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XK nil ) nVlll' i, I It !V.Vaa) jJyU . ,-... ,
K. M. PCTTWGH.L Sl CO Now 1 ork.
man n urcum Winehesler
T J. COMMINGS... lullnhoma.
JOHN B. RHODES, sneiuyiriiie'
C. A. HUNT .....Salem.
L. I. (ilLDERSLEJJVJE, Fayeticvillo.
A. M. TENLSON, Nashville.
B4rf- Subscriptions for shorter lime
than one year must be paid in advance.
gSjjf Hereafter no club subscriptions
t loss than the regular price ($'.') will
tie received. However, when a club of
five subscribers is so lit us. we will nllc
an extra copy gratis to the goiter-up of
8F"Single copies sold at 10 cents.
BGF When credit for the psper ia (liv
en to the cud of the yenr three dollars
will be invar tally charged.
Clubbing. Wo will supply either
Harper's Magazine) or Graham's, or Go
Joy's and the Home Journal, one year, for
(four dollars. Arthur's Homo Magazine,
or Poiersnn's, and the Home Journal, one
year, for 3 25.
Wo are glad to sco many of our
.citizens engaged in setting out
trees in their yards and in front
of their houses on the streets.
They will never regret it. For
iio or 50 cents a nice shade tree
can bo procured. In fact, we
saw a beautiful lot of sugar trees
brought in town the other day and
wold at 25 cents each. Of course
we got some, and were surprised
:to find them so cheap. If all our
citizens would expend a few dol
lars each and use a little exertion
.and care in setting out shade
trees on and about their premi
ses, how much it would add to
tho beauty and comfort of our
growing town. We love shade
trees, and how finely they sett oil'
the houses behind them. We
never pass a cottage or house of
amy sort in sultry summer time,
without admiring it, if it has
shade trees about, or regretting
if it has none. How cooling
their shade, how ample, rich, and
graceful their foliage!
Besides they add ten times their
cost to the value of the premises
they adorn. How many persons
have admired nice trees in a
neighbor's yard, and felt willing
to give ''almost any reasonable
sum" if he only had them in his
own, and thereupon resolved
when tho planting-time come
2-ound again, to secure somo for
himself. And now that time is
here and wo advise tho people of
Winchester to be sure and set out
sBome shade trees. If you do not
Jivo to. enjoy their shade your chil
dren will.
'the way to have a "poor
1. I3o very careless and irregu
lar in attending church. Never
go, except when you can manufac
ture no excuso to stay at home.
2. When at church, be either
asleep or staring about. Do not
listen to tho sermon.
3. When you go home, com
plain of the sermon as light and
A'haffy, or dry and uninteresting.
4. Treat your pastor with a
cold and uninviting civility, and
then complain of him becauso he
does not visit you.
5. Neglect to pray for a bless
ing upon him and his labors, and
then complain of him becauso tho
church does not prosper.
6. 13c always finding fault with
your pastor, and yet regret that
he is not more popular with the
7. Bo very arthurwarm and
worldly minded, and yet complain
of him for want of zeal.
8. Neglect to provide for his
nccccssary wants and then com
plain of him because he wants
Jia salary, and bo sure to envy
him what little ho has. Frcach
crs eat food like anybody else and
need money.
9. Do all theso things and you
will seldom fail to havo a "Poor
Sometimes subscribers fail to
get their papers. If so, they must
not bo offended and give us no
chance to vindicate oursclf. Just
let ua know, and ure'll supply the
deficicncyT Sometimes we over
look a man in writing off so many.
As to Mail failures, we bear many
complaints, but have to pass them
by, einoo tho evil seems so uni
feraai. Be? ides', wc hate to join
l;i with most journals against the
"Mails." Tho subject seems
Read tho advertisement of
Wm. Stewart's in regard to pens.
We have tried them and find
them excellent. They will not
corrode, positively they will not.
Every lady ought to get some,
every school boy some and every
business man somo.
Somo woman has presented
Covers, of the Gallatin Examin
er, with a boquet of flowers the
first of tho season. Several bo-
quets have been promised us, and
if weather liko this wo aro now
having, continues long, we guess
flowers will bo plentiful.
On Tuesday, the 4th January,
at the residence of Maj. Young, of
Madison County, Texas, by llov.
John Ncal, Mr. James Oliver,
formerly of this county, now of
Leon County, Texas, to Miss So
I'HHonia T. Hale, of the former
On account of it few typographical
errors in the following Report hist
week, we re-publish it this week,
We, n Fiiiitnco Committer', appoint
ed by iioa I'd of Mayor mid Aldrrnicn
to eXitmiiK the Trcanurer's account,
beg leave to irutlu; the following lit-:-
pout :
Amt. in Tiwisinrr's hnutls Jan. I, 157,
lnio.itit ill I', 'I u-'isuier Imiiii Ju. 1,
IviT, in I'eli. 1 1, ts,y.l on I'livca, .
Art. jtaKl liy A, lJ- Ii.rieit, mi lines,
Anil, ptii-1 liy ,1. T. Chi i, Keionlrr,
itn l.iieiiHPH
Ami. ici-':m:il uf A Ihncork on f II In
8 - VI7
-$. 13,50
Amt.)mUl Jas, II. Kstill on sulisr i I in inn
to .1nlc Acailemy witli hili'ri'H, lIO,';f)
Amt. C'li'l sundry annuiil.., cuneiil
fMlit-liwiHnr Hie mi imiittinn, 'll'J.H
Anil. puitl on ulisti'itiou to W. A A.
Raillfoail, asl'.f.il
Aint.oT money on Hanks fuilrJ, "'"",
Leaving In thi hands of tlie Treasurer. 4V;i
There remuins on the lux books un
collected tines uncollected, and mon
ies in the lnvnds of the County Court
Clerk, about enough to pay the bal
ance of the Rail Krmil subscription.
All of which is respectfully submit
ted. 1I.T. C.nrt.
V. A. I Ol.'flll MILLED,
It. Marti.
Feb. I lth. IS It).
