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riT.uniii:i kvkuv satchimy hy
vr. j. i-si.Ai"ri:i &.,c'oJ,
W. J.8UTTK11. tl. II. Ill UN.
.For Tonus, Kco l'oitilii ligc.
Rending Tlfuiti r (,n livery V
Aw election was hold o.i Inst N. t'tr-
clay for the purpose of electing a Mny
or, Aldermen uid Town Coii-daMe.
iVm. Stewart waa elected .Mayor, find
T. J, Dciisoii, L'l.iT'itul.lu. Wo tru-t
lli.'il Tom will iimc m.ii'u Hum ordinary
' d'!ig''!ioo in brinnig di-'.itrbers of the
j u-iict! iiinl dignity ill' I hi: cif y to a
hjit.-rdy trial, iiii'l tlint (Mir worthy
'Mayor will iiniorco Hm-Ii I'ii 's ii-i will!
I !(; t ii ; !;cvunii' ri't j'ci i fur j u r '
J.w." !
.Mysterious. !
.Villi!) Wl'Oi.H Sllien
buriicd iiliou'. four iui
place, ill which nil n
!l !:li''l! W!!'
in I' ll nf t Ills
I ' ni'v.ri'Ks lived
idm.e. Slid fi- litiria d in thc-fir:. :tud
from tmrrounding circMim-tnncex, ii. is pin
tmpposcii i.im iv:i luiii'iirri il, mim the ;
IiolKU fired It) cone :, the crime. Slid
bad repotted the led conducl of cer
tain i:gn I.og lliieve-i, nut I fii - .leiini v,-,. have 2 IVmiih
; i3 7v ft I on t' A juiyof iii.in-l iii f ill hm r.,i.i,ii ; Mi.
met !.!. i! : M' ii.' mi ln,l, 'i'llc d:iy, nail . tj.t. ;., !( ,
incir M'liiK i tvuir-ii.m lic uvjnss turn . tnoul which wi
To Health Keekers, 131 Ala.
Although wc have iVoqiijuili'iilhi If
') the many wiperiur advantage.) ol
Winch. m iv rcsMi-f. for those win.
U'C, cither HCI'Mug health, III' II pIlICO t
educate their children, tliii iinpor'.iinei
of till' t pie is ho great lliul, Hi! deem ii
proper to allude lo it again.
The place has i,o lucid ciiu.ie for xirk
iiv3uf any kind! Loc;it(;rl Oil (ill tic
Viilml lu.ticli of t j o Osti'i ! K.-tlrt lit 1 Molia
t tin, I'mii 0 to U miles llior. f.'om, on n
lienutifiil in iiiMtalii strea'ii, t'u ;n inn
iniii lenliii in t!(. f j-1 1 1 of a iviiii
eirclc niMiiii-l it. ii!) sviiory on the
'lobu could Ik: i.imt.j eliiir.nine;, mk!
tlio iialiiral coii-,ri)iieiie(; ia llial, 1 1 c pop
illation of oir lilllo eily U so putkcil
crowded as to render it inipfritivi
necesKiiry Unit capital conm here for
iiiVLIniciil in koiiil' of liiiMiiany vacant
lots, and luiild houses to rent. Such
mi investment will pay (lie holders of
es'pll 5 or III) per cent In addilion
lo (he ihiciil i i u.il facilities wi! cnjoycil
lat 3 cur, vi; now huvo aiiollier ?.iale
Si l.ool. '1 lie .I iiiies Sharp (.lollcfjc.
.vl.i.'h opened it:j first Wfssion on las)
Monday v. itli n ood iiiiinlcr of pupils.
r he chaise of A. 1). Trimble, ii
1 1 Aiiiiist t r thin iilr.ee. wIioki-
ieij.'y mid eap icily as a teacher, com-
lii t patroni
and Jlfal
l.itiiiii, in lie 1'iiuriim
cv Adv'rdsi'iiH'iit.
I voryfypes. Harvey Jmld, of Thoto
j;r.ip!ile notoriety, law returned to Win
lies! er, inl can lie f.illllilllt hl old fitllliil,
ii Mniiihiy next, (iivu him u call, If ymi
want a ffoofl letinv.
Slino rthn)--Tlii! Wild Irl-l.miiu-1 Ptlll
In tinyn. If) (in mil, u line hoot or slim
put iilo nnlttr. tin tlii must reiisouulilc
lei ius, i a nn the Ir
tees sill Isl'act Ion.
llousi) tiuil ,nt foe Sale. rrs. fiiisiin
UnUiul oilers her hiiiim fur .sain, .L'i;i! uilver-tl-eim
liuh'!, Head (hi card of the Aiacrieiin
Ii .tel. at All;uil:l, (.a. If nliy of mil'
lliellil.: Iilive In t.tn;i 111 tins "(iille City,"
wi! reeoiiimeiiil tlie.'ji lo the American U4 II
plai'ii when: iliey will l.e attentively cared
Clar Store. If ymi wiint- 'Itfar. Tolmu
.ii, sm i IV, Pipes, ( 'ainiies, liaNins, or iiny
kind of !' ru lis, i all on our jrieiid, Hilly
l-'ariiier, lliily is a nice. iii'eoiiiiuiiihil.iu'
eiilleiiuni. Mid wis he-peak fur him u lilic
ral iatriina);e.
Sale of f.ainl. Jnn. (j. Knochs.
Ailniliil.-tintiir's Niiliee. J. O. IlBiinah.
N'on-KeHilent Notiei!, 1J. 11. Kstill.
Clerk -Ma-li i'.
