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She jiiomc gfoiirwal.
' 1Y " wrVl7s.'J"J,KJt. "
"iMnlKcd in nu I'urlj'it whlirury ),
Ho I'iillu frill h HlirWcrnlir Irurts I hi' mi).1
In Inst week's Journal wo made
some brief remarks relative to the
prospects of war in the old world, and
us hostilities huvo now commenced in
earnest, and as it is likely to prove a
general war, we think our renders
will ho pleased to know what it com
menceij uuouf, at least those who
have hitherto paid no attention to the
ipicstions in dispute.
A threat against .Sardinia by Aus
tria is the ostensible cause. One cor
respondent, however, ways that Louis
Napoleon decided on Mar will. Aii - s -
triii directly after the Crimean war.-
Notwithstanding the glory that cons
tost gave to llio I'Vericb anus, it. was
of no heneit to her in a material point.
i'.-;,.,.- Anuii'iii :. il,,. ..1. !..
a s r a was 1 no on v nnwer
to derive any real ml vantage
that contest. Louis .up,eou fuutu
liimself with a heavv and long stand
in-' ill-lit In Aii-lii.i. u i'li liis iiilii'iiii il
hatred of thai J'ovver. w il h
"' '"
sciousne.s.s Hint Hlic Ini'l roapeM all t.lio
benefits of llie war wit bout.
cannon, spending a dollar, or lo.sin;.
man; and with a rosllc-s army on his !
hands, flushed with vieloiy, and whoso
occupation was llie, only salvation of
bis throne perhaps of bis head. -
III this Mlltatloll. lis Mlbseilllelil
... .... :. . 1...
1 ..-.i4.- 1 , '
have, a contest with Auilna, and alien
, .
the lapse ol stillicient lime for I lioroii-h 1
resiisoilafion mid preparation, al'ler 1
billing the impular apjirchi'iisioii wilh :
assurances ol Inspacilm intentions, w
find him acceplin;;'
ill rjii
11011 mi a preicM. 1 ins (j'le.simn was
particularly lilted for I. is nurture for
many reasons. Sardinia, the I'.iwer
llireatened by Auslria, bad l iken a
prominent part in ihe Crimean war il)U,y ,..,, ,,. ,,y Kossi; wl,.M Uv
and in the I'.il is Coiili'lenci', and it was in ihe l.'niled Stales, in
whs the cvidciil. di'lertni nation of Vic- have arrived. Il, can hardly fail lo be
tor Kinnnuel, Count. Cavour and the .' embraee.d by some of the bold .la-y-i
a, :.. ,1..., ....,:....! i.ilills' 11 'he war lasts any ,ii"l Ii of
1 , i. ,. . . ... ...
, n--.-
no ronton mil 01 nil limy it possible, ,
but out of Central Italy at. any rale,
lb; had Sliciltliencd bis inllueiice
willi Sardinia by, in thi: liist plain: a
matrimonial alliance with the House
of Savi y one of ihe oli!e-l. and most
distinguished families of Muiopc ihe
marriage of the I'rinee Xapolcon to
J'rincess (dolhilde, which was I'or mi
lonr a lime kept .sccn l, an. which
was solemnized on ihe .'(l)i h of Janua
ry. In the second place he uli red
into an alliance with Sadinia, u hereby
he agreed lo protect her .iain. t iiny
al lack from any source.
lmis .aioleon, il, is evident, also!
seeks tin; establishment of a Stale in
Italy, jipou a republican basis, so far
at least as tho eonlrnl of I he chureh is
eoiicerned. Auslria undcrlakes, mi
the oilier hand, lo marshal the old
elements and lo preserve I'm I'ope
from boiiij; reduced to ii nii-rely spir
itual oflieer. In this conlliet, the
French F.mperor is umloiibli-illy ihe
reprosi'iitalivi! of'lhc spirit of the a;;c;
and whatever may be tin: immeili.iie
result, some oml must yrow out of
the coal est.
now nu: ruisis w.'s v is-i;n.
Our last account relaleil simjily to
the crisis. '1'he war was only pi-tiding
now it has eommetici'd, a ml I his is the
manner III Inch llie. last liope ol pence
was l.lasteii. A oli-r of .m dmlmn .
was made by I'nlai.-I. based up,,,, !
tho acceptance of one rf ihe two lo!
lowing conditions: 1st. The immedi
ate, absolute and simultaneous di.sar
maincnt of Autri.i, I Viiiiee and Sar
dinia; or, I'd. Tho consent on the
part of all, priulin. the result of ihe
mediation, to retain their iirmies in
precisely the .same eumlilioii, iiud lo
. , . .... .
maintain a posii,,,,,, ,1 not of peace, at :
all events ol maclio.,. This ,,,'opo-
inn. .,1 , 1 1 .luaiini ii-ii ii, j a, is auo
Vienna on the .'.'iili ult., but s.i Lite as
the ,10th, I'ratiet; Irnd not i;:nificii her
acceptance of it, and ii.lviih.slaudiu;;
the report of lint accepline,! of n
ollbr by Austria, one hundred und
twenty thousand of her troops bad
crossed the Ticino and i ntered the
J'icilmoutoso territory. 'I bis was re
garded ollieially in Paris as an overt
iH'tol war. Ficnch troops were pour-in-,'
into Italy 1',-otii rvn-y uvailiilile
pninlj France and li'ussi.i it is naiil
have formed an alliance; Kiigbiud was
Mn ngtheiiin her sipiadrotis; Surdini.i
was aroused to but enthusiasm; all
Italy was in u wbito he;tt, Tuseaiiv
bad joined with France, and the
Urand Duke had lied Ibr safety.
