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Texas expects its tax on commercial
travelers to yield $60,000 a ytar.
One of his arJent admirers lately
scut Prof- Huxley a check for 5,(00.
J r is said that Bret Harte is more
popular in Englaud than Irving ever
was ,
Soi'TiiKRN California papers are agi
tating the project of forming a new
There aro now six telegraph cables
connecting the United States with
Ex-Governor Brown, the new
Georgia Senator, is the richest man in
his State.
The net profits of Ingersoll's two
tectums in Booth's Theater, New York,
were f 3,500.
Three cas?s of leprosy have been
discovered in Chinatown, San "Fran
cisco, within a month.
Remember that tidal wave which is
to sweep over Coney Island July 22
Venuor has predicted it.
Frienis of Governor Wiltz, of
Louisiana, have paid $15,000 for a
house in New Orleans, and will present
it to his wife.
Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowb is
reported to have made a profit of $2,000
an acre out of her orance grove in
Florida during the past year.
The London Globe has come to the
conclusion that the working classes in
the United States are far more thrifty
than those of Great Britain.
The Cincinnati Industrial Exposition
of Art and Industry will open in their
grand permanent buildings ou Septem
ber 8, and continue till October 9.
The value of weather signals is ac
knowledged by increased appropriations
and increased interest in the subject,
both in this country and in Europe.
They have a man down in Georgia
who is said to be one hu idred and
twe ty-fivo years old. His name U
Jsn.es Ingraham, and he lives at Wynn's
Ma bk Twain Bays that he can't write
in a "fixed up" room. When he needs
inspiration he takes his paper and pen?
and retires to an unfurnished room in
his stable.
Tub proposed ship canal across the
IState of Florida has been surveyed, and
the cost estimated at $50,000,000. That
would be a pretty good price to pay for
the State.
General Melikoi-'f lately submitted
to the Czar a proposal for the establish
ment of a two-house assembly, but the
Enif eror only reproached him for mak
ing the suggestion.
Prince Napoleon has left Paris to
escape, it is said, being compromised by
the threatened Commuuistic demonstra
tion which the Bonapartists are reported
to be stirring up.
The London .lanc-.l, which Is as good
authority as can be found, calls it
cruelty to women to make them stand
all day, as those employed in retail
stores are obliged to do.
Miss Kate Field will soon go to
Europe to consult Worth with regard
to establishing relations between the
London and New York Ladies' Co
operative Dress Association.
We are now told that the Egyptian
obelisk has been placed c n board a ves
sel which will sail for New York. It is
certainly time. We have almost gotten
tired hearing about this thing.
Southern Indiana and Ohio promise
an increase of 20 per cent, in the yield
of wheat this vpar over last. It is now
predicted that the harvest of 1880 in-the
West will be the largest ever known.
A correspondent of the Nebrask
Fnrmrr i " Nebraska farmers seem
to have gone back to the primitive mode
of sowing (wheat) by hand, and some
are even using cradles to narvesi wun
Pa i.pstiwb man tin hnnoht $25,000,000.
and by judicious management could be
made to pay handsome dividends.
Some millionaire out of employment
should avail himself of the opportunity
Since the opposition of Sir Henry
Wolf, Fowler and O'Donnell to Charles
Bradlaugh being admitted to his seat in
the English Parliament, they have re
ceived numerous letters threatening
All the ereat powers of Europe
have united in a determination to com
bine, by force if necessary, to compel
Turkey to comply wifh the reforms or
other stipulations of the Berlin, treaty
of 1878. m . .
Business is irwa-flouns'iiDK condition
in Alabama; . rn-ilmatt every county
labor is in dfmfoeVaJgl there is -an un-
wual i&o;;4?.lfending in the
towns. Steam is more generally' u&d
The- Brooklyn bridge will cost about i
$2,000,000 more,, or $13,250,000 in all.
Its central span .is 1,595 feet long, or
GOO feet longer than the next largest in
Cincinnati. It will probably bo all
completed within a year.
Mr. Archuiild Formes, the well-
known war correspondent of the Loude n
Daily AtwD, proposes visiting this coun
try in September, and intends to give
here a new lecture entitled " Royal
People I Have Met."
A ferocious bulldog broke his chain
at Wheeling, Va., and attacked a very
old woman. She made all the defense
she could, but he threw her down, bit
her with savage fury, and finally killed
her.. Her son, maddened by the s;ght,
chopped the brute to pieces.