. Tiicic's no Donlit nhout It Thiil
ilio.-c persons who iiilveitlse in their coun
ty paper sell ooiU cheaper tluin llioso who
do not advertise. Our citizens will liear
tliat in mind. Iv cousultiii'' tin: coluimisof
Hie Home .lounnd. liefortj piirehasin.
We'll keep lljis iiitii le standiii. lit the
liiiltoin of our new advertisement, notices.
i-'caanco Collea-iute Instiiiitc.
Dec. 0, 1 807.
Tliu ncliool opened ,thin morning
with rptilc a lareti ir.inilcr in utluiidnnco.
i'lii! nvcrai! for iJoc. was roiul by the
lieelor, i n I It wns I'otnirt that tlio fol
low! iji Students had utliiinml the hiyh
ml ranft in their respective forum :
John (ionce, 'J'cniiessro, .. . 95
W. J. Lemon, Mcinpliix, IVun., !)Ii,50
Dux for thy pruBJiil mouth, (,'. Ii. Hand
Iv. Prefect, W. I!. Wuodvvor.1.
Inlui (i 1,'uan. Aiiilaehleohi. Ma,, !io.:iu
Henry Imnlap. Ireliind, li.'i.-ll
IieilellJohiisiiii, i:ileiitiui,N. (', tM.!i,
C, 1!. HioiillV. AVInehester. Tetlll., (7.fW
H. Wl.il In . '.Meniillis. 'J'emi,, 1)7.
I1'. H. Klltridye. l.ii., Dl.its
.1. J!. Dean, Mielliwllle, Telim, )H.-i
W. i!, Woudword. franklin. Co., (!i.7:t
Win, 1 : 1 1 1 1 1 . Applnclil. ola. l-'la.. I-U..VI
.Inn. Williams, Frunklin, Co., Ten., !0.37
JUrk lloue-him. Vlnelicstei, Tenu. tio.itii
II. C. Wliiiaker. Wlni liester. Tenn. Id 411
llu;rh Cuperton, Wiiiehester, Tenn. Hl.7ii
e to invite a ihern tiMtromii-c. 1 ins I '"'rv eei, inrtne neiient ol our reader
I'.'il Cnllllllinil'!';tii.l with the l-'lli
v. a.-! ii ;. re:,l dny for
had the presence of
Hi;' vcomanrv 'lie
hhrmd 'iii ejii
l.a-t Monday
Vi'i:icl cs'cr.
a 1.1';.'' crowd of
hoiie-d men of toil - fi.cii one looking!
id'lerhis own material interests, audi
earnestly (-iiileiivorine to achieve tin
victory in the fearful Htnilc with ml
ver.'-il.y which h now and has for f-omc
yeuiH rilled with iinal.aled fury, (.'on
liidelalile (pnilitity of laud w:W Mild,
mid other kinds of proiici I v. lint one Avci
thint; is reiiiarkiil'le, idthoiieh the! Tl
times are ho tiffht, we seldom, if ever, i ('''oin tin old paper may dele miiie soiu
b" property -jl!i'red for Hale hy t,!ic ' yoniie ; nu n just starling out, on life':
ISIicrilV or Constable lo lie sold under ; "ven! I'ul journey, as to win;!- profe-i-im
-.ci in ion. ; or mm .ii mil uiey Will tlioosi
'I his fact speaks volumes in behalf, clerk is tjn- slior.-)l liver, ai he
ol tlic leniency ol onr people in foe . Ins lamp at .!.'!. Next (Vim
cull, clion of old dcht.i. This is riupt. j er whose a vcno.o' is I! I . Then (he ma
Let there l.c u epirii. of mutual forbear-1 chiiiisl, w ho-e a i rn",e is .'I!i, The priu
a ice, mid give tlic eiier'n-K of the ; b r, live to IIS, The Musician to I!!). I
del. tor Iree scope, and he Mill soon re i 1 Hi' cd. lor ceases his seril.bliii" at l'.
branch of Mi:. I'm ion :
d ina few! -s Ha-re isase:inn of the year when
brill- us into direci -"'"''' "''; ' villa;,'- are
, I ma ol umieijuelll oceuri'i'liee, lliul, lie
' I ie' i ii ; lliul a lew iireciuil iomirv reinio-Ls
v. or! I, combined with the pure air and i iio..u;-,li your excellent paper to tin; j;i)oi
v. a lee, ccrtaiiilv oilers lo Ihu capitalist ! pi-nile of lliis jilace, would not lie coiisid-
ereil olliidnis or oUni-dvc. It has la-en
I j akl l.luil "eaiition j.. tin- jiarelit. ofsafel.v."
N'ine-li nllis of Hie (levnurin llrcs
eMi'iiorumarv iniiiiccmciits lo coine
iirnoiejf us buy our yacanl lol", (an
I I .. J'. . I 1
-o.- ..:a, .., meui ,.s mvoram;, ,,,.,,,,. or jmiieHv ,,,,, eM-clc.-smss or
ileated, lor heallh ami cleanliness nsi m-lei-i, to see Hint -stoves and eldmneysiiru
mini could desire,) and In-lit to muke I well t'orliiied against tills diumeroiis.
' ' I -
llii-i what it, wait fast beeomiii'.,' when
the war broke out a delightful abodV:
for ils happy denizens.
llliiiiili usel'iil elcnieiil, Many of the
Moves and chimneys lihout Hie jnihlic
i;mire Iiiiikc hut I'-elile re.-istaiiec in favor ""
i of nrot.e.-l i no Tlia i-Msieillli.'.s nl u:.i' leu ' ll'
Hill of Indictment Ajiiilnst Con
While Congress talks of imp(uehin
the President, it is itself arraigned be
fore tin; public on the following
charges :
1st. As the aider anil nhctterof a de
praved currency,
lid. As ne" lectin'' to invest igate
enormous army funds.
