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1 J
Volume III.
he wuc IfouvuaL
" it y w. .j. n iVattk n.
"FleHui-a lo no I'urlj'd nrlillrury tntuy,
Wc fullow Truth hen'r r nlm IrinN Hit! way.'
JOHN P. HKKNEtt Winclicstor.
. T J. CUMMINGS liillulioitiu.
JOHN B. K MODES,....' fSliolliyvillo-
C. A. HUNT Salom.
Ij, I. GfbDEUSLF.EVE Foyollovillo.
A. M. TENISON Ntwiivillo.
. W. N. STOVALL Urconsbnro, Aln.
'J'iir First ok tub Season. A friend
places us under obligations for ti lot
of fino Strawberries the largest
that wo have sort) grown in this coun
try IaIkiiioh Ihralil, Jitli inst.
Not quite "the first of the season."
Several persons about Winchester
gathered ripe strawberries in Apiil.
Jr. Clojiton found ripe ones nearly a
month ago.
Success in a business enterprise is
much more dependent on integrity and
truthfulness than is generally suppos
ed. True, the policy of honesty has
long been acknowledged in axiom,
Mil we have til ways been taught that
"the way of Ihe transgressor is hard;"
, i lL . ... i
but there is a prevatling notion among
certain classes of speculators that
such a policy is not this most prolita-
bit.. "Honesty is the best poliev,"say i
lhev."bnt it dues nut nav." Men who
have been educated in strict integri
ty who in their hearts abhor its op
posite in any form, are sometimes de
ceived by the. specious appearance of;
those whom it would be degrading to ,
imitate. A merchant employs a 1
Haiesiiuiii uiiu mum mm 1 l" 1
n... I ... .. 1. ,it-lw,.
in disposing of his goods at fair pri-1 -.'17 ho went Mast, and appeared on
ces; but though he discovers that much ' the stage in em; or Uo pieces written
of his success is achieved by false-' tiu-eiitl ly for him. lie returned to
, , . , , , , , louisville, and a lew years later
hood and dece.t-that be deludes t !;,. jn,alll . ciw,.luuU which he
customers, deceives and cheats them; wus l;,.,.,ing at the tiin.' of bis death,
and, though he knows this is no more He is described as remarkably
honestthaii outright stealing, yet for i pure-hearted and inoffensive. The
.1 i el , i,,.i..' . , I. ' "Ilia proerired lor the body was over
llm wnkn i,l Hip ) ' i he 1 I k .s W 1 .. J
his own conscientiousness and retains j
his services. Instances of this kindj
arc indeed so frequent, that it has be- j
cme an axiom of trade that custom-
crs must be deceived and humbugged, .
or they will not buy; and it is oven
contended that no man can be a good
salesman unless an expert liar.
Put, after all, we consider it a mat
ter of serious doubt whether any
bouse conducted on this principle was
ever permanently meet s!'ul. We do
not believe that such an instance' can
be lound in the annals id trade. It e now had six, with a fair uosiect.
may do for a while ; that is, it may worked where he found mi oppor
appcar to do. Put, as "one swallow , t unity, for hay, corn ami oais, andpas
dacs not make a summer," so one ; (tiring for his sheep, he took the
such salt1, nor a dozen of them, does j ci(,ic(.s( (;aie of them, and soon had u
not make a fortune. The trickster , ,,ek. Their wool enabled him to buy
may flourish for a lime', be may pass j ;t pasture for them, and by ihe time
for a clever business man, but he will j . Wns twenty-one, he had a fair
fail and be a bankrupt, while those of Sa,.t i,, ,c, and all from that, quarter
less talent and more integrity w ill 1 ,,ai ,,. U1 ,, day.
thrive. These remarks may appear! This shows what industry and eco-
strange to some, but. a lit lb; consider-
ation will show that they are reasona-
If it be true that ihe customers must
be deceived before he will buy, it is
also true that "a burnt child dreads
the lire :" and fhough at ibe time be
maybe charmed or mesmerized by
the fascinations of the salesman, yet,
upon "sober second thought," be will
discover his loss, and feel where he
has been bitten. It is not hard to con
ceive how such ;i in ia will avojtl this
place, when again he wants to buy;
or if he forgets his w rong, or has not
yet discovered it, bow that lie will
IUU9 i;il.lliuivn Y Ml- nil vi ll "ii, mi'i i'
is easy to be supposed that others will !
,... tloviiinh the h...!l,ur nrttib.,. I
...,., i. ... ll,. I,,. a..i, li ii,i ii
,U fnU..!.,,...! n.l .milt. It. is seldom
of falsehood ami guilt. It is seldom
indeed, however, that any house lirst
becomes bankrupt from outside press
ure. In almost every instance it ari
ses primarily, from internal derange
ment more than from tho want of cus
tomers. And what art; we to expect
from the internal arrangement of a
concern conducted on principles of
which we have been speaking!
If you teach or allow your clerks or
salesman to be deceitful for you, will
jthcy not bo so (or thcmselvt s.' Jfyou
ieacli them to be dishonest, is it not a
lesson for themselves which tiny
will act upon whenever opportunity
serves? Do not hug the delusion that
.because you are the employer there
fore they will not wrong you. Why!
you have taught them that a disregard
for integrity will make them smart
business men, and you have made it a
part ol their trade to lie and steal.
