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The home journal. (Winchester, Tenn.) 1858-188?, January 19, 1867, Image 2

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jilLUI HI ii ii i iiIJU..i Wl. ' 'T .
Wil 1 ;H"WV W'ii ' '-ff -v,...-.
a imu
Whomsoever (h i ( ap Ills' Jet lain1 The tin j.'iieSioK-nl of ( he ITe -ndc! i . ' lUil IKJTIONS l'O! : JIl'SBAXDM. jliutdmndfl,) and tlmt Uio only Ihm.ii
xrcjii'H I in - i i i i ' . i wo crave, ftexl Sunday we shall prob-
I 1 ,uil l,i3vc tov' '''' l::0 ,,!,i"-iS,- i Irani lie .Vol.il.s Trilmitt.. LXlv t'll-c' tmcud-'eU iu'Wilf v taw
V u print lliU wvck m ut'clo fiom , , llt of the. President appears to l.nvcj IryM'UMvife iovc3yoa, you nmlrcad Wal,; by lnyindwn directions for
the Lat. ro:).iu (,is.) Jiejuocrai. ; rc :nlt.-I in n ini; r:.I.Io 1:ii!uii. -Tiieju.) fauhor, for these direotioiw tire not -.vivos: and follow thoin with rules by
of impi-i.e!--; i i ; c ; i. Ii. 1 for you. Voii need no dit'ee- which children mny regulate their con-
H'tlUSilM. I.VI.I.V ;.Vi I IIDAV JlY
v. . ,l. Hl. I ' )(. ii, i i i in.
which article mi en :j libit)'.;' young pub-
lidl(ri.l illl'ol'.'.nal how t ; nu't'. d, V. e
l:l;tl';:',.t, il.i Oil." V.i:'..v4H Cob iip.r..r,' , , .1 ii VVti
V i) Hi !!:'! rit!
:!l!l(imM,"l!i"-.! l.'.'li
nftnt w.. hid rt rt:.i
1. O.'liTlj!, I'l'o
:.."ti')!l t!ll'o!l;.,!i-
Vouciui L'l't (li'iink tin often us duct toward their pai'uu'.s
vii I'leasc, lie iMiil'.y of roblutry,
siiialioa, halilc, i.iiii'dcr, KU.lden (leitth
TJiO llaiishiar of Icolx-do
'J'ho news which name from Mexico
' t't'i r f,'i I ; v T'i 1 "K ' tu ''' ' ! "u t:'1' ::'i:"v'' j w;y i.H'l ;,iv: i4;,:,( , the ot'.ici-, at uj wife l;i !:'.:ve, by menu of n j.i,;le hi.-.a, i ymUTilav will Biirprise niiiii.v good poo
,i.'... J;,.-. j ':: i-":..'.' ''": i-i 11 ; ''-Vvrt;i Hit' .vm- ;l,wi r, ):-!. j:i-Ai-;i::. v : lb:.', you tire ofic M the mtiitU of the ",,,. wl,. 'lttivoimioscd the imiititemince
. 1 '
.', f,-r.-. . :!!. M'.i: v: i v . ,i :i -i:1:-'
t.i-r i'ij..-r i" 1 : . 1 1 1 1 . I i . .' '. ..'.: :.:i.ii(
l.ii.i i.i b..v ii. i I'm' I !"' .tti.H' v i' nil! ii l(
uii.ili'i lliiif, ui. t!;f '
WBflH"""!1' r" " I" '4' '
Wo are gw'.iti-l ? i'-'
o ii' puli;:crij '.i:i ii. t of 1.
courajress ua, ntid 'vi:!o :w
in Fi';;ii!.:!u coii::i..
The IlosM' r I ,-.: i j :! In.s Uri
t:-; (a.i'l, w,.' I'.iii!:, d."- rv.'il. j
llr:'!.! i.': :' !'. t W.'Ai I
t;!:it; '.. l:.rtii..!i( 4, oil I'cv
C'li .!.''( 1 i'.l t'i ' I-. " ..t V.'';!
i n. rat;
! ,.iifv'i:i "i lite iiii'iVJ),.1,,!..' b.:,. :
"'j jVc r I'Jl'H' of Wvl'.i.'J ;! j;:liiii-. I j
ii:!.:.r tu:: r;:
. i v. ji : ' If r i ! v
loHl-:d V.
ltt:d m:.;!.', t.:id Ihu J.ty
!,',;' e .!'!'. of tho Kuiiiiiv, mid who Imvo unfiled
,' For those hu .bauds who only nppti-) Kiroipdv in favor of it J!oitMio'iiuder
...i ii.. i ,i I ii,,.1 n" ., ' r :i.
n ;ii i; , noi j . ii i , inn; in.oi.vn.vi hi: on,, of iitioiner i iao inanv j.iuvim
:t c . i u ' i lo
:r til'.fX , i v
,-ifn f,-.l'.
i t.ii; .i(,o. lil i li-arirt of llieir wives we lny down the : (:,.i(.Vf. One iteai in ptirlienhr In of
.!''! t.i the Vmiitli foilowiii'' ditvctloif : i iatciv.st to u.. as an example of the
ion :; i, or do u.l.vr tj!V ..:, ITn:,,n -t :uA j.iMi.sptlv : II o'your wetl'iiujj n:;rlit you lyilea
, . ji'-i..: f'.i',;i::, i.i;,.; i.i .,rd-.-r to aid hoj.to ,w i rn.'-i-it l.o'i-' i' ,'r't drunk and break nil your moth
' ",,. ,.. ., i m'i vi ii 1 I- ,vT .' " .1 i i' i , ' , Jer in-l:tw'.'icroe!;fry, do sjmetliiii n-
'.il l' C
e lil e.'id.
ii ,( a j:mti ' iv-honl
:t tol:ii..-::iy.
our t ; i : -; i ; ..'n ..
a :.il
in '.a" ..I no !
)'' v" !':' '.''. .i
itnl l!,-p ,,'( t,f) iai:
'' ;1 "a : our Pit .ci.-i of i ; i ; f f v. i
ii"; ('i:.!i"al iaji.i'j I ; o:i",;mf or i.