TiinCtn mi I'.m-ti. 1 1 .m. Timw iv
villi . Iim-.-i I ?ilmmf-r.
eial.of a We Ji.. ,. ,
lo deny or au , L.0ci;a
aet. This region of C(lunt ry u ,,,.si.
title or tho nceeuarin ,VV,rc The
mock of food for mini Ulli
about exhausted. Theru i,
corn enough to Iced those w,u i.'
"itimble to buy Hour; but thr-y bnvenot
the means to buy corn. It is in ih
banda of a few persons, and ibpy will
only Kid for cash at a dollar ii bushel
Not one third ol (Lose who nerd to
!nj co'rr), -Lnvo the IoIlar,."or ny
nutans of getting ii; for the money,
like (lie corn, Is out of the reach of the
destitute. We are no pnnie iiiitkur; but
of tin's wo feel certain, and wo sponk
advisedly, that in tliirly days from
I his limn, unless iIiohu who Imve a
(surjiluH agree to part with il, on I i tr if..
ut a fair prieo it will ho distributed and
carried away by band-i of drspcraie
men to feed their starving families.
This sounds terrible; hut it is too near
the truth, and men will not suffer
tin ir families to starve, when fond
- 1 can be procured by going and takin
1 it.
Chops. Wo regret to hear that the
w In-lit. eion. in iiihiiv nlaees. is affec
ted almo.st in I he same manner that
I he oat crop was last your the ter -
"nJst ll,ivil1' '"'"I"
I "'''"TT"' 1 ls ,m,'l'',m''1
I I III IVIKlIf VI' if'.'ll C I', ill f,( tl,HJ l(.in..i.
j wj, .i,,,,!, j t m:iv,U:1 ,.,";.
J ty, Miss, complaints mi this head,
seem tn lie increasing. As llie wheal
, '''"I1 has become a very important one
1 111 "'is section, wo await lurlher d,
i .... , 1 . .1 ,..: 1
' i" mm- Willi u,;ril III! I I I.-.-.1 iJlllu
V,,,' '',, . '
- 1 A Xi.w ami I Vr.i 1 1. .wi;m ion.--We
iave 1 1 ; n 1 i-Miiiim-d in us a novel, met
1 wo iielieve a practical impi'iv incut.
The iim-nliir. Mi-. William I.
' SOMi js ;i
in-, iii.iiiiiii, .hi. iiiuiiiiii
son, is a Tcimesseaii, livin-' ii
ie iiiveii-
a ; villc, Willininsoii enmity. 'I
... I In, 11 is an improve-'! mode ol eniiSij uci-
1 . .
Huston! rooms, s-i as In have the,"1'' ,l v'iin)iia. 1 1117 jui.ineii ui
1. 11 i hi i H-r -iltt'-itsi r, !,!, I '. . I , Vll II" ll.-l I'll as I'll .'.s- S;i!l;i.
inoval ui case of lire. Th,.' ,i,,l,.i
j shows that the buildin;,' is erecieil ,m '
I limbers like a ear sits 011 a riiiboa l, !
i .. i- . .l
Willi a SIIL'lil. (Ii'scrinlm rade. ,,
.. 1.1 ... 1. . 1
.ii v e 1 1 ii 1 1 1 11 1 in iiiai.i'.s or eaiciio.
iii-i:. iiiii-ii 1 11: in nu : o s 1 ace
1 1 , Pi .
mill In- removed, nml 1 he store room
wj,, a j,s ,.o;,icnls. pushed out of ihe
reach of I ; 1 ti ; r -1-. It, is well wort h an
examination. Cli'illnminu A h'.
..... ..... 1 .. 1. ...... ... 1 . . .
' Austria is eu:;a,ui:d iii a war
ranei! and llalv, and nearly
, an its resources are e.liau.-led, then if
; would be an easy mailer for the nine
millions ol Hungarians lo rise and as-
Serl the independence ofllieir r-ouulry.
The liiilir 0111I rtu. .iiii-'i'n.i. c-i. -ihv.
'" 1. --.I 1 .... 1
I UNI- I ll- Si Mill f II I 1
II will
rl-inily be raised in 1 1 iin-'arv.-.Wvi.
I 'mini - A111 rii iin.
Tews. A I luiislon corn-spun lent ol
I Ihe ,cw O.-leuns Delia, under dale of
: the rilh inst.., thus alludes to lie: crop
I prospei'ls in Texas:
The propccl. of our ariciii'l urisl.s
have ;:rcaly improved durinif the
past week. Wo have been favorc-l
with warui vicaliicr au.l abund.iiit
rains. 'c;',cl al ion fast recoverim.;
from Ihe ell'ccls of the lain fj'osl.
I lopi;s arc now rnlertained of a lull
average crop of mir slaplc pro lucis.
The prospects of I he wheal, crop are
iuile Haltering. Within ibis mouth j
(lav) we expect llour fresh from ihe
vv heal, of this cur's jrniwl h. I
The ladies of ,S, (,'. have raised j
SHI). ()!)() towards crrci'iin a muiiu
uieiit in memory of Juhu '. Caiiiouu.
iMi lsroiiMr.il. In repaid lo Ihe o
calily ol' ihe li;.;ht bet ween I ): hcride
and Sloval!, a tmlicc of which was in
ihe Journal a few weeks since, we'
. . p . . . . !
v ere mi iiiiormci. 11 occunvil about
three inies(, in.slead of .Salem, '
and as the nuix.s was eau-ed by whisky, j
mir liiends at, tho;,'ood lowu of Saleiu
I just ly fell. ;i lil lie I, iih lo allow I he ic i
pon 10 i;issasvve nrsi putiti.dic.l it. (
We therefore make this explanation, j
Winovv i. it Jn .rr.ii. Their ran
,ltil.ll .lw,.,.n y,m,U ., ,
.,., .,: ...
a .:;'('.
n nia
0' 11
I Spii it of ll.e Times tliii.sliati s by a
story of a prctly yoiue,' irl and a su
(eplible wi -lower of I'ol'ly-eij.'ht. lo
i whom, iifler .a short courtship, she
became rn';a'.md. I'revious lo llii
imtrriii-e, the fieiillciuaii was com- j
pelled to lal.ea journey lo Ihe Atlantic
Slates, .'ill, I Ibr leal' of ncchb-nl. srl.
