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t Ite glome .gfltviuL
"ri44 lo forty's arMtrarf saw,
W fbilew Traik wtarfirttw leftists Mr.'
If men dislike coquetry, why do
tby nooartf e It f Why do they of.
tan bars) Mnsibla well-informed wo
nsD to play "wallflower," while
they talk nonsense to some brainless
doll, who can only ogle, sigh and aim
perf It appears to us tha.t men are
to blama for most of the faults of wo
roon. We always regret to he?. a
man who has matrimonial Views
say of a girl, she don't ver; much, but
she li amiable, has a pretty face, and
after all, ff I mti society, It li ensy
enough to tlr.d it anywhere. A man
has no right to marry a woman with
Intentions so widely diverse from
those he professes to entertain, when
he vows to be a husband I he is res
ponsibly blame-worthy for the conse
quences that result from such an act ;
brsido, it is a very mistaken notion
some men seem to have, that a fool is
easily managed s there is no descrip
tion of animal so difficult to manage;
what they lack in brains they are
sure to make up in obstinacy, or u low
kind of cunning. Then a pretty fuco
cannot last forever, and the old ago of
a brainless beauty wo shudder to con
template, even at a distance. Wo
men aim to bo what men oftcnost
like to see them j you may, therefore
easily gauge the masculine standard
by tho majority of women ono daily
meets. Heaven pity tho exceptions I
they must find their mates in another
world than this.
Originality is a very slippery, . in
definable sort of quality, supposed to
belong to certain thoughts, but when
we comu to mini) 20 it, wo unalzye it
all away, Solomon, many hundreds
of years ago, suid that there was
"nothing new under thn sun," and
told pretty nearly tho truth. The
most "original " poems ane stories
urn merely o!.l incidents and charac
ters, in new circumstances, told in
ne.kv combinaiionsof old words. Wo
lutva ul'len wondered whether all the
iilens possible for man to conceive,
have not been thought of over and
over again whether all tin notions
of me.n'.-il'.i'c L ive not been dono before,
hy viiriouM persons. Thcro are many"!
t urious instances of unconscious pla
giarism, in literature, which must
havo been tho result of s'miinrity of
mind, or u similar train of thought,
common to two person.", writing at
litferent times. There are also nu
merous cases where two persons havo
conceived the namo idea at almost
the sumo ins'nnr, and embodied it in
nearly an identical manner.
Many are the erroneous views for
med and low; entertained by one. coun
try, relative to another. Perhaps
these United States uflord an rxnm
j)lu the most portinonl. With few
exceptions, we, our institutions in
xhort, all that belongs to us have
been submitted, not to the fair and
just statement of the historian not
to the calm reasoning of tho philoso
pherbut to 1 ho ex parte report, and
shallow and warped judgment of the
prejudiced or inculpable writer. It
would be a good thing, were every
person who takes up a book purpor
ting to describe a fori igu land, and
its people, to it-member how power
ful a sentiment self-love U in nil of
us; and bow likely ninety-nino out of
every hundred men, assuming the
character of the historian, ore not to
view mutier.- as they are, but jiiat as
their own passious sway them. Petty
pique, an accidental affront, a tempo
rary inconvenience these, or even
one of these, may have diverted the
pen from tho record of truth. After
all, with rare exceptions, it is not tho
man writing of a country, so much as
the man writing of himself .
Great Natural Phenomenon. The
Oswego (N. Y.) Palladium Rives an
account of a meteoric muss that fell
the other dy upon the farm of Hor
ace Surger, causing intense conster
nation among the people. It descen
ded at an angle of about 30 degrees
from the horizon, and tore up the
ground terribly where it struck, and
crushed the trees around like pipe
stems. It is said to cover half nn
acre, is very irregular in shape, and
rises at some points to 00 and 80 feet
Inhiphr, and is believed to be imbed
ded in the earth as many feel more.
The iuuneiiKR roise and light awoke
the people for five miles around.
Ths Somnu UmgMirr. The N.