' p i i:s(; a .riur i ii'.i r; o:i yur
,.;, J.. ,
;.v'l 1:
ad r,v,
ii,' i :t
i , r 'p.,ci v,
.' C
b. iu,.
alpiil iTihwor i.b.'
j l r:: iti;t ui 1 h-n-!!
tin. t-id.'. ;.
I l . !
I. ('(',.
I ' :( 1 ,
,; r I.
I , ,
i i'.',:i:, i..:.'.
- v!. ! I')
r. '. iiioa !.
V i.i !'.:..' : !
v,u',:,v':. 1:
f.i'.', . i.al no
on. lib: omru'voiiK as .-iouiias po.ssible.
ii', t't(! ''Vii'.I": Von 'will then iib.vays be aide lo sear',
a !o a very laino 1 your v.'ilViiilo H'lbaiiosiou by ivminding
in iu 'm: (in" ibi. ! lit'i of wi.a! wm liavi; cloiii',. and what
, j ..j,.,.",,.,,! iyou in 'V bo il'.;Voiv.'.l to do tljjain,
. , ," j If your wife ia fond ol eiiti.rtaiiiiii..
' 1 1 i and loa it a-not, wait till her I'a.-liioiia-
h- d f.r. 'I'i-e j iVieitd'. l.ave!i.'--. -i'lalded at the house,
... .!,' t o!iiu:i'. P'f, haul iht'it walk iato th; nwhiv with nolh-
;- oil Put your ruitri iiu-l i i ocivi n:;s.
v. iii doui.'.V ititve li e tdiVel of lim
it '-;ln. eoaijiauy ii.r I be room."
il'ou i.i" I.,nd of .siiioki.i it .'ip(
. ii--I
i ion v. hiiii'.:!'' and uo'iii .' ' sil.oijl
I-u I of On' '.or, iii.d coin lii'ln li.V ' :.'
!; : 1 !,i't II", hoc rim nod di;. pd:i
In, ." 'Hat r:,i. ,!..' ; : , K. of old
i!) i:ipj in il.;'.; t ;., 'in.'; '''
Kir-i'i' ! t.lll.il't . ' lit do i! Ihiil v, II,1. !'
I - '-'.; it ;,b,.',',,i ran 1,- had ; :.o I
a i da' r ili;fi r i i i;o i'" !' i:n' d,
i r. I i. oi l iV:yhtr l!:..n t'.e M !le of
liiii .:i ill. ia;;' lioil. cl."it'i' i.i 'e.il.
. - . ...
' I . i i :
,.. 1 lol.oi iu.l
i 1 1 y 'V.:- k.
r .' ):;,' i:i;;:i i: oa I
.rv":4 wib
,i, vii; b
mil n
i ' ,:'-
!,'.( s. :. d :,:i i.i a llvod
a; .;,:::,.;, l iil.p, ,.c!i ! i;
avb.' :.'.. (in: pr, !
v' n ;il. Ill"
:!ar .,;,ii,i:':i t!,.:I. An
il I., t :;':. .iy !. ill;, ail
IVo i.i ids i:!;,o pi te
,' i,ii'.i."..I :,ci an
nil' wife (lolojdidlis ol'yolir bivalii
o! I
l.i'.ii b
, ',1 ; I."
lr : r.ji
'I'hcy Intv.'
Al.'ibl'irn, a"
II :.dy Oi:
ul b:;: l Hi I.I
cilaliilit" I'f.
' i;rilt,i !
iy Inii.o o
llo. aim i'a
l.l 1,' ,o '
e niid no
o. i-'i'.i'.d
on. '.at
.lo i w
in ('.'',
n i::.l
" v''
.0;i :'
I' .
. ,; , .' :
i ill :i
l a:
; .' I
.: P
r ill.
tiaao e,
.1 I;
,1. ,1
; I-
o.i i :
! U ,
f -i
.!",' I'
S ill I'oi f,,,OVill
v. 'licit m'i v vet bud
: ; i f C.i: "j ." ;.!a,
o', .a red ! siibail:
f da' not: rn ,,.ii'.
. f a i'l'i Ida! ;: .
.-. I i,i..w:. lo on.'
, ild- Ii " ib'i'KC'-:
ondition of Ulexieitn Boeiety on the
liorder, and the. slate of lawles. lioss
which exists there. Tltbi hem records
Halt ivicobcdo has been banned by
comm. nd of Camden. Our readers
will iviiii'iiibor that wo pave tin account
of the light .at Alafamoras sonic time
since, in' wit ieh Cannles mid Fscobedo
were pitted aaiiiut t-aeli other, liolh1
jairtics fouirhl well, furl left upon the
lield a la'rj jmii) Sjj'I- of killed mid
wounded. '.During the buttle an order
came from Seikovie!;, the commander
of the ('idled Slates forces" upon the
Kio (li'.iiide, demandim.;' the surrender
of ( ioe.iles and his forces.' The order
hto.:i ;l the battle, but Ciuiales rcfirvd
mal of il, cn oaiojis; it wdl r,.fii;-il to tcirrender to the United
in.. i.e lo i for . die i iue. Slates, prcl'erriii"; to turn liii command
If;, on l.iive aii.i.y, a roan as if your ivvr t) Kobc'do, whom hu had been
la . Iioar bi'd t.niiif, v. in u ver il tie;'iiis lij,;;,, ),ut :l ',:W hours' ln-fore. Wo
: pi"ibi,;:' rl ei i'. Von will lrH Uicu.:,r0 iii'f,, '2ik.i1 Unit this surrender, or
be c.iba! iij....i v,'ail il. Itr.ui.'ii'er id' mithority, took place, and
.. . ie!; j,, oar, i',u not. plensitut, al-! kooii after the two worthies were wen
vo.y , !:..yc bn :in:,;,; llnd, v, ill keep .vu ; v.-ttikiiii ttriii in arm throu.li .Maimno
do.. a (',' n ilia vbolo (l:iy, inid lialf the; :,n ,;i'.in!;i,,:, t (..1, other's good
oi.il, vvbeii your v.ifei.s ididi. j Iteiiltli, nnd "cleniid jienlition to the
(''ben ye iion.e at lour o'clock j whob; race of Yankees.. Kseobedo
in die i:a.rii;,i;:, al'i. r having loat a i i.j,,,,, p,,j; ,.,., ,.,,,, 0f t!t. t rnoiiM," ami
eonijiarative order seemed mdorcu.