- - -
,.,, ,,, , s ,., ,, l)(m iis
,. , )(.o,. ..,..,;. During '
j his iibsi Him, a lender coirespondriice
I vv .as Kept up, nu, I his business coin
p.'eted he hati iied back with all the
speed ol an impatient widower to Iiud,
ill. is ! bis tunnel: nicely settled as the
wife of bis con. Like a sensible man
he tool; il pinch of suulf, kissed the
bride and resigned himself to bis late.
Dr. John Shelby, of .Nashville, died
at bis residence in that place, rtu last
Saturday night. His perriit.s wire
ninon the earliest pioneers of ihe
country nml settled in what is now
called Sunnier county ilccrasul be
ins thr first ir'iilr r'til.l bum in liuf
coimtii. lie was early exposed and i
inuied lo the hardshihs of I'roiitirr life,
and participated in many htiiijhs
with the s.avni's of tin; lorest. lie
served in the i-reid; war mil perhaps
other campaigns.
lie was Dost-inasler in Nashville
durins Tnylor'-s nnd Fillmore's nd-
" ' ... . .
m in strat on. 1)1 late rars lie ilevo-
ted much of his time to stock ruining,
(Sec, He was nn influential man, and
many mourn his death.
Ho wns hurried bv the Masons, to
WU otdrr ho belonged.
I'U v" rrm lort Kfurry nays
li ei'Hk tmia,lts arc returning
in droves di-ttUuic.
Tub Ticino. As frequent referen
ces nre inado in our foreign dispatch
es to the "Ticino," und as it is a name
vvliinh bid fair to ho oftened useii
when speaking 0 tho war just now
commencing in tho old world, we
would di'sei ihe it. First, hi! sure to
1 pronounce it right. Tho letters of the
' Iialian language do not all have the
same sounds which they have in J'lng-
j lish. Tho pronunciation of this name
J is Tirchr.mia. It is a small river, con
necting the Lake of Mnggiore with
the Vo, and has its importance from
its being 1 lie boundary between Lorn
hardy and Sardinia; therefore, the
Austrians become invaders the mo-
I '"ent they pass to its western bank.
I Its whole course is about Via miles,
and it is navigable from Lake Mag-
Ui". to the l'o, which (lows into the
I '
(ililf of Venice.
From Telegrnphie ili.-:palches in
Nashville papers of to-lay, we con
dense the following foreign news;
Tho London Times says the inva-
ders in Italy have not advanced over !
'.'" imles limn tin.- Ironhcr. It seems -
,, , ,1 . . , ,111 ,1.,
tliou!i I bat A 1 sir a slal eil lieavilvi
for the opporluuily she won but has
- ' tbrowu il away. Ihe .Moniloiir ol
tin- tib says ihe A 11 si ria lis who cross-
ed I !i(! I o are small in numbers and'
1 1 1 - 1 i-t 1 1 . i
! The Austrian divisions reiiorted 011
the li-lit bank of llie river are still
'hrcaleiiiii',' the passage- of llie l'o at.
- e 1 . . . . 1 . . : 1.
1 1 1. iN.seu.no, mil llie inn is iiiui.il
,....11.... 1 'I'l... I...... 1 1.
--iiiii-n iv imun. jim. . i-.iui-i
swollen by rains
are. covered.
I!. iron llnmho'i
at l'erliu.
,o bailie y .
l.ivKui'ooi., Saturday noon. Cot-
Ion ipiiet. mil sieauy. Kicliardsoti,
Spenec iV. f'o., ipiote wheal opened
i-vciti-il. with a hi i"-e sncciila! i vi! in.
ijuiry. Flour dull au.l is offered at (i
pence decline.
1 ne vustnaiis were repuiseii in an :
allcinpl. to cross l!ic l'o at. Trassin ito. !
II. is rcpiirlcd that .Sardinia has!
1 11,, . , 1 ,,.
seii'd all lac Austrian ships at ( union. :
I'l'.Hi,-,. will so,, 1, inn (inn '
troops in Piedmont. ,apoleou w ill
leave for I In- army about llie l'.'l.h.
There are vv hisper.s of martin
law 111
A Vienna Telegraph annoimces the
failure ol an extensive l!,mkilo
House. Liabilities two millions
Aisns, Tiivas, A.iy 11. Capl
Il.iylei- elilcled llie upper reserve on ;
lie.'! I, Willi ."ill men and killed 1.1 In-!
diaiis mi l lied, a parly of draoan In-'
diuiis pursuing. The Indians in Ihe
lower reserve have left their farms for !
dpt. Kos eiicaniimeiit. j
I'li'tiotis. In the last Journal
stated that I,. I,. .Matthews had been
elected Secretary of the
and Alabama II iii Roai
lie was !
( lecleda Diiirlnr ami .. ,'. Uriit
.Seen tar'.
vv, in, 11 r -I iii,- w ,,, ii- .t,, ami- .i-i
A iAUi;t)V I'iSCAl'
( ):ie odorous eveailu, in the mouth
of .May, IS, our inii'lh-provokin;; ac-
ipl.iiulan ie, .1 dm Y, was silling wilh
us in I he parlor.
In the midst of our
it. i tilcrcil, and u ill,
,' :;!a:i':-', I an!; in the
fun Jii-l"o Kni::l
mic (;ii!ii,'i'h,'usiv
oceup.iiils of llie raai.i, cor liil
ins were ctr,, I". I, which met
wilh .1. hcirly r', ;ji.u.s-', but. lo our consloi-
lion, vv hen our Irii 11. 1 was presented,
it v , I i 1 ri 1 1 :f J.iii'!.- w.isall llie iiulico
he d 'iijae-l In bestow on him, in he
turned away With a contemptuous ;ur.