Subscribers receiving their papers with
a red cross murk on them will understand
it to mean that unless they pny up their
duns to us their paper will he discontin
ued' We havo about To names that will
undoubtedly be erased unless this cross
mark is heeded- Paper alone costs about
$11 per week, cash, nnd wc are unable
and unwilling to submit to ihisdrnin up
on our pocket unless we aro sure that our
su'uinisson be appreciated.
Postmasters throughout tho country will
d'i us a favor, as well as be doing their
duly, to inform us when a subscriber ie
fuses his paper, or when the paper lies
dead at their office.
Nashville Bank Note and Exchange List,
Hank of Tennessee par
Union Hank jiar
Pin tilers' Hank Iar
Mr.rtliautV hank iwr
( ity Hank par
IrailL-r1 Hank par
Hank or Commerce par
" tho l:ninn par
" Chattanooga par
" Memphis par
" Ami-rna lOo. ilia
Itivnr llank par
Norllicrn Hank par
Bank or Diniilriilw par
Clnilioriia lV ,lin
" Tati-wi-ll IOc ilt.v
' Tii-nloii Ha-ilm
" JffTiTSon V)c ill?
South Carolina aii'l
tieoruia lolil liaukf'i )r .lis
Kpnliirltv liank-s
ic lliH
iiuuiiiuna "
SiHtllirru Hank
I'iIiki-iu' Hank
('minuet, ial Hank
Hm-k'4 Hank
KvlianiX H-ilik
FaMillS' I'.ank
One ilia
no aala
' ill
Hank or Miililli-Tenu.
" I'ailt
" N.ishvilie
Ocni'fl Hank
Slu-Hiyvill.' Hank
Lawrrliri-tiitri; IfanK i
Mis-'imri Hank par
Ala'iahiai.ekiclit Mo
l.i;.-) kilia
l!anknr Mo'.ili. par
Hani. f WV-'t l'i-nn. par
LflscD t:0i SAIL .
I wish to sell my tract of bind, on which
I am now livintr, contnini'i about one
hundrel nnd ninty six acres, lyinu' about
four miles noith of U inchester, 'J'onn.oii
Klk River, and about four miles from the
Nashville and Chattanooga Kail Houd,
and bounded by the lands of W. II. Phil
ips and B. Crisman. Said land is very
rich and attractive. About eighty acres
are in a high slate pf cultivation with good
fences, a good Dwolling house slnhlrs,
out housoa, &c. Also three excellent
springs aro on tho place within a short
distance of the house. There is on tho
place a most excellent orchard of fine
fruit, anil a still-house and still close by,
which can be bought. This is a dcsiruhlo
tract of land and affords an excellent op
portunity for any one to gft a bargain.
1 can bs seen almost any time at liotiie.
Winchester, Tenn. Feb. 10, '50. if
By virtue of a decree of the Count)
Court of Franklin county, Tennessee,
pronounced at its January Term, 1830,
in the cast of Margaret Martin end N.
H. Martin against Moses V. Marherry
and wife ami others, 1 will, on
Honda), 7th of March. 19,
otTer for sale to the highest bidder, the
tract of land which Joseph C. Martin,
die I, seized and possessed, lying in civil
district No. 8, about five miles north of
Winchester, sold subject to the widow's
Said land will be sold on a credit of
one, two and three years, except $150,
which must be paid down; the biddings
for the land to commence at seven dollars
par acre; tha purchaser required to give
nota with two or more good and sufficient
securities, and a lian retained upon tne
land until tha whole of tha purchase
mo nay it paid.
F.F.SIMS. Clerk.
tun mmht
O 9 5Pr yew I
serial Uette.
'or Congress.
We nre authorized to annunce UEO. W.
JONES acandidstefor reelection to Congress
from this district, ,
I'Vr Senate.
Editor Home Jouhnal :
It having beon understood for some time
past that 1 would be t candidate to rep'escnt
the counties of Lincoln and Franklin in the
Senatorial branch of our next (ieueral As
sembly, in order that thin fact may be more
fully known, you will please uuiiounco my
name as a candidate,
I will luko th i occasion to state that hav
ing to work,' it will bo impossible for me to
coiuiiionce a canvass until iSprinj;, but at the
UiUAL Tuns I will meet tho peoplo of cuch
county at the various places of voting and
presout to them my riows on the questions of
Federal anil Stale policy in which they are
Your most ob't scrv't, JLc.,
Taz. W. Newman.
Sepf at). to
Fkankun Countv, Tlnn.
Eurroit Home Jouhnal: Flemo untinuucc
to the people of Franklin nnd Lincoln coun
ties that f am a candidate to represent them
in the Senatorial branch uTllio next Legisla
ture, and oblige
Yours, truly,
Ropt.8, ISM. io.
We are authorized to announce Jamks 11.
Ciiii.coa i , of Lincoln, u candidate lor St'iiutor
to represent tha counties of Lincoln and
Frnnklin nt the next Aiiiisteleclioii.
Vor tjfgislatttve.
We aro authorized to u.inoiwicc John F.
Wediliugton a cundidato to represent Frnnk
lin Co. in the lower brunch of the next Gen
eral Assembly lor tho Stale ol'Ti niiessec.
We nro nulhnrizcd to announce Col. Win.
A. Parks a candidate to represent Frnnklin
I'ovn'.y in the lower brunch of the next (iene
rnl Assembly lor Tennessee.
We aro authorized to nnnaoiu'o Madison
Williams Esy. a caudidntu, for reelection to
ihe LrifMiiluro from the coiinly of Frnnklin.
Sin Jamsb C i. a nit's Fkmai.b Pills.
This well-known medicine is no imposi
tion, hut a sure nnd safe remedy for Fe
male difficulties, ami oliMiiutions from
any cause whulevei; timlnlihiiugh a pow
erful remedy, they eoiiiuin nulhiii hurt
ful to the constitution.
For full pariii-ulars, obtain, free, of the
agent a pamphlet, or refer to advertise
ment. N. II. $1 and 0 poslago stamps en
closed to any iiullioriy.eil ageni, will in
suro n bottle containing over CO pills by
return mail.