What beeiinic ol C'itnid(s lifter this we
arc not iufoi'iired, but from bin appear-
"'lini'in the new eharaeler of hnnyinan'
"i ' ;'; i 1 ' . ' a oa h oiicu.ii'; no',ii, our;j -0 K))rt space of time, we may mier
en an. I y ,ii must tal;e in a ' tji;lt u, . tpi( inp.nm.diiiie days in
pa.. I". !; I nl iileai she ineiilioiis.il new ;l0 ,iMiad eni.iovmeut of Mexican
: o - aii e yom-liend and tnlk idxiutjciuuftains-thiit is, hatching revolts
'coi.iouy itiid Liirdtiiiies. in il' 1 1;U! n i ii j; new insurrections. l!y
. Ji' our wife is very religious and fond ,,0,110 turns' L'anales pained command
of .n'.orlaining ministers, take inlvan- 0ver ,soine portion of'lhe soldiery, and
la-a: of Ihe first ojiiiorlimity to insult bulf .r one liltla o!.tic!c, ho could
one of (!,: ae gU!u.-i..ieu in ymr own take command of the- whole that ob
lioia ,'. I ( 'in be done with perfect im- J ..aeb: was (leiaral Ib.cobedo. Jbit a
pond;-, liiid wid ib ti r filers from call- j h-uh-im chieftain vlioiihl not permit
ie.; dob.;; laenl hours, or tiny other ; s:) sli.bt an obstacle as that to inter
, fere w ith his plans so Ion r as his fol-
c,rt:u:n-il,inc-a art' atlCll liiat i bivvie s leal u witm of rat-ii-id-t-t Of a
The London Times coinphtliiH of tho
animus ol the United Rtuten with refei'
fiieo to tho Fenians, Tho lit' tiah
American Commissioners have agreed
on a conl'tderation bill to Ptirliiiinont,
A bill of faro piiblishodin tho Savan
nah ((.!a.) Advertiser uniiouncen green
pens among the "entrees,"
The Lightfoot I'.asn lialb Club, of
Chattanooga, visited Atlanta on the
2d iimt., mid played ngaiubt tho Atlan
ta Club, beating them Ki iiuiing to 7.
Japan has a new Tycoon, the old
ttoou being dead.
liasil Duke is named us tho most pop
ulitr man in Jvcntueky for Governor of
that State.
Torpsiehoreun iunuscmciilH in Salt
hake city are opened with prayer.
Tho Treasury Department will pay
no money due prior to the war, to those
who espoused the Confederate cause.
The reason is, that a resolution for the
repudiation of such debts is before
e:ii'i,Hi;...i "i.oaiting me tiger,
a :t '..11110 of draw" wilhyoiu'
ted ) i.v.f wife that your Imsi
e':ii;;. s-i l.:i:;e Fiat the labor
R B 1 8 fi
Ar t lie reildcliee Ot lite lirlile'K I'ltt lit-f.
neiirl'milotoc. M is.i., on t In Hull oi'Dect-m-liei-
pa-l, Py tlie.Jtev. Pr. black. Mr. .Ioiin
T. I' i'ii'.vTii ck. of ll.i.s place, mill Mis?
Ill'.TI'li: K, lillA.Mtii'l TK, Of ,li.-si.-silli.
Thus our young nieir go. IMarriuge
seems now to be a mania, and wo are
Yejoieud at it, for it is tho highest proof
'o!'irltie and stability of character.
Xext to the infineiice of Holy Writ,
marriage cornea in to make society bet
ter. -Tho couple in question arc now
happy, may they ever be, au l if they
xlwitll have any troubles, may they bo
little onc3.
1 1
Jjinaal, a;
soi. i" ::;!.' a
i a. ,
"'fla'te v.e.
:'C ,;!, e of
.at ob
ii '. o I.
a ' ill' Wo
piP lie
( tilir.a
rum I
i !
l'V mi
d Ii'- 1
i; i t..,!
V. a lit. I
"HI" I
t.l '"aehoii w:n pi, i on ,.
t!i, i ) ,i' a have iij !.-', :' t'n
ti ,n, 1 "..'!'.!iel! .''.". i" .""I:.
,M:!el' ;-,i. I.-..!.. i.i. !.'.
ll.c Wool is ilali' i'.'li i
,!,! i.oo', v',-"'i v,a, ,d.
cist. I. Alum!
-A? r
..':.- r i'lai li'i',
' i i i - -pi eple Ii via-' ia ar i '
ding Ibis 1 lele fo, m Ala',
ib,,e-, i.c .l ' il.di 1 l 'l lo i :
an 1 if de y tan i.ao.e i,c e
ol.'l ; W.'IV l.ll'V I 'I'eeO' I )
Will. Oil. i ' Ui
III" 'i'l
It a c.
i:V a f'
a cola,
i.V in v.
ol tie.
i I f " -b!
' .,;( on
id i.ncf. 1
I': and;,'
1 lo pii.e,
I i(,al, -ill-:
' .bill-v
I l.e . : . ' . :
a aiy Ol.irve.l be. ia e 1 a- 1 :al
:; iiy d d crervlliiny for i iiolie
' his ri.ini'.'i of aHiiwi'ig "i'.v
' 'c b. dietale rt-.'m! i.i for pub-1
i i . lb: your o wii judge, re ; . ,:
hit s of one or 1 wo una a . '
V:d, e ;or,"l I U !'.'.! and tL r : .-
' : . ' radfi,;:::::,:,', j
a:hoia(a! I vCd. 1' i'b bran :
- to
:i .-.
r b
:,' I'l
, ,!1
. ,; ';.' on ';:'! n I'a'ea-utry to praclic,' ceono
i lay, !: ,ai v.-itii j'ooi' i .tble, ami diuaida
! n' taaan:.
