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The home journal. (Winchester, Tenn.) 1858-188?, January 12, 1867, Image 1

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LJi i.-l-I L'.'
i Ulil'-VJJO t CO.,
,hN iV. titvlilitllV oll rtltliil. lately nuU-
oic.l l- JhmuJtuluV. I ilililliil.ulil, V
It mi .orti . College &t.
X AS II VIM- K . T E N M E S S K E ,
Manufn tin-.'iv of rlii' t'cluHrutttil ,
Wri.u. ;ht L'tJii (Poking Stove,
Cind l iv n Cooking mill Heating Stow,
enamiieed ami rt.ux maxtej.
ALIO AUSlTACil'ltlillsloF
Sheet Iron, Tin and Copper
. ri.iln sheet iiml Japanned Tinware.
3 . Si :r s .
We arc now nii.nr.lii( tiiring and Iniport-
iiii; everv variety i:l Coal Oil tamps tor
t;.r p irliir. (Indni' room. Iiall. cluiiuticr unci
kitchen. C-i idii.clurs. piilcnt mid common
Chimneys. 1 . 1 1 1 1 i -1 - anil H IcU. ami the
lini.-sv mill purest Oil.. all of wl.t.li we will
uimr.iiiU'i! to sell at or below lamis-
C.iic in-ifo.s. Ti;i:ri'Aiti & to.
uovjt w:ini
1 HANK .UOOIIIi. ' ft. I. 8T0SK.
W. F. JJIOOKU & CO., .
tMAXLTA(Tt'!KliSaiiil deai-ehs in
Stoves, GivtU'.s, Ovens, Pot;-,
Skillets, Lids, &o.,
uniWvery description of Plain. Japanned
'and Pressed Tin-Wiiic.
it iid nil kiinN of
XT O O 1 12 N W A l t K .
'. Mi. Xoilh Sliirki't Stivct.
Next door to Tom l i ll s olil imijf More
V A d I V I r T TTVT
' ........ ........
li;m Cali paid lor old copper,
mid pewty-r. noN 'il lim
l,,..lss !,.,
1IKNUV i:vixn.
A. fl. MVINtl.
EWING- &-C0.,
commissiox m men a x m.
Corner College mill Clllirell.
x a s 1 1 v 1 1 . r. - -. - t i: x x ks -r, e.
Snllril tin' atli'iilion anil patroliu"e o!t e
nieielnmiof Ki-.iiiklin ami niljoiiiiny cuiin
tic. novl witni
nvn'tiii wanti::.-ai:out ;
1 ..
.I'.miiiH of lin e, r.eii nnner. mrwin, n
r.eii miner, mr win,
niiirel rime W'i ne pun. nanien inr
f in Iv uie. and no. for i.-i-i.lai Ion. hence
i on lint Nii H litilter. 'villi nil the w atrv ,
r !::!o:Mnr.;;!i 0";' hi.i'diuu"!"'' ut
il u l i--.'t
asu'ii ; toeontraet to deliver alioiit till;,
nii e hams uf m,-at. the coming w iuier. can
i.i mi. and upon delivery of the hams can
..'i l tli.- money. Apply at the II m;e .Jour
nal oillee, immediately,
liie. 10'
ia:n; ti i:.m.v. Jonx mi;:i:i.i.
n. w. m:vxan.
llllMV, I ieHI.LL i mUS, :
Attorneys at Law
Will practice in the Courts for I-'raiikliii
and ailjoiiiing eoinit'ies in Teiuie.-ci-. an
.l nkx'n comity. Ala. J'rompt alteiilim
jii II lo eollei tions. I'eiil7-ll.
cjA'A:!, hauls i nnuick.
Attorney satL aw
Practice tn the Courts of franklin. Cof
fee. (iriiii.lv. Wiirren. and Lincoln coun
ties, ami tiie X;idivill courts,
a large stock of Biiered, ss'iitimental. eom'.c
nnrl patriotic piiblicntlons of
Sheet Music
The latest Mazurkus, Polkas, ?ungr-, &v.
Teaeli-rs and students re Invited to tall.
December 1st. It
ITfiviiig uprslod the lnolvpn'y t il
estate of Ctntel ius Knrri. deceiwl, l.i'fnr
theiuiirt lioi-e door In Vincht( r.all per
K)iisliiiving(lrtiinsiigiiliistaicl rstate ai
notiiird to tile tin same w ith the County
Court Clerk on or before the lutli ot Xo
venitHir nest, or the Jam w ill l-arrnl.
J. W, CL'S'IEU, Ailm'r.
oetin. Cw
We would call attention t ths opiie
ian of Olio of tlm Jeadiug .upiT oi
(J.uiiida mi this subject :
Most of our reader have nn doubt rer.d
Rniue of the nuiiieroiis adve.rtiieliK (its ol
tiill Kntfrprise, Gift fonecrts. m wl.li Ii
upix-iir from time to tipie in the piddle
prints, oil.-rh'.u nm.-t ti'inirtiiig ' arjiams t
ti.o-i- w !o w i.i pali.nie 1 1 : n - Iu mo.-t.
i-usetf tlii'rc ur ciiiiiue l.uuil.us. lint
there are a few reiyectttUo lirrn wbo do
liulutS lu Uila maimer, and tl.ey do it an
a ueuiMof lutreaslna their wholwuls l;ui
iaeu, and not to make money. om viJr
liruw.it Wtrue. tiaiiilniue and vnluiihla ;ir
tii Ips are prm ured for a very small sum.
ami what iiiior.' iir..Uiiit. m.i;iie is im-r
l;i'at-i!. Every j)frs-ii gets ;o(-d value
lr l-is dollar; I .efau.se. lis we h.iMi stul'd.
it is iiiii ieiei. to in t nn iH.vi rti.'i-nieiil to
iin-re;,si- tl e.ronlin.iry laisii e-s.
We l.avesecn inim-'irsof prhe.i sent cut
hi thi? way l.y Sherman. Wiit.-oii A totn
pany.of Nusmii bireuL X. V- and there i
iioii'otil.t that acuieol tl enrtkles Hre worth
ii-'ht or ten tlroe the money iaid for them,
w idle we l.uv not een or luard of a fin
tie art'n le wbU'li wn not fully worth the
dollar y. I.iel. itcot. AoM-day JCJtr,Jdon
trenl. C. 1 Jan. 13. lPCfl
7" Insolvent ln'oUi.