A 'Texas .Norther" chills not more
sitddmily and thoroughly than did litis
ilisi'ourlcsy our feeling. Hushed,
froen into si l.'ueu we remained.
What ran he iiieati.' was our only
Ciouhl. Our insulted visitor bade us
o,id iiibt, an. I w;is "aim bel'oro wo
eonl, 1 utter ;i word of reiiioiislraiice.
Sue then marched right up to the
J ,,. im, reipiesled t,i know why
I... I... I vlu nHVonlpil l-'.-mr. W.
III - ll.fc.i c.
Wil,lout u VV()1,, ,lt. ,,ul lis h:imi illlo
,',s vest pocket and drrvv out a ucee
of paper, nml read aloud a warrant
fur the arrest of John W. for robbery
ami murder.
Julia fainted ; but Su.i sn itched the
paper from bis band, stamped it, iiud
then tore it to atoms. Just then lire
iirms were heard in the direction I'.sip-.
V. bad gone. We all ran out lo lis
ten. See, we could not, for the hith
erto clear shy, was now overcast with
Maid; clouds vv Ii i 'li completely obscur
ed the li-hl of Iho moon and stars.
Come back ladies," called the stern
voice of the Jud'e, "it is the Sherill'
discb.iriii;; his duty. That uiiniilti-
K-itrd vidian, V, will not get nwny
V"1 ""' r0"1
Dead or
"live, thry will bring him back in a
few liiomeiils. Here they come, ladies
retire if you choose."
.Minnie bad restored Julia to con
eioiisness, and now all pale and frigh
tened we looked from one lo another
without budging a step. In they
i.:.. i.- ......i.i.i.... i
,n iv.ui.m.i ra.,.,1.-, i...lu
near Leavenworth) two of the gang
holding our friend by the arms, l'er
ilotis indeed was bis situation, wc
knew then, that if lie had nut over
whelming proof of bis innocence right
at bund, that the first trco would bo
bis gibbet, for Mob L uv ruled tbo
In ejenr tone?, Judge Night imid :
John W., you mo charged with the
robbery nml murder of Amos Goodlow,
by l'eter Simms. Cotno forward l'o.
tor and confront tho prisoner. Out
strode a dare-devil looking fellow, who
swaggered around to the place indi
cated. f the glance of a human be
ing could have that ell'cct, Peter would
have been annihilated by the look the
outraged man gave him.
"John W" called Sue, "God and
your friends know your innocetioj es
tablish it to the Mitisfaction of these
fiends?" I'ule as death became that
noble brow.
"Proof!" be cried,"! have, but not
here. Judge Kight, if you will post
pone the trial until morning Anna
Reynolds and Sophia Coodlow will
clear me of this foul imputation."
"No ! no !" yelled tho mob, "'tis nil
a sham ! He will escape. Let the
slave owner dje like a dog? Search
I him Sheriff."
That functionary speedily perform
j eil tho process, and revealed to the
view of all a silver I'ortmonie, with
lh(, .,. o- ,h(, llla1 (.,r.iy,.,
0 j(( whu.u fj(.in .,, rollll,
, , . , .. , , ..
to contain two thousand do lars.
..'IV .. I ' . .1 - II ... It, 1 . ......I
j 1 10 i.ue gauows : snoiiieu
llie .1 inlge, "Mienll, have you a rojief
j "Xi Sir."
"(!o then to the well and hrinjr :i
piece of the cable. Here, men, .hold
Southerner while I handoull
J him."
1 Jn vain we implored for rnen-v, the
1 -
,n. . (,.,. ,. ,., ft.,,,,, .,
i 1
John's nook, and rushed with him, wo
I followed, to the hickory near the Cider
. 1'rcss, where We
mils loetlier am
had often cracked
I suti'' our inerrv
solids, and there riht over the limb,
where hi' once made us a sw iu', they
ll,"'w ''"I1" '"'' which they in-
tended to hang him. ( )ur ones pierced j
M. heavens as Ihey adiist(;d it around
,,is ,,,.,. A wa(J (,)M,'usi()l) solm, 0,
, , ,. , , ,.. ,.
he ladies bad .'1 Is. hue o cred to t lie
w-ilh him, they tossed her rudely to
j one side,
! "Hoist
and screamed :
him, boys."
"Slop ! in the name of heaven and
earlb, I command you lo stop," thun
dered the voice of a tall noble looking
man as he pressed his punling horse
I lirouli the furious crowd to the side
of their victim. "Amos (luodlow is
not. dead; there boys, caleh Pete
Sitntns, don't-you sec he i.-
SlIlllllC'. I
. . 1
ll was he that robbed and Iriei
murder Hood low, and as Msip'. W. 1
was vvalkiti'' wilh Ann Reynolds and
1 Sophia Hoadlow, he saw him running
' I'..,..,. 1 1. ,dc ul
he fallen man, and
" " -.1
tried to capture him. lie prcssr
d 1
y,,. so cs,.y Hint he dropped his
; in',., Ji;,d (.'ouillow's money in
il, und tfof away. Then tiikinj,r tid
Viiut.',;.re of llicse troubled limes, he
imposed on you all, so far as to malm
you almost hiiti my friend to make
own misdeeds."
Such a shout anise then, as was
never braid before under that old
1.:.. 1 1. 1 ... 1 .1 ... 1
,ui nwi v ui-,-. it as nil 1 oil1 1 lual 1
awoke nml found it nil a dream
OiKf.v.vn, .May I lib, 1S.V.I.
