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' ' - " -r:r::z- - -r r xuMMEit -io
--- - ZlrnwTr.llWen?l TLVVW. .TANUAKY 5, 1807. . ' ,MW ..m NJ
-rT , 1
M-imilHituivM of tlie celebrated
Wrou-ht Iron Cooking Stove,
r,t Irm Conking aiKllIuiUliifJf Stove,
AI.SO .MANlU'AdTllHIlS 01'
Sheet Iron, Tin uiul Copper
l'latn sheet !fnd .Tapuiinod Tinware.
We are now manufacturing and iniport-I.Vm-;'
'rv variety of Coal Oil humps or
th narlor. din ng room, linn, cmiiuo.i ......
A' J "u. l.-l.a..iriU.M.ati.t and re.m..oi.
chimneys, burners ami tlrU, and in
1 " and purcsUHLall of which wo 111
Kuurnnt.. to sell at or lR'low foms
ville irlcw. Tltm'AKH A, ID.
nova-1 wain
vv.j.simuii. ji.h.uvux.
for TviniH, See Fourth
Kciuliiuf 3Iailor on KvwyPnre,
FltANli MOOllK. t W. 1'. TO.M!.
V. F. 3IOO.KH V (. ..
Stoves, Grates, Ovens, Tots,
Skillets, Lids, &c.,t
nnd nil kinds of
W O O I E N TV A It E ,
Xo. .50, North Market Street. .
X,NtdooMo Ton. Well's old Dm More,
:,. , . . .. .,,. 1 for old cornier, brass, lead
c- w" - ;.:. ...
and pewter.
.. ... .1 1... ii!..i. ..I- Aiiiiiiviuiius (.'oiijnniiili'ti-
;U I1IJ1H.I- i." " .
tlmiK. Wlmti'vur is Intended fur Insertion In
TliuIUimeJimnial. imift lie uiitni'iilli-iitcd by
tin- inimo iiml udilri'in ol" tho wrltoi'-iiot nee
L'Kiii'ily roriiulilliriitloii. but as a giiiininteo tor
gmiil I'aitli ami ri'siiiiiislliility.
All l.imiui'M li'tti'i'S fin' this ollice ilimil'l bo lid-
ilri'.-seil to ''The Iloniv Journal," Wim-lii'ster.
All ii.iiiiiiiiiiiraliiiiis for iiiililii'iillon inut be writ-
ten nil line niilu of till' Mge, nun " "' ""
nialti'i-s loiiiiiM'ted with the edltorlnl depart
slioulil be iiitdii'ssed 1 liilitor uf The Home
JiHirmil, Wini-liestei-, Tenii.
We n11111.it, us a rule, muli'ituki' to return articles
nut limnilsulliiblefiprinililii-ati'in-I'crsinial
artii'les villi Inserted only im odvwttao.
Vii'iil". and at double rates. .
nov2-l Dm
A. 0. KWINIi
.' ' ('DnicrColU'Ki'. and Clmrcli.
,!ieittlH' a'.leiilion and patroipig-f. ofllie
,,,,.1'i'l'iintsof FninUlin and iidjidningeoitn
fKM. nov-l Nv:Jl"
rounds of nli'C rii-li l.Mltor. or iv nidi
! r prU-r v ill l I'aid. anted for
I t , ilv ii'i'. and not for si.eenMion. Ih'IU'o
.iitNK'H butter, wltli a I the wtitv .
- rUd out, will 1- a.M-1'i.t.'d. Apply at
the Home, .loiirnal 0lco immediately.
novlD-'lt !
ITl'SS lllilliv vii""-
In-is paper intended us u notilleatUm lor
him to pay tip for the same within a , reas
onable time, or uiu impei nui
Coiifoloruto lioiuls in -Loudon have
adviuicotl to fit.
The Fonian prisoners in Ctinndahavc
bct ii roi piled to the 13th of March.
ThorS ara one liundred and sixteen
mileri of itave.1 streets in Cincinnati.
It is believed Hint about one-half of
the frecduieii down South are working
for their old masters.
Some of the Canadians are quite se
vere on the President's mousse. V.'lmt
do the ClicrokccB say about it ?
Mrs. Jefferson Davis baa returned to
Moi.tretil, after a long utay with her
!;;v;l,iindat Fn-treas Jlonroe.
Duke Driver, of Tennessee, is said
to have been the original inventor of
Coifs revolver He died last winter in
ree i
LiiK-oln county, Tean.
wi-liiu" to contract to deliver about fifty
ire lmnis of meat, the comma w inter, can
I, ;,,,! upon vj-ryMbcl.ai;.H n
U-etlliemonev. Apply at the Home Jmn
nal tliliee, immedhilely.
vv.ti: ti i:.m;v.
n. w.
John iiu..j-:i.i
Some members of Congress have in-,-tituted
a prayer meeting. Having de
frauded mankind, they now aim to
cheat Heaven with hypocrisy.
Three white men were killed, and
several tieroe3 and whites wouiutcu,
in n riot at Portsmouth, Virginia, on
Attorneys at Law
tin- ('niivt for Franklin
' " I ; : .: , ,, in Tennessee, ami
'""'"y " " r.. a A Pvnmnt attenliou
.laeusoii euiiii.,,, . 4Vi.7.t-
M-iven to collect ions. lu'"
Attorneys a tLaw
rracfaV In the f'ourts of I- rauklm, Cof
tW. (Tnmdv, Warren, and l.lnt-oln eouii-tii-s.
and Hie Nashville courts.
feb-Jt-ly. .
Four buildings tvere burned
n l;o-e stock of saercd. sentimental, comic
nnd patriotic publications of
Northern fanatic-i?
The latest Mazurkas, Polkas, Son(rs,
Teachers and students re invited to call.