Orleans corrttpondent of the Charles
ton Courier, says that Bhmop Polk
has succeeded in getting ten gentle
men of his dioce so of the Episcopal
Church, to subscribe 1300,000. towards
the establishment of the great South.
f f t is f . ' O fiA Aantl..
formal ly V, S. Senator from thU Sutt
. .1 .iikflinnnttl HAIfAMAC Vt Tnlltat
ona. the Hon. Mr. Johnsonha sab-
serifctd 840,000.
THE W AH. ,.
A real war is waging now in the
old world. Austria is suffering, and
France winning the laurels and spoils.
The Austrian! have evacuated many
of their strongholds in their retreats.
The battle of Magenta haa served to
encourage tha Allies and terrify the
Austrian. ' In fact, that is one of tha
most terrible conflicts of modern times.
A correspondent of the London News,
writing un'Ier date of June 7th, gives
the following item in relation to bow
Cue field appeared aAer the battle.
He says s
Yestcrdav evening, not without
great difficulty I succeeded in getting
hero, to Inspect the Meiu 01 me glori
ous battle fought on Saturday last.
Mv nen is not adequate to describe
tho honrt rending scene which sur
rounds me. Trees thrown down by
the dreadful effect of artillery; heaps
of dead bodies, human limbs scatter
ed about, carriages broken, farm hou-
sea burnt, crops trampled, vineyards
devastated, houses plundered such is
the deplorable sight which met my ryes
since my arrival in this town. Town,
however, Magenta is no more, ihe
small inn whence I am now writing
these linen, bears marks of tho tre
mendous struggle, for it was thrice ta
ken and retaken during the nction.--Not
a peicc of furniture is to be found,
not even a chair to sit upon."
Tho following epistolary effusion
hails from a lady friend in an adjoin
ing county, who seems to be sumo
what "plceacd" with our humble ef.
forts to make the Journal interesting.
Sho evidently will not think hard
of us fur giving publicity to her letter,
especially as she voluntarily grants us
the privilege in the mid bene subjoined.
We shall certainly send her the Home
Journal, and if she should still con
tinue, to bo "plccscd" with the "pee
ses" therein contained, our wish will
be realized. Most assuredly we don't
intend to criticise what sho has writ
ten not us. And as this is tho first
time sho ever "rule to an editor," no
doubt she feels anxious to sen how her
writing looks in print, and will thank
us for gratifying her anxiety in that
respect. Here is her letter, all except
residence and her name.
Juno IMD.
Mr. Editor:
Esteemed Sir.
I havo seen several of your papers
and am well pleased with them and I
learn that there is several lades that
takes tliu home journal I would like
to take it my self 1 am well plcescd
with some of your peeses in the two
or tlire last numbers
I would like to know the lady that
sent tho boka with the note to you I
was a bout sending ono to a young
Man but have declind tho idea since
I seen that- 1 shnll look for the
jurnal next week I hope ther will be
nodifliculty in the paper Cummin.
n b now I never rote to an editor be
for and I doant know but what you
will eritisiz on this but 1 doant care if
you do jiibt send the Homo jurnel to
Tho following brief letter is from
one who has tried both of tho routes
to Becrshebn, and who is competent
to decide on the turrits of each. How
ever, we would inform him that there
is no danger of anybody going via
McMiuuvilli; to Ueersiieba while the
Sewanee route is open, for everybody
almost known tho superiority, in eve
ry respect, of the latter. Our own
opinions have been iiven in several
numbers of our paper previous to this:
Tkacy Citv, June 20th, 60.
Dear Sltittcr : 1 have just returned
from a trip to (Jeerdicba via McMinn-
ville. Being anxious to see the route
to lleersheba, so much talked of in the
"AIcMiiiiivillo Era," I start.-d from
McMinnvillg in a bu'gy, and when
we got to tho foot of the Mountain,
after patisi.ig over a vrry rough road,
we were obliged to get out and walk
tho greatest part of the way up, and
I am credibly iuf irumd that passen
gers by the stage coaches, to Becrshe
bn, have to get out and foot it for
three miles up the Mountain, and it
is as much us four horses can do to
pull an empty stage coach up that
hill. Passengers are now preferring
the Sewauee Koute, and very few, if
nny, arc going by way ofMcMinnville
More anon. C b.