' :i t 'i'i.i a : ra cei'liiin hide things tli il
'"s i ii.ts-.l k' iloii- did!;, by one or Hit- oi.li
his , er of cv.'l'V niio riad couple, bnpi'ia.a
liptui jour v.'ifo t'n.t the perform. met:
oi't't. - a ia ery di-i. isi'lil! to yotl, and
:o 1 ,: e her ' aitend to the whole of
llieai I.e.' e!,'. A.iaoiig th.-'se is the
i.i. idling of t.'ie fro in the morning, if
.ui have no aer.ai.t. .Lie in Led and
1: I ol,,- wife, do it. Also, waif I'or bar
to po,::' .:t the water litr you lo wa'.h,
lea Ii y ''.r'elotli:' an. I daeo your slip--pei
; ny a cliair before the li.'O. When
ail i pr. pared, gel out of bed and dress
y'tii.e1'', tafiiv.r eare not to show, by
, so d oa bod:, .hat you appreciate the
b i a' o ': '.''', -i li.i t have been aliown
,k'i. Pat If .v tut I'm I that any of tlieiti
let, a la- ii oe,',i,,bed, be very t'i,sa
1 bi-.'t :a d'liva.' II;..: real of the mora-
i - in
. ; r
nv in c:
v :.l 0.0,
:i v, i. a
a t . .,
' liaai
- i.i, ,
, i'il:
ad :!r.
Of. '
i i.i.
I ,i,,ei.a
..ft-d . !
tor, "e wli!
A T. lit;." t;,
Tie f.o-i.i' r
Ha' idiad.
loiae pi,
cow -in
he Ul
and fa II.-,
i iaiui, a .
till' I'V,
fie laa
Mi, a, lad I
! !'.', ;',.' :.;
lea Ii ii ii t
l b'd.bs.
r i I
t l.l i I. ' li
e i f p, , a i.
I a a, it :c'i
out an a' Ii
IV' pr.. i ...
a a is an A la'aoaian
,' e , I.i til a a. nidi f oi. j
tier a i lb" Ilea, H i-i !
.', Ia, i Ii;-: I 01 j
-it lea," er : ;
i::e ba , (in !:
mini, lai'..be-
!'. i ; ail ly lie'
ceoi ol
, f :t :..
.ciy :1
:l ilo,
of ia
, ,,,, y, .,
d I I'l.
Mid I'm
,!..' (lie.
i V ,e io
by v -"I'd
a a r
u.e: o'i a
," 1 t b !l
iil I .IT di
I .'eh a O. (in:
: V. V i.'O Wi
'. Tin.-can
I V a ya'l : re iiskt-.J to e'o out to
i n '. : :. : i '. a. - i -.i'.l, cnmplaill of it
, wry l.ad liueia ii :
i . i '.. II po at never to praise any
: be Ii 'da: table, especially the one to
, .. ah'!, yon know youf wife, has e'.ven
I ilea p...,..!t:,l ..on' i nt. Much a course
j ',"lb nap;'"s:i any bai l. lag vanity there
, , la' 01 bar n:,! I,:'..'.
'.'la i: yoti are in a room together, id-
v: i. ley the jaoa. eouifortabla aeat,
al on; having oil'erad if to lit-rin such a
a i.aiy tiuit ,al,(: can't with any propriety,
i i'i pt a.
I'.r tho f!n sice of any dish you
.-.! era lii.:.;, s,l':.-r having' reptialedly
d'. .lined her what part., you wjur.reli'
la I. :l'.
r. e
r ef
al' Ci',
" '
ib.. i.,;
nal. .. . the
i i bi: pi,
a , at l-.i t fi
.,.' ie of ti
la, i e
nut':. ! I
.::..!';, b."'
;:a!t i .' 'ii-ir
i v eia:,! : le e;
e, In i' in p. i f, a U i.-.uor.'iiiet' as to
: eaiiliall of yo'ir bn-ijo" a-, il'
a.li : lie i.. n , deej.f'.- iiii-areided in il
ot ai,', aad im ioj.l.y can re ni.t to
you!' lettlii..', her aU aluuit it. Ly
it to v'1'.r
bit of rope; and so lie gave, mi order
to st ixe ujioii his superior oliieer and
hang him id once. The order wait ex
ecuted, liel'ore the adherents f I-'.sco-lii'do
knew for whom the gallows wmi
being raise. I they saw the corpse of
their coniinauder swinging in the wind.
The barbarian rule of might is the
law of I ho country beyond the limit -,
of tli J Km; ire, and nothing can re
strain the. hi'.', Icutiess of the chiefs of
the rubber bands who plunder the
country by turns, playing in tho drains
of rapine and murder until they come
to an' iiiiliiuely ciid.iu front of a platoon
of soldiers, er an! found dangling from
the limb of a tree. This is the con
dition of unfortunate Mexico, She is
left the pivy of :t band of desperate
men, who, because their load-!' baslhe
countenance of the Aiaeritaii ib public,
fe. I at liberty to do as '!i"y please,
'.viihout reeard to law or tainaiiinted
aifiioi'dy. 'Phis f'eiine.sia.ieo alone
keeps lltse men in the field, With
draw it and the Ibnaire will I. ring peace
nnd safely to the JUcie:iii "people.
Who'V-ris i e. poll dbla oil' this state
of allbir,;, we cimuol tell, but it is evi
dent that until all of these men upon
Hie border is hanged i:iipri-;.ned or
banished from tin; country, then: will
be no pence L.r Mexico. 'Vf e sincerely
that the United Slates aurhorities will
soon see tho mischief that the are
working by Una pro-eml policy, and
either lake the country under protec
tion or e! ;o give the moral influence,
now giveii to Juarez, to lUaxair.ilian
and a ;;oo.l "overnuiaul'.
Jn this plitee, on Hie uveiiitig of the ltli
lii-l., Mr.lii.viniu Winiux.