Iieccmbcr 1st.
tt....i i.n-.rn.t.-ii tin lnsolney Of Ml
estate ofrorueliuf KurrW .dccMspd l,,',';Lhnrpen and intensify it
thecmirt house door ui im-lie-tia . all pei . ,.thl
Kin bavin? elai.n? apainsi .
notified to file Uw same with t .ona
court a-.rk on or before the 10t.i t Jo-
rrtiO. Cw
The celebrated actress Avonia Jones
Brookes was to begin an engagement
at tho Theatre Boyal, Aberdeen, Scot
land, lust night, for nix nights.
licv. Geo. V.r. 'Maley, of the Metho
dist Church, South, one of tho pioneers
of .Methodism in tho V est, men in
Cincinnati on the 14th tilt.
Tiia world turns up hut little new.
Tho Radicals of this day arc the very
same as the Jacobins of France, and
tlinO -cf'k and Roman Radicals, that in
the end destroyed their Republics, and
subjected thero all to despotism. There
u imthincr now 111 their polities, wei)
item of the Radical news printed daily,
is as old as o00 u. (...
Are the Mongrels less bloody and
brutal in their threats of vengeance
nmiinst the South now than they were
dnrin the war? Does the conduct of
Hu Southern ueoplc in any way in
:ish the violence oi those
No. The whole
trouble is in the vicious passious of
tliosc men. W ere the boutli to renn
nuish nil its rights, and to givo itself
up to be tho slave oi the wongrei lae
tio i, instead of appeasin,-; this develish
appetite for oppression, it wouni oui
it is a mon
ster that gtows by .the vice it feeds
Universal .Su'rnj,'o and deneiai
From the Lu Ginnjte (Oa..) Reirter.
It has been given out fro in we im
tional enpital that there is a mo-'cment
on foot, between leading men ot t he
two great parties of the country the
Radicals and Conservatives-ami among
the latter are said to bo prominent
Southern gentlemen looking - to an
adjustment of our political dttlleulties
upon the basis ot "universal siitlratje
and "general amnesty" to tho people
,.i .i... c.niii lfmv much ot truth
ill WIU MV..... '- ... ,
there mav be in tlieso political rumors
isdiflicult to divine. Should the re
port be true, we have no idea that such
. ...t v,...iihl lii iieceotcd by the
ii Bi-iiicini in. --- i ...
Southern Stales: nor uo wc ueiu---, .
accepted, it would put an end to polili
cal agitation and sectional strife, hue t
. . . ... i,....;i.,.,iani tint, i
is the eiinracier m x uih.m. ...... , -
. i! .ii.i liniintieiit ever ilu-
l,lln with the ntlilll'S Ol Otll-
yiruii: w iin.vi.ii- -- - ., . ...
er people.. This fact, alone, iisKic iroin
' ' ...... I' i. .on 1 CM ll'MO-l'
the monstrosity ui - in. - -c-
and its injustice to the South, and its
direct, violation oi inc v
forced liy legislation, would deter the
c...,ii, iw.nnle. from accepting, or
ou""'u" I' l , ;,:.,
even enlertiuni ng, sku y----
The Constitution, im un.'".-"
o-ivc to each State the rigid of regu
Li:.,.,. ;iu ..mi KiidVaue. laws, ami is a
tilling 11- "" ' r) i , r
sacred and iiwlicnaUe v.gnt no cum
the Union idioithl surrender, and it can
not to wrested from the people except
by revolutionary action upon tho part
of Congress.
If the Radicals should agree to such
a settlement as is proposed, the peo
ple have no iisssn-i'.iiee, judging Irom
tbe past,Hiat tho country woii.u e
purmftedto refill pence. V e diouid
'rain nahiii-by barleriug away ton
?.:.i:.,i i-i.rhtu for an i plieiiiHi'ul
oiiliui'j'. -n . , . .
promise- of jieacc liy a law U
,- vw.u-f.i'rt in the nmtier ol
UlSCrcuiii"" J ' --- - - ,
e-ranlim.- Dtirdo.is and declaring amnes
f u,- ih-.t. law lie hi allowed to l
..Ln ..''1 nersons from the disabi!
ti,,, I'l-iidlsi-ation act, in all "'''t;l
...i. ii o,-.r.!iv.-nt that it is lor
mil'll m I' "I I ' . , i
ykm! of the cour.lry ; an 1 shutm
i.,.-ie i '.-if ii '-.'reneral ainnc
..Li oMiicrvnlhe Im st interests
,.,.i,ti'v. Conaivss has not the n)
j - I w. IVt I! I 1 ()1 II
tion to that elfect. And it is repoited
bv tclcgrapliic. correspi.ii"-
newspaper writers, from hin.ni
tv.L.. 1 1... :i So il. o eiivivtit beael there
that such a proclamation will be issued
soon. Then, why ihould prominent.!
u ...., in. mi lio closeted vtta leading i
.J.Jlll.11. . .. . ., . ... ..... ,
Radicals to thus compromise me i''".
nd lienor of the Sontu Ann n i
should the South wish to concede the.
Constitutional right ol ea;n oi.uc -- l!mi,
;a nwn Kiiuruire laws u) a.i i
irrcspousiele party for a mere pron
of ''I'jiiM-al aiinu'sfy, wruc.i u ....v y' j
.....(-.. ,,.i, h-wit.i. even li in us
may mn vuiiv ' ,
ultiuiaUy to tho whole country. In
" " V. ii.., f 'miKt ttition, and
uovauou mjuu ii" , ,
the cringing of one section to the be
hests ol' another, or to any rir
party, is notliing more nor less U.
thtal anarchy and tho nonei.i ty o h
government. A spira oi .. i
compi-mise is necessary to tho J
petua ouol tiioueuei.il v-.v ---
the maintaiiKUicc of the "reserved
rights " of the States is equally . ei
,-V to perpetuate the dignily uivl pov.e
oVall republican forms of government
like ours.
r,,. ... 1 7v The following
i i-i.iiiiiir. . - -areAgassiscsti.imtcs
ot tho lormi
" . n.i ...,l ,..u.( a of the
t on ami age oi Hie i;uii
Florida e.mst: These reels are built
up by nu insect that begins w .).