I!vi:-i .ami no I'lvi-s. There urn ma
ny children, and many grown up per
sons too, who appear to be passing
their time in the world wilh their in
tellects half-asleep; they have not
been wakened properly. Instance
after instance continually occurred in
a late journey, In make iinptiries of
persons who ought to be able promptly
to answer them, but who knew nothing
of facts existing daily in their very
sight; that is. if their mental eyes
were open. The other day we asked
ii resident, on the banks of a river,
what inline the river was, he lived on,
but the only information wo could ob
tain, was, that il was called the river.
We asked a laborer, living close to
the brink, which way the river ran.
At the moment no stream was visi
ble, though it generally Hows with
sulllciriit rapidity to indicate its
course. Hut the good body had never
noticed which way it ran! Thousands
of both old and young are in this con
dition, with the precious mind asleep.
This ought not to be, It is as easy to
excite the intellectual faculties, as
tho limbs, useful, wholesome, impro
ving action; ami we know that "the
used key is always bright."
Several editorials are unavoidably
crowded out this week.
Are jtihi -iiirciin Iruiii seven, cnlii! I ,iur ri:t
ili-aiiilx-il l,y mi iiKvsunl rHigl,l ll.ive )ou a ititTkultyol
lii.il,iii-', atriii!,auit-il by pjini. In ttierhe-t, ami, cs.
liri Nlly iimmiK evening, a ft!i-;,,i lever wild ,;i,,iutii,ii
i,r llie lieail, ili-oi,,err,l or ,l,e ili;:etive aysteiu, and to.
l-iniia i-x,-itiiratiunl Irynu liave any iirtliene symptoms,
u-e On. IIinim.anu' IUi.hamic CiilililAL, ill cunjiiiirlioii
Willi Hi, Ciit4A-aji:init.-.3 i.rUiea,iiiie eminent plitnicidii.
and yi,ii ill a-.sui,-,,iy ftn.1 rrii--r. UyiHi ue-le, I tl,e
iiieani i,r ruie p.iiute,l out, you may a-eelitj SimI your,
aeirona sirk lieil.aiul beyont nieil it .ll ai-l.
The-ie fnv;ilii4lile ami norltl-rennn-iieil remnlie-i are,
rfrr.l oiiljr b) llr.C. M. Jar k ion, ItS.lrrli Slrral, lliil-
ailrli'lili, ami tur wit l,jf itn,;;i.ti awl iturcki-rpers In
rvrrr lowii ami tillar in Ihr l uilrj Slalci ai.J I'anajaa
IVicc 7 crlila tr boltlf.
Sir Jttnict liirk'M I'fiualc
1'liia writ known rnlicin i no Imposition. Iiut a sure
ami ul. ii-mclr for l-Vnal. niirVutlw-i, ami obKlrucliona
r,o,n anr caim nlial.vrr, awl alihnui a powerlul rem
e.tr, ttiijr ronialn uoUiing liuitlul lo 11m conttitulioR.
To inarrlM Ijiliri il n rvculiarlr wllnl. It Hill, In a
liott lin,, biinontb. nionlblj paiiod nilli rriitarilr
For lull partinrlara, E'l pa'npt'''1. n. of IW awnt.
5. II. SI ami 6 ptwl-ig lamp enrloaftl lo any author,
itnl a jrnl, at ill inrura biKlle ronlatnllic oro0 illa by
return mail. Pre aalvaitmimul.
It.iugrr'H .olicc.
Tnken up by V. I.. Roberts, reeMing in
District So. S, one Hay Filler, has no white
about her, no brand", bare fiioted, supposed
l,i be three years old, about 14 hands 3 inches
bi,'h. appraised, on llie 10th dav of April, ISoit.
JOHN T. SLATTflll, R-, F. Co.
May, 19 3sr,
Mule of Tciine'', Franklin Co,
JUHTICK ur 1 1 1 u I r.rtwn. buun
William liimlianan, iluiii'iir,l
Vlli i Uubt itc.
Williiuii Jolinsnn, dcfnuiliintj
In ill ih caiiKii wiit Inivnitf bmni cnmiuenccd
bofors llni uii(lr'iinil, n. Juwiico oI'iIip I j' '
in and 'or llni Cminly ami Suilo nforocBMl, by
tho ilttiiilill'ii(ja'uiHi llni dol'iMiilniit ny origin
al ottm-liniPiit loiindeii 011 a nolo (f ivoh by 'h
li'iidnnl to Ibu iiliiiiiiill'l'iir llio ilrd nml lu"t
payment fur a trnetnf lait'J of lit" y ucru-, ly
iny anil boing hi fuiil i-nuiity u ml Mato utTe
nuTc, mid was luviod Hy Win. Karris, Counta
ble, on xuid imct 01' bind ami ruturiiud by
bim bclbro I ho ondi-rsi(rnoil, JiikIii-o of Hie
I'oiieo, on tbo 1 Si li ibiy of .May (i nsto itt) 1S.11J,
wbori.-npoii, it is eoiiHiilereil by 1110, and iioor
dcriid Unit all furtber iiroi't'iidin in ibiB
ciiko bostiiycil until 1 he IS1I1 day uf Nnvmii
bor next, llM). And il further ordered
that imblinition bo mmln for four cnn-M-ctitive
wocl(a in Ilia Homo Journal, 0 iicwi-pn per pub
lished in 1 hn town of Wan: he tor, roipurjna
tho mid iluliindiiiit to bo and appear before
'J'lioiiniii l-'im.-b, J. J'., Ili ini-lerMgiiei', at his
oltieti in lb'.' town of Winchester, 011 bfiiil
lillhdiiy of Noveiiihc-r next, H.VJ, Mien and
there to dcfcnil sanl nut, or j influent final
hyilefunlr will bo rendered ugmwl him ex
imrto. This the Milidav of Airy. Hoil.
ThUS. i-'I.NCII,Si:Ai.J
Jiistii-o of the I'oiieo for l'riiiiklin Co.