U. As a tariilllu that gives us very
dear goods and dear food
Jlli. As guilty of nepotism, creating
olllces for relatives.
Tith. As voting its members extra
pay on the eve of a Congressional elec
tion. litli. As dismembering the Govern
inent to enjoy spoils of ollice.
7th. As thrcateiiinga Presidential im
pciu.'hmciiL to set up a puppet of its
VJje Length of Idle.
lowing informal ion en
lieve himself from the galling incubus
of old d.-hts.
Tin: Cou.ily Court elected for tlic
pn -ienl year as ipiorum, .John V. M il
bams,.). I'.. Fosii-r, ami A.. I. Simpson.
The lirsl. named wa i elected Chairman.
There Were fome i videi.ees of the
presence of iirdint i.jiir'tt.H towards the
skin of (in: evening. Two of i7'
pitched in and had a li liciilf- nobody
As threatening to destroy the
left us i.i.llilu to, iierlileelo the red tongue JUUiern Male uovcrnnienis.
! of lire. We m-e, at present, unprepared to )(h. The Senate proposes to make
conifiil w ilh this -,., element thai. Is lies- itsi-ll Hie iippidllling power ill order to
! ii I, at so.iin ill -tiint day, to hum up tlic. ; i"i''lizo the patronoge of the na-
' verv earl a on which we live. We linve !
'.iiM.i-.mi iiccimpimvMio lire Imh.u! iOtli. It i tlio greatest spen lthrift
I i ... i . i ...i . i. t . .i. I ('(MifirrsH 1 1 i.'il. flit woi'ld over snw.
Hlil'hvi - i' UMMi'l S II ii WflH'M II) Itm.'M Lilt'
"'! fa,l 1-mliiivMliu.ie.shculil Ii oj,ce llnil u Jj!l'' A Congress that fosters inonop
IV sl,...i, in". (.,;,. i. i ,-,,ii,i,. d i (dies without end.
.clench (;u,ir,loiiriniei'e-t. '1 l.c ive.-ni I'nrjk.ii.ll , I -'H'-. A Congress that eripplea the
ami Vi:-I.-Iu'.; lire, should ftirus to a,- .'Haieit amivins iranic ami
livily. 'J hecit , nf I'oiliand Inula jioiula- l-"l,lll,'''e('.
lien ofH.',.i,ni), wa; liMi'l-oiuely huili,mo,t- J:,lh- A (-ongress that diseourages
Iv .ine. Iiiiel. or ,Miuicsirueiires. m-olocteil l'oUo" K"MV1""' '0' t-ixing raw cotton.
., ,,.i .....i win. i, ..-.. r.is. ,r :iuim i,.l l"1'- liy killing eoltoii-raising it
rowotrihismor lives. hoiiMiicion no- liilcs hv waici'. in- '"''I19 l"c National bonds to stray
IIo w Tbcy Take Cure of The msu I v i
Hon, Wm. P, Fi'ssendei), of Maim
Is one of the loaders of the liadicals i
tlio Ui)itcd Stnt:'s, Senoto. From tl.
following, fronftlio Wasliingtuii co.
respoiideiii'Q of tho Commercial, how.
denlly bijieves that lio who (loos ii '
luko care of bis house-hold is woiv
than uu iaflilel. Tlie uorresponden
says : .
'Let rnc point you to Ibu most con
spictiotis gentleinan in that body Mi
Fessenden, of Maine. Hath ho'tleniei
the faith ? Hath he provided not i'oi
bis own? Let the following fact sul
lice: S. C. Fessenden, Chief Kxainini'i
of the Patent, Ollice, at iv salary ol
U,rifiO a year brother of the Senator ;
Joseph Fessenden, Post-master at
Lewiston, Maine, ft.'). 000 a yourbrat
her of the Senator : Charles Fessenden
Surgeon of Maine Hospital, ai. Port
land, Maine, 8-1,000 a year brother ol
the Senator; Daniel W. Fessenden.
Clerk of the Supremo Court of Port
land. Maine, Hillary ijslOOO brother ol
the Senator; T. D. Fessenden, County
Attorney for Androscoggin county,
Maine, salary 11.000 brother of the
Senator; Hewitt Fesaoiu'oii, Assistant
in the Custom House nt Kastport.
.Maine, big salary brother of the Sen
ator. Then as to sons, there is (!en
eral Frank Fessenden, who was wound
ed at ( let! ysbtirg and afterward promot
ed to Jirigadierin the regular army and
retired on full pay, while thesj w hose
relatives had denied the faith were put
on the pension-roll without any pro
motion, dipt, Samuel Fessenden, in
the regular army, is stationed' at Fcr
tress Monroe. Hon. Edward Fox, Uni
ted States District Judge, in Maine, in
a brother in law of the Senator. Win.
Fessenden, a cousin to the Senator.
was appointed Paymaster in the army,
but for some human frailty was dismiss
ed; but, though cast down, he was not
forsaken, for the Henntirgot him into
a Treasury clerkship at 81,800 a year.
Thus we have brothers, son, brother-in-law,
cousins, all provided for. Aunts
and uncles, and grandmothers, too, no
doubt, were the beautiful truth fully
known, llretbren and sisters, doe's
this look like denying the faith and be
ing worse than an iididel?
tlrltisli Capital Coining South Ue
lL'ffor the Planters.