the ground, in water of twelve or .itleen
fathoms deep, and he cannot Uo mi
less he hasthecoiisUnt action ot im
open sea upon 111111, bo that he stops al
11,. hinhtof hiiih tide. Jy numerous
experiments it lias been aseerlmnea
.1.... it ,i..l I.nildin- constructs at
lllllly LOU VV.. " ...
about the rate of half an inch 111 a ecu-
, 1 ... J,. ,..l,n. .1 HIT. 1 11L .III. nil
wiry hoi "iv.. . , , , .
the safe side, Agassi, doubtless this es
liniale h his calculateius, nuiMiig 11 uii
inch in a century. Now, outsi.lc o
.1... 1:1. , ..!.!., Iv,.v tliere. is a lollJT CO fill
U1U l lun.i.i ' "
Defease of the Al.ibutiui's
with an average hi:,bt of seventy
feet, which, then-lore, must liae uecn
begun 7,000 years ago, or 1,1100 years
la-Fore Adam. .Secomlly, the Keys
themselves are nothing but an mittr re
petition of tho same-sort of coral reels,
of at least tho same average .light ; and
the builders must have linished them
before they began on tbe outside reel,
as appear from their necessity 0 av-
ii,..- the open sea, and lrom thciacu uai
I there are now 110 liulicalions 01 me ""
1 L-imiii"' of a reef outside of the one .we
if' ?, i..,,,l nbuve. The Keys,
In his lecture at Galveston on the
Gtiiult., Admirtd Scinmes contended
that tho Al-bama had warrant lor
what slio did, both in the laws of )u
ti,M.a ,i,l .ii'thf. Kuited States. 'Slto
n'.iu l.o in- nlii'iotd. The United , States
Im nvi -In the lbitish origin ol tlie Ai-
.,1 ., on,,,. .1 i.t'i'.iniii uint. S he was
ULKl 1 11,1 II nu. 11 i-w ... 1 (
built by the Lain is. 1 no unucu nuuc
(lovernnicnt endeavored to contract
with tlie mime firm to build for thcni.
I Mr. Setntnes here read extracts from
Mr. Laird's speech in the House ol
Commons, already pubiislwd and well
1 , I I,' ,.,.1.1 t'bis Mieeeli it appears
l.ll.M.lj.j . V..." 1 . .
that belb i-o they undertook to build tlie
Alabama, the United States (iovcrn-
1. .,,1 l...nn 11 ti'i'.it.v witu tlie lessia.
nielli. 11.111 in . .. .. . - t
Laird to build gunboats and monitors.
We ullered better terms hence the Al
aliaina became a Confederate ship in
stead of a Federal vessel. She left
i.1. ,..l..,l .i.: me rebuilt vessel. Her
Confederate commission was read, and
her proper Hag untuned on ,uie nign
seas, wherj lite Confederate liad as
much tuithority as the Federal Goveni
ineut. It i the commission a'sovereigu puts
on board a vessel that makes her a per-1
sonilicaticn of the sovereign. Fven if,
a ship be built in a neutral territory
she is purged of that wrung as souu as
she is commissioned. If the Alabama
was built in violation of the neutrality
'law. that was a (piestioti between the
United States and F.nghuid. From the
moment the Confederates were recog
nized as belligerents, they had a full
right to nt ike war in every piird.r.ihr.
The United States acknowledged this
in the first mouths of tlie war. In sup-
.......... 4 ,, I '1 It k 1 I. I'l . !
. I I lil'.ll I lllll'l III 1(111 I I ' I " '--M I' I
therefore, .well the record 10 i, .1 - , 1 .ird book " and ar
years. Kest we lmye the shore Uiul 01 , - - . SliltC8 t,,ld
in main a in, nn u ..'--"
wiini in Worth Dolnir nt nil,
Worth Dotny 111.
Tho following reasonable hints to
business men, in relation to tho "art of
advertising," nrc just as true here ns
elsewhere :
Advertising it an art, nnd that it is
one that cys. let the thousands in this
country who luivo grown rich by it,
answer. We do not say that no man
who has not properly advertised mis
prospered in business, but we do say
that it is a rare cose wueic im ""
ness might uot have been greatly aug
mented by a judicious use of "printer's
What is advertising? Tlie art of
making your wares knovn. Giving
publicity to your business. You have
.......... .... r,fi.i.i.s linvo wants. It is
win niiiv .-i, . .v.. . ....... -
'..,... ii,.,.,.jt t.i fill the wants with Hie
'wares to bring producer and consum
er, tradesmen and purchaser, together.
This is what signs uro for, tastefully ar
i..n,.TA,l stnre windows and the like.
They are to captivate tlie eye. Thc.eye
is tlio seiilinel ol tlie win. ciiiuim ui-
seniioel mul von carrv the will. 1111
I Ml ,H,4 .mil VOU II1UIL' 111
JII1.1I, 111.1 n. ii.'v.. ...... - -
choice. Tlie feet follow the eyes, .ice
how they pause at tlie slop window,
and how they covet what is in it. Some
of them step in and impure tho price;
others step in and buy, not because they
need the article, hut iiccausv uu-j
the money about them, and because the
winning window won it away form
This is what an advertiser assaults,
first ami last ol a'l, the eyes, n is m
vain to reason with your cusioumis.
Customers do not reason, do not arrive
at a purchase bv the slow method ol
military "approaches," impelled by an
eladoratc ratiocination, but carry the
coveted commodity by a sudden assault,
pricked up to it by the indomitable
l..,,-..wK: itt If Jill ISIS HI nuvi
Hit 1 V'll i' '
11 is this uiitir'.m.', unremitting,
The Lnto Decision of the Suprcuo
The following remarks of the Nation
al Intelligencer take the correct view of
this decision:
Tun Miluoan Case. That tho
Union is saved, in the full integrity ot
its three great divisions, has become
a ir,aetio consummation b.V tho
unanimous voice of the Supremo Court
in vindication 01 tne cimi maun....-i-
ii,.. ,.,M,trv Tim moral weight ol
the decision in tho Milligan ease can
not bo measured ny uiai 01 mi.)
o-retit constitutional ipicst.ions which
sliooklhe Republic in days gone by.