However tncy may respect you, their
own interests are dearer to them than
yours; and if they will cheat for you,
thev will cheat for themselves, espe
cially when in taking for you they act
under your instructions.
From the moment you permit a dis
honest actio'i in your store you are
not safe; and wc submit it to the ex
perience of every businessman that
such is always in the end robbed by
bis employees of more than he steals
from his customers, through trickery.
Ho will fail, lluin sooner or later
overtakes him, mid when it does it,
is of such a nature as to precludo all
hopo of recovery. Property, charac
ter, caste, all are gone, and his pros
tration is utter.
Upon the consideration of the wholo
matter, therefore, we conclude that
there is no investment that will pay
better, more surely, or more honorably
in any business transaction than truth.
- -
Tun Kestuckv Gust. We gave a
brief notice, in tho lust Home Journal
of tho death uf the Kentucky Giant
Porter. lie was 50 years old, 7 feet
nine inches hi bight, anil was we be
lieve, the tallest man in tho world.
Wo saw him in '53 during a trip to
Louisville, lie was then keeping a
little saloon at Portland, lie died of
diseuse of the l'tiit. The Louisville
! Democrat snys bf him:
"It is remarkable that, for the first
i fourteen years of his life he wassmall
lor his age; sn much so that, bit was
often engaged to ride races on the old
track where the Elm-tree Garden now
is- At seventeen he was upprcni iced
at f-'"MK. urn hi rcintir ka hie
growth commenced, It is stated that,
)((! ,)(; owf . ()m, W.,.
u lls ,, j,,,.),, Jr. was his habit, while
growing, to measure every Saturday
night, and his own testimony, and that
"''llis huuily and friends, is evidence
ol this remarkable tact.
Mr. Porter i.oun got. so tall that
was impossible to cooper barrels, an
he was cumioved on hog'-heads. Thi
however, became equally impossible,
owing io ins remaikanie in:; i, ami
mess, lb.! then engaged in Keeping
. I
anil tll'IVIli" liaeUs,
In the years 1 S; j(
lime leet lon
A Quick (iu.M.ri.u. A boy worhed
bard ail day for a quaiter, be fought
apples and took them to town, and
M)u ,".,,, (,n the street for a dollar
Willi the dollar he bought him a
sheep. The sheep brought a lamb
and the lleece brought him another
dollar. He bought another sheep.
The next spring he had two sheep,
two lambs and a yearling sheep.
The three lleeces he sold for three
dollars, and boil"ht three more sheep.
I uomy can and docs accomplish when;
j properly employed. How many boys
hollow this youth's I'xaniph .' There
are many hos in Winchester and
Franklin county that arc idling away
their lime, year all or your, that, by
adopting this boy's policy ('would be
come useful and valuable citizens and
have a ct nqii lency for life. Pays,
read and ivllcct upon this short story ,
and let it be the father to your future
conduct, uciiieinher to
" Act well your part there all the
honor lies."
Hymn's epitaph upon his favorite
! ,i,n' r:n.-es iiiiiioi ian. rciieci ions uiiit
i-S " those who have minds to reflect,
Manv nosscsssouls iniiius mind, in that
c:a:e, lower than Pyron's dog:
"Ni r Mil ntt
Aif ilti(i'-iinl Hit: irwi.iitjs ur Hif
V. v !",;'"'v M'li-ii v.iti!y
.VuriUll U it t t Ml ulfli
I t.tna.r utlli-' tt . ttn i r .
An-' i'll tin viili!i" til mini, will t l.i" viie
Tills j '!'', Until) Woll.il ) llllMI'.Hllll ll.tiiciy
ll III-! Illf I tll lllll. II II -lll'"l,
i tint a iit 1 1 ilmlf In llu- tiit'iinif )' f
i,) A IN, il.rr.
V ! V. Ii1ii Nt:Vli'!iii'll-iii'l, .Mav, ')'t
Ami ili.'il at .Ni:U"le;it .Miln-y,
W'Um tMiiic i.itiJ "in ir man rrtm 111 to cui tli,
t'l.klMlKii In Jty t 'll u,:) flil liy 1,1 1 1 h,
'Die wii!j'titrt il rMinnls tl.e ioh! tit iv,
Awi jMihhhI 111111 if -nil u!i iritt Iwluw
lien Mil i ! im. iii"ii lb.; lumli ii vrii,
.ii wlisf nr v. j,lNif wint lii MMiiii'l luve Ijcpiij
I' it lli r ili ',, i.i lib- tlif fr int" t (rifiiil,
l';ie tiit t' Wt iiiti!, finrLn'W tit ilt lfiiil,
liov Imh.--t li4rt ii - 111 1 mi ni.t'-ffrj own.
Wh't lalnil i. fi?litf llVft, hi r Urn !f lilnl rtlmi,
1 IllfHHilM I-!, t, turn III' ft till till Wot Mi,
l'"ii:,it in tiC3Vin tliiiiil he iii til mi railii,
V htie nun, vim iiinri 1 1 liujwt ti Ih h i ki vu,
Aii-I cUnti biiDNrll wle r luniv1 livni,
IMi, nun! tlm ( Itk ten" nt if n hnr,
ftAfl'l hy ll itlf ry ur r.iirrti t by pu Acr,
till klt'HVS tllll! well niul quit litvv wit'i tli'glHt
t-jr4lnl mnnt immtr.l .iit (
'I I if lo ii It i" lt thy liiriil-liii all n rlieit,
Tity unties Iivhm ii,ibr wunli tlecrit t
f ii it,nr -ia, enmildnl Iml ly ijrnii,
V- ll kiMllM t'ft.ti li.lxM hitl llief Wi.xlifnr fthanir,
Vu ! w'mi ("Tf ii4iitf! Iw.miIiI iit nini'li urn,
im it 'itiiMi imne yiMi wish tu ih'mhii ;
'In hw k a iii-'i'i ieiiMini tlii-e !'.ii'i jsiim-j
I nri r I. . iit uiw, tint here Ut licI"
Nr v-ii.i .'r.-.v.