Last winter the Legislature of Ten
lessee chartered the 'American Indus
rial Agency, with very valuable frun
hises. The purpose of the rompnnv is ti
dd in an . incrxastl.- prochiction ut
viiiiiiorii staples, by advancing money
to planters on I'uvoi'iiblo terms.
M.r,.Jl. JlcHallle, ti . well-lu,u.wn
eoniriuutor to tno nuancmi ami com
mercial columns of tlio London limes,
has recently arrived in this country,
commissioned by largo llritisb capital
ists to examine into ami report upon
the 'American Industrial Agency, and
is now making a tour throughout the
Southern States, in company with Col.
Ben. K. Green, Solicitor of the Ameri
can Industrial Association.
Wo understand that Mr. Mellaffle
represents that class of British capital
ists who go for reasonable and certain
profits, with good security. Nowhere
on tho face oj" tlio earth can they (bid
such certain return, with such abun
dant security, n.s in the Southern States.
We ai'o gratified to learn that, so far,
Mr. Mellallle has been greatly pleased
with his visit, and very favorably im
pressed. His favorable report will
turn n large amount of British capitnl
Into the South. Xuttville Union,
' Tl.t; tailor is :. lad to
lalcoil at . The painters are eased'-ie.d liiernlly. alinot rising from the j 'd'romftw iy up ojir foreign .balances
u I i ii .if. ..mi lli'i. .Ii.. ii. ...Hi n.-iuHt.-jn, "miii vi;ir
iftJieireiis'-l and colic at !:!. Lakers, ! "',(-',ni'
I yd, it ha.l !?ll).llilU.iiliU Miiilli of projierly I
maiiulneturers and ;u'ioiis mechanics
. i C! 1. ...... ii i ii
' "-""- '" ""e-i-s ,,,1,;,.,,,,, ,.;,,,., it ei.ntemplihl.'
:o -in. m a.-,oii.s a, 11. arpeii'er.t ai .: era.-Ker in the hands of
1!) liuielicrs livelo .10, lilac!,;. miihs
.iieat.ri. Shipwrighls, battels, law
yers, and shoe. miker go up at 'ti.
gress that keeps up war taxes in times
! ..r; i .1... ..
I on, em, I in ., I, Iimir-J. iVi.lti I lie ii-i'i' lii.l"' lK-'" ",,u l lA lliwiie .
I radel'.s i ...,. , f,., ..urn..
ii I U
1,'eiiieinher I lie I rilling origin of tires that
sweep away in a f.'v I ours the earnings of
'. " I cracy are being nt last thoroughly
Th! Democracy ."Moving.
From Hie X. V. Metropolitan Uncord.
We are glad to see that theDimo-
Tbe ln'Ci-ssil)li! Conilicl."
Oidii- (-'.onlli.
ircv droves of mule.-, i,a-.sei
hrou:',li, So ill iiv. a rd bound, liurin ' (be
lirings I'ireihly (o
mind Hie good old limes prior lo the
war, v, .'icn I he South was prosperous.
This presaees another hoiviilcan eli'url
on II, e ail ofplanlers to make up for
llieir lioavy losses the pin t year. We
hope they may succeed, for, from pres
ent indications cotton isccrtaiu to coin
maud a good price for years, perhaps
lot' all lime to come, unless the frcetl
ni ei i put forth m ore energy or mjiiic
other kind of bibor is Micecssfully in
Irodiiccd. If the black race wont work,
1 the cotlon planters w ill most likely
make heavy iniporlations of the Coidies
and (iermaiis, the former being prefer
able on account of their docility iiml
iiptmss to learn. Desiring the welfare
of our former hlavcH il is tube Imped
that they w ill awal.e from their b lh
M'ey and indolence, ami (bus render
themselves imcfid to tin iniielvi s as well
as the country in which they are ile.s-
tim il to dwell, and preserve intact the
pr:sent relation tbcy sustain to the
landed proprietors. Should they go
to work it) real good eiirneol, they
coiil I noon command means to pur
chase unuill bodies of land and by be
. coming free holders elevate lliein.-n lves
in their own and white neighbors csti-matioi.
i'... 'man (if he lU'caelies for I Ik
good of fio'ii'.'i souls, and in it for the; When this revolutionary doctrine,
salary), .'.". Coopers .vA.ov through ' prcgiiiiiil with revolution, strife, blood
life itulil ", Public olll'ci rs live fa! i!ci, nnarHiy and despotism was lir.
f'roi'.i the ul. lie crib f.r Mycin. The 'announced, the Statesmen of the eouu-
bnnker remains on change l:i. Jud;;i-s ilry i wmcdi.Uoly saw the danger and bom the Dark and Bloody (Srotiud,
and Jiislices of Hie l'eacel wade lliromdi ! Koii.td-I the alarm. Kverv good amL lni" l." llu. l'l'ineiplcs of the great ex
am" i pie lore and uiiid.'in hnv.i and in-! ;-:i:l1' man was I'errilie.d. Put the
stances fur II 1 yar
i . ... ....
aroused 10 a irue nense ot tne con
dition of tin: country, and that, awak
ing from their lethargy, they are de
termined to do battle again and again
for the salvation of constitutional
freedom. From gallant old Kentucky
General Southern Sentiment.
l)e Jiow's I.cview contains nn eloquent
appeal against (no thumb-urn ew and
Icy kind nf punishment proposed by
the extreme Radicals, ami thus urges
something better, and for good and
sufficient reasons :
"The South went down under your
riincral ol IfiKhop Klliolt.