The Insolvency of tin) octate of Mrs. Ann
Fiiic.ii Inn hi bet-n I'lgtUed, all persons
t.iiviii ciaiiii agiUiidt Id t to, will Die
Jl-' iii wit:, the Comity Court Uerk. lawful
ly aethenthuted. wn of l hr tlie Cth day
if April licit, or tauy will be l-rcrer tiar
" Tina the U ot J.iiiary. lis.
' , 4. S. M.tXJt HEOX.
boi5 Adiniiikslnitor.
St. Charles Hotel
h 11, XotUj XirU M
S 0. IUM11.T0X.
U"v-6iii 1'roprlttor.
W. jr. MJLATTiait CO.
w. J. hi, .vnv.it... , . , '". H. IUI.1N
For Terms, See Fourth l'u.'rd
Koiulliijg Mutter n Kvory I'ngc
Su noliog tun be taki'U nf AH.oiv luons Cinliniiillli il
tliins. Whatuvvr I Inli'iiilwl lor huiTtlmi ii.
'I lu1 Hume liiurn.il, must lie itiillu'iilli'iikil l
Ibo name ami iulilrw iiMIi writer not nee
c.nily l'ir 1 1 1 1 1 1 -: 1 1 i i i . hut us a ttuavjimeu I'm
iroo.1 Tilth anil rtiiiiuiillilllty.
All ln.(inu lvllor lur till ulllee -liiill lie ml.
li'Lpsvil tu"he lloiiiu liMirnul," Wlmliestev
All riniiiutiiilrittliiii fur iii1illcatl"ii iiiu-.l lie ni'lt
ton mi one Ma ol'tlie mkc ami with all olhui
mattom oonni'iteil Willi tlie tillli'ilal deMirl
nieiit. liiniMlieu(liliv"'i.iih I'.iUlvl' ui'The liotiit
J.iiy-uul. Wliklii'stcr, Temi.
We cuniiot, in, a rule, uinliTlake In ictuin urti let.
nut Iminil ull ilile I'.il' iliLliniti.m.
rerfpiial nrtli leu will lie liifertedonly us aitrcrtiv-
ini'iils. mill at ilinililu rati'ii.
Till: (JltOSN MAltK,
A cro!i' niiirk (ll lis X) upon a niilwri-Iht-'
ii;iirr I.j Inti'iideil as a nul i 'i n! inn lor
1 1 1 1 1 1 to ay up for tlie Milne w ill II a reiis
oiia: le time, or tliu piijier will le tllfeon-
- I'dilOrlitl (.'OlTCKlMllMlcllCO.
La Guasoi:, Ga , Jan. -1th, 1SC7.
1 stipp se the old yrnr liailo a'lioii to
you n!', i;i Tomiffsee, nmiil snow and
; I (. :is it tint lit ri in uio-j'-mpirc uue
, , t, , -,
; ta'visri for nivsi lf I cmnot cay my
heart wiiu tiud r the ii.cvilnlilu i.tirt
inv:. far it. had heeii ft ytar of troiilne
and trirtU to in.;; witli lng ini.rilndi's
Ik twee t smiles nn, I joys llonco I
vive it l-o iny .ele; me to tfio New Veaf.
mil dint I l'M"' whii li made it Mi'-joi-l
! '.'i-r Cumphfirs fhiBst poetical eil'ort,
J ,:ilds 1 x(7 w.th Hit' si nlifjlit rif lmppi
. no-is. ii'iw earn lau.v no i wish h uiuv
iiiiprove upon the p: t Iwtlvo months,
:i to iiidiviilualH. I'aniiiien. eoiiiiiiiinitii s,
Stati'i mi l notions. Hut. politically,
mi smv there is caiwelur decpoiiiU ney-
. . ... . , ,. , ., ,
Ic is a hopeful man indeed who, il he
;..ls ll.vn l,ni a (Msual ohberviT of pus-
-r evens iu iv,
j err ne
HOMmrA not ol the Kepuolic.
Nations ia days pnst have been reduced
l... I ... 1 1 i
to .r.iutpiiiiiy ici ochi i t ime. , i iun-
yi'.u-'c IJul the Ua.lical party in this
eouiitry would haw servitude witiiout
jranting peace and iiiiet, an 1 a few
inalienable rights in return. ' Rule or
ruin'' is not the pMg'Httimc of these
lai fibiiis. It in Huh A XJ) Aittin.
I have been to Columbus in thi-:
State, ami Iiml uis'inmcturing enter
prises at a stand on account of the
Icleierious action of Congress. Cap'
a-lists in New Vor!;, !Ui-l cNi-wlicie
North and East, desire to iii'vut th ir
siii'i lus eiqiital iu tlie South, and our
coplc invite them, ull'ering the nioht
tempting iiidii('eiii"iils, luit Iheeapilal
istcj say : '-We do not doubt y.oii' in
legrity, gentleman ol'tlie Sm.thve
-vaiit to invest our means among you.
but we don't know what Congress is
g dug to do with you. Congress inny
ruin yon, an. 1 we would stiller with you.''
This awful, unholy assemblage, ol
tyrants at Washington is paralyzing nil
tlie industry of the laud. Trade has
almost ceased, and the people aie
heartsick. .Many are waiting in sus
pense ukin to despair to see if the
States, already shorn of mo't of their 1
rights, ure to be territorialized, and ii
so, what will come of it- I hear
ina iy old and influential men, wlio
mean what they bay, fipcnk of going to
Brazil. Indeed agents have been sent
out there, and favorable reports have
been returned, which will induce thons
amis of our countrymen lo emigrate.
This is 110 fancy sketch I am giving the
readers of the Journal. It is a 'sad
solemn fact. The Radicals arc effect
inj the ruin of this country more sure
ly and more outrageously than the
r :!'t I armies were said by them to be
d dug it. Tlity propose to make the
South a lion caving appendage, for
with trwltt and uinir.ilacturprs crushed.
mid our lies', people, forced to go into
voluntary exile, c.r to other countries
with the hope of peace and stability ol
government, the South will soon l.e
eouic ,1 territory vast extent of un
dlled i iul unprofitable earth.
Lut I du not like t write upoithis
subject Despair corrodes my pen.