All llioi-u imlel-teil to Iho etllto of John
Null, ilm-i.-used, nro lioreby nolilied I11 imilie
imvineiil, iiimI tlioso iiavuig i-iaiins bsmii-i
I e,t;ile will prcHdit them as prescribed by
I law.
J.Al. Itb'SSliV, Adm'r,
j .May 10, ':'.)
John Nalt, dee'd.
m;;ico rote ham:.
On MumI ui, I In-. lh thnj uf Jul; 11r.1t,
before llio t'oiirl. Ibni.se duiir ill Winelii-sler,
I will oiler I'or Halo Ui Ihe hihcft lnihler,a
m'trro irl, naiiicd I.IZ.IK, alu ut m.'vcii years
old, heloniii 0) .ho minor chililrcn of A.
II. Johnson, and mid under a ilecrri; of the
Circuit 1 "011 rt ol 'Franklin county, Tcnnciif 'C
in the i'iiiih; of A. 11. Johnson n. Thus. 11.
Juhsoiii et al.s.
Sold 11 j tii a I'l-c-lit of twelve months ox
ei')l ihe 11111 ol lifly dolhir.-', which must he
piud down; lie biililiejrs to inneiico at live
hundred dollars ; no'o Willi twog land mil'.
lieioM . siM'iiril ins, and alien relaincd 011 the
lii"'ro 1111I1I the i,iri'lni.-e moiU'V in paid.
May 1U ")! Iw. N. l'lil.ZKbb, Clk.
l, vM) I'OK
III pursuance of a ilcerci! of llio (.'iri'iiil
(.'ourt of Kniiildin c unity, pronoiiiiced in the
ciiiisi- then-ill pcniliniil I.ewisS. Hoitiek, et
nls vs. U. W. (.'orn and wife, ol ills, I will
tiller for side lo Iho highest bidder, before tho
Court lb ui-"' door in W inelicslei',
01 Mtimhni. Jiihl Mil. l .r.
on a credit niild Oololier lib l"a!), mid Oi-ln-ln-r
lib I 't it J 111 c,ii:d e.siinmles: One tract
of liind in mihI eoiui y, in civil Ois. No. 0,
I'tniiiiiiiiiu.'. by i.'siiiiiiiIioii, one liunilred neres,
nml hound, -il 011 tin.1 JVorih hy the hinds of
Airs. Iiijiiwii ami Jiieoh Sunders, ml Ihe IOnst
hv the lands of Joseph biillc, on the sjiuih
In- the hinds of Ilezekiali Keelou, and on tho
West hv the In mis of tsuii! Cunip, dec, beina
the 1 met of land belonjiiu'' lo Ihe heirs, ul'l
Jaltleberry and Sop mi N. Unstick, dee.
Nuiil trai't ol land will he told ill the risk ol 1
bewis S. b'oslii-k, tho foroua' purchiisi-r, and I
the biddings, lliorcliii', w ill be started at SI
per acre. iolcs with two or more joiod Mid I
sullieicnl scciiniios will be reipured uf ll c
puri'li.'isfr, ami 11 lien retaineil on Ihe liind tin-
til llll! whole of llio on ri'liiisn nioni-v is tmid
.Mav 10, 'all l.v N. Fi'.IZZKbb, (Jlk.
BS.IIll rFOKO, ( O.Y.V.
S. L. L00.MI.S, l,re.si,l,.-,it,
II. KCLI.Od'C, Secretary.
Weslei'ii bJiittsrli oaiicc, ( i:i'hjii:ii,
M. UAUILI.. Unit A zaii.
M.vmi.l., II. M
Sl ill i.ll AC'llt.S .- .V,t;,iSl,-S.
vy i is .is.
I'.v:in,iiil ni;,l miir-,v,-'l I'V ll,-1 lii'lilin.', ul' Wi-rim-iii,
Olin,, hiilon-i. Iilinoi'., T-'iiiit'.-siM-, i(.,in i',iiiij.ii.i ,
Hill, tl, ,. ,l Unni! st-ti M.
V.XSii Siil'A, $ii,o.i.
StatcilKMlt of A.SSt't;-, oil Sill J.'lll-
ti.ti-y, 1S.")).
e.t-ii on liiin-t -n't 'ii Omi!.. Si't.l'i.il
lu.-h in Ii iti.lt ul, -iii-I -Hi" Ihmii A Willi I -, I ;il
Hi-ill l--l;it,' ow t l,y the l'oi,,ji;uiy
iiiii-iu tin, l-i i-it, , ' 1, C,ll'li.7l
Am,,, ml Uuii'il. "ii .ViiMlwiina ' lio.t I
1-slnl,-, rvf.l.'.-O.Kil
i. " on l'l,"t;' uf lliinl.
Slinks 11,1'. ,11.(10
Ilillsi t-Cvdlilf In, 1,i,i lint in j'lj'si'i'iiu-it i;:,--iiii.,rti
I S7 slmri's N.'iv Vol k l.'.iul. Slm li, 1 1 I.e.: (.'!.. .0
,li llilll.il-l " " lll.iHi.lHI
,i-, " oii-i rs,-w i-'.ir-i.,i,ii emu
Win k, s. ,'., ,1-1
yo i; I. ul Ni-w I'liciin. C-inii., ii,.-,i,.iiii
lm:. e. v 1. 1.'. If. II Is, ;;,,,,, ni, -,! -i,.",,!!,.,!.!
.Vu'iiiiitiliiti-il Inipii'-l mi liivi'sti,i,-i,is ;t,:i.M.,s
Total Assets,
;s U !), 1. (iii
Tlic li.'iLililics of tin1 ('otiipaiiy
ft tv ;w follows :
'I'll,' iiiii'iiinf uf 1 .1;. I 1 1 1 1 ii--li.,- or .Kit itur l-i llaul.ii :i,,il tilii
ei i ii-ililiiiH, iiiiii,-.