'J'hn deceased was an exemplary
young man, industrious, quiet, mid uni
versally beliked. It is thought that ex
posures inei lent to camp life, when he
aided ,ju the cause of Southern inde
pendence, induced tho consumption
which ended his days. lie was up on
the morning pr- ceding his death, went;
to his breakfast, and at sunset was a
corpse. "I'l'tico to his ashes."
Grcoai Apples,
Irisla Potatoes,
And will be sol.l al
rf. V '1 'IF', 'p "'i?
Jv'Asnvn.i.i:, Jan. 11), !lt.C7.
. par
. 1'li
. A')
. .('.il
'. P
COItiiUC'llU) Wl'.KlU.Y.
Piiiik of 'fennevacf. (old i.-sae.) 50
Pl:i it tor.- I'ank W
bnion PiiiiK
Piiiik i,'l'('li:it:..inoog:i
think of Ceiiunoree
P-aiik of Knexville,
Lank of Mioiiphis
flank of .Ui'.Ullo Tennessee,
Ji ink of Paris,
laink ol' t'ae. I'nion,
Punk of '. " 1; Teiine-a iay .'
ilueu's JJiink,
Pity Jiiink,
I'ehniiereial p.ank,
Meraliimt.-' ill:' nk,
Mm'! !e rn if.iiil..
((ra.'fi Hank.
la.nk of oiieil.y villi'
'I'ailhei'ii Lain'.
Pile, mill (o in r,i I 1 n- u i'a nee (
Punk of (aiiinlen
Piiiik of l iia ''ia -lon
Ilaek ol' Ciii-'ter
Iliiill, of (ieer.-ctoy. n,
" .Vevvberry '
" tne it aw'of CiouUi farolhut,.
t'.iiiuiH'iei.'l I'ank, '
KNehi'ie."' Park,
t' lirnier.-' ami iOxehiinc liinik,
:.i...f. laiiiN" Punk
tVajS..- nank,. .
I'Uitl"!'.-' PiOik of Piiii'lit'l'l
Phiiiler.-' aiul 31eelianles' Slunk,
;-tate iSuiik
Soil! iitt e-iern it. il ,
Unit it J!::::k,
Pi'iik of Anieria,
P.ai'k of Poi.i -iana, "... 1 . . .
Iao:!, of v Orleans,
I'aniil i.ank,
( 'it!.'ii.- Hank
(.'r.-i. ent '( 'iiy Lank.
Poiii- iaiia Stnlf Punk.
.'iii-ati.'.lili'' itntl 'i'ltttlel'i' Jilillk.a
.i-i --aaios 1 aniv,
tiTfl ,'.", 'I-Tf 'FT p""1! Y&J
Tgir ?rin on your Proihice
nun i ''. n -f)
!j''t,aa IS';: e.
yv.- fj- - I
w. n. jhpt.ex.
Dtrft t 1y,tfr 'tnttt
.til gain. No
i a I voiir luxes f.;r I S".'.
A chance p.r every! tn!v to gi-t a l.r.r-
III' f!... i'a s.-vo the ll-li ;!
per cent, en mer. hi. laibe, , iik'll w ill pry
,T. -.', I.CC
.an. :a -
H'l ,-it'ii" t."
K . S la-:,,:.
' ' VM
iU;th:my T.yii"!., d i;b'.
I On mo! bo: ofi i ae.a' a
lllg P l a" t i !. iv
i n Ie. :a a ::,
I! :i p; ,' a . :
';.,! which is
" ".'I meliiiT.
. .'hi
a I Ol.
1 1 a 1 1
ihe i..
!:1" I '!.-'. i ::;
'I'l .i fa la ill '.i.i'. coal h l
I dill. S I lid coiit i'liiel". !'.! '.
'V. lit; ' can be li'imd anyv;!
cue I'A, :,': ah ..f !.. o.'ii.'v
i 1 i f la.-aatiiil. land , die j
ti"ll of v.!,icb ia ialapb ! I"
e li:,. I I..
r ..:!,- ,('...-
..r.'. Abo;'
is ci"np.e -
r. aP-r pi r
: (. id; 'ii ov
i ai i ei;,;.
ef .
I M..-1
a' .1 , :
I ' '
t i ll
ie! .: i 1 ie
::vi-'. -- !'V el:
in Ii
r. i
1 1 , .
Tu;.; Imi lit: ssion JIadk U'et.'; L;:k.
Wadk. Tho Jlemphi!' UulUtii, of the
'.lh in.st , i oiys :
Senator Wade said to .' ?.'issinsii;iii
her nU alioiit it. Ly Judge, a resident of Oxford, wf believe, bum ken Paul;,
self you hate the sat that he had whdiv miseonceivoil the 1 ' . ; ";
ii. -ii oi 'Itvluig ihal mi arts mpe- :;i,'i it. and purposes of tho Soulh. lie
... Iter bts'sue on know what she j had deemed us animated by. fixed, ir-
not. . remeditble hostility!,. :Vo.t!.c,:i peo- j;;;-' i; . ;
i'.,,:ii any c.niae; on are detained at j p'1'. nnd by tin ; apprehension ol South-1 ;,;.,ak ct.a!ina,
a e'ei 'i:a I a. !:, ;. i.aii'v nn v., :ir : em seutimeiil In i cui'se in tho Senate ; (
s, ii iii.-iv be ib:0 vonr v. ife is ie-
tv Urleans Serii
! Paiikot'.IPildl.'.. .
. ,h'
r, il ba-i , p a -b d ia a novel that t in- is nboiit
' lo pre- keb iare lyll 1. i
I'd. ai ': ' ; i o i v. i.-!i. d r
ia I - ..!' : it ,l.i v, n i..,i l i -and it l.v tho, hour.
' iiietaly lo tb n: ;: time, ini'V amuse herself
has been shaped. Ho .-had seen and
heard iiioue.li during his sojourn in
i -- e p i.t'l.V iiheep and go-il
i.i'. ir.talii j.rf.dite.'S ;: !,i:;d of
wld -h t!;iy iii" I'oi. 1 and :ivt
P,r..:i;:h the w inter to
dial, is ii- ees.-i'ir,' t l'.:i
1,0'p . I e . - '.