The funeral of the beloved and ven
erated Pishop Elliott took place on
Christmas day. The service commenc
ed" at 11 o'clock tit Christ church, and
long and before the hour named the
church was 111 led to repletion. The
altar and the whole interior of the
church were tastefully draped in mourn
ing. The Georgia Historical Society,
of which tho bishop was president,
wearing their badge and the insignii of
mourning, was in attendance in' large
numbers. After the service in the
church, tlio procession was formed,
preceded by several of the ministers of
tho Episcopal church.
The funeral was the largest that has
probably ever been seen in this city, ami
during its passage to the cemetery tho
Ilia people thronged the sidewalks and
stood in mournful silence. The ne
groes, in the midst of their holiday en
joyments, censed their sports and fell
into the lino in immense numbers, fol
lowing thai man, whom in life they lov
ed, and whose memory they revere, lo
his last resting place. Thousands of
phople wended llieir way to the ceme
tery, where the last and rites were' per
formed, of which a pleasing incident
was the beautiful chant by a number ol
young "entlemen. Thus were the last
Tlio President him purdoiicil two 1
dred and nlnnty-Hvo Confederates.
The Missouri Senate ratllled the f'on.n
tiitionid amendment Saturday, hv u , '
.JThu-BieitOtuXiinntrlhuted hv Ituhen.
fr the rVnliin prisoners are d'etnlncti h,
Toronto, the custom-house, iluty not h,iv
big been paid.
- Monduy begun a week of myi!r ,
Chicago, Ihu eliurclieu and the Von, ,
Men's Christian Afisocluthms hold ,i ft
prayer meetings. '
The penal law of Alabama, which piui
Ishes horse ami mule Bleullnjr with iLii
took egoct the 1st day of, I Miliary.
An eminent member of the House Is sul,i
to be preparing article of impeachment
lur severul Judges of the fliipreuiu Court,
Tho city of Houston Is about to sul,.'
Her Iw half a million of dollars to eoiupiet,
t iolr connection hy railroad with 'w
Beard, the celebrated nnhmil nuliitim
ins Just 'begun a painting Illustrative
the say ing, "It ruins cuts und dogs."
Thomas Parrott, of Boylo county, Ken
tueky, started irom Texas not loiijr nir0
with four hundred und Hlxty horses, aini
was robbed of nearly half of the iitunher
liefore reaching Kentucky.
' Harvey Judd
has rc-opened again.
And offers to the public nil
styles of Pictures, Including
H the
O on
rH 'JiiK age.
Call and examine sjiec-
hue ns.
cohorts and your legions: but having honors rendered to one whoso loss to
gone down with lief broad and teeming j the church, to the country, and society
lands wasted, with hei'citiesdostroyed, jean never be supplied, and whose mem
ber warriors scattered, and bleeding. !ory will remain dear to all who came
and dead, her resources exhausted, and ! within the sphere of his acquaintance,
her people clothed in sackcloth and Suuunnuh A'eim
ashes, yours is a magnificent tribute
when behind every bush vou see her
bayonets gleaming still. Compose J ",K "kalu Siufnnu Ghoi;nd The
! Herald, m an editorial on "the true idea
ollleiciitly and finally. The issue, which i "ftl,c government and the duties of
.'.... ' .. . fn.y,.u . ,.,..nn 1 ll... ,'..11 :
was made fairly, was as fairly decided. . r ' ' l" " 'ouowiug eon-
In appealing to the sword, its ttrditra-i l''USK"1 :
Let the pending constitutional
amendment remain on trial in the in
tractable States until they lire ready to
accept it. Time works wonders, und
L best briimls of Cigars. Chewing anil
Smoking Tolmcco. call at Jidly Farmer's.
Also, on hiinil. the best, Ale' and l.ujjcr
lieer. fresh from the Hvewery. I'm- Hie
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ing gooil nice Fines, of all sizes ami shape,
Cull and see them. Tobacco Pouches'
Snutl' Jloxes, Oysters. Sardines, Fruits,
all can be bought cheap for cash at the Ci
gar Store of W, Ii. FAli.MKi;.
aooliiioii J'resident. Tho ouestion is ! md, unlurling Hie standard of the Con
i..UTllca!ly'selll,:difor the time at least, j t'll'' ft the breeze, inspires the dig
.... y ' " .-tii n- hoiirtened with new hope, and arouses
the apatheliu to new life. Let the
i iioiiiuler of the iiarlv. comes the rnllv
rnlaiv.i am m. . v' '"an was ierniie.il. iu: t:m "con-: i ... , '....r., ,,. . ,,
, iie cm. iuu iuni eii'iir, canine tile
Next an I last . Ibt'l the insane issue was forced : ,.',uS '..r Vl.l.,mii ! .(,n(li,.r A
comes the hone-,!, fair -dealiu.', hard-1 ut'oii 4ne couiilrv by Ibe election of an ! in '!IS, she places herself in the van.
listed farmer, who revels iu nature's
chief delights for . years, lint the
close-llsleil, penurious, malicious, en
vious and ungenerous of all trades,
callings mid professions have llieir
lives abridged ul least ;,ri per cent, asa
just, penally imposed by nature for such
menu aiid-villniuou-i trails of character.