Tub IIerndo Monument. A fine
obelisk to Lieut. Herndon, who was
lost in the Arctic, which is to be plat
ed on tho grounds of the Naval Acad
emy nt Annnpolis, is atQuincy, and
completed. Tho shaft is 18 feet long,
four feet square at the base, tapers to
one foot six inches at the top, and
wilt rest upon a pedestal four feet
high, and six feet square. Upon one
side appears, in prominent raised let
ters, tho name " Heisuos t" upon the
other. "SeDtember 12th, 1857 No
descriptive line tells the reader of fif
ty or a hanSred years hence who
Herndon was, or what he did, and, so
far as the obelisk goer, the merits of
the true man who save hi life to
others are as effectually hidden
as tloujW bit name had been written
rnll-ftm Pott.
A Man arretted for a Murder Com
milled twenty four yean ago. '
A striking instance, says the Mom.
phis Bulletin of the 81sf, of the ctt-
tainty of punishment which, sooner or
later, never fails to follow upon the
commission of murder, came to our
knowledge yesterday. It seems that
ajittlo over twenty-four years ago,
a man named C. B. Ivey, residing in
Roans county, East Tennessee, con
ceived a dislike to a sister-in-law re
tiding in that county, and murdered
her in a deliberate and cold-blooded
manner. He was arrested for the
crime, tried, convicted, but owing to
some palliating ciroumstance connec
ted with the affair, Instead of being
executed was sentenced to the peni
tentiary for life. Shortly after his in
carceration in Jail, however, he effec
ted his escape and made his way to
Arkansas, whero he settled on the Ar
kansas river, and resided up to within
a few weeks past. During his resi
dence in Arkansas a period of some
twenty-two years he married a high
ly respectablo lady of that State, be
came the father of a family, the ow
ner of a large plantation, and was
honored by his fellow citizens with
the post of magistrate for a term of
some ten years and Ihe duties of which
position he discharged with fidelity
and to the general acceptation of the
citizens. Ho also became connected
with, and for years was a leading
member of ono of the prominent
Christian denominations of the day.
Surrounded hy his family, possessed
with an abundance of this world's
goods, and enjoying the esteem and
confidence of his neighbors and a
lurgc circle of friends, he lived in fan
cied security having long since ceased
to fear that the hand of justice would
ever trace him to his far removed po
sition from the scene of the murder he
had committed. But the appearance
at his home, about two weeks since,
ofnn officer, armed with a requisition
from the Governor of tho State whose
laws he had outraged, at once and for
ever dissipated all his assurances of
safety ,and without resistance he yiel
ded himself up to the official's custo
dy. Ho arrived in this city (Mem
phis) last evening, in charge of tho
person who traced him out, and will
bo conveyed at onco to Roane county,
taking to-day's train on tho Memphis
und Charleston Railroad.
The Cincinnati Commercial of the
25th says :
"A hurried trip into Iowa has given
us an opportunity of seeing and hear
ing considerable of the condition and
prospects of tho growing crops thro'
out the intervening country and the
West generally. Nearly everything
(hut can bo desired in reference to the
yield of very variety of produce seems
to bo promised ; and never before,
probably, aid tho farmers of the West
give expression to such earnest grati
tude as they do now. All farm-work
is progressing with a hearty will
every available means is made to tell
in driving forward the pressing work.
The sceno is in great contrast to the
display made two) ears since, when
harvest labor was ignored and the il
lusive charms of speculations in lots
and lands were engrossing the atten
tion of all classes of men. A spirit of
contentment and satisfaction more
generally prevails now, having sup
planted that of feverish and restless
excitement. The grievous burthens
of oppressive debt will soon be re
moved from tho West ; and when
Western farmers nro once relieved of
that load, the progress of the entire
country in material improvement and
development, will be in a ratio never
heretofore known. The energies of
the population now accumulated in
the West, having never till now been
so fully applied to expanding original
sources of wealth, the results of their
labor will soon be a surprise even to
Tho Hunlsville (Ala..) Independent
of last month, says that a Mr. Lopine
was pnssing through Mr. Thomas S.