Tiir .mustl tr-iTi lilc ' Ina wc havff lo ei o n ii Lis
iimntty ii Cuitftuni-lioiu First minlfi-Minn il.t'ir in Hi"
Tin in ofa alight cotil, it ainM strr-ntli while ili virt iin ia
unsuspicious olil uiyi i , ami Jiiniiii.'r or Inlet, in nine i .ifcs
oul of I'-u, tin uiiii.ilis fitally. Auioni; Hip, vim iniix rf-mo
dies la-line Hit- puhiic lur llm into of rihlcilim-i.ae,
none la eipial lo IJduki.ami's Hai.amic t'lumui.. Kcn
this limy not cure you; hut, il Ihe iltseam' h not loo
(ar iiilvauiTd, you ma y-conllilt'iil ly rely upon il. 't ry it.
Hreporc-il only liy llr, ('. .M. Jackson, No. lis Arch
Sllci't. dt j i.l lor tiah' h iliuui-ts anil totckcr-pcr tiirouli
nut tla t'uiteit .Stales and t:anaila. i'lko 1.1 cents per
W'ti liavn a rule Hi.'t VNttcn a Mihsi nlitM' ttolji pnyitient
Tor his in!or for tvvt lvti imuiiIi, p will i Imrtre him
tlirt-P iIoII.iih. yet unny talip t In- jiaj-n' nhtmst that Uuva,
llien i?.vM'cl two tlutlar ti nli"ly uh. Smv our dear
tiifixls, )i)ii imlit not tu lliiiil. htul odiH sliuitM wc tlii
Rent litiniK ii'U a cmiisip o. jii in (ihiit. W li-tl is tin: in o(
lift liiiin?!ft tnlf if UpI( imt rmiitly Willi it f Mi' MiM
staiitt lailhfully by tin rulo wi' have mlnitnl it w wuulil
ilo justice to all mi r stil..i:iili.i. H in iMHiciUid ami
wnuii! for lis toiullili that will Ii" cli.iif;cil in ml vain
d,iV t tlit-Pint of Kix iiiocilis iiinl S-' "I thfM'ial ir U
iiiui.Mi, ami tltoM violiitn llih rule Thcicloie )li?nc tc-
niemlwr that two dollars in the ndvanro n kp, fc,M if
ijiyiMfiit l-e iitailr in Hijt niontli ami $'t,iti.it Hit eiil uf
the yrar, and we wii.i..ui iotalr this tuli- any hum p.
THi:iUi;.tr ilisu ui;.ni;iv
.lPt J.Mi;s ( LAItKK'S
C e I c b r a I e il F e in n I o Pills.
Pipaiel fioni a Tipm rii'iiuit ut Sii J.Chirkp, M. 1). Vif
tjii ian 1'aVtiuiH'lin.ii y toluc ((liprii.
rrillS INVAMWill.K .MhliU lK IS C.M'AII.INfi IN
J. tlM'Ctnc ol nil thnni (Mihful and il-th''iitni diHisiM-1. tn
whii h liif fi-n.aip riii"iilntiim in u! jt-ct. It hkhU-i.-iIi-xl II
cicpSh iiil tmiiovi-h ull ulfftlructiuim. and a Hj cd) cuie
may he iulifil on.
It itppf iiliarly miitcil. Il wilt, In a liirt tinin, hunt;
Itir inOiillily 1-pi iod with ri''illnity.
lyirh hdtthf uii p l hit llu.l.ii lipais ih (ovrrnmei t
Stainp o( (.real Ji Haiti, ti pivvpnl tuuiuei h it.
TIip"p Pill shonM Mil i;k r.ibs hy frniaVi dui in1.' Hip
('IK.- I I IlKKKMOM IIS v I'ki.i.XAM v, m iln-j turMirn
ti liiiiioii mis(. Aiaii.vt. h. Imt at an) ullii-i thin ihkv k
It I1 vr of.frvmii nnd Sinnl MfprtionH.I'.iiii in tlti
1'it h Hid laiuhN, Kaliuup mi li:'.lil rvm t hm, jliomif
thf Mp.mi, MystiM ii h, iiinl W hu', little I'iU w iH pit t a
tuip tthrii ali itlluM luranf Ii.ivp tailed j mi nil lit rivi a
't.AVfiliil renipil) , do titi i oiit.un inni, tailumcl, iiitiiuuii)
in aiivlliint; Inn Hid in itip riiimiitnlioit.
Full ilii'Pi linn lirnuip.iiiy f.'K li park.ipP.
hole Aycnt For tho I' mint Mates ami I'anad,
(Ute I.C l:..idvin. (',)
Ittirhdlpr, N. Y
N. It. ft! fWlaml poit.nB stamts pmlnn-d to mi)
uilioiixpa igent, will insure a buttle ofu.o I'll Is by ie
turn iiiiiit
Forsalff tiy Si iilh W. Hoticlitnn, Aqrtit at inrhlrr,
ml by Hrrry A Pemov.lle, Nahilic, wholesale Arnls
for Tpiiiippfe. Ited'J iy
liriMmiiH TricliS riiri itll)r.
Oysterf ot 05 tenta per cnn.
Mnekerol H for 2.1 cenU.
Cbec?o LJJ cents.
Slur Candies A"i cents, tullow 13.
Fxtra brown Soprir nt 10 cents per lb.
Second quality at I'-i Win to the dollaJ.
In short, we will sell all kind-i of (iroccrios
just as cheap as the chenpest in market.
Oranges und Co:nnnut8 on hand and all
sorts of Fancy Candies, and also Sky Kock
eUtand Firo Cracker.
a. V. a or ham A' UoSh.
! Pec. 10, . tf .
Drs, Tui'iit'v & CJariior
Have isitociated thernclve together in tho
praclici of Medicine, ind when not pro
fessionally ih-enl. cm be found tl
tiieirotticc, Jefl'craoii at reel, two
door above Mnriin's corner.