I irieai: ia a a. an one of the ii:",'! n
i i'. ' . open I'l then:, and a .1 I
I I n.k Jig oars the : uvab a,t :. an ::'
.hagilidL dlroadi : c In lb b .a
I I' bhould be -a ! ad far a . a w;
; i.i Ti nnesace, ia ; a: more n:-:u;-..
: vrr'OiecM an I t. ci'ii c i 'ban i
I b un I ia any t :;. I lab' in Ilia I
. !
.be it from her I l:'e-e Rentes lo .sa'isiy linn that lie bad
to "lance at it ; ' "con litisiii, ami that Ins subsequent
comPict woulil iuiow that lie hail llio
nnniliiii'ss to confess au error. Such is
lLo '.ibstituce of his remarks, as recited
to us.
MlitS I
Keep '.hem fro
ply Pi v. atch oer (liein,
:::'!i,g. i.ii'I en I'a in
IL Isflhil v.iih f.
a! ic!i can bo b:
:.l night, I ) pro!.
Ih.ie'aivno wi
.lohlt T. A lid
Civek, who. thou
a---, ! ads "C l:
Ti'h a da
' I owe!.) of nti." :n
! ran roi l 1
coai a.-,
: It' ll'ar
it o
::e, i'!i I
i;.;:: v.:.
lit (ii a ..
. ael :
lai i
; i. iis nobl" iaotto.: "Viie oil' a b. .. . i , Ii' o,i do mil beap it carriage, nnd
''''"'' one, (he l.iimte ..f many." And i:i :... i vif; :t!! eit thai .-.he :jud the
,li ,: il lerveas a Lbl.fiil reodn'lt r cf i; -b !.d b an .a-.- l an i.ii ;a ', tell her to.wait
. be' ibii d ia !'.,. . ; 1 r L be dual h ol'oiie !' her friends, when
-; I ia,'. i ,'avi : sec, a at d lb" b "aabb.! :. Il'i ' :,b . i t ; . p, tin. funeral freo of est.
' ; ., I, -I.,;'.-. 1 i' .a,-.-- .K- I:....!.,, ' .'.. ..r. :. i...:
;"::.. iK blndm s of the PC'de o; , ,, , .-'.., lb, got. e. h-L tint lii-d, ..;,.' lenu-a pretty loud shriek for "inoic
1 '''!!! f.V.lilh t ' hilil I'urlll:;' bi pi l ioli 1 cf potb-iol..- be the side topic of toli
! ' ' i i . , t 1 . i - taii liylhe Kindiie ta,:..,i:i:i..y vor;etio:i in tin ii' tieiiring; but burrow
; i ui. in d o bi'.'i .'.i ef the pi pb of Ibi' ! ; all Hie money you can from your fatlt-
ia: 1 i 'at Ii" I.- '-I -'. o im. ta" m :lw, and il he keeps a carnage
i:1:' e! jt Iviiff I :..!'-, oi' I'u'li" ucv to liream of '.'citing one yourself.
in He r i. Mi. ( a, laa to I V. lion vi.u v.'ili t-i nmlrn voiir wifn a
.1 l, ihe lai, ei of laa (' I'hoiiclMv.-'e.;!. i'nv sointhina that in ab.to-1 are threatening to impeach and remove
. . ... . , .. . - - , , . f I ,, ... . I - .i
t :ea ti .;,.:; ' :. i.no a ,. uaao :u oi i ;.telv lit'ces airv altoiir. liic House, anil tne I'resi.ioui. inese pcopio a not con-
: ci .
The Wool Growers and other high
Uirilf patriots out kt Chicago, arc uf
protection." licit m the 'cry or li:c
coriuori;nt-i, just now, all over the coun
tryand the cry, the reader will set
if he keeps his eyes open, comes in
good part from the Levolutioiiists who
t . , a !i'",.l a. gs, as
b: ia' loia.lty.
!, ll-'l-, Of (l'( w
.0 ! Til v a i.
1 1 , , , ........ ...... , . . .... . by : ti.i
i io;ui 'i , : ii ,i' i . i' i M.ii'r . . - . . i
.,. 1 " ','.! .1 be paily pa--'-, u a pii.t. r.iu hour in i ,,,, ntbfime, cxaggcrab.; yo'ir symptoms,
it-,. , " - '-"l" t onver, al'oit ttaiii y.r.yi an-1 ims : ;tHd make ymir v. iff bj-l'.ovc.vou are go-
. I ; l ir very il vi:. :'.''.!, ii':i! its ! e. io" at ,;s ' t'-reoi.-il loll pill'lcii t(1 o;(, t , s lt, ,,,,. ,, .
: j new . n'. rj.ris
"f I'lcl'gy i.ml Jill'
I b. ai i ;, ia iaidb ,; that he j never let t-lip an ..portiinity of making; leut wjtj, pidty mttehidl the oliicej un
. biiii.ei m!,.o:dedei,;, reeipl U!P tijnnk j .hi for ll. .h,-Oovcriimcitt-they want all tho rev-
: ( lifter t on :n e : iex wiini'ju io nit ,
' . J i nun.' rlo.
i-piiit that hi'sidwats le. n Ids p. tubar i " 1 " '.. .-' .. ........ .....ai ..- ianv. to: i m a- . a., . ..,..- !'. . ,,,ar t,, tin-, a sue mis any licari at an, Hon. V. V. Clav'a property Us-bccn
, .... i ... i i . . i i icvt , li'a... i, ., , .7 .. , :v . j i'f , ;e.'i ii f ooit .o:.i : iiv e.-. ,.i -,-.i. ; f ........... ;i K. W;a it r.-e yon i.eiier or ii. . . ,.ra
i hiiiiict. i istic. Mid v. iiich i-.ioiiaI s nr. . . ' ' i , . ,., ,,.. , ,f .... p., t,.'! ; .,,t,n ...nl I ' . .. ." bbelle l tor conta'cation.