The law do?B not show a wise dis
crimination in the matter of prize
righting. Those who tight should be
permitted to indulge in the sport to
their heart's content, but every one
looking on at a fight should be arrested
and punished severely.
Prof. Shaler treats in the Atlantic
of the future of the mining of precious
metals on the American continent. He
predicts a vast increase in the produc
tion of the precious metals; that of
silver to b3 the most important, that of
150k to le the more steady.
Some trouble is anticipated in get
ting a correct census of the Chinese in
California, as they do not understand
what the information is wanted for, and
suspect that a'l is not right. The good
offices of the Chinese Minister will
doubtless be invoked to remove the sus
picions of hie fellow countrymen.
The following squib is go'ng the
rounds: "A Dakota man has a novel
Indian relic in the shape of a perfectly
formed skull, with an arrow shot into
the eye and piercing the brain." Now,
if some one will get another skull and
run an arrow into the ear, "piercing
the brain," almost any museum will be
ready to set up a correspondence with
II. G. Vernor, the weather prognos-
ticator of Montreal, has predicted that
the first of June will be fall-like, with
frost'4. July will be a terrible month
for storms, with terms of intense hear,
but another fall-like relapse, with frosts,
will in all probability occur about the
20th of the month. He says: "I fear
the storms of thunder and hail will be
of unusual severity djiring July."
The. acquittal of John Link, after a
long and exciting trial in Hillsboro,
Ohio, pfoves the tendency to sympathise
with men who commit crime in behalf
of women. Link's stepfather aud step
brother threatened and abused his
mother. He fought thein and killed
them. The jury heard the evidtnee
and pronounced him not guilty, and
pub'ic sentiment will be very apt to sup
port the jury.
The Sunerintendent of the New
Jersey Central Eailroad has established
sensible rule for the prevention and
control of forest fires. He has directed
the removal of all brush and other in
flammable substances for a space of 25
feet on either side of the railroad
tracks, and the storing of hose and
other apparatus, which is to be kept in
constant readiness to put out fires, at
specified stations on his line
In Ohio Township. Madifon County,
fnwa. a few weeks aco. a cow gave birth
to thirty-five calves all at one time, one
of them being about two-thirds the
size usually attained by calves at birth,
one about the size oi a lamo, ami me
remainder of them about the size of rats
and mice. They were all perfectly
formed, the little ones looking aa much
like calves in everything except size as
anything could look. The mother and
eutire litter were dead when found.
Tim nennla nf Canada are crumbling
um-oIv nt thn trreat increase in their
government expenses in the past nine
" .... . . . m . 1 TT f i 1 Ol A. '
years. While those ot tne unueu ciaies
have been considerably cut down, the
InrsKo in thn rrmt nf "runninz the
eovernment" in Canada is over 50 per
B ..... 1 ! I
cent. Judicial expenses nave lucreuteu
per cent, ana pemienuaij exiicurco
nor rant . whita the tiublic debt has
sprung from $77,000,000 to $170,000,-
Riva PrrVt Sun: Con cress found it
easy enough to suspend the rules the
. . i i i
other day ana pass me river ana nnruor
appropriation bill. This bill had to be
nn.rl r f!nn pressmen would have
stood a poor show for re-election, but
tpe paper DM was aeieaieu ucimuoo
Congressmen voted against it "on prin
;i " Whan tl cornea to an extra va
cant river and harbor bill, though,
6 . I iU .. i
every Congressman principles ro ma
m .'- 41.. nt another season
w B ro " - ,
of remarkable occurrencet-or .tones.
North Carolina comes to the front with
the latest, it being stated that a woman
who was exnumeuuj B.,o . , -
having been buried two-daya, aroae and
walked home, assisted by the would-be
w . . . .. ),. had suffic ent v
rooDeri mwi ""v. . , . 7 ,
recovered from their fright to render
The last Mississippi Legi-latiirc passed
seven hundred pages of new laws.
The sportsmen of Alabama have or
gan i,ed a State Association.
Tiikhe arc seven or eight caniuuatet
for State Auditor in North Carolina.
Hki'orts of the wheat crop in Tennes
see are still gloomy.
The hnu?es in Charleston, S. C, are to
be renumbered.
South Carolina has 20,000 colored
Good Templars.