Not! tf
. ' E. S. HAWKINS,
General Agent for the tale and purchaao of
Ileal Estate. Xejxroes, &c,
OT I will pay tbe market price for Ne
groes brought to my office.
Ncgroe roitauintlr on band.
Office, No. IS, Cedar Street, (formerly oc
cupied by Thou. O. Junes,) 1
Ftb3 tl
t 01)
1 00
Ct- 7 b iuimrflne powiloied Suar lur I n1
7 Iha retlu.u cruaneii , no j ji
liest t'heea, 15J els per lb.
SlarCamllea per lb, 'JA tenia.
' '1'ulloW ill oo lieenla,
Hot duartnteeil Oyiieu, pgr can, to'
!Nxty-llve tnts.
AM articles the grocery lino
Chonp for Cnsli'l
Call und get your
at the old established stand uf
Sixxltla (So Carr.
December 10, .
Sun. Mvih. 1'uhlisiiiiz Jluunc,
ii sli vill', Tciiti.
Illunk books of superior quality innuufiie
luri'd for bunks: nd tho eiiiiiiimjr rootn, nnd
books rebound for the library or pnrlnr. Call
iiinl see specimens. FebU ly
Tho insolvency of iho estate of Willie 1',
Wnnjnor deeensed linuiiir bi'cn tuiigesieil ns
reiiiired bylaw; notice isbori bv;'iieii to the
creditors ofsiiid esinle to tile their r limns wiih
the Clerk of the County Court of Frnnklin
County, Tennessee, duly anilieiiticntctl on or
bofnro tho ltllh day of iWureh lv.')0, or they
will be debarretl.
Dec. 8th, 1st!'.
WIkiI a twjjcrliir atork uf (Itwls
(r. A. Shuvk ltx jttxt irvcircil!
Sin pie tniods,
bed Dluiiki'ls,
lli'inly-ioinle Clothing,
l.tlnV .Shawls,
Lailu's' Clunks,
Fine Silk Chenelle Sen rtV,
l.iiihes' nnd lieiils' Luiob's Wool anil Merino
lluls, boots nnd Shoes;
Fine all wool d'Laines;
Fiiiiey Silks,
Silk Aruhimi Fancies, (beautiful)
Hoop Skirts
French ChihU Holies,
Ihiloiornls, & e.
School ;iinl Mist't'lkiiiooiis IJooks,
iSLitioiiorv, ki-.,
tci'., AjC.
i' J '' I fflFlA I- .:i' i N
(live me a cull hefnre you purchase, nnd
see if you ee.niiot pe suited.
(i. A. SHOOK.
ros: f.ini:s ai .9:yi'm:;ui:.v
rm. II.,, l',n,l n
, aO, SjStjTA exei'lli'iil room on the
VIIlX 1 '1 1 ' ' on in s-
xtM.wtVli!r, nnd will eonl.u-
,v 'J)IK3f-ts'u no the hoot anil shoe
TT?H mi"" I-IK'IV eon
rf1 dueled hy .l.'llen.l,
deeenseil. They feel themselves nhlo to do
ns I-nod work us can In) done A N V W 1 1 1'.ll K,
nnd nre determined that no exertion shall lie
Hiiulin on iheir part, to cite salislaetion to
all whoinny favor lliein with p.'itronne.
We intern! to keep constanily on hand a
l.nrr ami sihcl Assortment of'
Vntvnt E'lTiicli :tiiil Aimri
can Bicallu'i.
Aleo, Lnslin? losuit the wants of Ladies.
I!KI'AIKI(r prmnplly attended to, and all
work tt'AKKA.YfKI).
ti:h.iis cash.
r. iiio :(stf j. r. NKWKi, co.
W. I'.ll.iMir v. U. S. I1kM)KI;'is. S. A. II win. t.
ij amk.v, u i : !:: a to.
W. ('. Hundley, haviu:: Imeoine nsso
riitli d with us in the Dry Hoods hnsine,
tin- linn will hereafter be styled n. above,
oinl we ltul our old Iriemls tniil custom -
ers may i outinue with us, as it is nnr in-
trillion in keep constantly on haul n most
ii . . . i . i . - , . . c ,
excellent sioes. uiiu nssoruiii in i oi jiooo.i
to knit tou wjots ui inn ieoiin ui ini.i
county. llANin.y iV II i.Mit.liaON.
Tliose indehleil to the firm of 1 1 n ml ly
ami Iluiidersoii nre respectfully reiiieste.t
to come iinme liately lurward and settle.
II. iV II.
8tIrndi(l Town Lots
Xcirlv on tlio I'uLIii: .Siuare,
1'cin; anxious in remote lo another por
tion ofthe rountry I propose to anil tho tow u
lot nu whn'li I Bin now living, and on who'll
there is new. t,"""' and eoiivenieiit two f tn -
ry dwcl imr, x v, wit , a en lo..l passnse
luthcni.dJIe. Alsooi,el.ri.;k.liouse,ritl.ylll,
Wil l two l'iiou riHiius. nan a iir-'ii k irnen,
.it, l,,.,te. outlioiises. &.C. Tl ia lot con.
tainsfuie and three quarter, ..fan aero, of asj
.1 :. : ,.. i.i ...... ,
C ". " ""l"' .. co"m'
and fronts ahout "Jl") fee: on Iho street run
nill fnilii the sipmrc to the .Methodist eliri'h,
and l'rotiliiii on tliu wholo of tho street run
unit from tho ehureli at right aiitile Sniiih,
I ....I H'Jl l....l .... ll.n ul r.nl h ... .. f IVa... I tin i.pn
! i '"-' i': ii" -
at ri.'ht aiiL'le west, llur.lin.r amnio room Io
inaku Til hi K beautiful town lots v.ith trod -
sized "aniens attached. In the centra nft his
, Willi aecoial quality (or
" 1 ' n ll.a haat Klo I'ultat lor
CO K is,
-iifS'u'SV ;!'! it "H k.'.