An extended view of tho political situ
ation presorts to mo a conglomeration
of undefined rights of States . host
f Milrsij.cs upon great constitutional
.uaiantees a mountain of diabolical
.ucoiibistciicies on the part of those
who xwore to suportthe Constitution
a train of stalking evil consefju. nt upon
their ruinous legislation a black cloud
shrouding the future which they seek to
rur.ke still more impenetra.b!e to human
kin ami a laud in n.o iroing bceatme
of the Carthaginian faith which delu
lcd Us people with tha promise tiiat il
they would lay down tUir anus they
would be allowed to rotora'to tUeir
homo aid enjoy all tlie rights they
enjoycsl prior to their cflort for free
dom and thff great right of fti-lf-govern-i:ci.t
Aud btll we I. car of a 1 litioaai
I'tqi.irea.cuts. 6W forbid, aad if ih s
.n treason, thtu is truahoa more honor
able tuuu Lu.se servility. Wo kaw
tlialjii u silent amid al arm", a j i Uure
iire ho;isaads) who would renounce tin
B'.lle fjr the Koran if a body of -Jr.i
o :m he sent to imk iic thmye; Inn
n.'ci.v of mich. it mnjoriiy of our j.oi
de i not eonipo 'cl. If vvi-c:tnti Jl lo
ettef in iniy (dher , le! U3 at lenil
' -dnse o yire'tiiii' s. ti.liou to any I'tt.
t icr reqiil.eiueutM, uol named in th'.
8 irreiiiler, tinili r the rjtoii promin.
ili it tli ti 4 we may lm iidiniiti'd in.t tin
I'niuiiv . '
"i'w darli d:iy. I -n v!'i a uu-f
id hi on.' l.i 1 1 !ia I the pow.M" to lat
lie cruel Ii nidi of 'tin' H.idieiih, in
Fi'iieloii Ktayed tlie hti.i I of L mis 1
iVoni farther I loodn'i 'd, and i'.r.'Vai.r
upon him to win liU siiliJeeU ly nllVe
ti ill the only MiN-4: lllinl loiiildatioli'
of n.o no cj, more especially of re-
iJiililieii, I hi ve t'rm.'Jil. that, in An
Irew Johnson my wili would hi! i'e
iliz 'd, hut the .'res.sure on him is henv
tlieateuiiijj indeed. lui he may pruer
a iiuirtyv.
J i Georgia t'i:i e ittoit cr.ip was
iiljout n third of the ex.icelnti'Hi. I no
tice some activity on t!is p u t of plan
ters to employ IVeeiiincu for lliepreHeut
yen i', hut the f.'cedincn all seem bent
11,1011 ' Heitiii;.f up f ir tlieni-iolvi's,''
which means the renting of little
eahin s. wiiikiii;,' wh u they plcnae and.
Imivly malviuA' enoui;li 1 1 nupp.n l them-
rtclve.v leaving tin' lazy and sick to he
lakeu earj oi'ly that jjt'iiI l.tirleftiue
upon Amerii an eiilihUninent, audi
e i h 1 1 - allaii' to oui'over.iai'.'iil. Nil nvin
in the I'lvciliiiu.i'H liiii'i'iiu than whieh j
1 can scarcely think of a more complete 1
refutation ol the abolition day thai tlio
"eui ii ncc i " r-
1 was amused -sar.;oiiu any i
course at an ell'ort (Oi the ait of the
I'rei'dinen i.i this place, (lur.ii life holi
days, to have' a pr-ieessio i. It was a
iiMtioy crowd, niid preceded by a ne
gro who carried a flag (atnrsMul .-.tripes)
.itumt tlu of a common table cloth
I believe the star-1. umber. 'd koiiic ..(.
which la' the uegvo was carry i eg iu per
feet ignorance, for I in ss he thought
Georgia was iu the Union. The pro
cession, I iiml island, was going to par
hike of a dinner ureiitired under toe
1 ,,,.1..,. i
il rjini e.t
auspices ofourKuv. J: II. Cnldiveli. - ,', ,.,,!,,.,,,, t)u j(; v()iiwX dead.
whose at r d.atie i-erfor na men on the "That s ju.st what I waul -d ; now I h.sve
rone of eonsistdiev have caused a good! got '"l d'the breed."
deal of uuein.ia'il-! comaien:. V'h;l'J
Lie war was raging, t.iis I.ev ?.n .
Caldwell delivered a sef.uoii in New- J
n in, in tiiis Slate, in which he sai 1 slu- J
rv wasa ilivino in tituti m a-id tlie :
South aa l the cause s!m w w li .hliu'
for, we're themes for his utmost elo
ipicnee. I t'nii.k I have a copy of I
patriotic sermon, a.a I must get th-- K.;
p li ter here to reprint il. just, for the fun
of the t. i'.ig, to see how some people
shift theii sails to suit the veering : iu !
Hev. Mr Caidwe! I is tl against the
S mill and h-'tut and s ml vith 1'ie win
ulngi'ide. lla'iii r says he is m:i!-.iyj
a geoil d.-r.l ol'in.in '.v by eha'.'giiig um
tuHur jit i-uiuiith !'"i iiieinb; rship ia h s
ebiireii here, nn I about nnc I.!ioii.hi)kI
hryrofx Mi nj lu it
) aiv oi the ll. -g ' ics her? nr.- mn'c:
(he iii)'i'essi-ui thai liiey can make mure
I.! :
money in 1 ciinessee, hence 111. ro is
qaiie a hegira that way. 1'oor si n'.s '
W hat a car-e to them has abnlitu 11 1
The corn crop ia Georgia wai ipiitc
sliort There will be a heavy draft
upon the West until anollu-r crop is
made. AVhile poor Tennessee hud the
brunt ol the late war to bear, and ev
ent, perhaps, Virginia, suffered more
than any other State, still she can con
sole herself with having been blessed
above other States, iu the" production
the past year of corn. Her fruit crop
wiilalsoproveofiuiinen.se value. Il
wo should have a good wheat crop this
year, Tennessee may feel blessed in
deed. I may 20 won to CVirnbiu. S. C,
here Sherman left so many (sentinels I
ifhi j modeol warfare. If I do, I may
ghe volt a letter from there. S.