EiiiHTY-rwo houses were built during
the past year at Athens, Ga.
CT.Anit Mills prono'cs to undertake
an equestrian statue of Gen. Joseph E.
The glass works of Wheeling, W.
Va., are unable to fill the orders made
for their products
There will be more grain and citton
raised in Texas this year than during
anv three previous years,
The authorized capital of the Sibley
Cotton M ils, at Augusta, Ga., has been
increased to $1,000,000.
Only two cotton factories are in
operation in Louisiana, both of which
aie located in New Orleans.
The United States Fish Commissioner
is depositing a large number of young
lish in the streams of South Carolina.
The Sherman (Texas) Oil Mill is
nearly completed. Its owners have on
lund 000,000 bushels of cotton seed.
New Orleans papers state that from
the present outlook a magnificent crop
of sugar will be harvested this season. .
Almost the entire wheat crop on the
lino of the Nashville 'and Chattanooga
Railroad is seriously efl'ected with the
The Pratt Coal andCoak Company, of
Jefferson Countv. Alabama, are now
getting out three hundred tons of coal
One hundred tons of innngansio
were mined, washed and shipped to
England last week, from Augusta Coun
ty, Va.
The proposed ship canal across the
northern end of the peninsula of Florida
is just now attracting a great deal of at
Georcie Sex kins, of Barbour Coun
ty, Ala., killed a rattlesnake which
weighed forty-two pounds and had four
teen rattles.
The orange, grove of Mrs. Harriet
Bcccher Stowe, at Mandarin, on the St.
Johns, Florida, yielded last year $2,001)
to the acre.
The old Colonial church nt Halifax,
N. C, is over a century old. In tlio
chureli-yaril there is a tomb stone
erected in 1772.
The Alabama Stale Fa'r Association
will hold an attractive exhibition th's
year nt Montgomery, coiuinenu ng on
the 8th of November.
Mrs. Dr.i.n.A McICixnev. of iuu
County, Ala., will lie one hundred years
old on the 7th of November. She is n
native of Tenn-ssop.
I x some parts of Middle Tennessee tlie
fanners have plowed up their wheat
fields, h-iving lost all hopes of a crop
nnd have planted vegetables
A riAXd of negro robbers has hrcn
discovered in Tallahassee, Fa. Thcv
had fa'se keys, with which every door in
the towucould be opened.
In linker Countv. On., where l-.st
year's cotton fcta'ks have been left stand
ing, they have put out new leaves and
have plenty of squares on them.
The South Carolina Penitentiary has
received orders for palmetto hats from
the States of New York, Georgia. In
diana, North Carolina and other States.
Mil I kr It. Grant, who has been in
the Savannah jail for a vear on the
charge of embezzlement and forgery to
the amount of $13,000, has been adjudged
Adams Coriiett, a miser, died near
Falkland, Tilt County, N. C, aged
jeventv. Over $7,000 were tounu wnicn
he hail secreted, also $ 10,000 in Con
federate notes.
A popular vote in Powhatan County,
Va.,on the question of subscribing $50,.
D00 to aid tho Richmond and South
western Railroad resulted in a large
majority in favor of such aid.
A YOU.xo man married, plowing, his
wife hoeing, and his baby sleeping in
the fence corner in a cradle, is wl lata
gentleman saw near lianwcu,
Rice is becoming one ot tne mosi im
portant grain crops planted in southwest
Georgia. Tho rains nave g'""' -
good start, and the largest. wv.
made in that section is tiw
There is a movement on foot to es
tablish a large cotton factory at Clarks
ville. Tenn.. which will employ from
four to five hundred hands. The move
is headed by men of means and business
m i i:J f'.An waiter Van.
owned by T. F. Taylor, of Richmond,
V . ia dead. She nrobably was one of
the most "valuable" dogs in America,
having earned upwards of fi.iwu in
nrizes and from sales of her progeny.
The town council of Jonesboro, Ga.,
ha arlnnled an ordinance prohibiting
whispering or other disorder in the rear
of churches during divine service, aim
the town marshal has signified his in
tention to enforce the order strictly.
Rev. O. W. Briogb, the Southern
Methodist minister at Galveston, in his
recent lecture against Ingcrsoll, said a
law ought to be passed making it high
treason against the Governmont for any
ono t) e press open disbelief in the
In Wheeling, W. Va., a huge bull
dog, weighing over 100 pounds, owned
by a man named Gillespie, attacked the
the mother of Gillespie, and almost
killed her before assistance arrived.