Savs the Louisville Hciuocrnt : "The
Democrats and Ihe Southern Slates
are ma-dcrt of the situation, if they
will only content themselves to be pa
tient. The Government of Cougia'Ss
can d'j nothing. Their position tinder
I lie Constitution is impregnable. The
Southern Stales, must eventually be
These Stales do not co-exist " half
slave, hairiree; they are ( slave.--. Democracy of the other States imitate
The shackles upon the negro were the action of our brothers of Kentucky
mostly imaginary, and wer j not felt er ' ftml I"'ovo to tlluln llmt N"')'. if,0 c
complained of. Those worn by the
white masses of tho land are real and
solid devoid of anything like fiction,
counterfeit or ".shoddy."
The Washington Vhrohirle, edited
by "the dead duck," alias John W.
Forney, calls upon Congress lo take
the Supruine Court of the I'liited States
iu Imiid, for liavjng decided that mili
tary commissions for tho trial of civil-
represented, and if they are linn they inns arc unconstitutional. Wo do not
can be represented under an amended
i (institution. Only be patient, mid
1 wail." ."5'o truer advice was evergiven,
remarks the F.vaiisville (lud.) Courier.
Why should the Smith submit to dis
honorable demands, and at the same
time con. promise their gallant friend
North, to gratify their hitler enemies
now in power 't A year or two of nun
representation will do them less harm
than many years of misrepresentation
Jfen of tlieSoulb be true to yourselves.1
buckled on their armor and are once
more ready, as iu the glorious past, to
face their old and wily foe. Let them
hold Slate Conventions and give clear
and authentic utterance to the imligna
wilh which they look upon the usurpa
tions'ol'the old anarchists iu Washing
ton, and their conspiracy to overthrow
the liberties ol the people. Let them
be inspired by the spirit that actuated
tion was accepted. I'oopic know no
higher courts, and Congress may de
cide as they please the bayonet gives
the Jaw. From (he Chesapeake to I'J
Paso, the Sout h tells you this. Her necessity is a poweriul teacher. If the
Legislatures, her statesmen, her dis- States concerned prefer to sa crifice (he
armed warriors, her people of high and great advantages of restoration to their
low degree, all soleinnly and oniphat-1 "i" negro prejudices, lor two, five or
ieftlly declare it, and having discovered
their truth and earnestness when they
told that Ihey meant war, canyon not
trust them w hen they tell you that they
moan peace perinanant and lasting
peace V Moreover, ti c issues which
resulted in the war arc extinct. If new
ones arise, they are as likely to besuch
ns will disturb the peace of the North
as well as ours. No man in our do
main, unless within tho walls of a luna
tic asylum, dreatns of resistance to u
power which, iu the heyday of ourpros
perity and might, bora so ovcrhehm
ingly and resistlessly upon ns. The
Government of the United States is our
only Government, and in its houor and
glory must wc find ours."
Gold as a Stan-dakd, fkom a new
Havks SfASM'oixT. Professor Urew
erhas been lecturing iu New Haven on
tho " Mining Resources of the Paeilie
ten or ultecn years, give them their
margin, and when cured, their cure
will bo complete. Let tho amendment
take its course, and lot Congress turn
its attention to the national finances,
the currency.and our excessive taxation,
internal and external, and to the ques
tion of a general bankrupt law and oth
er practical measures of relief, retrench
ment and reform, and tin two houses
will be legislating to the general ad van
tnge and satisfaction of tlic country.
The Weather.
I'p to Wednesday evening, fllh inst.,
the wcitbcr was the most charming tho. Ti urn toiiiai. Govkkn.mi.nts. Tin
. I I ...t ....,. , I 'Ill . . .
ummirMiiunrH-i .i uic miiiuie Xew York World says; "The ell'ect
of Winter, iwasmil.l ami balmy n!,(fTcrritor;al Governments is a inovlr
wonder that such fellows as Forney
should lake alarm for that decision
makes murderers, of every rascal who
had anything to do with the trial and ''''V ll'iul ilml adversity, but, boldly
proclaiming their principles, they de
nounce in fearless and indignant lan
guage the infamous riot of the destruc
tives at the capital. "Resolved," they
say, "that wc view with horror the
the Democratic Convention held iu ijemon." Among some clever thing
I .... .. .... i ... I ".i . :....- !.... u... . r " . . . . "
uwtii.-ii titv; I'll mi; j.iiii lll.lt., llr VllM
appointment of delegates to the State
Convention, which .is to take place at
Frankfort on Hie t!2ud of February,
1SU7. True to the political faith of
tho great statesman of Montiecllo, thev
give fortli no uncertain sound in the
execution of Mrs. SurraU, and all
others who have been illegally put to
death by military commissions. It
would be like Congress to abolish the
Spring. The zephyrs came to n i hi
den with the invigorating spirit of
health, and tho evidences of a near np-
hypothetical (.uestion. If such Gov
crninciibi arc enacted, the Supreme
Court will net them aside as re'iiicnant
proaeliot m i.u.ntiiig anil (lowering , t(, u, Constitution, and things revert
heason the time for tho singing ofthe ! t tli.-ir present condition. The threat
;..'my ;-o 7 when ail nature, clothed ,.,.. pafclv be treated with scorn. The
choice does not lie between ratification
of the amendment and Territorial Gov
ernments, hut between ratillcation audi
the rik of a long exclusion from Con
iu her green robe comes rejoicing up
from tho warm smooth valleys lo the
bills and mountain's top, inspiring the
animal kingdom with newness of lif-,
and imparling a tinge of juvenility
even to ogo ilself Hut our weather
beaten, weather wise, wise acres, ns
twt that the past few days of lovely
weather are only wenfher brxdrrs, to be
nice-ceded by a very bard winter yet.