A IaVCI.7 Tows. The San .Mateo
Gazette represents Ite lwood City as
about the liveliest little town in the
State. With a population of lew than
low they support six groceries, one
drug store, one tin simp, two black
smith ami wheclright shops, two meat
aod vegetablo markets, two frtiil stores,
two tariety stores, two. milliners, fccv-
cnu uress-makers one
glove maker.
live cariieu er j
sec, one or two
, . , , i
ono mcrchaiil tailor,
shons, ono windrnill niiikm-
plasterers, one lather, threa hr.ek-liy-
ers.se vera i leamsieis. iiirc-c bu.il-su.-ps,
i . i i I
one printing ollice, three linns lumber j
.nd wood dealers, one k-c l mill, one
Homing mill six or eight saloons, two
barbershops and hath rooms, one ho
le!, one restaurant, two lodging houses,
a few private Imai'ding houses, one
livery stable, three warehouses, two sad
dlers' shops, two depots and court-joua-'
; three Joct om, six lawyers, one
surveyor, a few money loanor.i, one
railroad agent one. cd.t ir, to minis
tor, several comity olllcer, tvj jn.st
icts, several s hool teachers and a few
"been!" playcis, ete.
The next " prigrM'va rtcp" oi t!u
a .e ol the Jac ih n eauoiisj a; Va-sIi
in0l a, ia t!. mi ea.'inujnt of tii.w-j
a. uii! i of tia S .j.r.'UJ C urt w!io
wjj uj.nj Lr docuioaj fc'ia Ji.
bius d.iire. X jj iaj iitj u i J of
objoctioaii therojjjiJ-xiJiJJ iJ tu
luliiu ii cj33p.fAcy ex. , witlcj isad
the sr.iTUJ of nuay of t.io aetsj of A'
oliuo.i usurpers aa J tyrau.3 ai er'nmi
Cold U th" heating lla"t !
S duly il roared lift.
Tiiiuii a .loloniii hvmiii.I
dver lue Iioen ritiind.
Chilled are tliu rfhoelesf feet
' l'o.tilin;;'tlie eheerlens fti'eel.
lloine iV.nn wnne tavern til n e,
C'arrv iu' il U'i4Xill'',t I'11-'0-
Sadly liie poor mini fare.
Scanty the ( loth lie wears;
( ut n' t m il.it work mid pay,
lie's taking it holiday.
A mout h or so of such
Vt'c.ii-u-.-, Iiiui tivermiuJi '
No hi tlie inidiii;;at nlo.aii
lie's tivadin- tlieialli of iloiuii.
(inawlii!.' Ids very In-irt,
Madileiiiii' with t e stuiirt
l.o-in.: in-. Oilli aud .-iiul
1'ivp in tlie iru.;ed how I.
'1'ronMfd tlie seamstress idee,!-
Even in dreams siie weeps;
oriiiinr Oie llveloni day.
Hardly n.ie earn her pay :
l.on. In the dreary niht,
l..ui,.r,ii fur a nun-,
Till her w anil eyelids close,
sc(kiMr(iin iioui's repose.
Sl'iiiiMi-i iu', dutii slii! start.
Ill .v.i i n u.-okeii neal'i !
Itll',;!!!. peruap-. Ill Will-Ill
A ...t'ty' v nleu form.
Leech-like the slnrvi lln j ea: lis
I- rel no., w ilii many tin I.-,
t alv 1 11; Us lliol I, I I I r-I,
S.iivei-in ii,i hi li.-r lu'i'.i!'.
MoiMilains are in the ky,
liii.-t ily rnsiiiu' lo
Ilil U-liic-s In tneir tune
1 res, i from tlie h-v one!
Vi'e nr.; often t d 1 to "m.i'ie th.!bes:
of a bad bu-iacss, ' bin, we have rarey
in., i rd I ...I ii.- ..v .1,. ..i' .1.:,,,,-
I mi. I ik Tli
late Captain G -
; n i-nnnn!, was always satish'ed. He
! was one id' the cariv and most succes.,-
; mi oreaders ol merino slice) la Ins
i part of the Stale, lie had a large na :
j tive cosset that he value I highly His ;
I sun came in one morning an I t-dd him
that the old c
isset had twi.is. Captain
'he was tla-l ; she would
bring tip two as well as on-." Soon
after this l!u-siiift-eporicd on.' of liie
twins dead. Ciion this he said : "The
! ,,,. wm ,v worth more in the lad
tl--in I...;). ' tn il... .01, -I--.. ..iu it.., i.
told him tiie idle r lam!) was dead,
oi iiia.i, lie sain, t c:'.;i m.-n
i.. i , i. .. ..... i ..i
III,- ..1,1 Tllll-V! 111,,.- .ill.! )-,.
mmt ym - - 1
A C. ... t,-.. 'IV .
.,,,. s :, i ,i, ,.,. u ..
si,,,,,,!;,,, tra-iiiioa regardimr the whit
iiviii'h origin -ami superiority. They
'.V that, when the I. real Spirit made
the ee.it'.!. lie a!-o mad.' lines men. all
of whom wi-r l'lircompIexi'Mied; an 1
that, aller making them, he led tliem I
i tin; margiif nf a small lake, ami bad-
and bad ' I
t'lein leap in and wash, ( bi
-.' obeyed, I
iiirer 'ami '
a id caiiO! out id tlie v.aii r
fiirer than before ; Ihe ts. 'on 1 he.-iia
ted a inom-i!',. during which Ihe water,
agitated bv the litst, lull become mud I
died, and when he bathe I he cam.! nut
copper-color -d ; the third did not leajc
Ii I the water be.-auk! black with uiu I. j
and he cam- out wdhis own col ir
Tiie Great Spirit laid hef ir.-.tiiein three 1
p. ek 'L'i's. and out of pity lor his mis I
f irtuue in eol.n', gave the black man
the lirst choice. lie took hold of each ',
if the packages, and having lelt Ilu
w -iglit, chos tiie heaviest; the cop
. , . . , . ... 1
ier colnriM man euo-ie ui-.i iic.m neav
u.st, ,ng thn white 1111111 the lightest. '
When the packages were -tpeuei!, the '
st Wi's found to contain spades, Imes ;
and all tne implements ol la!or; the
seeolid enrapped hunling. li.-ihing and ;
warlike app'er.ilus ; the third rfaiV th"
white man peas, ink and paper, the
mind the means of mutual, mental,
hniirovenient. the social link of human
it , tiie foundation of the wh-te man's :
sapiriority. ' ;
..." mm ;
Jons Mokiusjey'h' r.i:Ni:voi.i:N(.i:
An exrhaiige says: John .Morrissey.
the lii'-iiibcr elect ffoni tlie Filth Dis- ;
triet, has tie reiuilalioii of being a gen-!
er ms liear'.cd man, and among tin! in-'
cid-.-nts thnl are related of hi. 11 is the I
.... ii... .. .