The dog then at acked his owner, and
bit live or six other men before he could
bo killed
Near Chattanooga, Tenn., dipt. C. S.
Peak and wife were driving on a steep
turnpike, . near a precipice forty feet
high, when their horse becamo unman
ageable. The Captain and his wife had
only time to leap from tho buggy
when tho horse ran over the edge of tho
precipice nnd was killed.
Sleep ami Sleeplessness.
Too much sleep is very injurious In its
effects. The whole nervous system be
comes blunted, so that the muscular
energy is enfeebled and tho sensations
and moral and intellectual manifesta
tions are obtunded. All the bad ellects
of inaction become developed The
functions are exerted with less energy,
the digestion is torpid, the executions
are diminished, while, in some instances,
the secretion of fat accumulates to no
inordinate extent The memory is im
paired, the powers of imagination arc
dormant and the mind falls into a kind
of hebetude, chiefly because the fune
tions of the intellect are not sulfieiently
cxci ted when sleep is too prolonged or
too often repeated. To sle p much is
not necessarily to be a good sleeper.
Generally they are the Poorest sleepers
who remain longest in bed-t e.. they
awaken less icfre jied than if the time
of arising were earlier by an hour or
two. While it is true that children
and young people require nu re sleep
than their elders, yet it shou'd be the
care of parents that over indulgence le
not permitted. Whatever over-stimulates
the circu'ation of the brain causes
imperfect sleep, if not absolute sleepless
ness. Although sleep is a natural and
involuntary state, it may be greatly
promoted by maintaining a good state of
health; by daily open air exercise, or by
riding or sailing with the face exposed
to the air: bv having the stomach free
fri.ni j lienw meal or anv lndnrestiole
substance, and by thcuiii.d being undis
lnil,e,l with cares. Ovcr-fatisiuc, inilul
crone,, in food or drink bevond what
n.itiire reninres. want of proper exercise
menial disquietude, are all cau-es of
sleeplessness llreathiiig in a confined
or overheated apartment is ulso a not
unusual cause ot broken slumber. The
temperature most suitable for sleep is
about sixty degrees, which gives the
sensation ot neither heat nor cold, and
admits of a moderate amount ol bed
clothes being used. The best posture of
sleep is to be on tho rijiht or left b de,
with the arm crossed over the breast in
front nnd the head well up ol tho pil
low. 'I he mouth should he shut, so that
the breathing may be carried on exclu-
sivclv through the nose. Some, persons
acquire a habit of .deeping with the
moiltll open, WHICH causes mi; B"m"
and offensive habit of snoring, (ioing
to sleep while lying on the Davit slioum
be avoided; as, besides inducing the
sleeper to snore, it is apt to cause dis
turbing dreams, it, isa wcii-iucriumu
fact that sleep begins at, me cxircinmen,
the feet sleep tir-t, and then the rest of
the person. On this account, in order
to fall asleep, wc require not only to
compose the thinkine faculties, but to
keep the feet still, the feet must also
have an agreeable warmth.
A German physician ol ceicoriiy nas
lalelv been investigating the Biibject of
early rising, and has come to tho con
clusion that, far from making i man
healthy, wealthy and wise, it lias
iiiteili contrary eflect, and diortens
life instead oi prolonging u. jo
majority of cases which he has investi
gated the long livers have indulged in
la to hours, and at least eight out of
every ten persons who attained the age
of 80 and upwards were in the habit of
not retiring to rest until the small hours,
and remaining in bed until the day was
far advanced. lie has no ilount whatever
tii.it. eiirlv risimr is a most pernicious
habit for those who go to bed late; and,
like Charles Lamb, thinks it better tor
everybody to delay getting up until
the morning has had a chance to become
well aired.
The Coming Man Physically.