Tor neither in the breadth of the issue,
the extravagance of contemporary her
esies on the subject, nor in tho magni
tude of the stake, count any pusn i-o
before that high court compare with
this, lint more man an, uiu iiiumiui'v
of the whole bench on all that was
vital in this great question is without
previous example. In great constitu
tional questions heretofore, even when
the court were unanimous (which hap
pened but rarely) on the judgment,
- they were various 111 their reasonings,
1 ... 1 :.. ii.. ,.!., .J miestions the
ami in inv j..ii...vv..v
dissenting opinions were all out. as
weighty as the judgment itself. Hero
the only diversion from the common
current of the ju.lieiid mind of tlie
supreme bench (and, indeed the bar of
l ,1 1 ,. ttirt
the country at large; a up""
speculative question, whether, under
any circumstances, it would be possible
to reconcile a military commission tor
the trial of civilian with the Constitu
tion of tlie United States.
All the judges agreed that if such a
power could be found in that instru
ment it was altogether latent as yct,
and consequently, for the purpose ot
any existing case there was uo shadow
of' law for the monstrous and stingui
!. ,.,i.miJ,iik with which the dis
ordered and" perverted parti.anship of
1.1... 1 ,v,,oi,l sirike down the hber-
cver-!""- """" , - . ... ,.,.
ti.... of t in noon c. liie uiiui i i'
1 1 'if- Miriiii i.ii.,. ,1 . , . 1 ' . . ... 1 .,. .ii-.i.i . ' 1 ' . ...
iiinvdriu-lion. avid which carries imysn, mi v ' V',.,: ' ,! laslin-, never-lake.no lor-an ans ei ap-r-- , . t!i..n to
.1 ,!..., -J0.000 wars. Ml. the same, j, ...m.... -t . tlu, eves of the people who want A""?!".., i t l.-ral-
..j'llie eaiu. .. ii;.-". - .', , 1 Imfii'i' (irefS (H'CiSlon 111 UlC pi i.e l" - -- , H, oe.uile w ho assel'l me po .i ei in - - o -
"i olir i',..-o -ii'.. as von sro inland, Jnu iu. y.tmn i ; n,,. r hair to l'i'o.v, by the ppopn. ' .!,,. In nil that
,,,,;. . I. o reu 1 1.1 1 1 .... 1 , r- ( (l .. W1i , nun u nv- . . ,i . ,..i,;, i, i ,,.v s iy , l.'.e inaai i"""'"-"" , ,
uu 1 ..- v .i..n.l. and. of course, site- ..im.. 1. P-i- , , , ., 1 1. aouiet un ' lor sale tthU'i Wi-V s.i . u n..,i ever cut. .red
the ,s've.. c, . - the 'ports, 1 -iyingttreai sues o, - - ,;vuW, that carries; s act... ., -
! . , Id niake the world sov- ! ''it Uot nec.ary t:,u toe .,uae , - tu, ,r tonics over mo a u - ;
I' :". .: 1 ,-e.iwold. And Prof. -dio'ill ierieofea..vu. i.;,:,r;ible scalps, and tails lorniucs . 1-1 - ,. t,l -w hi the tmes-
,,1'llie C TV' lliuusiiuii .)--"- , 11.. SemnieS C'.ltC'.'ed largely 11110 1 "' . I' j,., I ,.'i!5 m an ui.ivi"""
' . J 1 1 (Ms ns a very moderate U nu'"" . .. .. n. .. in 1 bank to the ciedil 01 1..1. , ,...i;,r,..,, evnonent ot
- ,i;' 'H. M...w. " '.1... !. ,. ,,,., o ,l .-S , 1 1 1 I ,111! IV.I.H Hlil. 111.'
"-' I .. ..... ... . v,,r
Slates, claiming that llieir cruiser cap
tured prizes and carried them into
Amei-ii-an tiorts. In illustration of the
R-.ei.ie (Wis.,) Jv,miMi , .act V7, ... ,,,
An O1.1. Mass ILfUxnoss. Gen
I'tlev of. th
has a homely way of being eloquent as
,vell as hiiuioroiiH. Of himself he
says :
.w.. I..,,-.- 11.1v.' lnvn a man, or a sort
of n man. not so niucii as n
vert ise
.,.1 i . ,1 r,i ,1,1 it. Have a
1 ill -. is me ' , . ,
.rood article, tin article that mil do good,
werei ami then slieit ii at inem. nu 1.
sov-1 the face with it, shell them over uie e
o'.l dlt to have
many exp
been, but. more, perhaps he was desenbed bo.
... . 1 , 1 ,1 .1. .1
'I .... -..,, I .....1 ...It. I 1 1 1 S l ( III Nl .lilltuni.,..
ivbm r outs 01 war, ue.r.. mi.h ....... mu. .v. - 1,.,.
I Shennau treated Gens. Lee an; John- Say you have a n 1 -a g o .. . ;; , -,
ston as generals ol an army. Aimstou , nat .s m ,. ...... -
1, ..rid.' to tile ci reUlii d.aneeS ol 1 heau. i ell, pill . .. 1
" 7 ... ... .1 1 1.. t'.i.r.iet that I head. Yoll call do It OytUlNeni
IIU' S ll'-liil - P'O 1 . . . , 1 . ...
tli as
ct-l. W
have been and a General. Johnston nntt Mie.-
own man li-r a long .une, uu. m , l;u, 1, .