plat of ground is oiii- of the best wcl's of iva- ; ( pr(; j;iei jn ollire, a petit ion hy Frank
ler lo be fniiinl anywhere, and it nfvf.u i aii s. (),.j,r, rr pn--c ni i niT that he is a Tree man
Tho whole ol this plat is level and rich and ' i 0f eitfJr residing in said County, aged about
decidedly Iho most deirab!e property for sale , eveiy mx years, that ho desire to bo per
il, U ini-liKolnr. On llm lot i a blacksnilh-1 ,,,,, i ir,i, .verv. and Hint he linn ..
chop, wooilshop and lble. I will sell the
whole cheap for cash and respectfully k any-
UHH uuairirus w, m g -
.1 . . . nr . 1. 1 r in 1 n tu 1" " -"
" B -- - . . 1.
examine the premise. Mioumnyo" --
- L...:.. hmise. eo better place
"old bo foond... p.rtof I I e. .at . 1 Tow
.terx from the .i.re. while t ie other part
.iTord. beautiful pl.ff te"Ac"'
Here 1. a chance for tome one, rho
will il bet ApplTW
Feb. 19
Winchester, Tann.
Freeh Oysters
Tint rt iava-1 t W r
Nashville Market,
from tlia Nuhvtll Dally New(.
Wadtimlay, Fab. 23, 18S9.
Cotton. About 119 boles changed
hands at tha following figures: 82 ntlO,
8 nt 0, und 79 at vurioua figures, mostly
Iheni". Hog round 01 rentu; ShouL
flora TJfiJS cents; Hams 0 l-!2fo)10; Clonr
Side 10l10 1-ii.
Laiid.--There hnsbeen a alittht decline
In Inrd. 10 l210j ore the ruling rates,
Flouii. Demund brink, tixtra 7,00
per nnrn I; Superfine, j(5 SOfriO dollnrs.
Kxlrn Family Flnur in bags, wholesale
$3 23; retail 3 50 $-08 pounds.
Cuiim. Knster, and buyer only pay
50 cents and furnish sacks.
Corn Men! 73c.
Dltirn Fltt'lT. Apples M 80n2 00;
Penled l'enchcs, 4 70u0 00; Unpe.iled2
7jii3 00.
iseedK Clover $7 00 per bushel, by
the barrel, lllue Grass, stripped, (il 25;
Clean, tl 73 per bushel of fourteen
pounds; Timothy, f2 733 per bushel;
fiord's (iriiss, $1 45u 1 30; Orchard
$1 00; Hungarian Ciruss Seed $2 00;
Cnnnry S'ed lji:5j .Millet 1 20al 20,
Fln .Seed 1 20.
H'hiskv. H'e quotu 2HQ25 for Roc
tilieil. Country bruiids -lOfiOOc.
Fkatiikiis are worth 41uH2 els.
,Siilt Course sack is. worth $ 30; fiim
I 00; hbl. COe, )er pushel.
Feathers, Dried Fruit, Ginseng and
licoswiu in ileinuiiil.
Sus-nr In bbls. 7i0"-"; hall cent less
in hh.U- N. V. Coireo .SiiL'iirs 0all:je.;
Crushed ami I'owdercd 12a 13c; Loaf 12
ii 12 J rents,
L'olfeii Kio 12Jnl23c. nnd dull, La
stiyra I I; Jnvn 20c.
liiief 1 inoe grons-
Cheese- Fn.JIsh Dairy 12 1-2al4c;
western Keserve 10e.
lliil"S iiinl I.eaihur tueen hides 5 els,
dry Ruin ("orniiy. Southern und Mex
ii'iin 1H; (Ink Sole Leather MO cl.s pur III
for het tu:il:lv; Harness -.c.
Oils. Linseed, !"."ic; L'ir.l 1 00; Tan
ners 73 1 00.
Shelled On is. 7075c, from wagons;
fro in Store S3.
Atlanta Ga. Markot.
Atlanta (Ia., Fi:ii. 1 2 ill.
L'niTon IIomi: Jui iiNAi, :
Aniifxed we hand you a review of our
market. Cm ton was buoyant nt the
close of the week, which was tho result
ofthe late favorable advices from Europe,
although no ndvanco was quoted, the
news was more favorable limn was uiiti
cipated. Uncoil, dull talo. Consumers
refuse to buy nt tho present prices. We
ijioie hoj; round 10 a I Ie; Shouhlors 0a
!); Sides IUal2r; ILims llalljc; Lard
12jai:te; Coin, from store OSinO; Sack
el Wheat from store 1 20al 23e do.
Flour 2 ..ria:i 2.1c. 1'onihors. -ISnr.O.
(iroi'iries, the stocks ol eolTeo, Mi'iar,
inoliis.-es, syrup, cundles, are now much
ireer in this inurkel than at any former
period. respectfully,
.SKAliO oc AI'.MOTT,
Crornrs and Commission Merchants'.
llX Wholesale; ami Itclnll
aniiarali-rain 0
all kind of onnlry I'loiliieo.
KKHrconilaiiliv on lioul i '"'ii' asiorln lot Iron,
.vails.l iiMii. ;H ,io) I'Alt.MIMi llll'l.l'..lli.VlS,
A eoiiiplrte line of Carpenters' Tools,
Hardware, Cutlery nnd Chains,
Huts, liools and Shoe,
A varii'ly of IIoiisekeepiiii fined',
Tuba, HiiekoiH, llroonif &Siona Wore,
Willi a lull slock or tho most
Choice Groceries,
fur fimiily aupi'lirs, aurh aa
lirnn ii, Crushed ami Loaf Surnrs,
(lolili'ii Syrup iV Suar House Alnlasses,
i;,o, Lairuyrii, f. tirl Java Coll'ee,
iSlar, Sperpi, und Tallow Ciindles,
i C .' .S.;
Q VS'f 10 1! S
' , i ni v i.-u
j n.llil l.M.o,
f; 0 US
ricKLF.s, .shot,
l'KI'l'KU, CAI'S,
.SI'ICE, . Fl'SF,
SULFllb'i!, ' &C,(VC.,iC
all of whii ri arr oir. n il, ant will hn aiilil at 11, e
Vinchrtr,Sn. '-'I, l'X tr
, A , A z , j..