1'iiiowiiig : 110 nas i-iur pensioners
three disabled f ddiers end a hunch
back. Oae of the sol liers has lost a
leg, and is over six feet high ; an itlier
has lost a leg and i n arm, and imotiier
1. Ail of Ml ese p-nsi overs havi
Liiet names given tin in h
.Moi risscv.
and ho is prompt in his payments nf: while the General was in command at
their annuities, which cost him in the FoMc.-s .Monroe. T lie ib-ciMou Unit
aggregate over six thousand dollars. i was arrived at by Lv- court martini
lie imposes two conditions upon them upon these ailed ''ed speculations, it is
that they shall ncitherdrink nor gam ' hold, was reversed by Hie pavmeiiof a .
1. 1,, " Cmh .inv l!.i,ltr...i i,.,.- ,.r!i i-'o... .....'.iiij ii h:
..... - .... , .... ...... ...
a ilisaldeil veteran soldier.
A. T. Stewarts New Dwelling.
Congress say as inueli ? We doubt I aiso ulledged tiiat ollieial papers were ' mes will be stiii.led on the same bar- lerviews with the i resinem nooiu it
very much that one uf tlu in can be ante-dated after General Hutler's re-! rier. If Congicss undertakes to resist month since, a full and accuratJ ac
tiiiiii.l w ho would i'(ie.!rihiito;t io-m,-i tit ' ... ,v.l l.nt ..v..!, t1... ,,l,i,v;. d..s m.i i I'm. in.l .(.iiients of the Saiirenie Court. : count of which I gave yon ut that tiuu.
The most expensive mid ttphmdidl ,; .j,,,, t,mU V(.rv,
dwelling now being put up ... New or.i ! wf , in R U1,. - ,
is Jlr. A. 1. Slewurt 8, situated at the!.,.., . ,..,-.. . i
,. ..-.'.I , ... . .i ine nine i.ie.,u son .ii.
coiner 01 riitn avenue ami twenty
i. .,i ...... .. .1.:....
......... "- "
able portions of the city. It I'1' ft
very hue frontage, Iwih on the avenue
mid Tweiity-lbiirth street, measuring
one hund.'id an I ten feet and fitly six
leet, respectively. 1 lie material of
wliie'.i the structure is built, is a very
Hue kind of while marble, which pre
sents a pleasant and splendid appear
ance. The house will contain but
three stories, consequently the rooms,
particularly on the lirst floor, wi I be
lolly nul roomy. Tli coat or tli
building al ii , it id e.tiiiiated, will be
about &iOU,ClH., unit the fur.i.tiuv, stal
nary aud other articles, both of orua
raent and use, will make the total out
lay figure over 91.000,000. Particular
attention ban been paid to tne depth
an. I thickness of the foundation and
upper walls, and all tin'. Mil. ca.i i.i
o-t, or Ijvish means ac.-on,iish, wnl
i.e uiisoariagl) c.-eided iu or.Lr t
reader A as ustiug and ai sifj as i. is
ro i.ienia,. not unoii .o i s i.v.i u.-ig i -
horiio 1 1 i i particular, bi.l ti the cii i.i:
jjeiai jt I
The l'oiiishmeiit ol ChiKlrou. i,
From Hall's Join mil efllealt!-.
Not l-iiiLT ayo an editor in the north
I o n part ol'tlie State of N".v Y rl 1 1
lm s )ii. about cl,!'e;i year i old, t. a I)
would whip him la tlie couimc ol n !.'
hours, and locked him in t!ie iippci.
room uatd he had lelnur.! 1 1 do .--When
fie hear I his father coning h
liecninc sieal.u uied thai he jumped oa
of the win. low tin I link his neck. -Aliout
n year tio n mother pu iishe.
her little diiujditer of eiht years In
sliultiii!' her no in a dark closet; tin
I child became so frightened that coll
vulsioiH w't-re iudueed. which resuite,,
:indeat!i. In aaother case of similai
character, the result was mill inor.- ci
i I.iiniloe.s ; I'm- the e-iihl lieea ne epilep
tic, and so remained for some tinu; a!
lerwiird. The ohj eet id' i trental cor
I'eetioli should be fie idt l aate ;;oo I ol
ihe cliihl, an I t- nia'ce i. i ll.! ;'.i .'e I
1 T.i ( e'laracter of t'm in I's'un v.i
slioahl he ace ir.liii' t-i tin- d sp sm .
and lempeiameut of the ci.il 1.
. T.i p -t lis.Yn '.it s'i ml I In; i:i pro
iortioii In the nature if the odense.
11. The i : t lislnneiil ,li mi l le. iullict
jed witli the ut'iiost se I' )siessiou, for
I if d one i;i lowering passi-iu it t ike
; l.lie eluiraeter of revenue, the cliild see
j il, and resists it with d -il i ic 4ub:i ira
j iiesi, or with a feeling of bcin the in
j jured party.
j 4. Ihinis'iaient s'i mid uv a' be
I i.hrea'eu:!1. for ui i of two results, hnt'i
iiafo'tuna c, viv (.rlain, either the pro-
I 'inse win noi ne K'.tjn an. t i;ie ean i rise
i coiilaience in parental assertions, or
! the cliil-l's mill I, dwelling in i;i what
$ exreelc'i. su.f -rs a !e'i(.'theaed l-U'
: till ini.-eriuati'iii al-vays n'ravatin;
, !'i - severity of tlie cll'l--tis.'iu 10. an-i
I tiie child irradeally learns to startle al
.ovo'v event whi.-'i is l;keiy t i -is'i u- In
e irr 'cti-m, an I the ton i .atioa is l.-u I
for that leariessi ess l the futur;! which
is the bane of ail human happiness;
ii'id in so ne c ises nie seventy ol the
expected sudering looms up so largely
iia ler the. iiil'u 'lice of a di.-tc'.u,i.'re. ,
iniaido'dion, as in the case of the edi-
tor's, that chil I a licide is cm -idi-r -.1 .
Hie le.-.s. r evil. It is uo'.-liing m ire nor
less tii-u. a favege barbarity f ,r any
p:l' 'lit to led 1 the mind el a child in u
state of terrorism IV a single hour, let
alone for days and weeks-
ii. Never correct a child bv seoldin;:.
aiim-miti-m, or e.isligati in iii tlie .pre-
sen,!e of any ier.s.iu whatever. It is on
attack on its self-esteem, which pro -
v.ikes iv-:Kta:i,-e and pasin. Let
.ii .'..ii p v i i-is lei'iii. vi. u iw in 1 1 1 1- .