I?? In Prof. C. W Emerson's lecture on
the "Coming Man," delivered recently
in Boston, before the Moral Educational
Association, he gave this outline of his
vision of the coining man physically:
" We cannot hope that his physical de
velopment will be absolutely perfect,
but he will be so far ahead of '.he pres
ent man .hat, could we see him in a vis
ion, he would seem to us perfect, as in
deed we ourselves would seem perfect to
the people of ancient history. There
must be great physical improvement in
tho future man, because all the hind
rances of health are being taken away
We are getting interested in the well
being of our bodies, superstitions are
vanishing, we have learned that pesti
lence and plague are the result of bad
sewerage and tilth, and that the remedy
lies within our reach. Statistics bear
out this theory that man- is advancing
towards physical perfection. There is
greater longevity now than in the past,
and men of seventy are now stronger
than once men of sixty were. Phys
ically, therefore, the coming man will
be more robust. And by this is not
meant more musular. but possessing more
vitality of the whole system. As man
becomes more healthy, he will become
less susceptible to bad habits and temp
tations. A periectly well man is nover
a criminal. J t is when the nerves are
deranged by drink evil habits, or to
bacco (for no man ia perfectly well who
has used tobacco for a - single month)
that temptation cannot be resisted and
crime follows."
Lovk. undvine. solid love, whose
root is virtue, can no more die than vir
tue itself. -Eratmu.
Girlllng Encounter Willi Mont In
Jungle, or Ari K-u.
Mr. F. Falkner Carter, lii charge of
tho elephants attached to tho Royal
lielgian expedition into Africa, gives
the following exciting account of a sud
den encounter which ho had with lions
at Kerima, Central Africa, at which
place ho bihI his caravan of one hun
dred and eighty men had arrived. In
a letter received from him by the last
mail, dated from that station, he men
tions tho dillicuUies ho had experienced
in procuring animal food for his men.
"Our only food," he says, " consists of
Indian com, pounded between two
stones, with a good sliaro of sand, ana
only suit with it. It is well to have
even this, but still, men accustomed all
their lives to good animal foal cannot
livo on such poor fair, and so I go out
every second or third day with my gun
and kill a zebra, eland, water-buck, etc.
One of any of these enables us to live in
clover for' a single day. A recent ex
pedition of Ibis kind, however, nearly
cost mo my life. I felt that 1 must go
inaearch of food, as there was not at
the time a morsel in c.unp, and so forth 4
sallied. Mv first shot was ul agiraile,
into which I put two bullets, and then
followed him over hill and dale until
noo.i, when heat, thirst and want of
food obliged nic to give Up the chase.
After smoking a pipe and taking some
rest I was oil' again; got a shot at a
rubra, but missed him. '1 he zebra, I
should mention, is the best meat in
Africa. Rather disheartened, ami griev
ing for the poor hollow-eyed fellows I
should meet on my return, for whom I
had nothing in the shape of food, 1
turned toward camp, and just at i:.'!0
p. m. a fine boar dashed past me. I sent
a bullet through him at once, but on he
Wcllt. I knew, however, wc shou'd find
him dead a few bundled yards ahead,
bv the quantity of blood in the long
grass; so 1 followed, but just then
sighted three .e bras -so dropped pig
gic's trail and went oil' to try and stalk
the zebras, In about ten minutes after
I heard a fearful row, aud my two gun
bearers said it was a rhinoceros. 1 laid
hold of my No. 10 bore, handing my
'express' to my bearer, telling him and
the 'man carry ing the smooth bore to
keep close to me. I glided silently
through the grass, over six feet high,
until close to tho spot j then I knew that
if it were a rhinoceros he was ly ng
down, as I could not s?c a sign of him ;
so I decided it must be two wiid boars
fightings. Soniethii.; told mo they
could not make such a i. irrible noise,
which actually seemed to shake the
ground and rend the very air around
me. estrange to say, n never sn lien
tliat the noise might have proceeded
from lions, although the place i full of
them, so 1 advanced boldly, dividing
the grass with my rille 1 then discov
cred three lions devouring the pig 1 had
shot, and in that short time had finished
half of it. The two nearest were within
two feet of me, and the furthest three
and a half feet. The brutes' beards,
chests and claws were covered with
blood. Though startled nt first, I was
Verfeetly cool, nnd yet felt perfectly
certain that I must be killed, as even a
tame lion is savage when eating his
food. The lion opposite caught sight of
me at once, curled his lips, lashed his
sides with his tail, but what the other
were doing I cannot say, as my friend
was in the act of springing, and 1 dare
not take my eye oil' him for a second.