- .!.,.,., TfuiKSM '.
n . r ,
R. S. II ' 'L respect fully enders In -ervi-
- esto .he c.i.onso W. nche-ler ;.n. .chh-
iu nml rennests n iihcra snare ill paironapp.
.v. " -. . ... V. vi,....ln.l to l.un in the
past, he iilndires liimsclf tu us every cll'ort to
(jive satisfaction in the future.
I'ecl'.f J
a, ll..
Stnl of I iilir'', w,
1 Circuit Con rt Clerk' Olhee, Jan. 15, li.)J
i v.,,;,.- i hcrehv civen, that on this dav
j er,eil, Joseph C Dchmig, who ill a citizen of
j Mij couV( ti i,0 person to whom he wisbc
to be couveyod and whose alavo he desires to
It i ordered that publication of thia notice
be tnado in the "Winchester Home Journal,"
a newspaper published in Winchester, Ten
neasee, for one month.
N. FMZZELL, Clerk Cir. Court.
Wliont WnntaL
1 will give tho highest rash price lor (rood
Wheat delivered el my Mil), 3 mile Nor"1
of Winchester, Tenn. ....nu
Feb3 l.tf U. B. Hi.iW"
Aa tli nifmtH'ra or our firm Iibvb, hy way orpurchoto,
Iml-uiiii Hie owner oftlio uunlicUurtarvU by itiu st.unau
lielawarc, IVt'iilui'ky, Miaauuii, amt iitit of llioao hi (ia.
tii.ilorlho niuiii.'iiiriit ir Mi-aara. tfirory.. (Viaitiy,ui
llinlniitiiii, lklaio, IK liavt deem. il it rxi'Pitient tu
rliaiiKt Ilia naiiir ol our Hun, on ai.d alti-r Junuuiy tl,
JS-i'.l, 1 1, lo.it ol WOUIl, KUUV IKJ., who wlU heidartiM
livi tlio iii.HMVNicntoi ilioStiaila AcaUcui)' Lollor)', ai.ii
Itic 01 lira,iia alio vi- iiuiiiihI.
In nil tranaiciioi.a liavi anJravorod lo coinluct our
hiivuiraa ivlil, hilvui it v uul uroiiil-UieMi, unj wo cm a
urn I lie ,uMiL Hi-it ll.i- itiuiwiw lioitilornii- Ualoweil on
uaia wi-ll ile rr viiiar ol ivini; tinncriM iittloour Hucoohtoni.
rry ti-i'0i:il.ill)',
Augiuta, (ia., Ptc. I,i, 1S.8, S. SWAN ACO.
wools, i:iitVtVo., iii.iAiicits
Tlir rollowlna St'liRiiin wilt b ilraivn liy x ood, EddvoV
Co., .MittiauiM-. ol tliir Siallii Acinli-my Lnlti-iy, luuJCUor
tlif-ir Miult? lUlllH.r Lotlt-nca lor .Matcti, ujt All
(rs'tw, timitr.u, hi t'uulii;, uuuur tliu auuui iuieutii-uto o(
lli'uxvs feiitimliiy, iardi 3, 159.
Draw Muuirdiiy, IlBuich 12, 1M.19.
I'l.AsiSt Vi,
Uruv Siittuilii), Uuich 10, IS
i. iss i;t.
DrawM i;iini'ilii), .Harih 30, lUiO.
Five 1 housaud Four Huiidrod und Eighty
live Frizes.
TO hi: UllAtVSI
Each Saturday in Jfarch.
I Prlw ol
I. Mil.)
in t'riio ol
ii " "
.'in I'rl.ea or
61, son
Approximation Prize.
4 i rii'MiI Jii".iiioiiiuitiio,,li)'."eioii.iArf l.ri'i
4 ,i,J .lull " ' ;iO.III'll I.'.'IH'
i ,, v.m " liiimil ' limn
1 il,, v.'i " " ."i.ii 'i'i'ilcsartf tii'H
Jj yml " " 4.0011 ' ' MJ
t I ,D " " K.inal ' ' Cm)
4 ,i, Inn '. I, ..liil ' ' Jiii.r
v,ifi,i ,lo :i ' leii.eiMi
& I--,' iiu.raanioiiiilin,' In i'lVl'M
H'hule tickets 10; Hah es $-3; (Jn'r.s
A Cireiiliir showing the plan
ihe Lmteries will
m roiu. ol ri'i'i'ivin
ie sunt to any one de
it. ri'.UTll'li' I I's rl' 1'li'K M.l'.s Hill it si.M at ilif
lot In u i im I il,"1 , vl,ii II is tli-' II-!.:
rn',untn ol I'... k ,,ti oi 1 1 it linlo liilvtta, t-!il
' in 11,111 " "IO
' IH'.lii.iit.T " ti'l
" " I ' Ki,.l,lli " li'
III orilci iiiy T'i liCt' or 4 I'l lllieiHi's,
KlliTo"!' It, i' limiirv lo mil iililll'-s Inl tin' lii hrls onlt l-
C'l, nil O-i I'U'I nl Wl.H tl ll,r l 111 t'l' lill W.Oili l i'llll
ni.iil. l'ot , I:--.-: h t,o, li.iw tiil.rts i-mliii iii any liu,!'
lltry in.iv o.-f i..i.i.
Iin- I, en ollliawil Niiml.ci .ilrl I'rifS w ill l ai-nt to
illli h i 1 1 1 1 ii i I ., I ,'l y Ili'l I he ill ,i mi:.
il I'll I. ii..''l Wilt Vlil-iMVl III' lliril M".IUlt!iri'N pl'lili,
ami "Ivf II I'm '! ..ir i 'Htul v wl SI.Ui'.
