroxciianKe for young Negroes.
jt;in pnn for good Mules, Alikh Cows,
Dtp und Hugs, hour dots with iin
- jvetnontg, all in one block, surrounded
stroois ruunir.g in every direction.
fly acres)!' Lund on Little Hurricane
Tek, with waier power whore there was
'othiiurly n cotton laciory in operation
cipu, Onu und Two-lioreo Thrashers and
m, piirators, niuda by U. VVostinghouso &
I .3, of Schcnuctudy, N, Y,, whidh they
sure. Cull and soe one operate in
threshing any kind of grain, and see their
luids, certificates, &c, &c. fffef A good
jt jffc'ain may be had by calling soon on
umicrsigneu, who is auuionzou to lew.
P. 1. CURLE.
s'r Administrator Notice.
II purHiuiH liuviiir claims nguinutihe etttste
IS nl. F. KulierlHor, due, will pleiu-e preseni
Iiki'TI to tltn toMlpi'iiH'tietl tlulv nuthfli tH'ntpil.
thaviiirch lUSM. if
JLntcst Arrival
obt OP
wai'hc imili'rsijrneil aro now receiving their
pk of Full and Winter Hoods,
Idc'O, Satinelts, Ciissiineres, Merinoe, I''.
rillm'H, (iiiijiliuuis, Cloths, Jesus, Twfed,
ir aw Is, Isheelin, Miirtings, blunkets, Flan
U, lloei Skirls, Woollen and .Merino Uu
f rwear tor gentlemen und ludics, Keady.
pi ulu Cloihing, Huts
i '''Ejittost Styles,
j jn's, boots, SIiuoh, Hardware, Cutlery, Glass
are, t.ueeuswnre, und a variety of article
I . teilious to mime, allot' which are oll'ereil
i m.faleut
vv' lU'iison.'ililo prices fur Cash.
ov p, rxoiis nro invited to call and examine
wr Iheuisehes.
'' All kinds of good tmrler taken in oxcliaii(e
i r goods at such prices us we can sell at a-
W. & S.
w 27. t A" USUAL.
j'v fJanu.'K CVinipbcll,
...mi usual of I'limily llrocerica, coiwist i. :
unlv nf snitiir, cnllVe, iikiIiihkcs; wLiti
n ii, lout' unil cniKlifil ni''ar; fine and ce:
'nii I'liiiilii'.s; u fino lot ut' Tens; iilnionils, i. -
iih, iiiiiuii'its, t'lincs, spice, pi'ppor, ginp'T,
ice, I'iniiiiiiinii, siiilu, mwilt'r und sliot, iii
"'' mill imulili-r, fultpelre, fturcli; crack 'i i
to nil kind, ciilics, &.c. Also, a guoil loi n!
( iirs mill tukiuico; star mid tallow candlcn,
Ii liiinrils, b'ooms, wiilcr buiketis, bo;; .
Pell ..I' iucs ami hitiitu, n tic a pood lot n'
('(inc. Let the fi iemls 'ill nilBrpeJv-Iu''
l;cei the bull in motion, for we do ver
i'y believe that, uj.on the com plot ion
of this iiimortant link in our Woa.il da-
ii. i.'i i 'ii; many gran improvemcius
whieli we in diet, fur Winchester.
The last Muntsvillo Ala, Independ
ent, says:
"Ve are truly chut to see that a
Kailroad spirit, is n:;:i'm ettiiu!; up in
ihose sections of country where Rail
roads are needed. The long talked-of
project of uniting North ar.d South
; Alal ama by llailroad iscxeitiinx mucii
j hit, rest just at this lime, and we are
, ,' ., ,IM
i proud to see it. J lie sums are new
j , ,
I '"Viirahle lor tho buildup' ol the link
of Woad from the Tennessee Stale line
() (he Tennessee river, through this
! ,.,.,,,....., ,.;..., w,;,.i. i,..s i.rpn
talked of fjr a long time, but at whieli
little has been done. Col. Uu. Fran-
cis, of Tennessee, is now in the field,
arousing the people on thist subject,
and solicit ing subscriptions of stock for
the building of the Woad. lie is trav
eling up and down the line, and is
meeting with great encouragement.
W e have seen and tallied with a num
ber of the most wealthy and influen
tial men who live along the line, anil
. .. . , ., , .,,
I ""7 "'"
built that the people are thoroughly
alive to the importance of the Road,
and are determined to have it. Col.
F. informs us that he feels quite confi
dent that the money can he got, and
that the work will go forward. Wo
shall say nothing here of the impor
(iii'ce ol this Woad, for every man who
i.i interested at all in it, is fully posted
as to its great importance,
We understand that there will bo a
meeting of the friends of this Hoad at
.Maysville. on next Tuesday week, the.
i , .
cis, and perhaps others.
Let all Aew
1 i.njijjy,, turll out."
Linr.nAi. WEuLKST.-Weverriiil David
week. He bequeathed, by bis will.
j R'.nOO dollars to build a new house
for llie Seeonu street M. 1.. Uuurcli,
1 in that city, with free seats; 1000 to
'the Ohio Wesley University; 1000 to
the Wilde Society, 1000 to the M. E.
.Missionary Society, and from 0000 to
1 0.000 to build another M. E. Churcb
to Zantsville.
The New Codil The New Codo, as
it in called, does'nt stem to meet with
universal approbation at the hands cf
tho sovereigns. We heard of one of
thctn, a citizen oi a neighboring coun
ty, remark, nftt r listeuinglo the cbarg
of His Honor, thnt "nary man Hrin '
could plumb the law m JaiJ to
the Code. .-'
r ?

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