M'Calley's farm, a mile or two from
town, and immediatly on getting over
a fence, a large land Moccasin snake,
fully five feet nine inches in length
prang upon him from the bushes and
wrapped itself around one of his legs,
attempting at the same time to strike
him with its fangs. Mr. L. knocked
it off with a bit of wood he had in his
hand, and hardly expected another at
tack, but the vicious rascal again
sprang upon him from a distance of
some four feet, and the second time
tightly coiled itself around his leg.
By great exertion, he at lart tuccee
ded in getting his foot on the monster,
and at once dispatched him.
Dsoibm CouFBiiEo. The College
of Chapel Hill, N. C, on Thursday
week, conferred the Dr. of Laws on
James Buchanan, President of the
United States, Hon. Mitchell King,
Charleston, South Carolina, and the
Rf, Rer. Bishop Otey, of Tennttw...
Mm ArUndrtlp buliwntloMh4iM t-Am.
Ofttntimss 1 ask my w'eary heart.
Can this indent bt true I
Are love and friendship but t drain,
Transient si early Jew,
That In ths Doming tun appeiri
Pearls, diamond!, rubies red,
Till oloudehiaradieot fece obscura,
Then all tbsir beauty's fled I
For men will oft, with subtle art,
Their truest friends deceive J
Win woman's pure ond truiting heart.
Only to break and leave:
Vowing to love them evermore,
Until (hair lives shall clou,
Enthrine them in their haail of hearts.
Like perfume in the rote I
And thua deceived, proud woman's
Oft breaks without a moan,
Like ripple on some mountain lake
A moment seen, then gone;
Yet aoine will smilingly live on
Through long and weary years,
And none dream that her sparkling eyei
Are bright with unshed tears I
And thou, mine own familiar friend I
Whom I once deemed ao true,
I've found thy friemlahip but a jest,
Thy lova like morning dew ;
Yet if in after years thy heart
Mourn broken faiih tome,
One contrite tear upon my urn
la all I'll ask of thee.
Tho two days battle of Magenta
swept from existence, and placed hors
du combat, more than twice the stand
ing army of the United States. Tho
whole regular army of the Union num
bered, on tho 1st of Inst January, 12,-
043 men of all ranks, from general
officers down to privates. Making
every allowance for exaggeration, the
losses on both sides must have been
between twenty-five and thirty thou-
An " Anti Cursing Club" has been
formed at Grass Valley, Cal., the mem
bers of which are fined twenty-five
cents for every oath, the money to be
appropriated to some worthy purpose
from time to time. At the last ac
counts the club had cursed enough to
buy a pew, and there was a bulaucc
on hand.
M. Fav, our Minister to Switzer
land, will soon be recalled. He has
not been within the limits of the Uni
ted States for thirty years.
In "Winchester.
HAS openod s lot of very niee Furni
ture nt J 1 a r 1 1) 0 n i a Hull, and will keep it
thure for e few dny.i only, to sell at
It is nil his own mnnu loclure, and he
warrant? it to bo as good as any 111 a. 1 0 by
other manufacturer.
All who want niro Furniture should
come at onre, ns ho must return to Nosh
ville in a fewjluys
865" Bargains given, ant no mistake.
Ladios nnd genilomeu are invito I to call
oiid examine.- W, FAY.
July 30, 1850.
EI LIS &, .7100 tti:,
DO, 01, tat tOO, SOITII MARKKT St.,
Nashville, Term.,
Engines, Boilem, Mill-Gearing,
Horse-Powers, Sash-Weights, Grate- Bars
Straw-Cullers, and all castings used in
tha construction of Flour Mills, Saw
Mills, Furnaces, Tobacco Factories, and
Dwellings, ours biing tho
And keepinz ourselves fully posted up as
to all the improvements, we offer them
with the lulled confidence of their supe
rior advantages over all others.