Wc hope they will prove false "proph
ets ; but they may be right, and if 3-011
have any liauling to do, jiow'b tho time,
Supreme Court altogether. A thiii'r it! revolutionary design of the minority
can do just iis legally as it can abolish 1 ,1,)w l)0WL'r in Congress at Washing.
i.,!, if,i i.,rri.,r;L I ton, and that iu view of these danjrers,
t' I wo urgently recommend tho meeting of
Tiik Radicals better not magnify the' ? fUumociJll,c Convention in
" ' 1 Louisville at an early period ; that wc
power of 1'cdcral Government. llicrc ri,qui,st ti,c Democratic State Convcn
is levelling inio whose hands it will j tion to issue a call for such Convention,
fail before many years. They have ll"d that wo suggest the 1st of May,
line .sailing now but oil's not L'obl lliati 1'S!i7' as 11,0 ihV fur its assembling."
fitters. Tho majority ofthe United " , ; V . 11,0 1 , '
. . . . 1 cracy throughout the countsy act as bc-
tr tho roads are ns line and firm as tbc-1 of the progressive movement of Mr.
turnpike. And so mote it continue bo
to be.
A witty divine once defined certain
words: Orthodoxy is my doxy Hie
ti '6jv Ujanotltf nt'd doxy.;' Witfl
ray SfVij ; U'4loj ally i; , aBoibcr mn'u'f
The Philadelphia Age hits tho nail
upon tho bead when it nays "the
Presidential election is approach ingv
and the minority nro detcrminsd to
Si.vi.iiAi. of Reecher's Puritan con
gregation have recently been arrested
for -cheating the Government out of
thet?2 tax on whisky. If Ueecher's
liious followers will make w bisk-v. e:in
carry that election, s they did the l.-.s' !,)Q )ot t,H,m o do u .
I,. -i .. . 'i'ki.. :.. .1
in hib ivnii-nk uni in iic iiieauiuu
Sumner, and it must be so consider
It U aid that cx Secretary Harlan,
jvho went Info office-nsioor ns a crow
In April, retired worth half a million
Hi! is one of a legiun list of patriot
who Lave inadeAyify juilas profitable
as tUamy,
icy tlirouu;liout tho countsy
comes them. Let them follow the
example set them in the resolution
quoted, and call for a National Con
Tontion to lie convened 011 the 1st of
May. 1807, three wel before the day
tiled Inr Thud Steven hill fe IL l,
' 'ir opponents- men wiH;,,,,,' 0f territorial eckeme in Sorth
be sorely tempted lo forget the doc- Carolina. Now is the hour for the
trine of strict construction thev insist commencement of the good work
Ihe danger increases with every day of
inaction. Let tho chairman of the
Chicago Natioral Convention bestir
himself; and let him bear in mind that
he has a duty to perform for the 11c;
lect of which he will be held to a strict
We say this in "no spirit of menace,
hut ns an incentive to immediate action,
In him was vested the authority to call
that Convention together when eonsti
niaics are againsi mem lo-iiay, ami in
the progiv.-s of events Ihey may go
under and bii rebel i. They will then
look with Imrroratthat power they arc
now building up, as they did a few!
011 now.
lie had said, wc notice the stupid 11 on
senes that, owing to new gold discov
eries, the value of gold would steadily
depreciate, and that "prices, of- which
it is tho standard, would constantly
grow higher for years." Now gold,
under tho present system of prices, can
scarcely be said to be the 'l-standard of
value. ' 1 be authors ol the now Ameri
can system quite ignored the constitu
tional provision on that subject.. Tho
present standard of value seems to be
the will of tho Treasury Department,
lint whether so or not, Professor Rrew-
cr may find, if he should - take the
trouble to consult the bct Fmidish
K.vo.vii.t.E We learn from an extra
issued from the Commercial ollice that
J. C. Luttrcl was elected Mayor on
Saturday, and that nil the old Board
were returned with the exception of
Sam McClunahan, in whose place
Hiram Harry was chosen. The Com
mercial remarks :
The election passed off very quietly
.....I ... I. 11... I T ' .!. ''
.ihu uu nope me ijoyai i.eague win nev
er again attempt to "draw political party
lines in the Municipal elections until our
city is much larger than at present. We
want in ollice those who will work for'
the interest of the city regardless ofpo
liti(nl proclivities.
The Vicksburg Herald-says the fa
mous Davis's cut olflias at length been
made. The Mississippi "river has thus
bee 1 shor ened eighteen miles. The
shut is twcnly flvo miles below Vicks
burg on the Mississippi side We have
heard of one boat goin-t t'irough, bip, we
have learned t!mt the water is deep
enough to permit all. The "Block
WILD iRismj
And can always be found over JOHX
W. WII.UAMS'Snrtdlc Shop, and is pre
pared to manufacture anything in the lino
Gentlemen's FincTmnp Boots,
Double or Single Sides. Also,' any kimioi'
Ladies' Shoes,
Pumps, Slippers of any dcscrlptian. from
Satin Slipperw to French, of which he will
always keep a general assortment on hand.
, Kcpairlng pone NYiitly,
And every piece of work warranted to
give siitistiictlon, or no pay charged.
Please Give us a Trial.
Insolvency Notice.
Having suggested the Insolvency of the
estate Ot James Ulcilsnc, ilee'd. all persons
ioimii cuunis against sum estate, win rile
them w ith the County Court Clerk, law
fully authenticated, w ithin the time pres
cribed hy law, or they will be forever bar
red. This the IHIi day of .laniutrv. IsttT.
jiin12-3m Administrator.