A vast majority of the human race
spend all their time nnd employ their
whole mind in gi tting enough to cat.
How is it Uo to the ant. the bee, and
the beaver, thou sluggard f Learn a
lesson from them of working to one
common purpose of one for all, and
all for each" of nssisling instead of
pulling against each other.
Strange that man, who hath a soul,
should learn an important lesson from
so small an insect as an ant, which
we in our ignorance (perhaps arro
gance) deny tho possession of a soul!
Science may yet throw liht upon the
Wiltun lor tlio WlncliMlfflr Home Juuimil,
Ot bury me, 01 bury ino,
In the Vitlo v lie rn I wan burnt
Where tlm buliMhig brooks tKIc softly tlno'j
Our flcMv ol ijuKlt'ii com i
A iitl oylftiitlnci, ami vaw swept,
On tlirir ImiiIvH jjivoii bow or weavf,
Ami gay huU hm Hum runy itioru,
''J ill the dewy hours of eve.
1 1.
TtiTi Uiinolfd flfil yimtli'N gnMiMiilfly
On IWlit and airy viug,
An rloml ni:n)n u Pinnnii tKy,
Or llowciHor p.nly Spilng.
IIiii y me, oli ! bury mi- tln'ic,
In tluit ilriir obi vale ami blpt
Uy tlm deiireM licit of tinman luv
Tli at can Hi. ill tlir human breast.
I I I.
'Two tliTo my calhinl motlior illi'd,
Kit? uiyhiMtt knew uirlilot rue,
Or (ml It'll 1 1 1 1 pain a ml mid lu'-lert
Thill Hk1 in i han Ihmi t nuisl r.
Tin'' ' "lii ii i!itii wuli licil my (hiMih "nirts
N'iHi a bi'iiiiiln eye ot joy
Ami tin! ti'.'UH rollcil ibiwnliis funoupil clu't'ka
As licculli'il iiK'hh "oiiliiui boy,"
1 V.
Then bury nit1, obi Un y uu,
III lli.'l h.illnunl yule .nut M.t,
Wlicrn all the lovi'-l of i liildiioott's vimis
low In t iM'ir tlr.imlrvs rest.
Iliiry in' by tho d ar tuifS sidf,
And Ifi l he rtc bwwi pi'ilunm
Li'dcu Uli' Lire' 1 1 al s(i;ill u.ivr
Tiic kitcii n' w over my lotiili,
NaRIIVH.I.K, Th.W., 1 N.V.I,
iw nr.m
a I 8 8 !' I B I 9. vl fi i Ml
11 V.'l f'Hinl Mio "niii'lUii? Mill f, ir wl.i, ii In livn
lliMHM iIi-mM.., uliri,. ,, ,. In,,- m. i i
Ali.l 'lllll.- I'll'".,' I.i M I'tiln l.i'i ii.i , ,1 , iii.i.t ;;t.
. ru;. ul w.it.'i' lii !i i r ii:..' u-i 1,,'i.n..
'On just such a night ns this," said
(Iraee 'a!e, rising and walking to the
window, 'I was wrecked;' then turning
her face to l , 1 1 , with her peculiar
smile .'he added, " but not drowned.
The morn was silvering the house,
lops just as it does' now; the trees were
radiant with light, not a sound lo
break I he deep stillness."
''Where were you wrecked, ( Iraeef"
She relumed in l.er seat. "Not
amidst the raging sea, but on the qui,",
land; when all was peace, and the
heavens poured down a Hood of morning-light.
Then i; was that I wreck
ed nltcily wreel.id: then it war, that
1 1 1 V nli'eetious lay stranded on the
tdiore of life."
She covered her face with her hands
and remained silent, a moment: thru
looking up, she said suddenly, listen t
me whilst 1 rend you a page in my
hie s bistoiy. I .hew my eliair close ;
lo Oraee ale,
thoughtlul brow
mils of I he past.
" If was on ji
this," she saul, '
while wilh il1. 1
she scanned tin; an- (
'.i eh n
night as 1
-t the tip- :
liiat amid
pluuso o
urge company, I sang my
favorite :oi;g."
nil-, i.ovr, or Tinr.'i i'.i.n vi:.it
Tin i lccii lung yen rs ul' it", ni'il '.vui'
I've sren tins iiis::nni -!! iiml llnw;
Thirteen long yi'tirs weary Inuc;
I've i.il iiu :iy i.iy yuiulilnl ,rioo';
ThaMTii Inn:.' yens ui' s:'il regrel,
i' li t r L: u 1 1 lung ir;i I :- since iio-t t i; in..:.