. u.-. ' 1 .1... .....nderfn ri.,;,i ,hi'.vn our arms 111 coii.smi.-i an. m
I .." , 1 1" r , ' n Liiv. . ..,, .... .1 v. ......
11, 11.: ... ,...
- . . . wr .. .,., 1 .1. ...
11 j hv none.. i e nun
. . ,..., .:... 114 iv none. " e
17, V v, " I .
i' 1.1 th.: .oil e o lie tor 11 i,n;.L
nnii;iii' ..1' - ....
nt'ii. i. .. .. 1 ... .. .,ll, 1ha sue.
power to eonsumiiuue c.v... r. nim,,i.i' 0i years, mu "i. "
uiise? . 1 I cess that hope flalterea us suoi.e ...
The truth is, the South has already! Tiie (.n;.ny are a great dea
eonr-eded too tuucli. We have accept-, lullnerous, and better posted am
ed terms from the t.iovcrinuem, i y
iw' it
. ! .1 ....
no.,.,, leidei-s mav inane a own j,,
, .11 1... ,. c, i.r.ni,. hv adveilisin
sii:.n mai.e .. " ' -.
In a'd New York there is only one hat
,. 1 -.1.., I.. I, ,1,1.. I he IV ill'.! ililOOS
, , . u-.nici"i. '.'" -'----
, .. ... : a .. 1 il..,, .v.. :.u
more strosmiy i.tuhvu " -
1 ,',,. i. ilr.'i'.vin our inlant
'. .' .1
and an acre of ground 01 iatiuioi.s i.-osi-
....... 1.- 1: ii. invne-.-tv of Dr. IlraiKiretu.
...1,.. ! ti.iiinii nu;"! vitortLtion,
are dishonorable in the end, we lear. it
is now out of the power of Congress to
force any distasteful Constitution
amendments, 11s long as the tenexclt.d-
1 1-....I ,...1 unite 1 ill llllDOSltlOll tO 11,
nnd sustained by Kentucky, Maryland
and New Jersey. We, therefore, imv
it incur power to refuse till degrauieg
terms of Constitutional uiraii
and should wield it lor uie imipu .
saving the country irom amueny .....
..... .1.?. !.o; .,f the Soulh. 1 his
power is guaranteed to ns by the Con
stitution, and 110 Radical Congress can
aver divest us ol it except uy
tionarv legislation. ncu u.ei .mi,-......
,, J...: " i.d'.l s.it unite the Amerietin
tuts, eiwi i... " ---- ,
soil with blood from thetanadasto the
Rio Grand, and the K:i l.eat par y
be held responsible for ties blight and
ruin of the country.
If war is to grow out ol tlie sunvu
sionofthe rights of the people o t the
American Kovcniment, l.-t 11s ot tlie
South stand firmly iq.o'1 our tonsiiiu-; . .. t,Rl (li,t (wm.c m
tUTj To rises t . the top and is skimmn
l S,
plan. We lmve run tne nrs- turn
quarters of the nice of life, and are.
,,w ju-t turning into the home stretch,
a lilt !c biowr.d, with limbs u little shaky,
1 ,!,., eii-mee of Minuiug a heavy
mm .11- 1 . , " .
vfike very siim, thotigli the courage .10
prers forward- is good, and ol those
'., .1 ,.,,1 ivlth ns in the, race,
nun .suiit i , ,, 1
some few are ahead; and thousands
have fallen out or are behind. 1 his is
.,..i f-. ii, e wift. ami there is no telling
IIWU I,. nin 1 ,
who will come out aheaa ; me ue. uv
we get to the end of the race the less
attractive the stakes appear. .
Kei'Cipt for Curing Meat.
"To one gallon of water, take one
It., half r.oond
anil a nan pi'ini"-.
of sugar, half an ounce of saltpslre,
half an ounce of potash. In this ra
tio the pickle to be iner-oscd t" a.Y
onaiitHv desired. Let these be boilcii
"' - - ,. , ,v 1'
.. . ui.,11,1,1 1 i.iii' 111 1.1111,'.'... .
rlEl When G . ( ! av , Tl.Vy are built -ut ofadverlis
be e 1 a ranteeo. nmu , , - v .i, w a hu -e m e
wroc his letter to Gen. l.ee, he rcc- n,g In f ,,,
....... 1 (,i:,,,.ii!i!i!i' a ae ud'on llroadwa , wot 1 155 .
001 ... 1 . "
'iMi'. sneaker here drew a
tw(.en ti.e rcvo ution am ; ; . m. household
crate Mates. a - ' . V " - , . , t.-mdreth was an
was rigid whM. they c ni .., w, ,u u. . n- - ; . m . .
,.i.,tMii(, Suites t'i w:is ni'iu wiifii ( ww i m -rt .
1 ' . . , -. , i.i'n w I'm oil L'vn , .
thev did it. The adu.ow ledgetneni o n,,i ., ng ,, . - -. j. , Sl,we a master.
Ainerican in.lcp.-.ide..ec oy igm-v u . . " ; ot otlt
made 110 ii.ieu-ii-'-, i..--i..- - 1 ; .
Confed-! All of if goes to the m
ait of advet'iis
,i, I..,.. 0. th t e.ouii ti'V. II.IS s loiven in
i i'. .1.1 i" , , ,,
,. 1 I .4...1 ll t Id
Olie VOKC Ol remtlie, hl.io:"
oxaUed judgiueut scat of the nation,
elot'.ied in the spotless ermine ol jus-
'"Not fronrthe thickened tongue and
bloodshot eyes of the boisterous liar-
I .. ii t 1 1 tin 1111
ai"uc : not irom me '"'..vi ,
or" the nevertheless equivocation ot
1: .t;i, , not from the honest
'HI lis, 01 v, ii...'." , .