Stnt er Tennessee, Franklin Co.
Knight &arwln, aibn'rs,
F.K. Foreman.
On motion of complainant, and it appear
big to the Clerk & Master, from the hill
which is sworn to. that tiiedcfemliint. 10.
Foreman Is a iion-resiilent of the Stale. ?o
that tUe ordinary process of law can
not: be served upon him.
It is therefore ordered that publication
he made for four successive w eeks Ui the
ilome.loiirnal requiring mild defendant to
appear before the Clerk ami M.i.ter on or
hefor Wednesday titter third Monday in
February nextnnd plead, answer or demur
to said bill, or Hie sumo will Im taken lr
confessed and set for hearing export.
U. If. KS'J'II.L, c. m.
janUlw 4 50 .
irouoidio consult uic uivt r.i.gusii Uox t.rcett,,i ,v ,,, Kederils I., l K'fa Daris ami Walter Day
writers on currency, that gold lias a ! " .',:, nl, ? fu" ra,s',m s, i huts of the State, so that
value iu itself, which c:U.not be chang j ' ' Ja ", ,0(rf,"I1;ro,,' "8 l'n"-r of laweammt te Mri
ed by new discoveries. residences of Joe ntid Jeff Davis are It is therefore ordered tin
Over one million dollar were paid i"tiol!Rl frc,1m w" " imminent peril
Inst month to Southern claiiiiauts for
cotton captured and confiscated by the
Tnion troops during the war, and
winch was claimed to have been illeg
ally taken from the owners.
Rent in St Louis aro one-third high
er than lu New York.
Many Irish ore emigrating to Louisiana.
Tho timo has come, and there is crime
lu delay. In the words of a spirit-stir-ing
letter now before us, and from as
true a Democrat and uterling a man ns
ever drew the breath of life "Now is
the time to act Wo ought, as in the
days of '7fi, to organize committees of.
correspondence, committees of safety,
and societies of the 'sons of liberty'
throughout the cutirj country. The
South must and shall be preserved."
ed by new
Paper money is another the. Whilst
we have " got a government which can
manufacture the article ad libitum, prices
will bo wry likely to increase " g ow
higher tor years. the rrolessor s
argument or rather assertion, may be
easily overthrown by the use of his
gold. lie will find that a very little of
it will buy lots of depreciated govern
ment trash. --Iartfort Timet '- '
Si'.U'LuiKi:, of Ohio, is becoming
conservative. He warned his Uadical
associates Friday, that if they persisted
in the attempt to enforce extreme meas
ures, there would be for them an tin
pleasant reaction throughout the coun
try. Stevens made another exhibition
of himself and disgusted even his Rad
ical tonrert, and declared that if the
doctrine favored by Spaulding is adop
ted, Congress will be flooded with un
reconstructed rebels. Ho complimeu-
teil ins own Mate, rcnnnrlvan a. bv
declaring that he blushed for it 011
the negro queslion. It is a good thing
that he has "ropo cnoudi" ns the nres-
tnt Ojngrcss is constructed, and we
"rust that bef rc the end ofthe session
be will carry out the proverb.
Ax obituary notice, iu a Japan news
paper, of the luteTycoon, says, "For
tne good or tno zountry a much more
able man was requisite." To be thus
candid is probably not so characteristic
of An.eHca.As of Japanese obituaries.
therefore ou an island.
. A man in St. Louis hung himself with
the whiplash which his wife had just
t used on mm.
I There were 1)7,000 arrests in New
lorku during the' past "year. Flighty
three parson's were arrested for homi
cide, r .... 1
It has been decided in one ofthe
French courts that to call a' woman
" lemulc is to insult her. aud is flnea
ble. Tho cost of the new opera house in
Paris is now placed ut four millions of
dollars. It will be ready in '6'J.
Twenty five thousand carle de v'ulet
or Lee were sold 111 Washington iiunic
(lintcly after the surrender.
" Mark Twain," tlie humorous wrl
ter, Is on his way from California to the
Fast He is a son of ex-Governor
Clemens of Missouri -
There are 20,000 feniata drun!.ard3 iu
Brooklyn, N. YV- - - - '
One bninlred miles' West of Fort
Ri'ey is the centre ofthe United States.
The Southern loyalists in Washing
ton are beginning to lose patienci with
Congress. ,
Aldibarsn, lb ought to lt tho best
runner next to Kentucky, lu Amsrica,
has been beaten in New Orleans by Har
ry of the West, six year old.
State of Tennessee I'midlin County.
A. K.Xrwin,
vs ,
Kllza Davis and Walter Davis.
On motion of complainant, and it op
peiiring to tlie Clerk & Master from the
bill which is Hwnrn to. that the ,li'i',.ii,l n,t
Eliza Darin ami Walter Davis urenon-iei-
the ordinary
cannot lie ferveil upon them
0 ordered that miiilii'Mtiim
he miiile lor I'ourcoiiseeiitlve weeks in the
Home Journal, Diihlished in Wlm-lu-aer.
Tenn, requiring nald defendants to appear
liefore tho Clerk it .Master on or het'or
Wednesday after the third Monday of Feb
ruary next, and plead answ er or (lemur to
xiiid hill, or the same w ill tic taken for con
fessed, and set for bearing ex parte us to
' IL It. ESTILL. C, & II..
I jai12 , 4 CO , , . , .
Officers' Blanks;
a lto $ut$t . ffljwr,
A Vice lot of Blank
"Warrant " and Executions " a I
ways on hand, and fur wile, at
tftis office.

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