(1 liiiic gone liy, ttl.cn li.ve vi;s ymnig,
Tlujsc lire l! u iinii's I sliuniil liav,' sung,
l'iil now, w lieu h"ie is h nig il, a I,
Jicsiitiir Iimh cut bin's silver Ihrrinl;
jNul th'W, iv i 1 1 1 1 sorrow selis n hing
Tint eor rtdorsi nl' uoiilive sung.
Xv', 1 't in'.' sing 'lis lull n ihrgi;
I'm- inijii'M ingnHeil in urnnv'n surge;
'Tin but "lie null; mi" I In; pus; ,
Then ilritw tin; cnruiins cIumi iiiuI hisl;
but Iliii'U i'ii yciirs t'urguMi.'ii li
P Iiu; ii i in ictc.-h oi'iaeiiiiuy.
Tliirtocn long vears In slill luve nn,
To 1'ive when every li"iK' is gnuc;
Tllineen ln.ig y.uirs H Intler i-i;
Vnu'v" liuilit i:;i! lli.it llos lovo lieist ln.-'t.
Awuy, iiv.ir, ye burning t"i.rs,
'J'liul tvci.'i Iliu Ini'i; iit'lliirteen year
" I sang wilh feeling, lor I l'"a!ly
ct I..!. i :.. 1 1, .,.',. i.. i i t ,i
leu, my noil- nuiii , ,e, in m.' "'
words; alas! 1 temg prophetically, 1
; iv:u ni cut. mv n'.v l tea s r et e in
j I aro -e from the piano; a burst of up -
nlausi! surrounded me. hut sadly I
turned awny, filing already ihe
tttrucil awny, Icelin already nut
heavy )!oiim of fhe fast coining shad-
,.vt' Sun t 1,1'u.r wiiii'r mii'i'i-i'iti'i!
" " " """n '
irom otiicrsoi lae company, iicnteii s
. ... i t . i
ofiiu'loily were poured out. glorious
barmooii'S fillet! th,: air. At length
t!,t. music ceased, and ihe ursls dis- it? ;I0Vin ' rani.ily o!f into the vast
persetl, two only remaining 1 h, an! ' lr(!llslliT.l,(,u::!! ,'' the past, to be laid
,,i-i.ii . 1 , ,.
I seems, that often ainitl.st cur wihlest
j woe we lit.'tc; and remember the mat j vo;t.,. sjou iiil-(l eon:-traint d and cold,
trilling eireuuii-.tauce. I sat 0.1 thci.ijt j;j b-n.-p that our en;jaetucnt
I Hofa; one of my companions tool; his
! seat beside me, the other, opposite. I
sec him now, billing ri'itl and stern,
in the tall crimson velvet chair, his
gray hair pushed far back from his
forelieud. his liiin lips compressed, and
1 bis blue eye fixed calmly upon me.
And I, there I sat dressed in s.itiu and
gums, the t,'ay dress of the evening,
will, a heart throbbing fearfully, and a
1 1 ...t:.... ...: I r... ..c-
ueau ouiiiii nun !.., .in. 1...,..-.
No poor criminal ever awaited wilh
more anxiety his judges senhtnee,
than I sat to lis:- n lo my doom from
the lips of those two men. Tor some
moments wcs.it in silence, deep mix
ious silence; then the elder of the geii-
tlemen spoke:
" Miss Vale," he said, "I am sorry
to detain vou. but 1 must say for my
son what he has not tho courage to say
for himself."
I turned and looked upon the gentle-
wiisrci-rissTisu, tkstn-., may 12, iboo.
man by my suits 1 wh sitting mo
tionless. I gave him ono long eager
gaze of curiosity, but just us well
might I havo looked upon some col J
statue, anil expected a returning an
swer from its blinded eyes.
" Miss Vale," again spako tho elder
gentleman, "I repent that I would
say for my son what ho has not the
courage to say for himsell."
"Speak on sir," I answered tjuietly,
" I tun listening."
"1 am snny to tell you, Miss Vale, had sat in soino gorgeous festal hall; 1 Not when you kiss a spunky gal.
for 1 assure you I regard your talents j and seen the llashing ofjeweled dress-1 We've often received a blow" lor a
and amiability highly, but 1 must beg 1 es, nud drank in the tones of charm- j kiss, even when we kissed in the pur
you to consider the engagement of ed melodies, and suddenly tho lights 11111 I1CSI''
Ml,' full Wlttl V'nMIWf1 If :t ;ni nil ' ! ivi'iii . nut. tin? iiiiuie eoiLseJ. the com- An anonymous letter is a mode of
'iNi !-' 1 exclaimed. I
" Allow me to remark, Miss Yale, i
that this engagement, never met with
my entire .sunclian."
1 was about to speak; he waved
me into silence with a gesture of his
" llarlv eii'TiLM'ments I never an-
r 1 t
proved of; they are
these evils; first they"-
luetiw) of '
"() spare me now, sir, a tirade on j
early engagements," 1 interrupted
him vehemently. I low could 1 with
every plilne wildly throbbing, wilhthe
knile ipiivering m my bleeding heart,
I with my deepest feelings thus cruelly
: outraged, how could 1 sit calmly and
hear l.ini d:v uliug oil' 1
into lirsily, secondly, and lastly.
" Pray let me observe,'' he couliu
ili il haiejhtily, "lliat 1 never coiiii U r- ;
cd this match equal." j
"Wherein consisted the , inequality ; j
may 1 enquire, sir! !