We aro agents (or the
an I attached to one nf pur Engine. is
capable of cutting from five to tweniy
thousand feet of Lumber per day. Gum
Belting of all sizes on hand at very low
prices. ELLIS it MOORE,
Nashville, Tenn.
June 23, 1850.
Minerva . Witt,)
William P. Witt. J
On motion of complainants, and.il ap
pearing to the sitiiliction of the Clerk
and Master that the e'efendant, Wm. P.
Witt, ia a oon-residenl of the State of
Tennessee, ao the ordinary proceia oflaw
cannot Da served upon him.
It ia therefore ordered that publication
be made for four eucceisive weeka ia the
Home Journal, a paper published in the
town of Wincboater, Tenn., requiring
aaid non-resident to appear herein on or
befora the first day of next Chanceiy
Court, on Wednesday aftor the third
Monday ia August next, and plead and
answer or demur to aeid Dill, or the
aame will be taken for confessed and aat
for bearing at parte as to bin.
H. R. ESTILL. C. 4 M
Jon 10, 1889.
HaihvUU Market, ,
mm the Buhtuli iMIr !"e.
Thursday, June 80, 1850,
Baco. Shouldere ara worth 7; Hams
0; Clear Sides 9 from wagons, From
atoia, packed i cent more.
Lasd. Good Lard, in tuilebla packa
ges, readily commends 10J10.
Whcat. Prime Red $1; White, $1
GDI 10.
Fioua. Demand brisk. Extra $8,00
per carrel; Superfine, 10 60Q1 Hollars.
Extra Family Flour in bagi, wholeaalt
$8 75; retail 14 e? 08 pounds.
Cons. Market bare, demand Increas
ing Buyera are giving 85 centa, and fur.
Dishing aarka.
Corn Meal 111 25e. This range
Includes the reteil price.
Whisky. We quota 267328 for Rec
tified, Country brands 60fo)75o.
Dbisd Fkuit. Little doing. Applee
1 50. Pealed Peaches, 3 50a4. Un-
pealed 2 50.
n r. IAl.11. T .. 1 - ml O.t.
nop. urasi ixjeiG ruia wvi
ton Thread 22 Ja23.
Seeds Hungarian Grasa Seed $4;
Millet 3 00a3 50: Flax Seed II.
Salt. Fine sack is worth 1 60 1 75;
Coeue 1 50, Barrel 40c. per bushel.
Land for Sale.
TtV virtue ol three orders of sale issued
from the Circuit Court, aeainst Jamea R.
Fsris, in favor of F. A. Loughmiller, I
will, on Monday, the 25tl day of July
next, offer for sale, for cat-h, to the high
est bidder, a tract of land lying on Rock
Hreek. Franklin countv. Tenn . contain
ing 210 acres, more or less, and sold to
. r 1 1 r -.1 .
iulisiy tatu oruers 01 sair.
j. w. OL&i&K, on n.
June 23, 1859.
Land for Sale.
BY virtue of two orders of sale issued
from the Circuit Court, against Adam
Hancock and J. J. iliurston, in favor ol
Herman Nussaeur, 1 will, on Monday,
the 25th of July nrxt, offer for sale, for
cash, to the highest bidder, two lots, or
parcels of land, known as lota Isos. 18
and 20, in the plat of the lands of Asa
bel Aldrich, dee'd, lying in district No.
1, Franklin county, containing about 21
acres, sued to satifv said orders of sale.
J. V. CUSTER, Sh'ff.
Land for Sale.
BY virtue of a decree of the County
Court of Franklin County, Tennessee,
pronounced at its Juno Term, 1859, in
the cause therein pending, " D. D, Smith
Administrator of S. G. Rnadv, tlec'd, pe
tition to sell land." I will, on Monday,
the first day of August next, at the Court
Hou.'edoor in Winchester, offer forsalo,
to the highest bidder, the tract of land
which said S. G. Ready, died, seized
and possessed. Sold subject to the wid
ow's dower.