At last he crouched for the spring, and I
let drive in his face, retreating a step to
give me a chance with the other barrel
at one of the remaining two, determined
to sell my life dearly, but, to my great
delight these two sprang over the grass
in opposite directions. I gave a sort of
sigh of relief, looked around for my
gun bearers, and there they were, fifty
yardsoll, trembling with fear and Hue
with fright. The rascals had run away,
and I had no gun to fall back upon. 1
returned to p ck up my dead lion, but
found he had crept away with a bullet
through him. I followed his trail until
the jungle got too thick, and it was
nearly dark. London Stanlurd.
Raltllng with a Hull.
A colored man, in the employ of Mr.
George Hubschmidt, in Pcrgan County,
New Jersey,' went out into a field to
drive a bull into a barnya'd. Ihe bull
was rather vicious, but it had never at
tacked tho men. This time, however,
the animal made a plunge for the col
ored man, knocking him to the ground,
held him theie with bis fore feet, and
attempted to gore him there with his
sharp horns. The negro blruggled and
fought as best he could, and succeeueu
in dodging the blows several limes
But finally the horn penetrated the
man's cheek about an inch from the
mouth. J he brute then gave a savage
plungo and tore the ilesh around tho
negro's chin, from a point about two
inches from the left end of his mouth
clear around to his right ear. This made
a terrible wound, and the great arteries
of the neck were narrowly missed. In
spite of his wound the man continued to
fight for his life. He succeeded in
reaching a stone, with which he ham
mered the bull in the eye until the ani
mal, which was all this time holding his
victim pinioned to the ground, was
forced to let go. The bull then ran to
the opposite side of the field, tossing his
head and roaring with pain, the eye be
ing almost entirely destroyed. The
negro subsequently remarked that he
made a square bull's-eye every time.
Two men who happened along in an
other field went as tar as the fence, but
were afraid to go to the colored man a
assistance, even after the bull had run
away. He got up and staggered across
the field to the fence, and then he sank
bensehss. Dr. Van Gieson, of Patter
son, was sent for, aud he dressed ihe
wound. Dr. Van Gieson says he thiuks
the negro will recover, although he says
it was one of the narrowest escapes be
over saw, as the man's windpipe was
actually grazed by the sharp point of
the bull's horn.
We are told that "shrouds have no
pocketa." And this will probably con
tinue to be the fashion until a corpse
causes an unpleasantness at a funeral by
refusing to lie buried in a pocketless
shroud. A'orrutown fltrald.
Just From Deadwood.
A Brooklyn bov, who had spent some
six months in the Black Hills, htruck
homo last week and sauntered up Fulton
street. He was dressed in an antelope,
rkin shirt, a pair of black tail deer skin
pantaloons, beaded moccasins and a
white felt hat with a brim liko a wagon
wheel. He wandered into a saloon,
thumped his list on the counter nnd
howled for tan juice with a glittering
'"Will yer jine me, strangers?" he
said to three or four gentlemen sitting
at a table, adding as l''ey hesitated, " 1
reckon yc.'d better. With mo a invite
means liquor or blood. Ye'd better
conic up.
They approached the bar, and all took
beer, except one, who took cuter, ex
plaining that bo had never touched
spirits in his life.
" Wall, I'll bo dogged!" roared the
skin decked traveler. " Ef yer was with
me wliar 1 hang out ye'd bo inter a
hide. 'Cause thar's whar yer got tor
drink, whether yer drink er not.
'flock!' " And he poured in the poison.
" Where are you from, if I might
ask?'' inquired the cider man.
l'udit from the gulch. The
clean up put me a few thousand ahead
and I'm wanderin' tosco tho sights. You
" From the mines?"
" Straight from jist whar yer reckoned
I was, stranger. I been inter tho Hills.
Panned big and now I'm in fer a reg'lar
old He. You bet!"
" How aro things in the Hills now? Is
business depressed or are things nour
ishing?', " I don't know notbin' about them big
words, but ef yer want fer tcrknow how
things is, they're Ihar; right thar. I
seen twenty minions i, money inm-u
out o' mv niine in fourteen hours. That's
trade! That s hittin gilt every wash,
and don't yerforgit it ; you bet! ''
" How docs Custer City seem to pro
gress?" " 1 ain't no bizness with no Custer
City I'm a miner, 1 am."
" I saw in a recent paper that a num
ber of troops have been moved to Fort
Meade. Ho tln-y think there is any
danger from Indians?"