" In vour utter want ul a inarria
" When our 1 1
ngemeut first, look
., .
sir, w e
were eioiais III lliill, re-
speet; leecnt eireilmstances have hi
slowed upon your son, perhaps, what J
I stdl b e!,; hut. let. Hie tell J oil, that '
ill the eyes of (bid, and yes, in t he j
eyes of men, 1 am inliuilely his slljie-
rior, thoii:.'h 'gold does gihl I he strait
ened forehead of the fool;'' and wilh ,
this bitter speech, 1 arose mid walked ,
to the window. O bow calmly the
; inooulight. : 1 i t. w ithout, how still,
how holy the hush. I pressed my hot
, brow to the window pane to still iis
aching. I moaned like a poor, sick
child, and prayed silently for help.
The affection of vcalM was about to
, . !,.( fragments.
I had
felt lie
,!.,. easant heights o
cuo j,,.,...,, (,r lt(-ti.vi-ii en my cheek
! 1 1 . i ... i .... : ..' tin
n all the glowing garniture ol
the ill
and now 1 must descend into
1 k vale, w here ihe shadows fell
,-, and thioiigh whose elooin I
j mii.it carry a
heart sick, crushed, for-
t ), u hat, a ini.sera
le wree
k .d'
I hopes and loelings.
I 1 walked In my scat, and said calm-
Iv, " Mr. 1-oiiox, 1 am ready, sir, lo se
ver this engagement, but. not at your
command. I must, bear from your
si, u those words which you say he haa
not. Ihe courage, to say for himsci!;"
inn! I I m in d to the i'eutlemau bv my
side. "I await your wn.ds." 1 sai.l
, i , , I ,
qmelly. lie attempted to ipeak, but
his voice tiled in silence; he grasped
the lassel of the pearl cold I wore
around my waist as if lo slill hold me
his, but not a word escaped him. I
satin breathless silence. () why did
, , i, i ' ,
he not spea,,: how cowardly Ins qu,el;
I could stand it no longer, and I 'X-
clanneil, "Henry lamox, yon m
afraid to :-peak; u by do you not. say,
, i.ii'ace 1 resign y oil, 1 101 .s.iui. y wu, ni.
i (hat I do not love you, not, save your
,i,.,.i,i.t e ui vim ore nnwori iv oi v
,"'',i'v', j .
1 joVc, but 1 ve grown ton rich to marry
' oun 1 must let . et mv hold of love to
r.t monev. I Ie I, enun to Kpcau;
tl. eld (.ye of bis lather was lixcd
. 1.1...
monev." 1 le becan l. uneak;
. l.illlilU lllii'll I. nil.
. . ,1
(Jraci', ' J l:-tcneil eaucriy; moiii i
1 cou,i ilinnV . , 1 1" in this way !
T. il)vn ol'thirlefi. years, wh.'.'e was
! tj,;,, ,s i,.lt V,,.,T
C " I.
, t.mjj t i 1 i rijht; it i. my father's wish j
and mine."
" Then" I answered, "be it also
"My son will ever hold you in high
3 ,,. , .... ,
esteem, .diss a!e. said Mr. Lenox,
" Thank you, sir," I answered, as a
hitler contempt lilled my heart, and
ir;ive expression to my words; " in
n IO mv VOi us; Ji.
, ,U case, I prefer being forgotten al -
. .1 1 .. ,. ...
10 .ii;er. 1 arose 110111 1.1 m-.n.
1 "ij,.n;emen," I sai.l calmly, "our con-
',.,.,.lice js at ;iti cnJ. I could not,
; trusl niyuell to say more, as quietly '
stood and dismissed my companions.
They arose; "good evening Miss
Vale," said the elder gentleman
I answered,
- uoan eve,,. . g, ... . lliu b Him;(j wh.cl tiu)e h
rjsthTly. "Henry Lenox, without a ord , r.liiicJ q & . w,ipaU
rabru,tly shook my hand and departe,I..Tlll. w,u(.ut U(u L(;cu a witUill
1 nevi r saiv him again,' added Grace
x. ... .ll... I. 'a ,n 1 ...r:i I .li. ..III.
cast Money that money for which
he resigned tho lovo of his boyhood
proved tho ready instrument of his de
struction. Ho lived a life of vice;
guilty and degraded ho died. For
weeks, yes months, I rebelled against
my destiny; restless and despairing, I
murmured in secret. I dreamed of
happiness, I awoke to misery. I could
not, with tho deep lovo of my heart
vearning for utterance, sit with clo-
sed lips besido a solitary hearth. It
was as if amiil a thousand lights, I
puny departed, and silence and gloom
hung darkly around. How
Staggered ,
j beneath my burden of a voiceless love
j and prayed that it might be removed.
,' The passionate heart of womanhood'
j beat, alas! only rebellioiisly. And,
! even whilst the vaes dashed around
me; I vowed to lift my bead above
them. I heard the soft music of my
life that was to be, n
ling, made holy by deeds ol lovo am
mercy. 1 woulil
"rise In wouinii'n higlii'Ht ii It it ti il i-
1 lllll (it lllllllg I'OIJil."
, , i . , ! !
And now as 1 sit beside my solitary ;
hearlh, and the pist. seems to standi
, . .. ' , , I
out hcl.ue me bke a "handwriting on j
the wall," 1 bless heaven that with 1111- j
pulse quiekeued for good. I nue above '
the ruin ol'mv earthly all'ectioas, and
I hough wrr
eueil, am
not iliowne.
sKN.siiibi-: hi:.m.i;k.s.