0 r l.'rinr'iil','! I'.'U '-li'il (ii.i' 1', illiiv.li liiul i-nfiy;, I T-
lull. IMllinl't .!.-.!.. IH.!..
a.' Ml jn ii. o! I.i" ii.iii.l nn.l.'r i in.) iiitini'ili li''y !.1er
IIH'lll.ll!l..'II.H! ll'...'.ll 1 I.,' Hlll.ll lilllt' III .!"'!. Il.
olire on '.iii(l iil.
Tltnur- l hi. 'l . i. I not -rii.ln.'.; in.jlji'V l.y iili.ll, 1 101 lin
hi' AiIiiius l,ir".s oiiipiui,
uh it-l.y im H.i-y Lit 1 1. l.i'l s in miio i ol I iii liollai!', ui.il
i.p .vji.li, run t r m'i.i ui
i ir i isliinui Apriisi',
ft .mi o riv . in nt Inun Win',.' ll.i'V It.iW! .in ntl!.'(. l.tf
lil..i.i .11,.! Hi .1 l,ll I I! I'UI l.tl-.-il III .1 "Inili'lllllU'lil '
l',i-i (nii.c st.u,r.i i nv. l.'i i." oi ll.i' r.ni'trka (oiniai.y
Ln limit I '' " IV I ii'1,1.
,tn iiii.inillili.ili.il v Ml 1 1, II V .'..l'.,ll'l,ti.ll.
A.l'H e-s ....lei; l.ir ti. k.tHi.i i.Mlilif.tli". tn
Hill), I'.IHtY & I'll., .n.Mistu, (loorgin.
or, WOU I I.HUViV HI., Alliiniti, lieoroia.
or, WtUMM'.HnV eVCH., Wilioiiiolon Lei.
1."$' A list of the numbers that nre
diiiwii from the wheel, with the amount
of the prize tnat eiu h one is inlilli d to,
will ho published after every drawing in
the followin;! impels: A'i if Orhuns Ihl
lu. .lo'.iV IU"istrr, t'hurliston Shin.
ttaril, Xashrillt. iluzitlfi, Atlanta Intrtli
:iiicr, N ip Yvik Witlilij Day Hunk,
Sui'a n null Morning Nuts, liiclnnund
iJisputeh anil Ni.W York I )i spa I ell.
juno'-'t) ly
ill Jj tl (j A III X A iL C It i!
no. III. f iwurt kiki:t,
07 MKl i-mi'-tiiiDy mi li.ml n pmtd iiiir'iniit of the
lX l.iii's-t xl ) IfH i.i iiiiiiKlnm: tin hIh, Onlcif Mom a tl,
l.un t-nMiu.r!v .it'i inl'-'l ItMitd uiUTiiiitfil In fivr sittiH
I.h tlnn in tiiaii y ul fi'KMls ft ml lit. tiHfjt.'fl T
roUlltlll' I'AIMI .
W. COOl'LTi,
IS iiTinai Pinly li.r.-.ii-.l in N A l I V I l.l.i-'.. at inin,!.i r In.
( llllll ltM.n l, l'. r..ll. tlll-i I'.ll lliltlll' 1.I..H'. llt. is
I' I .ur,l In I'i.lii! l'niliiillH.oi.l l'iiut..j;i,i'tii. I,it,i'tu'Mpi.,
Ii'om iMininlm - (o l.itf siv.
at ''.oil I'uli' mi1! I'titm1 .ith!
.1 tl.-t .itn (' C'lll Si'Hil tltfir I i' hlii'
nn i'iki-. N.'h .illi
cMoii zi v i i i . IV; (iiii it
, wlii Ii mM niit,r ail
, I'l un., (u t "I
B'haiii.r ISraristratl I'ntlory.
jANLi'Ai "i nit i;vKi;v tms 'itirrio.N of
ln, fvci v ri ljon of V ittrr".!-, ,t il will flirnMi ft
tlM-tni.li-.il nxoM ii IMtiri
I ie, 1 In in 1 i.c round) .trial linii' fU-crs umiltf lo well
to rnli Adtltrn
U'. It. COIlNELirS,
Oi lHI tl 4: rinii. li Klri-ft, N.uliiiHf, Trim.
hiirrn A- SniiF.
JlW'.:r7M&. '2il '
v4jx0$M- lnxcii ESTER.
r. t. i:mii.i.. m. w. ninNin
WiiuliL'.stcr, 'J'cnn.
N-pt.8.1 f-
.Vii.lniM' fiiaizt'lii',
l'lihli.ilinl iliiih. tri-vrehlij ami irnhlij.
JtH. II. lli:il t.:iilllor Jts. T. IIKLM.liKal I'.dllnr.
J.vs. T. HKI.I.Aj:ii. ri'UuTlttl-.TliHS.
Tkiims liiiiy 5 00; Tri-H'eckly 4 00,
and weekly '1 (ill per annum.
The citizens of Frank'm and tho adjoin-
iug counties, who desire to taka a Nashville
paper, u.n which Hiey may roiistnntly rely
ns 11 correct ehannel of torcigu and domestic
news, commercial, religious and poetical in
telligence, and a pleasant companion for the
liomo circle, are respectfully referred to the
Nash v lie tin'Ute. The (ia.elte is theoldest
naiier, but one, in the Slate, and Hie lirstdsi-
ly issued 111 the Siato. 1 ho circulation or lr
nailv issue is greater than every other pspr
III Nashville combined. No betmi .ilverii
inf medium can bo found in .Middle Tsnne.
see. Oet.i'l-I.O"'-
a iulifir
Tk. ...!.. -...J hiiir well non ajar
v t
1 j .r.e hit ricc. to all require-
ing Literary.id. Me'" r?r"h Addrease.
f-i,.i.nn.. Flsiv. I'fesenlatton Speechee end
replies. Lin" for Album. Aoro.tic.-prt-oaremsitor
for tho Tre Obituane. and
L,h J'netrf upon anf .ubject. Add res
roosip."') EINLEY JOHNSON.
' Baltimore. Md.