I,nNrn a,!iiivlit ai.il l,'. ii'ii.i.
" n i.il mil ,,,-, J.I ,','n 00
" iiiia,liuHli-il, l.ii;i,.(NI
hi Mn-.-,-iis.-. ain, iv:iiliii-fnitlu-r pro Is, I-y'II", ,NI
All tliLl i i.111111 .iiini-t the liiiiil.,iii,t-.llliid.
ti-il al 1, INIll.llO l
Tutu! '.i-it.iiiiiftt f.i.:ii;;.oo )
The fnrpo i ii t (ii.ttciiin t, ti t hut w U the ft iei.ils ut.il
I'ilt HHJt l.f tllf I'lldMX "t iiANf K rUMI'A.W. KHillitn
tec ol ifs siiiiinl iii.il tcliatil. iiitinii nut mil pasTd hy ,
1 my ntltt't I'oiiip.itiii'f, wtnl't iu Il.iltilttii'u ntf imicli tesn ,
1 t l,:i ii Itt l,:.vt I i I'VittTtHil Iniiii list i vtrmtiHl .i. ,
' tlOMH.
ll yon want Iiinir.Tnrc lint ymi ran rely upon, p.r.iv
r.ill oti tlif Av'iMitn. himI hhR fr a 1'idiry in the t'na.u
l.t'ltA. K t I'MH.VNVtl II ti tfiinl, L'oitit,
F.A. LOVllll.Ull.LF.n Agent.
The partnnrsliip licrutcfore existing lip
tvrecn Drs. Tnrney nml tlarney, is tins dny
dissolved tiy iniitinil consent.
It. h. Tl'RXF.Y,
Wayl'-', C. C. UAOKR, Jr.
LUI) rou kam:.
I wish to sell my tract of Inn, I, containing
101 seres, lying 2 l-'i miles from Winchester,
and half nulo this ido of Uiutoii'ii mill. Uu
tllO llllld is 0116 oftllO bejl springs in Frail-
klin county, and olio mat never inns.
Any one wishing lo purchase must apply to
meat home, or al Winchester, as I am Ire
lucntly in town.
May IV!, J. W-SHARP.
I leave this day for Ohio to purchase a
large lot of that celebrated slock horses, tho
(iillord and lilack Hawk Morgan. It' the
lovers of fine stock with to purchase hones
they can bo supplied by the tenth of June.
May l'-'ih W. O. Crooks.
a:rv or thi:
il M
O.K. 13 A 11 N E S ,
Cor. of Chort-r nnl Cettnr Strocta,
JVishvillc, Tphh,
Nashville Market,
From tlx Nwhvlll l)lly New,
Thobsoav, Moy, 19, 1859.
Cotton. During the past1 week, there
have been no trmniuciions in cotton worth
Mentioning. JJest quality oll'ere-l ul
present in this ninrki-t, may be quoted 9J
10 cL-ntK.
ToiiBAcco. The wnr news from Eu
rope has hail a depressing efTect on the
innrket, oml our quotations show a tie -tiinu
on all prudes.
Dacon. The demand is brisk, and
increasing; anil Hog Hound is firm at Oc.
In mixed lots, Shoulders are worili 7J;
llanis 8J; Clear Sides lO;i Troiii wagons.
From store, packed J cent more.
Laud. Cood Lnril, in suituhlo pack
ages, readily commands lOj1
Wheat. Prime Red 10, and
White $1 lOfoJtl 20.
Floub. Demand brisk. Extra ifiS.OO
pur Darrel; Supetfino, $0 50faJ7 ilollurs.
Kxtru Family Flour in ho.u's, wholesale
$3 75; retail 1 1 f" D8 pounds. Jlolh our
tity mills have suspended operations for
want of whoat. It is supposed the entire
stock on the market, including all qual
ities, does not exceed 2.000 barrols.
ConN. Buyers oro 7l'Q7flc. and fur-
' nii.li sacks. We lietir.l yesterday of 2,500
liushols sold from store at 85 cents,
Com Meal 85u9Ue.
Dhiko Fnurr. Apples $1 75; Pealed
reaches, GUffi-t 75; Copealed 2 75.
.Seeds Clover 0 50 per hti.sliel, by
e burrol, Blue Crass, stripped, il 40;
Clean, $2 per
of I'ourieun
pounds; timoihy, ji.'Ka,a 2j per iiiisiici;
Herd's Crass, fel 45ul 50; Orcluird
$1 50; lliiogiiriiin Crnss Seed D dO;
Cnuary Seed VA Millet 2 25uJ 50,
Flux Seed 1 20.
U'iiisky. Wo i uolu 2SfajH0 for Rec
tified. Country brands SUfoJioc.
Featiiiuis me worth 4lwx'42 cts.
Salt Coarso suck is worth fcl 50 hhl.
aoo, per pushel; fino 41 75.
Sugar In bills. 7fojS.',; boll cent loss
in Idols. N. Y. CofTee Augurs IO11 1 l-lc;
Crusheil nod l'owdorcd 1 2a 13c; Louf 12
0 12-i rents. .
Coll'ee Rio 12al2:e. am! dull, La
guyra 14; Java lH?aW0c.
Cheese Engl l.-h JJuiry 12 l-2al4c ;
western Reservo lair.
JJides and Loalhor t'Jjeon hides 5 rts,
dry 14c. Couuiry. Southern BiidMex
icau J8; Oak Solo Leather !i2 its per lb
for best quality; Harness iiOaliJ.
Oils. Linseod, "Joe; Lyrd 1 00; Tan
ners 75 1 00.
Skulled Outs. 70Q75c, from wagons;
from Store 85.