1'he l'lditor ol the Savanah li ptih-
in noticing the recciiit. of the ;
.Medical ami lateral",' Weekly wlileli ,
lias ju.t made its. appearance in Al -
;. n!a, taki s occasion lo append the
... . ... ,
to owm--sensible remarlis: ,
While we wish our medical friends
success, ami nave no personal
dge of. or allusion to, thein-
selvi s, we eaaiiol resist liie eou ielion j
that physicians would do better to'
slick lo their physio and let newspa-
pers and new meilieal colleges alone, j
The wholi' thing, however, Works in .
a circle: the large number of meilieal
eoli; gi s augments the number of1
ilocioi's beyond (he wauls of Ihe
fiu 1 1! i y , and ihe lal.ler. being com
pelled to live in some way, for lack of ,
patients get up more new colleges for '
Ihe purpose of making themselves t
lecturers or go into the newspaper or
periodical business all tending to
iiiale more tlocior
wlio are
destined l
to lake the same direct ion for a living.
"We think the experience of nearly
every community will sustain these
reiuaiks. This itching of young men
for the learned professions is a great
evil in th" land, and should be discour
aged by all who have an inl'iicnee lo
lie lell in the creation ol public opin
ion and directions of ihe economical
sv-teins ol socio! v.
Let parents
of their sous.
, closer lo the W'cllaie
instead of qualifying ihciu for profess
joiial loafers nud drones in the indus
trial hive, Place
. ...
Ihciu in some one ol I
, , - , . I . . , .
i he thousand aetlc elllp oVIIleli S ha
'". . ' , , ;
proMi pi ooiii i i e ' . ,
useltil lnfh ir counliy. I lie day
naspi.sM', wmeniiie l'"';" j
i i .i .
loos.iei i u ii";ii ii , " ' ,
mini's p i: itioii in society now depends
: ratli.-r iip.ni his moral worm ami in-
' Iclligenee. aiidtiic degree ol excel-
: (;(s ijs
j1.ul lllmM 11;l1M, which tiic littler
j may happen lo bear."
, If is very indelicate to allude lo
ranneiUs worn by ladies, but
(here is so much sai l in lie-papers ami
( !i h(i .. j,.,
(. W(, jL m. ,u,y , ,,.',.n(
; io in. e are sorry I nai some men
j have so little la.sle and ar
so old ll
"vtsh as not to ailmire erinolinc. We
: ' ''..', . u u.ai,,.,,,'! ,
. i . , i i ,i .. i.. i ;,i
tlOI'S IIOL IOOI, lai 111' I OilUIV lie.lli: win.
whose dress is expanded in beautiful
eonlom' by tjiat " iusfiliitiou!" What
;':' Hiey see fo ndniiro in a lays
tlress dangling and llirlmg about tier
feet! We have no earthly us! for a
who siwers itt hoops. We al-
. ... i i
. w:ivs t!tiiil it them cool, eoinioriaiiu-
and comely, ami trust the ladies may
'. wearUt.'ia to th n.l of lime, . Cspil,.
' J y
wL aliord'.iVniueh
siii. il iii ,ii ,.j
p(.ilHUI.(. t je the enlire side- walk
I,. ,11 ..mii 1 n wit lllll SWIIIL'- I
in" her "oods lirst lo one snle it ml
iZlll'li(i'hr.-!nw'lmllllmlr, i!li.
A beautiful L'irl beautiful in youth
, .( H..,, and purily who wakes
: 101n j,,vp at Inueli of uiuruiiiK li-'ht,
. . .1 . ,1... .1.. ..-ni. .1 ..iti.j.i'i'nl liii'ii
-is me in". i- "',""
v. hose lu imvn, iik cos. ... .. .
birds, arc ihe ino.it musical ol the dtj;
j ,.roi (..h(;s(. ,,roW rv,.ry ,race of yes-
U;.d,,v's wear and last night's care is
.. . . 11 .1 r .t...
sWcpt away, even as the ftce ol na-
liiii; .i -i. r .' - - -
, , , ; 1
! ti.ro is
w ir, a. iri."iiii'iiei. iv .in
1 1 .... .1.
; r nc w-s-at, , " ' '
: ""o-
'i'lin L'skof Ihuns. 1). V. Warner,
ol'Sharon Spring, N. Y., says:
My father repeatedly attempted
wheat-growing, but as often failed.
tho weevil taking tho whole crop, un
til a large colony ol martins estab
; lishetl themselves under tho eaves of
1U0 rods of the barn. Oucrv had iho
martins any to do in preventing the
appearance uf the weevil.' ,
(Ouv (Chip gasftrt.
Aunt JJelsy has said many good
things, among the rest, that a news
paper is like a wife, because every
man should havo one of his own. Wo
hope that every borrower of the Homo
Journal in Franklin county will re
member this,
Kindness kindles tho lire of friend
ship. A kiss nvoils more than a blow.
moral murder, which, using only an
! ll rut n n,l l'.il ll Iwturl n,l ,. null r.,i.
I)()iri.,i.l- unisons confidence and slnbs
characters, without, fear of detection,
Over 1,000 people disembarked from !