Said land will he sold on a credit of
twelve months. Bond and approved se
curity will be required, end a lien retained
to further securo the payment of the pur
chase money. R. F. SIMS,
June 15th, 1859. Clerk.
G. "W. v Stamps
HAS opened a Boot end Shoe establish
ment on the Street loading from the
South corner of the Square, towards the
Baptist Church, and is prepared to fur
nish, to order, with neatness and dispatch,
all sorts of Shoes, Boots, ladies' work,
dec, and on
If you want a nice Boot, to fit in the
very best style, coll ai this fliop.
Patent, French, American, and all oth
er sorts of Leather suitabla in his line,
kept on hand, nnd work wairnnted to be
as substantial ns any that can bo made
elsewhere. BQT TKKMS CASlf.9
juno23-59. G. W. STAMPS.
A nero boy niuiied MARION,
belonging In the U"rnn estate, and
hired to the Wincbesior 6z Alabama (
Railioad Company, ranawoy last month,
and has not been hontd from since. Ma
rion is very black, raihcr humble in man
ners and speech, weighs about 150 or 100
pound, end 1 1 it 1 1 on a black wool hat
when ho luit. His lips are considerably
curled when he talks, which peculiarly
will scarcely fail lo be observed. A lib
eral reward will be paid for his delivery
to the W. it A. R. R. Co., or his appre
hension, so that the Company can get
him. june23-tf.
We offer for sale our farm and im
provements, lying in the 2d district of
Franklin County, on IMcholsnn s creek,
one mile north of Mann's Ford, eight
from Winchester and seven from Salem,
and containing 219 acres, about 55 in
cultivation, the balance timbered. In
respect to fertility of soil .and healthful
ness of locality, a view will convince
any one in both respects.
As a Stock Farm
it is unsurpassed, being abundantly wa
tered on every pait hy numerous fret
stone springs, and convenient to one of
the best cattle ranges in the county, hav
ing access to the Barrens river hills and
bottoms. There in also an excellent
White Sulphur Spring,
on the place. Also, TWO permanent
Water Powers,
ona Operating a Cotton Spinning s
leblishment and fixtures, a set of
Wool Card, Turning Lathes,
Sci.. 6te. The other drives a
lirist IHill. Cotton in and
J?lol:ies Mill.
Both powers could be much improved.
Asa situation for a Saw Mill, or a
Distillery, the place can't be beat
m point 01 convenience, it aoounus in
of various kinds: red, gro tnd vsriega-
Wo hav sxcllent specimens of
Iron Ore"
found on tha place which promises an
abundant supply- Wa feel disposed to
otter a Dargain, and man. tha payments
cosy. We will sell ona-half or tha
whole, with or without tha machinery.
Apply to tha aubscriMra on to. plac
No. 09 Market St., Nashville. ,
WE ara now receiving our atock of Threibers, and Rf aping and Mowing Machines, ana
have a greater variety than any boupa in tha South, and farmers would do wall to air
ue a call, end exar.ine our assortment and prices be oro making their puieaMe,rnd we think
wa cm satisfy them thia ia tha market to buy at. Below will be found list of the machine
wa sail.
Reapers and Mowers.
Rugg'a Centra Draft Reaper ana Mower
P.Jneoey'e " "
New York Reaper
Pitt's Oard 8 horse Threahera St Cleaners.
Moffatl'a 4 & 6 " io do
do. 11 " do without cleaner.
Munn'a 4 do du do
Revolving HeyRakea; Cultivator ; Harrowe; Sugar Mills s Field Rollera-Fen
Mills ; Circular Saw Mills ; Portable Steam Engines ; Straw Cutters ; Grin Mill.
iio., 610., . '
Cement and Plaster.
We keep Isrge stocks of Hydraulic Cement, Plaster Paris and Land Piaster
Msy 26 2m. AllTi IltOXi & CO., Nashville, Tenn.'
Stuto ol' TciiiiCMce, I'runkliu Co.
Justice or the Peace Coukt.
William Buchanan, plaintiff, "1
vs. Debt&t.