,, , ,, ,. , ,. , , f:u 1 ci"p-w!,ei,v ,rt!.;'lr..:.i.rcpiin-''"' t :: mt nl . ' ! Once r.fur Shiri'.ian had lost at plav
.pthe i.lo'n .iu.. ,.-. d lo nger ., ,., ' . 1 I Imppn, to Inn. t hau the dark, tbaiual ; , ,,a., 1,.,,,'otvcd, ami Negroes coul-nue to leave S-mth Car
n u'"-: : ' ;- i - ' j ,u ::v.:u ...,f,ps,, ,-.,, i - f i,.t,, t,. fs ,a , i-a m numhes.
.oat, cros'cd v.i.ii ti.i: (..binne m t.ij - 1 - ' ." -. " ,. 1 , . : as . ivrv b. I I.in.nr. he s;iw a poor
l!i.va;cll:ieeiointhsca.!,.1icre,w.ii!d',,,n-l,i';'',':'i::i i""11' lr' 11:0 i " r'-V-'-'T"': V''Z? '!'' "' " ieib.w oo,,h down to tie his shoes. Oeo.gia!ms sevc n!y-o;ghl mauufac-
...a.!.. ...' -oi. i-.p.i.m..nL. 'i'l.:: moinP-n lan.t car, - - - :
! c iion. i.: r-j- s-! ( or i-.o,' .. porai
land that lain native crape vim n ;.
kg fu it, suite 1 it i : -: f.-rr ii-cl.cs in .. j-.iv.
pl'o.leie a '
v. '" I, lias sun ?f il in i cr'.iii.i'j uPoiitj
l?.i g'SatJ, t'-..n; I'uniia.n anil othert
vi. n v h:oi'. t: k. i pe tin m in tho cove
of the liiounla'.n, : t tbc ln ::d .f Holly
Flat ; turns llieni out through the day;
i ;n lnyj :i gen! herd to gi'tl.t r thtm up
i t niibt fur g'.:.!. r ti.fi:'. , in. i to pre
vti.t tliciu fnoii fcta'.lt ri'ig. 'J'l.cy look
as lt as if thry ran rn clover, tr;d the
'iib, t' iiig they jo ! is 'he tu, tier bods
rn.il rtc:i car e v. IdcLis found growing
ibinfjaiil Hits y.',u':r. 'fhc rucctss
of Ilia ixpirimnit wi!i ii.lillc 1 f. An
Otrtr.tj to the tlmi.li i, t!! rcti.tiiuiii-
- M111 wv-n P i n .litr ut our
lied llll.t ti.
eiidi of Mr. Uatlsw.;. ii'in-h biPer
hi'.!! l ii.l l ilal 1 pi'y ;. lit. :!. b:,l lii.lt his
v' , bill'.' v.as conaidcraMv :' Tinkled with
,n:ict r. wlifrc tin re is
v of the
So uhat-shouh! be do but kick tie
n an ot t I'cii his l'aee ttilh the remark,
-!. n t on, you are uiimis tying your
idan', I V. hen a man is in a Pad hu
inor, it is a cant relief lo him to find
some object 0:1 winch he can vent lus
purest freestone v.aL.r li f t ever wet, T,,. IVtri penii goveriiiiienis are A' , tviaith without running any i-ersonal
!he i.trtL's sin face ; mil there in e !::!-1 . :,:!:.;. I ...ntt exf rets L ) l.avc I'il',-1 risk. A mat tied man will always find
n in I ttjp.o cc'lai-r,, ouvrrd- iiS !o r.ii;i:..-,.! : '' : die ;.!-!; uiuly for i.-o ly ii ::y ; r.-i o! j.-ct in hisamiitbli! wife. Whcnev
, 11 .. ., , . '. .. ,1 . .., , I e.: t, ;.i:.i I.t. .b. has i.irdercd cue hiiii-1 ti'yo. it-fd vvouitd about nn v tiling,
... v ... I'll iii" tty II. .11' ,,l ... j. t 11 ll . , . , , .. . , 11.. . , I . . l '
! .!" 1 dra! t i" ti tec! taunt. n froin llie cilelia-j itPi.sc voiir tvile; it ttiil be ft great re-:
'.' 1 m. .-....... ttd v i ika of I so idc.- r... l.;:,i j', r.t l'.s-j fii-f lo yon. Ami v.ittu she npprars
m0m ... nn. 'Sitv arc to lie pail fourteen Lt Tore- cempiuiv with eves red from
ii.eretti's a iitbiriu.. wi.ivtii.nou.il' :,.;.;i.d d. I'ms for each. Lava.ta, t.cci.in", ii-.-ume the 1110s; allfct.onate
..a ii,c M, in.-,!.. 1 ..i- 1 ui ;-, ; lli.iisr, l:?VIUg orttfn it mni.ly- Joaiiiitr
' , . ",,rbr:, L1 "in.; i.Il d caiii.cn from a Lohcmian. shoi-m
e .''r,'" '' e, i-o. a i .,.;,... I -ueu-ivo lire fcrlsdn wc sliall have
aii'j, tin -;iV',vt'-.. : 1 ri.ai iii.i.:ni i n ' .j
Ciw V.' ! -..' -i n-OIt.i, -i i r rt'ii'nir An Anii.iti nn iion.si.nnni, ul.ni.tt.-1 fIi.i.."L' to ncrnse ll o above f
. v.....'u... .v.. t.t n.u Ditv... , 1 - n .1. .. a
ncy to pry l:3 dct.tr i e itidtcd in l'ari. ; i.ow.-v.T, u utctd.U eo fly rr icr l'oliec !r ti c c .sn.ng j w..
! torie.t of cotton un-.l ollen .i-o Is.
Immigration is still pouring into
Texas froio. all part of tho older .States.
The 0-?e House in Solnia has. been
rented the cunning year at 57,000 in
A np.v DP.ncr. to 1:o cnllo 1 ihe Dutlv
' w . ... .
Standard, John F. KuriH, editor, is . ; ') ? ' us '
Kx.-lian-ro ILiiiil; ff Wrston.
!'..clir.ni! JiaiiK ut Alesalidriii..
t'iiiiiniiiint J'ank, ,
FamliT' Itankof Kimni'tle
I''-iriti Hank of Virginia
.'Paint.nAtin-rs" anil l aruifrs',. . .