1 n-.-i ,1 .s -:-v.. I r -,n-. if in 111., in-.'.. '
1 1 .... I :n , 1. ...
snnen nf others.
A.-ver punish a child f.r twiee"l,Hel'j,'Iira,li-.iht,.ry Cm.
for one nd'eiiie ; il is ;i great injustice, a
j r.M-o oi naroai.sm, ani always
i couragen or uar u-us. 4uaa. cacu
1 tlem -i.t liaal in it-elf. and it m't be
ever Harping on waal is parjt.
ruui-'iimeul s; nil I no.t be e,
:irlr e-1 I i a-iv case with int. placing c!
hef r.. the child s miad tlm iiatur
l ie eg ;r 'vation. an I t i.it tie o !.
J- gn of the elm ;tis neut, or r 'pr io,
his present and future we I inn.'.
S In all c ises win r.! iun'si;uent is dlea ioa of the p ilicv pursu.- i toward
d,-.-id, si up ia. i: sh mid I.-- pr 1,11,11 or ! such b idie.s by iJe.u-n-r.itie statesmen
,1 -f-.-rr.-d, ace u-irng to the degree of an I jour 1 (lists. N w, w!ie:i the war
ag ;ravatioii. or palpabl.- wrjug. Itisiiover thit. is. the war nf serried
ataost al.vm s b -tter to ih::'er ; b'-r. ia ! I' nk, of mar.'hiiig coltinum- .vhcii the
m. ca-,cs ilireale-.! nolhin
1, ,t!i
s; .
I notl.i ig whieil indicate , in the i
t d -give that aii t .i 1 g is
come. A'l I when ti-' ti..i ! e 1 n '. di
nil alarm the cliihl with any show ol
ireparnli m, but gra in illy and ell'eclu
ally bring up the whole matter, place it
iu its true, just and clear light, 1111, 1 act was right, and that tie arbitrary pro .
,.- ,i-.', , 1-,-; a.i I alw i.-s :h m 1 1 imecedings against w'.nelt it protested '
piH.-,ible appeal to the chu 1 s conm 1 were as lawless as laey were nigu- ;
i-nee, to its sen ..-s of right, to its man- i hati led. Js noblu sicrilices of case
nani.nitv. to its beuevob nee t .wards ami reputation wid hereafter shine as!
man and il.sgratiiu let iwanis (lod. ; one ol the brightest, chapters in the bis-
" " - j tor,- of eoii.-lilulional govcruiiii'iil.
"I5:i! leri.in;;" i:iraoriliiitiry. (,. SupremeCotirt, which p ir.ily;: I
The New V ori; Ilt rnl ( .iildih.-s tiie ; by the desiitic arm of a military ' usur-;
foil wing telegram, d..t"-l I! i-t ni, Mn;i,m, was in i-le p nverlrss, during th :
I leeeiiiber 17ih : ! war. to cither prevent or punish those
TUe ivinoval ol'A Ijulint ( leneral 1 infamous bodies, .Military Courts, hns
Sehoiiler bids fair to create a sensation, now again assumed and asserted it
,1 being e-erta 11 u.w that ( ' eiicr.il lint -; pn-rog.uive tlt hijh tnbumd id" a
--r was the cans,!. The letter from thelcivd government; and, by its in-lepen-1
( inventor of the S.ate ami mncing to dent aetioii and lir.n opinion, wliat en-.
A Mutant General Se nmler bis removal, j eoiiragcmcut there is to Hie lately re- i
J . . ... . . . 'el 1 1
was ilatel oti ! rid.iy la:-t, fin I gave as
1. , ..,.. S..I.....I ..-'a .,,.:,ii,,.., t Chi.
oral ll,iticr's nomination to Congress. !
Tic le'.tcr it is im.ierstond. will "sooic
lKMmlib- 'ied, in connection with other
iiiilt-rs coiiceiaing. it is reported, ccr i
tain prdit-il-le e dloii soeciihiti-ms
'111-.,,. Ifl-I,- 1 1.1".- U. fcl.w I',.'...-. il I.".
i.iebide ail the charges upon the black
list fiat has been t.r -icuv-l. and winch
is threatened to be published. There
is also included in tne charges an al
stun of money
liMltL Ilk I'lli
. ... .
ci.....ttl-lt.i.il J ivna
progress The whole a.lair wears a
" -- "
1 m.,s, ,Uttiaiu , n.n.-.-l. and the north's
i who hold Thu'i
" " i - - -
dlieial diM-uiiients wdi,
tit . t .1 I
not scruple at all about making them
The Dayton (Oiiio) Ent ire nukes
editorially the following statement:
'I'ut a f. vr days sii ce were assured
by a very lespjctablo an I intelligent
gentleman, a citiaen of New Haven.
Connecticut that there aro now hang
inorj the w.dls of Heast' Ilutler, at
Lnvell, tw in.igiiflceut pictures
Christ on the Cro-s" and 'iiary ut tlu;
Sei-ulcher,' we thin't he stiti-l'jaiuted.
evideully, by Bome great iiiaster, which
are ccruiuly of tjl.OJO vaiu-i each.
They were plundered froin-oue of lue
elegant mausioua of Nave Urleau
the mansion of one of the wealtiiieyt
gentlemen of ihe South v!i' h H itler
C7.iti.ic.Vcd and appi'i ri.ste I to lira 1
.purler purposes aa I as a ree ;pt icle o.
O.ir i.iforma-jt was a
1 c i
io.il.Mt al New Orle.ns when
these id ires were shipped, an I s.iw
then on tie vescl i.i the n;,roor."
rw i iiiimh Jiimyiuir y
low to ittiilit Cliwiiji Hint CjiiiIoi'I
ublu Uvvellinxs.
Those who liuve plenty of money can
mreliiise the brains of tin areliiteet to
II liow to construct ii house if tliey
:ave u me of their own; but tho-tiwho
-ace bui little mo. icy must plan tbeii
iiva llousesperii!ips build tll 'lll. T'lu
i-ip'il.ir inet li id of e iie'tructinj; wood
in is s ,'tirtA'iilarly cntliie has not
ieeu by a ty ineatn th.i iu ist eeo i rni
:al "that e:i i lie device I. l'i-.)in thirty
0 forty j er cent, more lumber has been
1 ied than is n 'ccssari . nad i.rich lab ir
'Xpeii..!il that is wholly ennecak'd
vlmu the hou u is c implcted, aud al
.' i;; -Iher uiinecesMiry. A small dwell
ur ii 'i'.l n d be eon struct;-' I as we would
;idd a wari'hoiise nr errain elevator
il is never subject.' .1 to any te.it of it-,
drench, and wood ui cottages nev.'r
all ito.vu s i 1' myj as they have u j;o id
" mi i-l ilhin and t!i se lit.le repairs
vlneii all hoas'.i must have to stand t!n'
av.iies of time. No sijuare t;min-r
ui i b it few seamiiii;;.s are reipiire I in
is nail eotta-e. .Mortises and tenons
lle ol ii-i ace. Mill!. : hide d. Inev are a
insitive il;"j',ni.ml, while hraee.s are
.'ipiallv useless.