'Injuns, Injuns, pard! Why there's
niorc'n seven millions of 'em settin'
around on the rocks waitiu' for a chance
to lite in. Injuns! Why you don't
know notbin' about Injuns here. I seen
ten hundred thousand troops killed in
an hour and a half. Hut I don'i mind
no Iniuns! 1 tunneled under four tribes
camped bait a mile from mv claim, and
every dogged oncof them went up in the
blast. You bet! There can't bo no In
juns git away with a Miller, and don't
yer forgit it!"
' "Head wood must be rather a danger
ous locality. 1 bad no idea it was so
" Hcadwood! Dangerous! Say, stran
g r, if yer ever learned to gamble, jist
put yer money on the statement that
beadwood is dangorou-ly placed. Yer 11
win, pard. Yer' 11 scoop the pot each
tussle, or count my judgment dome
" Going to be in Brooklyn any length
of time?"
".list come to take a squint at it. Say,
show mo around. Show me to a faro
bank. I've got too much dust fer com
fort, and I'd liko tcr drop or pick up.
Show me around, stranger, and I'll make
yer proud of yersclf."
" 1 don't think you would find mo a
very good guide, for I've only been here
a comparatively short time, but pcrhnpt
ono of my friends who reside here,
" lton't belong here? Whar yer from,
stranger? Wliar's yer tepee?'5
" 1 lire in Peadwood, ' responded tho
stranger. " I'm only"
If the young traveler will come around
and pay "for those drinks all will be for
given. Third Class Mail Matter.
John P. Logc, Pest muster at Cincin
nati, says in the Cincinnati Giivtte: So
much unnecessary confusion and labor
have been caused by misapprehensions
of the law allow ing "commercial papers''
to be mailed as third class matter, that
I request publication of tho following:
1. The matter must be partly printed.
Letter postage is required upon all com
munications wholly in writing.
2. It must contain no personal cor
respondence. Any addition in writing
to a bill, or invoice, or bill of lading, or
itatement of account, subjects it to letter
postage. All written communications,
well as "Please remit," " Your account
is due," " Will draw on you." "Terms,
thirty days, will snip wun .lonn
Smith's goods," " Will ship the balanco
of your goods in a few days," etc , are
to be avoided, as they are in violation of
law, and prima J'afin evidence of fraud.
The law docs not permit tho writing of
letters, no matter how brief, upon thitd
class matter.
3. It must not bo the "expression of
monetary value." Hence, receipts, re
ceipted bills and statements, letters of
acknowledgment, notes, acceptance,
checks, drafts and orders for payment of
money or other valuable consideration,
completed deeds and insurance policies
and other papers representing value, or
stating a claim to anything of value, re
quire letter postage. A credit entry
upon a bill or statement of account sub
jects the same to letter postage.
ft will be well for our merchants to
note these limitations, and caution their
clerks and bookkeepers, as it may be
come necessary to enforce tho penalty
$10 foe each offense.
Circulars, which are defined to be
"printed lotters sent in identical terms
to several persons," do not lo-e their
character as such when ihe date, the
signature, and the name of the addressed
are in writing.
"Printed matter" is defined to lie
"the reproduction upon paper, by nny
process except that of handwriting, of
any .words, letters, characters, figures, or
images, or any combination thereof, not
having the character of actual and per
sonal correspondence."
The "manifold process" and "type
writing" are held to be handwriting.
The man who never reads the adver
tisement in his newspaper generally
pays two prices for everything he buys.
The rest of the week Sunday.
General to-pics chiropodist.
A two-foot-rule don't stumble.
Every tramp carries a roamin' rjoae.
"fia very easy to re-cover an old tim
bre' la.
Hutciimen are but boya of lager
The carriage-maker never tires. Th
blacksmith does that for him.
"A l'Ti- u Cincinnati, what?" aslu I
political exchaugo. O., of course.
No, Mary Ann, a newspaper dress il
not inado of prints, however suggestive.
"The nearer the bono tho sweeter the
meat," said the. thin girl, to her country
lover. '
A man may be right? and yet be left
Among the recognized small vices art
The holes in our harbor fortifications
were made for big guns. That is why
they i.old the fort.
A I'kinter's girl fell exhausted into
his arms at a ball. It was a feint to
work in an em brace.