Jicr- li.tiit-' Lank
.tii-ri-!-.nil and 'li'i li-inict
Nortlnrvt. ni liaiik;. ...
Sotitotv. -'cm Lank .
Trailers' Hank
( 'omiiii'i'.-ial linn!'.
Ka-tern i!;it:!v
. i i'i! 10 rn I tank..
."iua.tUl'U t'aiuk,
feiilritl SLaiiroiiil Paitk,
(i.M,r.:.ia iiaitroail Hanking Co.,...
P.ank of .M.iilille (ii-orgia,
Al.'.riito jiiiiik,
i'ank ofAitvu.-la,
An;.''! S:i Inaii'.iiiiee,
ifaiik nl't.'olnmlins
Hunk ol'Commci-i-i',. ...
Lank nflin Kmpiro State,
P.ank of Aflieii:!,
li.ink ol Kntlon,
l.'aiit; ut' Savannah,
Punk cl'tim Statu of Ui ov-i::
City j.ii'i cl' ngusta,
l-";ti"iiii't-s""n it ! .Meihi.nii's' Paul;,..
Me. haul, s' Punt.
Merchants' aniLPkiutcrs' f.iinl;.. .
Plant, l i' nank,.
I'ti'uin Lank,
Pai.k off, '.'.;) i'ear.
Lil ilk "ft iiitrlette,
" ni l lareinli'ii,
" otV..i:uner.-!'
" ct'i'ayi ilcviiie.
' cPI.cxintoii.
oi'.Vnnli Cari'limi.
" of Waili- borough
' of Wa-liiiiiilini
- olMVIlniiiijitMU.
ul' it tic 1 1 tlie,
Cnmiiicreiil P. ink.
Pataner.-' P ink !' North t' lfulina.
Men iiiii-' ll: nk. Ncvliern
Lin Ilk of i'oN'rf'.lll. ,
.tStners' i.ti.l i'lanlers'
llitlikof iVrkivley.
i'.uiU of ( oit.ineive.
of Howard.- vilie,.
of tin-. ftn Pcniiuiou,
' of Uit Inniniil, ii ,
" of tt-iekt.i ii! j ,
of l!o. kinghain,
of pi olisvilie. ,
" til' the Vuilcyvf Virginia, ...
of Virginia,".
" of 'it keeliiar
" of AVim ln-.-tiT..
.). .P.viti'li, .' ary s.j i! a. i-oa.arl ,: . ,;, a. a
iiml anot h.'i-ceiid 'ul' P. !)." ' ; iii i'. v c- i
name is a ii know n. in: I 'I'lierat Lyncli. .sii
it tin-re.- itlrit; ; of III . p.ijioui' i'.-nt; i e. '
thai I iie on,' ilia i'v pru -: at' ia iv i .line. I P
serta il li'iei. ;;a in.
Jt is tln-r.-! 'ie oi'.'.a
he niiiile ib;' '.' or i ;.i-s
He.t.'ii! Jonn-'it. p,o.ii
i inclic.-ler. I'e.'ii-.. ;.
ants to appear ai iae
Pranklin row.' y. on i
alter the tioro .1 aaar
IS ' anil nlea.l an . er '-r il-
p.l1 Iia: mine tv oil I
thai piiiee-i'oo!!
live We '!' . ill ' li-.'
.1 in iae i..vn "t
h ii'.:' . i, I iii aa.o..
:.! ry tv.i'i- .br
y ai ; , i in; io i y ic:. ; .
eaea' la - n! I, i'.l. or
II i- r aial -i ' 'il iO',1
act lot' lii'.ifli:'.' cXi.'l" li-i lo laci'i.
Jt li LPIltPb, V & 31.
janl!) tw
State of T.:is;se:i.io;r,
1). ik bong, iti.tiu'f etc.,
3la ran ret V. Pari.,.', ct i.ia.
Ib'iiiiiiliii Co.
.'J (XS miitlnn ot": oiiii.Laiisi.iitiiii'l it son-
',';i Vlin-i lo lilt! 'o i'k .::-;.. .Vaiil lab alii-
' '. ' ihivit uf i oniI'l.ii. :ilit i.iat til,.: ileli laianl ,
'iiW'.C. Parnc.-i, N . W . ( iv. i.an an I v, : :',.
"I KliiMhetit It . .iohn A. Pttr.iut mai ..be
r.'i Catharine. Crl av .'.nti aii ! .in :. ,' i i.i i ';
?,'.' Velvoi'ila Parni b Ai'bia Par'!:', in t 'J ai a
'".M.l Panics, are lio:i-i" iilei:i: ef she Moa
' 'jiJbil"J'.'iine--ce, so I,::?: iae unenay j.e a -,
' I uf law lainimt be -en ' .1 ej on i'i.:a.
"J'l It N t lien-fore i. V ret Iiy Ihe (a, tu t P ,
. i pit!,! ii at ion he in. , 'a for i-mr i u;ei. aiP .
j! week'- in lie Huine .iuu, ;,.:'!. a ia... ' ;.a-
pabii liieil in tin- t-tvu ol' Mb" , . : -
, i,;:ii ii'ij Miid lion-, . lil. ,. - , a I a ;. :-
l.-oiially appearsi!.". I hnii' . ry f"t,;-t n.r
Pranklin niiniy. en r a- i,..iii ; ',Vii!..--.'i!.v
'(i i.Iler tlte Ki.i'u .Iiaia i , in I .:..: i-.iry
. . ..s i anil plead .-inswei' oriiaamr i. aii.' h'.:!. m
. .. 2j the miiiii. will he taken tea- i aiiic . a.l i.i. t
. . I-': set for licar;niri!N"ar'.-a a- . ami!.
. n! if. J;. i.ri t.i..; ..v :i.
...10 j:;nt:)-!w
: : :' fjueb to bviuuydo'dy 1
about to Lo started at bt-lina, Ala.
flex Storing Trice' eon Cclen , was
".am. ci.'ido lus. for going out married the other day in Missouri to
eg .!i Mich a raw day. the tlaughter of Gov. T. K. l'nee.
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