" wie.'mis vehemence ot the
,. 1 I ijllt pi'-t'-' " . ,,
political pulpif, not even 1 u ...u
,,1(,,,ehes of statiMinen, pledged to
parlv measures, and bound by personal
obli.'iations, are we to look for a test ot
1 :(i.. n .uie nf civil obedience, a
t! OH 1 , .' ' " - - - . .
crUe-ion of national patriotism. An
cient, beueiicient, just, majestic, it m
the law which spreads from the judicial
hi-i'ieh of tlie organic republic. He
that hesitates in this obedience, or
postpones his re.-.pcct, is ignoiant 0
' i Veedom, unworthy to oe ueaio, m
and 1 , ' i , u,.i ; and
horn to lneuiniuso. .w -
. over.iments tie facto ana inn, u-ju,c.
c q'he speaker here quoted from Fenni
nioiv Coopers Naval History Hie ex
ploit of Paul , I ones and other Amen
J...f IIHI fltl1.
can privateers, asserting mat, m
uiul privateers iiesiroyeu unu pi"-
at sea, and arguing that they hud less
1 Him, he had. The whole coast
ii.iii. ..I. ....... .... , ,
1 i....i..,.i...i m,i t id iiuniui'r ol
was imiciiiino'i, o
prizes was a necessity tht.t he could
' , : 1 TI il,.nies. less than a
tiot avoui- . v..... ,
cctihirv ago, did those very things
wt!iehthev now charge on 11 as crimes.
i.iss-.i.' to the Commissioners ap-
st u.id
pointed by t!
colonies r.isw )'c:ui,
.4 il. .
iv.. I-1,-t n; .lit II Jkll.ilill i'7
Speaker drew a parallel between taem
and Messrs. Slideil and Mason.
The eareer of the Surprise, Lapt.
,. n nohinhil cruiicr, was
. .... ...... 1.111 lit
I J then quoieu as imwi-
the Al
1 1'.ji.v.meis Adams complained
1 n.iii' . i., ..-- -
,. ... ,1... '....i'.l t States had Coill-
inai uie I 'liii"" i"1-'
i'"-j" .- . , .... .. ... ;' ., 1,
..- ti,hU ....or.-., ed. victory miiillir 1 hen tiiniw 11 ini'i .1 mw i
eventually perch upon the banner ot , whia, cold p01ir it over your bed
the Constitution, ami me . " V or pork, to n-main the usual time, sa.i
masses of the country j , ,. . W0(,Ust. The meat must be
by the moral smso o u.u I , , .)h aiul ,hollld
innocent ot the disasters mum ....... wen iv"
n.. t 11,,. -ti-iin of Radical oppres- ,,. v., ,,,,4 down for at least two days
IOIIUI1 111 mi. --- i' 1 . 1 1 .
sioniuul ustirralton !aru.r killing, during imucu 1 .e ... , o ,mi. r(1 lhia the Al
The people 01 u.e 50 , ; . !ie fi.rinkle.t with powdered sairpeire, i " board-as-
. :.. i.-...r1..ii,l eioi'vitl'? on a
missioiieiK 111 j.oi.1,'" 0 "
N"vd Bureau. The colonial Lomnns
sior.ers had a Naval Bureau in France.
In this manner were the Revenge, t.e-tu-iscl.
Lexington, and Ac 1 dphin re-
1 .. f.i 1 ri mr 1 A .'.. .
".1 "c.b'"n .. , ..
ehief, any almost .the i"iiy, quau.n.i
tion for a Htiecesstul tulvertiser is per
linacitv. ' To be tlie only hatter 111
town vou have ouly to say. you are,
.h,,,.n 1,-iiniv neonle sec vou say it.
Sii11u.ui" il 1- . v -
To have the only hair tonic, or pill, or
bitters that the people need, you have
only to- polio tneir eyes iui ...v.
sortion that you nave it.
There is only here and there one in
any branch of money making that
looms up an 1 fids the public eye, and
monopolizes the public purse, i hose
arc thev who understand the art ot ad
vertising, and apiuveiii-.e tne uii iispnui-
ble fact that the wuy 1 w- '""'.'
out of advertising is to fctick to it.
To in ike advertising pay, it must be
stuck to with all tbe pertinacity that is
indispeusabLtosilccess in theprosec,,.
tion of every ocaei .m. -
some men in fnis country who spend
,,..1 ,i..u,irs. ami others who
IlllY I.IIIUH..II'. '." 1 ,
spend idle hundred and lllty thousand
dollars per annum for advertising. And
every one of them arft getting rich out
of adveitising. Exchnmje.
At Coin nbus.GJ., on Thursday last,
drowned bimselt while
n-. !. i.;n 1...I-. .i n I '.uirrress to
j ni're is 1. oil. .-." w "". - ii'-.i-r, w d.u . , ..m... .--
exclude one-hird and more of the j justice in order to avert war, as is
cxciuni. oiicvn 1 I,,,,,,.,, iUo ivcunt notion of several
Stales Irom all share liitiio nexi a ict
tlC 1 . . . -.1 I anlfnntrn
:,. 1,-ni. Tliev want peace, law mm "-i" -, ... ai.ama uau loieigm..
ol r - btri they are not prepared, how-wh
ever, to surrenuer evcty e,- - j.vc, ; f'""" , " , lM..!.rd
Some Ollllt llolUllg l-ue iiiirh. ." - : iioaui W.I wv...""-
ai,a.iiuu... ..v-.c i,.i.i.,f.ti,,n .tlicsame liawn
sorting that tins was no w.. ; 1 c,M,,ra..t,)r, an
since t am jones nan u u.
A eontiactoi with the ljuartennas
ii.....,,.tm..nt lieinii. as alleged, in
o-.s j-.. , " ..,.... ;,( t..
.lepti'd to a third party, ami p.y --
1,'lirioiis from small pox; another got
drunk ejul was frozen to ileatn ; v. uue
auothei" Iso drunk, cut his own throat
severely but not mortally.
Who is Uo?
The Albany Journal, in commenting
upon Mr. Stevens' failure as a leader of
tho House of Representatives at the
last session, says :
"Boutwell, Banks, Bingham and
Washburne of Illinois have the requi
site ability to become leaders ; but there.