Who Sells
(Jook Stoves,
Cook Stoves,
in Winchester,
in Winchester,
as Cheap,
as Cheap,
j as can be bought,
I -Mil be hiill'rht.
in Xashville,
in Xashville
j. v. vAuaux,
.. F. 'AI 'G1L.
AikI who lias the
I.il I'ifl'St lot,
I.ni'iiest lot, i
of Cooking nnd Heal iny: Stoves,
of Cooking and Hviating Slaves,
that was ever broityht.
that wiis ever broujzbl i
to Winchester,
to Winchester?
j. ;. YAvaiiN,
j. f. v a runs.
lot of Castings,
Who has it
lot of (Wines.
St'l'll AS
Ovens and Lids,
Uvens and Lids,
t'l-M . It- ...
,KUieis (i nd iemes, i
Skillets and Kettles,
from 1 to .'ID gallons,
from 1 to .'ID gallons, j
Hog Irons,
JJog Irons,
Hand Irons,
I Land Irons,
Pumps and l'ump Tubing ?
Pumps and Pump Tubing I
A large lot of Tin Ware,
A large lot of Tin Ware,
Japansed Ware,
Japansed Ware,
and Rross Kettles,
and Drass Kettles,
always on liand,
always on band?
M ho does
Cuttering and Roofing,
Guttering and Roofing,
and Job work,
and Job work,
of every description,
of every description,
in the Tinning line,
in the Tinning line,
J, F. Vaughn
Han just recoived his stock of
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods
Jfals, liootx, and Shoes,
Fancy Bonnets, .
Dross Ooocls
llerages, I'Vench Ducals, Tcrcals.
sn.ii)i:s, A'c.a'c.
Ilin largo stock of Bonnets, Dress
Goods i'c, ero noted. ju now' iSS .
lager stock of Bonnets ihaii can be found
in tho town, and n larger stock ol Dress
Goods than ho has ever broujjhl lo ting
market. A lot 'of cplemlij
Summer Shawl
which will bo snhl as low os they Cou he
bought in Nashville al retail. Also 1;-
usuul assortment of
if: IVVS'A'-flnnsWr-vr,
(M'hool .TBiwcolIaiicoiiH
- If you desire to pay cash, you can get
a reduction on most articles.
Homespun Janes, Liusrys, Socks,
R", beeswax, &c., taken in cxcliangu
for Goods.
ItoiiiM'N IVom ,li vi. to $13.
for 1850.
Wo have just received our purchose of
Spring Goods, consisting, in port, of
Jaconets. Swisses, Carrnd M uslins, Swiss
hair Cord, Brilliants, Doublo Skirt Mus
lin Hobos, OriromJies, Xnvvns, Delaines,
Barrages -solid colors, Black Silks,
I'rinls, Chintz and other Dress Goods.
Also, Shawls very nice, Hosiery, and
Gloves a good assortment, Bonnets,
Huts, I'inhrellas, Parasols, Coats, Shoes
ami Mijipers, Cotionades and Linen for
men's wear, Hardware and Cutleiy,
Class and Queonsware, and a host of
other articles loo tedious to mention, all
of which wo bought to sell again, and
we solicit the tra.lo in general to give us
a call, as we arc confident it will be to
their interest to give us a trial before buy
ing elsewhere.
AW good barter taken in exchango fil
goods at piices ihal we con sell at again,
'tm N. K. .MARTIN &. SON.
Tllr! umh-rsincil will attend nt the
fol lo wi ntr times mid places, to collect the
Suite add County 'fuses I'or llio year 1859,
for tlui I'ciiniy of l-'ranklin. Kvcty per
son must come forward nnd pay thcii
Times, or otherwise pay according to law:
Winchester, I ia't 1, .Mumliiy, ilny 8.
Owl Hollow, " !, Tuesilny, " !).
I'lilcican'.-i, " (i, Wrilno'y, " 4.
livroinn, ' 15, Tlmrsilny, " 6.
Aiide rsmis, " 11, -"nilav," " (i.
bdwiirils " 7, S.'iinri'lay, " 7.
lio-siiyc.", " rt, .Munihv, t).
Hiii'kcrvillu, " !), Tiicsilii'y, 10.
('ott'iiii, " 10 WimIiics'v, " 11.
Crow Creel;, " I'.'.TIiiir.-ilny, (( l'i.
I Niiikinir f'ovf, " lit, I'vidiiv, " I'l.
(iro-s'Sclm House, ll.S-'.iiniilay, " l-l-
i Kr.ulliiril.-', " Hi, Monilny, " 1".
I fond, ; .1. 'I'ncsd.'i'y, " 17.
j Snlfiiii, 3& 1, YVeil&Thur H&l'J.
I . various raiididiiicj. will also al
'"" rr'l"KUl l""u l"ul"
I ,i irit-., , n , ... I
Tax Collector I'or Franklin Co.
.April 7, 1 S.V.I.
185!). 1880.
iii:)i.i:i(s in
Mliady-madc Clothing,
I'uot.s. Shoes, Hats, ami Dorinets,
Trunks, Cutlery,
itc., &c., &c.
Wo are now receiving and opening out
Spring and Summer Stock of Cioods,
which will include a
larger and fuller aortiiif nt
than we havo ever before oflered to out
customers, and lo which wo invite tin
particular nttcntion of
throughout the country. We are confi
dent we can olfer iiiducemcnis equal to
any house in the Stato, and by strict at
tention lo business and studying the in
terest of those who deal wilh us, to mer
it a liberal share of patronage.
3T Give us a call.
would call (lis attentiok
to lh iplcnlid (lock of
Spring Goods
be Is sow opsnlsf.
Marc 51.
Who.it "Wnnttid. .
1 will give the highest rth pric 'o'l'?
Whcst delivered at my Mills, 3 mi'.c Jf
of Winchester, Teno.
Feb3 l.tf H. B. HIM0S.

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