Leaven worth, Kansas, Fri lay week, I
lor the Kansas gold mines. ;
A fellow in Winchester remarked
the oilier day in our hearimr, that if!''"1
i i,-i i,ii i , ... i lias
in was Pike, he'd be darned if he
wouldn't stop these fellers from coiniii'
I there to dig gold out of his peak."
I The emancipation of serfs in l!us-
sin is attended by much trouble. The
nobililv uliii'in tli.'il it. is -1 1 i 1 1 i 1 1 tlicin.
. . . . .. I I .
and obieel to tlie cession ot land to
h(, ,)(.:is;mtrVi
... , '. . , ,
Singular how pious new clothes
1:,u. yMlll , ,,nvll(
.'r ;t who'lc mouth alter they get new
bonnets or nmiil illas, they may be
seen at church I hree I imes a day.
Why are the vouiig ladies of Paris
' print,
d .slijif Kai- lliey are In- !
It was a maxim
01 i.elierai ,l;li',e!
1 I T 1
sou's: "Take lime lo deliberate:
w lieu I lie nour ol nciiou arrives, siop
hmkmg and go in."
Make no mischief by meddling with '
' oi iter ioi :s lmsincss.
,,ii i,,! i i,,,.,,,.,.. i
"- ..i,-,.,...
It is alwavsto be understood that, a
lady lakes a'll you detract iVom the
; rest" of lie s. x.'to be a gift lo iter. J
j I
i The deepest ivligious feeling makes
the least noise, but, its principle and :
i action are intense and steadfast. j
j ' irt ues. like some Ihnvcrs, blossom i
. .
fairest in the shade. :
A student of medicine in an eas
tern city, having courted a girl for a
year, he received a high compliment
from her in the .shape a ui'tteu. 1'p
iii ibis he in return sued her father
fir "the visits" he paid her ! lie got
the costs to pay. Wonder if many
more such modest, customers down
Kast t
A four hundred dollar cradle is on
ex m i a i ion in one oi me I'.iriutui'c si ores
m Philadelphia. It. is made of papier
muchc, inlaid with pearl, and got up
wilh a degree of splendor exceeding
anything of the kind (hut has yel been
presented lo the extravagant public.
Wonder if a baby, rocked in such
a cradle as that, will grow to be any
greater or belter than one rocked in
the little plain cradles we use about
, , i hi. in -i ii . 1 1 y -i ii,--1 1 i, ,b i:ie.u.
J , , , , .
.... i .... ii.. 1 1 .... i i
it Mini jiii.iiiu, , miliar ii.iiiiiiiuini
M . .
will be spent in unconscious innocence
in that 100 cradl '. An I perhaps a
,.;,, ,,,,,, , : ,'
though I hi! baby may lay on pearl, he
will lir sent, in alit-r years lo iiu- prtii-
iciitinry for lliicviti'.
tiinilitl'M I il 1 1 IntJi lit li' I ti-it'HU t.nl'i.1.
alpol. nt reasons whV a "nan should
imvcr many for money; hut an old
epirammalisl. ar'tn-s the case very
pleasMiil Iv on (be oilier snlc :
W liiani'iir viin wintry, Cnrsiis .sniil.
'fnki' inn: tii'li vviilnw or rich niaiil ;
I'm' any wil'u may Iiirn mil ill,
liul, j:iiil ! tliu 111 1 ) 11 t:y iievur will."
Somebody udverlises for agents to
sell a work entitled "llvineiii.il In
st rucliir." The best bynienial in
slruelor we know of is a oiuig wid
ow. What she don't know there is no 1
use in learning.
To resort lo inloicutioii for tin
, i i
ie reason we never irot tlrtiul; wneu
i mir na'. tfthcart "kicked us," once Upon
: iv lni,
j T)l.lt is ;l IM,allii' t!,on -ht where
, ; jn (iijM js
;it. lirst like a spiders webb; il nealee-
', t(l1 , il ,M'7"M"' " ,,hr,",'' "T'
next a eord or rope, linallv a eaule
! h w, cu break it? '
I e nave oecti i.nmni y ute lair
sex wilh several beautiful boipicls,
I ilil.t ni iinuii, uiiu iiiiii'iiL itn;ni was uiht
from a i;al in town, and with the bo
tpiet was the following note :
)t er li I send yu hi the barror a
bokay of flours. Thev is lik mi luv
for you. The tiite shaid nicnes kepe
dark. Tin! dog fenil menus I am m e
"llosin toil find lioiksii pil,
Mi luv fur u I111I never la tic."
gentleman, who died recently.
, - , , , . , . , ,
, I . 1 1 .... t 1 .ll til I. It IV-lt.. 1. I. III. O IIU, I
I ,uy , i,,,,,;, in cas,
1 , ., ... l. 1
1 sue aaia inarricii. 1110 sunt w;w "v
she Hiram married, the sum wo
doubled. L'r.
Well, it won't be, hard for her o
get u. husbnud, nor will it ho long.
The same Indies who ould faint
to s-c a mans shirt on a clothes-line,
will, in a waltz, lovingly repose their
i....i- n flm bosom ol the same car-
mrnt when ihe "nn is in it. el.
u-lio doiil'is it' circumstances alter
cuaes rery nintcriauy ai limes,
He who knows tho world will not
he too bashful, nnd Lo who knows
himself will never be imprudent.
ease ol Olie s llilllil, IS 10 cure niciail- lio n, ami u.iu i in;i. 1111115. .uc;
cholv bv madness. Is it not moral su- I sit at the window, and can't help spy
it.j,,;?l j int:. They screw np their corsets,
Thai's just what ur thought, and is I brinK cm consumption, and can't help
Number 18.