...... .,,,.;,. neeiiliar to the course ot
'each wUcii 'dl disqualify theni for
assuming that position. New orlc
sends the member who at this momeut
by virtue e.pially of talent as a diplo
i inatist, eloquence, and wide political
knowledge, is oest uueu w
vacant post."
c. Jan' tntiioii has 11 present on
the way from tho Rocky Mountains of
a be.iver fur robe ten leet mwn-i
weighing only four an a half pounds.
10,000 Pounds
Wanted nt the CPEAr bTORK of
Whrrc he wilt py jo" a K004' Pr,'Cl
dential election. This bill is meant
.w.f- onlv to disfranchise the Southern
Stales, but to disfranchise tbe Demo
crats of 1 very Northern State, me
........ i,... U i.roiiosn tn keen nower by
B .i.nt.i.v . -4 . . - j
disfranchising oil their political oppo
nents. And if their political oppo
nents will allow themselves to be dis
franchised thus, then we say let the
depots rule the country. A people
. . . L
who will be governed long ny sucn
rascals are not Gt for self-government.
No usurpation a too flagrant, no
miMifturn too imiust, no oppression too
r T... i:n..l l,,h,1,ira In
1 tvranuous ior mu iiu-an-.n .."..v...
suggest er nsort to for the promotion
if tlulr mad and ambitious schemes.
o obligation is strong enough, no Bix-avse,
it to answer very well, t.101.1
... c i...:i: .... ...... 111. t In
ration1'. uuin i' ... ...
h t!
olf the dirt always
to be
iiin.it in, i". . .
found in sait nnd sugar. It Jjus r-
rr .ti l 4i:i'. "'-j 1 . ....
r,"ii i ,,i fr.-ifi,l iiiiinv Ahibamaii ; n-L v " r,t;Jl,n..!i!.
..t him Tf ft'L IIIV niillC' Vi nv id.iii'i -v. . i... (M :i,t.l in-in."-" . ...... t triut,ii 1 IHS?) u.hu wi -i
L ..i.'..ii.. i,o ton nxeludod : ceint h properly tried, it wul 1 eer 01 . , ol. Sllvs Ulli tuotr ,,. ..
Hill-..'...., ..!,.,.., n,nr u none that i
shown bv tlie recent notion of several
I c.'ishitiires of the South ou tne wn
stiUilional amendments proposed by the
r. j ... 1 .. .,1 ,ttl 1 1 till I
l.... r,n,w tit 1 mi'Mi'Mi aim oniniiin
for ratilieation to a'l the States of the
Union, hic-ludnig tie icn v 1 , , . ...... - - , 8ur
Sintes Thev are willing to mtiKo ui aoame. .
necessary and honorable compromises Va .1. h
in order' to induce harmony in the 1 leg- TUfi SAMK
1 in .. out itirt 11 IV llioie, us t-'i.t iiiiniii- ;i ' ; . .
I thorough v convinced that cringing , by a United State, rdhcer ny or..e o,
1 ai c t no 1 1 11,11 1,. ..,....,..,.,,., ! it ,,.!n,eiit. ( ointuander. Some
only eal s l-.r ..inner" uc 6 ; -;i - w)w u a wWy
S"Snoc U s that a compromise of lesteeiiC'd citizen, killed a negro, lie
m, vers 1 BuflVa'e " for " general a.m- was reguarly arrested, tried and ncqu.t
ies. " can. " bc-honorably accepted ted, and there the mat er en- ed tor the
!iesi caiiiiJi. iiii on..ist bv th. United States
l.v the nronle ol tills secuon ; ami ' uarc. - : ...
hi the pcopic in i nin.iL.ii-,,.,... tooki.lace on the public road,
SSK tern, of the I , .he Natural Britlge aud lie w lis
sort S fcadin- men of the Radical , immediately hurried oil to Lyi.chbi, rg.
No obligat.on is strong c.io, g.i, .,0 . aa.AVtt , -v mM ,l8S
oath i-acred tnough, 110 law binding j.jtnio Constitution guarantees au inlcrv;..w W1th General Scho-
enon 'h. to icbtrain for a niomcnl tne l0 e:u h State the ngnt 01 j-.-gi im , ,
. .. . . . 11 I ...1 within it4 own boundaries;
rtvollltiouisis Wno are UOllig ail in men iaummjB " -
. .0 il . i.,n I
The G rent F.u ern, having been char-
party, and payn,nJ;' j ,. . Vm-w company to run a ferry
M"V .:L "d I l ween New York and Brest dur-
rcourt:-;;.: -
' ... ?.....!.. . ), first, lell'.1 ... ... . 1 .t-e -it lU'OStofSwOt'.-
Departineui u oai -) "x , iin new i.ni.-n,
whom payment i hK) SUe u t0 p-ave New York
rill I. ... .i..,i,il'l,I.ii PS . A H I- . " , a.
n ri i 1 1 i uiin Kf i tniviiM-- v m . - ... 'i ... juiiiiuii r 1
V i'k" 1 ... M t H.''"" - ' ' t l
le by Alabama was not a new " " ' silu!a U, ,.! having been -c . . , k iu April, has ac-
Isuvethatshewasasieau. , .Ue Treasury Department, no ...u-..- - ;l(.liwrs.
. eottntili" ollicer decides that no cominouauous "" -,vUm".l
U.e! t.i.i.ie.it. or in- i 1 ..in ell return tickets for the trip
trustee, process, ' a" 1 ""
: i.n i...(..iiriiuedliV the ollicer: . ,,,wl,.,i P..i..u.
piIlLll-'llt-' '---- - . .m UMiii-i... ....
of the Government., re;. 1 "7 " ..f"ViM, Auditor of
Ill uici. ....j- -
sons may do. lu ouier ..c-.-i-.-
. . x . ...I. . U 1 l.rt , ti Ins.