The studding of a houtje may as well
ne made of inch boards fo ir inches
vi le as of double that thickness.
l'luse studs will hold tlie units of the
si bns' an I lath just as well as tliose of
iw i inches in thickness, dust to the
lhior joists may be of inch sl ti.T, eii;ht
uiL-he.s wide, llavin,' laid u,i the eel
lar w.dls of stone, and leeele I them nt
the top, boards sli-ml I be laid on this ; (-
i wan to loi.n :i sin. liie tieius ot a
frame may then be set up, one after
another, and slaynd t,ll the siiliuyt can
be nit on These bents may be made
in tlie 11 i-irj lists, studs, cross-joists,
f ir Hi.-ceiling an I ril't.-r. all nailed to -
! fi' -t icr lir.uly with cut oaiN, while ly in,; j
'up hi the Lii' iimd. Every piece of 1
s,.ia i nailed to ibis Ir.tiue ten, Is to
' ui-ike it linner iin-l stiller, and so do the
; talus up m which fie mortar U I be
j spread. 1
! manner, wi
lartin. ms ma le in like
secured, als-) tend to stiif-
e:i the whole fabric. With here and
there a good support in the ceilar, such
a house whe.i completed won4d be just
as desirable lur all practical purposes i
; as .one of the same ze containing j
nearl V twice as inueli initeri.il, mil it;
1 wmil I e .rrniuly be just as warm. A :
!. - o,t.i;e w.th live or six renin may be '
1 s.a-dily co.istruct.'d on this priii,.-i,le
,"ta "luch less east llian i:l the popular
aL.t.- ofbuilliiig. S mie in.-th d i:m,t
1 "levised to cheapen tlie cost oi
, dwellings, mid we kn w of n one that
, l. iiti.t. a it I s. . IV . in I s ,v
s',1 'XCistei I li'ind Awricitll.
iimeii Is itsell s-i well asta.s we have
i The bite dec si., n of ttm l'liiu d
. OI...U-.-. .'-.pieim: i-m j imnUlllls to llicii eohn-ieie iLslOfgUliu::.-
; courts wuicll held such lii.jjii mil j (M1
i bloody carnival during the- war con-, : j,Vl.,.v ..;mui i-uph-l.-lv frozen is
! signing to ignominious death, to .n,,,,,,,.,, and no power can re
; dungeons, t- poverty and iiil.lic con ' animate it
til u.-iv hilil-li-e 1 1 oi inn iceiit me.i an t
.vo.ue-.i--.vere iml.i'.vi'ul bodies -virtu il
ly. Unit they were but violent nion
sliould he, an I is universally tiaile I as
a in .! n i g : 1 1 1 i- : i n ', and irinm ilia.it v ia
i.li.i of battle is hushed and the luyrial j
liosls so lalelyi.i bio 1 ly coillict have!
departed ll'oill 1. 1. l -III. 'd liel.l. and lue
ci .1! courts are restored to 1'ie i' tun.--tious,
the higiie.sl tribunal ia the laud
in- inounees a solemn, nulhorimlivc
'j'l iguie.it tout tne U.-.noci-.iiie party
- vneu icnnciiici
1 And. as il coteiiioorarv savs. if thei
Court dare stand up for the Coiistitu- i
lion, on this ipi.'sii.m. there is solid
ground for trusting its steadfast fidelity ;
on ail oth-.-rs. If Congress assumes;
ih d ilu (..institutional Amendment is,
e.ur.e l i.y tie! r.itiiieatiou ol merely
the repres,!iile.l Slates, and pr.".eedt
to legislate on that hypothesis, the
Supreme Court will set a.ud; ail such a
1 iws. If Congress un lertakcs to de -
I.. s nn., T.-n-it ti-ti's .its in ,:is-
, .-
: the Co.ii.iiau.lcr-i'.i-C.iief of the army
: will have s-cne duties to perforai in
sueli ae mj inctnrj. Dwjl-in Empire.
Jfvx AitsouiuiU uv Tin: U oors or
, H ll'i ... It . W l . ...
. ..i t- v lt) ii H.itM'r ti iiii.idn;
If..... I i 1
, i ; ii pry Hi; laililif 11 Hi 1 1 f I v.l
,;,,,;' hi' r,v it vras fouml
' . ... ,..7 i ,
1113 iiiiiaiiMi
K.t. alorlicd by the roots
j ,,. t,ot., when aud by w hom planted is
not known, tins tr- e hail scut two ol
iu main roots into the graves of Mr.
and Jlrs. Williams. The larger root
ha I pushed its way through the earth
till it reached Hie precise spot occupied
by the skull of itoger Williams. There
making a turn, as if going round the
skull, it folio ed iu the direction of
the hack hone t tho hips. Here-it
divided iiito two b.-anchos.sj.idiug one
idniig each leg t the heels, where tiey
both turned upward to tho toes. O ae
O.i j of theso roots formed n slight
crook at the kaej, which in.ik.-j tie
wtioU bear a clone reacuolaocu to a
uuuoau foruL llakunl truJ uf Imi
deal remained.
J aiian h u a ue.v Tyoo:i, 0 oW
eo n being dea l.
Tho (.'.ihi''sa sav that the l-iuvia
character of tho Ji.ijiisli people ,s hail
umn, half heait
Xi inn: 47
VVonit'ii Votiuff In New .Jersey,
During l!in debi-te in the scnalo, a
few days ag', on Cowan's ameiiiluieiit,
to strike out the vrorl innln" intlio
I'mncliisp hill foi' the district oi' C.i!nm
bia, inij'iiry wns iimde of Mr. Frelin.
iii.VM.-u whether women voted In New
Jersey, His reply ndmitltvil that they
nice did so -in local elections." l'llt
tlie fact is that, for many years, women
.vere recognized there as voters on pre
cisely tlie same (i-i ins as men. Lucy
Stone and If, IV liluekwell ciiiens of
New .lersey, have made an inveslia
tinii, tli,- re i ill of which U reuiarkable,
a i I pr o'es t'ml pivvi mdy 1 1 1770 on
ly men voted, hut that. i:i 177d, the
u'i"iiial state coii.siifition eoi.lV.-i'j I the
iiMiie nse o;i
inhabitants" (men or
wo -lien, winte or Miiei:, j possessing
to1 prescribeil (pialilieation.s of 50
clear eslate and twelve months rosi-
,. ice. ami in s cu l.smuii oi leiiiaiui'-i
j., ,,.v,, tlt: i,s.(l. In 171)0 tlieled-i.