William Johnson, defendant,
In this cause suit having baen commenced
before the undersigned, a Justice of the Perce
in and lor the County and State aforesaid, by
the plaintiff apainwt the defendant hy origin
al attachment founded nn a nnte (fiven by de
fendant to the plaintiff for tho Urd and last
payment tor a tract ot lanJ ot titty acres, ly
ing and being in said county and Mate afore
said, and was levied By Wm. Farric, Consta
ble, on said trnct of land and returned by
him before the undersigned, Justice of the
Peace, nn tho ISth day of May (instanl)lU5y,
whereupon, it is considered by me, and so or
dered that all further nrnceedings in this
case be stayed until the 18th day of Novem
ber next, 1809. And it is further ordered
that publication be made for four consecutive
weeks in the Home Journal, a newspaper pub
lished in tbe town of Winchester, requiring
the said defendant to be and appear before
Thomas Finch, J. P., the undersigned, at his
nflice in the town of Winchester, on Bnid
19th day of November next, le)59, then and
there to defend soul suit, or judgment final
by default will be rendered against him ex
parte. This the 18th dav nf Mry. 1859.
Justice of the Peace for Franklin Co.
All those indebted to the estate of John
Nat, deceased, are hereby notified to make
payment, and those having claims agrinn
said estate will present thorn as prescribed by
law. J. M. RUSSEY, Adm'r,
May 19, 'CD John Natt, tlec'd.
In pursuance of a decree of the Circuit
Court of Franklin county, pronounced in tho
cause therein pendingol Lewis S. Bostick.et
sis. vs. B. W. Corn and wife, et nls, I will
offer for sale to the highest bidder, before the
Court House door in Winchester,
on Monday, July 4lh, 1850,
on a credit until October 4th 1859, and Octo
ber 4lh 18G0 in equal estimates: Ono tract
nf Inn'l in said county, in civil Dis. No. 0,
cnntaiui ri(r. by estimation, one hundred acre?,
and bounded oil the North by tho lands of
Mrs. Ingram and Jacob iSnudcrs, on the East
hv iliu lands of Joseph l.ililo, on the tiimih
by tho lands of Hezekiah Keetnn, and on the
Went by the lands of Saul Cnnip, dc, being
the tract of land belnniuj; to the heirs of
Litlleberry end Sap ia N. Bslick, doc.
Suid trni't of hind will be cold at tho risk nf
Lewis S. Bostick, the former purchaser, and
Ihe biddings, therefor, will bo started at $4
tier acre Notes with two or more pond 1 nil
sufficient pecuruios will he required ot ll e
purchusor, and s lien rctnincd on the lurid un
til the whole of ihe purchnse money is paid.
May 19, Ww N. FR'.ZZELI,, Clk.
I leave this dny lor Ohio to purchase a
lnjro lot of th it co'ebrated stock horas, the
(litliird and Black Hawk Morjfin. ff tho
lovers of line stuck wii h to purchase horej
thev can ho supplied by the tenth of June.
May 12 h W.G. Brooks.
li-mul for tt.ilc.
By virtue ot a decree of Ihe county court of j
Frunkhn county, Tenn., prnn 'iinced at its 1
.Mny torm, 1)!J, I will n
Monday the 4th day of July next,
at ihe court house door in tne town of Win
chester, offer for pule to the highest li.diler,
(tie no: I irnci 01 ninn roiuninuig ii-J acres, o 1
roods and 2 poles belonging to Hie estate ot
Wm Lrazelton, dei-cosed.
Said Lund will be fold on a credit of one
and two yea's, except the uiuount of two per
cent on the whole of the purchase, to be paid
on dny of sale. The bidding for suid land to
commence at j10, V aero. Bond and good
security will be required of t!'e purchaser,
und a Icin retained on the land until the whole
ot iho purchase money is' paid.
may aO, K. F. SIMS, Clerk.
All persons indebted to the estate of John
Read, deceased, are hereby notified lo come
forward and make settlement. Those having
claims against the same, will present them to
the undersigned.