.. .. I'. 1,1, 111 I I 111.1 .... ... u i.-
HIOIUSIOIJ vi ... , .
torv of the South. By the philosophy
of history
If the philo
it will embalm the struggles 01 uc'
,- 01 uie .mm in "... - ,.rG,litors ot Hie L iiiie i .t-"'-- T ie report 01 iwc
s South. By the philosophy 'iri.rU public poliey forbid the TaJ,ry sUows that the consular
I am willing to be judged - Ji (.t-Lvernment should i vWm ot t,;c Unjtcd States is now sclt
iosophy of history embalms . lu;, . thu ptn-.ii.Mit for services ; ;mMttas.
des ol the Colonial St.it. s, s , (h(. w.u of nny 0110 w j . w purUll, cut
or siiiMiii'-s .'. ... ... . .
.1 :..l. ., ,.rt. that be has a fhiim !
w- . pii liiiiirv V7i ti v ,
i t I , iiiid V'tV. . .. I -1 , .,.,li I
federate States. 11 u ree n , ,, ,,)lic rr,.ctit, as t aitmn m
dy the exploits ot Uie aurpnw - 1 . 'nl.utc..(i-OIl woU;d Lo e.puvalci.t w
,. i!evnnTp. so will itrecora 1.1a iv . 1 . . ..(,.xar 0j a
'--- - o ' . . . 1 liiaia.iu ... ' 1
ploitsofthc Alabama
He Bcllsgwdaas cheap
au ever.
... ,.i.i!in rest.trfitinn of the ! an I
power it, i-.uv-v -1
Union end the Constitution among me
imiiossibilit'us of the future. Under
j such rulers ho can hopo for the Bto-
SiilitV of a LonstlllUlonai gonrinut-in
1 - . ..
of ar.y sort, or for the coutir.uance 01
free institutions and of civil liberty V
mT- 1 -- ui,iwni(;u.. -
i ,4 , ftit ii-niiintt. nTiltO
Secondly There is n law of Congress, s fi)r ,hc ast WliL.k wt.re:
n existence which clothes the 1 resi - gnyj.iOo ; Navy, 32UJ,bU'J;
lent with discretionary powers 111 tuejlltVior, SPJ7,G0!).
matter or parclon and amnesty. Tbe ..house at New Albany, In-
Arain we would repeat, let the South .. . ,.ro,vlua. and the pressure ol
no longer cringe to Northern fanati- f ut lUc Trustees' olUeo is mcreas-
'nl.a'llll. I
n.i ...u .. ri.iinrf. I'llflVllt ill I.Otl-
don, Sunday, that Stephens had a. rtu d
in Kngland, and was irtu-.i
where the police arrcsUd I.nn. I he
ru.nor is considered doubtful.
The late Confederate lien-ral Wil-luin.rrestoii.wriU..-
letter sayuig he
will accept the Democratic nomiuatio..
for Governor 01 ivu:nui.v
few 1:.-
iiiat iiiji it. in " t . ....
Uviduals at critical Junctures to thwa. t
.. .ir'.int undertaaitig, o.,
! ".rlmi to stop the wheels of Govern-
ti.,. i.nndon Dublishcr,
.1IK IIOIll'-l ' . ' It.
n...mees an edition of the comple e
works ot Shakspeare ior ;-p-
Lo designs to publish the d.est produce
. Smollett. Motor
ir,.,. f. -martini', nnd other famous
:?...' . ..,ii.,.r with the piiueipal
W Ull-11. I'W" - 1
. . r u ,u We.mtor .....nia.tfSle Walter Scott, at tno low
TI... r..nnr.ll Sli'lVlCL'S U. I"' - i...v.
J i re well nttended in Wasl.n.g- price of six pence earn.
ton, Sunday afternoon. r.ti'n"' A Y AS..loro dispatch to the West
were to leave ,ai.c
at Lexington, Ivy.
. ... m 11 f.
Thu trial of Mollm hussch,
... 0 ,....,...
cisni. iei us vmy iiuiii.".'. s,w., 1 jn.
tional rights and ti.e auminisirauou wi
o ......
Minister Biglow notincu uie u..
Department that the French willeniiicl.
and finally eradiate .Mexico m .Uarcli
. .... r. 'i'-..,.!! ...r uaraiuour,
a eeicnniieii u" - ...
resulted in a verdict augl.tcf.
era press say : Gen. Uiiiier, m ua
. .. . . ..,.- vi.v..ssrvl liimselt on.
vcrsatiuii, i'j-i...j , - - -
iioseil to all vAgresiioi.ai " .r"
tailing or limiting the power or the Lxe-
.. 1 a ..-It ttl'tlOll
cutr .-, on tue gmu.iu "
would unfavorably atieei me neH -
A man named John Wr. Perkins cut
his wife's throat and then atiempicu w
kill himself in Louisville, Friday morn
ing' -
The Southern public will be gratified
tolcar.itl.atC.en. J. A. Early a pro
mised history of his campaigns has
been written, and is now in tae hands
of the publisher, at Toronto, Canada
. . ... 1. . 1 1- ,.r rulher
West, it will imiivu .1 i, -
pamphlet, of ubo.it one hundred and
fifty la'es, without maps. Siiouhl
maps be added., tne si.o i n" -
will be much increased,
Thomas Fallon boat out his wife's
. . i...:..L- s.i Wnrt-Mtcr. Jias-
nachusctts, in Septemocr. u- -'".'-.
t.a Wednesday, entcreil pica of gwt)
and was sci.toaced to the pcmteuU
r,rdict of .aans ang - "mver
ami she was sentcncci 10 0- ) 1 in,u:up,nt."
the penitentiary. 1 -
Capt AlOMiCraeuUw. of UffM
who killed a young man muncd l a) 1 r
i n duel at Hernando, Miss , J
weekV,tgo,w:is arrest,d at taat phc
the other day and is mw In ens. jI .

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