J lature. in a id act reidalin electioiis,
Kised tlie wor Is lie or she in reference
t voters. In 17l7, iinot'ii r act rila-
I tiva t., i.,m L-ii.ile,llc ili-sio-niiles
i tho vo'.eri as "lie or she.'' In tliu
same year, I7','7. seventy live women
voted iu liiiy. ibet'itown lor the ledei'id
candidate. In 1800 ..women generally
voted thr mjili otil the stale iu tlie pre
sidential eoiilest between .lell'ersoii and
Adams. In 1S02 a member of the
legislature from Hunterdon county was
actually elected, irra elo-c'.y eoatesteil
election, by the votes of two or three
women, of color. In 1U7, at a local
eelion in Essex county for the loea-
tiou o the count v seat, men and wo-
i mm ceiierally pariicipaleil, an I wcie
1 joinllv iaiilieiii.'d in very extensive
frail-Is. In the following winter of
i 1S(7-S, the legislature, in violatim ff
', t;,.. Ii-iths of the constitution, missed
an act r-.'sl rictiii;; saiir.ie to free, white,
male ndiilt cif.eus, and in reference lo
these virtually abolished tiie properly
(pialilication id' .(Job. thus extending it
;io all while male t:u paVers. wliil cx-
i-iulii:r a women an 1 negroes. Ii
I.Sii tin- same provisions' were repeal-
and remained unchanged until t
adoption of the lu'esenl coustitulioii n
yt rees io IJ-uto.
W. l'ouehel lately read an interesiing
pan r on this subject before the French
aea-lemy of science. Tiie iiulhur's
inferences are as f.i!!o,s:
I. That the lird i.henom-.'ii-.m pi' -.laced
by cold is a contract. on of the
capilliary vessels to such mi extent that
a globule of blood c-euiot cuter; tlie-e
', vcs.M'l-i therefore ivnuiiii coniploteiy
empiy .
'2. The second phenomenon is an
hIii-i-hUiiO in tin- lihii, 1 eiobules. which
j vvi-
en only a part is froz n, tiiat
' part is destroyed by gangrene.
.. .". If the part fr :'.'.'.l is not exten
sile, and only a few disorganised blood
'globules pa-is into circulation, tie a:;:
j 1 11:1 1 may recover.
i 0. Ii.it if, on the contrary, the .rozeu
part is of considerable extent, then
liheina-H of altered globules brought
i into the circulation when the part ii
llmlu. u ,..lll,(v kiiut. animals!
For this reason a ha'f'liozon ani
mal may live a I nig time if maintained
m thee .million, since the altered glob
ule do not get iiit) tie circulation;
l.ul it expires rapidly as soon as the
froen part is thawed.
S. 1;: ail eases of congelation, death
is il'ie to the alternation of the blood
globules, and imt t any etfeet on the
u.Tro-is system
'.. It results from these facts that tho
.less rapidiv tie froz 11 part is thawed,
the iunto si o'.vly altered globules Iiu l
their way hit the circulation, an I ti-o
greater the chances of the recovery of
the animal.
Tlie UadiCiil.s and Chief Justlco
t'hasc ' ihe Indiana Decision.
Tint Washington corrcspouduut of
the llaltiiaore Gazelte says :
1 learn to-dav that the attacks tipju
me i ireine v,ouri, o.v s.ie.i .o.ih.s us
the New York Herald, the l'l.iJadelphja
North American, and the Wash:ugt ):i
Chronicle, have, besides other obvi ,.u
motives, relation t ( movements las.d.i
the Hepubiieaii parly. Although, as it
: win ne onset , en, inise u.isuupn.o.is
i pr.hts allect to ilistingu sh between tlu
; Iges wn i u.i mini msly sUita;n7 I the
: decision coniidamed oi, yet Hi known
, that Caief Justice Cirise ha given great
i umbra ge to tiie extremists bv his ii
" " was ii.ci. reuiai h.euoy out-ui me
j Judges of the District Court ot this
ci.y. that the Chief Justice, in those in-
terviewa, was operated upon by motives
I ., I u-:l II III.. ttf.Vt I'.'.'si.ti.lll-V'..
a .... , ,. ,,: ,, ir,.t:,..,i
1 iil.lrtlMtll alllllllll I'll! I'KIIIMII 1 1 1 1 1 1
t , ..i i i. . t i. : ...
1 1 orn-c
- " v"" v "
! . ,' . .,!!.!......, ... . . .. . 7.
, , .. . ,. . i . i
1 all I "ui f Uy t"tf osf''i:,s r tililt lKUt.v l" i,u"
of a'-i 'iii j "iol:.le iiiin,t-i appease Wado and oth
. i, i i Ia cm, his impliica.'le ciiemies. lint, wiih
the.r accus.omed kuuvcry, they have
chosen for tiie p.v.so.it to thriiat at him
through the sides ot ins brother Judges
well ka wi:ig tb.il u,l tie oii.nu U0
heaped upon thorn will eventually at
taoi witii ten fold forco U the Ch ef
J u-tice iadividually.''
Booth's pistol avonpod tha rebellion
for the ar'oit.vrv a.i 1 I t ..e. us ir;iat:ou
Of 1'iVsid -at Li.ieoia. it.i t -re:ora
that pure mvrSyr of ireedoui cjujjC Im
brought boloreaay euiMy tfioajal. -Wuihin-jUt
CUj Cirunids.
Tiiat u ttiugular for o ni.utl
loyal stwet us the CAraU. To ad
mit that i'rvjiileutL-CO wm guilty
or arliiiury wd lw5f ioj7itloi w
the flnt step toward th JasUO-rtJoo of
bit assassimUoo ; for Uooth w itajh
ai have been alj the Amerioaa people
U.at rsl3tarice to tyranUlU ohx(in
(to God. tW.ennli jMirtr.

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