Joaouin Miller is said to be very
busy writing a war poem. Mr. Miller
was cry icceutly married.
Few spectacles in this world, says the
Albany Juurnai, aro so imposing aa that
of a college boy with his first cane.
The ca.-hier of an Eastern bank ran
nwav with all the funds and the direc
tors placarded the door, "No Cashier."
Jackkon " But eay, who gave away
.ho bride'.'" Jones "I forgot, but at
any raio it was a perfect give-away."
(. KuquLT, says the Boston Commer
cial Jtaitdin, will be popular this season
notwithstanding that it is played out.
When Webster said " there is always
room at tho top," he was not referring
to the advertising page of a newspaper.
Thl oleomargarine flics, with their
brilliantly colored wings, are fluttering
hiibei and thither, more especially
We see at last that we must cease
making jokts When it gets so they are
likely to explode aud scare horses it is
timo to stop
At a restaurant: "Take away the
sauerkraut ; there's a hair in itl" "Mon
sieui you astonish me. 1 thought I
had picked theui all out!"
"Gut up, my soul The early bird
catches tho worm, you know I" " 1 don't
want to catch no worms, papa, and
llllVO .O UIHU uuavy uiuuiiiuei
Atmosphkricai knowledge ia not
thoroughly distributed to our schools.
A boy being asked, "What is mist?"
vagiuly responded, "An umbrella."
A uuno man boasted that he had a
well blored mind, whereupon a young
lady muttered, 'What a pity we can't
find out where he stored ill"
Tin; New Orleuns Picayune discovers
that wbilo the country doctorgoes about
doing good, tho country politician goes
around talking about doing good.
Oxe glass of plain soda water costs
one-tenth .if a cent, first price. Now we
can understand why it is that a drug
gist s clerk can use tho most expensive
kind of hair oil and wear a very small
Oxe of the war songs of the Zului
"bnh! dahl uahl Uhl
Ye! yol jrel yol"
The enemy is supposed to take to flight
as soon as tho soujj is started.
The Western girl who persistently
declared that she believed all country
editors are uot only very handsome, but
immensely wealthy, has been adjudged
insane, says the iiackensack Mepubli
can. When a fond parent finds that his
little sou has emulated the example of
the father of his country in regard to
ai hoiculuirc, ho raises the wind imme
diately; that is to.say, he put the heir
in motion.
An Irish gentleman in London being
told by an otliccr of a bank that he had
overdrawn his account, replied that he
was not in tho habit of twitting them
when he had money in their vaults, and
hu did uot want to be twitted by them
when he had none. ,
Nothing) is more pathetic than to tee
a gentleman rise in a street carandofter
bio scat to a lady who has been standing
for a mile, overcome her protestations,
and finally receive her gratitude,' and
then, with a benignant and satisfied
tmilc, hop right oil at his own door.
'l'lUNKWATER is dead at last," re
marked Joncsbury as he entered the
house the other evening. "Oh, dear,"
exclaimed Mrs. J.; "but then his widow
is left comfortable. He's well off, isn't
lie?" "Ho is now," replied Jonesbury
with an emphasis on the "now," that
Mrs. Joncsbury didn't more than like.
A Clincher.
One day a party of gentlemen were
smoking together in a hotel somewhere
in Connecticut. " Young men," said
tho inevitable, social statistician whe
was present, "smoking is an extrava
gant habit. Don't you think it it
wrong? Hoti't you think you should
give it up?" Ono of those addressed
removed his cigar from his lips and
coolly replied in behalf of the company
that he " couldn't see it." " Well,'' re
turned the statistical person, " I will
give you an example which is within
my own knowledge: Right here, in thii
very town, lives a frietid of mine who
used to be a great smoker. One day h
determined to abandon the habit and
save the money which he would other
wise have spent for cigars. At the enc
of fifteen years he bought a very ni
house wiih the money saved in thii
way. What do you think of thatf
The spokesman of the smokers ought U
have been crushed, but he wasn't " Hi
has the house,' he said, " but you must
admit that ho hasn't had the cigars.'
Hartford totl.
A CisctNNATiAN who recently visited
Central Kentucky to tee the blue trj
region, returned disappointed and ad
jected. He had traveled two hundred
miles and never saw blade of blue
grass. All the grata to be teen wm
green just the tame old free I M
had teeu everywhere.
wruu me cotton gins. .
that service.

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