Hiwrucr Paid to Money. In an ar
ticlo in alato number of tho Christian
Examiner, we find tho following par
agraph: "No race in this country will be
despised which makes money. If wo
had in lioston or New York ten ourang
outangs with a million of dollars
each, they would visit in the best so
ciety; wo should leavo our cards at
their doors.and give them snug little
dinner parties."
Dkownhd. The Shelbyville True
Union of the Hid inst., says: "On
Sunday last four persons, Virginia
Newsom, Elizabeth Wanton, Tnrlton
Newsoui and a small negro girl wcro
drowned in attempting to cross the
liarrcn Fork of Duck Uivcr, in llicj
neighborhood of Normandv. in this
county. Three of tho bodies havo
been recovered. 'We did not learn
(R. particulars of the accident,
Doubt nud distraction belong to
a rth the brightness of truth is a
passport to heaven.
The best love powder vc know is
found in California. The more yon
gel of it. the harder the females will
love, The Californiuns take it in
(ive a man brains and riches, ho
is a king; give him brains without
riches and he is a idavc, give him
riches without, brains and he is afoot.
P I ; 1 1 1 1 ,S 0 K T K A L-1 1 1 N I i t; ll A MM a R .
1 have been sendin' my darter Nan
cy to school tea schoolmaster in this
neighborhood. Last Friday 1 went
... ,i, i..
v ..1U ,ri,,; i.i,,,,,, I I ...,
. i ,ijli,1,( iji... i... .... ...,.. 'ei...
Illllli , nil. -l llllll llll'l,, ll.lll A ll I.
schoolmaster was learning her things
enlircly out of the line ufedieation,
i ; ,,,i.. K.,,i ,. i,a
l"T" "' .""""
;.. ii,.. ...i i i i i I ....
" """' " """
'',asf sa' llla1' I"'""'- '-'7 ,11
""-1".v s,7' i WilS Mn,)t "
tci'inincil ibal iNancy snotild leave tho
i ,.,v . , ,..,,. ,ilt grammar
was an oiicommon line study, but !
doanl want any more grainmcr about
l:1.V house. The lesson what Nancy
sani was not in u Dill the looliMiest
kind uv talk, Ihe most ndicnlus luv
talk you ever sect).
She got up and
(he fust word she said was "I love !"
I looked right hard at her fordoing so
improper a thing, but she went right
on and said : Thou Invest, he loves,"
and I recoil you never beerd such a
riggermarole in your life love, love,
love, iiml nolhin' but. love. She said
one lime, "I did love."
I looked rite strafe at her, sez I,
"Who did you loe, Nancy?" Then
the scullers all laughed, but. I wasn't
to be put. oil', and I sed, "Who did voll
love, Nancy! 1 want to know who
did you love!" The scooluiaster, Mr,
McQuilistcr, put in and said he would
explain when Nancy fmis .ed the les
son. Tins sorter paeylied tne, and
Nancy went on with her awful love
talk. It. got wus and wus every word.
She sed "1 might, could or would
I stopt again, anil sed I reckond I
AVoitldsee about that, anil fold her to
walk out of the house. The school
master tried lo interfere, but I wotihlnt
letfhiui say a word, lit! said 1 wus a
fool, and 1 knocked him down and
made lam holler in short, order. I
lauki Ihe st rate thing to him. I told
,!i'a ,M sl,ow l,i,u lloW hcM ,ara
darter irraincr.
1 not the nahors together, and we
M ill Mr. Melfillister oil' in a hurry,
. ami I reckin I liar 1 be no more gramer
I leachin' in these parts soon. It you
' know any rather oldish man in your
' refill that doaut teech grammer, we
wood be fjlatl it you wood send him
i up. lint in the footuro we will bo
; kecrful how we employ men. Yonn
i skoohnastt.'i'S wont do, especially if
1 1 hey leeches gramer. it is a bad
tluiiij (or morils. .Sam Mcghiss.
- - -
Tlie trirls somehoily says, think oflly-
i ' 1...I.. 'I'l.a..
dying but that's slander, partly.
Man was born for society not soli
tude. Solitude is artificial, and is of
monkish origin, with comparatively
few exceptions, unci mostly adventi
tious. Ian cannot, properly speak
ing, become a recluse.
Nature is the only universal lan
guage can speak without a tongue
paint without a pencil or brush. The
frostbites without teeth. The wind
cuts without a tool, and whistle with
out a muth.
When a man lias no design but to
speak plain truth, ho may say a great
deal in a very narrow compass.
Spurgcon the great Haptist preach
er will probably reach New York city
about tlm last of Miy. l is said
live cents .will bo the admis-
" , "
to hear him preach.
.'overly of mind U the greatest of
all poverty and the most to be do-
-.1 n'l : , .... .1 -
piorcit. 1 no miser 110,1 l IIUOK so.
"If this slighted heart must ses
Ur faithful puU decsy.
Let it die reuieinberins; llise,
And lika tho burnt aroms b ,
Consumed in swceU away.
Th deepest ice that ever lro
Can only o'el the aurfaca c'0' .
Tho living stream lies flu
And flow and eaunol ca
: il
1. ? 1
1 i
,1 ;

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