March 3. tf
"Wanted. Two hundred bushels ,
late UeJ Irish l'otatos, lor which the
highest market price will be paid by
May20 G. C. GORHAM 6c CO.
HAS taken a room on (he South-east side
of the Square, up stsirs, and will be
pleased to see all who may wih Por
traits of ihemiclves, or Historical
Painting of any sort.
June S4-tf.
Land for Sale.
BY virtue of an order of aala issned
from tha Circuit Court a;ainsl Elisabeth
McKenaie, in favor ol E. Z. Salmons.
I will, on Monday, tha S61I1 day of July
next, offer for sale, for cash, to tha high
est bidder, a tract of land lying on Elk
River, Franklin county, adjoining tha
lends of A Johnston, R. C. Parka, Da
vid Hice.snd J. M. Frsndle, aold aa tha
property of Elisabeth McKeoiie, to sat
isfy aaid order of sale. 1
June J3-M 00. Sktrif.
Kentucky Harvest.!-.
E"t;!!1y, RP nd Mow.r-eeir-raker.
Beir 1 at do, a0
Has just received his stock of
SPRING 6000$
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods,
Hats, Soots, and Shoes,
Fancy Bonnets,
Dress Goods,
Beragca, French Ducals, Percals.
SHADES, fc, Jte.
t& His large stock of Bonnets, Dress
Goods c, are noted. He now haa a
lager stock of Bonnets than can be found
in the town, and a larger atock of Dress
Goods than he has ever brought to thia
market. A lot of cplandid
Summer Shawls,
which will be sold as low as they can be
bought in Nashville at retail. Also hia
usual assortment of
llritgft, IUcdircn Paints,
School & Miscellaneous
Books, Papers, &c,
If yon desire to pay cash, you can get
a reduction on most article.'.
Homepn Janes, Lirtseys, Socks,
Ropes, Beeswax, &c, taken in exchange
for Goods.
Konncts from ."SO cl. to $12.
for 1859.
We have just raceived our purchase of
Spring Goods, consisting, in part, of
Jaconets, Swisses, Barred Muslins, Swiss
heir Cord, Brilliant, Double Skirt Mus
lin Robes, Organdies, Lawns, Delaines,
Berrages solid colors, Black Silks,
Prints, Chintz and other Dregs Goods.
Also, Shswls very nice, Hosiery, and
'Gloves a good assortment, Bonnets,
flats, Umbrellas, Parasols, Coats, Shoes
snd Slippers, Cottonades and Linen for
men's wear, Hardware and Cutlery,
Glass and Queensware, and a host of
other articles too tedious to mention, all
of which we bought to sell again, snd
we solicit the tra.tein general to give us
a call, as we sie confident it will be to
their interest to give us a trial before buy
ing elsewhere.
All good barter taken in exchange foi
gooJs at piices that we can sell at again.
3m N. R. MARTIN & SON.
Winchester. Tenn.
Sept. S3. U.
I wish lo sell my tract of land, containing;
104 acres, lying 2 1-2 miles from Winchester,
and holf mile this side ol Hinton'a mill. Oo
the land is one of the best springs in Fran
klin county, and one that never full.
Any one wishing lo purchase must apply to
me at home, or at Winchester, aa I am fre
quently in lown.
May 12. J. W- SHARP.
dealer nr
Cor. of Cherry and Cedar Str..tt
IMatjhville, Tenn.
On Monday, the 4th day of July next,
before the Court House door in Winchester,
1 will oder for ante 10 ihe highest bidder, a
negro girl, named LIZZIE, ah utwre. years
old, belonging 'o lb. minor children of A
II. Johnson, and sold nnder a decree of tha
Circuit Court of Franklin county, TenBesj,
in the cause of A. U. Johnson va. Tboa. H.
Johsoo, et als.
Sold opon a credit of twelve caontba
eept lbs turn of Sfty dollars, which
pud down; the biddirga to comoMae. at
hundred dollars; note with tw.jrooda.da ai
aefr. Botil tha porches, atocwy tap m
Slay 19-W4W. Ht.nOZXLU

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