All person indebted to E.till & Turmari
for beet, ara reo,uetea to come forward "
- - . -
Vslunblo Totvn Lois ond desiiill
Family Kesidences near the. public squan
for sulo oroschange for young Negroes,
or in part for good Mules, Milch Cows,
Sheep ond Hugs. Four lots with im
provements, all in ono block, surrounded
hy streets running in evory direction.
Fifty acres of Lnml on Little Hurricnna.
Creek, with water-power where there wea
formerly n cotton dietary in operntion
also, One and Two-horse Threshers itnl
Separators, made by G. Westinghouse &
Co, of Schenectady, 1N V'., whidh they
insuro. Cull and see one operate ia
threshing ony kind of grain, and see their
bills, certificates, dtc, &. ' &if A good
bargain may be had by calling soon on
the undesigned, who is authorized to sell.
auj;82 P. I. CURLE.
AdmiiiiNtr.itorsi IVolice.
All persons having cluima 0(,'uinsttlieestoto
of 11, F. Kohertsor, due, will pleaso preseni
them to tho undersigned duly authoiilieated.
And all personuiudebted to wid miute tiro re
quired to come forward aim make psytmut,
or the iinina will ho placed iu the liujie uf
proper persout for rolleetinn.
H. II. bJUTII, Adm'r.
March 11, tf
Latest Sir rival
Tho undersigned am now receiving thair
slock of Full and Winter (ioods,
CoNsISTI.NO in rAitr op
Silks, Satinells, Cus.-.'iiierfH, Jlerinns, D.
Liiiiies, (iinohaniB, Clolhs, Jeans, Tiveedp,
Sliuwls, Sheo'.inps, Miiriiiifrs, lilanliels, Flan
nels, Hoop Skiris, Woollen nnd Merino L'n
derwear tor nemleiiieu und Inilits, Heady
nmde L'lollmii;, lints
Latest Stylcjs,
fill's, hoiiis, .Klines, linrilHure, Cutlery, Ulnm
W are. ( ueensivnre, ni.il it vaneiy ol a rl icloa
loo tedious Io inline, ul of Inch are oll'ercd
for sale at
Kensoiml'k' prices iYr Cahli.
All pirM'ii-aiu iiuiud to cull und txuinino
for tiieinsehed.
All L i lid ) nt (Tciml I lit pi up tu Ltn in nvidin n na
. fur iTijiids nt miL'li lriCL8 ua ui inn f.nll at a.
gain. M. & S.
Gil C&lllES.
'7.liV USUAL
alamos Campbell,
1 Inive now in store a larger assortment
limn usual of Family liroeivies, consisting
mainly of sujrar, entice, molasses; white,
brown, loaf and crushed Mijrar; tine aad com
Hid 11 canities; a fine let of "1 ens; almonds, pe
cans, luitineos, cloves, spice, popper, ginger,
nun e, ciuiiiiiuon, s.ulu, powtler und shot, iii
digo and 1 1 1 :i 1 1 . 1 0 1-. i-ipciie, stnrchi crackers
of nil kind, cakes, e. Ait-o, a good lot ot
ci;riiM and tobacco; slur and tallow candlca,
waih honrds, blooms, walcr buckets, soap;
a lot of shoes and hoots, nnd a peed lot of
factory thread, (I'ipcV). Alto, a largo lotol
(,-lnss ttimlilers, while lend, HALT, vinegar,
mill so forth, nud so forth, 1 will keep cull
st.'intly on band
lltiflmwrth's brand if Hour.
I fhtill from time to time add to ti y stock any
thing Hie nccessii irs of iho people may re
quire, and would solicit a call Irnn them ho
lme they purchase elsewhere.
Sept I'.O. tf
Jno. (i. Ferijiisoti. John L. Sehon.
I'crziisoH &' Sehon,
Kit.ii alii', Ihiiifi&iec.
Will give their attention lothe colloetimi of
claims throughout tho Stalo of Tennessee.
S tef M? M E LA I N OTY P E
3NT E2-W
F.I ll 1 1, V d 11 OCT. R Y.
All kind? of Country l'roduce,
JMy l'mit?, llitle?, &c.
Kri-va fonatai.tly on bant
I'hmr rinil Midi, I Madder,
hard, llutttr, ' Suit in aSrh,
Cluesr, I " " Uarrels, '
Oiiler.t, 1 Urowu Sugar.
Sardines ' Crushed do,
Cnirkers, Vulv do,
Miiclicrtl. ' I-'"' do,
l'irkels, V( pper, , Molnsscs,
Spier, Clnrm, j (lolden Syrups,
Mustard, Ginger, Coffee,
Mure, copperas, j Star Candles,
Alum, Soda, 'fallow candles,
Sulphur, Soap, I Assorted Candy,
Smoking Tobacco,' Almonds, Pecans,
Cfn teing Tolaceoj Raisins ond Fin.
Cigars, Snuff, j ai.o:
You der and Shot, Liquors, Brandtet,
.,., ,. j Whiskies, Gin,
I Percussion Caps,' Cider nnd Ale, fur
1 1 ..- 1 . .
1 Jn.i;n I medicinal purposes.
p(. ()(, lhpl.e ,r,iriei will be sold low
' , ' u ..ii.ml see for vounelvfa.
fur cash.
Winches" r, Dec. 0,
The mbscriber would rcictfiil!y inform
the citizen of Winchester and ticniiy that
be bo Fiano Fortea of everv de,cript,"on for
sale, such a tbe 0, (4. C). 0 and 7 octave
of every style of finish. Irom tbe perfectly
plain to the most elabiuotcly rr'd case
Price ranging from tVUltogM(().
Also Mclodeon ami all kind of string ar.d
wind instrumenis, such a the Harp, Violin,
aim miliar) the j lute, Uarouet, audtilkmi!
of brass instrument.
Also Music Book, and Fhret music. X lib
eral discount made to dealer md tcbnv-
Will oll at Boston and New York pnc
merely adding expenw of freight .
Hk E. JMtrTT.
Wi.dieter, Dee. 9.
"rXrimti ar.tirf .t-r" ,',"r'-f
, miv a., tmwm

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